• Miami facing pullout plague

    3/19/13 1:17 AM | Johan Lindahl
    Miami facing pullout plague The Miami Masters is facing a pullout plague, with Roger Federer and now Rafael Nadal both high-profile absentees as the Masters 1000 begins. Also missing will be American Mardy Fish.

    Federer announced that he would not be playing in Miami months ago, instead taking a long training block at home in Switzerland. Federer is due to return to defend his clay title in Madrid in the first week of May. Nadal's decision came as the Spaniard reached a surprise final at the Indian Wells Masters, capping what has been a month-long comeback after seven months away with a knee injury.

    Fish revealed that after testing his long-standing accelerated heartbeat condition with a few matches at Indian Wells, he does not feel confident enough to take the next step and play a second straight big event. “Unfortunately I won’t be able to compete in Miami this year friends,” Fish tweeted. “Hope to be out there again soon! Thanks for the love and support in IW!”

    Some speculation sees the 31-year-old out through the clay season and possibly even into the summer. But nothing is certain. Ernests Gulbis also withdrew instead of playing in qualifying or asking for a wild card. The quirky Latvian had made headlines in recent weeks as he awoke form several seasons of half-hearted form and ran off a 13-match win streak, which was ended in the Indian Wells fourth round by Rafael Nadal.

    Gulbis, who played 14 matches in less than three weeks, has risen from outside the top 100 to almost into the top 50 in the current ATP list.

    There could also be a nasty surprise on the women's side as world No. 2 Victoria Azarenka continues to deal with an ankle inflammation which has bothered her for a month and forced her to withdraw in Dubai and Indian Wells. Her presence in Miami is dependent on her recovery.

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This could be a very sub-par Miami Masters. I hope Delpo can find the energy/holy water to keep going and win this.

chr18 , 3/19/13 2:05 AM

chr19, How come you are not using your new user ID?

holdserve , 3/19/13 4:37 AM

Delpo has to possibly get past Nole and then Murray (in reverse order of that IW draw), can he do it one more time to win the Miami title? Maybe he can do something like Murray did in 2009, or Roddick did in 2010, ie be runner up at IW and followed that with a title at Miami?

luckystar , 3/19/13 4:43 AM

I've never understood the relevance of sticking 2 h/c tournaments after the AO just before the clay season. This year I'm not complaining because Rafa has used IW to announce to everyone that he is the man to beat on all surfaces.

nadline , 3/19/13 10:39 AM

luckystar - the surface in Miami suits Del Potro's game better...then again it also suits Djokovic and Muzza's game better also.

I think he *could* do it, but I'm guessing fatigue is going to play a factor.

chr - I looked at the draw yesterday and thought it looked a bit...anemic. I actually rather hoped that Gulbis would play. He generates buzz when he's playing well, as he is now. Probably a smart move on his part to skip qualies, but it still leaves another small hole in the draw.

cherylmurray , 3/19/13 2:03 PM

Delpope will be quite spent. However, he has a cream puff (read Fed-like) draw before his potential meeting against Nole. With the faster courts, he has a realistic shot if his wrist holds up.


Conspirator , 3/19/13 2:58 PM

Thing is, Miami didn't even offer Gulbis a WC which is I think a mistake.

Instead, we get the 146th and 377th ranked Americans which is no surprise. However, No. 103 Guido Pella from Argentina also gets aWC?


Conspirator , 3/19/13 3:03 PM

Oooh, James Blake also gets a WC!!!

I like Blake's chances here. He faces fellow American Ryan Harrison in the 1st round who isn't playing a whole lot better.

Next round, he can pull a reverse-julien on Bennetteau. Monaco is no pushover on a fast hard court like Miami but Blake will run over him with confidence and speed.

I think he is due for a win over Nole in the SF as Nole's confidence may be shaken.

Once he makes the final (which will be his 3rd Masters btw), anything can happen and I think the J-block will carry him to his first Masters 1000 win!!!


Conspirator , 3/19/13 3:12 PM

Conspirator, 3/19/13 3:03 PM

When I paid a visit to Miami in 2009 and was able to watch Nole vs. Murray final, with Andy beating Nole back then, I realized why Rafa likes the city so much. He must feel at home there. The Spanish is like a native language there and I had trouble communicating with people in the stores and supermarkets who spoke ONLY Spanish or their English was very difficult to comprehend...the Latin influence is apparent there so no wonder why Argentine player (whoever he is) was given a WC rather than Gulbis...

natashao , 3/19/13 3:19 PM

Conspirator, 3/19/13 3:12 PM true...I get the same feeling when it comes to Blake...Nole better watch out..:))

natashao , 3/19/13 3:22 PM

No Conspirator, please... no more, no sides are still hurting from your last Blake prediction, sorry potential Blake prediction.....

deuce , 3/19/13 4:53 PM

Please tell me that Conspirator is having a larrff.

ed251137 , 3/19/13 6:15 PM

Blake still plays tennis? I can't remeber the last time I saw this giy! I remember he used to give Rafa fits on hard!!..........oh, that was sooooooo long ago!!!!

Monalysa , 3/19/13 6:25 PM

Mona: Probably the Bejiing Olympics when he was beaten by 'I didn't feel the ball touch me' Gonzales ;-)

ed251137 , 3/19/13 7:33 PM

Oh you guys! :) But Blake played quite well at IW :).

Just to add to Lucky's list of IW runnerups who won Miami: Nole in 2007.
(there were probably more, am just lazy to look up :) )

danica , 3/19/13 7:45 PM

Danica, dont get me wrong, I like Blake, I just didnt like him giving Rafa troubles!!

Monalysa , 3/19/13 8:16 PM

Oh yes, Nole did that too in 2007. So it's not uncommon and so maybe Delpo can do it this time.

luckystar , 3/20/13 3:06 AM

I think chr18 should use 17-11.

"This year I'm not complaining because Rafa has used IW to announce to everyone that he is the man to beat on all surfaces.

nadline, 3/19/13 10:39 AM

I see when it suits nadal you don't complain. It's OK, you're not the only one, but at least you're honest. Things are usally double-standard here anyway.

Djokovic was lucky at Toronto last year. It was a very depleted draw.

scoretracker , 3/20/13 3:30 AM

Yes Lucky, DelPo winning Miami is a possibility. We'll just have to wait and see if he managed to recover enough. He really played a lot lately. One of these days, it'll catch up to him.

I would love to see Nole win it again, but in the end, may the best man win.

Scoretracker, indeed, sometimes the tournaments, even those biggest ones, lack the best players. But what can you do? You play whomever you are supposed to play and try your best. If you win, it's not your fault that others didn't show up. In the end, it's the result that counts.

danica , 3/20/13 5:59 AM

Rafas team have showed experience once again. Im so happy he is back to top form and backhand is back to 2010 level. Those who think he is a claycourter are simply fooling themselves, barring injury they will see this year. Players like Rafa, Fed, Nole are good irregardless of surface as we have seen all these years and they are always willing to improve. Rafa has just been unlucky to play on hardcourts with these other top hardcourters around otherwise he would have won even more. His domination on clay is arguably one of the top in all sports. Simply stunning!!!

tennismania , 3/20/13 7:19 AM


Conspirator , 3/20/13 12:38 PM

Conspirator the racist!

chr18 , 3/20/13 12:52 PM

Leave Blake alone. We take care of our own. Ban racism.

chr18 , 3/20/13 12:59 PM

WARNING: the post(s) by:

chr19, 3/20/13 12:52 PM
chr19, 3/20/13 12:59 PM

is (are) trolling for a reply. Please do not respond. Thank you for your cooperation. This is an automated post. Replies will not be responded to.


Conspirator , 3/20/13 2:01 PM

Cheryl, I think you should protest to IMG for not giving your boy, Gulbis, a wild card. At least with Rafa out of the way, he could have fulfilled your expectations and won his first M1000 here in Miami.

#Form is temporary, class is permanent
#Come back King

nadline , 3/20/13 2:32 PM

Lol Conspriator has shown her true colors and she's frustrated at having been outed.

WARNING: The attempt at fake moderation by:

Conspirator, 3/20/13 2:01 PM

is total BS and unauthorized by TT. Please ignore it. Thank you.
Ban racist remarks about Blake. Racism has no place on TT.

chr18 , 3/20/13 5:38 PM

chr19, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery (which you've managed to do twice in your above post).


Conspirator , 3/20/13 5:50 PM

This cutting and pasting by the school-girl conspirator should be banned. Same stupid hashtags repeated on every thread along with the pseudo-automated warnings.

Where's the moderator? If any Fed fan were to do this, there would be the usual preaching from the preacher's aunt, convulsions, and ranting that it's cutting and pasting and it should be stopped. Why are there such obvious double-standards for Nadal fans. It's obvious they are the privileged.

Conspirator is an non-American racist. Ban her racism and pseudo hash-tags.

Federer 17-11.

scoretracker , 3/20/13 6:16 PM



Conspirator , 3/20/13 6:35 PM

Am I missing something Conspirator? How come you are being accused of racism?

ed251137 , 3/20/13 6:58 PM

Sorry ed, I've no idea, you'd have to ask them. Trying to get a rise from me, perhaps?


Conspirator , 3/20/13 7:01 PM

Got it now:
Conspirator: you are making fun of Blake's chances, therefore you must be racist.

deuce , 3/20/13 7:12 PM

Ahhh. Strange.


Conspirator , 3/20/13 7:26 PM

This is quite the desperate attempt by the usual suspects, trying to accuse Conspirator of racism and then the desperate and beyond hypocritical pleas to the moderators to do their jobs.

If there was moderation, then the comment accusing Conspirator of racism would have been promptly deleted, as it is completely bogus and erroneous. Outrageous attempt to try and intimidate posters on this site.

However, it will not work. Then look who jumps in to help! I would ask the moderators to delete the hatespeak posted by Scoretracker on the Rafa blog yesterday. This disgusting, obsessive need to use this site for personal grudges and vendettas, is sickening. If you have nothing to do but hate on people you don't know and will never meet, then that is the biggest waste of a life ever.

Nativenewyorker , 3/20/13 7:28 PM

I just wish that they could be a little more imaginative and original. But I admit that's high expectation to have for trolls.


Conspirator , 3/20/13 7:35 PM


Don't hold your breath! :)


Nativenewyorker , 3/20/13 7:40 PM

Not allowing normal comment on someone because of their colour is racist in itself. I've been up and down all the threads and fail to find any racist comment by Conspirator on Blake.

#If you point your finger at someone, there are three more pointing back at you.

nadline , 3/20/13 8:18 PM

And, My papa was preacher man. Yes, it's always blinders on when Conspirator starts with her imaginary racism remarks and keep on harassing those whom she dislikes for what's not written, along with her other self, willma. As per usual, her moronic statements are cheered, except when she goes nutso with her other moniker and attacks her beloved cheering squad.

As for the "usual suspects", I wish the grammarian who thinks she knows English better than anyone is aware that a suspect is one who is suspected of committing a crime. I suppose for this expert English major, NOT (does not know when to use who and/or whom correctly) all Fed fans who are hated by gilbert is a suspect.

"Look who jumps in to help". This from the one who's jumping into the other thread and gives credence to her other nadal fans statements, by ordering ts38 to apologize to cheryl ? All of those comments are just because they want to establish how very loyal they are and to collect some much needed kudos. Those kudos are needed because it allows them to harass and ridicule everyone they've got their fangs into and escape blemish free, while the ones who are attacked, are warned and/or banned. Does it stop there? Oh no, it is then has broadcasted, with a foamin and a frothin over and over, and over again, to inform the whole world that these posters were warned and/or banned, and it was well-deserved, according to the moral compass. It's usually starts with idiotic nonsense and provocation towards Fed posters and certain other posters, and when they answer, it turns into a free for all, with the whole team jumping in *mouth* first. Then the usual happens, those who are harassed get warned or banned, and the and instigator(s), gets away with their wicked deeds, scot-free.Very democratic, NOT, how things work. This group is acutely aware of their privileges and they use it to the hilt.

scoretracker , 3/20/13 9:32 PM

@nadline, save your moral compass quotes, and look at the fingers that point to you. There are many. You people don't need Fed fans to fight with, you fight among yourselves as was happening last week and the week before, now that I've caught up with my reading, after being in europe for two weeks.

In response to your question about my moniker on tennis-x. I do NOT post there and I've given my reasons. My room-mate posts there, but it has become convenient for some here to go there and accuse him of being me.

scoretracker , 3/20/13 9:51 PM

Have you finished ducky?

ed251137 , 3/20/13 9:51 PM

Nah, I was waiting for a decent volley to finish my game. I has already finished his dirty playing, buthe didn't win. The all-court tennis team. haha

scoretracker , 3/20/13 10:01 PM

Are you still at a loss for words scrottracker?

I can't tell the difference.


Conspirator , 3/20/13 10:11 PM

I know these words. You desperately need a good man, and it's the reason you look for attention from the men who post here them. You'll take crumbs, i.e, even the insults they send your way. Gawd, you are to be pitied, and in a very bad place.

i know other words, that are appropriate for you, but I have more respect for myself, or else I'd write them here so you could become very excited.

scoretracker , 3/20/13 10:19 PM

Holy moly mother of jehoseva. Scoretracker it cant be healthy to repeatedly have mental breakdowns on tennis forums. Seek help immediately.

Stop throwing arm chair psychology around.

willmw101 , 3/20/13 10:19 PM

Hey willma when you stop having your meltdowns, fighting with other posters, viz., zare, Danica, engaging in those lengthy worn-out battles with NNY, and sundry others, plus using your vulgarity by twisting Marian Vaidja's name to something that's akin to the female anatomy, and seeing racist comments that are not written, then you can spout as much as you want about what's good, bad or moral, to me and others here. UNTIL THEN, SHUT THE HELL UP, and mind your own business. Get it now, connie? BTW, Why would my comments to Connie bother you? The answer is simple, you're one and the same.

scoretracker , 3/20/13 10:32 PM

^^^ MELTDOWN. Sad to see.

willmw101 , 3/20/13 10:37 PM

But for the record, Marian Vadgina does not approve of your posts.

willmw101 , 3/20/13 10:40 PM

You are one sick puppy, who is allowed to get away with your profanity. don't let me stop you, enjoy.

scoretracker , 3/20/13 11:09 PM

Scrottracker, if you knew about tennis, wouldn't you know how to spell the name of the No. 1 player's coach's name correctly?


Conspirator , 3/20/13 11:38 PM

As expected, the three-heads are backing up each other. You give yourself away each time you chime in. Perhaps you fool others, but it's clear as the blue sky, you and willmw are one and the same, as was hawkeye, whom you dropped, coz you got caught. You use willmw to do the dirty work and fight with the same posters you kiss up to as connie. What a racket you got going for you.

Whether I know how to speall Novak's coach's name or not, is of no concern to you, nor does it reflect my tennis knowledge. if that's the yardstick you're using then you are even more shallow than you let on. I sure as hell don't spell his name in the disgusting fashion your other troll self is doing. There have been several complaints by Danica and yet nothing has been done to stop this ugliness. What kind of sicko are you??????


scoretracker , 3/20/13 11:59 PM

No, my yardstick is your statements of the obvious when you're not having an episode nor discussing PEDs, doping or testing.


Conspirator , 3/21/13 12:15 AM

Aw shucks! So I am NOT an English major after all? Getting lectures from someone like scoretracker is quite laughable! Should we all feast on the misspellings, grammatical errors and even resorting to posting in CAPS complete with profanity! Yikes!

Hey willmw,

How are you doing? Do you remember that disagreement we had? No? Guess what! Neither do I! That's because the rest of us can just let it go after an argument! However, the one person who simply cannot let go of anything is the one and only scoretracker! Obsessed doesn't really do this person justice. Someone who is literally fighting a private war in their own mind and taking it to a public online tennis forum.

It is very sad, but I cannot muster any pity for someone who so relentlessly and laboriously spews out propaganda over and over again. None of it is true, none of it makes sense, it's just like hitting the reset button and there goes another meltdown and another bunch of rantings and ravings.

Nativenewyorker , 3/21/13 12:58 AM

LOL. hows it going NNY?

willmw101 , 3/21/13 1:21 AM

LOL, I only read the willmw part coz I was curious to see what the lecturer had to say. It's funny, she does not remember her fights with willmw LIE, but has remarked on it several times thereafter, even rising to another poster's defense against willmw. This is someone who lives and breathes grudges, which is the very core of her twisted mind. Someone who cannot wish people a Merry Christmas without raking up nastiness. How sad.

The rest is not worth reading as I'm sure it's the same old rhetoric. FYI, I don't come here often, because I travel a lot. Hence, don't get delusional thinking that your harassment of me has some effect and it will keep me away, it DOES NOT. I'LL POST WHEN I WANT. gilbert.

And, her papa was a preacher man.

scoretracker , 3/21/13 1:22 AM

LOL, willmw, has now got a friend coz they both have made too many enemies. How do I love thee, let me count the ways .... bwahahaha.

scoretracker , 3/21/13 1:24 AM

WARNING: the post(s) by:

scrottracker, 3/21/13 1:22 AM
scrottracker, 3/21/13 1:24 AM

is (are) trolling for a reply. Please do not respond. Thank you for your cooperation. This is an automated post. Replies will not be responded to.


Conspirator , 3/21/13 1:28 AM

I hate to say I told you all but my man Blake is getting it done up a set and a break against America's next hope Ryan Harrison!!!


Conspirator , 3/21/13 2:10 AM

Blake smoke Harrison 2 and 2.

Benneteau, prepare to be julienned.


Conspirator , 3/21/13 2:25 AM

I doubt whether scoretracker has ever been out of his mothers basement let alone on a plane for his "travelling". Going to the mental hospital doesn't count as travelling scoretracker. You wily old weirdo you :)

willmw101 , 3/21/13 3:02 AM

WARNING: The attempt at fake moderation by:

Conspirator, 3/21/13 1:28 AM

is total BS and unauthorized by TT. Please ignore it. Thank you.

chr18 , 3/21/13 3:14 AM


Holy crap! Blake did beat Harrison! Your man's still alive! Just thought I would try to get some tennis talk in between the troll comments! :)


Yay! We don't hold grudges, so there! What I don't understand is why this person would embarrass themselves repeatedly with these mental meltdowns online on a public tennis forum. Do it in private and have some self-respect! The more this person posts, the more they dig the hole even deeper.

I also don't know why anyone would care about so-called traveling.

By the way, I never said anything about being an English major! :)

Nativenewyorker , 3/21/13 3:35 AM

Bwahahaha, when a nutso has to try to prove to others she does not hold grudges then it's obvious that the truth has rung true. Anyone in their sane mind would not have to do so and try to form an allegiance with crazies such as willmw and constipator as allies to prove she doesn't hold grudges. The larger truth is she does, hence her harassment of the Fed fans on this site, especially ts38 and myself. Carry on oh deprived one. Hope you've noticed that none of your so-called friends pay you any attention. Maybe they've grown up and decided you're just a lump of trouble, and choose to keep far away from you. You are to be pitied.

I don't care whehther anyone would care about my travel, except to show the liar willmw that I'm on here every week having the so-called meltdowns. As far as i know only a lump of flesh such as you can have a melt-down. Now have the last word as you always do, sergeant major, passing out orders of what others should and shouldn't do. TT's internet police. ting.

scoretracker , 3/21/13 5:20 AM

...and he goes on and on and on...can't track where they hide your meds?

phoenix , 3/21/13 9:19 AM

NNY: High five to you :-)

The fact that there is a bunch of us here that go back for years (hi Chloro, you and I signed up at about the same time) is testimony to the way this forum works.

It is about sharing our thoughts and supporting each other. And of course arguing our case when we feel very strongly about something: but there is never malice and disagreements blow over quickly.

I love the sense of humour which runs through many of the threads and the sense of comradeship. But, of course, it is just that which gets up the nose(s) of S/T and her accomplices.

#Vive la TT

ed251137 , 3/21/13 11:15 AM

rafaisthebest, where are you? You can come out now, Rafa is back!

#Come back King
#The power of surprise

nadline , 3/21/13 12:11 PM

^^Just when I thought I was out........they pull me back in.

Hello, my sweet adorable @nadline and all the Rafans out there. I have been on "vacation" from TT spreading "Rafa love" on another tennis site which shall remain nameless! Yesiree!! You know me, I never miss an opportunity to spread Rafa love...

Rafa is not just back, darling, he has single handedly rejuvenated dentistry in the world! All that gnashing of teeth.........


rafaisthebest , 3/21/13 12:52 PM

Welcome back RITB!


Conspirator , 3/21/13 1:00 PM

Welcome back to the knitting circle RITB. You were missed.

ed251137 , 3/21/13 1:19 PM

Thank you @Conspirator (still conspiring and spreading alarm and despondency hahaha!), thank you @ed251137 (still the voice of reason I see......)

*trots back to work smiling*

rafaisthebest , 3/21/13 1:28 PM

.........told ya, Rafa is the best....

rafaisthebest , 3/21/13 1:30 PM

What did I know! I learned.


Conspirator , 3/21/13 1:35 PM

ed251137, 3/21/13 11:15 AM,

I think it's safe to come out now. I just wanted to say thank you for this great post! You really summed up what makes this site a great place. I think that I came to this site after you did, but it was the atmosphere and good feelings that I had that made me stay.

Just a beautiful summation of why we are here!


Welcome back! I wondered why you weren't posting here anymore. I know where you've been, but we won't bother to name the site! :)

You belong here with the rest of the Rafa fans, especially now when we have so much to celebrate.

Nativenewyorker , 3/21/13 6:36 PM

Back at ya, @nny! I do enjoy winding up humourless anti-Rafans now and again, and "that" site is the perfect stop for my evil alter ego to "torture" these poor souls now and then with posts on all things Rafa!

Thank you for the regular updates on Rafa. Hopefully, his knee is responding well to rehab and he comes back for another Clay Slam!

Not too demanding are we, Rafans? Just a Clay Slam will do, Rafa, just a clay slam.......

Btw, totally agree with @Monalysa's take on Uncle Toni's recent comments (posted on a different thread). Uncle Toni has EARNED the right to voice his opinion, and then some.


rafaisthebest , 3/21/13 8:08 PM


I give you credit for fighting the good fight. I do go there occasionally just to read. But I don't stay long, because I can't stand the hatespeak. I guess it's good for a few Rafa fans to try to have their voices heard on that site.

I like it here much better!

Nativenewyorker , 3/21/13 9:16 PM

Good ol ed, she never fails to rise to the occasion. What an absolute treasure. If I needed someone to defend me, I'd sure come looking for you. bwahahaha. BTW, ed, I know the history, geez, you've mentioned it many , many times. I suppose for you it's something to treasure, but for me, I just shake my head at your childlike simplicity, that you would even think that such things would impress me, or anyone who's got better things to do in life, e.g., a job, something it's obvious many of you who sit on this site all day, don't have.

And, FYI, you don't get up my nose, I just can't stand the games you all play, which IMO are so adolescent. It boggles the mind that you have to get on a website and behave in this manner. I expect your kind of behavior from a juvenile teenager, not from mature women, who should be revered and respected, except no one is given a chance to do so, due to your continued ugliness, which borders on harassment.

And for those of you who keep "fighting the good fight", well, I now understand why some here love and enjoy fighting so much. You don't see things here as a discussion, but an opportunity to have a good ol knockdown brawling FIGHT. It's simply amazing that you'd get on a website to fight with people you don't know, for someone who probably would never even give you a seond glance in the real world. I'm sorry, but I just don't get it I suppose for you, this site is a home away from hope. Well enjoy it, is all I can say.

scoretracker , 3/22/13 12:47 AM

Good ol Scrote, the righteous TT police.

jean , 3/22/13 12:45 PM

Scrottracker the idiot.

Conspirator , 3/22/13 2:21 PM

'FYI, you don't get up my nose, I just can't stand the games you all play'

I rest my case......................

ed251137 , 3/22/13 2:27 PM

OMG scoretracker is STILL having meltdowns on here? I thought that had ended. Has she even logged off tennis talk in the last week?

willmw101 , 3/22/13 3:33 PM

You gals seem very obsessed with specific parts of the male anatomy. And, willmw, cut the act. I don't have to worry about logging on and off, that's done automatically. Unfortunately, you have to do so when you change monikers, connie to willmw and vice versa.

scoretracker , 3/22/13 6:42 PM

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