• Nadal feels the emotion of Indian Wells title

    3/19/13 1:21 AM | Johan Lindahl
    Nadal feels the emotion of Indian Wells title Rafael Nadal was all but overcome by emotion after winning his second Indian Wells Masters title in what was a near-total shock.

    The Spaniard retires to his island home of Mallorca to recharge his batteries after three titles in four events since his comeback from knee problems which kept him out of action for seven months.

    After beating Juan Martin Del Potro in three sets, the Spaniard was overjoyed. "It was an emotional one, a very emotional one, yes. A lot of things happened last seven months, to be back here and to have this very heavy trophy with me is amazing, no? I am winning three straight top 10s, beating the top 5 of the world and No. 4 and not be in the top 4 and you play quarterfinals.

    "So beating three very important players, and win title like this is just something unbelievable for me. Very, very happy and very emotional. When you have one comeback like I'm having, you remember all the low things, lower moments that you had during this seven months, doubts and all these things.

    "Hopefully I passed, and just can remember all the people that really helped me a lot during all this time."

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#Simply the best

nadline , 3/19/13 10:11 AM

---Rafael Nadal was all but overcome by emotion after winning his second Indian Wells Masters title.---

Rafa won his THIRD Indian Wells Masters title (2007, 2009, 2013)!

Augustina08 , 3/19/13 1:08 PM

They even try to undermine Rafa's stats

Shireling , 3/19/13 2:23 PM

Lindt-all wouldn't make that mistake with the Genius. haha


Conspirator , 3/19/13 2:47 PM

Par for the course!

Mr. Lindt-all must be a major shareholder in TT: he wouldn't hold down the job of news editor otherwise.

ed251137 , 3/19/13 3:02 PM


Conspirator , 3/19/13 3:14 PM


chlorostoma , 3/19/13 6:18 PM

Maybe Lindahl just can't count! :)

Nativenewyorker , 3/19/13 9:41 PM

You all are making me laugh :-D

mara002 , 3/20/13 12:24 AM

It is getting boring, these attacks on Lindahl.

holdserve , 3/20/13 3:17 AM

Holdserve: You have to admit his contributions are a travesty of what is meant to be news.

ed251137 , 3/20/13 8:07 AM

#Form is temporary, class is permanent

nadline , 3/20/13 10:17 AM

#IF you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;..............

nadline , 3/20/13 10:23 AM

Greatest of this era!

nadline , 3/20/13 11:29 AM's also a channel for water :D

Shireling , 3/20/13 1:30 PM

nadline, I don't wanna live that way reading into every word you say. You said that you could let it go.


Conspirator , 3/20/13 2:07 PM

#If you can dream - and not make dreams your master;
If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools

nadline , 3/20/13 2:34 PM


Conspirator , 3/20/13 4:34 PM

Could some one tell me what the hash signs (#) achieve? I need to be part of that party!!!

Monalysa , 3/20/13 4:44 PM

On the social site, it is used to associate search words with a post.

I started using it here after appreciating how @pseudofed (on Twitter) would use them as not so subtle digs.

To answer your question, it achieves garnering the intended annoyances of the federatti fanboy trolls.


Conspirator , 3/20/13 5:00 PM

Don't know why Kipling is being quoted on this international site, he was a bit of an imperialist, y'know.

deuce , 3/20/13 5:18 PM

If you can dry your sweat with a towel and catch your breath;
If you can pick at your pants;
If you can arrange your hair;
If you can scratch your nose;
If you can bounce the ball;
And still keep it under 25 secs,
you're Rafa Nadal

Shireling , 3/20/13 5:22 PM

Imperialist or not, he didn't know it then, but that poem so epitomises Rafael Nadal.

#Come back King
#The match is in his racquet

nadline , 3/20/13 5:28 PM

#The match is ON his racquet.

TT needs to have editing facilities.

nadline , 3/20/13 5:30 PM

"If" is based on Cecil Rhodes. Think Kipling might've looked down on Rafa, he thought Brits were superior to foreigners.

deuce , 3/20/13 5:37 PM

^^^Many Brits think like that, still I like the poem for Rafa.

#If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: 'Hold on!'

nadline , 3/20/13 5:53 PM

#The power to surprise

nadline , 3/20/13 5:56 PM

Thanks Conspirator..........i get the idea!

Monalysa , 3/20/13 8:20 PM

Toni Nadal, the uncle and coach of Rafael Nadal, says that in his opinion Roger Federer was not seriously injured when he lost to his nephew in straight sets in the quarterfinals of Indian Wells last week. Federer had a back injury.

?Federer has beaten us more than once with Rafael having significantly more pain than [Roger] was in at Indian Wells,? Toni Nadal told ?I'm clear that the situation of Federer [at Indian Wells] was no worse than that Rafael has had on many other occasions.?

Talk about stirring the pot!........hehe!!!

Monalysa , 3/20/13 8:23 PM

I guess with that brutal honesty chr19 so cherishes, chr19 must now be a big fan of Uncle T.


Conspirator , 3/20/13 8:39 PM

Uncle Toni was clearly riled by Roger's remarks. It takes a lot to make him speak so bluntly.

IW was unusual in that he announced he had 'tweaked' his back in an earlier round of the tournament. Normally Federer plays his cards very close to his chest. I cant ever recall him discussing his injuries in advance of a match and it is only after the event (when he has lost) that he reveals he was having problems with his back - e.g. when Berdych beat him in the Wimbledon 2010 QF.


ed251137 , 3/20/13 9:11 PM

Nativenewyorker , 3/20/13 9:21 PM

^^^Great news!


nadline , 3/20/13 9:38 PM

Great news NNY

Toni really needs to zip up. He talks too much. Is he Rafas spokesperson that he talks so much? I get so irritated with Toni I tell ya. I am not denying what he is saying , he is 100% true , Rafa may have def been injured few times Roger played him and I also was a bit surprised on Roger revealing in advance he had twisted his back , but hey Toni, let Rafas racquet do the talking which he is more than capable of doing, so you please shut up. When Rafa himelf is not saying anything on his key rivals, why are you opening your big mouth.

sanju , 3/21/13 4:54 AM

nadline and sanju,

I wanted to be sure to share this good news with the Rafa fans here. Even with the google translation, we still know it's all good.

I also read that interview with Uncle Toni on vb, in which he said that Rafa has played Fed when he was more seriously injured. I don't know why he's stepping into the controversy and stirring the pot. Something set him off. He rarely goes off like that. I think Fed must have touched a nerve with his comments about his back.

I hope that Uncle Toni just zips it from here on out. He should be focusing on the good news about Rafa's knee and just getting him ready with physio and strengthening exercises and whatever.

I also read that Rafa will resume practicing on Thursday. But I am not sure if it's this Thursday or next week.

Nativenewyorker , 3/21/13 5:07 AM

NNY not sure - Maybe he feels Rafa genuinely deserved the win over Fed and would have won neverthless and there should be no asteriks against it. He is irritated with Fed for some reason (am not sure if its got something to do behind the scenes which is not in public space yet, anything Fed did behind the scenes which has infuriated Toni ) , he even said there are 5 favourites for RG - Djokovic, Murray, Delpotro, Ferrer and Rafa and said Fed is not a favourite for RG.

Now Toni - Ferrer over Fed ? cmon you really gotta be kidding me;-)

In my opinion RG will be won by Rafa, Djoko, Delpo, Fed, Murray - one of the 5. I dont see any winner apart from above 5. Who of the above 5 depends on draw and few other intangibles too. Also who draws Delpo in the qtrs is going to ahve a very tough time :-)

sanju , 3/21/13 5:16 AM


I also noted Uncle Toni's five favorites for RG. Interesting that he left out Fed. Something's up with him. I do not think Ferrer is a favorite for anything right now, not the way he has been playing. Now he may do better once the clay court season begins, but at the moment he is just not on his game. He has never won a slam, so Uncle Toni saying that he is one of the favorites for RG, is really reaching.

Delpo certainly could be in that category of favorites, but I want to see how he does once the clay court season starts. We will see if he can keep up with the great form he is showing now.

What I will say about Fed, is that he will have to deal with the back issue and then address his game. He has not looked good in Rotterdam, Dubai or I/W. He is losing points in every tournament. I am sure that the time off will do him good. He has some serious points to defend at Madrid, RG and Wimbledon. Right now I am not sure that I would consider him one of the five favorites. I want to see how he looks in Madrid.

Nativenewyorker , 3/21/13 5:32 AM

I think Ferrer will have his chances depending on the draw. Imagine him in Nole's half at RG and in Murray's quarter; and Delpo in Nole's quarter. If Ferrer takes out Murray in the QF and Delpo takes out Nole, then Ferrer will have his chances vs Delpo in the SF. I fancy Ferrer's chances vs Murray in the QF and Delpo in the SF (assuming Delpo would've spent most of his energy in dispatching Nole in the QF).

luckystar , 3/21/13 8:50 AM

I saw the video of Rafa leaving the clinic on VB looking gloriously happy and relaxed. Rafa will be in such a good frame of mind now, just popping onto the tennis scene, for a $5m nice little earner in prize money and appearance fees and leaving his aura in the locker room to give them all something to chew on whilst he chills out.

Playing IW was the best thing as he also shut up the commies who will now not be able to go on and on about how he would have to prove himself on h/c. Rafa has also done the best thing by not playing Miami. Better to be ready for the all important clay season. Less is more.


nadline , 3/21/13 9:17 AM

Rafa got his session of growth-factor and enriched plasma IVs to strenghten the tendons in his knee. Between June and July he wil have another two sessions.
He walked out with the usual compression bandage on his left knee and, as nadline, points out, was in a good mood. (no doubt :D)

Shireling , 3/21/13 11:06 AM

...just popping onto the tennis scene, for a $5m nice little earner in prize money and appearance fees and leaving chr19, ts19, score19 seething with rage and envy...


phoenix , 3/21/13 11:46 AM

Augustina08 , 3/21/13 11:54 AM

Augustina08 , 3/21/13 11:54 AM

I don't know :D , that's just what the article said. Was simply translaitng.

Shireling , 3/21/13 12:00 PM

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----
In my opinion RG will be won by Rafa, Djoko, Delpo, Fed, Murray - one of the 5. I dont see any winner apart from above 5. Who of the above 5 depends on draw and few other intangibles too. Also who draws Delpo in the qtrs is going to ahve a very tough time :-)
, 3/21/13 5:16 AM

In my very humble opinion, RG will be won by Rafa, Rafa, Rafa, Rafa, Rafa
No draw or any intangible can stop one of the 5 from above from winning RG

atul1985 , 3/21/13 12:56 PM

atul1985 , 3/21/13 12:56 PM

Well, Rafa has won there often enough and his credentials are there. Plus he had disipated any cloud of doubt there might have been regarding his form.
Djoko is closer than ever so nobody can count him out.
Somehow I don't see either Murray or Delpo winning it but, who knows, right?

Shireling , 3/21/13 2:01 PM

Oh, forgot about Fed - you can never count him out either :)

Shireling , 3/21/13 2:02 PM

You, know sometimes its good to stir the pot when the truth needs to be said. Why should Uncle Toni be afraid to speak his mind?!Especially if he is speaking the truth! And, afterall, he has produced in Rafa one of the best tennis players in the world, EVER!! He is qualified and has earned the right to speak his mind!

Why is it alright for Roger to speak of his injuries and blame his back for losing to Rafa while Rafa cannot mention his knees when he loses?! Why is it that FEd can get a free pass where injuries are concerned but when it comes to Rafa it is taboo!! IF Fed's back was hurting that bad where he could barely serve, why on earth did he opt to play?! All this media hype surrounding Federer as the media darling fortunately is not going to silence Uncle sir! He is not going to fall for it like so many have!!

Uncle Toni, you have my full support!! Say how you feel...........don't ever cower!!!

Monalysa , 3/21/13 5:28 PM

It is unusual for Uncle Toni to make such a strong statement. I think that it must have bothered him to hear Fed talking about his back injury after the match, when Rafa was coming back after being out for seven months. Rafa had his knee issues and maybe Uncle Toni was upset that he wasn't being given credit for playing well against Fed after all that he went through.

Uncle Toni doesn't usually speak out in this manner. If he had to get this off his chest, then so be it. I just want the focus to be on future and getting Rafa into great shape for the clay court season.


Regarding your thoughts on Ferrer's chances at RG, all I will say is that he will have to be in much better form than he is now. Your scenario may play out the way you suggested. I still don't see him getting to the final, much less winning it.

I still think that Rafa is the favorite for RG. As Darren Cahill said on espn after Rafa beat Berdy, until someone beats him he won't pick against him.

Nativenewyorker , 3/21/13 6:21 PM

I need to make a correction to my post @ 5:07 AM. Rafa's pr manager Benito has stated that this information posted by David J. Nadal, is incorrect. So Rafa won't resume practicing on Thursday.

I just wanted to make sure to keep everyone updated. Benito's correction was posted today on vb.

Nativenewyorker , 3/21/13 6:49 PM

Nativenewyorker, 3/21/13 6:21 PM
---It is unusual for Uncle Toni to make such a strong statement. I think that it must have bothered him to hear Fed talking about his back injury after the match---

Uncle Toni was asked (interviewed) and he answered! He gave a long interview.
Tennis World: ==Toni was asked in a recent interview if the fact that Federer had back problems during his match against Nadal in the quarter-finals of the BNP Paribas Open lessened the joy of victory over him.
He responded, "Well, well! (Was surprised). I did not rest any merit. Federer has won us more than once having Rafael significantly more pain than I think he was in the quarterfinals of Indian Wells."
Then Toni was asked if a tennis player is not fit enough to play at his best, should he opt to withdraw from its start?
He replied, "Some people want to compete even knowing it's not right, but I have clear that the situation of Federer the other day was no worse than that Rafael has on many other occasions." ==

The whole interview:

I like Uncle Toni's philosophy and I like to read his interviews.

Augustina08 , 3/21/13 8:17 PM

^^I second that.

rafaisthebest , 3/21/13 8:27 PM

Don't agree guys, Rafa handles the media beautifully, doesn't need UT coming in with all these comments. I find it controling/infantalising. He can't possibly know how Fed's back feels no more than Annacone should be commenting on the state of Rafa's knees.
Did Fed blame his back for the defeat anyway, or is the media trying to start a fire?

deuce , 3/21/13 8:31 PM

Reading the interview, I got the feeling there was more to the comment than just Fed's back and the state thereof. Definitely sounded more like a pointed jibe and my guess is the role Fed played in the time violation enforcement debacle. I think Uncle Toni took that personally. Uncle Toni is a very smart fella (and he has a mean streak too) and he is wise to "Fed-speak". I think he just felt enough was enough, and with impeccable timing (when Fed is clearly less likely to be a challenge to Rafa anymore due to advancing age), Uncle Toni stuck the knife in and gave it a "subtle" twist......

I approve.

rafaisthebest , 3/21/13 8:48 PM

....remember, Rafa doesn't do mind games, that's Uncle Toni's brief.


rafaisthebest , 3/21/13 8:54 PM


I usually am not in favor of speaking out and stirring the pot, but I wonder if you may have hit on something about the time violation enforcement. However, why wouldn't Uncle Toni just address that directly, instead of going after Fed for talking about his back injury?

I think Rafa can speak for himself. However, what's done is done. He can't take it back. I just think the subject must be touchy for Uncle Toni because of all that Rafa has gone through being out for seven months. It's his family and team that know how hard it was and how Rafa had to work to get ready to come back. I just think it's better to let it go.

Nativenewyorker , 3/21/13 9:13 PM

deuce, 3/21/13 8:31 PM
---Rafa handles the media beautifully, doesn't need UT coming in with all these comments.---

In every article I have read about the match Rafa vs. Fed, it was mentioned that Fed was injured (tweaked his back). Why should Uncle Toni agree with all these writers that Rafa won due to Fed's injury?!
Uncle Toni also handles media well and he has given dozens of interviews during the time he has been Rafa's coach. If Mr. Annacone is not capable of speaking, it's his business.

Augustina08 , 3/21/13 9:26 PM

^^Also remember Fed's comment at Rotterdam after he was asked about Rafa's return? He said something to the effect that Rafa just needed a break, as if Rafa took 7 months off just for a vacation! So, like you said, Toni (and family) know what Rafa went through (witness Rafa's Dad weeping uncontrollably after winning in Brazil) and I think the resentment has just been boiling up. Toni may not show it but he very protective of Rafa. I will never forget the sight of him SWEARING at one of the RG officials when play was suspended for the night due to bad weather last year when, in his opinion, play should have been suspended well earlier! He really has a mean streak...

rafaisthebest , 3/21/13 9:28 PM

.....I have no problem with Uncle T's mean streak, btw, it's a tough business he and his nephew are in, and I would rather it is him doing the dirty work than Rafa....

rafaisthebest , 3/21/13 9:33 PM

ritb: I agree wholeheartedly with your summary of the situation. Roger pushed for the time violation rule to be enforced - or at best put up no resistance. You have to ask yourself 'Why would he do that?' He is charged with representing the players' interests and it sounds as though most players are unhappy with the changes that have been brought in.

It is well documented that he and Nadal disagreed on a number of issues which led to Rafa resigning last year from his position as Vice-President of the Players' Council.

ed251137 , 3/21/13 9:51 PM

My question is if it was the time violation rule to be enforced as advocated by Fed, then why wouldn't Uncle Toni just come out and talk about that? He is not one to beat around the bush when he chooses to speak out or give an interview. He did not mention the time violation rule at all.

I don't know if it's some ongoing resentment at Fed or not. I do know that Rafa and Fed disagreed on many issues when they were both on the Player's Council. Ed is right about that.

I just know that Uncle Toni does not speak out like this. So there must be a reason as to why he chose to speak up now.

Nativenewyorker , 3/22/13 1:57 AM

So Nadal will not lose to anyone is he is "fully fit", but Federer's back was a non-issue?

I don't Federer would have beaten Nadal anyway, but...

samprallica , 3/22/13 2:14 AM

^^dont think*

samprallica , 3/22/13 2:15 AM

Toni is Nadal's PR man. He always takes it to the media on his charge's behalf, thus, this recent outburst is nothing new. Nadal should learn to speak for himself and not let his uncle do the talking for him. I feel the players should speak for themselves and take the heat for their comments. None of them need someone else speaking on their behalf, and no other player has an intercessor like Toni. They are all supposed to be professional adults.

Fed's back and/or the other player's injuries are always considered to be non-issues, especially Fed.

scoretracker , 3/22/13 3:32 AM

@scoretracker, I do not understand that comment, why do you say Toni was speaking on behalf of Rafa? Why is it not credible that Toni was speaking on his own behalf? I have heard this levelled at Toni from other quarters, those that want to demean Rafa, that Toni speaks on behalf of Rafa, as if Rafa is a brainless idiot and I just do not understand this.

I have seen statements by Ivan Lendl but never have I thought he was speaking on behalf of Andy. Same with Paul Annacone re Fed, and Marion Vajda re Novak. Okay, Toni's statements tend to be more controversial than the other coaches' but that does not mean he is speaking on behalf of his charge, surely?

And Toni is not Rafa's PR man, that accolade belongs to Benito.

rafaisthebest , 3/22/13 6:07 AM

.......Oh, and Rafa can speak on his own behalf. You only have to listen to his pressers and interviews to understand why journos scramble to hear him and hang onto his every word, he has a brain and he is not shy of controversy in his own right.

rafaisthebest , 3/22/13 6:14 AM

Nativenewyorker, 3/22/13 1:57 AM
---My question is if it was the time violation rule to be enforced as advocated by Fed, then why wouldn't Uncle Toni just come out and talk about that?---

An interviewer asked for Uncle Toni's opinion!!! (I repeat: it was a long interview).
Q (Interviewer). What about the new rule violation time between kick and kick 's famous 25 seconds.
A (Toni). It seems to me fatal. And again I think it's a nonsense of the tennis governing a very simple reason. When you intend to make a change in the game the first thing you should always consider is the reason for these changes. What is the reason for these changes? Why try to change the situation? Why change the rule football goalkeeper assignment? Very simple: because they wanted to increase the performance. This simple is what has made the ATP. Nothing more. I think the first thing you should do is think about what kind of game they want to offer the viewer. This is so simple it does not make ATP. In other sport would be unthinkable. They do not think what kind of show they want their fans. When you put a 25-second rule is clear that what you offer is a fast game, ie points faster and that exchanges are four or five balls as much. In the finals of the Australia Open and Roland Garros last year there were lengthy exchanges and these exchanges happened after a break of 40 or 45 seconds, but that there was no alternative to recover. I told them to look at the ATP iPad applauded the 25 points or the best of the year for each player so that few would come in two or three exchanges. The good points are often long rallies. If you see that this is so you do not understand anything, I have no head.
Q. Does that detract from the win over Federer by the Swiss back problems? I have read much about it in recent days.
A. /---/

Augustina08 , 3/22/13 10:49 AM

I read the full interview, @Augustina08 and I did not find anything Toni said offensive at all. On the contrary, I found him to be thoughtful, measured and yes, provocative! But that's Toni.

It's a shame the news agencies cherry pick his comments for obvious reasons........

rafaisthebest , 3/22/13 11:17 AM

rafaisthebest, 3/22/13 11:17 AM

I completely agree with you!

Augustina08 , 3/22/13 11:29 AM

Augustina08 , 3/22/13 11:37 AM

Here we go again, another GOAT "debate": er-federer-rafael-nadal-greatness

Seriously, is there a Rafan out there who cares whether Rafa is called GOAT or not? I know I don't. I will even go as far as saying Rafa is not YET GOAT. He is a work in progress, I will make an assessment at the end of his playing career.

I wish Fedfans would believe their own description of Fed as GOAT and maybe they won't be so defensive about it.

For me, Rafa is not yet GOAT, he is too busy playing and winning to be put out to pasture this early..............

rafaisthebest , 3/22/13 12:33 PM

Rogie and Rafa are already AMONGST the GOATS, of course they are, only a muffin top would deny this. Nole might deserve that accolade too, by the end of his career. Doubt if Andy ever will, but I don't care, my favourite player before Andy was Johnny Mac and he wouldn't be in the debate either.
Now, no more GOAT endless, circular, repetitive arguements, PLEASE!

deuce , 3/22/13 1:16 PM

After eight months injured and NO h/c tournaments in a year, winning IW in today's era on top of all of his other accomplishments and he is not even finished?

Please, no longer a contest.

On another note, scoretracker is an idiot (IMO).


Conspirator , 3/22/13 2:10 PM

^^^... NO h/c matches played in a year


Conspirator , 3/22/13 2:13 PM

this GOAT things are so pointless.
When both Fed and Nadal (and Djoko & Murray and so so and on) are retired and their all career stats are in everybody's faces .. still people won't agree on anything, I'm pretty sure, cause there'll be another red-hot player and the debate goes on and on...
I watched Johnny Mac play and for me he's one of the GOATs, no mistake (deuce, 3/22/13 1:16 PM)

Shireling , 3/22/13 4:45 PM

Another Mac fan -YAY!
He's still playing darn well too, with his old wooden racquet. Perhaps the Yanks could entice him back, they sure need him...;)

deuce , 3/22/13 5:16 PM

When Mac came onto the scene he was by far the most charismatic player in several decades. The frisson of waiting for him to erupt was ever present and the naked dislike he and Connors had for each other was awesome. My next favourite was Agassi.

ed251137 , 3/22/13 6:04 PM

Mine too ed. :) And it was so sad to read how troubled Agassi was and what a pig his fathere'd been. :(

deuce , 3/22/13 7:10 PM


Conspirator , 3/22/13 7:26 PM

Augustina08, 3/21/13 8:17 PM,

Thank you for posting the rest of Uncle Toni's interview. That helps a lot. So now it makes sense. He is upset about the time violation enforcement. He wouldn't directly blame Fed for it in his comments, but there must be a sense that he was behind the change.

I appreciated reading Uncle Toni's comments. He and Rafa agree completely on the time violation.

Nativenewyorker , 3/22/13 7:50 PM

This is a follow-up to the interview. In this one Uncle Toni reiterates that he has no regrets about what he said in his first interview. The thing is, people needs to remember Toni is not just Rafa's coach, he is Rafa's uncle. So, he is bound to be more protective because it's his nephew out there!

Good on you, Toni. Vamos!!

Translation of Toni Nadal interview 21/03/2013
by Ericka Domenzzain

Tony says that Rafa had a little complicated return in Chile but it was better little by little,that now he wants to start training for the clay season.
The reporter mentions that Rafa said yesterday that he will rest a little and go back to train,is is going to be somehow different his trainings from how it was before he left to America?
TONI says:that they will have a few arrangements bcs the doctor said so
The reporters asks him if he thinks that some of the results he had last year could be repeated this year?
Toni says:it will be a little complicated but they will try
He says it is difficult for a person to achieve all the tournaments like Montecarlo,Barcelona,RG,Madrid the same year like Rafa has done it but we have to keep being positive and nothing is impossible,sounds complicated but we`ll see
He says the doctors say he is ok,he still have some pain but nothing very strong and he expects him to be flully or mostly recovered for the clay season
Reporter asks him abt his interview abt Rochus
Toni says he gave that interview and what he said he said it and he has nothing else to add,he says Rochus was already known in the circuit for being that way,he had said incorrect things abt Rafa
And Rafa has never done anything of the things he is accused of by him
And I cannot support that kind of behaviour where with words u affet other ppl,so I can just say what i said I said it and I keep thinking the same way abt him...

rafaisthebest , 3/23/13 7:57 AM

Rafael Nadal vs. Novak Djokovic Tennis Rivalry Poised for Greater Battles


Maybe Rafael Nadal is no longer finished as a Grand Slam champion off the French Open?s red clay. Following his Indian Wells title, Nadal did more than prove his competitive viability on hard courts. He has resurrected his rivalry with Novak Djokovic.

Yes, Roger Federer is the No. 2 ranked player in the world and possible favorite for Wimbledon, but the short-term ramifications of his back injury and the clay-court season may put him on the back burner for a short time.

True, Andy Murray has joined the Grand Slam fray and is targeting the No. 1 ranking, but there is not yet a sense that he can dominate the tour or establish an epic rivalry with Djokovic.

There are the also-rans who bid for Grand Slams but who fluctuate like a short-term stock. This month's flavor is the resurgent Juan Martin del Potro.

Nadal vs. Djokovic has already been a great rivalry, but it feels like unfinished business.

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It was ridiculous and foolhardy anyway for any sane person to write Rafa off as a GS winner on surfaces other than clay. He's made the final in many h/c and grass GS he's played.

nadline , 3/23/13 12:48 PM

^^Glad someone else agrees with my take on the Rafa-Nole rivalry: it is unfinished business.

Rafans, another article to warm the cockles of your hearts! es-remodeled-game-190100923--spt.html

"Rafa 3.0: Improved Backhand and Other Tactics

While the doctors once again tended to his nephew, uncle Toni returned to his lab to cook up his latest upgrades. Building up from the foundation of fresh knees, the strategy focused on improving Rafa's backhand.

This was evident as Rafa 3.0 made his way through continually stiffer opposition at Indian Wells. Before his loss last year at Wimbledon, Nadal's backhand shots often fell close to the service line. At Indian Wells, they were reaching and sometimes kissing the baseline.

Additionally, Nadal appeared to be moving in and attacking his opponents rather than sitting passively behind his own baseline. A tactic that essentially shifted the rectangle on which he was playing forward, and consequently moved Nadal into the more aggressive position.

Another new tactic in the Rafa 3.0 arsenal was as noticeable as the white tape adorning his knee. Nadal was also looking to shorten points, most likely in an effort to increase the longevity of his body.

This was particularly noticeable on the Rafa forehand side, where he was almost hitting the cover right off the ball. After Nadal set up a point to his liking, he followed up with more than just the next chess move. He struck for both "check" and "mate" with one fell swoop.

Down a set and a break against Juan Martin in the final, Nadal seized the ensuing game and effectively the match with crushing forehand winners that made one wonder if the Spaniard could hit the ball any harder.

The end result was a shock to both del Potro, who had seemingly attained the more advantageous position, and any doubters of Nadal during his absence. He had gotten the maximum result not only against the Big Four, but on their preferred surface. According to ASAP Sports, Nadal said, "Very important victory for me, winning, like I say before, against the best players of the world on a surface that is good for them."

The only question that remains is whether the improved backhand and new aggressive tactics of Rafa 3.0 will result in victory against the fortress otherwise known as Novak Djokovic.

Based on recent evidence, the process of finding out may upgrade the Djokovic-Nadal rivalry to new heights, possibly matching (or exceeding) the acclaimed Federer-Nadal rivalry."

Roll on Monte Carlo!!!

rafaisthebest , 3/23/13 1:28 PM

rafaisthebest, 3/23/13 1:28 PM
---It was Toni Nadal that first convinced a young Rafa to use his non-writing hand to hold a racket and hit a forehand---

Writers still keep this legend alive. :)
Uncle Toni convinced Rafa to stop playing his forehand with TWO hands and Rafa chose his left hand to hit a forehand. They both have told the same story.

Excerpts from 2 interviews.
Q (Journalist). "You [Rafa] are able to use both hands, at what point of time did you decide to play with the left hand?"
A (Rafa). "I only use the left hand for tennis. For everyday things I'm right-handed. When I started playing, I used both hands to hit both backhand and forehand. When I was 3 years old, I didn't have enough power, so uncle Toni taught me to do that. After that, when I was about 9 or 10 years old, I had to use only one side, and it became that it was NATURAL to use my left hand." [October 2010]
Q (Journalist)."So, you [uncle Toni] took charge of little Rafa and perhaps, you made the most important decision of his life: to let him play with his left hand whereas he's a natural right-hander."
A (Toni). "No! That's a legend?But it's really not the truth. At the start, he played with two hands, but using one hand to direct. I had the impression that he was stronger on his left side than on his right side. So, I figured that he was left-handed, it's as simple as that. Besides, even if he ate with his right hand, he also played football with his left foot. However, at no point I told him: "You need to play with your left hand, because that way you'll be much stronger." However, since I'm not completely stupid, I simply advised him to use his strongest hand. That's it. Besides, I don't think that there is an advantage of being left-handed. Just look at the world's best players: there are not many of them there. No, the only thing I did advised Rafa at his age of 10, he needed to stop playing his forehand with TWO hands, because no top player had a two-handed forehand and I couldn't imagine my nephew being the first one. So, this is the whole story. Would Rafa be as strong now if he had used his right hand? That's something we don't know and we'll never know." [October 2010]
[Translated from Spanish not by me]

Augustina08 , 3/23/13 3:02 PM

Augustina08 , 3/23/13 3:02 PM

There are so many legends out there about Rafa, Toni and their lives. It also does not help that both conduct most of their interviews in their native tongues, Spanish and Catalan and then these are translated (most times badly) into English.

However, the most important thing is that they are both strong individuals and are nobody's fools.

rafaisthebest , 3/23/13 4:37 PM


Thanks for posting these articles. Great read and very informative! :)

Nativenewyorker , 3/23/13 8:16 PM

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