• Nadal withdrawal parade continues, out of Australian Open

    12/30/12 3:02 AM | Ricky Dimon
    Nadal withdrawal parade continues, out of Australian Open Rafael Nadal's prolonged absence will continue after the Spaniard announced this weekend that he will miss both Doha and the Australian Open in January. A stomach virus and knee issues are the reported culprits.

    The wait continues.

    Rafael Nadal, who has not taken the court since the second round of Wimbledon, withdrew from both the Qatar ExxonMobil Open and--more importantly--the Australian Open on Friday. Nadal's camp cited a combination of his untested knees and a stomach virus as the reason.

    Since losing to Lukas Rosol at the All-England Club, Nadal missed the Olympics, the U.S. Open, and the World Tour Finals. He returned to practice this fall and appeared to be on course for a return at either the Abu Dhabi exhibition or at one of the two January events.

    A reported stomach bug forced him out of Abu Dhabi and Doha, and the Nadal camp said the it would be unreasonable for his first tournament back to be a three-out-of-five grind Down Under.

    Speculation for a possible comeback will now turn to the 500-point clay-court tournament in Acapulco, which takes place in February.

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It's a terrible loss for the Australian Open. Sad news.

cherylmurray , 12/31/12 1:11 AM

Nativenewyorker , 12/31/12 4:05 AM

oh how sad,
oh too bad,
but Djoko and Murray are there on the launchpad,
2 Nadals in disguise are still the same as 1 Nadal lad,
Roger missing, now that's when it's a horrible fad

torres9 , 12/31/12 7:56 AM

Hilary Clinton also suffered a stomach bug last week, fell over with dizziness and has ended up in hospital with a blod clot. Thankfully, this hasn't happened to Rafa and he is on his way to recovery.

Talking about misfortunes. Nole was signing autographs for fans after beating Berdy at the Hopman Cup when a billboard fell on his leg, so he is 'doubtful' for the SKY News sensationalized, but I take that with a huge pinch of salt. The presenter also said with Nadal out of Australia, they need Djokovic to be there. I saw him walk away, so he'll be OK.

nadline , 12/31/12 12:39 PM

Hillary Clinton had a head concussion which later developed into a blood clot. She didn't have a stomach virus. Her condition is a lot worse than a stomach virus as it's life threatening, and hse's a woman in her 60s. Let's keep the story lines straight.

scoretracker , 12/31/12 1:12 PM

^^^^Get your facts right.

Mrs Clinton Is Diagnosed With A Blood Clot Sky video 1:58

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been admitted to hospital after the discovery of a blood clot stemming from an accident earlier this month.

Mrs Clinton, 65, initially fell ill with a stomach bug that led to her fainting and sustaining a concussion. Officials had insisted she was recovering.

But her spokesman Philippe Reines said in a statement: "In the course of a follow-up exam today (Sunday), Secretary Clinton's doctors discovered a blood clot had formed, stemming from the concussion she sustained several weeks ago.

nadline , 12/31/12 2:42 PM

^^^Source d-020645863.html

nadline , 12/31/12 2:43 PM

I don't need to get any facts right, but you should., with your timelines.

Here's what you said @12:39pm, "Hilary Clinton also suffered a stomach bug last week, fell over with dizziness and has ended up in hospital with a blod clot. Thankfully, this hasn't happened to Rafa and he is on his way to recovery."

Mrs. Clinton did not contract a stomach bug "last week", as you claimed. She had it earlier this month, as is verified in your post @2:42pm, viz;

"But her spokesman Philippe Reines said in a statement: "In the course of a follow-up exam today (Sunday), Secretary Clinton's doctors discovered a blood clot had formed, stemming from the concussion she sustained several weeks ago.
nadline , 12/31/12 2:42 PM" --

It was *several weeks ago* that the lady was sick with the stomach bug, which made her weak and dizzy. She fell and hit her head causing a concussio, which formed a clot.


scoretracker , 12/31/12 2:59 PM

Still, it was due to the stomach bug that she fainted which caused the blood clot. You said she never had a stomach virus.

'Hillary Clinton had a head concussion which later developed into a blood clot. She didn't have a stomach virus'.
scoretracker , 12/31/12 1:12 PM

nadline , 12/31/12 3:16 PM

What a petty bit of nonsense this is! Someone makes a statement about Hillary Clinton having a stomach bug so severe that she was dehydrated enough to faint and suffer a concussion and all of a sudden there's an argument about so-called facts!

All nadline was doing is making an analogy that sometimes stomach bugs can have more serious consequences. It was the severe dehydration that caused her to faint in the first place and that was a direct consequence of the stomach bug.

It's true that Mrs. Clinton is in her 60's and much older than Rafa. But the point to be made is that stomach bugs can be very debilitating and have complications. Rafa was suffering from a high fever that lasted for five days, as his doctor said in the summary interview that I posted @4:05 AM.

There is nothing to argue about, no reason to pick a fight or be petty. Nadline's point was well taken. Also, nobody here is a doctor and has specific medical knowledge, so there's no reason to think one person has any more information than anyone else. We are all equals here and have a right to our opinion.

Nativenewyorker , 12/31/12 8:24 PM

As expected, look who the cat dragged in!!!!!bwahahaha. I only had to read the first sentence and knew it would be another foaming and frothing.

So predictable and idiotic is to be pitied. I guess it's not enough she's been going nutso at bleck and others, she's now looking for someting else to gnaw on. Go right ahead. and start a flame throwing war again coz your love is sooooooo sickkkkkk. boo hoo.

scoretracker , 1/1/13 1:45 AM

Rabies must be rampant coz frothing and foaming is going nutso all over the site. Rabid poor little puppy she's gone mad.

scoretracker , 1/1/13 1:49 AM


Typical! Just look who is talking about foaming and frothing at the mouth! The champion of hissy fits!

Nice try, but unlike you I don't go around threatening to leave threads over and over and over.

You just can't take it when someone calls you out on another self-indulgent rant at someone who made a reasonable comment.

Someone needs to get a clue that they really don't know it all!

But I appreciate your efforts to try and make this more than it is. If I had a melt down as often as you do on this site, I would be trying my very best to divert attention in any way that I could! LOL! Too funny!

Nativenewyorker , 1/1/13 3:07 AM

Shut the hell up. You're a miserable creature who can't resist sticking her miserable foamy frothy mouth into everything and telling the Fed fans that theirs is a waste of life, calling them rabid. You're the one who has rabies regurgitating things from years past over and over again. JUST GROW UP WILL YA. . Newsflash, your life is a waste coz you thrive only to cause misery. now shut the hell up, YOU miserable LUMP OF FLESH with a wasted life. It's obvious you can't resist it when you see my screen name appear or any Fed fans name appear to harass them. You're on every thread doing what you do best froth and foam repeating the same old garbage. I say I'm off a thread for peace sake, coz you and the dream team can't discuss anything rationally. However, you can't understand that kind of peacefulness, you turn it into something derogatory. Nothing else to do and all day to do it it. What a waste of life!!!!

NOW SHUT THE HELL UP you miserable creature.

scoretracker , 1/1/13 3:59 AM

I'll let you have the last word which will definitely make your New year wonderful.

Me, I'm going out with my girl and we'll be having a bang up time, something you difinitely won''t be doing. boo hooo, booo hooooo

And, keep doing your JOB here, that is, driving all the Fed fans away, as you mentioned your work here is never done. bwahahahaha

scoretracker , 1/1/13 4:04 AM

When will it be over six months since the Rosol match? He'll play the first tournament after that time frame is passed.

samprallica , 1/1/13 6:17 AM

scoretracker, you are right, I didn't go out with my girl last night, as I am a girl.

I was on the beach, a vantage point in Dubai to see the New Year in with the most amazing fireworks from the Burj Al Arab, The Atlantis, The Marina, The Palm and Burj Kalifa.

Happy New Year to all on TT.

nadline , 1/1/13 7:51 AM

Well if Rafa doesn't come back after nine months, some may say he'll play after nine months have past. Seriously, why post such comment like that of 1/1/13 6.17 AM?? I think I know the implication of such a comment; if there's no proof of anything, I hope the player concerned is given the benefit of the doubt and I hope posters here refrain from making any baseless implication or whatever.

luckystar , 1/1/13 8:40 AM

Take a break luckystar, its the new year, nothing to be worked up about. Seriously does anyone really care ?. This is not a newspaper anyone can comment anything because it does not impact much.

nirv02 , 1/1/13 2:20 PM

^^^ why don't you take a break instead.? Why don't you practice what you said and allow me to comment anything I want too??

luckystar , 1/1/13 2:34 PM

Did I say you shouldnt comment? LOL!!

nirv02 , 1/1/13 4:10 PM

Evidence that Rafa is missed:


Ferrer: Rafa is a very good friend for me and very important for the tennis tour, no? Of course all the tennis players, we miss him because he's very important. (Look up "the. sweetest." in the dictionary, and you will find this guy.)

Murray: It?s been like nine years almost he?s been there, so when he?s not there for a few months, especially with his style and his passion and the way that he is on the court, he?s got a lot of energy, so when you lose that for a few months, I think it?s not ideal for tennis. Tennis is in a really good place just now, so we can cope, but it?s obviously much better for tennis when he?s around because he?s one of the most exciting players to watch. (nice use of obviously)

Gasquet: For sure he's one of the best, incredible. I'm sure he will come back at his best level, and he can still win a lot of Grand Slams. Of course I hope he will recover well, and I hope to see him on the court soon. (the last line of this article also has a nice zinger from Reeshie)

Monfils: I mean, it's tough for me to talk because I was not on the tour, but it's always?? you know, it's always bad for a tennis player to be out for a long while like this and a long time. I think Rafa is strong mentally, and I wish him like a quick recovery because for sure tennis miss him. You know, it's always better to have top player on the tour. Hopefully he's gonna come back healthy and quick. (even though he is obviously a little preoccupied with his own comeback, Gael still had some nice words for Rafa. Also, look out DelPo--Gael is gunning for the #7 ranking, apparently!)

Djokovic: I really wish him a fast recovery because he is someone that brings a lot to tennis with his success, his athleticism, his competitiveness and also he?s a recognised athlete worldwide. (eh, a little canned, but better than nothing)

Davydenko: Yeah, who want to play against Nadal first round or second round, you know? If Nadal will be there and like I play against him first round, I will be not enjoy this one. (Laughter.) ...For us, it's very good for the players. For sure for tournament it's not good, but for us it's good. We have chance to win. (fair enough, but, I'm afraid that officially relegates Davydenko to the bottom of the miss-meter, as seen below. #consequences)

nadline , 1/1/13 7:07 PM

Nadline, we all KNOW Rafa is missed. I'm a Roger fan, and I miss Rafa because it's sad to see a player forced out by injury. You don't need to be at pains to provide "evidence" that Rafa is missed; we all know he is. You continuing to say it makes you come across as a tad insecure.

DanyalRasool , 1/1/13 7:20 PM

Oh come on ..

May be his fans and some spaniards missing their master!!

Davydenko said it right ..Others players are not missing him!

KMA , 1/1/13 9:52 PM

I am not trying to provide evidence any more than some Fedfans who go on and on about his 17 slams and GOATness. All the writers on the blogoshere who continuously write about their longing for Rafa to come back and why, are not trying to provide evidence, they are writing about something topical.

KMA, I think you are missing Davy's point which is that the players don't miss not having to face him in the first or second rounds. He accepts that "for sure for tournament it's not good but for us it's good. We have chance to win." So Davy also accepts that for tennis Rafa's absence is not good.

nadline , 1/2/13 4:24 AM

@nadline 4:24am, "I am not trying to provide evidence any more than some Fedfans who go on and on about his 17 slams and GOATness."

We have to do something when some Nadal fans keep pushing the H2H. in our faces. Would you prefer us to comeback with 17-11?

BTW, you are so lucky to have seen the fireworks at Dubai. It's a country I plan to visit when I'm on one of my asian trips this year. I've had stopovers at least 10 times in D ubai, but just enough time, one hour, to change planes. This year my GF wants for us to incorporate a few days in Dubai when I'm on one of my assignments in Asia. Any specific hotels you'd recommend? thanks.

scoretracker , 1/2/13 5:05 AM

scoretracker, you could check out Burj Al Arab (7*) or the Atlantis Palm Hotel. They are the 2 top hotels in Dubai and if you look on the internet you should be able to find affordable package deals for the world famous Atlantis which is built on recovered land from the sea on the famous Palm shoreline. Burj Al Arb is on another another planet. We were taken round before it was opened, and the rooms are just simply OTT. That's where the top tennis players stay when they play here.

For a more normal hotel, check out Ramona. We stayed in one in Abu Dhabi for the tennis and it was great, but I wouldn't reccomend eating there. As far as restaurants go, you will be spoilt for choice. You could try The Shimmers at Madinat Jumeira or The One & Only and lots more. I wouldn't reccomend The Meat Co. near Burj Kalifa. I 've never had a good meal there. For more moderate restaurants, you could go to Dubai Marina Mall or Dubai Mall where there are restaurants with international cuisine including lebanese food which is good here. There are also international restaurants in Dubai Marina. Funnily, in spite of the restaurants being of the highest standards, they are not that expensive.

You must go and see the fountains by Burj Kalifa, best at night and are on every half hour.

nadline , 1/2/13 6:11 AM

In response to lucky,

"Seriously, why post such comment like that of 1/1/13 6.17 AM??"

Because I can? My comment is open to interpretation.

samprallica , 1/2/13 8:39 AM

Watching Djoko vs Tomic. Tomic is playing very well, especially his serve. Djoko looking a bit flat.

netcord , 1/2/13 12:13 PM

and Tomic wins...judging by his overall level during the match it looks like he will have a good run this AO...he looks stronger than before, especially the legs...

netcord , 1/2/13 12:17 PM

Tomic played that match brilliantly, took it seriously the whole way. Djokovic started serious and then when he realised that Tomic was playing well enough and seriously enough to win he just started to joking around to cheapen the win. Massively disrespectful from djokovic as usual.

willmw101 , 1/2/13 1:30 PM

^^^ Highlights...

Very impressive stuff from Tomic.


Conspirator , 1/2/13 2:54 PM

I wouldn't put too much stock in the result at an exho. Just saying.

I had a terrible stomach virus once that knocked me out of commission for 2 weeks. It's unusual but it does happen. I wasn't actually sick for 2 weeks, but it took me that long to start to feel even close to normal. And I couldn't eat "real" food for about 7 days.

cherylmurray , 1/2/13 3:03 PM

It's boring that Rafa isn't around to be beaten...

torres9 , 1/2/13 9:36 PM

^^^ just like your posts.

Conspirator , 1/2/13 10:39 PM

Yeah, boring that Rafa is not around to administer some beatings on Fed. Torres boast that Fed is still no.2 at his age, all thanks to Rafa's injury. Isn't it similar to 2009? All thanks to Rafa being injured that Fed managed to win his FO and Wimbledon that year (remember AO2009?). So stop boasting and count your (Fed's) blessings, they may not come his way again!

luckystar , 1/3/13 12:22 AM

The match up of FED with RAFA is such that RAFA may beat him again once come back but RAFA ,may take more defeats from other players. FED has a kind of respect for RAFA and is unable to bring all his tactics as RAFA has answer for all. Davy is forthright in his answer but all other players will be happy in the absence of RAFA who if 100% is unbeatable, but they are just doing the lip-service by answering to the journalists that they are missing him etc. etc.

velliat53 , 1/3/13 8:15 AM

^^^ I agree with most of what you say; after all who wants Rafa standing in their way in any tournament. I also agree that Rafa at 100% is very difficult to beat. Based on Rafa's 2008-2012 records, he wasn't losing that many matches to other lower ranked players, not any more than Fed. Fed was losing to Karlovic, Benneteau, Montanes, Gulbis during that same period, while Rafa lost to Seppi, Dodic, Rosol, for eg.

luckystar , 1/3/13 10:06 AM

By other players, I did not mean lower ranked players, but Djokovic, Murray, Berdich, Ferrer etc were in my mind. If 100% fit, even without match practice, Rafa can defeat lower ranked players with out any difficulty-that anybody knows or I believe that. Fed will surprise his fans by losing while nobody expects him to lose - Indian wells and Miami in 2007 to Canas, after his Australian open win without losing a set!! to Filipo volandri in the 2nd round in Rome etc. etc.

velliat53 , 1/3/13 11:22 AM

^^^When was the last time Rafa lost to Berdych? Rafa leads him 12-4 and has won the last 11 on all surfaces. Ferrer beat Rafa at AO 2011 because Rafa WAS injured with a tear in his adductor longus, he leads Ferrer 16-4, he also leads Murray 13-5 and Nole 19-14. Rafa is no more prone to losing to Nole or Murray that Federer is.

Do you really know the facts or are you just talking off the top of your head?

nadline , 1/3/13 12:18 PM

Djokovic lost in straight sets (6-3 6-4) to Tomic at the Hopman Cup.

nadline , 1/3/13 12:26 PM

Actually Rafa is 12-3 against Berdych, and the last time he lost to Berdych was at Madrid in 2006!! Rafa's H2H vs Berdych, Murray and Nole is better than Fed's.

luckystar , 1/3/13 12:46 PM

Sorry, 12-3 against Berdych.

nadline , 1/3/13 1:10 PM

I am aware of the facts. But a Rafa with no match practice, if running to these people may get defeated, just my opinion. Please do not jump all over me!! No two opinion about Rafa's H2H. He has favourable H2H

velliat53 , 1/3/13 1:20 PM

Rafa has a nil winning record only against Lucas Rosol which will be erased next time they meet. As I told earlier, NOLE and MURRAY will improve their H2H with Rafa going forward, but sadly, this 18-10 may remain or go worse.

velliat53 , 1/3/13 1:28 PM

^^^Didn't mean to jump all over you.

Of course Rafa will be vulnerable when he comes back to top 10 players.

nadline , 1/3/13 2:27 PM

^^I couldn't agree more velliat53, particularly on hard courts, I see Andy getting the upper hand on Nadal there as Novak already has from this year on.
You can say that Novak is 19-14 down from Nadal but Novak has now matured and has won 7 of the 10 matches played over the last 2 years.
It will only be a matter of time before the Nadal fans drop their H2H argument about that rivalry in my view. And not very long, particularly now as Rafa will need time to get into things again after such a lond time out.
To me Rafa's success on non natural surfaces is further confirmation that he is truly a goat, the clay goat and the only goat we have at the moment. Such was his clay goaty power that he could also beat the supposed all round Goat on any surface at anytime.
Something he should not have been able to do really.
But from now on in it will be interesting to see if he can keep it up out of the clay and grass with a fully mature Nolandy.

Twinge , 1/3/13 2:31 PM

^^^ I wouldn't be so sure. Nole's armour is slipping as he lost in straight sets to Tomic at the Hopman Cup.

nadline , 1/3/13 3:22 PM

Oh come on my sweet, have you been smoking the old hookah ;) out there?
Nothing is slipping, its wishful thinking to hope otherwise, Murray lost to that Spanish geezer Tommy Robby @ Hopman and i didnt see him dive bomb from that. Tomic seems to have pulled up his bootstraps a bit however, until the next driving ticket at least.
Fact: Novak will be hell to play with the whole year long.
Also i thought Rafa would be a shoo in for the RG this year but obviously the longer he takes to get back into things the harder its going to be to defend his throne.
Novak (not Delpo!?!!) might just sneak his golden slam this year after all.
Golden Slams? Are they still valuable now?

Twinge , 1/3/13 3:36 PM

Please do not attach any importance for this Tomic defeat of NOLE who has understood by this time where to up his game. Andy also now changed. He was defeated in the first round in the ABU DHABI exhibition but will be a different player in MELBOURNE. Accoring to me only Rafa is a player who will give everything in all matches, irrespective of it being expo, davis cup or 250/500 anything, he gives 100%. Please underestimate NOLE and MURRAY in 2013 they are going to have a firm grip on the SLAMS in 2013. Of courrse, it is my opinion.

velliat53 , 1/3/13 3:37 PM

Well, it's funny how some players are seen with rose tinted glasses and others are not. Had Rafa lost to Tomic, I'm sure opinions would have been quite the opposite.

nadline , 1/3/13 4:33 PM

^^ Rafa would most definitley had lost to Tomic (in this particular moment) but to me if Nadal was fully fit well it would have been the same reaction.
The hopman cup is irrelevant.
Anyway i meant `career slam` above not `golden` before some tennis geek corrects me ;)

Twinge , 1/3/13 4:42 PM

I meant, had Rafa lost to Tomic when 100% fit, his detractors would have been very busy on the blogosphere. Enjoy yourself whilst Rafa is inactive. He will be back.

nadline , 1/3/13 6:38 PM

The ATP and Emirates announced today a new global partnership in which Emirates will become the Official Airline of the ATP World Tour, as well as the new title sponsor of the ATP Rankings, as of 1 January 2013. ATP-Announcement.aspx

nadline , 1/3/13 6:43 PM

"Enjoy yourself whilst Rafa is inactive. He will be back. .."

Yes yes and gawd help everyone blah blah.
I however will enjoy myself whether he is back or not regardless :)

Twinge , 1/3/13 7:36 PM

Rafa isn't going anywhere. Predicting how the h2h will change between Rafa and Nole or Rafa and Andy, is a bit premature. As far as Andy's early loss at Abu Dhabi and Nole's loss to Tomic, that means nothing regarding this year's AO. They are just coming back and warmup tournaments don't necessarily indicate who will win the upcoming slam. They will be working on their game and form and will come into the AO ready to rumble!

I don't think any one player has a shot at winning all four slams. I don't see Nole dominating in that way. Andy is now in the mix. Rafa will come back and be ready to defend RG. This should be an exciting year with lots of great tennis.

Nativenewyorker , 1/3/13 8:27 PM

Dimitrov beats Raonic 6-3, 6-4. He didn't lose a single 1st serve point the whole match...I think that tells more about Raonic's return than Dimitrov's serve...Will this be the breakthrough year for the Bulgarian?

netcord , 1/3/13 8:34 PM

I however will enjoy myself whether he is back or not regardless :)
Twinge , 1/3/13 7:36 PM

There's no accounting for taste.

nadline , 1/3/13 8:44 PM

I think AO surface is such that it cannot be dominated by a single player unlike the other three majors. This year we might see a new finalist, may be even a new champion.

netcord , 1/3/13 8:46 PM

I would say that the Djoker is the only one with a legit shot at all 4 slams this year. Not saying he will but he could. Good to see 'Baby Fed' Dimitrov with a big win and Davy playing well again. Oh and good to see my July '12 prediction that Nadal would come back during the Golden SA swing still is on pace. ;)

chr18 , 1/3/13 11:33 PM

@nadline , 1/2/13 6:11 AM , thank you so much. I hope to be there in May 2013. Your info has narrowed my search for hotels and restaurants. thanks again.

scoretracker , 1/4/13 4:58 AM

^^^I meant to say Rotana Hotel, Dubai not Ramona.........was still recovering from New Year's Eve!

nadline , 1/4/13 8:33 AM

^^Send the jerk to your favourite hotel in Syria, Nadline my sweet.
And wish him a right old bonne voyage to go along with it!

Twinge , 1/4/13 10:57 AM

Current ATP-rankings

1. Djokovic 12 500 pts
2. Murray 8 750 pts
3. Federer 8 670 pts
4. Ferrer 6 970 pts
5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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