• Del Potro outlasts Federer in third-set tiebreaker

    10/28/12 4:58 PM | Ricky Dimon
    Del Potro outlasts Federer in third-set tiebreaker Juan Martin Del Potro wins the Basel title by defeating Roger Federer in three sets on Sunday. It is the fourth title of the year for Del Potro, while Federer falls to 5-4 lifetime in Basel finals.

    The highly-anticipated Swiss Indoors Basel final did not disappoint, although the Swiss fans did not quite get the result they wanted. Juan Martin Del Potro edged Roger Federer 6-4, 6-7(5), 7-6(3) in two hours and 44 minutes of high-quality tennis on Sunday afternoon.

    Del Potro could do absolutely no wrong in the first set. The seventh-ranked Argentine lost a mere five points in five service games, so one break of his own at 2-2 was easily enough. Some outstanding play at 5-4 brought up set point, which Del Potro converted on a wide Federer backhand.

    To the delight of the home crowd, Federer fought back in set two. The top-seeded Swiss was on the brink of defeat down break point at 5-5, but he came up with a winning inside-out forehand. A tiebreaker eventually had decide it and the lone difference was one mini-break at 1-1. Federer earned it by forcing Del Potro into a backhand error and then clinched it on serve at 6-5.

    The world No. 1 had multiple chances early in the decider. He saw three break points at 1-1 and one more at 3-3 but Del Potro saved all four. Federer, meanwhile, dropped only five points in six service games en route to the final tiebreaker.

    After an over-rule by Hawkeye, Del Potro managed to secure an initial mini-break at 3-2. Bothe players took care of their serves from there until the underdog had match point at 6-3. Federer appeared to strike a forehand winner, but Hawkeye showed it to be out and the over-rule gave Del Potro the victory.

    Basel's No. 2 seed finished with 10 aces and four double-faults while holding all 17 of his service games. He secured his fourth title of the year (second in succession following Vienna) and the 13th of his career.

    "It was an unbelievable final," Del Potro assured. "The match was really close. I was fighting all the time. I got lucky in the end, but I felt that I played a really good match.I want to enjoy this title, then get ready to play in Paris and London."

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Well done by Delpo. It's about time he beat Fed again since WTF 2009 (also indoors). Kind of surprised he's held up 2 straight weeks but Paris and WTF still to go. Seems like Fed has played so much this year but 16 tournaments not bad. I figured he wouldn't play Paris and he did the smart thing as usual. Only WTF now left to win. :)

chr18 , 10/29/12 2:55 AM

croc , 10/29/12 11:41 AM

Was sorry Fed lost tbh. Much prefer the way he plays to JMDP. Didn't think he played very well either. U have to send the ball wide to the baseline and then dink it behind them. That's the way Nishikori plays these giants, and effectively too.
Also need to slice the ball right at their feet cos they can't bend low.

deuce , 10/29/12 12:55 PM

Dont often disagree with you Deucy but Delpo adept at scooping the ball up when it is at his feet and winning the point.

ed251137 , 10/29/12 1:25 PM

Congrats to Delpo - I am very happy for him. He was the better man on the day and to be honest it is not often that he wins again Federer, so good for him. He is a fighter and always give 100% on court and also for his country, 2 things I admire in any player.

schatz , 10/29/12 1:42 PM

Can't compare Raonic to Delpo; not all big servers are the same. I'm impressed with how well Delpo moves these days, much better than in the past. His shots were flat and penetrating and hittng the lines most of the time, very difficult to return. I don't think Nishikori has the ability to counter this Delpo. In fact the way he's playing now, even the other three quicker top four guys would have difficulties dealing with him. In the past you could think of slicing shots to make the big man bent till his back broke. It seems that now he's able to handle the low slices so well, and Fed simply ran out of ideas how to handle this Delpo.

I think to beat this Delpo, one has to be quicker than him, serves very well to hold one's own serves, and tries to move to the net as much as possible to finish the point. If you allow him to push you back behind the baseline, you'll lose the battle. When Delpo was playing his best tennis, even the top guys had difficulties beating him, eg Rafa at DC final last year, Fed at USO2009 and now at Basel. Even a not so good Delpo could frustrate Nole at the FO last year, and Murray had to go the distance to beat Delpo most of the time.

luckystar , 10/29/12 3:20 PM

Even gr8 minds have to disagree sometimes, ed...;)
Agree with lucky though, to handle these big servers opponents must, in the first place, take care of their own serve. It seemed to me Fed's serve was a bit hit and miss. Then put into practise plan B.I still think slicing and dicing him a lot more is a good idea. Fed's shots seemed often to be a bit telegraphed, except for one wonderful stop volley.
No, I don't think Nishikori could beat JMDP very often/at all because of his lack of height/power but....I do think he knows how the beating of him is done.
On hard top 4 all have + against JMDP. His sole victory against Andy was on clay. The same Nole?

deuce , 10/29/12 3:33 PM

Delpo quite a limited player.

luckystar, 10/28/12 3:54 PM

Wow, lucky, what changed your opinion so much in less than 24 hours???


Conspirator , 10/29/12 3:35 PM

No, I didn't change my mind. Delpo is a limited player, esp when compared to the top four guys. He uses his power more than anything else, and I don't see much varieties in his game. It's scary to think that with all the 'limitations', he's already so good, what if he has all the varieties and also the agility and movements that the top four have! I think mentally he's tougher than the top ten players ranked outside the top five.

luckystar , 10/29/12 5:12 PM

i would call Del Potro "one dimensional"

i wouldn't call him "limited," that's for sure

RickyDimon , 10/29/12 5:17 PM

To me he's limited, limited by his lack of varieties, his lacking in agility, his still less than desirable fitness...

luckystar , 10/29/12 8:29 PM

Still Delpo is too good for a 'limited' player. Anyways, I like his game. If he can improve his fitness, he can beat the top 4 guys with his one dimensional game at the slams. I would like him to add to his 1 GS tally.

abhirf , 10/29/12 8:54 PM

I wouldn't call DelPotro limited. To say he's linited would be saying he's got nothing going for him. His massive serve and bolt-lightning FH are right up there with the best of them. That's two great weapons. He can play at the net but it's difficult to bend as it is for most tall players, when he doesn't have much time to execute a return.

There is contradiction, going on here.

DelPotro is hated by some Murray fans who are ticked off at the squabble he had with Murray when Delpo mentioned Murray's mother. Plus he won his GS before Murray adding more on top of the jealousy. Too bad, that some take such stuff as personal, and hold onto grudges for so long. geez. I suppose they see themselves as Judy Murray? lol.

Also, Delpo won the USO 3 years ago beating a top form Fed, a feat Murray was only able to dream of doing at that time. He beat both Nadal and Fed to win that GS title. And, didn't he beat Novak a few months ago to win the bronze medal? How quickly some forget.

I suppose some only selectively remembers when they hate a player. DelPo has a serve and FH that Murray could only dream of having. Too bad, and it must be very agonzing to watch him execute them. ouch

I hope Delpo can win some more GS titles.

scoretracker , 10/30/12 2:23 AM

If the courts weren't so slowed down, I'm positive Delpo would have beaten Djokovic on HC already.His serve on fast Hc is awesome.

scoretracker , 10/30/12 2:25 AM

Delpo-Murray in Rome is legendary

RickyDimon , 10/30/12 3:07 AM


deuce , 10/30/12 6:56 AM


You don't have to even go there. It's obvious that there is an attempt to provoke Murray fans and maybe some others by making absurd assertions about jealousy again. I have no idea where this stuff comes from, because it has nothing to do with reality.

Murray fans have been the most respectful, decent, fair fans on this site. It's unfortunate when someone expresses their opinion about a player, then it has to be distorted into something that has nothing to do with the original comment.

I believe in reasonable disagreement and respect for all opinions. For myself, I think that Delpo is an extremely talented player. His serve can be a fearsome weapon and his forehand can be devastating. However, I am not going to cast aspersions on Murray just to praise Delpo. There's no reason to do so. Murray doesn't need to have the big bombing serve, because he has many other weapons in his arsenal.

Delpo's weakness is his lack of fitness. However, I would not refer to him as limited or one-dimensional in any way. He has the game to be a threat to anyone.

The one who holds the grudge, is the one who is projecting those feelings onto others. I don't see any hatred from Murray fans towards Delpo.

Nativenewyorker , 10/30/12 8:31 AM

NNY, cheers darling. We will all have different opinions about most tennis players and that's good and interesting. Very boring if we all felt the same. Discussions get heated sometimes and that's fine too.
As for "hating" players. That's simply nonsense. I reserve my "hatred" for Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot etc.

deuce , 10/30/12 10:39 AM

That famous spat between the two of them was done and dusted years ago and been forgotten by everybody - apart from S/T that is.


ed251137 , 10/30/12 11:02 AM

Why am I not surprised at the usual drivel sermon, and then the trio chiming in.

I don't give two hoots for what any of you think due to your twisted minds.

scoretracker , 10/30/12 11:15 AM

Watch out, the pirahna is about.................................................and calling up the rest of the shoal.

ed251137 , 10/30/12 11:28 AM

You lot harass every Fed fan who posts here. And, when they leave, then you all have nothing much to talk about. How very sad, but you are all so filled with hate that you cannot see the truth of your behavior.

@ed, you are worse than a ten-year old. Very pathetic behavior for an old woman.

scoretracker , 10/30/12 11:34 AM

When I was away chr18 was picked on for everything. Isn't it strange that all the Fed fans who used to post regularly are gone due to the same harassment that I'm having to deal with? Talk to yourselves coz I'm not going to feed your habit.

I posted once on this thread, and that post has given rise to the usual harassment. It's obvious you people don't want to talk about tennis but just wait for anything to start an argument.

Delpo was being put down, but how dare me defend him. The goody two-shoes kudos searching preacher and mind reader knows for a certainty that it was an attempt to provoke, albeit I said 'some' Murray fans. Get a life. sheesh

scoretracker , 10/30/12 11:51 AM

Anyone trying to fathom out the recent comments above needs to go back to the flaming comment posted @ 10/30/12 2:23 AM

Wiki Definition of flaming: the act of posting deliberately hostile messages on the Internet used mainly by a troll

Each time you are bested, you resort to the same litany of insulting remarks.


ed251137 , 10/30/12 12:42 PM


Thanks for referencing that comment. It's about time that this person takes responsibility for needlessly making personal attacks on other people. This idea that defending Delpo means insulting both Murray and his fans, is patently absurd. One can defend a player without bringing in another player or his fans!

The pathetic attempts to justify this initial comment, are further evidence of someone who will not ever own their words! Also, this idea that anyone hear can know what some people feel, be it jealousy or anything else, is also nonsense.

Additional personal attacks on those of us who have expressed our disgust and concern for this blatant attempt to provoke and inflame, will not take the attention off of the person who started it!

Own it and quit whining!

Nativenewyorker , 10/30/12 7:08 PM

Sorry, I meant to write "here" instead of "hear"!

Nativenewyorker , 10/30/12 7:10 PM

As expected., so what else is new.

scoretracker , 10/30/12 7:35 PM

The problem is the arguments are always predictable and usually jejune. And frankly the incessant references to fans feeling hatred towards various players and their fans are tedious in the extreme. Plus the petty attacks and juvenile insults about pretty well everybody who posts here on a regular are making him look more and more stupid.

Clearly he was not brought up to respect his elders :-D


ed251137 , 10/30/12 8:00 PM

It's funny because there have been so many attacks on older women. Yet this person acts so juvenile and immature.

Every time this person gets called out for attacks, the old refrain is brought out again about how the poor Fed fans are being driven from this site! It's a convenient diversion to try and take attention away from yet another inexcusable petty attack on a player and his fans.

It's unfortunate that one person feels the need to constantly demean others here. It's getting really old.

Nativenewyorker , 10/30/12 8:36 PM

Exaggeration to the hilt, with the ususal lies and venom.

@ed, and NNY, take what you've said and apply it to yourselves and the other gang members.

You lot feel because no one intervenes aside from your gang friends that your behavior is above board? Well, you're wrong. You need to read some other sites where Fed posters from here have moved over, and what they say about your petty-minded gang bullying behavior. I'm sure some of you are aware that your reputation precedes you and you are well-known on many blogs, and not in a good way.

You guys make things so boring that one of your kind has to go on another site and encourage others by saying they are all entitled to her opinion. LOL She is done driving away people from here with her anti-Fed remarks, she's now bored, so she's seeking new and fertile ground to release her pent-up venom, except no one gives her the time of day. bwahahhaha.

Your behavior is expected, coz it's the same scenario with every Fed fan. chr18, Torres9, numero, and several others, who've been subjected to this type of gang warfare. I know that I'm not singular, which means your abnormal behavior, is just one of the hazards Fed fans have to deal with when posting here. You've all taken a good site and ruined it. But for some twisted reason, you think that it's others who have done so. Dream on. The leader and mouth-piece NNY attacks, and the choir chimes in with back-up chanting.

Anyway, write as many lies as you see fit, to make your position more credible, I'm sure (since you care so much for others to give you kudos) you're aware that your lies are what they are, lies.

Have fun doing what you all do best, I'm sure you know what it is, but I'm off from this thread. Happy now?

BTW, I didn't see any of you reprimanding zare for his petty attack on Fed when he pulled out of Paris? You guys have two sets of rules.

I see that NNY was having a go at quite a few posters since I was gone. I suppose that was just batting practise though,to keep you busy, and just warming up for the real thing to come along. , and empty out all that pent-up venom you've been desperately waiting to release.

NOW, this is the real thing, and you've finally got a sweet bone to sink your jaws into. ENJOY IT. bwahahaha.

scoretracker , 10/30/12 9:29 PM

... and I was the one who got a warning from Cheryl for being repetitive.


Conspirator , 10/30/12 9:46 PM

It's unfortunate that one person feels the need to constantly demean others here. It's getting really old.
Nativenewyorker, 10/30/12 8:36 PM

It's a sick situation for me, coz I'm deprived OF the liberty to post freely on how I see .

Nothing would be old if you didn't make it so personal and want to take charge to get the FOCUS ON YOURSELF.. You seem to think you are the guardian of this site for Nadal ,Murray and Djokovic fans and has to fight every war. YOUR PRETENSE MIGHT FOOL SOME, BUT YOU'RE VERY TRANSPARENT AND I'M NOT FOOLED. YOU USE THESE SITUATIONS TO PICK A FIGHT, WHICH IS WHAT YOU ENJOY, coz you love to fight. Your reputation precedes you.

Not even the Murray fans are fighting this, except for one, who wrote a few words, coz she's aware that was all she had to do, and she's has some willing asses who are only to eager to do the heavy lifting for her. It's funny, coz she is looking a lot better than you and ed, and must be laughing her brains out at what she has achieved bwahahahah..

It's not rocket science to see how much deuce hates DelPotro, coz there are reams of comments from her to the effect, which began a long time ago. Now she's pretending she'd prefer Fed to win? LOL. That's the biggest joke of all time, considering how much she wants him to lose his No.1 ranking and be out of tennis completely, so that darling andy can win some more titles.

You keep fighting her battles and everyone else's coz you are the public defender. Nothing to do and all day to do it in. Have fun in your make believe world that you are contributing some good, but you're only fooling yourself.

You're all lucky that here aren't any JMDP fans on here to defend him, coz I'm sure none would take kindly to how his match play is being ridiculed.


BTW, I won't be answering anything you and your gang has to say, so talk among yoursleves or to yourselves. bwahahaha.

scoretracker , 10/30/12 9:52 PM

On cue, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 more to pick up the good fight. enjoy all.

scoretracker , 10/30/12 10:00 PM

Didn't you say you were finished on this thread on your previous post?


Conspirator , 10/30/12 10:02 PM


Conspirator , 10/30/12 10:04 PM

Have fun doing what you all do best, I'm sure you know what it is, but I'm off from this thread. Happy now?
NOW, this is the real thing, and you've finally got a sweet bone to sink your jaws into. ENJOY IT. bwahahaha.
scoretracker , 10/30/12 9:29 PM

Thought it wouldnt last very long but back again in less than 30 minutes is very funny.

ed251137 , 10/30/12 10:15 PM

He answered his own post 8 minutes after saying for the second time that he was off this thread.


Conspirator , 10/30/12 10:26 PM

For myself, I have had it with the character assassination. I don't like to be defined by someone who is so clueless and dishonest that they can't even see the hypocrisy in their own behavior.

Threats to leave, whining about being a victim, specious arguments about Fed fans being driven off this site. All part of the same, tired propaganda.


Nativenewyorker , 10/31/12 12:07 AM

Oh my giddy aunt! No point me posting on here any more because scoretracker lives in my head and knows exactly what I'm thinking, feeling and now writing.

deuce , 10/31/12 10:49 AM

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