• Fish to get back in the swim at Auckland

    11/27/12 2:30 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Fish to get back in the swim at Auckland Mardy Fish is planning a January return to tennis after his 2012 heart-scare incidents, with the American now planning to make a comeback in Auckland on the ATP in the run-up to the Australian Open.

    The 30-year-old who spent last season dealing with an accelerated heartbeat syndrome, last played at the US Open, where he pulled out before a fourth-round match with Roger Federer citing his health concerns.

    The world No. 27, who once stood seventh in the world in 2011, is hoping to start re-adjusting to the game. Auckland officials who just lost a major sponsor, are glad to put a recognizable name in their draw.

    "Last year he was playing in the ATP World Tour finals after a great season. Funnily enough Mardy lost in 2007 to the eventual champion David Ferrer in the semifinals," tournament director Karl Budge told local media.

    "He’s an all court player with a strong net game, which will certainly add variety to an event normally dominated by the baseliners."

    Fish had reportedly been due to play in last weekend's Challenge of the Continents exhibition in Singapore, also featuring Janko Tipsarevic and Kei Nishikori. But due to a miscommunication from one side or the other, his team said he had never been scheduled for that exho payday in the city-state.

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Fish has already WDed from Auckland

not good!

RickyDimon , 11/28/12 3:39 PM

Fish is done. I don't think he is ever again going to be top 10. A person who feels insecure about his heart can never play at his best.
When Rafa feels insecure about his knee or foot, he has said how difficult it is to play as he cannot go all out fearing permanent damage.
An elite athlete playing at an elite level is not aware of his body or its limitations. If he is aware, then he is not elite or he is not playing at an elite level.

holdserve , 11/28/12 3:52 PM

certainly never again Top 10. No way.

But hopefully he can just come back and be a solid performer on tour.

RickyDimon , 11/28/12 4:13 PM

Fish has scaled back even further pulling out of AO.

James Blake is Ricky's dark horse pick for AO now.

Conspirator , 11/28/12 9:00 PM

Started well. Faltered. Made a come-back. Too late now.

At least Mardy had the satisfaction of showing what he was capable of with a great run through 2010 into 2011. Rather like Melzer, who is 6 months younger, and also hit his stride at about the same time. And both had more success in doubles than in singles - begging the question is it possible to succeed in both disciplines simultaneously? Or is it one or the other?

ed251137 , 11/29/12 12:01 AM

looks like Conspirator did some research on the term "darkhourse"!!!



#Li veAndLearn


RickyDimon , 11/29/12 5:33 AM

Conspirator: lol.

His name is a rich source for puns. My favourite was a lone voice calling to Rafa at the USO '.........Go on, batter the fish'

ed251137 , 11/29/12 10:09 AM

A tip for Ricky on your predictions next year. Sell Blake and Isner.


Conspirator , 11/29/12 1:15 PM

my advice to myself as to make predictions as good as I did this year


RickyDimon , 11/29/12 4:35 PM

Isner Top 8, Swiss to take out US in DC 3-0, Nole over Nadal in Monte Carlo, Blake over Raonic at USO, Djokovic over Nadal in Madrid, Fed to win Gold, Monaco over Delpo at USO, Baker over Tipsy at USO, Fed to win USO


Conspirator , 11/29/12 9:09 PM

Haas over Ferru at the USO!



Conspirator , 11/29/12 9:29 PM

Fish is fin-nished.


Conspirator , 11/30/12 3:40 PM

Conspirator's puns have a
and we are

deuce , 11/30/12 5:38 PM

Deuce, now you''re just baiting me.

# ChannelingMyInnerPseudoFed

Conspirator , 11/30/12 6:00 PM

Just doing it for the halibut now.

Oh for cod's hake, I can't stop!

Conspirator , 11/30/12 6:04 PM


#Rafa'sFlexing HisMussels
#Muzza'sPracticingMulletBackha nd


ed251137 , 11/30/12 6:41 PM

Shell we end this now?


Conspirator , 11/30/12 7:34 PM

I can't seem to stop! I need some serious kelp! Maybe it would be bet if you just tuna me out!


Conspirator , 11/30/12 7:52 PM

the fact that you can remember every single one of my missed predictions throughout all of 2012 makes my point for me


RickyDimon , 11/30/12 8:21 PM

Hey Ricky, Skip Bayless called. He wants his delusions of grandeur back.


Conspirator , 11/30/12 8:31 PM

"remember every single one of my missed predictions throughout all of 2012"

um, no, that was just the tip of the iceberg. And a cursory glance of your blogs is all that was required. They are all available on your blog page - warts and all!

I can barely remember my own name these days.


Conspirator , 11/30/12 8:39 PM

But seriously! Haas over Ferru and Blake over Raonic????



Conspirator , 11/30/12 8:51 PM


ps why does anyone care about a third-round US Open match?


RickyDimon , 11/30/12 9:28 PM

picking Haas to win any match in 2012 was a smart move


RickyDimon , 11/30/12 9:29 PM

I don't know why he swallowed the fly...............but Conspirator's hook is stuck in Ricky's gullet............ and that fly is wriggling and jiggling and tickling inside him.

ed251137 , 11/30/12 10:47 PM

Ricky is:
Conspirator has
ed and I are:

deuce , 12/1/12 7:45 AM

Just caught up with your last entry. Bravo. Im running out of ideas :-(

Ricky still
Andy needs to practise

ed251137 , 12/1/12 8:25 PM

All 4 slams split, Djokovic Aussie, Nadal French, Federer and Murray splitting Wimbledon and the US Open.


RickyDimon , 12/1/12 8:32 PM

Other than the Fed slam in 2013, I agree with RickyDee. As great as he is and even though I wouldn't be shocked if he wins one, I can't make him a favourite in any slam at 32 years of age regardless of draws or schedules. He is always difficult to beat but I think with today's field, someone will get him along the way.

Trying to remember my picks from the other day:
AO: Nole
FO: Rafa
Wimby: Muzz
USO: Delpo

Ok, Delpo is now my "dark horse" pick for AO. Is Delpo dark enough for ya, Dr. Dee?

Mardy is my "seahorse" pick.


Conspirator , 12/1/12 8:57 PM

Current ATP-rankings

1. Djokovic 12 500 pts
2. Murray 8 750 pts
3. Federer 8 670 pts
4. Ferrer 6 970 pts
5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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