• Janowicz saves match point, ousts Murray

    11/1/12 4:49 PM | Kelli DeMario
    Janowicz saves match point, ousts Murray Qualifier Jerzy Janowicz is through to the final eight at the Masters 1000 Paris after rallying to upset world No. 3 Andy Murray in three sets. The Pole moves on to face either Janko Tipsarevic or Juan Monaco in the next round.

    World No. 69 Jerzy Janowicz recorded his first victory over a top 10 player, ousting reigning US Open champion Andy Murray on Thursday. The 21-year-old saved a match point en route to a 5-7, 7-6(4), 6-2 win in two hours and 25 minutes.

    After winning the opening set, Murray looked to close the match at 5-4 in set two. Janowicz fought back to level at 5-5, eventually winning the 'breaker seven points to four.

    The qualifier broke serve at 1-1 and 3-1 in the final set. Murray held three break points trailing 2-5, but he was unable to convert. Match point came in game eight for Janowicz, who sealed the victory on a forehand winner.

    Janowicz completed the round of 16 match with 51 winners and 22 aces.

    He will take on either 8th seed Janko Tipsarevic or 9th seed Juan Monaco for a place in the semifinals.

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He had match points just like Tokyo and Shanghai. LOLOLOL What a loser.

pennster , 11/2/12 12:40 AM

At least it wasn't at a slam...twice! oops

racquet , 11/2/12 1:17 AM

just one match point

RickyDimon , 11/2/12 1:31 AM

Racket: That's OK by me. I'm a Nadal fan.

Ricky: So what? Three tourneys in a row.

pennster , 11/2/12 2:19 AM

i didn't say it mattered

i am just stating a fact. we don't need to go around spreading rumors that Murray wasted 15 match points. One on his own serve is bad enough.

RickyDimon , 11/2/12 2:40 AM

So pennster is a Nadal fan who despises Murray. There goes that argument that the Nadal fans and Murray fans get along.

chr18 , 11/2/12 2:51 AM

i wouldn't make generalizations simply based on pennster


RickyDimon , 11/2/12 3:06 AM

LOL idiocy revealed again. Nice one tard.

jean , 11/2/12 5:03 AM

chr18, you should have put the money you spent on that online Phd degree to better use...............

rafaisthebest , 11/2/12 7:16 AM

chris18: no, pennster is a murray hater- period. He spends more time posting about Murray than Rafa, and not just on this site. A rather sad existence.

racquet , 11/2/12 8:04 AM

You took the words out of my mouth RITB

ed251137 , 11/2/12 8:04 AM


Yes! I agree. RITB, well said!

Nativenewyorker , 11/2/12 8:34 AM

It wasn't a generalization. It was an exception to the rule or the generalization that they get along which has been stated on this site previously. Online degree lmao they didn't have those in the nineties I don't think or if they did there weren't many. Plus I didn't even have a computer back then.

chr18 , 11/2/12 12:45 PM

^^^^thanks, confirms what we all suspected......

rafaisthebest , 11/2/12 2:14 PM

Online degree lmao they didn't have those in the nineties I don't think or if they did there weren't many.
chr18, 11/2/12 12:45 PM

You need to do your research before you make statements like that.

ed251137 , 11/2/12 3:54 PM

As Robbie Koenig says: this guy Jerzy whatshisname is no one trick pony...............

rafaisthebest , 11/2/12 5:33 PM

I am loooooving this young Polish guy!

rafaisthebest , 11/2/12 5:44 PM

is this another one for the rocking chair?


RickyDimon , 11/2/12 5:46 PM

Have only just tuned. This guy is for real unless Tipsy is taking it easy having confirmed his place which I dont get the impression he is.

Somebody said he looks like a young Safin but he reminds me more of Sampras when he was young. The same closed concentrated expression with the mouth open and chin down.

ed251137 , 11/2/12 6:06 PM

I agree that he looks more like Sampras than Safin. Whoa, are we seeing the next Sampras?? He moves well, serves scarily well, volleys well, even returns well! Those familarwith Sampras, can you tell me is this Janowicz like a Sampras in the making?

luckystar , 11/2/12 6:13 PM

It will be the wild card against the qualifier in the final.

nadline , 11/2/12 6:20 PM

I found myself doing a Fed watching this Jerzy guy beat Tipsy..........I laughed myself silly! This guy's for real............move over Tomic, Raonic, whatever...................

He only needs to work on his forehand...............

rafaisthebest , 11/2/12 6:27 PM

The real test is in the week in week out grinding in the tours. I feel that he'll be like Raonic for a start. It seems to me that these tall guys' bodies will break down more easily than those 'normal' build guys. Raonic, Delpo, Karlovic, Querrey for examples. I don't know whether Anderson, Isner suffer any injury. Even Cilic had to skip a few months off the tours due to knee injury. Oh and Monfils seems to be perpetually injured (he's worst than Rafa when we consider how many more matches Rafa has played and how long Rafa has been playing in the ATP tours).

luckystar , 11/2/12 6:49 PM

I have to check this guy out when the tennis channel replays the matches in less than an hour.

My question is, was it that Tipsy was tired and not good or does this guy Jerzy have something?

Nativenewyorker , 11/2/12 7:12 PM

Tipsy was fine

he retired when he knew he had no chance. Altho it was pretty much over when Jano won the 2nd.

RickyDimon , 11/2/12 7:23 PM

Tipsarevic shrugs as French crowd whistles their disapproval. They will be more affectionate towards him in London next week


Conspirator , 11/2/12 7:29 PM

I think the French crowd's take was pretty much along the lines of Ricky's i.e. that Tipsy decided to retire when he knew he had no chance, hence the catcalls........

rafaisthebest , 11/2/12 7:33 PM

I didnt see the match but it sounds like poor sportsmanship on the part of Tipsy. It's understandable the crowd expressed their disapproval.

ed251137 , 11/2/12 11:57 PM


Thanks for the heads up about Tipsy. I did get to see the match for myself. This kid Jerzy played very well. He has some real potential, but there is work to be done yet. Nice result for him!

One would always hope that players try to finish the match if at all possible. It was weird because Tipsy just stopped and walked up to the net to indicate that he was done. It's not like he looked ready to pass out or was obviously in pain. That was weird. The French are not shy about expressing their disapproval.

This kid is in the semifinals, so good for him!

Nativenewyorker , 11/3/12 8:01 AM

Tipsy's PR manager is Benito, Rafa's PR guy. I am sure Benito will have a chat with Tipsy about this and how it plays out amongst fans. It did not appear necessary, the abrupt stoppage I mean, and that's what we fans can only go on, appearances.

Let the kid have the "w", let him enjoy his day in the sun, lose the tennis match but win the PR game........................

rafaisthebest , 11/3/12 11:05 AM

Revealing article about JJ in the Guardian:

ed251137 , 11/3/12 11:24 AM

Deuce: The thought had occurred to me each time Andy blew his last three match points that he is possibly experiencing the well documented 'post-high low' that affects many athletes.

At the risk of incurring accusations of offering excuses for Andy, and encouraging spiteful comments like the first one on this thread, I'm posting the following link which gives some insight into this syndrome.

ed251137 , 11/3/12 12:03 PM

should read: each time Andy blew match point in his last three tournaments

ed251137 , 11/3/12 12:33 PM

ed, I doubt if this applies to olympic tennis players, they just take time off to take part in the games after which they return to their normal routine. In Andy's case, winning the gold medal can only have enhanced his feel-good factor on the tennis circuit because he doesn't have to come down to earth, he can just go on competing at the top of his sport. He doesn't have to wait for another 4 years to compete at the top again.

One big difference between the run of the mill athlete and a tennis player is that olympians have to go out and get a living if the sponsorships don't flow in as a result from their performance. A gold medallist in judo doesn't make a penny in prize money, he still has to eek out a living. Being an olympic gold medallist in tennis, is a perk.

?Ordinary life is a lot different than viewing the world from the lofty vantage point of Mount Olympus,? two-time U.S. Olympian Taraje Murray-Williams wrote on his personal blog,.........."

This simply doesn't apply to Andy Murray,

nadline , 11/3/12 2:32 PM

Nadline: I think the high-low reaction can apply in tennis. After the intensity of Wimbledon, Olympics and USO in the space of a few weeks it's hardly surprising that he needs time to build up the drive and determination again.

I will never forget Rafa's words, soon after winning the AO, when he said it was as if he had climbed to the top of a mountain but afterwards he had a great sense of emptiness.

ed251137 , 11/3/12 3:36 PM

in that case climbing real mountains is much better than winning tennis titles, cause they always leave you at peace of mind...

croc , 11/3/12 3:49 PM

nadline , 11/3/12 4:25 PM

How philosophical of you. I feel the same way- peace, awe, wonderment, eternity.

deuce , 11/3/12 4:28 PM

ed, I'm just saying that tennis players cannot put themselves in the same bracket as athletes who compete every four years, unpaid and nothing to go back to after the end of the games.

Why does Andy lose matches inspite of having match points, it's probably just fate. He wasn't meant to win those matches.

nadline , 11/3/12 5:00 PM

Nadline: My comment was referring to the cumulative effect, but in particular finally winning his first slam after the disappointment of four previous attemptsl. The Gold Medal was the icing on the cake. All I'm saying is it is understandable if he is taking time to regroup.

ed251137 , 11/3/12 5:16 PM

Andy hasn't done too badly since the olympics, let's face it. I just couldn't see that the link you posted applied to tennis players who just take 2 weeks off their normal routine to compete in the olympics as opposed to other athletes who train for four years just for that goal and at the end feel a void with nothing to do, and in most cases, nothing to live on.

nadline , 11/3/12 5:30 PM

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