• Simon says jury still out on Jerzy

    11/4/12 8:46 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Simon says jury still out on Jerzy Paris Masters miracle man Jerzy Janowicz is starting to impress his fellow ATP pros after his run to glory this week at the Bercy arena from a qualifying start.

    But beaten semifinalist Gilles Simon, a battle-hardened campaigner, believes that the jury is still out on whether Janowicz is a one-hit wonder or a genuine contender.

    The 21-year-old, whose ranking stood outside the top 200 at the start of the season, has climbed into the top 30 and could be looking at an Australian Open seeding. Last January, Janowicz couldn't even afford to fly to Melbourne for Australian Open qualifying, a problem he is unlikely to face in the future.

    Already, the Pole has done better than Czech Lukas Rosol, who beat Rafael Nadal in the Wimbledon second round but then fell at the next hurdle. Janowizc cut through the field in Paris, knocking off top 10 opponents Andy Murray and Janko Tipsarevic as well as Marin Cilic, and Simon.

    "He can play very well, he showed that this week," said the 20th-ranked Simon, "When he's confident, he's able to beat very good players. Even better than that since he beat Andy Murray.

    "But it's difficult to make a general judgment on just one tournament. I would like to see him play outdoors with wind and sun and everything. I would like to see if he can be precise and play all his shots on the line as he does indoors.

    "But we know now that when he's confident and when he starts off well, nothing can stop him."

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I . Time will tell.

nadline , 11/4/12 8:57 PM

Simon is right we shouldn't get carried away with just 1 good tournament Janowicz still has to prove that he can be good week in week out on different surfaces.

tennis2011 , 11/4/12 9:56 PM

I believe in a "wait and see" attitude. Jerzy has certainly gotten everyone's attention with his performance in Paris. He has talent and real potential. Now we have to watch and see what happens next. At the very least, hopefully he will have his chance to be in more tournaments.

It's always exciting to see another young player break out. But I am always somewhat skeptical about the long-term prospects. We have to see how he plays on different surfaces consistently.

At least now Jerzy will have a chance to play in a slam. His result in Paris will open up more opportunities for him and that's a good thing!

Nativenewyorker , 11/4/12 10:30 PM

Jerzy Janowicz is turning 22 years old on November 13. Hopefully, he will soon be as good as Argentina's Juan Martin Del Potro, who defeated Federer in the US Open final before the age of 21.

Augustina08 , 11/4/12 11:24 PM

Jerzy J played as if he was younger and less mature than a 22 year old today.He didn't sense that Ferrer was quite nervous in the first set.He also panicked on several shots when he actually had plenty of time.The worst was when he jumped in the air for no reason to hit an otherwise easy forehand.

stratocast51 , 11/5/12 3:01 AM

He's still inexperienced in the main tour, give him some time to get used to the week in week out tough competition and he'll soon get used to it and becomes more experienced. I like this guy and also Goffin among the new comers, now that Tomic has become 'the lazy boy' and keeps getting into troubles. Dimitrov has beautiful strokes but not the tactical brain to progress up the rankings at the moment. Dolgo is inconsistent, depending on his mood and Raonic is still learning not to be too one dimensional. Janowicz and Goffin are the two most watchable and promising youngsters at the moment.

luckystar , 11/5/12 3:31 AM

simon got rosoled.

rfzr , 11/5/12 6:24 AM

^^^^no prizes for guessing who's the Tour's rock star, everything on Tour gets referenced to him.

rafaisthebest , 11/5/12 7:29 AM

Got to agree with RITB, that in victory or defeat, the Rock Star remains the Rock Star, for everyone can't get over him and has to mention him or things related to him always. There's certainly no doubt who's the Rock Star in tennis! Even detractors can't get over him!! Well done our Rock Star!!

luckystar , 11/5/12 7:59 AM

Janowicz has to do something big at a tournament that the Big 4 actually care about

THEN he will prove to be the real deal

RickyDimon , 11/5/12 8:27 AM

watching janowicz' prowess last week was great fun in all respects. no buts. good luck in the future.

croc , 11/5/12 10:34 AM

I remember when Raonic first came on the scene and many were very excited that he was the new Sampras. I got lambasted when I said, to me, he was one dimensional. I don't think Jano is one dimensional, but I don't think he's there yet.

I believe Murray lost concentration and allowed losing the 2nd set to get to him. Janko and Simon played the giant killer and were nervous throughout their matches which gave Jano a lot of confidence and he was able to loosen up and hit his shots freely; but Ferrer is not an easy player to put away by anybody.

It remains to be seen how JJ will cope if he has a run of losses. His bank manager will be pleased though. I feel that players who don't get their hospitality laid on for them should be paid expenses to take part in tournaments. It is ludicrous that a handful of players, including my hero, get the red carpet laid out for them whilst some players can't even afford the fare to get to tournaments.

nadline , 11/5/12 10:38 AM

^^^trouble is paying newcomers' expenses blunts their hunger to win. Suffering is good for the soul, ask Rafa.............................

rafaisthebest , 11/5/12 10:42 AM

I think Ricky was right in his comment @ 8:27 AM. That has been my feeling all along. I don't want to rain on this guy's parade, but the simple fact is that the top players weren't focused on this tournament. It's hard when the big end of the year tournament is the very next week! So they weren't putting in maximum effort.

I am saying that Jerzy had some luck here. I tend to be a bit skeptical every time a player is anointed as the "next best thing" in tennis. The kid's got game, but now we have to see what happens down the road. That will tell us if he has real staying power.

Nativenewyorker , 11/5/12 10:47 AM

Uncle Toni's wisdom"

"Toni has often expressed also about the millionaire earnings that some tennis players have compared to other ones. It?s indeed an always current topic the redistribution of the money- prize of tournaments, above all regarding the Slams, in which the scissor between who wins the tournament and who lose during the first rounds it?s always very wide: ? If they pay them so much, certainly it doesn?t reward the big job that also the others do. But it doesn?t surprise me that who has more talent is payed more than others. It?s proportionated to how much the player contributes to the sport wellness.? has-to-be-appreciated-articolo6852.html]\

rafaisthebest , 11/5/12 10:51 AM

As far as prize money goes, there ought to be a wide gap between the winner of the title and those who go out in the first round and so on. What I'm saying is, expecting players to pay their own expenses to go to a mandatory tournament, as slams are for the top 100, is not right, especially as they get next to nothing in prize money on the challenger circuit and very few points, so they have to travel a hell of a lot to loads of challenger tournaments to amass enough points to get into the top 100 which enables them direct access to slams.

It's a cleft twenty-two situation. If they are serious about being pros, they will want to move up the rankings, but most of them just haven't got the money to enable them to do so. I think the top players do deserve to be pampered because they've earned it, but something should be done for the others.

nadline , 11/5/12 11:08 AM

In his book, Rafa says some of the hotels he's been put up in at tournaments are so ridiculously ostentacious it makes him laugh.

nadline , 11/5/12 11:10 AM

I hear you, nadline, and I sympathise with your sentiments. It's a shame that some really good players cannot make tournies because they cannot afford the fares! The question: how to assist them financially without blunting their hunger for success...........maybe structure the assistance as a loan, but then what is then what if the player flames out, does not earn enough to pay back the loan?

rafaisthebest , 11/5/12 11:40 AM

JJ COULD be the real deal, but there is simply no way to tell based on the results at one tournament.

No offense meant, but Melanie Oudin had one good tournament too -- and we all know how that turned out.

cherylmurray , 11/5/12 12:38 PM

The LTA sloshes a great deal of money about spoon feeding the small pool of 'promising' British players but so far not one has made it into the top 200 and there are only 4 ranked higher than 300. RITB is spot on - molly coddling can blunt ambition.

Henman is very outspoken on the subject:

ed251137 , 11/5/12 1:22 PM

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