• Ferrer outlasts Llodra, Janowicz next

    11/3/12 7:09 PM | Kelli DeMario
    Ferrer outlasts Llodra, Janowicz next World No. 5 David Ferrer advanced to the championship final at the Masters 1000 Paris, upending French hope Michael Llodra in straight sets. The veteran is through to face surprise finalist Jerzy Janowicz in Sunday's title match.

    Fourth seed David Ferrer made the final match in Paris after taking out France's Michael Llodra in straight sets. The 30-year-old Spaniard saved 10 of 11 break point en route to a 7-5, 6-3 victory in an hour and 51 minutes.

    After missing a break point at 4-3, Ferrer went on to hold set point at 6-5. A backhand return winner sealed the set for the Spaniard at 7-5. Ferrer kept the momentum going to lead 4-0 in the second set. Match point came at 5-3 for the world No. 5, who closed the match on a final forehand winner.

    Ferrer ended the semifinal contest with 34 winners and three of seven break points converted.

    He is through to take on first-time Masters 1000 finalist Jerzy Janowicz on Sunday. The qualifier defeated France's Gilles Simon in the semifinals, 6-4, 7-5.

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Thought the first set was really entertaining. However, never thought Llodra would win.
Funnily enough, don't think Llodra ever felt he would either....
Now David meets Goliath.....

deuce , 11/3/12 7:35 PM

geez, Just don't understand why the tall players and big servers are so disliked here. Some here like Cilicc, yet he's 6'6". I suppose coz he's a big server who's not beating top 4 players? Sad, sad, sad!

scoretracker , 11/3/12 7:59 PM

Take it easy, scoretracker, Jerzy has only beaten ONE top 4 player todate. Btw, which other big server out there is beating top 4 players? I don't see any scary big server out there.................all over-rated...

The only people I have seen being hung up on big servers are Fedfans who are still keeping Soderling on a pedestal...........for reasons we all know.

rafaisthebest , 11/3/12 8:10 PM

RITB, DelPo is a big server who has beaten some top players. FYI, not true it's only Fed fans who are hung up on big servers. It's probably only on this site that we see so much angst for them. BTW, why isn't Cilic regarded with such angst? He's 6'6" tall, yes?

scoretracker , 11/3/12 8:41 PM

It's clear here the majority here like 30+ stroke rallies, 30+ seconds between points and 5+ hour matches. Big guys who like quick points are a threat to that. Plus they can see more big guys playing tennis means likely they will dominate in the future no matter how much they slow down the courts.

chr18 , 11/3/12 8:53 PM

Del Potro isnt a big server

RickyDimon , 11/3/12 8:59 PM

@Ricky He's a tall guy, and most of the posters seem to have an intense dislike for the taller guys.

@chr18, after 2 sets of ball bashing/slugfest, I get tired of watching. 5+ hours is waaay too much. A cushion is needed for those long matches at the stadiums.

I prefer watching the tall guys more than someone like Rochus. Give the tall guys a break. They're at a huge disadvantage due to their height and shouldn't be considered such a threat.

scoretracker , 11/3/12 9:08 PM

Speaking of Delpo, he certainly deserves to be praised for defeating Fed last Sundy. Glad, glad, glad!

Augustina08 , 11/3/12 9:19 PM

He's beaten some others en route to the final at USO 2009, at Rome, and the Olympics Bronze. Very happy for DelPo. What a a pity his wrist is so problematic, coz we would see more beatings from him.

scoretracker , 11/3/12 9:28 PM

Right On!!! :) Jerzy Janowicz! Welcome to winning tennis! You "can" do it dude! You can! All the way... C'MON! :)

sky , 11/3/12 9:35 PM

Speaking of the duration of the matches, one tall gay - John Isner, whose height is 6'9" (206 cm) - is especially famous for playing long matches.

Augustina08 , 11/3/12 9:37 PM

^^^Thank you Augustina. Two tall, big servers have played the longest match in history, lasting over 11 hours.

nadline , 11/3/12 9:46 PM

@9:37PM, one tall gay - John Isner. I hope that's a typo?

dunno who're the tall guys that played 11+hours. If you're talking about Mahut, he is not a tall server by any stretch of the imagination. i don't think Isner has played 5-hour 3 set matches..

scoretracker , 11/3/12 10:32 PM

Mahut is a prototypical grass-court player and relatively big server

but no, he's not particularly tall by current tall standards

RickyDimon , 11/3/12 10:42 PM

The only reason Isner has played long matches is 3 of the GS have not adopted 5th set tiebreaks.

chr18 , 11/3/12 11:35 PM

The match in Wimbledon is not Isner's only long match.
The match in Wimbledon (11+ hours) is not Isner's only long match.
In the French Open 2012, Isner's second round match lasted 5 hours and 41 minutes. It is the 10th-longest match ever and the second-longest ever Roland Garros match. Isner lost 7-6, 4-6, 4-6, 6-3, 16-18.

Augustina08 , 11/3/12 11:49 PM

AO2012, longest ever. No so-called big servers, and/or deemed giants played.

dunno why Isner is being singled out in the FO longest matches. He's not the first at FO, that's for sure.

scoretracker , 11/4/12 12:12 AM

Augustina08 , 11/4/12 12:17 AM

The Olympics match did not have a tie-break, which is the reason for it dragging on for so long. 19-17 in the 5th set.Had there been a tie-break it would have ended about an hour sooner. Those are the facts.

Madrid 2009 SF was over 4 hours for a 3 set. that was not a GS match, just an MS.

OK since it's only Fed fans who like tall players. David ferrer is 5'9", Murray is 6'3", Djokovic 6'2". That's a difference in height of 6" and 5" respectivley. It's pretty much the same difference in height for Janowicz and Isner to Murray and Djokovic.

Their fans don't complain when these guys are playing short guys. too much cherry-picking.

scoretracker , 11/4/12 12:43 AM

Again you're pointing out matches that don't have tiebreaks in the deciding set so obviously irrelevant.

chr18 , 11/4/12 12:43 AM

chr18, For a Phd , your false logic does no credit.
The premise outlined by scoretracker is that tall guys end the matches quickly. No, if tiebreaks weren't there, the matches would go on for days perhaps.
So your point is irrelevant.

holdserve , 11/4/12 1:26 AM

Also the Fed fans premise that courts are being continuosly slowed down is not backed by any facts.
At Wimbly, grass was changed in 2001 and no changes thereafter. Grass is a natural surface and subject to temperature, humidity, wear and tear etc and its speed cannot be controlled except by changing the grass or playing indoors with artificial conditions. Even then wear and tear cannot be controlled.
The speed of playing is dependent not just on the friction of the surface but also on the bounce. The style of playing, the increased fitness of the players and above all the modern racket and string technology has made the athletes superfast in retrieving. This is what causes the matches to be longer.
So stop your delusional moaning. At least look up ITF's site on surface speeds which is quite good though not exhaustive.

holdserve , 11/4/12 1:41 AM

Let me simplify it so you can understand: If there were tiebreaks played for every set that reaches 6 games all then the tall guys would not play long matches. Get it? If not too bad.

chr18 , 11/4/12 3:31 AM

Sorry dear chr18, it is too bad you have no logic. when are tiebreaks needed? when the set goes to 6-6. The existence of the tiebreak shortens a match which would otherwise have gone on god knows how long.
How does giants playing tiebreaks so often prove that they end matches quickly? I am sorry for your poor logic. Probably online PhDs have this effect on intellect.

holdserve , 11/4/12 4:57 AM

chr18, the flaw in your reasoning is that you are trying to prove that giants won't play marathon matches if there were tiebreaks in all sets.
But scoretracker's hypothesis was that giants end matches quickly.
Augustine gave a good counterexample to disprove it.
In logic or math, you either prove a hypothesis in the most general case or you disprove it by giving a specific example in which it does not hold. So Augustina disproved scoretracker's hypothesis by giving a specific example.
Your argument is completely irrelevant to prove or disprove scoretracker's hypothesis.
Get it? If you don't get it, then you need to improve your IQ.

holdserve , 11/4/12 5:10 AM

This is one of the siller arguments here. I really wish that some people would stop making generalizations about who thinks what here. It's quite tiresome! I think people here can speak for themselves quite well!

Somehow this topic thread went way off topic. I came here to congratulate Ferrer on a very convincing victory. I think Llodra either didn't have belief after that close first set, or he just had nothing left. Ferrer can take it out of his opponents with his physical style of play.

I think some people don't like tall players with big serves because of their style of play. I think that bashing a big serve and then maybe hitting one forehand and winning the point is boring tennis. I actually like rallies where players have to construct points and think and use strategy.

I think Delpo is a multi-faceted player who has a lot more than a big serve. He is not in the same class as an Isner or Karlovic.

My dislike of big servers has precisely nothing to do with them beating the top four players. The idea that I would base my dislike on whether or not a player is beating the top four, is quite ridiculous. I have reasons which are valid and real for me.

I also get nervous when chr18 presumes to speak for me and others. Who said I or anyone else here liked matches that go over five hours or 30+ stroke rallies?

Nativenewyorker , 11/4/12 5:42 AM

Sorry, I meant to say "sillier" in my previous post!

Nativenewyorker , 11/4/12 5:43 AM

Give the tall guys a break. They're at a huge disadvantage due to their height and shouldn't be considered such a threat.

scoretracker , 11/3/12 9:08 PM

You're having a laugh, aren't you? Give the tall guys a break? It's the not so tall guys who need a break! Being tall gives these guys a serving advantage, just look at how these tall guys rely on their serves: Isner, Jerzy, Cilic, Ivo and on and on and on.....

Personally, I think extraordinary tallness constitutes an unfair advantage, much like "taking sweets"............tall players should be made to serve kneeling.

rafaisthebest , 11/4/12 6:48 AM

Being a "giant" gives tall players a huge advantage, not just in the power they generate but also the trajectory/bounce etc.

deuce , 11/4/12 6:56 AM


I think it's disingenuous for anyone to pretend that the tall players don't have a big advantage in being able to bang aces all over the place. Well said!

Nativenewyorker , 11/4/12 7:09 AM

Actually that Olympics match between Fed and Delpo was a best of three sets match. Only the Olympics final is a best of five. Also there're tiebreak sets which went the distance too, if I'm not wrong there's a Borg/John Mac Wimbledon match where one of the sets went the distance in tiebreak. So, even with tiebreaks, the set(s) can go on for a long time too, so best of three with three long tiebreakers would end up a long match!

luckystar , 11/4/12 7:20 AM

Being above the average height (6'1" for the top 10 players as at Feb 2012) is only an advantage when a powerful serve is backed up by a complete game.

Nobody has mentioned Berdych who is barely an inch shorter than delPotro. This is because he has very good movement, a powerful physique, and is not reliant on his serve alone.

The same applies to Jerzy. He does not have the typical physique of the other giants. Watching him this week one was scarcely aware of his extra inches - again because his game is much more than just a formidable serve and his movement is exceptional for a man of his height and he has a well developed tennis intelligence which he uses to good effect.

ed251137 , 11/4/12 10:45 AM

I hope Ferru goes all out for the win, then withdraws from the WTF, and goes all out for Davis Cup........................

rafaisthebest , 11/4/12 11:01 AM

Oh crumbs. I'd forgotten about the upcoming DC.

ed251137 , 11/4/12 11:19 AM

It's not fair, ed251137, Ferru is not a machine. How can he be expected to perform at a high level at the WTF, and then the DC, after a Masters 1000 final? Something's wrong in the world of tennis............

The players' council president is already being massaged in his fancy dressing room in London, think he gives a toss about Daveed' plight? Nope, let him eat Lindt chocolate is more like what's on his mind..............

rafaisthebest , 11/4/12 11:31 AM

I've justed posted on this subject on 'Something about Federer'.

The October/November scheduling is a complete farce. Something has to give.

ed251137 , 11/4/12 12:07 PM

I'm sorry but there's no help for you. Where did I say I was trying to prove anybody else's hypothesis? Remember this rule : When you ASSUME you make an ASS of U not ME.

chr18 , 11/4/12 1:24 PM

Ed I remember Andy saying, after he last beat Karlovic that his wrists were hurting because K hits the ball so hard.

deuce , 11/4/12 1:42 PM

chr18, don't worry everybody can see who is the ass.
If you weren't trying to prove someone else's hypothesis then why were you claiming that Augustina's examples given to counteract scoretracker's hypothesis were irrelevant?
I think you claimed that you have a job and also that your wife and kids had left you because you were always on the computer. From these two statements, another poster deduced that your job was posting in this forum.
Unlike you I don't have that luxury so I cannot waste any more time trying to make you understand simple logic when you so obviously cannot.

holdserve , 11/4/12 2:40 PM

My wife and kids are right here with me fyi. I'm going to forgive you for that. I know it must be upsetting to see Nadal on the way to losing his top 4 status and become the Spanish #2 shortly.

chr18 , 11/4/12 6:16 PM

^^^you don't get it, do you? Rafans are not as obsessed with Rafa as you are. While you follow his every move hoping for misfortune to befall him, we are just happy that he is a happy, grounded young man who has a lot more to offer to the tennis world.

Vamos Rafa!!

rafaisthebest , 11/4/12 6:40 PM

Only a fool will not understand that when someone only plays half a season they cannot expect to hang on to their ranking. Rafa will be back to kick $** soon.

nadline , 11/4/12 9:02 PM

More and more I see that it's such a waste of time trying to discuss anything.

There's the usual nastiness and collaboration, by one who thinks she can read other people's minds, which is used to hurl the usual insults, such as 'disingenious', and 'pretend'.

If there's anyone pretending here it's those who feel that a big serve is all that's needed to win a tournament. If that were the case, why hasn't Karlovic won more titles? Going by some arguments, I would think all he and other big servers had to do would be to just bang aces and win tournament after tournament.

As Fed has shown, and now Djokovic, that a good all-rounded player can block back those aces, and make them ineffective. Hence, why should these big servers be considered so very, very dangerous, for Murray, since it's his fan who keeps harping on the big servers being a problem?

The one who agrees, doesn't surprise me at all, coz she'll disagree with anything I say, as it provides the opportunity for her to engage in using the usual insults, to try to show me up. However, it's herself she's showing up, coz anyone with two bits of brain cells can see through the usual onslaught of nastiness that ensues after every one of my comments on a topic.. I'd be surprised if she were to ever let an pportunity pass by. That would be miracles of miracles.

@holdserve, you are way below contempt. Not only have you twisted my words, but you've gone further than that with your ridiculous assertions and doing the usual, insulting Fed and his fans.

These disgusting references will never stop until ALL Fed fans who dare to challenge his detractors are gone.

It's sad that you and all others have to degrade another's education. Which makes me think that you're jealous and/or downright lacking in your own personal life success and/or academic achievements. wouldn't some just love to have a PhD, or an MSx2, BS, on their list of academics.

Why is it that anyone's education has to be so demeaned? It's pathetic that some of you go after chr18 casting aspersions on his personal life and education. Why?Is that talking tennis?

I'm off this thread and that's it for me. I know the queen of insults and crystal ball expert will have her usual comeback with more insults and lies to cement her argument. More power to her, coz it will fall on deaf ears. She lives and thrives on these moments, which is to degrade Fed and his fans. Never does she let an opportunity go by to engage in her usual baseless and expected putdowns.

Yeah big servers only bang aces, and they are bigggg threat . bwahahaha.

On my comment on Delpo and Fed's SF match going to the 5th set, I meant third set, which went 19-17. I saw it after I hit send. However, the meaning is clear, had there been a tie-break in that set, the match would NOT have lasted over 4+ hours, of that I'm certain. Wimbledon and 2 other GS committees have some stupid rules on 5th set matches, and if anything the Isner/Mahut match did, was to demonstrate that Wimbledon and other GS tournaments, should have a 5th set tie-break.

scoretracker , 11/4/12 10:23 PM


Another self-serving pompous, pious rant from the champion of same!

Oh and it's "disingenuous"! At least if you are going to quote the words I use, spell them correctly! It's too bad that you think the world revolves around little old you! What I say has nothing to do with what you say or think here. But this ongoing paranoia that my comments are somehow directed at you, is a kind of megalomania that is really over the top!

I am fed up with being described in such personal and distasteful terms. However, it is a reflection of this person's obsession.

So here we go with promises to leave this thread! Promises, promises! How often have we had to read the same thing over and over again.

Also, someone doesn't do their reading. Or did you happen to miss my comment on another topic thread about Fed? How convenient! The one where I praised him for his accomplishment in regaining the #1 ranking and winning his seventh Wimbledon?

The next time you try to characterize me as someone who degrades Fed, be sure you read what I have said about him! Because that post will totally destroy your nonsensical and petty argument that I am going after Fed.

This idea that someone here gets to tell the rest of us how educated or uneducated we are, is hilarious! Just because I don't post my resume or my degree information, doesn't mean that someone here is free to cast aspersions on my level of education.

Don't make assumptions about people's education and success when you don't have a clue!

Nativenewyorker , 11/4/12 10:44 PM

@scoretracker, how was your trip? That was a short one, no? I forgot to add this to the list I suggested to you earlier. You may want to take it on board:

- Refrain from making constant threats/promises to leave, you cast yourself as an impetuous, spoilt child who is only comfortable getting his own way with this behaviour.

You say (again) you are off this thread: have a nice break! Adios, goodbye, arrivederci!


rafaisthebest , 11/5/12 6:05 AM

...........and of course chr18 is the little brother who only comes out to instigate then promptly ducks for cover to let big brother @scoretracker come and fight his battles........

Wonder what Mrs chr18 thinks of her educated husband's behaviour?

rafaisthebest , 11/5/12 6:11 AM

It's strange the two arch flamers claim superior intelligence and academic honours but write reams of garbage.

ed251137 , 11/5/12 9:28 AM

What scoretracker can't, or won't, seem to understand is that most of us have been posting on here for years.
We remember when nadline was carrie, when dear Fan of tennis sailed off with her surfer, still miss her, and I expect we sometimes wonder what happened to claycourter and hope all is well with him and so on. That's why I was so thrilled when remy popped back and congratulated me about Andy. It was like meeting up with an old friend again.
In this strange virtual world we inhabit, over the years I've come to know and like the majority of posters on here. Even the ones I've had disagreements with, most I respect and value the differences.
I know that's not meant to happen, but it has.
So when one of our old "friends" is attacked, naturally we spring to their defense. Our defense often contains humour. That's a very good way of deflecting abuse.
If that is perceived as "ganging up" so be it. It happens in the real world too. If I don't stand up for my friends, what sort of person does that make me?

deuce , 11/5/12 10:51 AM


That was so nice to read! You spoke from your heart. It's very much the way I feel about being on this site for years. We have never met and don't really know each other as one would in the real world, but there is a kind of connection that one can make in sharing our thoughts on this sport that we love so much.

I do wonder what happened to some of the posters who aren't here anymore. I enjoy most of the people on this forum. I think this issue of "ganging up" or a conspiracy to get rid of Fed fans, is a red herring. We have always had Fed fans on this site in all the years I have been posting on this site. To say that anyone here can drive any person away, is really insulting both Cheryl and Ricky.

I don't like it when anyone presumes to know personal things about people here. You can't tell everything about someone from reading their posts. People are more than just what they write here.


I think the mere fact that these two have to state how superior they are both intellectually and academically over and over and over, should let us know that something is amiss. If you are smart and well educated, then you don't have to brag about it or put other people down.

When anyone resorts to talking too much about how much smarter they are or how much more education they have, the thought that comes to mind is - "methinks thou dost protest too much"!

Nativenewyorker , 11/5/12 11:06 AM

In any case, if you feel "ganged up" upon, then......either form your own "gang" (but that assumes there are people out there prepared to be part of your "gang" i.e. think like you do) or go away!

There are lots of Fedfans who post on this side but are too smart (or maybe they do not have engineering degrees and PhD's) to "gang" up with scoretracker and chr18..........

rafaisthebest , 11/5/12 11:17 AM

Great minds think alike. Again! ;-)))

I try to avoid defending myself for obvious reasons but, like you, I do tend to leap in when other people are being bullied - particularly those I have come to know by sharing the ups and downs of tennis.

And yes, can does make friends here. Back in mid-2008 four of us left TT (too much ugly fighting going on) and kept in contact by email. I have since met up with two of them, both of whom happen to live in Australia. One came to visit last summer and we went off to Barcelona together; the other has just spent a week with her boyfriend here in France with me.

PS: it was Clayking not Claycourter - it has always worried me too the way he disappeared so suddenly.

ed251137 , 11/5/12 2:32 PM

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