• Federer repeats goal of reaching 2016 Rio Games

    12/8/12 5:31 AM | Johan Lindahl
    Federer repeats goal of reaching 2016 Rio Games Roger Federer has re-emphasized his long-term goal of playing on to the Rio 2016 Olympics as he began his South American exhibition tour in Sao Paulo, saying that he still plans to trim his schedule in coming years.

    That process has already begun for the 31-year-old for 2013, with Federer skipping Doha, Miami, Monte Carlo and possibly his home Swiss Indoors in Basel among other cutbacks in order to better control his upcoming campaign.

    "I'm not going to play 25 tournaments, but every tournament that I will be playing I'll be emotionally attached to it, because I either won there before or because I've been there many times or because I love the city or the country and the fans," said the Swiss, who played 21 events in 2012, the most among the leading four players.

    The winner of six 2012 titles added: "I've reached a point in my life that I can pick and choose where I want to play and how much I want to play. I have to make sure that I take care of my schedule, of my body, of my mind.

    "Hopefully I can still stay on tour for many more years and hopefully play the Olympics here in three and a half years or so, so I have to look far ahead and not just the next six months."

    Federer, the 17-time Grand Slam winner who seized back the No. 1 ranking from Novak Djokovic this summer after winning a seventh Wimbledon but finished second behind the Serb in the year-end standings, said that he figures he can regain the position through two Grand Slam and five to eight other titles in other tournaments.

    "It's difficult, but I'm happy to set that challenge and I'll give everything I have. I've played a lot of tennis. It's been a big challenge, especially with the Olympics and the Davis Cup this year.

    "I found my way back to world No.1 and it took a lot of sacrifices. I'd like to be home a little bit more often and in a relaxed fashion."

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I would think he will be playing in tournaments that he has yet to win. That, and defending the titles he won in 2012. He does want a long career... With proper scheduling, he can play well into 34/35.

aegis , 12/8/12 7:32 AM

Federer still wants the olympic singles gold and he would like the record of the oldest player to win an olympic singles gold, with school age children. Lol

nadline , 12/8/12 1:03 PM

When it comes to chutzpah he is unbeatable.

But still a way to go before he can equal Rosewall in career longevity!

20 years separated his first Australian Slam title and his appearance in two finals when he was a few months short of his 40th birthday. It was not a pretty sight watching my hero being flayed alive at Wimbledon by a baby-faced Connors.

I hope Federer spares his fans that experience and does not go on beyond his' best by date'.

ed251137 , 12/8/12 4:00 PM


You know there are many many athletes (NHL/MLB/NBA) that are playing well into their late 30s and early 40s. Sports where there is 60+ minutes of physical contact and roughing. Jordan won his last championship at age 35, Agassi won his last at 33. It used to be unheard of for athletes to even play past 30... but times have changed. Trainers are smarter, players are more athletic, and equipment has changed.

aegis , 12/8/12 5:23 PM

Time will tell!

That may have may have been for other sports but in the 50s and 60s it was not unusual for players to continue into their 40s. e.g. At the age of 41 Pancho Gonzales who was already a grandfather (his ex wife is Agassi's sister) played what at the time was the longest Wimbledon match ever 22-24, 1-6, 16-14, 6-3, 11-9 which prompted the introduction of the tie break.. Laver was in his late 30s when he retired.

ed251137 , 12/8/12 7:10 PM

smart scheduling

but he has a lot more on his mind than the Olympics. You don't prolong your career for a tournament that is four years away, especially one that at best is the fifth biggest tournament in the sport.

RickyDimon , 12/8/12 7:43 PM

Fed's not going to equal Rosewall in longevity. But the game was different back then, not nearly as physical and punishing as it is today. Players did have longer careers.

I have to agree with Ricky that it is not just about the Olympics. I do think that Fed would like to have a singles gold medal, but I think he has other goals as his reason for prolonging his career.

Nativenewyorker , 12/8/12 8:48 PM

Fed has always been smart with his schedule, and now that he has set goals in place, he'll ensure he does what it takes to attain them. I doubt that he is interested in breaking any records with respect to longevity on the tour though.

It's becoming increasingly important for tennis athletes to be concerned about their schedules than in previous years, because the sport has morphed into a gladiatorial type, than in past eras, which is taking a hefty toll on the players' bodies.

Andy Roddick, in an interview with Matt Cronin, discussed his style of play as opposed to that of Federer's, and also reflected upon Serena's schedule. Andy stated that he had to put in a lot more effort than Fed, and perhaps should have followed a schedule similar to that of Serena's whereby he could have opted out of playing for short periods of time and/or perhaps taking short sabbaticals to rest his body and remain fresh.

Yes, times have indeed changed. There's more of a demand for smarter and knowledgeable trainers than in previous eras. The players are also now using a different type of string technology, consuming a more nutritious diet, and incorporating high tech food suuplements, which makes for a stronger athlete. e.g., Djokovic has been able to conquer his breathing problems and other food allergies, which has made him probably the fittest athlete on the tour presently. It's amazing that by making a simple change in his diet he was able to cure his asthma and other food allergies, thereby assisting him to withstand heat and other severe weather conditions that affected him previously.

scoretracker , 12/8/12 10:08 PM

" It's amazing that by making a simple change in his diet he was able to cure his asthma and other food allergies..." . your knowledge is limited here so its incorrect

vamosrafa , 12/8/12 11:09 PM

A subject not often aired is the stress on the body of the thousands of air miles players now have to endure each year. Often there is no time for their body clock to adjust before going on the practice court and then playing matches for hours on end in what might be anything up to 40+ degrees. It is hardly surprising many of them are on their knees by the end of the season. Might it also explain why so many tennis players have succumbed to mono in recent years?

ed251137 , 12/8/12 11:12 PM

I never claimed to be a doctor or nutritionist. I'm simply going by what the man said. He got off from a gluten free diet which sorted out his health problems.

scoretracker , 12/8/12 11:21 PM

Federer must be earning quite a lot of money from his Federer tour, may be he is also aiming to prolong his career to stage a few more Federer tours.

tennis2011 , 12/9/12 12:41 AM

yeah keep it coming rfed and watch those H2H's slide!
by that time even tomic will probably have a positive one against him!

Twinge , 12/10/12 12:58 PM

Federer beat tsonga but he has gone down to both Del potro and Bellucci in these exhibitions that doesnt bode well

tennis2011 , 12/13/12 8:53 PM

Exhos?! Don't talk about exhos! You kidding me?! Exhos!

We're talking about exhos, man. I mean, how silly is that? We're talking about exhos.


Conspirator , 12/13/12 9:39 PM

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