• Nadal gives the all-clear for his tennis return

    12/13/12 3:55 AM | Johan Lindahl
    Nadal gives the all-clear for his tennis return Rafael Nadal has given his personal A-OK sign for his return to tennis after six months of injury hell, telling his Facebook fans that he will front up for the rich Abu Dhabi post-Christmas exhibition December 27-29.

    It would be the Spaniard's first start since his Wimbledon loss on June 28 due to chronic knee problems.

    "Can't wait to get back on court in Abu Dhabi at the end of the month," the 26-year-old wrote. "I won the Mubadala World Tennis Championship in 2010 and 2011. Would love to get my hands on the trophy again this year!"

    Nadal confirmed himself into a multi-million payday in a field which includes Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic, two of his top three rivals along with Grand Slam legend Roger Federer. Nadal, who receives a bye as part of his hefty paycheck, will play a match against the winner from Murray and Serb Janko Tipsarevic on December 28.

    Also competing: Nadal's compatriot and number five David Ferrer of Spain and Davis Cup champion Tomas Berdych of Czech Republic.

    Nadal spent the last half year struggling to heal various serious knee problems, with the future of his career still to be determined based upon his return performances.

    He has said that he is expecting nothing by way of results until the spring and will not stress over a potential poor finish at the Australian Open from January 14 as he finds his court legs.

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Take note all doubters, Rafa can't be clearer than this that he IS coming back at the end of this month.

#Rafa Kool-Aid drinker and die-heard armada bandwagon driver

nadline , 12/13/12 7:27 AM

It was Uncle Toni who put in that caveat about Rafa not being 100%, then they won't go. But I think that was Uncle Toni just being cautious.

Rafa has confirmed his return to competition and that's a good thing! Something to celebrate! I am pleased that he has lowered expectations for himself as he works to get into his best form. He is being realistic and not putting too much pressure on himself as he starts his comeback!

I can't wait to see Rafa on the court!

Nativenewyorker , 12/13/12 9:34 AM

Rafa is very cautious about promises. If he says he's going to be in Abu Dhabi, then he'll be in Abu Dhabi.

cherylmurray , 12/13/12 2:36 PM

Rafa on FB 2 hrs ago:

'I want to feel your support on the court!'

nadline , 12/13/12 2:57 PM

Nadline at it again!! She will never disappoint me. Drags Federer out of nowhere in this thread............

velliat53 , 12/14/12 7:48 AM

^^^What do you mean 'out of nowhere'? Sadly the post I was responding to by jmk seems to have been deleted.

nadline , 12/14/12 8:42 AM

The post is deleted and your post will remain, tempting anybody to respond like what i have done above.

velliat53 , 12/14/12 8:59 AM

^^^So you replied without seeing the full picture. Next time don't jump to conclusions unless you know the whole story.

nadline , 12/14/12 9:08 AM

I replied after seeing the available whole story which does not include the jmk message. Hence nothing wrong in my message. You will lose no opportunity to belittle FED on any day. Please continue that as long as you enjoy that!!

velliat53 , 12/14/12 2:06 PM


Whatever! Don't really care about what you think.

nadline , 12/14/12 4:09 PM

I do not understand why my post was deleted, while an uncalled for insult against me was allowed to remain. I innocently thought that my suggestion would allow Nadal fans to celebrate him in creative and amusing ways. Although my offerings weren?t great, I still think that TennistoRNado hints at Nadal?s whirlwind style. Perhaps some readers were unfamiliar with the word burnished. It means polished or shining, and is always complimentary. Hence could be an appropriate name for a site mostly devoted to Nadal.
I would like to thank Scoretracker for an earlier (also deleted) post.

jmk , 12/14/12 7:20 PM

It works for other players to: eg dreAMtennis for Murray, woNDroustennis or tennisfaNDango for Djokovic.

jmk , 12/14/12 7:38 PM

@jmk, you're welcome. The post calling you a racist is still there.

scoretracker , 12/14/12 11:13 PM

jmk -- I intended to delete all of the posts. I simply missed one because the caching on the site makes it difficult to know what I've deleted and what I haven't because it often doesn't refresh for a couple of minutes.

cherylmurray , 12/14/12 11:13 PM


jmk , 12/14/12 11:26 PM

jmk, I simply called you a racist to reply to your original dumb comment with an equally dumb comment. Good day dumbdumb.

willmw101 , 12/14/12 11:49 PM

My apologies, Cheryl; my overhasty response was rude. What I should have said was Why, if (as I suppose) your intention was to remove abusive posts, was it necessary to remove my original post, which was certainly not abusive and was not intended to be offensive. If you had some other reason for deleting my original post, what was it?

jmk , 12/15/12 1:01 AM

The stuff that needs and should be deleted (the Fed thread is an example) across the board, are those comments from a group of posters who use the threads as a chat room for derogatorily discussing posters they dislike. Those comments are meant to provoke a response from the person or persons that's the topic of the useless and/or provactive discussions. Then, when the response is gotten, it is further used as additional fodder for more spurious remarks, casting of aspertions and calumniation. Of what value are those comments to the pertinent threads? NONE.

scoretracker , 12/15/12 2:05 AM

Cheryl, please continue to delete any offensive posts. Well done for your efforts.

Rafa fans certainly do not need any suggestion from jmk (who mostly has nothing good to say about Rafa) for any fan site name. If jmk has nothing better to contribute to this thread, please find a thread that he can contribute positively and constructively.

luckystar , 12/15/12 2:39 AM

scoretracker has 'gotten' out of the wrong side of the bed and swallowed her Thesaurus.

ed251137 , 12/15/12 9:50 AM

scoretracker I thought you were off this thread?? Never coming back?

willmw101 , 12/15/12 11:07 AM

scoretracker, 12/15/12 2:05 AM

For a typical example, see

scoretracker, 12/15/12 2:05 AM


Conspirator , 12/15/12 12:18 PM

Fedfans seem to think it's sacrilege not to worship at his alter but Rafa is fair game for uncomplimentary comments.

nadline , 12/15/12 1:07 PM

Presume intended to write ALTAR but ended up with Alter, Both ways, fans are there who exceed the limits but more by Rafans (naturally as they outnumber fans of any other player in this site) At least 2013 we can usher in a new era by not criticising off-court matters of any player and confine only to the tennis play. Then there a chance of avoiding unnecessary petty arguments/counter arguments!

velliat53 , 12/15/12 1:29 PM

I've said this before, and I'll say it again. If any Fed fan were to speak ill of Nadal in the manner *nadline* and several others speak of Fed, there would be a non-stop fighting on this site, with WAILING AND GNASHING OF TEETH. ALL Fed fans are blamed for anything one or two Fed fans might say, but nevertheless, we are all dumped into the same sin bin and rated as *rabid Fed fans*. The adjectives describing Fed fans are too many to itemize. Nothing is balanced and fair.

scoretracker , 12/16/12 3:35 AM

I've said this before, and I'll say it again. You're an idiot.


Conspirator , 12/16/12 4:44 AM

Not worth answering this attention seeker, who posts the most drivel comments on every thread all day long, using several nicks saying the same stuff, behaving like a kid, and also fights with some Nadal fans.

I hope the moderators are seeing who is one of the chief offenders that make this site a war zone.

scoretracker , 12/16/12 5:21 AM

Yes, velliate, I meant to type 'altar'.

Fedfans take offence even when people state the facts, like Fed is not perfect, that Rafa beats him twice as many times as he beats Rafa, that he has a negative h2h against Murray and Rafa, that he has never won an olympic gold, that he only won the FO because he didn't have to play Rafa who went out early to Sod due to his knees, that he ruined Rafa's celebration of winning his first h/c slam in Australia by crying at the presentation ceremony, not waiting until he got to the locker room or his hotel to cry or that he is a bad loser.

Rafans only take offence when he is maligned and defamed with things that are simply not true.

nadline , 12/16/12 6:30 AM


The biggest piece of self-serving, self-indulgent drivel on this topic thread was posted @2:05 AM! Someone whose own posts were deleted along with others, yet still felt compelled to get all pious and sanctimonious. Needless to say, I do not agree with the individual's take on what has been going on with this site of late.

I also consider that post inflammatory and inciteful. This isn't a chat room! It's a forum where a group of people, many of whom have been here for quite some time, love to come and chat about tennis and maybe even their own lives and share some humor and fun. That's what it's supposed to be! Not some personal grudge or war being waged!

Yet again we see the accusation directed at Conspirator that he is posting under different screen names. Why? However, if anything like that is directed at this person then it is considered a capital offense.

It's appalling that the good people who come here and post their thoughts and who have established camaraderie and can actually, wait for it, disagree with each other without stooping to vitriolic and baseless personal attacks, should have to be subjected to such utter nonsense.

Nativenewyorker , 12/16/12 6:31 AM

Just to clarify, my post above was written before I saw nadline's post. It was directed to the posts @5:21 AM and 2:05 AM!

Nativenewyorker , 12/16/12 6:34 AM

Not gonna anwer the lies coz no one was in a chat room here. I replied to nadline's ridiculous comment about Fed fans.

One thing need to be clarified though, how about stop pretending and adding that YOUR POSTS were also deleted. In fact, the majority of them were from you and your groupies. ting. Have a good time flame thrower, foaming n' frothing. bye.

scoretracker , 12/16/12 9:00 AM

Ho-hum, my work is never done. Someone needs to be reminded again of what they actually said!

scoretracker, 12/15/12 2:05 AM

"The stuff that needs and should be deleted (the Fed thread is an example) across the board, are those comments from a group of posters who use the threads as a chat room for derogatorily discussing posters they dislike."

I even tried to be helpful by posting the time of the post that I was referencing. But I guess it's best to quote the exact words to make my point.

Goodness, this is getting quite tiring! Oh and I never said that my posts weren't deleted! There you go again! Or should I repost my earlier comment in which I specifically said that your posts were deleted "along with others". Was it necessary for me to make it even clearer?

Nice to see that you are trying to diminish the fact that your posts were deleted by actually counting number of posts! Nice try!

Nativenewyorker , 12/16/12 9:42 AM

LOL, your work is never done. How very true. You made this stuff your job out of trying to get all FED fans removed from this site, using lies and blowing everything out of proportion. You keep churning and regurgitating everything from years gone by.

Why didn't you mention my post @3:35 am on 3/16, but chose one that was written the day before? It's my post at 3:35 am, that your cohort responded to by calling me an idiot, viz:

I've said this before, and I'll say it again. You're an idiot.

Conspirator , 12/16/12 4:44 AM

I then responded to HERS @ 5:21am, the content of which you used as the platform to grandstand and add the drama queen touch.

BTW, you're absolutely lousy at this HUGE job you've undertaken on your own. It now makes things very clear. Is it any wonder why you keep ploughing away for the greater good? Just for the record, I wouldn't employ you even for zilch, coz you'll definitely muck up the works and be given the award for the best darn mess-up the company ever hired. What a terrible waste of time. Nothing to do and all day to do it in.

Sleep well and hopefully you'll receive some additional inspiration and creative insight on how to extinguish all Fed fans and harass me some more. As of now you've gotten in your quota for yesterday and today of being able to exhale, expunge, and vent.. buh bye.

scoretracker , 12/16/12 10:07 AM

Not going to answer
scoretracker, 12/16/12 9:00 AM



Conspirator , 12/16/12 2:49 PM

See, Nadline has written all the negative points (as per her judgement) in one breath which nobody asked from her. Facts are facts, but it is not necessary to repeat it in every breath. Fact also is that Rafa iniitially had a H2H 6-1 with FED whose only win was 2005 Miami Final. After that FED brought it down tg 8-6 by end of 2007. During the year 2008 when he was affected with Mono, he had 5 defeats with no win making it 13-6. After that he could not cope with Rafa's momentum and now stands 18-10. As for Murray, he had very pathetic H2H initially but he almost made equal. As such, it is not one-sided unlike with RAFA who has an imposing match up with FED. Please stop invoking this H2H every now and then unnecessarily just to score a win against a Fed fan. That will go a long way to bring dignity to the site. Federer himself has great respect for Rafa who also has the same feeling towards FED. Only the fans are fighting for their time-pass!

velliat53 , 12/17/12 9:16 AM

^^^If Fedfans stop putting Rafa down, I'll stop talking about Fed negatives.

nadline , 12/17/12 9:28 AM

For those who will be in Abu Dhabi for the tennis exho:

'Nadal and Djokovic will be signing autographs and greeting fans 3.30 - 4.30pm on 27th Dec in the Tennis Village/AbuDhabi/Mubadala'.

Can't wait!

nadline , 12/17/12 11:21 AM

"As for Murray, he had very pathetic H2H initially but he almost made equal..."

Blah Blah,
Fed has only led Murray on the H2H once.
The first time he beat him!
After that he has always been ahead.
And that is how it's going to end too ;)

Twinge , 12/17/12 12:04 PM

How he has been always ahead. When FED won wimbledon, it equal 8 - 8. Now Murrary is holding a wafer thin lead of 1 extra win. In any case, it will not be as bad as (18-10) the H2H with Rafa who leads Murray also ( 13-5).

velliat53 , 12/17/12 12:54 PM

^^^Rafa also leads Nole 19-14, lest we forget.

nadline , 12/17/12 1:09 PM

Yes Nadline. Nobody forgets that. When Nole was about to make it equal by raising from 16-7 to 16-14, Rafa further extended with 3 clay court victories.

velliat53 , 12/17/12 1:27 PM

So Rafa is the only one with a positive h2h against the others in the top 4 by a long way.

nadline , 12/17/12 1:52 PM


velliat53 , 12/17/12 2:03 PM

Before completing the comment went off!!!!!!

Only NOLE will have a chance to make it even with RAFA on H2H. Other two have to live with it!

velliat53 , 12/17/12 2:27 PM

^^On a couple of occasions Federer has been level only for Andy to be ahead again.
He's beaten Federer all through his career and his development.
And its only going to get worse now he has basically fully matured and is now in his prime.
You'll see.

"Only NOLE will have a chance to make it even with RAFA on H2H. Other two have to live with it!"

Yes but must we live with your atrocious grammar as well?
As for the other, yeah, Nadal will probably always lead their H2H particularly given Andy's relative weakness on clay.
I can live with that.
I'm more interested to see how things play out elsewhere on hc and grass going on.
But if Roger hangs around for another year all 3 of the top 4 shall have postive H2H against him.
Its inevitable.

Twinge , 12/17/12 2:42 PM

Nadal is not quite the same generation as Murray to me,
he's about the same age but has played hundreds more matches on the tour.
His was a more mature, precocious talent
it's not over yet but he should be ahead of Andy and Novak.
As should Roger when you think about it.
But won't be for very much longer with Novak.
And wasn't (now pay attention) ever with Andy bar the very start.

Twinge , 12/17/12 2:47 PM

But if Roger hangs around for another year all 3 of the top 4 shall have postive H2H against him.
Its inevitable. Agreed. No arguments. Roger have already passed that stage and will be at the receiving end from 2014 onwards, but presume he can still give stiff challenge in 2013.

velliat53 , 12/17/12 3:04 PM

Except for Rafa's already lopsided H2H, Fed has fairly even record against the other Top 4 give or take while age and experience was to his benefit.

Over the next 3-4 years however, that advantage will now swing to the others so that H2H will be even more telling and directly comparable.

Come back Rafa and resume your path to GOATdom!!!!


Conspirator , 12/17/12 4:26 PM

Q. What will bring the smile back to the faces of millions of tennis fans around the globe?

A. Rafa biting his first trophy after his comeback.

#Rafa Kool-Aid drinker and die-heard armada bandwagon driver

nadline , 12/18/12 5:36 AM

Oh Rafa, you should see my (Mona lisa) smile..................!!!!

Can't wait to see you on court again. Its been the longest six months of my life!!!!


Monalysa , 12/18/12 8:49 PM

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1. Djokovic 12 500 pts
2. Murray 8 750 pts
3. Federer 8 670 pts
4. Ferrer 6 970 pts
5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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