• Pre-match Tomic hype nothing special for Federer

    1/18/13 4:59 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Pre-match Tomic hype nothing special for Federer Roger Federer is watching the local excitement build for his third-round needle match at the Australian Open against Bernard Tomic.

    The 20-year-old challenger is the talk of the tennis-starved public after winning his first career title last weekend in Sydney and coming into his meeting with the Swiss with a 10-0 record in 2013.

    But as a 17-time Grand Slam champion and arguably the best to ever play the game, Federer has lived through countless days of hype many times. His solution: just ignore it.

    "I don't read the press, so it doesn't affect me. I don't know if he's going to wake up and first thing in the morning, and go to the coffee shop and read the paper.

    "I used to be like that when I was a lot younger, and I stopped doing it a long time ago. It has a big effect on you if you care what people write about you and think of you. I think it's important to be confident to a degree, you know. It seems he has that.

    "Now obviously we both have to live up to a big match, big hype, and then we can talk about it afterwards. Right now I'm still at the beginning of the season. He's obviously played a bit more. So he knows more so where he is with his game. So it's an interesting matchup right now I think for both of us."

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Grrrr. It's not TomiCK, it's TomiCH like Djokovic, Cilic, Ivanovic, Raonic and so on.

danica , 1/19/13 9:06 AM

Tomic on Roger Federer: Will be interesting if we meet

Bernard Tomic, who has reached his first ATP final in Sydney, is in Roger Federer's section of the Australian Open draw. Should the 20-year-old and Federer both reach the third round of the Australian Open,

"That third round meet is huge, but the tennis I?ve been playing now, if I can win tomorrow, it?s different approaching the Australian Open." Tomic said.

It?s different, especially beating the No. 1 in the world [Novak Djokovic] last week and coming in so confident.

If I can get that one more match under my belt and have eight matches, it?s a different feeling. I?ll give myself the best chance to play well in the early rounds. If I get to Roger, it?s going to be an interesting match." ll -be-interesti ng-if-we-meet/45954/

tennisnba , 1/19/13 9:29 AM

Sorry, it's not match related but what were they thinking at Nike to dress Roger in pink?! He is like neon glow! :))

danica , 1/19/13 9:43 AM

Interesting match, Tomic obviously improved from last year, playing very well now. Good serving too! But it's still so hard to break Fed's serve.

luckystar , 1/19/13 10:23 AM

One things has been confirmed from this ongoing battle, Tomic is mentally the toughest among the young lot ! I am really impressed by his ability to stay clam,focused and save all those break points . However, he is not able to make any cracks on the federer serve so federer is the big favorite to win the T.B which has just begun. BUt you never know in the tie breaks..

vamosrafa , 1/19/13 10:30 AM

wohh, what a running forehand passing shots from Tomic and he got unlucky with that cross court forehand clipping the net. Oh my, very quickly it is 4-1 tomic !

vamosrafa , 1/19/13 10:33 AM

So federer wins 4 points on the trot to win the tie break 7-5 after being down 3-5. Tomic's serve has to be one the most if not the most improved serves on the tour ! About federer, he still moves like a tiger ! superb movement...he clearly has the upper hand there

vamosrafa , 1/19/13 10:40 AM

Atomic holding his own but Fed victory seems inevitable. Atom just doesn't move well enough to take on the big boys.
Agree vamosrafa, like his calm under pressure. He seems so different on court from off.
BTW I like Fed's mauve outfit. Seems very calm and understated to me :)

deuce , 1/19/13 10:42 AM

Great mach!Fed is prety poor at defence and very suprisingly cant turnaround any game where he defends.Can barely make some magic shot in the end and win the point.

anatolijs , 1/19/13 10:42 AM

..but Tomic still lost the tiebreak. I don't think he's the toughest mentally, I think it's Raonic. Tomic seems to adopt the play of Berdych or Delpo, trying to hit Fed off the court. He almost got the second set. These group of youngsters make me appreciate the trio of Rafa/Nole/Murray even more now!

luckystar , 1/19/13 10:44 AM

It's surprising how people were downplaying it all, the kid plays well.
And Roger has poor defence anyway.

xrf , 1/19/13 10:47 AM

Come to think of it, Berdych and Gasquet too, for beating a Fed in his prime in 2004 and 2005 respectively when they're still in their teens.

luckystar , 1/19/13 10:48 AM

Is the match being telecast live
.................I can't watch it on StarSports

hrsikesa , 1/19/13 10:55 AM

The kid plays well to make Fed does all the scrambling around and defending but he's just not good enough to break Fed's serves or take advantage of the lead he has in the tiebreak. Don't think anyone expects him to win but winning one set seems a reasonable expectation especially when he's 4-1 up in the tie break. Is 3-0 now in the third set, so I think Fed will be meeting Raonic, another young gun, next.

luckystar , 1/19/13 10:58 AM

Wow! what a game from both players ! Tomic must be feeling that even though he himself is 'unstoppable' , roger is clearly a level above him.

Umm no, i think Tomic is tougher mentally than Raonic. Raonic relies way too much on his first serve to save break points etc, Tomic has played amazing groundies today to save tons of break points...

I agree with luckystar's point about Tomic's strategy to try to hit fed off the court. THe only difference is that Tomic can have variations in pace unlike berdy. His forehand can generate so much easy power, it just explodes suddenly. Fed has exposed Tomic's vulnerable movement and ROS, he shud work on these two aspects.

And no , roger does not have poor defence ! Fed has won some very crucial points by defending very well. The point at 3-5 is an example. Looks like its going to be a 6-2 type set now..

vamosrafa , 1/19/13 10:58 AM

Interestingly, Tomic has barely employed the backhand slices today..perhaps he learnt the lesson from last year that federer deals with his slices comfortably. Good to see the change in tactics although I do think he should have used the slices a little bit more.

I agree with Luckystar that the kid shud have won set 2.Anyhow, it was not like Tomic threw it away, fed played very well too

vamosrafa , 1/19/13 11:03 AM

So this defeat would teach Tomic a lesson: stop talking big when he hasn't even produced the results yet. The likes of Rafa/Nole/Murray are all respectful of Fed, perhaps Tomic could learn something from them.

luckystar , 1/19/13 11:09 AM

True, he talks way too much ! There is so much learn out there.He still has a long way to go before he can think of challenging the big guys but I do think Tomic is on the right track. On a side note, I still think that Tomic's style of play can enable him to really trouble djokovic but winning a match from djokovic in a slam looks barely possible for him at the moment.

vamosrafa , 1/19/13 11:23 AM

I'm really glad Roger shut Tomic's big mouth.The best moment was when Roger started a come back from 3-5 down in tiebreak by winning the longest rally of the match.Tomic thought he had set in the bag but NOT SO FAST!

Ice , 1/19/13 11:50 AM

Out of curiosity vamosrafa, why do you think Tomic would challenge Nole in future?

I see Tomic has added in some aggression into his game, I used to think that he relied heavily on his slices and off pace hitting but now he seems to have a really solid forehand and big serves too. His backhand and forehand DTL shots are good too though needs to hit with more precision. He plays like a Murray to some extent, of course not as quick as Murray around the court.

What do you think about Berankis? I think he has a solid forehand and his backhand DTL shots are impressive. Oh his ROS is not bad too, taking advantage of Murray's weaker second serves. He really steps inside the court to return the second serves. I feel that he plays like a Nole; a miniature Nole given his 1.75 m height.

luckystar , 1/19/13 1:04 PM

Tomic despatched as expected by pretty much everyone except himself.

tsonga firing and now looking to pose much more of a problem than this guy for roger.

alex , 1/19/13 1:24 PM

Federer played reasonably well. The difference between the 2 men(imo) was Federer's first serve. He was consistently cruising through all of his service games, whereas tomic had to consistently struggle to hold serve, and in the third set he collapsed mentally due to all of that cumulative pressure. Federer should be able to beat raonic and tsonga, as they both have awful return games.

tj600 , 1/19/13 1:35 PM

It appears that Fed was ready for Tomic. I don't think Tomic is anywhere near ready to challenge the top guys. Lots more work to do before that can happen.

I really agree with lucky and vamosrafa about the talking. Tomic needs to learn to just shut up when he will be facing any of the top four. You never hear Rafa, Murray or Nole disparaging Fed. In fact, these top guys are always mindful to give all due respect to each other. All that talking does is get your opponent more motivated. It's just not a smart thing. Tomic needs to go out there and let his game do the talking.

Tomic needs to lose the arrogance. He should believe in himself, but the whole world doesn't need to hear about it. He is giving his opponents ammunition.

Nativenewyorker , 1/19/13 6:22 PM

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