• Spain out of 2013 Davis Cup at hands of Canada

    2/4/13 2:17 AM | Cheryl Murray
    Spain out of 2013 Davis Cup at hands of Canada The top-ranked Spanish squad is out of Davis Cup this year, after Milos Raonic and the Canadians took a 3-1 lead after Sunday's first singles rubber.

    The official score reads 3-2 for the Canadians, but Milos Raonic and company had the win at 3-1 after Raonic defeated Guillermo Garcia-Lopez 6-3, 6-4, 6-2. The loss, though considered an upset, is not completely unexpected. Spain didn't have any of its top players front up for the tie, with Rafael Nadal, David Ferrer and Nicolas Almagro all absent.

    Raonic, as expected, served well as team anchor, winning both of his rubbers. But it was the Friday performance of Frank Dancevic that propelled the Canadians to the win. The world No. 166 put in a brilliant performance against Marcel Granollers, defeating Spain's top participating player 6-1, 6-2, 6-2.

    Canada's win sends them into a second round encounter against Italy, who defeated the Croats this weekend.

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thanks cheryl for reminding us rafa didn't play. had he played canucks wouldn't have stood a tiniest chance.


rfzr , 2/4/13 6:21 AM

What surprizes me is that the team have excluded other top Spanish players eg Verdasco and Feli Lopez etc Where were they ?

sals3 , 2/4/13 1:15 PM

I guess the 'B' team isn't that strong after all. I'm sure Nadal is relieved that he won't be asked to play next round. Same with Fed I might add.

chr18 , 2/4/13 1:40 PM


You're next Italia!!!


Conspirator , 2/4/13 2:29 PM

Corretja has been sacked as DC captain.

It's not his fault if he could only field his 3rd dvivsion players.

nadline , 2/4/13 6:08 PM

^^^ He's being sacked? Are you serious?

Yeah, not his fault if players didnt want to play the DC. Rafa was excused because he's not match fit; Ferrer I think he's being playing nonstop since Abu Dhabi so he opted out. I don't
know about Almagro, Feli and Verdasco. Were they approached but turned down?

luckystar , 2/4/13 6:17 PM

Maybe some of top players didn't respect him? Rafa was injured of course but it was very strange that so many others were not present. Ferru, Verdasco, Feli. I heard Almagro was planning on playing but was injured. Maybe Feli was still carrying a grudge from being passed over in favour of Nico in the finals last year. Perhaps some of the other players also felt this way.

Conspirator , 2/4/13 6:25 PM

Here's confirmation from MARCA that Alex won't be continuing: 6

As for the top Spaniards, I remember Rafa, Feli, and Ferru saying much earlier than this that they wouldn't be playing this year. (Doesn't anyone else remember?) I don't really know about FeVer ... after that outburst at Nice I've found it hard to follow him.

mara002 , 2/4/13 7:23 PM

Rafa is well enough to play in Chile this week, but not well enough to play on weekend and now Spain has to fight to stay in World Group later this year.

CindiT , 2/5/13 3:27 AM

My guess is that they planned the team membership a while back when Rafa's return date was not certain. Also in order to compete in South America and at his first tournament at that he needed to be there for at least a few days of training first. Very far from Canada. It was only recently that it became a sure thing Rafa was going to compete at Vina del Mar.

chlorostoma , 2/5/13 4:20 AM

Cindi T sounds totally delusional. Must be anti- Rafa Fed fan . No point in presenting any facts and arguments to Illogicals. A sheer waste of time.

holdserve , 2/5/13 5:04 AM

Please note that playing at the DC was representing the country. How could Rafa represent his country when he's not even match fit? I bet if he really played at the DC and lost, this Cindi T would come here and said how selfish Rafa was, for playing DC when he's not match fit and depriving his country of a chance to win a rubber at the DC tie.

Rafa playing at Chile is representing himself, not for his country, so win or lose, it's his own problem, not Spain's; such a simple logic yet we have someone questioning that!

luckystar , 2/5/13 7:08 AM

Rafa normally does not move out of Spain for Davis cup maches. This was done in Canada and naturally, he cannot be expected to participate - even if he was fit and healthy.

velliat53 , 2/5/13 7:42 AM

^^^ Not true. He went to Germany, he went to Belgium for DC ties. He normally won't go for the DC ties right after Wimbledon, and that's why he missed that tie against France or USA one year. He was injured in 2008 hence missed the final at Argentina; injured in 2009 so missed the tie after the USO that year.

luckystar , 2/5/13 7:56 AM

CindiT, do you know for a fact that Rafa was asked? You have to be selected to play DC and I'm sure Alex Corretja would have known better than to ask a player who has been out of the game with injury for 7 months, to take part in a best of 5 DC competition.

Even now, Rafa is not fully recovered, he still has tapes on his left knee because he is still being treated. He has to gently ease his way into competition, not by diving straight onto indoor hardcourts in 5 setters, but on clay which is least damaging to his knees.

nadline , 2/5/13 10:20 AM

In light of some of the comments about RaFa not participating in DC, I wanted to post this link to an article explaining the injury and recovery process for Rafa. I posted it on another topic thread, but I think the facts and information in that article are important in understanding why it has taken so long and what is involved in getting back to competition.

Also, Uncle Toni has confirmed that the tape on Rafa's knee is just part of the recover process. It has nothing to do with pain or anything negative.

Nativenewyorker , 2/5/13 10:32 AM

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