• Tennistalk's 2012 Matches of the Year: Part 2

    12/4/12 4:41 PM | Ricky Dimon
    Tennistalk's 2012 Matches of the Year: Part 2 It's time to reveal Tennistalk's Top 10 matches of the year, starting with three that just barely made the cut. They include Fernando Gonzalez's farewell, a thriller in the Basel final, and an Olympic showdown with medals on the line.

    10. Nicolas Mahut d. Fernando Gonzalez 7-5, 4-6, 7-6(3) - Sony Ericsson Open third round

    Rarely do first-round matches at non-slam events come with an atmosphere quite like this one, but that's what happens when a famous South American is playing in Miami...especially when there's a chance it could be his last match. It did turn out to be the end for Gonzalez, but not before an amazing battle against Mahut in which the protagonist of the event saved three match points late in the third set to force a decisive tiebreaker. Mahut, who used the same serve that led to his 70-68 marathon against John Isner to get out a triple-break-point jam early in the third, ultimately had too much left in his tank.

    "The atmosphere was great," said Gonzalez, who got nice hugs from Mahut and chair umpire Carlos Bernardes when it was over. "I saved match points, but I felt that it was the end. Nicolas played better in the important moments and I was a little bit tired."

    9. Juan Martin Del Potro d. Roger Federer 6-4, 6-7(5), 7-6(3) - Swiss Indoors Basel final

    Even though Federer-Del Potro matches almost always end with the same outcome, rarely do they disappoint. This one certainly didn't, and it even produced an unexpected winner. Del Potro denied Federer, who was bidding for a sixth title at his hometown event in Basel, after three hard-hitting sets and tiebreakers in each of the final two. Federer was not at his very best, but Del Potro was completely on top of his game and still needed two hours and 44 minutes to emerge the champion.

    "It's an honor to be on the court with Roger, who is the greatest of all time," the affable Argentine noted. "It's great to share this moment with him.... This is a great win for me; a dream. My serve worked; my forehand worked. It was really close, but this time in my favor--finally, after six losses and two big losses at the Olympic Games and Roland Garros. It's my turn."

    8. Andy Murray d. Novak Djokovic 7-5, 7-5 - Olympics semifinals

    With the winner assured of an Olympic medal and still alive for gold, Murray and Djokovic put on a gripping display of tennis for the London crowd. It ended after just two sets, but not before exactly two hours of high-quality tennis. For Murray, it was a performance that won't soon be forgotten--except that he one-upped it in the ensuing final against Federer. The Scot was near flawless in the first set and just plain clutch in the second, saving break points in four different games.

    'I've played big matches before--night matches at the U.S Open, but it's not even close to how this feels," Murray said afterward. "You don't often see me smile that much, but all the volunteers and the staff, they are so pumped for you. It's great. This is one of the biggest wins of my career."

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10. Mahut-Gonzalez -

9. Del Potro-Federer -

8. Murray-Djokovic - ndy-murray-semifinal.html

RickyDimon , 12/4/12 4:52 PM

Part 2?


Conspirator , 12/4/12 6:12 PM



RickyDimon , 12/4/12 6:21 PM

Where is part 1?


Conspirator , 12/4/12 6:40 PM

on the main page of


RickyDimon , 12/4/12 6:43 PM

ooh, not a lot of comments on that one.

That's it, I'm off this thread!

Conspirator , 12/4/12 7:46 PM

Ricky, you have a fan! :D

cherylmurray , 12/5/12 12:47 PM

Ricky Dimon, you're my hero.


Conspirator , 12/5/12 3:31 PM

I just noticed that cheryl has the last name as Andy. If you married, would you take his last name or keep your own? Of course you could avoid the issue and just go with Cheryl Murray-Murray.


Conspirator , 12/5/12 3:37 PM

what does that mean, I'm off this thread?


chlorostoma , 12/5/12 4:13 PM

chloro, I'm not going to explain because I didn't read your post above and

I'M OFF THIS THREAD. GET IT, off thiS thread.

Ok, I'll explain, but just this once and then I'm off this thread.

I'm off this thread means I won't be posting on this article any more until my next post on this article.

Now, I'M OFF THIS THREAD. GET IT, off thiS thread


Conspirator , 12/5/12 4:29 PM

got it

so by that definition (and I checked with the Longman's, the Oxford, Toronto's Dictionary of Old English, Cobuild, the Online Etymology Dictionary, and a few other fine glossaries) we are ALL off EVERY thread at ALL time. Except in those brief moments of folly when we are reading one of them or posting on one of them. What a relief. I thought I was stuck here like a fly on flypaper. To be held so close yet feel so free. Life is beautiful.


chlorostoma , 12/5/12 4:58 PM


Yep, you got it now.



Conspirator , 12/5/12 5:44 PM

what is the Gaynor match?

RickyDimon , 12/5/12 6:10 PM

^^^ oops #WrongThread

RickyDimon , 12/5/12 6:11 PM


Hey, stop bumping up yer own articles.


Conspirator , 12/5/12 6:29 PM


I have tears running down my face from laughing so hard.

Stop it! You are giving me a stomach ache! LOL!

Nativenewyorker , 12/5/12 10:29 PM

GIGO and arm chair psychology go hand in hand. LOL.

scoretracker , 12/5/12 10:40 PM

yay scoretracker is back... yaywoobazinga

willmw101 , 12/5/12 11:27 PM

wilma, Have you heard voices again telling you to come here? And, have you also seen those racist comments again that are only a figment of your imagination and the mood--altering drugs you're taking? Get a life troll, and GROW UP.

Small minds are amused by idiotic and nonsensical mutterings.

Moderation is absolutely needed.

scoretracker , 12/5/12 11:51 PM


willmw101 , 12/6/12 12:44 AM

Foot in the mouth disease is spreading at an accelerated rate.

scoretracker , 12/6/12 1:39 AM

scoretracker, I thought you said that you were off this thread. Are you on this thread or off this thread. I don't get it.


Conspirator , 12/6/12 2:30 AM

If you don't answer this, I'll take it to mean that you are off this thread. Wait, no, if you DO answer this thread, then I'll assume that you are off this thread since that is what usually happens.

Maybe Ricky could write a blog about how we can tell if you are on this thread or off this thread. That would help me a lot on a go forward basis.

#B utYouGottaLetMeKnow
#ThisIndecisionsBuggi ngMe

Conspirator , 12/6/12 2:50 AM


RickyDimon , 12/6/12 3:11 AM

Let me explain, for anybody bemused by the 'I'm-Off-This-Thread' technique.

1. You you need special glasses to read IOTT comments. Available on e-bay and Amazon for $99.99

2. If you want to comment while your status is IOTT it is necessary to invest in a new keyboard which allows invisible messages to be read by people wearing the special glasses These keyboards are only available through Apple outlets.

IOTT is a more severe form of OTT syndrome

ed251137 , 12/6/12 9:45 AM

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