• Nadal follows Federer in ditching IMG

    2/1/13 2:28 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Nadal follows Federer in ditching IMG Team Nadal has taken another page from the Roger Federer playbook, with the fifth-ranked Spaniard leaving the IMG agency six months after his Swiss rival did the same.

    The Spaniard is setting up an in-house company to market and manage himself and his multi-million-dollar fortune.

    As Federer did with uber-agent Tony Godsick, Nadal will do with his mate, former Top 10 player Carlos Costa who has served as his manager for some years. While the ex-racquet wielder might not have quite the shark-like commercial smarts of Godsick, Nadal, his uncle-coach Toni and the rest of his family seem to approve the new arrangement.

    Costa had also worked with IMG before parting and taking Nadal with him. The advantage of the new set-up is easy: no painful commissions to pay on future commercial deals still to be negotiated. The new Nadal company comprises Costa and Nadal's father Sebastian.

    Nadal will begin his comeback to tennis after seven months out with a knee injury followed by a stomach virus as he plays in three Latin ATP events this month, in Chile, Brazil and Mexico.

    Tennis commentators are already making their predictions about his ability to bounce back after so long out of the mix. "I don't think he necessarily needs time to be Nadal, but I think he needs some time for the other players to think of him as the old Nadal, because I think players lose a lot of respect: not respect for him as a person, but respect for his level," Mats Wilander told dpa.

    Wilander, who won the French Open three times, even ventures that Nada will be an outsider at the French Open this years due to his lack of playing time. "This is the year of Novak and Andy's chance to win the French, and Roger's already won it, but it's obviously his chance too."

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Wilander's opinions are worthless, he should keep them to himself.

nadline , 2/1/13 3:59 PM

^^Nadal copying Roger again!!!!!
huh typical!
These copycat tennis players should really be more original, eh Nagline?

Twinge , 2/1/13 4:05 PM

Poor Mats. Love his commentary when Rafa plays Fed. Always starts with how The Maestro has figured out how to beat Rafa, different this time, blah blah blah. Then it becomes Roger needs to do this and Roger needs to do that and in the end Nadal wins.

He's a lot like Lindt-All.


Conspirator , 2/1/13 4:06 PM

Roger and Rafa decided to leave IMG, but as usual, the polite Rafa says, you first, Roger.

No one does it like Andy 'copycat' Murray.

Yes, Conspirator, I have watched the AO SF between Rafa and Roger many times just to laugh at Wilander and Chris Bradnam crawling back under their stones.

nadline , 2/1/13 4:42 PM

FO 2011 final was a good case also.

PMac is just as bad. Haha.

Conspirator , 2/1/13 5:22 PM


PMac drives me crazy when he is commenting on a Rafa/Fed match! First, there is the obvious hero worship, but then when Rafa gets the best of Fed yet again, there is the petty carping and why doesn't Fed do this, why doesn't he do that. It's like PMac takes it personally when Rafa dares to once again defeat Fed in a match. He should be used to it by now!

Nativenewyorker , 2/1/13 8:01 PM

not related.
Do you think that only Roger and Nadal resigned?


tennisnba , 2/1/13 10:12 PM

Such a thing becomes a report why at any rate.
who care.

tennisnba , 2/2/13 11:08 AM

The picture above was Rafa consoling Federer after roger said "It's killing me" and the announcer told him to "Settle down".

Conspirator , 2/2/13 1:32 PM

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