• Del Potro facing more wrist troubles after Miami defeat

    3/24/13 2:01 AM | Johan Lindahl
    Del Potro facing more wrist troubles after Miami defeat Argentine Juan Del Potro cannot seem to catch a break. Less than a week after challenging for the Indian Wells title in a final with Rafael Nadal, the Argentine is out in Miami, due in part to a left wrist problem.

    Del Potro went down in second-round straight sets to German outsider Tobias Kamke, with the South American drawcard's exit depriving the event's largely Latin audience of its major player interest.

    The Miami event is already deep in crisis, missing tennis heroes Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal and also hit by the various injury withdrawals through the week.

    In addition, the aging facility - a dump in compassion to its rival at Indian Wells - suffers with Third World-style internet and power outages, the latter of which interrupted Maria Sharapova's rain-delayed opening match.

    Meanwhile Del Potro is prepared to take some weeks off in hopes of healing his wrist problem. The 2009 US Open winner has bitter memories of his right wrist operation in 2010 which kept him away from the game for months and is in no mood for a repeat of that depressing scenario.

    He is already skipping the clay season opener at Monte Carlo in three weeks. "I hope I will be better these days without competitions. I will have a big rest for my wrist, and that's important to be ready and be 100 per cent in my next tournament.

    "Sometimes it is bothering me, but sometimes I can manage my pains. I think he deserved to win, and it's okay."

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That's horrible news :-(

Just when he was playing his best tennis. He must be devastated.

ed251137 , 3/24/13 7:54 AM

It explains why he didn't play well against Kamke. Watching the match, I just thought it was fatigue after a long series of tournaments and especially his run at I/W. But this is terrible news. He has been through so much with the wrist surgery in 2010. It cost him a year out of tennis and then the long road to getting back a decent ranking.

At least he realizes that rest is important. It must be hard to skip MC, but there is so much clay court tennis and then grass. I just hope that his wrist does respond to some r&r and he can continue to play great tennis.

Nativenewyorker , 3/24/13 8:27 AM

Delpo had surgery on his right wrist and now he is having problems with his left? How did he strain his left wrist? He hits his forehand thunder bolts with his right hand, serves with his right.
Backhand is two handed. Is that the culprit?

holdserve , 3/24/13 2:53 PM

Yes. At IW it was remarked how frequently he used a backhand slice, in order to avoid the twohander (it also was very effective).

jmk , 3/24/13 3:07 PM

Think it was most effective because of the element of surprise. Hopefully next time NolAndy will be prepared.

deuce , 3/24/13 4:39 PM

This is not good news!! More injury woes. If not injury woes but "pull-out woes due to injury woes. I can see one day, the ATP will remember Rafa and his complaints about the scheduling and the plentitude of h/c!!!

Monalysa , 3/24/13 6:19 PM

^^ @Monalysa, I think more than scheduling, its the changes in the game like the racquets, balls, courts that render the matches much more of physicality and ultimately wear and tear of the players. Only if they (ATP) can instill more of some really quick courts around the tour to ease up the things a little.

abhirf , 3/24/13 7:06 PM

Fed fans are specialists at making foolish recommendations under the mistaken belief that what they are recommending will help Fed to overcome his nemesis.
But first and foremost, the changes in technology made the game so fast that more time was spent in changeovers than on the court. The slowing down of courts was possibly to enable fans to see some tennis and not just aces or service winners or games which ended in a flash.
Secondly Fed fans are delusional if they think Fed will benefit from faster courts. It might help him against Rafa especially if it is indoors but it might not help Fed against the big servers. Fed himself is on record that the slower courts have benefited him but he is torn between the advantages he gets because of his complete game and the disadvantages he has against Rafa who is even better on slower surfaces.
WTF is actually a slow surface but it is indoors.

holdserve , 3/24/13 8:33 PM

The right thing to do would be to have more clay courts. But till Rafa retires no chance of that as dear Fed is jealously guarding his legacy which of course would be under threat if we had two clay courts instead of two hard courts for slams.

holdserve , 3/24/13 9:40 PM

Just what he didn't need, another wrist problem. Get well Juan!He made an excellent comeback after being out for one year, being ranked close to 400, to again being in the top 10. But, hopefully, he wouldn't have to be out for that long. i think his comeback was phenomenal.

I think the problem with the left wrist is due to compensation and assisting the right wrist to carry the load.. It's a given in such situations.

I agree with abhirf, the game has become too demanding, and the strings don't help. The strings cause a chain-reaction, as it reverberates up the fingers/wrist/arm/shoulders. Of course, the new string technology makes the players appear to be great shot-makers, but it's a two-sided sword. And, the physicality of the game has made it necessary for the strings to be changed. Fed has stated many times that the new players are from the string generation.

It's not Fed alone who will benefit from the quicker courts, it's many players, especially the servers. I think it's inhumane for players to play 3-hour 3 set matches, but as Gulbis has stated and it was mentioned on the Tennis Channel in a discussion, on US tennis, that the sport has changed a lot with the influx of more Spanish players. If it was viewed logically, how many Spanish players won Wimbledon and the USO in previous generations? However, with the slowing down of the courts it's now made it possible for many of them to win titles, as the game has changed to more clay-court style 28 shot rallies.

scoretracker , 3/24/13 10:28 PM

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