• Murray gets the title tip from Oz Open boss

    12/5/12 2:09 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Murray gets the title tip from Oz Open boss Australian Open tournament director Craig Tiley predicts 2013's title winner, as the first slam of the year looms.

    It's never too early for Australian Open tournament officials to start spinning their tournament. So it cannot be much of a surprise when Open boss Craig Tiley went out on a limb to make a bold prediction regarding the men's champions for next month's 2013 edition of the first major of the season.

    Tiley said he sees US Open winner Andy Murray as the men's champion at Melbourne Park when it all wraps up during the last weekend of January.

    The choice of Murray may have been something of a shock, coming as it does at the expense of world No. 1 Novak Djokovic, defending the crown he won a year ago over the Rafael Nadal, who remains a huge question mark as he attempts a comeback after six months away with knee injuries. Roger Federer will also be bidding to become the first man in the modern era to win the event five times.

    "I think, on the men’s side Andy Murray will be difficult to beat this year," said Tiley. "Novak is a defending champion, he is playing great tennis, he is obviously tough to beat, but I think Andy Murray is someone who we are going to see even more."

    Murray comes to Melbourne as Olympic champion, another title he earned during his breakthrough 2012 season.

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LOL Tiley, another of the Queen's subjects making commonwealth- biased predictions.

pennster , 12/6/12 8:58 PM

Yeah, ur right pennster. Crazy pic, no? When is the last time Murray won a hard court slam. Not everyone can be as objective as you and I.


Conspirator , 12/6/12 9:24 PM

This pennster `character` is our version of tennisba Conspirator,
Maybe it is tennisba when the meds are taken regularly.
Just as lame also.
Either way, Andy Muzz IS the favourite for this title. With Novak.
I'll give him the teensiest edge over Novak because it feels that its time for him to go one step further there, finally,.
But there aint much in it.

Twinge , 12/7/12 12:39 PM

Murray is my pick for AO, Delpo the dark horse. Murray has learnt the hard way; my feeling is that he wont make the same mistakes he made in last years semifinal...Novak will be tought to beat...But after two recent losses to Novak its Murray's time snatch victory from the jaws of defeat...

netcord , 12/7/12 2:34 PM

Murray is not the favorite.

But it's certainly not a bad pick.

RickyDimon , 12/7/12 4:22 PM

I agree with Ricky. I think Nole is the favorite, followed by Murray. Slow hard courts are Nole's forte. Murray seems to play better on fast hard courts (evident by him winning twice at both Cincy and Shanghai; Madrid indoors, USO, Rotterdam, Tokyo). Fed and then Delpo follow next. Fed and Delpo are better on quicker courts too.

luckystar , 12/7/12 5:30 PM

I disagree somewhat although i get the point about Andy not being the official favourite. But I think he could definitely go one further this time.
If you watch most of Andy's matches at the AO you shall see that he often plays some incredible tennis there, perhaps his best of the year.
It's just at the final hurdle when the doubts creep in and the tragedy unfolds.
I'm guessing it won't be happeinng this time. Post USO.
He should have put the boot on Novak's neck when he was ahead last year, I'm guessing if the opportunity arises again, he will do it this time.

Twinge , 12/7/12 5:40 PM

"Crazy pic, no?"

Egads Conspirator, those teeth must go.

pennster , 12/7/12 8:15 PM

Why all the secrets? Is he juicing again?
pennster, 11/24/12 8:26 PM

nananananan nana idiot
pennster, 8/23/12 8:10 PM

Who is the Dunce you could POSSIBLY be referring to ''
The absent person who is licking her wounds today
pennster, 10/7/12 6:43 AM

Egads Conspirator, those teeth must go.
pennster, 12/7/12 8:15 PM


Yer a troll, pennster. Why would I do that??

Conspirator , 12/7/12 8:31 PM

I agree that AO surface suits Nole more than Murray, but the difference is marginal when these two are playing against each other; nobody is a clear favourite and I dont think past results have much bearing on the outcome of their matches. Last year's semi final match was very close and for the most part of the first three sets Murray was dominating, then a little lapse in concentration from his side and we were in the fifth set. The fifth set could have gone either way. But mentally Nole was stronger and more confident and he won it 7-5. But, Murray has come a long way since then. I am not saying he is a clear favourite, just that he is my pick for AO...after what I have seen from him this season :-)

As far as Delpo is concerned, he has been playing very well lately and looks prime for success in a major sooner rather than later. But his main concern would be his fitness level if the match goes to five sets.

netcord , 12/7/12 9:08 PM

I think Nole has to be the favorite going into the AO. Having said that, I would place Murray as second favorite. I don't think there is anything unreasonable or disrespectful about that. Nole is the defending champion and has won this event three times.

Murray will be in the mix for sure. He will be coming in with renewed confidence, having gotten the albatross off his neck with his first slam win. I do agree that the slower hard court is favorable to Nole, but Murray can still do well on any hard court surface.

Delpo always has to be considered when it's hard court. However, my concern is his fitness level. He hasn't been able to handle the rigors of best three out of five matches in the past. However, he has certainly been playing extremely well recently. If he can work on the fitness, there's no reason why he wouldn't be considered a contender for a slam.

Nativenewyorker , 12/7/12 10:00 PM

A troll? Conspirator, you are too amusing. But for those teeth.

pennster , 12/8/12 4:10 AM

You are welcome My fan.


Conspirator , 12/8/12 4:28 AM

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