• Nadal captures record 22nd Masters title in Indian Wells

    3/18/13 1:30 AM | Cheryl Murray
    Nadal captures record 22nd Masters title in Indian Wells Rafael Nadal secured his first hard court title since 2010 with a come-from-behind victory over Juan Martin Del Potro at the BNP Paribas Open.

    Rafael Nadal put in a clutch performance in the California desert to take the championship match over Juan Martin Del Potro 4-6, 6-3, 6-4.

    The match featured plenty of drama, with a number of momentum shifts that made it a worthy Masters final. Nadal began the match in fine form. The Spaniard played aggressive tennis and jumped on a tentative Del Potro to take an immediate service break. Nadal held a commanding 3-0 lead, but quickly lost his way, donating unforced errors to the Del Potro cause. Worse for the Nadal camp though was that Del Potro found his range on his groundstrokes.

    Del Potro not only got the break back from Nadal, he secured another to take a set lead and with Nadal out-of-sorts, Del Potro carried that momentum into the second set.

    The Argentine secured another break of the Nadal serve at the beginning of the second set and hope for the title seemed to dwindle for Nadal. Nadal got to deuce on Del Potro's service game at 1-0, but the Argentine held to consolidate the break.

    With a straight sets defeat looming, Nadal dialed in with Del Potro serving for a 4-2 lead. The No. 7 seed donated a terribly timed double-fault and an unforced error to give Nadal a pair of break points. He saved the first, but sent a backhand long to give up his lead.

    Just that quickly, momentum swung back to Nadal's end of the court. Del Potro served to keep the match level at 4-4, but another disastrous double fault and a pair of massive forehands from the world No. 5 set up more chances for an increasingly confident Nadal. Nadal spanked a forehand winner to convert the break point and earned himself the chance to serve out the set.

    Nadal earned a couple of break points straight off in Del Potro's first service game of the third set, but the Argentine scraped out the hold. The success was short-lived, however. At 1-1, with Del Potro's energy seeming to flag a bit, Nadal earned another chance to take the lead, which he snagged with a whipping forehand winner.

    Del Potro spent the rest of the match trying to play catch-up. The Argentine got in a 0-40 hole at 3-5, but once again clawed his way to a hold. Still, it was simply putting off the inevitable. Nadal captured the title on a wide forehand from Del Potro and fell to the court, jubilant at his victory.

    Nadal announced that he will skip the Miami Masters and head instead back to Europe to await the clay-court season.

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A spectacular final.

Also Rafa's 600th match win!

mara002 , 3/18/13 2:03 AM

After all this time, Rafa still manages to amaze and surprise us! Congrats to Delpo on a great tournament, and to Rafa for the fight back.

CindiT , 3/18/13 2:20 AM

Rafa is No. 2 in the world in the ATP Race to London.


Conspirator , 3/18/13 3:15 AM

Rafa, what can I say..............phenomenadal!!!!

I am so happy to be in this era of tennis with Rafa, a definite legend!!!!

Monalysa , 3/18/13 3:29 AM

Wonderful summation of Rafa's comeback by a poster on Thought I should share it with you guys. Enjoy!

"When Nadal had just come back from his injury layoff, moving gingerly, hitting tentative groundstrokes and unable to chase down a crappy dropshot to save his life, I thought, if anything, this would be a long, slow recovery, and we might never see the Nadal of old again.

My hunch was confirmed (or so I thought) when I witnessed him lose a final, on clay, against a player not named Federer or Djokovic, who's not even ranked in the top 50 and had never won an ATP title up to that point.

Boy, was I wrong. Sure, he looked sketchy all throughout the Brasil Open and at times in Acapulco. But then, in that final, like if someone had flipped a switch, his forehand started clicking, his acceleration improved, his backhand had depth and accuracy and his incredible tenacity and competitive spirit was in full display. Nadal, at least King-of-Clay Nadal, was back.

Then Indian Wells came along, and again I doubted him. Would Nadal manage to at least save face by winning one match in the desert? Ye of little faith. This result is beyond comprehension. He had not played a hard court match in a year and he managed to gut out a tournament win. A Masters 1000 tournament win. On hard court. What?

For most of the tournament he wasn't at his best, and this is what makes this win remarkable. He was able to tenaciously endure adversity, and maintained the clarity of mind to play the right shots at the most important moments. It's safe to say it was Nadal's seemingly infinite supply of grit that earned him this victory.

He got his mind right, and the rest followed. When, after a slew of forehand errors, he looked down and out to begin the 2nd set, his determination saw him secure a couple of holds. His game followed his will to win by stopping the forehand errors, and, out of nowhere, raising his level for a couple of service breaks and taking the match to a deciding set.

After a huge effort to a service hold by Del Potro, he had seemingly run out of energy. The rest, as the say, is history. What a match, and what incredible resolve by Rafa. DelPo should be commended for an incredible effort of taking out Murray, then Djokovic, then almost straight-setting Rafa. Great things are ahead for him."

Monalysa , 3/18/13 3:47 AM

Congrats RaFa and to all RaFans out there! It has been an amazing 2 weeks of tennis and awesome experience to watch Rafa practice and play live and get his autograph! I'm just so ecstatic right now and words can't describe all the emotions I'm feeling. I'm just soooo happy, no?

jayhu , 3/18/13 3:48 AM

Great result!
I didn't see the match (save for the first three games) but by all accounts it seems it was a great final.
CONGRATS to Rafa and all his fans for this phenomenal result. It is really awe inspiring.
Also, congrats to DelPo for putting up a fight and having a great tournament. Soon, we will be talking about "the magnificent 5" :))). Or, it will be the "big 4" still, only with DelPo there.
Bravo Rafa!

danica , 3/18/13 5:07 AM

BTW did you folks notice Rafas change of strategy midway through the 2nd set. He was standing so far behind baseline in 1st and early part of 2nd, then suddenly started coming closer to baseline, coming forward, attacking. He suddenly turned into major aggressor mode.

There was a point in between 2nd set (I guess 5-6 games) where he slapped winner after winner and did not make a single UE.

At the end of the match, Rafa had more winners than Delpo, now that doesn't happen often does it ?

Why Rafa why do you stand so far behind baseline a your default position esp aainst flat hitters, they can outhit you this way.

sanju , 3/18/13 5:29 AM

Delpo on Rafa. Esp cute is the statemen hes winning more than others after 7 months out and the statement he made that Rafa will be competing for No 1 soon (no comments on that, hope hope hope)

"Rafa deserves to win," Del Potro told reporters. "He plays unbelievable for like an hour there. The last hour of the match he didn't make errors. He played so solid and put me so far to the baseline and make winners from there.

"Rafa played really well today in the second and third sets. He broke me early in the third and playing against him when the score is down is tougher, you know."

Del Potro had upset world number three Andy Murray in the quarter-finals and top-ranked Novak Djokovic in the last four to get to the final.

Asked whether he felt fatigued in the final after winning his two previous matches at Indian Wells in three sets, world number seven Del Potro replied: "Yeah, I played three sets against Murray then three sets Djokovic.

"But the finals are finals. They are special, and you get the energy from everywhere to play the finals. Rafael plays yesterday, also, so the conditions are the same for both players.

I think my body was okay. Just he played better in the end and he deserved to win."

Despite his own disappointment in losing Sunday's final, Del Potro was happy for Nadal, who claimed his third title in his remarkable comeback from seven months on the sidelines due to a knee injury.

"Watching him in this level, he's playing really well. He's winning more than everyone after seven months (out)," said the 24-year-old from Tandil, who embraced Nadal at the end of the match.

Asked whether he felt Nadal was close to the form that earned him 11 grand slam singles titles, Del Potro replied: "Yeah, yeah. Like always, like in the past, he's playing so solid, so strong.

"He's very strong mentally. He has big talent, as well. He beat very good players here at Indian Wells. What I say the days before, he's gonna be fighting for the first position (in the rankings) very soon."

Del Potro, US Open champion in 2009, knows exactly what he has to do to get back among the top four in the world.

"Beat Nadal, beat (Roger) Federer. Try to beat all of them," he said with a grin.

sanju , 3/18/13 5:41 AM

Ahh, Delpo! You just made my sleepless night and then suddenly ruined it. :(
Though, was a great feeling seeing those mighty forehands back in the business. Also great resilience and fighting spirit shown by him. If he can just carry it from here for rest of season.
As for Rafa, another clay sweep beckons. Let's see if anybody stops him from doing that.

abhirf , 3/18/13 6:09 AM

Didn't see the match, but Nadal is just a phenom. As begrudgingly as I say it, congrats Rafa fans :)

samprallica , 3/18/13 6:23 AM

Delpo had the tougher tournament with Murray and Novak, but Berdych, Gulbis and Federer on hard court are particularly tough match-ups for Rafa as well, so I agree with Delpo that conditions were very even for both. Also we know Del Potro to be very tough for Rafa to beat on hard, so there's no doubt that mentally Rafa is fully recovered. This win should be a super-booster for the clay season ahead, I can hardly wait for Roland Garros!

grafight , 3/18/13 7:15 AM

sanju, during the match, some of us here also commented that Rafa was standing too far away from the baseline and by so doing, was giving Delpo so much space to work with. However, once Rafa fell behind in the second set, he started to change things up and became more aggressive and came into the court to hit those forehands. I guess it's being a long time since Rafa played against Delpo, so he needed a bit more time to get used to this new Delpo. I guess the fighter in Rafa told him to keep fighting, if not he had to go home empty handed.

I find it puzzling too as to why Rafa didn't move forward right from the beginning. I can understand why he's standing further to return Delpo's big serves, but he could always move up to the baseline after he returns those serves instead of still staying so far back and does all those running. I guess that's because he's comfortable with his clay court game and so he needs time to adjust his game plan when playing on HCs. I think among the top players, Rafa is the one who does the most adjustments to his game when playing on different surfaces. His game is tailor made for clay and that's why he's so good on it, but he has to play differently on the other surfaces and has to tell himself to play outside his comfort zone to get the job done on these other surfaces. I think that's why we see Rafa thinking always on the tennis courts and able to adjust his game mid way through his matches.

He's unlike Fed or Nole, whose game basically are tailored made for the HCs. HCs being the most used surface in the tour now so Fed and Nole could just play their game wherever they're playing , with some minimum adjustments for the clay surface. Fed and Nole are so good that with their HC game, they're still easily the top three or four players on clay. Without Rafa, I bet both Fed and Nole would've won many more clay Masters and maybe a few FOs too. Ferrer also would've a few clay Masters and perhaps may sneak a FO title too. P

luckystar , 3/18/13 7:38 AM

lucky- someonewith big weapons like DElpo' forehands can easily outhit Rafa when he is standing so far behind baseline. Also when he is standing so far behind, his groundies are repetaedly landing short allowing the person at other end to smack the ball away. I am unable to understand why was he standing so far away to begin with, as soon as hits 1st return, come ahead and dont concede ground.

sanju , 3/18/13 7:54 AM

I am so late for the celebration alreeady but anyhow, fist pump around the world. Happy to see Rafa won IW again after 7 long months of inactivity beating all the red hot players (gulbis, berdych and Delpope) to hold the trophy.

Vamos Rafa ... next stop MonteCarlo.

Raindrops , 3/18/13 7:59 AM

Exactly sanju. I think it's a matter of Rafa's confidence and nerve too. It's being a long time, more than a year now, since he last played an important final on a HC. Not forgetting, playing against an on fire opponent like Delpo, who had 'killed' two of the best HC players out there who're also the top four players.

PS. It's really a bridge too far for Delpo, to 'kill' three members of the Fab Four guys on three consecutive days!

luckystar , 3/18/13 8:05 AM

I noticed how far behind the baseline he was too, looked impossible to return serve from there, or even get enough power on his forehand as sanju says, but I wonder if he was just getting used to how JMDP plays, after all it's been a long time and everyone's saying how he's improved?
I also thought how Rafa has the power to defeat JMDP at his own game, his forehand was amazing.

deuce , 3/18/13 8:10 AM

The most impressive of all is that EVERYONE was at IW................the 'GOAT', the so called 'King of Hardcourt' and the player supposed the be the 2nd best player on hardcourt.

Rafa's aura hardly left the locker room.

#Vamos Come Back Kid
#Rafa kool-aid drinker

nadline , 3/18/13 8:27 AM

Rafa from 3 1 down in 2nd set till end of match was a beauty to watch. As JMDP said, he was so powerful he kept JMDP at the baseline and dominated him with those forehands. His backhands had good depth too.

As per Rafa he decided to be calm and play and started playing well :-), which means he was very tight early on

sanju , 3/18/13 8:29 AM

Deuce: I think your point about Rafa waiting to get the feel of Delpo before fine tuning his strategy was spot on but it provided some heartstopping moments for his fans.

The difference between watching Rafa and watching Andy is that with the former he never gives up believing in the possibility he can win even when the odds are stacked against him. Whereas with Andy one can almost see the moment when his self-belief deserts him. It will be fascinating (but nervewracking) to see the next encounter between these two.

ed251137 , 3/18/13 8:36 AM

Rafa's on court interview r_embedded

nadline , 3/18/13 8:41 AM

GOAT stuff!
Oh and boring FO alert. Meh.

xrf , 3/18/13 8:48 AM

The match was definetely awesome. I had very hard times lately in the first and early in the second set as a Rafa fan. At some point I thought he is gonna lose this one. I agree with you all about his positioning far behind the baseline. When he manages to go inside the court he dominates the game. Maybe it is not that easy to do that against big servers, flat-hitters. Anyway, I couldn't be more happier, vamos Rafa the true champion...

arwen , 3/18/13 8:49 AM

I really enjoy listening to Rafa's analysis of his matches. He spoke with Brad Gilbert from espn after the match on court. He said that he thinks that he was trying to force things too much early in the match. I do think that he was trying to figure out the best way to play Delpo and that may have been why he reverted to his comfortable stance way behind the baseline.

Rafa revealed in that interview some of the thought process that goes on when he is playing a match. Actually, during the match Darren Cahill made the observation that Rafa was being more patient in the second and third sets and waiting for the right moment and opportunity. He also noted that Rafa had something like 12 forehand UE's in that first set, but in the second and/or third sets, he only had 1! He did play with more calm and tried to find Delpo's backhand.

Rafa was getting better court position in the second and third sets and dictated the points with that forehand. He also was very punishing physically, trying to get Delpo to run and work those legs.

I continue to be amazed by Rafa's ability to change his tactics mid-match if things aren't working. He is always thinking out there. I also love the way Rafa can impose his will on a match.

Nativenewyorker , 3/18/13 9:08 AM

"...Or, it will be the "big 4" still, only with DelPo there..." danica, 3/18/13 5:07 AM

Who do you think Delpo would replace from the big 4?

IMO, it would be Fed.

phoenix , 3/18/13 9:29 AM

Rafa came back and shut up all the people who doubt what an amazing tennis player he is. He doesn't just hit balls hard from side to side keeping the ball in play, he plays each point with precise strategy and like a poker player, his opponents cannot see his hand until they fall.

Far from twiddling his thumbs for 7 months out of the tour, he took lessons in golf, poker and acting and they have stood him in good stead. The way he explained his change of tactics against Delpo after going down a set and a break, is so impressive. It will confuse the locker room, when they hear that they don't only have to cope with is shots and spin they have to cope with his strategy as well.

#Greatest Come Back Kid of all time
#Rafa Kool-aid drinker
#Vamos Rafa

nadline , 3/18/13 10:10 AM

Brilliant is all i can say, simply magnificent. With this form im reminded of 2010, Rafa at his best is unstoppable irregardless of surface. I wish him good health and hopefully chase all Feds records and keep us loving the sport. He is young, sky is the limit, he put in good training and what a fantastic comeback he has made..... Vamosssssssss

tennismania , 3/18/13 10:15 AM

There is a great sense of euphoria today. Not just because Rafa won last night but because it was the proof we needed he is well and truly back with his extraordinary will to win intact. We can only guess at the mental torment he must have endured during those longdark months of rehabilitation wondering if he would ever again be able to compete at the top level.

There were a lot of players out there licking their lips at the juicy prospect of beating Rafa while he eased his way back into competition. I dont think anybody believed or even guessed he could storm back and lift a prestigous Masters trophy at his first outing on a hard court.

Bravo our Rafa.

ed251137 , 3/18/13 11:51 AM

When you place him alongside his peers, past and present, you find that the man who is now 17-1 on the season, his best ever start to a year,, you?ll find that he is top of the tree. Nadal has won 600 of his 723 matches at a win rate of .830, which puts him at No 1 in the all-time list, an incredible achievement. Whether he will remain there at the end of his career is another question, but for now he sits on top, looking down on Bjorn Borg (.827), Jimmy Connors and Ivan Lendl (.818) and Roger Federer and John McEnroe (.815).



Conspirator , 3/18/13 1:46 PM


"The rest of the audience could feel Rafa?s emotion. It was strong enough, as it usually is when he wins, to pull everyone into its childlike force field. But only his coaches, the men who had worked with him here and over the last three months to get him back into top-level playing shape so quickly, who tinkered with the strokes, fixed the footwork, and kept him believing in himself, could understand exactly what this win meant. After the months of lows, this was a well-deserved, and hard-earned, high moment."

(Ignored the Shaza write-up, her shrieking is beyond ridiculous and IMO is bullying gamesmanship. #WTAsFailure)


Conspirator , 3/18/13 1:53 PM

"We can only guess at the mental torment he must have endured during those longdark months of rehabilitation wondering if he would ever again be able to compete at the top level.".....@ ed251137

And the mental torment from considering the prospect of having to meet Rafa on the tennis court in this form, especially on clay, that is must now being experienced in the locker room!!!


Monalysa , 3/18/13 2:21 PM

After that match they are both going to need rehab.I won't be surprised if J.M.D.P withdraws for awhile.

stratocast51 , 3/18/13 2:39 PM

well deserved win for Nadal congratulations

tennis2011 , 3/18/13 2:41 PM

U r so right about difference between Rafa and Andy. In fact, as Andy watchers know, if his serve isn't clicking his whole game seems to go AWOl. Of course when it's "on" he is formidable. However, Andy will never be Mars, he will always be Mercury.
It was interesting yesterday, usually when I watch Rafa he is playing Andy and I am a nervous wreck. Yesterday, although I really wanted Raf to win, I was a little more objective and more appreciative and I thought Rafa's game was thrilling.

deuce , 3/18/13 2:43 PM

I love all the quotes from other players about how pleased they are he is back, blah blah.......

Talk about speaking with forked tongues.

ed251137 , 3/18/13 2:46 PM

Delpo will be back, stronger than ever. He's going to have a great year!

Glad he was able to go through a tourney like this. It will do wonders for his confidence moving forward knowing that he can and deserves to be in the same bracket as the big 4.

Congrats to Nadal fans.

aegis , 3/18/13 3:33 PM

Last year, Rafa took February off, this year Andy took February off, but Rafa three footed him by playing in Feb. Watch Andy take 7 months off after Wimbledon to return triumphant next year. Lol

nadline , 3/18/13 3:39 PM

it's been said on another thread but Rafa's limping at the end of the ceremony looked worrying. He's definitely going to skip Miami

Shireling , 3/18/13 3:44 PM

Shireling, 3/18/13 3:44 PM

Listen to Rafa between 2:42 - 3:01 ( he explains skipping Miami): bedded

I don't think Rafa's was limping. It just seemed to somebody, see this video between 7:30 - 7:34:

Augustina08 , 3/18/13 4:50 PM

Thx Augustina08, yes in that video you do not see him limping. It was at some other point, weird. Maybe he just got a cramp or post-match soreness....did you notice the way he was leaning on the trophy for some photos? I think he was in pain even there

Shireling , 3/18/13 8:12 PM

Toni said Rafa is going to the docs to check his knee and its progress

NNY; Please keep us posted

sanju , 3/18/13 8:37 PM


I was checking out vb and read Uncle Toni's comment about Rafa going to his doctor to have the knee evaluated. They are also discussing the limping during the trophy ceremony. I watched my recording of the trophy ceremony today and Rafa was limping after he went over to shake hands with Charlie Pasarell. He just seemed to be walking awkwardly. He did lean on the trophy when the confetti was raining down on him, but he was smiling. Then he walked over to his chair and just seemed to be a big stiff.

I am not going to get into a panic about it. I am sure that Rafa would have some soreness in the knee. He said that they want to strengthen the quadriceps muscle in that leg. I am sure that his doctors will do a thorough evaluation and also have him do rehab to work on strengthening the leg. He will now have time to rest.

I will keep checking in at vb because they know the Spanish web sites and can get information very easily.

Nativenewyorker , 3/18/13 8:56 PM

Sorry I meant to say that Rafa seemed to be a BIT stiff!

Nativenewyorker , 3/18/13 8:57 PM

The leaning on the trophy is a pose Sharapova did as well - see the picture on #.UUd4INdFDIU

nadline , 3/18/13 9:26 PM

NNY: It's hardly surprising he was walking stiffly. He'd just gone three sets against Delpo after a seven month lay-off. On top of that he may well have suffered some bruising when he threw himself to the ground at the end of the match! He went down with quite a thump.

As he said, when talking to Brad Gilbert, he had never expected to be playing so many matches so soon after his return. Thank goodness he is listening to his team and the doctors and not pushing his luck by playing Miami.

ed251137 , 3/18/13 10:37 PM


I agree with you. I did not find it surprising. I also wondered if he bruised the knee when he jumped into the stands to hug his team. Now that you mention how he threw himself to the ground at the end of the match, that could have done it. In the excitement of winning and the adrenaline still pumping, Rafa would not be feeling any pain at all!

I am pleased that he is listening to his team and the doctors and not playing Miami. They will check him out thoroughly and do whatever is necessary to make sure that he is healthy and ready for the clay court season.

I am not worried about that limping and stiffness. I think Rafa will be fine. He's in good hands! And not pushing himself to play too much!

Nativenewyorker , 3/18/13 10:56 PM

Oh God Rafa, dont do this to us. Barely were we rejoicing your fantatic comeback , we now have to worry about your limping (:-

Anyways last year Rafa was in worse shape during Miami, he took a 3 week break and came back to give us a fantastic clay season. Lets keep the faith, he has 3 weeks off.

NNY : Please keep us posted. I think hes bound to do a check with the docs, his docs werent accompanying him for 5 weeks all over, so its logical he goes and does a check on the tendons etc as to how they have reacted to 19 matches of playing and many 3 setters at that (I bet he has played around 5 three setters in these 19 matches ). Also 19 matches were played one after the other with very little break in between, he played 4 tourneys in period of 6 weeks.

sanju , 3/19/13 5:54 AM


This is for you. I was on vb and forum member piliii posted a tweet from someone who said that Rafa gave an interview to the radio show - Partido de los 12. Here are some key comments he made about the knee.

cami_melescanu @Rafasgirlalways Rafa said he will sign a paper if he could feel all year from now on like he felt in the last 2 weeks @partidodelas12

@cami_melescanu @babblingbrat Yes! He said that the knee gets stiff/sore after the matches, especially after the difficult ones like on Sunday

?@cami_melescanu Thank you, Rafa, for explaining in the interview in @partidodelas12 that was just a normal reaction for the knee after the difficult match!

That should set our minds at ease for now!

Nativenewyorker , 3/19/13 9:05 AM

the fact of the matter is that Nadal's future achievements depend on the condition of his knees. And this is very scary for us fans. For him much more, of course, but at least he knows what he's feeling...
I think that with his conidition (cronic) he has given a radical turn to his season planning.
This knee thing is like... say, the sun.. scientits tell us that it will go on burning for millions of years to come but it could explode tomorrow ..... who knows?
Hopefully everything will be fine and he'll give us many other moments of happiness :D

Shireling , 3/19/13 9:46 AM

Thanks NNY, well take it as soreness for now and put it to rest :-)

sanju , 3/19/13 10:08 AM

I think the key is to manage his schedule well. As I said before, the tendon should be healed by now after seven months of rehab, if not why come back so soon, or why waste time waiting for it to heal? Rafa said he needs to strengthen the quadriceps muscles further so I think it's an on going process and feeling pain and soreness now and then is to be expected.

As long as Rafa takes good care of his knee(s), doesn't overplay, has plenty of rest between tournaments, and carry on with his PRP treatments if necessary, I think he should be fine for the next few years. It'll also help that he shortens the points, be more aggressive and cuts down on long rallies if possible, also improving all aspects of his game will certainly help, especially his serves and ROSs.

luckystar , 3/19/13 10:16 AM

yes, I agree completely luckystar.
He's ok now as far as his serve is concerned. He's never going to be a consistent ace machine but he now has the ability to get himself out of trouble with a good first serve. If anything he needs a bit of work still with his 2nd serve but maybe it's asking too much.
His ROS are awful sometimes because of standing so far back. This he definitely needs to improve if he wants to save himself a lot of running (which he does)

Shireling , 3/19/13 11:03 AM

Congrats RAFA.

Peter Bodo : "Nadal?s glory also dims the luster of many of his ATP cohorts. Just how good are these other guys in this so called ?golden age? if Nadal can come back from a seven-month layoff, ostensibly with his very future in doubt"

sabs , 3/19/13 12:10 PM

^^It will get harder, trust me.
Oh wait it was more difficult when Roddick was the main competition right?
This Peter Bodo chap is thoroughly deserving of his tennis guru status isn't he?

Twinge , 3/19/13 1:04 PM

Rafa shows that when 100% fit the others are just by-standers.

I dug up some breaking news to support those who say Rafa has been playing secretly during his 7 month absence. He actually several tournaments where the field included the following:

Antonio Banderas
Enrique Iglesias
Christiano Ronaldo
Uncle Toni
Larry Ellison &
Ricky Dimon

nadline , 3/19/13 1:21 PM

I'd go see a tournament that included Casillas and Ramos!! :)

cherylmurray , 3/19/13 2:10 PM

^^Antonio Banderas is already a tennis player in another guise ;)

Twinge , 3/19/13 2:14 PM

luckystar, 3/19/13 10:16 AM
---the tendon should be healed by now after seven months of rehab---

Rafa has been told his tendon was totally healed. See the beginning of this video (Rafa was interviewed in Vina del Mar):
Justin Gimelstob Interviews Rafael Nadal Part 2 | Star Games TV

Augustina08 , 3/19/13 2:21 PM

congrats to rafa and his fans

you played outstanding tennis after one set deficit, you are mentally very strong
really it is unbelievable some one who is out of court almost 8 months off from court.
Your really competitor is No-1. djokovic , hope to see your match in this year F.O Final.
Thanks for your show. also congrats to delpo
Rafa is really beyond expectations.

anji123 , 3/19/13 3:13 PM

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