• Emotional Janowicz battles into third round

    1/16/13 4:38 PM | Kelli DeMario
    Emotional Janowicz battles into third round Tournament seed Jerzy Janowicz earned a spot in the round of 32 after rallying from a 2-0 set deficit against India's Somdev Devvarman. The Pole is through to face 10th seed Nicolas Almagro in the next round.

    Twenty-fourth seed Jerzy Janowicz advanced to the round of 32 on Wednesday, having rallied to defeat India's Somdev Devvarman in five sets. The 22-year-old Pole tallied 91 winners and 15 aces en route to a 6-7(10), 3-6, 6-1, 6-0, 7-5 victory.

    "What did I learn today? (The) most important thing is you have to fight for every single ball till the end. I was losing already two-sets-to-love and I kept on fighting," Janowicz explained.

    "You can't control your emotions all the time. Actually, I went nuts. I calmed down a little bit later on. Sometimes I have a problem with controlling my emotions, but I'm trying to work on this."

    After splitting the first two sets, a settled Janowicz went on to lead 3-1 in the deciding set.

    Janowicz ended the extended match with nine of 20 break points converted. He is slated to face fellow seed Nicolas Almagro for a place in the round of 16.

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Wow, Jerzy, don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel...

Jerzy Janowicz: "I hate pretending. I'm always my self, I imitate no one, I don't play. Emotions guide me. When I'm angry I show it. I don't have idols. I used to like Sampras style and Safin's attitude. Djokovic is a false one, he just likes to show off and play. Federer instead is full of himself, he has something not natural. It's hard to feel him like a integral part of all of us."

#HowMany Times

Conspirator , 2/7/13 7:33 PM

Let it all out, Jerzy. Good for you.

nadline , 2/7/13 8:01 PM

lol. and this
Roger Federer latest is among the most unexpected, especially for a man raised in a country known for its benign neutrality : backroom power broker.

But after leading the ATP Tour Player Council as president the last three years, Federer has become a savvy student of the laws of political governance.

"It's been a great life-school," said the tri-lingual Swiss star Sunday as he prepared to defend his season-ending Barclays ATP World Tour Finals title."Can you say that?"

Much of Roger Federer's behind-the-scenes work this year has focused on persuading the four majors to share a larger piece of the revenue pie with players.
He has also lobbied that a larger percentage of prize money go to earlier rounds to rectify a growing income distribution gap.

That work has increasingly fallen on his shoulders, as Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, once Player Council members,left their leadership positions.

Take his pre-tournament schedule last month at the Masters event

Under added security because of death threats, Roger Federer arrived on a Friday and discussed strategy with ATP player and board representatives till about 1 a.m.

He practiced the next morning, spent about 7 hours in meetings with various representatives of the Grand Slams and still attended the player party Saturday night.

On Sunday evening, he hosted three hours of meetings in his hotel room with the Player Council, ATP executive staff, and U .S. Open executives -- all before he struck amatch ball.

"Roger has so many demands on his schedule and the fact that he is investing so much time into the player council and these negotiations shows his character and how much he cares for the future of the sport,"

doubles specialist and council member Eric Butorac of the USA wrote in a recent email. "I believe it is very unprecedented to have a top player so involved."

It's not just Roger Federer's time than matters. It's his clout.

"I think having someone like him on the council can be a big benefit, especially if you're going into important meetings with the Grand Slams, "No. 3 Andy Murray said.

Reserved by nature, Roger Federer has come a long way in understanding the needs and concerns of everyone from players ranked well outside the top 50 to doubles specialists.

Roger Federer did not slip into the role of leader without some angst.

It is, like his precise shotmaking and fluid movements, a delicate balancing act. Demands can stretch on and on.The mind can become weary. Focuscan waver.

Despite threats of a boycott and other hard-line tactics -- for tennis -- Roger Federer and his fellow players and ATP executives have shepherded successes.

The French Open, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open each contributed a larger percentage of prize money to earlier rounds this season.

The Australian Open will do the same in January, and in a pre-emptive strike already announced the biggest year-over-year prize money increase in its history.

More important, Roger Federer said, is the "productive" dialogue taking place.

"I'm happy that we've gotten to the table with the Slams and been able to explain our case," he said.

At 31, Roger Federer is brushing up against the usual threshold when age undermines skill, which means every minute and every decision he makescounts.

In that regard, time management might just be the Swiss' biggest asset. He seems to have found a formula that works.

tennisnba , 2/7/13 8:12 PM

Janowicz is huge stupid jerk.

can be laughed at this.
Jerzy Janowicz HOW MANY TIMES!? (The REMIX!)

lol. moron

tennisnba , 2/7/13 8:14 PM

Tinfoil dingbat has returned!!!


Conspirator , 2/7/13 8:33 PM

Interesting how arrogant this "tennis great wanna-be" is after having one lucky tournament. But it doesn't surprise me - the first look at him made me cold. Earlier in his career, Nole was smacked for being natural and who he is. Now this brat is saying Novak is false?! He speaks of Roger in such a manner? Oh, please, do grow up! At the age of 22 and some, he should be a bit more mature and know that no, you can not say anything you think. Instead, try to polish your own sorry act and not spit on the court or yell at the umpire.

danica , 2/7/13 9:05 PM

Let it all out, Jerzy. Good for you.
nadline, 2/7/13 8:01 PM

I'm going to remember this for future reference i.e. when Jerzy beats Nadal ala Rosol or Sod. His game is very similar btw. You know he can do it too.

chr18 , 2/7/13 9:48 PM

Rosol or Sod didn't beat Rafa. His knees did. So, in that respect, if Jerzy is there on court when Rafa is hurt then why not, he might win. Who knows, even Fed might beat him in that situation (assuming of course that its not on clay or a hard court slam).


Conspirator , 2/7/13 10:05 PM

chr18, you're missing the point. Jerzy has never beaten the players he's dumped on - arrogant Federer and Djoker. Obviously, he holds Rafa is high esteem so he had nothing bad to say about him. Jerzy has beaten Muzz but didn't dump on him.

nadline , 2/7/13 10:20 PM

Jerzy boy is just jealous. That's it. When he reaches any of the achievements the two mentioned players managed, then maybe someone would listen. As it is, he can just scream his lungs out at the supposedly wrong calls. He better adjust to the fact that life is not fair and that he will be cheated here and there like ANYBODY ELSE.

danica , 2/7/13 10:29 PM

There is simply no excuse for a guy like Jerzy to go off on the best players in the sport. It's also a dumb move because all it does is give more incentive and motivate the top players whenever he might face them. Trash talk never works in tennis.

He hasn't earned the right to take cheap shots at guys like Nole or Fed. They have delivered when it counts - on the court. The results speak for themselves. Jerzy should follow suit and shut up and get on with the business of working on his game and getting good results.

And I thought that Tomic was bad!

Nativenewyorker , 2/8/13 1:27 AM

Although I like Nole , I think he is somewhat fake. One moment he puts up a big act of being totally weary and next moment he is running around like a rabbit. His chest thumping, his crazy dance on a car are all jarring and false. Wish he would grow up and behave better.
As for Jerzy's opinion of Fed, he hit the nail on the head. For this reason alone I have now decided to make him my fav among the younger set ( as long as he doesn't say anything bad about Rafa or Muzz!).

holdserve , 2/8/13 1:58 AM

But watch ot Jerzy boy, you have offended the mighty Fed who controls ATP and the Grand Slams. Perhaps you will now get the worst draws, many more wrong calls and if you cannot control your temper that would spell your doom.
Even the great Rafa had to suffer the consequences when he dared to criticize the mighty Fed for his selfishness. As we know, Rafa had hinted that ATP danced to the tune of Fed. Ever since then the time between points is being sought to be rigorously implemented!

holdserve , 2/8/13 2:07 AM


rfzr , 2/8/13 2:15 AM

Rosol or Sod didn't beat Rafa. His knees did. Conspirator , 2/7/13 10:05 PM

hahaha. arrogant moron NadaI fan as usual. always excuse.
like a Nadal

tennisnba , 2/8/13 6:25 AM

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