• Murray puts bulkier appearance down to his muscle shirt

    1/17/13 12:18 AM | Johan Lindahl
    Murray puts bulkier appearance down to his muscle shirt Andy Murray says it's a tight muscle shirt and not any weight gain in his torso which is giving him the illusion of having packed on a few kilograms as he plays at the Australian Open.

    The British third seed is looking noticeably ripped these days with a bigger body. But after queries as to whether his torso has expanded, the US Open winner blamed his clothing for creating the illusion that he might have abandoned the strict training table which has brought him into the tennis elite in recent seasons.

    "Most of the weight that I put on is in my legs, but the T shirt I'm wearing is tighter," Murray said after reaching the second round. "It's not that I'm any bigger in my upper body. It's just because of the tightness of the T shirt, maybe it appears that way."

    Murray did not deny that achieving top fitness has been a major key in his training, adding that he's not afraid of the predicted 37 Celsius heat which is expected to mark his second-round encounter against Portugal's Joao Sousa.

    "You train hard and prepare the best you can and then see where it takes you when you get into the tough situations, the hard conditions. Especially here, it can be extremely hot, which it probably will be on Thursday. Then throughout the year you make adjustments based on how you're feeling."

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People are questioning his physique? It's easy. Ask Lance Armstrong's doc.

pennster , 1/17/13 3:23 AM

^^^^ arsehole

Conspirator , 1/17/13 3:50 AM

pennster the RACIST!!!

I see your comments have been deleted yet again!

Conspirator , 1/17/13 3:58 AM

He really is a witless cretin.

racquet , 1/17/13 5:50 AM

Why am I a racist? Do you know the definition?

pennster , 1/17/13 5:58 AM

Poor Racky, anyone who disagrees with her is inevitably called a cretin

pennster , 1/17/13 6:01 AM

I thought comments alleging drug use ie pennster @ 3.23am, were always deleted?

deuce , 1/17/13 6:16 AM

No, there first needs to be a dialogue in order to agree/disagree. You're a cretin for implying Andy dopes (which I thought wasn't tolerated on this site). You're witless because you spend half your life posting denigrating remarks about him around the internet (e.g. oregon live blog, here, etc) instead of supporting a player you like. Get a life honey.

racquet , 1/17/13 6:20 AM

Lol. Someone once promised to do a blog entry on doping and I'm still waiting. Seems like we're comfortable with the illusion that it is a non-issue.

samprallica , 1/17/13 6:30 AM

No one wants to write a blog on doping because then they would have to admit that use of blood doping and HGH is rampant, much more than steroid. Way back in 1999, Courier and other players bemoaned the fact that there were no tests for blood doping and HGH. However now the cycling union has a rigorous testing regime for blood doping but sadly enough ITF is not interested. Why?
How come posters like samprallica make no accusations?
It is much better dear samprallica to pretend steroids are the drugs most in use rather than face the truth about the drugs actually most in use because that would raise inconvenient questions about certain stars.

holdserve , 1/17/13 7:18 AM

I never made a specific mention of a drug now did I? Sure, you look at the physiques of certain players and you can tell what kind of drug they may be on if at all they are. Speaking of which, Federer's physique is the only really poor one (relatively speaking) in the top 10; but I consider everyone just as likely to be using drugs given that the ITF allows that much space of it to happen.

BTW, there have been notable cases of tennis players testing positive for nadrolone which is a steroid. Korda, Rusedski come to mind. Shame really, Korda did cost Sampras a couple of slams during that period.

samprallica , 1/17/13 11:46 AM

Federer's physique isn't poor even relatively speaking. You want to look at Delpo? Or even Gasquet? Fed has broad shoulders, muscular right arm, strong legs and broad chest. The only thing that's poor looking is his left arm. He's never in poor physique in my eyes. Delpo on the other hand, yes. Likewise for Cilic (who's not in the top ten).

luckystar , 1/17/13 1:13 PM

Watching Kvitova vs Robson and Kvitova screams like a goddamn alien every time she wins a point.

willmw101 , 1/17/13 1:48 PM

pennster, 1/17/13 5:58 AM

One only needs to look at your posts that were deleted on this thread.


Conspirator , 1/17/13 1:51 PM

pennster the racist. Cant believe what you wrote that has now been deleted. So hateful.

willmw101 , 1/17/13 2:33 PM

samprallica says that Fed's physique is poor. That shows the delusional nature of this poster. He has impressive shoulder and back muscles and his legs too are muscular. But why did samprallica mention physique. What she meant was that she doesn't think he is doping because he has a poor physique. In other words samprallica claims that anyone who dopes has an impressive physique. That is true if doping is only with muscle building steroids.
But such steroids are not the drugs most in use. As I pointed out, it is blood doping and HGH which are most in use and neither of these result in impressive physiques (read muscles).
Blood doping results in greater stamina and we know how important stamina is.
Fed had all the tools in 2001 to win a slam and beat Sampras but he did not have the stamina to go deep in Wimbledon. He improved his stamina by 2003, so much so that often when he plays matches he hardly seems to breathe. So Fed cannot be above suspicion. Every one of the top players is suspect and could be blood doping and using HGH. What I object to is haters like samprallica trying to slyly insinuate that Fed is clean and Rafa is not by implying that only muscle bound players are doping.
ITF 's tests for blood doping lack the required rigor and they have no tests for HGH.
HGH is likely to be used by aging stars to make up for fall in naturally produced HGH.
Any player above 30 who shows remarkable performance is not above suspicion.

holdserve , 1/17/13 2:42 PM

Lance Amstrong had a "poor' physique all those years................................and so one would think he was not doping?

Monalysa , 1/17/13 3:08 PM

Fedbotic arguments always grasping for simple excuses, explanations, rationalizations selectively twisting views to suit their opinions.

It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts. -Sherlock Holmes


Conspirator , 1/17/13 4:26 PM

I thought comments alleging drug use ie pennster @ 3.23am, were always deleted?

Dunce, you would like that wouldn't you? Stifle free speech. Where do you live, Cuba?

pennster , 1/17/13 5:10 PM

pennster, I thought your account would have been deleted after those RACIST remarks.

At least they were removed!!!

Conspirator , 1/17/13 5:16 PM

Oh just ban this pennster thing anyway & put him out of his misery. His posts are a brain rot & he seems only to exist to hate Andy Murray. Its all so lame.
Honestly it would be the kind thing to do :)

Twinge , 1/17/13 5:25 PM

Painster can't help being stupid - he inherited what he inherited.

I blame the likes of Steve Tignor as the source of comments like this. He drip fed this latest insinuation in his typically subtle anti-muzz way a few days back by basically writing, "In case anyone's accussing murray of drugs, I'm not," when actually no one had been accusing muzz of anything. Then the monkeys get the idea in their heads and ... damage done.
Well now that muzz has finally achieved his first slam, I suppose they've got to find other ways to attack him.

alex , 1/17/13 5:36 PM


Join the club! Rafa fans have been dealing with this garbage for years. That doesn't in any way make it right or excuse those who are questioning Andy's fitness and physique. It's never okay, especially when you don't have facts to back it up.

I am surprised about Tignor. I would think he was above this kind of thing. However, I am not willing to blame the trolls and nutcases on anything said by Tignor, Bodo or any other sports blogger. These crazies will come out no matter what. Unfortunately.

Nativenewyorker , 1/17/13 5:50 PM

If I don't like Murray that's one thing, but I have never said a racist thing about Murray or anyone else. Prove it.

pennster , 1/17/13 5:54 PM

I'll be racist if you won't be pennster,
You are a vile pinched faced little pennster & your species should be wiped off the earth post haste!
But before you are liquidated, i would hope that you could finally lose your viriginity as that clearly is a problem for you.

Twinge , 1/17/13 6:01 PM

^^See how kind i can be :)

Twinge , 1/17/13 6:02 PM

pennster, 1/17/13 5:54 PM

If the moderators didn't have the common decency to delete your racism, it would be easy to prove but I'm glad it's gone.


Conspirator , 1/17/13 6:15 PM

Johan - you're gonna have to delete painster from this site before he gets exterminated. lol!
NNY - I didn't feel the piece was so much cynical as unhelpful from a guy who doesn't particularly want to help muzz, if you see what I mean. You might take a different angle on it though ...

Tignor wrote (Tuesday):

"Muzz himself was defensive on the subject. 'Most of the weight I put on is in my legs, but the T-shirt I?m wearing is tighter,' he said yesterday. 'It?s not that I?m any bigger in the upper body.'

"Why would Murray insist that what we see is just an optical illusion? Shouldn?t he be happy to look fit? I can only imagine that it?s the specter of steroids that hangs over every athlete. Which is too bad. By all accounts, Murray has always, even at 15 years old, been dedicated to his job and everything that comes with it."

alex , 1/17/13 6:20 PM

"samprallica says that Fed's physique is poor. That shows the delusional nature of this poster. He has impressive shoulder and back muscles and his legs too are muscular. But why did samprallica mention physique. What she meant was that she doesn't think he is doping because he has a poor physique. In other words samprallica claims that anyone who dopes has an impressive physique. That is true if doping is only with muscle building steroids.
But such steroids are not the drugs most in use. As I pointed out, it is blood doping and HGH which are most in use and neither of these result in impressive physiques (read muscles)."

Federer is quite poor compared to everyone else currently in the top 5, generally amongst whom the big tournaments are shared. I dont even really like Federer, but I merely stated an observation.

Armstrong had a rather good physique IMO, a bit like Nole today. Anyway, I have stated repeatedly that I think they are all in it if it is happening at all. What I don't understand is how no comments have been directed at the ITF for not making the testing more stringent and for repeatedly being in denial. That's right, attack the messenger and everything will be alright.

I am happy the top 3 called for more dope testing last year but talk is cheap when you have PR agents. Speaking of which, Rafa needs a better PR agent.

samprallica , 1/18/13 2:29 AM

This samprallica is delusional. What does she mean by saying we should direct comments to ITF? Why can't she send her delusional comments to ITF instead of spewing her poison here. Why should she bring her message here? Only to vent her hatred of Rafa. No other purpose is served.
And samprallica claims Federer's physique is poor among top 4. The most delusional comment here. I respect scoretracker more. At least he admits he is a Fed fan. samprallica is clearly a Fed fan but falsely claims she is not.
Of the top 4, Nadal is the least likely to be doping. But the hate of the Fed fans makes them constantly single him out.

holdserve , 1/18/13 4:06 AM

alex , 1/17/13 6:20 PM

Thanks for posting that excerpt from Tignor. I do agree that it was unhelpful. Maybe that is a better word. I just don't know why it even deserves being mentioned. Sometimes these sports bloggers seem to want to make something out of nothing. This parsing of sentences can get a bit ridiculous.

Nativenewyorker , 1/18/13 4:15 AM

Samprallica is a he, not a she.

All these smearing of Rafa's reputation is done by fans of those players who couldn't beat Rafa when he's at his peak form. They always question his physique but Rafa is already that muscular since he's sixteen. If he's on something by now it's a good ten years, don't you think all the side effects would manifest itself by now? He's his parents only precious son, and they're a wealthy family. Would they allow any harmful effects of drugs affecting the life of their precious son, when they don't even need him to bring back the dough for the family? Now there're others who get muscular very quickly, or have improved their stamina within a short span, are we to question them all? And what about those who are past 30 but either still as fit as ever or managed to come back from injuries or a slump and moving up the rankings rather quickly?? Are we to question them too?

If we want to be suspicious, but without any proof or evident, then we have to suspect all of them and especially all the top ten or twenty players.

luckystar , 1/18/13 4:29 AM

I had lost respect for Tignor from January of last year. Something is wrong with him. I think he is a Fed fan. That accounts for his venom and delusions.

holdserve , 1/18/13 4:31 AM

I think lucky makes some good points in her post @ 4:29 AM. It's not like Rafa is the only player with a muscular physique. What about Monfils? His biceps are bigger than Rafa's. If you look at Rafa's Uncle Miguel Angel, he is also a muscular man. The Nadal men are all built that way.

I well remember some here questioning Nole's excellent form and his winning streak in 2011. Remember everyone? The pod man comments? Many felt that Nole had to be doing something to get those results. God forbid it could come from hard work, practice, better fitness, the change in his diet, a sports psychologist. He always had the natural talent, but he took the necessary steps to raise his game and get stronger.

If we wanted to point fingers, then it's everyone or no one. But all too often it's directed at Rafa. I will also never forget when a blogger on tennis-x declared on the eve of the 2010 USO final, that Rafa got that big serve by doping. He had zero proof, not one iota of fact or substantive, credible information. However, this person stood by his accusation that Rafa could not have gotten this big serve in such a short amount of time.

The stupidity of that argument was obvious to me and others at the time. Why would it only affect one part of Rafa's game, his serve? Why wouldn't it make him the energizer bunny, make his groundstrokes even more powerful?

As far as I am concerned, without any proof whatsoever, with only rumor, gossip and speculation I believe that all the players are innocent until proven guilty.

Nativenewyorker , 1/18/13 5:33 AM

abhirf, you have no logic.
How can Davy be compared with Delpo?
Davy is past his prime, not fit, unseeded.
Delpo is in his prime, top 8 seed , winner of a grand slam. In fact he is likely to see his best years going forward having just turned 24. He can improve dramatically like Nole and Muzza did.

holdserve , 1/18/13 5:47 AM

Sorry, wrong thread

holdserve , 1/18/13 5:51 AM

Unsubstantiated accusations always bother me, no matter what the subject. Drug dosage is present in sport, and ought to be given due discussion, but when certain people raise wild conspiracy theories out of the blue, with no consideration for facts or rational explanation, it's just incredibly unfair. These men are athletes, capable of extraordinary feats, and just because there is a possibility, however faint, of their achievements being the result of cheating they're painted by some (occasionally many), of being guilty until proven innocent. When the foundations for such accusations are so weak... it annoys. Lance Armstrong is often spoken of when these views are raised. But hell, do the actions of a few really have to taint those of everyone else? Because I think they're each due a bit more respect than that. No matter what player I enjoy the most.
And... yep, that's my random rant over.

Champion7 , 1/18/13 6:09 AM

Where on earth have I pointed fingers at Rafa? I have said clearly time and again that I personally feel they're all doping if at all they are. Why are Rafa fans getting so insecure - just because I said Federer has the poorest physique of the lot? I don't see fans of any other player reacting this badly?

The point is, the ITF has a problem with its anti-dope regime, and no one is bothering to focus on it. That really isn't going to do much favours for the sport when we've had serious issues with other sports. Why this is really relevant today is because of the amazing performances the top 4 in particular are able to produce day in, day out - I don't see what is wrong with some skepticism.

samprallica , 1/18/13 7:41 AM

As for the comment about drugs improving Rafa's serve during the USO only, I would much rather accept Rafa's claim that a change of grip did the trick, although I think it was also to do with an adjustment in motion that came along with it. Trouble is, it is hard to consistently keep producing the same motion if you are not used to it, and players who don't rely on the serve so much will always notice dips in form where the serve is concerned. We've seen that with Nole, Agassi, etc before.

samprallica , 1/18/13 7:45 AM

Answer: we're simply fed up with it. Like I said, all these accusations are from fans of those players who can't stand Rafa beating their player(s). It also shows one thing, Rafa fans won't even want to go there, ie accusing others of doping, unless maybe they're being provoked into a retaliation.

luckystar , 1/18/13 7:52 AM


I agree, the ITF has flaws in it's system which really needs rectification. But the insinuation seems to be that since there exists the possibility of doping in some form, then the top players deserve aspersions and suspicions being cast on them simply for performing at the level they do. And I think that's unfair.

Also, such discussion seems more than a little pointlessly provocative. There is no quantifiable evidence to be put forth for or against, aside from the fact that these players are exemplary. ****storms tend to ensue in such circumstances.
I have negative feelings on the whole concept of conspiracy dialogue. And my apologies to anyone who enjoys this sort of thing ;) To each their own.

Champion7 , 1/18/13 8:01 AM

@lucky, I don't see anyone accusing Nadal of doping on this thread.

@Champion, I am giving the benefit of the doubt to the players right now, but I also think that tennis journalism is definitely lacking in proper reporting. The players are rarely questioned on when they take the tests etc, and are also known to be inaccurate when it comes to making statements about it - for instance, players saying they are tested quite regularly, when the ITF and WADA's statistics clearly indicate this is clearly not the case.

samprallica , 1/18/13 8:10 AM

Not on this thread but on some others.

luckystar , 1/18/13 8:13 AM

"Of the top 4, Nadal is the least likely to be doping. But the hate of the Fed fans makes them constantly single him out."

Not singling Nadal out, but I am wondering how Nadal is the least likely to be doping. Based on what? I thought they were all just as likely?

samprallica , 1/18/13 8:14 AM


Fair enough. But perhaps you ought to open with that next time, instead of being subtle about it! People tend to get really passionate about these things.

Champion7 , 1/18/13 8:17 AM

samprallica: Andy frequently talks about testing and moans about the fact that he is usually woken up early in the morning- doesn't like that.
alex: Andy is bound to be a bit defensive about any suggestion, in the current climate. Tignor is being disingenuous. Never mind m'dear, shows Andy has finally "arrived"!
Just hope the xtra muscle doesn't slow him down. Nole is so fast and skinny with it.

deuce , 1/18/13 8:17 AM

Oh your post at 11.46AM on 1/17/13, the implications there when you're talking about players physique. Oh and blood doping don't show on one's physique do they?

Deuce - Monfils also has all those muscles but that has not slowed him down. Rafa has muscles all over but he's very quick, he's powered by his strong engine, ie his muscular legs.

luckystar , 1/18/13 8:24 AM

The reason I alluded to physique is simply because that's what the article was talking about. In the same sentence:

"but I consider everyone just as likely to be using drugs given that the ITF allows that much space of it to happen."

Muscles don't necessarily slow you down if you have a strong core and legs. Sprinters are a good example, and the muscle power allows for much greater explosion which is required in sports like tennis.

Nole is skinny but I also think he has significant muscle - its just that his physique is such we don't see it. He is significantly more ripped than Fed for instance.

samprallica , 1/18/13 8:39 AM

It is curious why Andy is trying to deny that he IS bulkier when it is so obvious that he is much more muscular than he was even at the end of last year at the WTF.

Scratches head!!!!

tethys , 1/18/13 10:14 AM

Why can't Andy just say he's been eating a lot of spinach. Maybe he doesn't want his opponents to know his secret potion.

tethys , 1/18/13 10:25 AM

Andy's "secret potion" is extremely hard training in Miami in December under the watchful eye of Ivan the Destroyer.
lucky: hope u r right. Andy does seem to have a very strong back/core, Frew M commented on it and "tree trunk" legs according to Jamie Baker, who was with him in Miami
Come on Crocodile Dunblane!

deuce , 1/18/13 10:46 AM

If the moderators didn't have the common decency to delete your racism, it would be easy to prove but I'm glad it's gone"

It was never there, connie. As is obvious from this forum, the pack mentality likes to stifle and remove dissent. The mods know there was never any racism posted here by me. Criticism of Murray, yes.

pennster , 1/18/13 7:46 PM

That wasn't criticicm penny, it was racism. Glad it's removed!


Conspirator , 1/18/13 8:03 PM

pennster, stop trying to cover up your blatant and abhorrent racism. What you said was disgusting and has no place in any conversation, especially not on a tennis thread!

Pennster the racist

willmw101 , 1/18/13 8:04 PM

^^^Amen to that!


Conspirator , 1/18/13 8:09 PM

LOL pennster has been banned. That is HILARIOUS.

willmw101 , 1/18/13 8:14 PM

Let's ask Ricky Dimon.

pennster , 1/19/13 1:08 AM

samprallica , 1/18/13 7:45 AM

Regarding this post, I am in agreement with you. I do think it was more than just the change in grip. I remember a post written by Steve Tignor some time ago, in which he showed video of how Rafa practiced changing his service motion. I wish that I could remember when he wrote it. So I do think there was a bit more involved for Rafa to get that big serve at the USO. I also agree that it might be problematic to consistently produce that service motion. Also, Rafa developed problems in his shoulder. After that he wasn't able to replicate that service motion. There have been times when Rafa's serve has worked well and other times when it troubled him.

However, it is beyond irresponsible for anyone to make the statement that Rafa got that big serve by using some kind of illegal substance. It is even more egregious because this person admitted that he had absolutely no evidence, not one iota of fact or proof to support this serious allegation.

I do have to agree with lucky's post @ 7:52 AM. We are fed up with these basleless allegations against Rafa. All a player has is his reputation and good name. Once an allegation or accusation is made, it can take on a life of its own. It can follow a player around for his entire career. That is shameful.

I also completely agree with Champion7's posts on this subject. And let's get real here - there have been numerous comments on topic threads on this site attacking Rafa for using illegal substances.

In the states, you are innocent until proven guilty. That is the way it should be with something of this nature. If someone wants improvements in the system of doping, then by all means provide constructive suggestions. But making any kind of accusation or even saying that many players in tennis are doing it, is simply rumor, speculation and gossip.

Nativenewyorker , 1/19/13 1:13 AM

LOL, no Fed fans on here yet we're being charged with crimes we didn't commit.

There are two posters on this site who can't differentiate racism from prejudicial statements. And, it's even more funny that it's the same person who's playing 3 different parts, by having a conversation with their other 2 personalities . Get a dictionary guys..

scoretracker , 1/19/13 2:30 AM

I've already figured that one out. Dictionary, you say? I doubt that person- or is it three people- know how to use one.

pennster , 1/19/13 4:27 AM

pennster found a friend!!!


Conspirator , 1/19/13 5:25 AM

@pennster, look at the pattern. I've been accused by the same two (1) of using racial slurs, yet it was no where to be found on the thread. I was also told whenever I stop posting due to the unpleasantness that i was banned, which is none of their business. I see it's being said about you also. There was another poster JMK who was told the same thing.

Those are some of the games some people like to play, especially when they are using several nicks. The two always agree with each other and take the matter to very personal levels, then the others chime in to give support. Shortly we'll be seeing a pseudo-hashtag, e.g., I'm off this thread, just watch, or maybe I'll be proved wrng because i've mentioned it. On cue .... as she enters , lol.

scoretracker , 1/19/13 5:55 AM

Old Davydenko > heyday Nadal

old Roddick > heyday Djokovic

tennisnba , 1/19/13 6:17 AM

Nadal or Djokovic are too advantageous to the slow present surface age. They are lucky. The present grass and lateness of almost hard courts.

And, Nadal insulted the Sampras era. " past just serve serve serve. It was not true tennis." said Nadal. arrogant selfish jerk.

Roddick 5 - 4 Djokovic. It was after that Djokovic began to win Roddick declines in Roddick.

There are few possibilities that Nadal or Djokovic will win the victory in the quick surface age by grass or a hard court.

tennisnba , 1/19/13 6:23 AM

Have a look at the comments in that thread and throw that moronic theory out the window lol.

But to be expected from a couple of racists.

Maybe pennster, scrotracker and tennisnba are one and the same. Hmmm...


Conspirator , 1/19/13 6:24 AM

Federer yell at fans. who pay him money

classless arrogant gamesmansahipo excuse cheat player


Conspirator , 1/19/13 6:28 AM

Hahaha, google "smug arrogant nadal" is quite telling there:

TennisTalk: tennisnba
YahooSports, facebook,, OverestimationNadal
TennisWarehouse: tennissportsrog
YouTube, TennisMoments: cheaterNadal
Mens Tennis Forum: sportstennis Anonymous (Veteran) Overestimation N
TheEconomist: chearNadal (looks like you couldn't spell your own troll name)
tennis-x: Humble Roger (hahahahahahahaha, my personal favourite!!!)
countless sites: anonymous RogerLoverF (hahahahahahahah, no THAT one is my favourite. This is Roger's own site. Pray tell, what does the F stand for Lover? hahahahhaha)

Man, that's enough but that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Common theme is that you are classified as spam, troll, comment hidden due to low rating

Whassa matter, tennisnba, Mommy didn't hug you? No friends? Don't get out much?

If I were Fed or Rafa, I'd have a restraining order ready.


Conspirator , 1/19/13 6:41 AM

I know you write for attention, e.g., you are an attention seeker (viz., your ridiculous posts to Ricky) aren't too smart, and have nothing to do, which is the reason you're on here 24 hours per day. That said, can you honestly say that you have even a smidgen's worth of the grasp of the English language and can tell the difference between racism and an opinion? I don't think so, and I do think you need a remedial course in English, coz you're lost when it comes to comprehension.

You seem to blossom from the praises heaped on you from a few here, on your ridiculous overuse of pseudo hashtags, but I'm surprised that they are so in the dark and haven't figured you out as yet, but I suppose that's so because you serve a purpose for them. I guess it's only your non-admirers, who are able to determine that you're a phoney?LOL. Get a life, because you're looking for love in all the wrong places, what a sad situation for this poor woman.

You and your willmw nick are proof that you are one and the same, even the tone of your posts, where you both accuse people of being racists. I can't believe that some here can't see thrugh your blatant impersonations. I see you've deserted your favorite *hawkey* troll nick, and doing the pseudo heavy lifting. bwahahaha.

From your above post listing all those sites, it confirms my thinking that you're completely lost googling and visiting so many websites. geez, do you even have the time to do anything else? i honestly feel pity for you.

scoretracker , 1/19/13 7:00 AM


Finally snapped again hey scrotracker?

I am you too!!!


Conspirator , 1/19/13 7:20 AM

"I'm off this thread"

"Get it?"

"I played tennis for 15 years"

"I played tennis for 15 years"

"Why is that funny Ricky?"



Conspirator , 1/19/13 7:24 AM

^^^ should have read

"I played tennis for 15 years"

"I played tennis for 5 years"

Can't decide.



Conspirator , 1/19/13 7:28 AM

Toni Nadal: I hope now Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic will get injured. ho pe-now-Roger-Federer-and-Novak-Djokovic-will-get-injured-478826.htm

arrogant. smug. selhish. go to hell.

tennisnba , 1/19/13 7:38 AM

nadal believes previous tennis eras cannot match the excitement generated by the current stars of the sport.

"Sampras vs Ivanisevic match, or one between those kind of players, is not enjoyable, It's not really tennis, it is a few swings of the racquet.

It was less eye-catching than what we do now. Everyone enjoys the tennis we play much more. I am not saying we are playing better tennis, just more enjoyable tennis. For me, in the past it was just serve, serve, serve." ay-Five.aspx

Yes, Nadal. You are a player who has fanatic fan most. maybe which exceeds Agashi. However, there are many persons who dislike you. There are also many people who dislike your play style. There are also many people who regard your tennis as boring.

Your tennis is defense and power. Are simple. It is the reason it is your strength. maybe Sampras was boring, or not. But, there are not difference those who feel you as boring.

You are very blessed with the slow surface age. Moreover, you are the only player by whom the excuse is justified of an injury etc when it loses.

You are the player who also has the custom of arrogant dirty gamesmanship.

You are in the very blessed position.
Have it in mind. arrogant excuse cheat

tennisnba , 1/19/13 7:41 AM

federer king of fake bathroom break. Take extended break when losing against benneteau at wimbledon 2012

fake gamesmanship annoying cheater

Conspirator , 1/19/13 7:42 AM

Roger is a rare. Nadull is a usual thing

tennisnba , 1/19/13 8:47 AM

Old Davydenko > heyday Nadal.

When Safin, Davydenko, and Roddick's generation had Djokovic or Nadal, they continued winning like Roger?

Nadal or Djokovic are too advantageous to the slow present surface age. They are lucky. The present grass and lateness of almost hard courts.

Roddick 5 - 4 Djokovic. It was after that Djokovic began to win Roddick declines in Roddick.

There are few possibilities that Nadal or Djokovic will win the victory in the quick surface age.

tennisnba , 1/19/13 8:54 AM

Really wound you and scrotracker up there hey nutbarnba.



Conspirator , 1/19/13 12:22 PM

scretracker you should seek mental/therapist help. If we showed a psychiatrist your comments they'd probably section you. LOL

So scoretracker has lost his sh*t on tennis talk yet again....

Pennster is trying to conceal his blastant racism...

And tennisnba is spouting word salad garbage as if she has had a stroke.

All in all a pretty normal day then.

willmw101 , 1/19/13 3:34 PM


willmw101 , 1/19/13 7:28 PM

willmw101, 1/18/13 8:04 PM

how do you call yourself for marian vajda remarks? a gynecologists? you can't be that stupid, or you've been mentored by nny?

rfzr , 1/19/13 11:24 PM


I have an issue with you bringing up my name in a discussion that has precisely nothing to do with me. If you have an ax to grind, take it somewhere else!

Oh and my reply to your question for willmw is - yes, I do think that you are that stupid!

Nativenewyorker , 1/20/13 2:17 AM

constipated and wilma:
Take a look at your posts above and note how both of you spell my screenname, in similar fashion, inverting the 'o' with an 'e' and then transposing the 'r". You've done it many times. Plus you have conversations with each other, going after Ricky in like fashion trying to engage him in your demented drivel conversations, and are on this site 24 hours per day spouting the same twisted garbage. FYI, I don't snap, I just tell it like it is., but you won't be able to know the difference considering you can't process what's racism and what's an opinion.I've stayed away, but you keep referencing me constantly, like a broken CD.

So pennster does not like Murray, live with it, just the same as Fed fans have to live with Murray and other players' fans disliking us. It's funny how both aliases dislike Novak and go to bat for Murray, using the most disgusting language,and referring to Fed fans as "Fedbot". Not one Fed fan was on this site when you began your tirade, but I understand that you're constipated and need to relieve yourself, and being here 24 hours per day gives you that relief.

If Pennster is a racist for not liking Murray then willma is a racist for referring to Novak's coach as *Marian Vad....* Look at yourself first before pointing your dirty little fingers and invest in a good dictionary tool, there's plenty of them on-line, FREE.

scoretracker , 1/20/13 3:17 AM

hahahahahahaha, you're a crazy assed nutbar scrotracker and it was a lot of fun winding a couple of trolls like you and RogerLoverF last night

Seems I don't even have to try tonight because tennisnba has been banned and you've already gone off the deep end scrotracker!



Conspirator , 1/20/13 3:38 AM

What has Ricky to say about all this? I know with certainty that the people who use several monikers are very immature and lack a decent home life.

pennster , 1/20/13 4:12 AM

"Pennster is a racist..."

And how can you prove this? Exactly. Now piss off liar.

pennster , 1/20/13 4:17 AM

The constipated one must have a pipeline going with the moderators to speak with certainty that tennisnba was banned e.g., "Seems I don't even have to try tonight because tennisnba has been banned and you've already gone off the deep end scrotracker!" constipated@ 3:17AM.

You should be banned for making statements that are untrue, but of course you think you're above everything, especially parading your three monikers.

@Pennster, She is an adolescent high school dropout. Anyone who does not know the difference between racism and the expression of an opinion, is probably 2 years old, because our parents teach us to commingle with all races from a very early age. Thus, how can someone saying they don't like Murray or Fed be a racist? are they talking about the player's nationality or personality? geez how pitiful.There are many on this site who dislike Fed and his fans, are they racists also?

The constipated one hates Djoker but she has to use the willma moniker to say what she feels. Then the hawkeye moniker is used to do the *heavy lifting and lackey* duties. LOL.

The people who have to use several monikers are attention seekers, immature and also insecure coz they can't say what's in their minds except when they hide behind a moniker which gives them the guts to speak up.

It's amazing how many here think the constipated one is funny with her stupid hashtags. they call it *humor*. I've stayed away from posting here coz I'm sick and fed up of the stupidity, but yet I'm being referenced for absolutely no reason. One of the clan is on another site parading as a woman and a man. How pitiful that is, but laughable at the same time.

scoretracker , 1/20/13 5:17 AM

Maybe you two can get a room.

Better be careful scrotracker might be banned like tennisnba.


Conspirator , 1/20/13 5:51 AM

Well done Nole for clinching second consecutive year end at No. 1 and congrats to his many fans.

Conspirator, 10/29/12 12:25 AM

Hahaha, another dumb theory down the toilet, scrotracker.


Conspirator , 1/20/13 6:07 AM

"I've stayed away from posting here"

scoretracker, 1/20/13 5:17 AM

No you havent, you've had multiple daily meltdowns on tennis talk ever since you famously stated that you were "off this thread". You are mental.

willmw101 , 1/20/13 11:45 AM

Oh right, I've only just realised what everyones been saying. Pennster and Scoretracker are the same poster. That makes sense.

willmw101 , 1/20/13 12:15 PM

At least that means there just one racist.


Conspirator , 1/20/13 12:24 PM

One of the clan is on another site parading as a woman and a man. How pitiful that is, but laughable at the same time.

What a waste of time. I hope she grows up after she gets her high school diploma.

pennster , 1/21/13 3:58 AM

haha pennster the racist had to go to the news section to dig this thread back out as it had fallen off the recent articles. Pretty desperate to talk to your new friend 'scrot'. How sad.


Conspirator , 1/21/13 4:55 AM

Unlike you, I am not online 24/7.

pennster , 1/21/13 7:20 PM

This shithole is still infested by nadal tards. Glad I stopped coming to this site.

Scoretracker and other Federer fans I feel for you. I know how tiring the nadal fan girls on this site are.

bleck , 1/21/13 7:52 PM

^^^Obviously, you are not glad enough not to come back. What brought you back? No one missed you.

nadline , 1/21/13 8:20 PM

bleck just another fed fan pretender like scrot, pennster the racist and nutbarnba.

Lots of great real fed fans on this site.

Fedbots are not Fedfans nor tennis fans. Just the worst kind of trolls.



Conspirator , 1/21/13 11:00 PM

Well I see that bleck crawled out from his hiding place just to come on here and throw around more cheap shots and an obscene reference to this site. I just can't get over how the Fed trolls simply cannot stay away. You couldn't drag them off this site with a crowbar! LOL!

They just can't stop spreading the hate! I am grateful for the real Fed fans we have on this site. They can support Fed and also respect the fans of the other top players.

Nativenewyorker , 1/21/13 11:41 PM

Hey scrotracker, about time for a freak out rant. How about it?


Conspirator , 1/22/13 1:36 AM

Current ATP-rankings

1. Djokovic 12 500 pts
2. Murray 8 750 pts
3. Federer 8 670 pts
4. Ferrer 6 970 pts
5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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