• Saying goodbye in 2012 part 1: Andy Roddick

    11/30/12 7:42 AM | Ricky Dimon
    Saying goodbye in 2012 part 1: Andy Roddick The 2012 season saw the end of the road for several prominent ATP players. Tennistalk first bids farewell to former world No. 1 Andy Roddick.

    Andy Roddick wasn't exactly contending for Grand Slam titles like Bjorn Borg, but he was still relatively near the top of the game when his retirement announcement came in abrupt fashion during the U.S. Open. Roddick won two of his last seven tournaments, capturing titles on the grass courts of Eastbourne and the hard courts of Atlanta. But the 30-year-old American was not willing to put in 100 percent--as he always did--for the entirety of another year; not when his best was never going to be good enough for the next generation.

    A look back at Roddick's career:

    Career-high ranking: 1
    Grand slam titles: 1
    Grand slam finals: 5
    ATP titles: 32

    Biggest win: 2003 U.S. Open final (d. Juan Carlos Ferrero 6-3, 7-6(2), 6-3)

    Roddick was ranked seventh in the world during the first week of August in 2003. He finished it at No. 1 in the world. The rapid ascension can be attributed mostly to his first and only Grand Slam title. Another rain-delayed U.S. Open allowed Ferrero to face a worn-out Andre Agassi in the semifinals, paving the way for the Spaniard's berth in the final. Although Ferrero climbed to No. 1 following the U.S. Open, he was a heavy underdog on a fast hard court against America's rising star. Roddick took care of business before breaking down in tears after striking a clinching ace.

    Most heartbreaking loss: 2009 Wimbledon final (l. to Roger Federer 5-7, 7-6(6), 7-6(5), 3-6, 16-14)

    Roddick had already finished runner-up to Federer twice at Wimbledon, in 2004 and 2005. His 2009 loss would have been devastating enough even without being cloaked in such a haunting context, but the circumstances made it almost unbearable for even the most conservative of Roddick fans. Leading by a set, the underdog had a sitting backhand volley at 6-5 in the second-set tiebreaker. Roddick botched it, lost his chance to lead by two sets, and eventually went down after a gut-wrenching fifth set that required 30 games to complete.

    Last match: 2012 U.S. Open fourth round (l. to Juan Martin Del Potro 6-7(1), 7-6(4), 6-2, 6-4)

    After announcing his retirement, Roddick scored two emotional wins at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center--site of his greatest triumph. He crushed Bernard Tomic, won a far more entertaining affair with good friend Fabio Fognini, then tried his best for what would have been a minor miracle against Del Potro. Roddick won the first set in a tiebreaker, but after losing the second in another 'breaker, a body that was already breaking down could stand up to an in-form Argentine. Del Potro, who also ended Marat Safin's career in 2009, sent Roddick off into the sunset with a four-set victory.

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"The best bad player ever"...he's the perfect example of how extreme hard work and dedication can lead to almost unparalleled consistency. He could never win majors after 2003, but he was the only person besides Federer to finish the year inside the top 10 for as many years as he did.

ts38 , 12/1/12 3:23 AM

'The best bad player ever'
I agree his game had its limitations: but he was not a bad player. His style was not pretty to watch but his matches were always fun and invariably gripping to watch. Sadly he was a victim of his own serve. He relied too heavily on its pace and speed to the detriment of developing a more all round game.

'He could never win majors after 2003',

This implies he did not have what it takes to win Slams. He never MANAGED to win another Slam. There is a difference. He was much more than a one-trick pony. He was thwarted in 4 finals and 4 SFs by the same man - who happened to be the worst possible match up for him.

Without combing through the statistics, I cant think of another contemporary of his, apart from Hewitt, who came closer to achieving multiple slams.

PS. I know 2 slams count as multiple but both were won before the emergence of Federer who snuffed out many of Hewitt's chances from then on.

ed251137 , 12/1/12 5:41 AM

I actually wrote the best bad player remark in quotes because that's what it was. I believe Andy said that about himself a few years ago. I personally don't believe it, but I do think it shows his colorful and charming personality. It's just my opinion though.

As for the majors comment, that implication was your interpretation. I didn't say he didn't have what it took, that was your inference. It is a shame that in every major final he reached it was always that darn Federer who stopped him.

I never believed for a second he was a one-trick takes more than a serve to win a tournament every year for a decade.

ts38 , 12/1/12 8:04 AM

I have never come across that quote by Roddick. That puts a very different complexion on your comment. And oh dear, the nuances of the conditional tenses.
I would never have responded to the 2nd part of your comment in the way that I did had I not already mis-interpreted your opening sentence.

It is always sad when players who have been a major part of your tennis tapestry leave the circuit. Like many people I had been half expecting his retirement ever since the devastating loss at Wimbledon and was surprised when he soldiered on for as long as he did. Nevertheless, it was a shock when the announcement came even though it was fairly evident he'd lost his appetite for competing some while ago.

ed251137 , 12/1/12 9:37 AM

@Ricky, thanks for writing a nice article on roddick.

Tennis has lost a very electric and eclectic personality in Andy Roddick. He had court presence from the moment he stepped onto the court until the last minute he walked off. He was a fighter and was the backbone of American tennis for over a decade, bringing back the Davis Cup to its home after 12 years.

It's sad he had to be on the tour the same time as Federer. Had he been 5 years younger, I'm positive Andy would have amassed at least 5 slams.

This tennis fan sorely misses Roddick. I wish him well in his radio show and any other endeavors he will prsue. His foundation provides him with immense pleasure.

scoretracker , 12/2/12 3:27 AM

Rod dick beat Murray in Miami Cup at Key Biscayne, Florida.

scoretracker , 12/2/12 4:38 AM

It wasn't just Federer. If it was, Roddick would have been number 2. No , my dear scoretracker, Roddick was good enough to be top 10 but he won a slam in the weak era before Federer started completely dominating. Yeah, if Fed had been 5 years younger, Hewitt and Roddick and maybe a couple of others would have won slams. But darling Fed would not have won more than 6 with the heavy competition from Rafa, Nole and Muzza.
By the way you must be the devil. Conspirator was missing you.

holdserve , 12/2/12 4:49 AM

WARNING: the post:

holdserve, 12/2/12 4:49 AM

is trolling for a reply. Please do not respond. Thank you for your cooperation. This is an automated post. Replies will not be responded to.


Conspirator , 12/2/12 3:11 PM

Conspirator, your hashtags and claims that posters who oppose you are trolls is getting a bit boring. Since you are actually quite smart, why not try some variety instead of the same old old...
I have some good news for you and your partner in "crime" ( crime: Rafa bashing and Fed praising). My Thanksgiving down time is ending today so likely I will not be back for a while to call you out on your "crimes" and your joint trolling. Nevertheless it is sad that you have been reduced to the status of ed's lackey.

holdserve , 12/2/12 4:58 PM

WARNING: the post:

holdserve, 12/2/12 4:58 PM

is trolling for a reply. Please do not respond. Thank you for your cooperation. This is an automated post. Replies will not be responded to.


Conspirator , 12/2/12 5:10 PM

By the way, I wonder how ed and you find so much time to spend here. Ed claims she is 75 and probably retired (though how she has young kids is a mystery) so it is not surprising she has time to troll. But what about you? How do you find so much time to troll? Are you also old and/or retired?
Fortunately the tennis season will start soon and Rafa will return. So with the return of most of the regular posters, it will not be possible for ed to attempt takeover of this site. We can expect some interesting posts instead of trolling attacks from you and ed. After all, it will be difficult for ed to ask so many not to voice their opinions and listen only to her and her cronies.

holdserve , 12/2/12 5:11 PM

So Conspirator, goodbye to your repetitious and hackneyed hashtags and goodbye also (till next year) to the troll- who- would- be- queen-of-tennistalk.

holdserve , 12/2/12 5:16 PM


Can you plzz tell me what is your profession, just i want to know ??..:)

chenna21 , 12/2/12 5:17 PM

chenna21: I can answer that one for you. He took a correspondence course in DIY Medicine, has a Masters in Trolling, and is currently writing his PhD thesis on Flaming Personality Disorder.

ed251137 , 12/2/12 5:51 PM

He's a professional nutbar, like tennisnba.

There is a picture of him next to the definition of FPD.

Have yourself a nice long break holdserve and get well soon.


Conspirator , 12/2/12 6:28 PM

So it's just you and I then from now on.........................

Do you want to be the disser or the praiser?

ed251137 , 12/2/12 7:55 PM

As usual, they turn every thread into a mess, with their adolescent gaffs. GROW UP!!

scoretracker , 12/2/12 11:10 PM

True...all that's missing here is jean complaining about her ex-boyfriend

ts38 , 12/2/12 11:46 PM

Holdserve is a she troll from another tennis website.
#feeling sorry for Nadal fans.(she never quits)

stratocast51 , 12/3/12 12:28 AM

Jean has had a BF? WOW, wonders never cease.

Not a word about Andy Roddick from them, just their usual non-tennis garbage which they write to fool themselves that they blog on a tennis blogsite. Pitiful bunch.

scoretracker , 12/3/12 2:49 AM

Hey, anyone knows the result of Roddick-Almagro exho final?

abhirf , 12/3/12 3:19 AM

Almagro won.

Conspirator , 12/3/12 3:56 AM

routined him

RickyDimon , 12/3/12 5:13 AM

^^They may have only one slam each but it is CLEAR as proverbial crystal that Andy Roddick was a vastly superior player to Andy Murray. In every way!
If a TT mavin & all round genius like Scoretracker says so then I think we all just have to cry into our cheetos and accept it.
He just beat him in a tournament again for gawd sakes!!!
Now that's settled, lets move on to more interesting topics.
Like the sublime talents of Almagro par example!
Dont hide your lights under a bushel babies!

Twinge , 12/3/12 11:20 AM

If Roddick was born five years later, I seriously don't think he would win any slam. He would have not one but three great players to contend with, and he might not even win as many titles. More so if as some claimed, the courts are getting slower. Perhaps he would be better off if he were born five years earlier than his actual birthday; he might have won more slams on quicker courts and with an aging Sampras.

luckystar , 12/3/12 12:46 PM

Roddick did come within a couple of points of winning Wimbledon in 2009 and that match could have gone either way.


Conspirator , 12/3/12 12:58 PM

^^Beating Murray-Lite and taking Rfed to the edge was his last, greatest moment!
he seems like a cool dude also but i did not like the way he bullied the staff on court, a bit brattish really.

Twinge , 12/3/12 1:05 PM

Roddick was never going to win the 2009 Wimbledon final, no matter how close he came. That match was never in doubt.

RickyDimon , 12/3/12 4:21 PM

Twinge, I liked how hard he worked to maximize his potential but he was a bully and quite mean spirited to officials and I never was a fan. I did gain a lot of respect for him in that Wimby final as he almost pulled off the unthinkable. I didn't give him any chance before the match to the point that I almost didn't watch the final (which would have been a first in over 20 years) but I did for tradition's sake - glad I did.

RD, the match was never in doubt only if you were pulling for Roddick (like I was). I think that there was some doubt for Fed and his fans at the time especially when Roddick had four consecutive set points to go up 2 sets to love (but failed) and had double break point at 8-8 in the 5th. Unfortunately, for Andy, after losing to him so many times before, I don't think that he himself had quite enough doubt that Roger would win.


Conspirator , 12/3/12 5:31 PM

If roddick was 5 years or 6 years younger, he would be playing against a tired Federer, just like the other top 3 are doing. Roddick faced Fed during his prime years, and the others were still trying to get their feet wet. Federer's began losing while he had mono and h never has been the same plyer. Thus, Roddick would have been able to capitlize on that aspect of Fed's game.

If Roddick, who was 5 years older than Murray, nadal and Djoker was able to beat them , why wouldn't he do so against them, with that serve and FH he had going for him. His serve began getting weaker due to inuries and he also had to go to an abbreviated serve. Those injuries began creeping into his game after age 25, thus why wouldn't ha have been ablt to beat the other top 4 consistently? At 25 his body was still very strong, thus he could have beaten all of them.

Also, had the courts not been so slowed down, I'm positive he would have make quick work of the other top contenders.
IMO, he was a superb athlete who lost motivation due to the 2009 loss and is now enjoying his down-time.

scoretracker , 12/3/12 7:12 PM

oh hahahahaahhahaahahaha ^^^^^

Twinge , 12/3/12 7:20 PM

Since Rafa's 22nd birthday, Roddick was 1-5 vs Rafa. Murray's 2-1 since his 22nd birthday and Nole wasn't mentally there until late 2010 and won the last two since.


Conspirator , 12/3/12 7:54 PM

Some people really like revisionist history. Did Rafa play against a tired Fed when he came along? What an absolute joke!

Roddick was either unwilling or unable to make changes to his game that would enable him to challenge Fed. All you need to do is see how Rafa handled the challenge of a Fed who was still in his prime in 2007 and 2008. Rafa lost a tough final in the 2007 Wimbledon. He was pretty devastated. But Uncle Toni wouldn't let Rafa drown himself in tears. He encouraged Rafa to work even harder and get better.

We saw a Rafa in the 2008 Wimbledon who was a much improved grass court player. It would take a marathon final, but Rafa finally beat Fed. Something no other player had been able to do! Also Rafa was very mentally tough and never intimidated and afraid of Fed. He believed that he had the game to beat him.

Roddick lost his matches before he even got on the court. He never had the belief that he could beat Fed. That was why he lost that 2009 Wimbledon.

People who make these laughable arguments and try to rewrite history, are beyond pathetic. If you can't handle the truth and reality, then I guess you retreat into fantasy land!

Nativenewyorker , 12/3/12 9:48 PM

haha, the stalking continues, with the lavish criticism, and sarcastic barbs. This thread has suddenly become important albeit it has been up for several days.

It's pathetic and absolutely laughable how some people feel they are crystal ball experts for sure. They know for a fact that Roddick was unwilling and unable to make changes to his game. I suppose that unwillingness made him hire Stefanki. I feel sorry for those who are so wrapped up in hate that they become blinded to the truth and are inadequate in separating truth/fact from fiction. hence their penchant for consulting their crystal balls.

How did Nadal's work ethics come into this? Now who is indulging in revisionist history? What a tribute to dear Rafa for changing his game. I suppose he didn't change it enough coz Djokovic put on a good beatdown on him 7 times in 2011, and again at the AO2012. And, how is it that Roddick was able to beat Nadal in 2010 on HC, oh but that was due to Nadal's knee, and previously he beat both Djokovic and Nadal on Dubai HC to win the title, but let me guess it was a fast HC.

Roddick may have been a brat, but there are many others who keep cursing, banging their heads on their racket and drawing blood. I suppose they are saints. However, he never engaged in gamesmanship, but played to the server's pace and never made excuses for his losses, citing illness, even after he contracted mono in 2010, which is something few can do, ie.e, speak the truth and take their losses like a man. Not to mention the on-court histrionics of several others and their OCD rituals.

Again, one has to be clairvoyant to know Roddick lost several matches because he never had the belief he could beat Fed. He did so in 2003 to end the year No. 1 and he did it this year again, before he retired.

I guess when some have got it out for another, they'll write any nonsense because all it takes is a keyboard, and the fact that they'll be supported by their *friends* no matter what. However, each time it's done it just reaffirms to me the depth of hatred that lurks within by these pitiful characters. It's laughable, just reading a few comments on this thread alone, how much these characters can see others' faults, but they can't see their own.

On cue, now enters, characters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 -- the dream team.

scoretracker , 12/4/12 2:32 AM

..but the three younger guys all were able to beat Fed DURING his prime, ie between 2004-2007, well before Fed got mono. Roddick on the other hand, couldn't even beat Fed when both him and Fed were in their prime. And, when the three younger guys were reaching or had reached their prime, Roddick hardly beat them! Beating them once or twice while losing many times to them didn't convince me that he's good enough to beat them regularly. If the three younger guys were good enough to beat Fed in his prime while they're still teenagers or 20 yo, I think they're good enough to beat Roddick in his prime. The rankings during 2007-2008 said so too..

luckystar , 12/4/12 2:52 AM

I think you are ignoring the matchup problem here too. Roddick was just a bad match for Federer. I don't know if any other player out there had as good of a read on his serve as Roger. Roddick owned Djokovic for a stretch and although I (grudgingly) admit Murray is a more talented player, Roddick was able to get a few big wins here and there against him.
The miami match may have been a fluke, or Fed himself said he was tired from playing so much tennis. But I also think that if Roddick were born 5-6 years later he would still be near the top competing for big tournaments.

ts38 , 12/4/12 3:18 AM

Yes, as I said previously, if Roddick was born 5 years later, he would be facing an older Fed, and could have beaten him more often, coz he would have been using his big serve that he had earlier on, and his great FH. since roddick got injured in rome playing Swawa, and had to stay off the tour for 3 months, his serve has never been the same, nor the FH. Then after that, he contracted mono. Anyone observing roddick's serve, could see he didn't have the same precision and power, and the FH was affected in the same manner.

It was not until Fed began to fade, get older, that Djokovic and Murray were able to beat him repeatedly. However, talking about this is viewed by an authority as revisionist history, laughable arguments, and trying to re-write history. How pathetic.

Nadal was able to beat Fed several times on clay, but not often on HC, that's why the H2H some like to talk about is so off.

scoretracker , 12/4/12 3:43 AM

I think roddick has done well considering he had to have knee surgery very early in his career, and then suffering injuries to his shoulder repeatedly.

He said that he was no longer able to compete in the manner he was accustomed to doing, hence his retirement. I admire him for that, coz why should he be a journeyman, when he knows he's capable of a lot more.

scoretracker , 12/4/12 3:47 AM

Yes but more importantly scoretracker, do you like the song "Never Can Say Good-bye"?


Conspirator , 12/4/12 4:04 AM


Your humor is going to be lost on this humorless piece of work.

Someone who thinks that they know it all and the rest of us are just ignoramuses! What conceit and hubris! I know what happened with Roddick because I watched it for myself. Also, despite the pathetic and erroneous accusations of hate, I actually was a fan of Roddick's earlier in his career. So what would be my motivation for speaking ill of him just for the sake of it? This is what happens when someone brings in all of this utter nonsense without actually reading what a person says.

But then there is always a hidden agenda, isn't there? A person who has zero tolerance for anyone who has the temerity to disagree. Oh I guess this is me just stalking again and tormenting this poor martyred victim! Boo-hoo-hoo! Poor little creature!

I have a right to my opinion. What I said is what I believe to be accurate. It has nothing to do with the lunatic who sees conspiracies around every corner. I know that Roddick teamed up with Stefanki, but precious years of his career had been lost at that time.

If Roddick came long later, if this, if that! It doesn't matter! What does matter is what he did. Maybe Fed was a bad matchup for him. So what! If Roddick was born four or five years later he would have bumped up against Rafa and he wasn't going to beat him consistently!

Nativenewyorker , 12/4/12 4:26 AM

LOL, as if on cue, stalkers 1 and 2 have arrived. The demented lot who have nothing to do and all day to do it in, policing this site with only one purpose in mind, to harass those who don't suck up to them.

GOOD, and I mean really GOOD, not in a nice way, BFs are needed to put a smile on their miserable faces, and keep them busy (the rest I can't write).. And, lots of anti-depressants.

Save your words coz I'm not reading, I see your nicks and I know it's the usual frothing at the mouth.

What a shame you lot are given such privileges of harassing others for absolutely no reason, except to obtain sick laughs, which you dub as humor.

Your purpose and intent is clear, you'll gang up and harass me so that I can either be banned or quit as you have succeeded in doing to all those whom you've sunk your fangs and claws into. May the force be with you.

scoretracker , 12/4/12 5:21 AM

To add, as I stated on the other thread, someone's lookikng for a good ol knockout brawling fight and she's going at it full steam, except she's only talking to herself and her cohorts. bwahahaha.

scoretracker , 12/4/12 5:44 AM

Not true that Rafa couldn't beat Fed on the hard court often. Of course not as often as on clay, but their H2H on hard courts is 5-6 in Fed's favor, so it's not like Rafa couldn't beat Fed on the hard courts, more specifically, it's he not beating Fed on Indoor hard courts.

The first time they met on hard court, in 2004 at Miami, Rafa beat Fed. Next meeting at Miami in 2005, Fed beat Rafa but with difficulties. Third meeting, in 2006 on Dubai fast hard courts, Rafa beat Fed; the same year Fed beat Rafa indoors at TMC Shanghai, so H2H up to that point was 2-2 on hard courts. Fed then beat Rafa again at Shanghai TMC in 2007, and since then, they each won three times against each other. They haven't met on grass since 2008 Wimbledon after Rafa got his win; so Rafa is the only guy who can beat Fed across all surfaces except indoor hard courts.

I think Murray was 1-1 against Fed, after losing in 2005 at Bangkok and winning in 2006 at Cincy, when Murray was still 19 yo. They'd not met since till 2008, first at Dubai, followed by Madrid indoor hard courts, USO and TMC Shanghai, where Murray won three of the four encounters. Murray was/is always leading their H2H, since 2008 and Fed levelled it only at Wimbledon this year, at 8-8. Murray still gained the upper hand in their H2H at 10-9 right now. They're 1-1 on grass and 9-8 on hard courts, they 've never played on clay, maybe Fed may gain the upper hand on clay.

luckystar , 12/4/12 5:54 AM


I am glad that you pointed out that Rafa has beaten Fed on all surfaces except indoor hard court surface. All too often people think it's all about clay, but you posted some good information about his wins against Fed on hard court.

Facts are a good thing when you are countering propaganda.

Nativenewyorker , 12/4/12 6:53 AM

This thread is about saying goodbye to Roddick and it's the reason people were discussing what Roddick did. The fact that some felt Roddick's mind-set and work ethiccs should be compared to that of Nadal's is ludicrous and unimportant but the reason for that is clear. If some feel it's revisionist blah, balh, then discussing Nadal's wins over Fed and his mind-set several years ago is revisionist blah blah also, especially the ifs, if Rafa did this, and that, and if Rafa's foot and knees weren't injured, and if, and if, and if.

This tennis fan is not at all interested in discussing Nadal, and what he did in the past or didn't do. There's a thread for Nadal. Perhaps his expert fans should discuss what he will be doing in the future, hopefully something.

scoretracker , 12/5/12 12:27 AM

On cue ...

scoretracker , 12/5/12 12:30 AM

Nice try but I'm smarter than that and I'm already off this thread, get it???

Conspirator , 12/5/12 12:47 AM

WOW, patrol duty is very efficient. May day, may day, siren just went off, viz: "your troll posts are needed pronto!" On cue .....

scoretracker , 12/5/12 12:59 AM

Question: If C = N, then what is the value of C and what is the value of N? Answer 0, 0 = 0.

scoretracker , 12/5/12 1:07 AM

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