• Ferrer into Miami fourth round

    3/25/13 2:27 AM | Cheryl Murray
    Ferrer into Miami fourth round Though he wasn't at his best, David Ferrer moved into the round of 16 with a victory over Fabio Fognini.

    Gusty conditions and general lackluster play from Fabio Fognini turned the first set of this third round encounter into a romp for David Ferrer, who eventually dispatched Italy's Fabio Fognini 6-1, 7-5. The Spaniard took advantage of a distracted Fognini to dish out the first set breadstick.

    But the second set was more competitive, mainly due to Fognini settling down and playing better tennis. Ferrer wasn't particularly impressive, but he managed the win better than Fognini did and eventually secured the match-winning break of serve with the Italian serving to force a second set breaker.

    Ferrer finished with 4 breaks of serve and serving at 72%. He will take on the on-fire Japanese man Kei Nishikori.

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Vamos, Ferru! I think fans know you've had a hard time of it this part of the season and had already successfully defended two titles before even Acapulco.
Pulling for you to do well; Kei will be out for revenge after his AO defeat.

mara002 , 3/25/13 5:32 AM

Ferrer is an interesting character. He's so relentlessly consistent and almost never loses to anyone outside of the big 4. OTOH, he's absolutely dismal against the big 4 and has almost the same lopsided H2H against them as someone outside the top 50. The only reason he's close to Murray is because he's such a phenominal clay-courter (who still can't beat the other 3 on it) and is 4-0 against him. Otherwise even against Murray he's 1-6.

ts38 , 3/25/13 10:43 AM

I should add that 3 of his wins against Djokovic were pre-prime Djokovic.

ts38 , 3/25/13 10:51 AM

Wait a minute, why is clay always singled out and subtracted from h2hs? Their h2h is 6:5 to Murray, end of story.

nadline , 3/25/13 11:31 AM

And all this pre-prime, in-prime, post-prime this and that is pretty tired, imho. Just call it what it is, OVER A PLAYER'S WHOLE CAREER, and not cherry pick results........

rafaisthebest , 3/25/13 11:44 AM

If they want to go down that route, then 7 of Djoker's wins over Rafa were over the Rafa who had lost his passion for the game and needed a break that he fortuitously got through his injury, 3 of them were in 2009 when Rafa was recovering from his injury time out, stomach tear and emotional stress over his parents split. One of Roger's clay wins over Rafa was on the discredited blue clay.

nadline , 3/25/13 11:58 AM


One of Roger's wins over Rafa was when Rafa was fatigued after a long match with Nole in the previous round not blue clay. They mever met on blur clay!

nadline , 3/25/13 12:01 PM

@nadline, that's how the mongoloids brain works. You are safe to call them PLAIN STUPID for they wanted to remove one of the important parts of tennis, the CLAY. It would be a very satisfying feeling to smash their faces with a baseball bat when they start to talk about h2h, particularly the fedfarts. It's okay if their purpose in counting the wins of a particular player against other players is to determine the strength and the weakness of a player BUT normally what happened is, once they have finished counting wins of a player in hard, grass and clay courts, automatically their next task is to subtract clay from the official tally. How can you be civil with these kinds of tennis fans?

Raindrops , 3/25/13 7:27 PM

You can't speak civil to them. They don't understand. You have to talk down to their level.


Conspirator , 3/25/13 7:53 PM

ritb: to go off topic for a moment, I'm wondering how you get the double quote mark to work on this site. i work on a Mac and they are always converted to a question mark by the time they appear here. I've noticed other people having the same problem. Maybe it's Mac keyboard thing. It doesn't happen with the single apostrophe mark.

ed251137 , 3/25/13 8:18 PM

@ed251137, sorry can't help you there. I'm not very adventurous and have stuck to PC since the dinosur son just bought me an Ipad and I am gingerly wading into it........with my nose turned up.

Must be a Mac thing.....

Anyone out there with a more intelligence answer to @ed251137's problem?

rafaisthebest , 3/25/13 8:37 PM

I've got a Mac too; TT accepts the double quotation sign when I type direct but if I copy and paste from Word or the internet I have to go through and change all the quotation signs on TT even if they are showing as quote signs before I send the text. The same happens when I use Windows as well, so it's not peculiar to Mac.

nadline , 3/25/13 8:56 PM

Why are you all speaking about Federer fans as if they are a lower class of people?

rbennett , 3/25/13 9:03 PM

Thanks both of you. I guess most people know by now that the query mark signifies a direct speech quote.

Back to the match.......................

ed251137 , 3/25/13 9:05 PM

rbennett , 3/25/13 9:03 PM

The majority of them tend to have an unhealthy obsession with Rafa's nether regions, hardly the behaviour of a better class of people, wouldn't you say?

rafaisthebest , 3/25/13 9:15 PM

RITB - I haven't seen any comments here mentioning Rafas 'nether regions' haha, can you give me some examples? Or a better reason?
It might be helpful for you all to stop seeing fans of Federer as such awful people though.

rbennett , 3/25/13 10:10 PM

Why are you all speaking about Federer fans as if they are a lower class of people?
rbennett, 3/25/13 9:03 PM

Probably because they are. Lol

nadline , 3/25/13 10:17 PM

If I were a Fedfan I would take exception to automatically being lumped in with the handful of people who give Fedfans a bad name.

ed251137 , 3/25/13 10:22 PM

@rbennett, the comments are quite common place, believe me, and being a person of refined sensibilities, I cannot quite bring myself to repeat the comments as they are originally presented in the vernacular, or copy and paste them.

You will just have to take my word for it..............

rafaisthebest , 3/25/13 10:25 PM

ed251137 , 3/25/13 10:22 PM

Well, it would help if the good ones called out the bad ones, wouldn't it?

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing" (Edmund Burke)

rafaisthebest , 3/25/13 10:29 PM

Respectfully, I have to agree with ed. It's important not to lump all Fed fans into one category. I don't like seeing all Rafa fans painted with the same brush, so it's only fair to say the same about Fed fans. They are not all bad.

There are a minority of Fed fans who give the rest of the decent Fed fans a bad name. We should give credit to those Fed fans who can support him without hating the fans of other players.

Nativenewyorker , 3/25/13 10:40 PM

RITB - I won't be taking your word for it since you won't be providing examples, I'm sure you're of refined sensibilities though :p. Can you give any other reasons though? It's not my job but as you can see I'm trying to give people the chance not to lump people together, like ed163833939373638 said, it's not a fair thing to do!

rbennett , 3/25/13 10:44 PM

I would also add that I dislike seeing Rafa fans lumped together as "Nadal tards"! That's just as misquided. I also don't expect everyone to love Rafa the way I do.

Nativenewyorker , 3/25/13 10:50 PM

Cheers NNY, at the end of the day, we all should celebrate our similarities rather then argue over our differences!

rbennett , 3/25/13 10:53 PM

I would welcome that! I like to think that what draws the majority of people to this site it their love of tennis1

Nativenewyorker , 3/25/13 11:58 PM

Hahaha the discussion here is no longer about Ferrer but instead about how Fedfans are obsessed with Rafa's genitals. So that's how your collective minds work, huh?

ts38 , 3/26/13 12:05 AM


Just when rbennett and myself find some common ground, look who shows up to troll for flame wars!

Can't you find something else to do with your time? I guess not!

Nativenewyorker , 3/26/13 2:04 AM

haha, I see psychological war fare is being used now to gain some friends. all Fed fans are lumped together as rabid fanatical Fed fans, which has been great all along and no nadal fan said otherwise. however, now that a cunning someone wants to gain some friends, it's not right/fair? Well, I'' be damned.

The usual tune played is, thes rabid, fanatical Fed fans, but when it's returned as rabid, fanatical nadal fans, we see some trying to change that to gain favor. oh well, what else is new?

scoretracker , 3/26/13 6:14 AM

rbennett , 3/25/13 10:53 PM

Please, show me one post where you have disagreed with a fellow Fedfan after they have made a disagreeable comment about Rafa.

I am dying to be open minded.

rafaisthebest , 3/26/13 6:20 AM

Fed fans are referred to as smelly fed-farts. civilities are unheard of from those calling us such names. the problem here, is that there are few Fed fans blogging here, fro many reasons. One only has to read some blogsites to know why TT is referred to as a Nadal fangirl site. Of the few Fed fans who post here, and some of them don't want to speak up to defend anything, as they seem very scared to say anthing for fear of an uprising against them. All Fed fans are branded as fed-farts, rabid fanatical Fed fans. Nadal fans are privileged to do and say as they want, but that's not the norm for Fed fans. We're all branded as rabid, fanatical Fed fans. Just ake a look at the most recent thread, nadal Cleverest, etc., sand the same people who are saying it's not so, are the ones who use that terminology to the hilt.

for those Fed fans who wan to show they are different and can be friendly with the nadal fans, dream on.

scoretracker , 3/26/13 6:41 AM

@scoretracker, let's be honest, the insults fly both ways, so stop trying to present Fedfans as put upon wallflowers. It just comes across as whining, tbh. Are we supposed to feel guilty/ashamed that TT is referred to as a Nadal fangirl site? Would it be better if they were fanboys?

Go fangirls! Girls are here to stay. If people feel intimidated by that, their problem to deal with, not ours.

There are plenty of Fed-centric fanboy sites on the net, we do not begrudge them their sensibilities.

Not our fault if the few Fedfans on TT are intimidated by/scared of the Rafa fangirls, it's a sports blog, roll with the punches.

Of course, it would be nice if we could have spirited verbal jousts, arguments, disagreements without resorting to name calling, profanity and petty insults. You can insult someone without resorting to gutter language.

Alas, the internet has degraded the noble art of insults...........

rafaisthebest , 3/26/13 7:04 AM


Well said! I think you made some excellent points. I will never understand why anyone who whines and cries and complains bitterly about this site, just cannot stay away! As I said, wild horses couldn't drag scroretracker from this site! So if you want to continue to post, then it might make sense to just accept that there are more Rafa fans than Fed fans.

However, did you notice how the ever vigilant scoretracker jumped in to ridicule my brief exchange with rbennett? So we can't win! Nope, it's got to be part of sinister plot one more time! Yes, it's psychological warfare afoot on tt! I am being "cunning" in reaching out to a Fed fan to find common ground.

What I take from that latest comment is that scoretracker doesn't want any camaraderie between any Fed fan and a Rafa fan. Jealous much! Who is acting threatened now? If we actually could find some common ground, then maybe scoretracker would be the odd one out in the cold.

I think it just may be the case that scoretracker is intimidated by the Rafa fangirls. Too bad, because we are here to stay and we're not going anywhere! :)

Nativenewyorker , 3/26/13 7:11 AM

It could be that most Fed fans who visit TT keep a low profile when trouble is brewing because they wish to dissociate themselves from the rabid mob which give FFs a bad name.

ed251137 , 3/26/13 7:56 AM

ritb, well, it's not as cut and dried as you make things to be. We get triiple or quadruple the amount, due to the numbers being in your favor. Has any one of you ever said to the other to stop with the labeling that all Fed fans are rabid, delusional, etc.? No. I was referring to YOUR exchange with rhbennet, and NOT to she who thinks that everything is about her, but as usual, this person cannot miss a beat can she, and comes up with all these delusional conspiracies. She can be friends with whomever she wants, it doesn't change the fact that people can see for themselves, and don't wear her twisted rose-tined glasses. just think how boring it would be for this person if there weren't an Fed fans on whom to unleash. As has happened many times before, then they fight between themselves.

As for me not staying away, I know it's what the other person would like to see all of us do, or especially those who's got her number. But, there's a big but, perhaps it's because I, nor the others, won't give in to this person's wishes bullying us at every step. Maybe if that person were to leave me alone, we'd not bother with her, but she keeps coming for more, and like to think everything's about her. Hence, she'll just have to deal with what she's created, and get used to it, instead of pushing us to react, as being done above.

And lastly, with respect to those Fed fans who want to keep away from some of the other Fed fans, or think they are better than those of us who are labeled to be rabid, (bear in mind that we got that way coz we were bitten by the rabid mob who keeps coming after us), they'll soon learn that regardless of how they try to show themselves as different, there comes a time that they will have to stand up against the onslaught of venom, just like some of us have to deal with on a daily basis, or leave, which many have done. It's that simple.. I remember one Fed fan fighting with you ritb, about 3 months after I joined this site, saying she's not like the other Fed fans, then she got herself into many nasty exchanges with you, which exposed her to be not so much better than those she condemned, and has since left this site. I think she's the one who told you about stop shaking your head, but there's nothing at all in it to shake. that should jog your memory. i'd mention her name, but it's best to leave her name out of this.
And lastly, a person's reputation on the internet matters zilch, which is why I don't understand why ts38 was told that tens of thousands are reading his comments and he should go elsewhere with a new name, or some such garbage. It works both ways, tens of thousand read that person lied, so what's the big deal trying to be so preachy to another. In other words, who gives a rat's behind about who think what of an individual on the internet. We're all anyonymous using fake names. Now talking about a site is different, as it's an established name. Other sites are deemed rabid by you and some others here, but you and many others from here visit there, and vice versa. some here hate Bodo, but yet visit his blog. see the analogy?hence, why tell those of us who complain about the unfairness here that we should stay away. does Bodo tell his detractors to stay away, and why do they go there in the first place? As the saying goes, if only we could see orselves as others see us, then we would ALL not complain.

scoretracker , 3/26/13 9:34 AM

Alas, the internet has degraded the noble art of insults...........

rafaisthebest , 3/26/13 7:04 AM

Time for a song........................................... com/watch?v=Us-TVg40ExM

ed251137 , 3/26/13 10:22 AM

@scoretracker, I would never tell you or anyone to leave this site. It is not my place to say so, this is a public site.

I just wish posters could agree/disagree/argue without resorting to name-calling, it's quite............boring. I for one just skip over posts when I see gutter language. As I said, there is an art to hurling insults. Artistically framed insults are entertaining. Vulgar, gutter insults are not. I wish people who engage in the latter could spare a thought for those who have to look at such ...........verbal diarrhoea to paraphrase @sanju. Not okay.

And please, you are not the only one sometimes afflicted with this malady, @scoretracker.

This is my plea to TT posters: If you are going to hurl an insult, please can it be entertaining, not disgusting? Do try.

Thank you.

rafaisthebest , 3/26/13 11:34 AM

RITB - In the Djokovic charisma thread I tell Twinge not to call people deluded!. Any chance of a post where someone mentions Rafas nether regions or another reason? :p

rbennett , 3/26/13 1:45 PM

NNY - It's okay we all can find common ground if we really want to! Hug it out?

rbennett , 3/26/13 1:55 PM

rbennett , 3/26/13 1:45 PM

Now I'm suspicious...........why are you soooooooo interested in this, ehm, topic? Let it go. And Twinge doesn't count, he's not a Fedfan and that wasn't directed at Rafa. And calling someone out for being delusional is not an insult, it is what it is.......

rafaisthebest , 3/26/13 2:18 PM

@ 11:34 AM

I would like to 2nd RITB's motion.

ed251137 , 3/26/13 2:37 PM

RITB - Nice try haha, if you can't back what you say, just say so! Right my example doesn't count then, I think you can see Im trying to get everybody to get along though! Delusional is a pretty strong word, I can see why somebody would find that insulting!

rbennett , 3/26/13 2:39 PM

In the context of a tennis site, the use of the word 'delusional' is usually used more as a put down than an insult IMO.


ed251137 , 3/26/13 2:48 PM

rbennett, it's not that I can't back anything up, it's more like..........I don't want to. Digging around for what I consider to be "filthy" stuff is uncomfortable for me. You have been around long enough, you know what I am talking about.

You see, I do not think we all have to get along, but we can "not get along" civilly. And people, have a laugh, seriously. I think people get too, too defensive about Rafans and their "antics". I think it has a lot to do with the fact that there is a lot of us around, so people feel overwhelmed. And we all know there is something scary about women in numbers...............

rafaisthebest , 3/26/13 2:55 PM

ed251137 , 3/26/13 2:48 PM

Totally agree. Just as insidious as outright insults are any attempts at censorship i.e. people should not feel constrained to express themselves. Personally, I do not consider the word delusional insulting at all. Strong, yes; insulting, no. But that's just my opinion.

rafaisthebest , 3/26/13 3:00 PM

Now that Del Potro is out of the way, ferrer should win this tournament.
After all, only the mighty Rafa could possibly be able to stop him....

Twinge , 3/26/13 3:38 PM

#3:00 PM
There must be a lot of people coming to read about tennis who will find the ugly rows and the way victims are targeted to be a total turn-off. And the mind boggles what they must think if they happen to arrive during one of the epic meltdown moments!

I do worry however when in-jokes (some of which have been running for years) swamp a thread because it must be off-putting for newcomers and cause them to feel excluded and thus reluctant to join in discussions.


ed251137 , 3/26/13 5:36 PM

rbennett, 3/26/13 1:55 PM,

I am pleased that you have accepted my comments at face value! It would be nice if others could do the same, without bringing up these surreal conspiracies, plots and the like. It's not that complicated. We have come here hopefully to have a real discussion about tennis, the matches and the players. It can be lively, intense and there will be strong disagreements but there's no reason for it to get so personal.

No one here has the power or means to get anyone to leave. That's the simple truth. I think it's best when there are fans of many players posting. That way you get a divergence of opinion.

Yes, hug it out!

Nativenewyorker , 3/26/13 7:41 PM

@ritb, you are entitled to your opinions, no doubt about that. However, why did you engage me into a discussion to put me down, e.g., verbal diarrhea, and quoting sanju, no less. This is someone who has been coming at me since I joined this site, with her pathetic name calling. Two weeks ago, she began calling me loser, idiot and moron.. You were not posting here at the time. I returned the favor to her by calling her a moron, then you butted in.. And, a few days ago, she did the same, even going further, calling me a loser, moron, idiot and a stinking pest. She is a nadal fan, and you are seeing what you want to see, and other nadal fans will back you up. BTW, did you include yourself in the group with the verbal diarrhea malady? I hope so. Do you realize that you post many, many tikmes per day. Or that doesn't count? I scroll past most of your comments and actually only read about 10% of them, especially those that you place my name at the top of the post. Other than that, I scroll down, and do the same with the comments in reply to yours also. You can choose to believe what I say or do otherwise it's the truth. And, I do the same with many posters, reading a couple lines, and then forgetaboutit, especially when it's the same stuff reguritated over and over again.

I've seen you do this sort of upstanding sermon a couiple times before, but have never lived up to it.Maybe this time you'll prove me wrong.

Yes, no one can make another leave, then why mention that people don't want to leave continuously, or tell them outright to find another site?. Is it only rhetoric or for emphasis, because it's mind boggling to me if someone is aware of the fact that they cannot make another leave, then why go into the whole load down on them leaving at all?

Perhaps, I don't pay attention to some of the stuff people write, but I've yet to see anyone write anything on this site pertaining to nadal's lower body part. are you sure you're not confusing this site with the other sites you visit? Further, do you honestly think anyone in their right mind would say such things with respect to nadal on this site of all places? come on. If they did that, they most probably had a lobotomy on their brain.

scoretracker , 3/26/13 8:29 PM

^^Good day to you too, scoretracker.

rafaisthebest , 3/26/13 8:35 PM

Personally, I do not consider the word delusional insulting at all. Strong, yes; insulting, no. But that's just my opinion.
rafaisthebest , 3/26/13 3:00 PM

I do, and find it to be extremely demeaning. Telling someone that they are delusional is like telling them they are imagining stuff and/or are clueless. That word is used repeatedly towards Fed fans, especially if we try to make arguments against Fed's game, his stats and the H2H.

And, if some posters absolutely do care about what visitors reading this site may think, then its something some of them should bear in mind when writing provocative and inciteful comments, which they know for sure, will incur another's ire. Intelligent people are smart enough not to judge this or any other site by heated arguments. iot's is a given that on the internet blogs there will be fighting. Wanna see fighting, go to an engineering blogsite, where every poster feel that they know more than the other. The site is there for posters to help others to find solutions to a problem that's encountered outside of the norm, but there are some who like to think they know more than the collective minds, ad have to show off, insulting others by ridiculing their suggestions. anyway, enough said.

scoretracker , 3/26/13 8:42 PM

Well played, Ferru. With this win he takes back #4 from Rafa, no?

rafaisthebest , 3/26/13 8:45 PM


Back to tennis! Yes, I believe Ferrer is #4 again in the rankings.

Nativenewyorker , 3/26/13 9:31 PM

If Muzz doesn't win Miami, ID like to see either Ferru or Cilic win, both very deserving. Cilic is really impressing me this week. He took down Tsonga like I thought he could.


Conspirator , 3/27/13 12:10 AM


I saw the Tsonga/Cilic match. I do agree that Cilic is playing well. But so many times I feel that Tsonga beats himself. When his first serve isn't working, it seems to affect his whole game. He also seems to lose focus and concentration. He got an easy win against a Neiminen who couldn't do much, but Cilic has some real weapons.

I am looking forward to seeing Murray play Cilic.

Nativenewyorker , 3/27/13 1:22 AM

Current ATP-rankings

1. Djokovic 12 500 pts
2. Murray 8 750 pts
3. Federer 8 670 pts
4. Ferrer 6 970 pts
5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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