• Champagne all around for new Federer sponsor

    11/30/12 2:39 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Champagne all around for new Federer sponsor Roger Federer has added another luxury sponsor to his rich endorsement portfolio, with the Swiss now the brand ambassador for elite French champagne house Moët & Chandon.

    The upscale maker called the global tennis icon and 17-time Grand Slam champion "with his shining aura of big bold wins and elegant moves, the absolute perfect match for Moët & Chandon, the universal symbol of global success and eternal style."

    The producer of top-shelf bubbly is added to a multi-million-dollar lineup of strictly blue-chip Federer clients including Nike, Wilson racquets, Mercedes-Benz, Gillette, Rolex watches, Credit Suisse, Lindt chocolates and National Suisse among others.

    "It's more than just an honour to be Moët & Chandon's brand ambassador, it's an invitation to be part of a very glamorous tradition," Federer said in a statement as he prepared for a Gillette-sponsored first exhibition tour of Brazil next month, which will also include inaugural appearances in Argentina and Colombia.

    "Moët & Chandon has always been the champagne of international trendsetters and I'm proud to be part of a brand that is as dedicated to the pursuit of excellence as I have been throughout my career."

    Moet has yet to fully reveal plans of how it will put the Federer image to use, but promised an intriguing ad campaign to start in March. The champagne sponsorship roughly matches the Bacardi spirits contract of Rafael Nadal, who also touts online gambling as one of his "sin" sponsors.

    The contract was marked by a series of Federer portraits in Paris shot by famed French photographer Patrick Demarchelier.

    Moet already appears as the official champagne of the ATP World Tour and World Tour Finals in London, the French Open, the Shanghai Rolex Masters, and the US Open. The signing has also been marked by a video:, with an exclusive music track from French DJ Bob Sinclar.

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Federer is slowly turning into a Duty Free


Conspirator , 11/30/12 11:50 PM

PR speak from beginning to end - the M&C publicity material has been copied and pasted in its entirety.


ed251137 , 12/1/12 1:01 AM

Congrats to Fed, for landing another lucrative endorsement. Whether we like it or not, we can't deny he's the most recognizable face of tennis. He's always there, not missing any major tournaments and this is probably why he lands himself with that many big endorsements. It's no wonder why he doesn't wish to retire just yet.

Rafa comes second to Fed where endorsement deals are concerned partly because Rafa has his injury problems. Still, Rafa is doing very well with his portfolio of endorsements and there'll be more to come his way; he's too charismatic not to attract many more lucrative deals.

I hope the other two of the top four are also doing well where endorsements are concerned. They have to make hay while the sun shines.

luckystar , 12/1/12 1:36 PM

^^^ cant agree with you more there. The FEDAL are the most enterprising faces of the game and their facevalue is the one factor carrying tennis globally.

abhirf , 12/1/12 2:57 PM

Fed is lucky he came along in a weak era. Once somebody gets as entrenched as Fed did, it is difficult for anyone else to challenge him as he has become the establishment.
It is to Rafa's credit that he did what Nole and Muzza (though equally talented) could not do during Fed's prime: he overcame the odds of the establishment weighing against him (bad schedules, bad draws), establishment harassing him with excessive doping tests, the media carrying stories of his coaching, taking too much time between points (completely hiding the fact that most tennis players including Nole were taking the same amount of time so it was normal time for the current game), accusations of doping etc. Not to mention the ordeal of facing hostile crowds at RG and not so subtle put downs by Federer ( and media) claiming he was only a clay courter and not worthy to be considered Fed's successor.
Fed is hanging around because he fears that if he retires, Rafa will get all the goodies.

holdserve , 12/1/12 4:49 PM

Fed is hanging around because he loves the game, not coz of any fear of someone of overtaking him in brand endorsements. That is inevitable!

abhirf , 12/1/12 5:08 PM

Oh god this obsession with federer..:)))))))))))))))))))))))))

chenna21 , 12/1/12 5:28 PM

^^^Johan Lindahl, are you listening???

rafaisthebest , 12/1/12 5:32 PM

^^^ Come on, u know whom i am referring to :))

chenna21 , 12/1/12 5:34 PM

^^^Oh sorry, my bad, who are you referring to?

rafaisthebest , 12/1/12 5:35 PM

Federer is greatly concerned about endorsements from day 1. He left IMG in a huff in 2004 or 5 because he did not think they got him the endorsements he deserved. He and Mirka decided to manage on their own. After Forstmann took over IMG, he wooed Fed back. We know he backed Fed to the hilt getting him several juicy contracts (and even betting on him to win RG!).
Fed again got dissatisfied with IMG recently and we know he left IMG with Godsick who is now managing Fed. Does it look as if he is hanging around only for love of tennis?

holdserve , 12/1/12 5:37 PM

chenna, this thread is about Fed and sponsorships.

holdserve , 12/1/12 5:39 PM

Love for tennis is definitely topmost. Managing his endorsements takes a back seat.
#not because of fear

abhirf , 12/1/12 5:57 PM

It's ok to state ur opinions but u can't say negative things as if u are having some personal vendetta against him, for god sake at least u can tell some good things about him na.

It's just common that you dislike certain player because you like your favorite player too much but propagating everything negative against another player is not a good thing.

chenna21 , 12/1/12 9:09 PM

Compare Mr. Lindahl's attitude towards Rafa when he got sponsored by Bacardi to Mr.L's attitude towards his beloved Fed now.
Mr. Lindahl: "Rafael Nadal's management may have made the wrong call ..."

Now, when Fed is getting paid for promoting alcoholic beverages, Mr. L is over the moon!
This is an example of biased journalism.

Augustina08 , 12/1/12 9:18 PM


Hahahaha! @Augustina08, you are a gem! Ting.............

Nuff sed...........

rafaisthebest , 12/1/12 9:26 PM

........wonder what this makes Johan Lindahl? A columnist? A writer? Journalist? Sensationalist? Deluded fan? Garbage peddlar?

Wonder who he is a fan of?

Did he have a hand in having Rafa's face on the Oz 2013 ice-cream van?

Weighty, weighty matters.....................

rafaisthebest , 12/1/12 9:38 PM

Nah......................No need to be a writer of any kind at all. All that's needed is a good cutting agency to feed news items flagged #tennis or #Federer, Google Translate, and how to cut and paste into a Word document. It helps if you can make the time to proof check for any howlers before hitting the 'Send' button but this is by no means essential,


ed251137 , 12/1/12 10:52 PM

abhirf, how do you know managing endorsements takes a back seat? Why when he should have focused on tennis, he left IMG ( early career) and tried to manage it himself? The chap is greedy for endorsements. He was not satisfied with having more endorsements than the other three combined and again left IMG this year and has now perhaps succeeded in getting the champagne deal.
After not having won any slams for two years and slipped to number 3, he knew his bargaining power was falling. Maybe he needed to win a slam and get back to no. 1 to get some more juicy contracts and that might have led to the desperate cakewalk draws.

holdserve , 12/2/12 1:33 AM

^^ all you have made clear through your posts is Fed's concern and management of his finances. That is true for every elite athlete out there. Didn't Novak changed his sponsors few months back as he felt he was not getting the amount he deserved. Does that mean he loves endorsements more than the game? Is it wrong to make hay while one can.
Fed will eventually run out endorsements. That is inevitable.
But, for him to continue playing full tour even at the age of 30 , even after being on the tour for around 12 years, he needs to have great motivation to even play which he derives from his love and passion for the game of tennis.

abhirf , 12/2/12 4:17 AM

^ sorry, some corrections in my above post:
''eventually run out of endorsements.''
'' at age of 30+''

abhirf , 12/2/12 4:23 AM

Personally I think it is his obsession with money and glory and not love of tennis. Tennis is only the means. The guy is too much in love with himself to love anything else.

holdserve , 12/2/12 4:36 AM

You are entitled to have your opinions. That is your personal feeling that he loves money (how can he if he really loves himself so much).
I'll stick with my opinion :)

abhirf , 12/2/12 5:04 AM

Money and titles add to his image, that's why his obsession for them is an extension of his love for himself.

holdserve , 12/2/12 5:50 AM

Fed has earnt the right to do what ever he wants. He get's the biggest deals because he is still the biggest name in tennis. If he makes lots of extra money and gives it to his foundation that can only be a good thing for everyone. Long may he continue, the sport will be lost without him.

brothdog , 12/2/12 9:15 AM

Sport will be lost? The best thing that can happen to tennis right now is if he retires. If he had loved tennis only, it is true that his retirement would have been a loss. But big money being center stage means inevitable manipulations by big money so his continuance in the sport is a bad thing for tennis. Especially as it is going on too long. Virtually all his contemporaries are retired or semi retired. Time he went off into the sunset instead of spoiling his legacy.

holdserve , 12/2/12 2:17 PM


Conspirator , 12/2/12 3:05 PM

His real legacy will be that, when he leaves, tennis will be in a better state than when he arrived. Like it or not he is the figurehead and the star who brings money rolling in and has helped raise the profile of tennis worldwide. And we are the ones who benefit from greater TV coverage which allows us to follow tennis all year round.

But it takes two to tango. Without the hypnotic power of the Fedal rivalry dating back to 2005 it might have been a different story. Rafa is by far and away the most charismatic player on the tour but his net worth still lags behind that of Roger.

As does that of Djokovic who is a superstar in his own country but in spite of his record breaking 2011 season and No.1 ranking still lags way behind the other two in earning power. His net worth is actually less than that of Andy Murray whose earning potential will now have risen in leaps and bounds but, bless his heart, will never be the rockstar of tennis.

However good the new generation of future champions may be there is still no-one on the horizon who comes near to promising the excitement of the Fedal era.

Tennis will not be lost without Federer but it will be the poorer, in more ways than one.

ed251137 , 12/2/12 3:59 PM

^^^ well said!

abhirf , 12/2/12 4:19 PM

Yes nice one ed.

Here is Fed's statement... /


Conspirator , 12/2/12 4:27 PM

Hey Conspirator, did you not say tennisnba had called you to demand her tinfoil hat back? How come you are still hanging on to it? tut tut! Apparently your Mom never taught you the difference between meum and tuum. Also some good principles like loyalty.

holdserve , 12/2/12 4:34 PM

ed speaks. The King is above the law and ed is above the narrow demands of fandom and hence can say anything about anyone i.e. diss Rafa or praise Fed.

holdserve , 12/2/12 4:37 PM

Conspirator, your hashtags were nice when first introduced, now their repeitious use is jarring. Broken record, to use your own phrase. You and ed make a good pair supporting each other in your treachery to Rafa.

holdserve , 12/2/12 4:40 PM

You seriously need to chill out, and stop taking things so seriously...

tj600 , 12/2/12 4:42 PM

holdserve, try writing about Rafa once in a while. You know, the player who you claim to be such a fan of?


Conspirator , 12/2/12 5:07 PM

@4:37 PM: It may come as a surprise to you Holdserve, the master of logical discourse, that it is possible to see and embrace flaws in people you care about: and to admire the good qualities in people you might not even like.


ed251137 , 12/2/12 5:32 PM

It would be a boring game to watch if Rafa didn't have Fed, Murray and Nole to challenge him or if they didn't bring different styles and personalities to the table warts and all.

That's why the men's game for me was so dull in the weak era. I probably would have been bored if it was Rafa instead of Fed from 2003-2006 with no one to challenge him.


Conspirator , 12/2/12 6:20 PM

I have just been re-reading a blog Cheryl wrote early in 2009 entitled Nadal and Federer The Cornerstone of Tennis which is relevant to the discussion taking place on this thread and is fascinating to read with the benefit of hindsight.

Two things struck me when glancing down the comments. The first was the generosity towards both men from rival fans. The second was the complete absence of the anticipated slanging matches.

Warning: Sensitive Nole fans might find some sections upsetting.

ed251137 , 12/2/12 7:39 PM

@Conspirator, 12/2/12 6:20 PM
__It would be a boring game to watch if Rafa didn't have Fed, Murray and Nole to challenge him...__

Rafa is never boring for me, no matter who is his opponent. I hardly notice his opponents on the court.

Fed is so boring that I don't want to watch him at all. The last his match I saw was the French Open SF Fed vs. Djokovic. I watched it because I wanted to see Rafa's next opponent. What an awfully dull and boring match it was!

Augustina08 , 12/2/12 7:45 PM

True enough. I'm pretty tense watching Rafa in any round and you're right that he's always interesting to watch. But I don't think my interest would be as high if I didn't think there would be the potential for the classic matchups in the later rounds.


Conspirator , 12/2/12 8:04 PM

I enjoyed the fed Nole FO sf. Thought that there was some great tennis. Nole battling back from two breaks down was impressive.


Conspirator , 12/2/12 8:08 PM

I enjoyed fed nole wimby sf after that FO semis revenge by old fed from young #1 was impressive.


mani4Tennis , 12/2/12 8:29 PM

@ed251137, 12/2/12 7:39 PM
_a blog Cheryl wrote early in 2009_
_The first was the generosity towards both men from rival fans_

But, the more Rafa won, the more Fedfans disliked him.

Augustina08 , 12/2/12 8:37 PM

The weather was 'rigged' and the roof was closed (as it was in the final vs Murray) making it an indoor slam enabling Fed to win. Also Nole wasn't well and never really showed up. That said, still an impressive slam win for the old fart.

Wasn't as good as the FO sf.


Conspirator , 12/2/12 9:06 PM

ed251137, 12/2/12 3:59 PM,

I share these sentiments. I have always loved watching Rafa and Fed play. I love their contrasting styles. They seem to bring out the best in each other. Think about that 2008 Wimbledon final! Everyone was riveted on this epic battle that lasted over a few rain delays and finally concluded in darkness.

I can respect and appreciate Fed's accomplishments, as I have done so for past champions of this sport. Rafa has spoken many times of his admiration for Fed. So why can't his fans express those feelings? I also think that Fed presented a challenge to Rafa. One that he embraced. Rafa pushed himself to get even better. He was never awed by Fed on the court. He was never defeated before he took the court in any match with Fed. Rafa was different from everyone else in not being intimidated by Fed.

When Rafa lost the 2007 Wimbledon final, we know that he was devastated. But he didn't give up. He worked even harder and in 2008, we saw a Rafa who had improved his grass game.

Fed and Rafa are part of tennis history. They are one of many great rivalries in this sport. Perhaps the greatest rivalry of them all. I can celebrate their great matches and the gifts both men possess and it does not make me one bit less of a Rafa fan!

Nativenewyorker , 12/2/12 10:28 PM



#WTF-Roof who won?


mani4Tennis , 12/2/12 10:50 PM

If Fed fans were to speak such garbage of Nadal, WWIII would break out.

scoretracker , 12/2/12 10:56 PM

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