• Jerzy-boy shocked by Bercy

    11/4/12 1:25 AM | Johan Lindahl
    Jerzy-boy shocked by Bercy Polish qualifying surprise Jerzy Janowicz is turning in an unexpected history-making week at the Paris Masters as the ATP moved towards the year-end final in London.

    The world No. 69, who began the season well outside the top 200, reached weekend play through defeats of four top 20 players, including US Open winner Andy Murray and Janko Tipsarevic, both of whom are London-bound.

    "I have played the best tennis of my life," said the stunned winner. "I didn't know actually I can play that good. It's really not easy for me to realize what is going on in my life right now."

    The 6'8'' journeyman was just another big player around the grounds until his sudden breakthrough at the Bercy arena. The 21-year-old, who admits to having problems with his career earlier on, is shocked by the way a week of success changed his life.

    "This is something unbelievable for me and for my family, they were crying after yesterday's match and after today's match," he said upon reaching the semifinals.

    And the performances could pay off on the bottom line for a player how has always struggled financially. "Maybe because of this win I will get some bigger sponsor because I was struggling beginning of this year and last year a little bit with the money.

    "This year I didn't go to Australian Open because I just didn't have money to play this tournament, so I hope after this week my life will change a little bit, and actually it changed already.

    "But I hope I will get some sponsors, and I will try to not think about the money for next year."

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One can't stop wandering why most of the money is for the top players where as journeymen keep struggling. I really feel for this guy as honest as one can be. Cheers for a great final at Bercy. Would like to see more of him in the near future.

newfangkc , 11/4/12 11:16 AM

^^^because the top players:

1. Win matches and hence get and stay at the top;
2. Because they bring in the sponsors;
3. Because the more you win the more you get paid, juts ask Jerzy after his Bercy run. Success breeds success, basic philosophy of life.

In other words: In life, shit rolls down, not up!

rafaisthebest , 11/4/12 11:37 AM

janowicz looks like the boy (zare) in black cat white cat...

croc , 11/5/12 1:44 PM

What other serious professional sport pays the 100th "best" player so poorly? Slams should pay expenses of lower ranked players who qualify for the health of the game. Part of the reason that the average age of the Top 10, 20, whatever is on the rise is because, all else being equal, young athletes are choosing richer sports.

Just another case of the ITF, ATP owners holding all the cards.

The game needs to ensure players like JJ have a competitive chance of making it. He's too much fun to watch.

Top 100 in most other sport are millionaires most of which have their expenses paid. Revenue based yes but currently the owners hold too much of the revenue share.


Conspirator , 11/5/12 2:34 PM

No, Slams should NOT pay expenses of lower ranked players who qualify for the health of the game. Slams should pay players who qualify well enough for them to be able to pay their expenses without stress, for the good of the game.

Let's not advocate a molly-coddling of players. Rather, let the players take responsibility for their lives, like normal adult professionals. Pressure the Slams to share revenues in a formula which recognises the value of the golden geese i.e. the players, not for them to treat the players like children............

Btw, this is what Rafa was advocating when he was on the Players' Council (better revenue sharing) and he was pilloried by everybody, including the President of the Players' Council, Roger Federer himself.

rafaisthebest , 11/5/12 3:00 PM

OK, so they will choose to play football instead where they are "treated like children." There needs to be more financial support in whatever form to the players ranked 50-250 to keep tennis healthy with better distributed revenue sharing or the game will suffer in the longer run.

Young athletes need to see tennis as a realistic profession otherwise they will choose their sport accordingly. The career of an athlete is a short one. Tennis players ranked 100 barely break even after expenses with no post career savings.

You can call it molly-coddling but if I am a raw athlete in my mid-teens with a life ahead of me that includes planning post-career, do I choose tennis if there are other sports with a better revenue share? I don't think so. The tour should consider this as an investment to stay competitive but are too short-sighted to do so.

Players need a union or there will be no change and the average age will continue to rise.

Conspirator , 11/5/12 3:17 PM

Sorry, RTIB I misread your 1st paragraph. Yes, either way, there needs to be a better revenue share.

Conspirator , 11/5/12 3:28 PM

^^^thanks. All I am saying is pay the players well and they will take care of their own expenses and so forth. Football pays its players (including juniors) well, same should happen in tennis. However, I do not think FIFA pays the expenses of every aspiring footballer......

Rather, FIFA has a reasonable revenue sharing system (not perfect) which ensures junior talent is sported early and encouraged to flourish...............

rafaisthebest , 11/5/12 3:45 PM

@Conspirator , 11/5/12 2:34 PM

Completely agree. I have made the same points on another thread. This is probably the main reason why there is a lack of young talent in tennis because, unless you are rich, you cannot afford the cost of competing around the world for pittance.

nadline , 11/5/12 3:54 PM

I think we all agree that players at the bottom end of the ladder need more money in their pockets more prize money would be a start but short of that, their expenses should be met by the ATP.

nadline , 11/5/12 3:59 PM

Unfortunately, the ATP can't even afford to pay its own expenses half the time. This is partially due to the fact that the Grand Slams, which are lucrative, are under ITF jurisdiction, not ATP.

The onus falls on the individual country federations. Unfortunately, the guys from...say....Poland and South Africa aren't getting financial support like the Aussies and Brits do.

The only way for the ATP to help is to try to increase prize money for earlier rounds to help defray the costs of travel.

cherylmurray , 11/5/12 4:04 PM

^^^ or Canada for that matter. I don't see why it should be left to the individual countries. This would not help JJ and others like him for instance. Some ATP tournies, especially the 1000's I'm thinking do quite well.

Again, a players union would help force the ITF and ATP to get their acts together.


Conspirator , 11/5/12 4:08 PM

If it is left to the ATP/ITF to pay the players's expenses:

1. Would you trust them to do the allocations fairly? These are the same guys who cannot put together an effective anti-doping system!
2. Are you going to award Jerzy the same subsidy as Tomic? Perish the thought!
3. Where do you draw the line? I mean, when does the subsidy start/stop?
4. What about players who are sidelined by injury and are not earning much, would they also be considered for a subsidy?

This is why I believe it is best left to individual choices i.e. increase prize money so that the share of earlier round prize money increases and the players make their choices accordingly like any other consumable.

What happens to all the television revenues the Slams and ATP make? Agree the players need to be united and have a strong union to be heard. This is what Rafa was trying to get done but was under-mined by his own peers! But then again are we surprised? These are the same guys who keep voting Federer Sportsman of the Year year in year out.....................


rafaisthebest , 11/5/12 4:22 PM

Conspirator, I don't think you truly understand the ATP financial situation. They've been actively LOSING money for the past few years. They simply don't have the extra to pay travel expenses for...say....Juan Ignacio Chela.

I'm not saying it SHOULD be left to individual countries, I'm saying it HAS to be. The ATP just doesn't have extra money.

cherylmurray , 11/5/12 4:39 PM

Cheryl, I'm talking about the bigger tournaments like Miami, Indian Wells, Monte Carlo. Are you telling me that they are not profitable?

The ITF/ATP need to get their acts together. Look to the NFL for instance...


Conspirator , 11/5/12 5:35 PM

Currently, tennis is a little too much of all tournaments for themselves and all players for themselves.

Tennis is good yes, but it could be better "nourished" as with other professional sports.

Conspirator , 11/5/12 5:39 PM

I think Cheryl has made some important and realistic points. The ATP isn't trying to be mean here. There are financial realities. She also made an excellent point about the slams are under ITF jurisdiction. The ATP isn't making money off them.

Honestly, this has been the reality in the sport of tennis for some time. I don't know why some are so shocked and upset as though this is something new. It has been up to the countries to support their athletes. There are some countries that are able to do this and some that cannot.

In a perfect world, of course the ATP should help the players. But it's not a perfect world and the ATP doesn't have the financial resources to do it.

Nativenewyorker , 11/5/12 8:26 PM

What are those financial realities? Where are the numbers? If the ATP is not profitable, then how does it continue to run? Fact is, some tournaments are much more profitable than others. I know that ITF and ATP are separate financially but that can change if they have a reason to change.

I'm not shocked as this is not new but when the topic comes up, yes it pisses me off that other sports are run much better from a business perspective.

Tennis is a private business period. Yes, sure, governments can assist but I don't think they should be the main driver. Why should they?

The financial realities are that some tournaments are much more profitable than others and that those tournaments need to revenue split with other tournaments and revenue sharing with players needs to increase as have and have not teams do in other professional league sports for the health of the game.

This certainly won't happen on its own which is why, unfortnuately, I believe a players union is required to force their collective hand.

I'll say it again. Currently, tennis is a little too much of all tournaments for themselves and all players for themselves.


Conspirator , 11/5/12 9:51 PM

^^^^you nailed it, @Conspirator, "......all players for themselves". This is why they, the tennis players, are treated like crap by the Tournaments. The tournaments make a lot of money. Television rights alone are lucrative, look at Football. The difference is football is well organised and they negotiate as a block and are able to extract good deals as such.

Tennis? You only have to look at how Fed constantly undermined Rafa everytime Rafa said anything for the common good.............

They deserve their lot................

rafaisthebest , 11/6/12 6:27 AM

The ATP is controlled by Federer. The players don't want to annoy the powerful guy. So they vote him year after year to ensure he doesn't harm them. In primitive societies, the powerful man is to be feared and you are grateful if he doesn't harm you. Like Jehovah. The Father who punishes.
Poor Rafa thought he could speak out but the powerful man showed what he could do by promptly implementing the no longer relevant time between points.
This outdated rule is kept current to ensure most players are at a disadvantage.
Most of the players take more than 20 secs (for GS) and 25 sec (for ATP). Yet ATP does not revise this rule.
The principle behind any rule or law is that it should be possible for the majority to follow it. A rule which doesn't satisfy this principle is in urgent need of change. A rule or law which results in the majority being deemed offenders is abusive and unethical.

holdserve , 11/6/12 2:28 PM

@holdserve.2010 WTF championship match case in point.Nadal had all the momentum after the second set but found he couldn't take his customary 32 second serve preparation time and lost to Federer.Father Federer punishes those who tarry.

stratocast51 , 11/7/12 3:09 AM

Federer controls ATP. So schedules are fixed for him, draws are rigged for him and the outmoded abusive rule is in place to suit Federer so he can have some advantage over Rafa.
Do you think, strato, Federer should be renamed Frauderer?

holdserve , 11/7/12 3:49 AM

No, Rafa didn't have the momentum after the second set; he ran out of steam after fighting back in the second set, hence he lost the last set 6-1. Anyway he didn't take 32 secs between points. He was affected physically by the long and fruitful season that he had that year; he didn't do well traditionally during that period of the season.

luckystar , 11/7/12 4:22 AM

Right now, Jerzy Janowicz is happy that he doesn't have to worry any more about money and his goal is to become a top 10 player.

##Jerzy Janowicz now aims for top 10 ranking.
"I have just become a top-30 player so I think I will not have to worry any more about money and I will have good opportunities to fight for an even better ranking," Janowicz told the media after his Paris result. "I'm going to be seeded in Australia, that is a huge help. In the small ATP tournaments sometimes I will have a bye in the first round.
This is a good opportunity to work even harder and to fight for everything. Maybe one day I will become a top-10 player in the world. At the beginning of this year my goal was to be in the top 100 and suddenly I am in the top 30." ##
[Source: tennisworldusa, Nov.7th]

Augustina08 , 11/7/12 11:14 AM

This Janowicz seems a pleasant and also a realistic guy. I wish him success in his career, and glad that he doesn't worry about funding, at least for now. Hopefully he'll remain a pleasant guy even when he becomes a top player in future.

luckystar , 11/7/12 1:16 PM

Sergiy Stakhovsky ?@Stako_tennis
Hard to understand the ATP decision on Indian Wells ...don't allow tournament to increase their prize money is absurd..


Conspirator , 11/7/12 5:59 PM

^^^^interesting indeed. Would love to hear the ATP's reasons.......

rafaisthebest , 11/7/12 6:12 PM


Conspirator , 11/7/12 6:25 PM

Steph Trudel ?@TrudelSteph
In the Indian Wells/ATP prize money issue, how can Brad Drewett, ATP CEO, abstain from voting to break a 3-3 tie? WTA said yes to $$$
Retweeted by Beyond The Baseline

Ok, maybe I can take an (un?)educated guess. AP has Player and Owner reps. Player reps approve (more pay) and owner reps disapprove (escalating tournament costs to keep up with IW). Brad Drewitt on the fence and staying there.

Say it again, players need a true players union to force this farce to think outside the box.


Conspirator , 11/7/12 6:34 PM

He may not be an unbiased tennis commentator, but he tells it like it is here...


Conspirator , 11/7/12 6:38 PM

Clearly the ATP works in mysterious ways. As in so many businesses, too often expediant short term decisions are made at the expense of long term objectives. The future health of tennis depends on ensuring there is a constant flow of new talent to the game. If embarking on a career as a professional tennis player is no longer viable the pool of talent will quickly dry up. QED


ed251137 , 11/7/12 7:20 PM

Well, this puts to rest the lie that the ATP has no money to pay rising talent. The money is there, what's lacking is the infrastructure to handle it!

I hope those who were saying the ATP needs to pay the expenses of new talent like Jerzy see that this would never work. The ATP is just not the right conduit for this! They need help themselves................

rafaisthebest , 11/7/12 7:28 PM

That was me but I didn't say ATP, I said Slams (ITF). Regardless, what I meant or should have said that a correct Tennis Revenue Sharing structure and proper mgmt. of that structure should ensure that those players who are invited (i.e, have proven their tennis prowess to BE invited) have the financial means to participate.

This is not a lot of players and we are not talking a lot of money compared to total Grand Slam revenues.


Conspirator , 11/7/12 9:11 PM

As I suspected...

If Larry Ellison gave ATP players an extra $$, it would reflect badly on other tournaments. So they vote down a $800k gift. Really?


Conspirator , 11/7/12 10:36 PM

Pretty much sums up the ATP dysfunction...

"If Ellison boosted the Indian Wells prize money, how would that make other events ? most obviously the IMG-owned Miami event the following week ? look? And ? well, actually, there are no other logical reasons why an organization tasked with growing and improving the sport would turn down a volunteer increase in money. Yet, that?s what happened. With IMG?s representative allegedly leading the charge, the three tournament representatives on the board rejected the prize money increase. The ATP?s CEO, Brad Drewett, invertebrately declined to take action. And the measure died."

But Fed doing all the hard work fighting for the little guy...

Federer has been called out by his peers, including his arch-rival Rafael Nadal, for perhaps hewing too closely to his cautious Swiss roots and not pushing hard enough for change. But Federer was not shy in pointing out that in his extended absence due to knee problems, 26-year-old Nadal has been largely MIA from the players' push for a larger share of revenues from the majors.

"Players do look up to Rafa, so it would be nice to see him maybe a bit more engaged," Federer said.


Conspirator , 11/8/12 8:25 PM

When Rafa started making the case for more prize money, mainly for the sake of the lower ranked players, he was accused of being greedy by Fedfans. He resigned from the committee because it was a complete waste of his time because Federer was a road block to change, so what does he expect Rafa to do now?

nadline , 11/8/12 8:39 PM

Federer is a 2-headed snake, he will bite you either way. Thank God Rafa now knows this.

Why should Rafa be engaged? He is no longer on the players' council or doesn't Fed know that. Fed wanted all the glory for himself, let him have it................

rafaisthebest , 11/8/12 8:46 PM

Having feathered his own nest very nicely thank you, and after keeping aloof when the discussion first started, I cant credit Federer has now taken the opportunity during Rafa's enforced absence to accuse him of not making enough effort on behalf of the players. Please.


ed251137 , 11/8/12 9:04 PM

Conspirator , 11/8/12 10:19 PM

@Conspirator, 11/8/12 8:25 PM
__Players do look up to Rafa, so it would be nice to see him maybe a bit more engaged," Federer said__

Fed likes BEING the president of the Players Council, but obviously he's not capable of doing his job ('I used to run away from taking decisions'). That's why he needs Rafa! :D

Augustina08 , 11/8/12 10:51 PM

So Fed does take revenge, heh? So much for winning the Sportsmenship award! What a way to get back at Rafa, when he is injured and not around in the tour. I hope Rafa sees the true colors of Fed and doesn't get too friendly to him in future. Frankly, I don't have much respect for Fed for his behavior; to me it's only his tennis that I've a little bit of respect and admiration. So I admire the tennis played but not the player himself, especially off court.

luckystar , 11/9/12 1:18 AM

I've been seething and spluttering with rage ever since I read his underhand spiteful jibe at Rafa. How dare he stab Rafa in the back like that. Sportsman of the Year my foot. What a way to repay the respect, admiration and friendship Rafa has always shown towards him.


ed251137 , 11/9/12 3:07 AM

Wow! I cannot believe what is going on with Fed! Really? Rafa should be a bit more engaged, like when he is trying to recover from his latest knee injury? When he has been going through treatment and rehab and trying to stay fit and be positive?

This is really a low blow! I complimented Fed on his achievement this year in becoming #1 again and winning his seventh Wimbledon. I can respect him as a tennis player, but not as a person.


Nativenewyorker , 11/9/12 4:47 AM

Don't worry, lucky, Rafa now knows who the real Fed is. He still admires his tennis but his character? Nada..............

rafaisthebest , 11/9/12 6:06 AM

.......and you only have to look at the kind of fans he has, birds of a feather............

rafaisthebest , 11/9/12 6:31 AM

So far...................................


ed251137 , 11/9/12 8:16 AM


Don't jinx it!

Nativenewyorker , 11/9/12 10:34 AM

And you dear NNY are under strict orders not to shoot until you get the command ;-)

ed251137 , 11/9/12 1:05 PM ney-1.1420081#.UJ0zUoYdG_w

Choice quote:

The decision was reportedly taken because the tournament wanted to give more to those losing in the earlier rounds in a contravention of the ATP's rules, but many players are said to be furious about the move and Federer plans to ask questions in a bid to resolve the problem.

?For me, I was a bit surprised to hear that,? Federer said after his win over David Ferrer at the ATP Tour Finals in London on Thursday.

?Obviously, I wasn't in the room when everything went down because it's at the board level, at the CEO level.

?What I can tell you is I will investigate and make sure that the decision they've taken is, indeed, the right one.

?If it's not, then obviously we need to talk about it and what we can do in the future. It's an important issue.?

Way to go, Fed, you are the Prez.........

With Rafa "disengaged" you can wade in, knock some heads together and voila, be the hero! I think they will have to create another award for you.......the Stefan Edberg trophy ain't enough.........

rafaisthebest , 11/9/12 5:51 PM

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2. Murray 8 750 pts
3. Federer 8 670 pts
4. Ferrer 6 970 pts
5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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