• Tennistalk's 2012 Matches of the Year: Part 3

    12/5/12 3:22 PM | Ricky Dimon
    Tennistalk's 2012 Matches of the Year: Part 3 Tennistalk's countdown of 2012's Top 10 matches continues with numbers five through seven. They include two memorable performances at Wimbledon and a breakthrough of sorts for Andy Murray.

    7. Andy Murray d. Roger Federer 6-2, 6-1, 6-4 - Olympics final

    One month after suffering another heartbreaking loss in Grand Slam final, this time to Federer at Wimbledon, Murray earned another shot at the 17-time slam champion on the very same All-England Club Center Court. Although his first major title was not at stake, the pressure on Murray to deliver with a gold medal in front of a British crowd was immense. And the opportunity was as wide open as the Center Court roof (unlike at Wimbledon). Given the circumstances, the straight-set beatdown Murray issued to Federer was--at the time--without question the best performance of his career.

    "I played a really good match," Murray said in understated fashion. "This was a lot of fun. It is a lot better winning a final than losing one. I've had a lot of tough losses in my career, but this is the best way to come back from the Wimbledon final. This is No.1 for me; the biggest win of my life. It is a sweet feeling; incredible. I'll never forget it."

    6. Roger Federer d. Andy Murray 4-6, 7-5, 6-3, 6-4 - Wimbledon final

    Tantalizingly close to becoming the first British champion since 1936, Murray came out on fire--taking the first set and seizing break points in two different games that would have given him a lead in the second. But Federer raised his level to match that of his opponent and went into vintage Federer mode when the roof closed early in set three. Just how emotional was this Grand Slam final? Well, Murray showing emotion during an interview happens about as frequently as Ivan Lendl cracking a smile during a tennis match. Yet when Murray tried to give his runner-up speech, he had to cut it short due to being choked up with tears.

    "I really do believe deep down in me he will win Grand Slams; not just one," Federer said of Murray. "I really do believe and hope for him that he's going to win one soon.... There was so much on the line, so I didn't try to think of the world No. 1 ranking or the seventh or the 17th (slam titles). I think that's going to take much longer to sort of understand, what I was able to achieve today. I played terrific."

    5. Roger Federer d. Novak Djokovic 6-3, 3-6, 6-4, 6-3 - Wimbledon semifinals

    When you're facing Roger Federer at Wimbledon, you have to be amazing just to have a chance. When you're facing him with the roof closed...well, you have to be something else altogether. Djokovic was good, but good was nowhere near good enough on this day. His 28 winners and 21 winners paled in comparison to Federer's other-worldly 31 winners and 10 mistakes. The Swiss also fired 12 aces without double-faulting a single time. With momentum in hand after taking a crucial third set, Federer recorded nine winners to just one error in a flawless, match-clinching fourth.

    "He was the better player," Djokovic admitted. "He played well, no question about it. In the important moments he was aggressive, hitting from both sides. Obviously, that's what you expect when you play against Roger at the final four of a Grand Slam. I knew that.... I lost to a great champion, somebody that has the most Grand Slams in the history of the sport."

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7. Olympics final - -roger-federer-to-win-the-gold-medal.html

6. Wimbledon final -

5. Wimbledon semis -

RickyDimon , 12/5/12 3:30 PM

Ricky: All the clips taken from the video of the Olympics that you have put up can only be viewed in the US.

Also, it was you who recommended using TinyURL. Why the long links with breaks in the?


ed251137 , 12/5/12 9:31 PM

watch them on YouTube

deleting one space in the URL is a lot easier than going to and creating a whole new URL

i didn't even think of doing links as TinyURLS, and to be quite honest, I wouldn't have even i HAD thought of it!

RickyDimon , 12/5/12 10:36 PM

Easier for you, yes.

But not for those people who do not know long links must always be scanned for a rogue gap, after they have been pasted into the URL, before hitting the button?

And even when you know this, it's possible to forget to do it :-(


ed251137 , 12/6/12 10:10 AM

@ed251137, 12/6/12 10:10 AM

I insert a link into a Word document, then it's very easy to see where a gap is - between the underlined (blue) text and the rest of the link. Can you do this?

Augustina08 , 12/6/12 11:23 AM

Yes, I do the same sometimes when it is an extra long link.

' I wouldn't have even i HAD thought of it!'
Why not?

It's a simple enough matter to use TinyURL when posting a long link,
And a damned sight easier than peering to find a rogue break.

Put TinyURL in the your Menu Bar, click, then copy and paste. What's difficult about that Ricky? Same number of keystrokes.

It only seems to be TT that has this glitch. It also inserts breaks from time to time when using the hashtag symbol.

ed251137 , 12/6/12 1:40 PM

For ed's eyes only (Ricky look away):

ed, um, I think that (rd) is technically challenged and is lashing out because he is feeling embarrassed so please don't back him into a corner. He's my hero you know.


Conspirator , 12/6/12 2:19 PM he likes to have the chance for a little dig at me from time to time - particularly if I have taken sides with Cheryl

ed251137 , 12/6/12 4:13 PM

What makes it funnier still is that it was Ricky who told me about TinyURL after I complained about the way TT breaks up links - adding that it happened at their end too!!

The bottom line is, he simply forgot and then tried to cover up the fact with a feeble excuse.

As for telling me it is easier to check and remove spaces before sending......when many of us know (including Rich) the glitch is after the link has been posted. lol.

ed251137 , 12/6/12 4:35 PM

it's pretty obvious where the break is. You would have to be ENTIRELY blind, not just 75 percent blind, not to see it right away.

No offense. That is just the way it is.

The last time I used a Tiny URL was in 2009. I forgot they existed. Nor do I even know how to generate them anymore.

RickyDimon , 12/6/12 4:46 PM

anyway, the bottom line is that this is just another one of MANY technical problems at TT that it is the technical team's responsibility to fix

RickyDimon , 12/6/12 4:54 PM

The point is, the break happens in transit AFTER you have clicked 'send' but BEFORE appearing on TT. So even with 20/20 sight, or a magnifying glass, you cannot see something which is not there. So there.

'It's pretty obvious where the break is. You would have to be ENTIRELY blind, not just 75 percent blind, not to see it right away.'

Why then, if it is so easy to spot, did you leave the gap in the URL for the Olympics link? Or, if as I suggested, it appeared after you the hit the send key why did you not paste the correct link immediately?


ed251137 , 12/6/12 5:25 PM

My apologies. I had not spotted your entry at 4.54 but I was not blaming you for it happening. I know it is a technical problem which is why TinyURL is so useful.

Luckily for everybody YouTube links are not susceptible.


ed251137 , 12/6/12 5:36 PM

ed251137 - nooooooooo. what i'm obviously saying is that it's easy to see AFTER the comment has been posted.

all you need to do is paste the link in your browser and the DELETE the space. THAT is what I am saying is so easy to do.

RickyDimon , 12/6/12 5:47 PM


Or: paste the link in a Word document, delete the space and click the link.

(See also Augustina08, 12/6/12 11:23 AM)

Augustina08 , 12/6/12 6:06 PM

^^^^ no

RickyDimon , 12/6/12 6:24 PM

ed251137 , 12/6/12 10:57 PM

if my newcomers you mean anyone outside the age range of 10-75, then yes

RickyDimon , 12/7/12 3:02 AM

You are being obtuse. Again.

When I signed up to TT there was no mention of an upper age limit.
Besides that joke was worn thin a long time ago.

ed251137 , 12/7/12 7:33 AM

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