• Nadal sets his sights on Australian Open return

    10/16/12 5:39 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Nadal sets his sights on Australian Open return It will likely take another three months for Rafael Nadal to get back on court after the injured Spaniard said that his goal of a tennis return has yet to be definitively pinned down.

    The knee injury victim, who has not played for almost four months since losing in a Wimbledon second-round shock to Lukas Rosol, told CNN International that he is now aiming at the Australian Open, which begins January 14, as the most likely venue for his re-appearance.

    He added that he is unable to train hard enough to dream of being ready for Spain's Davis Cup finals date November 16-18 in Prague against the Czech Republic.

    "Everything is possible, but it is unlikely too," said the fourth-ranked Spaniard. "I don't know if I will or I won't, I need to work with much less intensity than required for the Masters Cup (November ATP season-ending event) or the final of the Davis Cup."

    Nadal said that his recovery is going well, if slowly, and admitted that he can no longer aim to try and take back the top ranking this season from current owner Roger Federer. "I was hoping to regain the No.1 spot in 2012. Now, I'm happy to return at the Australian Open and be 100 percent competitive."

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Can't wait!


nadline , 10/16/12 9:36 PM

Tennis is not the same for me without Rafa. I just can't wait to see him on the court as soon as possible. Rafa please take good care of your knees and come back soon. Vamosssssss

gr8nadal , 10/17/12 4:19 AM

^^^we share your sentiments.


rafaisthebest , 10/17/12 7:40 AM

@gr8nadal , 10/17/12 4:19 AM

Even non Rafans miss him and want him back fit asap. No one can deny the effect that Rafa has on tennis.

#Get Well Soon

nadline , 10/17/12 9:41 AM

I agree with the sentiments here. Although I enjoyed that Shanghai final with Nole and Murray, my thoughts at times were with Rafa so far away and not here to play tennis.

There is no one else like Rafa for me. I have tried to deal with his absence as best I can. But at the end of the day, all I can say is that I miss him more than words can ever say.

Nativenewyorker , 10/17/12 10:55 AM

My feelings have already been shared on here - nothing else to say except vamos our Rafa and come back only when you are 100%.

Miss you.

schatz , 10/17/12 5:30 PM

Fellow Rafa fans, please VOTE for Rafa as your favourite player! oting-2012.aspx

Vamos Rafa!

Augustina08 , 10/17/12 11:05 PM

Yes I'm missing Rafa. I was watching his past matches these few days, his AO SF 2012 against Fed, his AO Final against Nole, his USO 2010 Final against Nole, his AO QF against Berdych, his WTF SF 2010 against Murray; I'm planning to watch his AO SF 2009 vs Verdasco and oh, so many more ..... before he comes back!

luckystar , 10/18/12 6:41 AM

Have voted @Augustina08, thanks!

rafaisthebest , 10/18/12 6:50 AM

I've voted too.

luckystar , 10/18/12 7:18 AM

^^^^I hope you voted for MarcLo and Granolabar as your fav dubs team, there is no other rational choice!

rafaisthebest , 10/18/12 7:48 AM

.........and multiple voting is allowed, as long as you use a different e-mail address! Just try not to be unethical as you go about this voting business, might be frowned upon mightily!

rafaisthebest , 10/18/12 7:53 AM


As our Chief Whip, I hope you've set up a Three-Line Whip for this crucial vote ;-))

I'm off now to cast my vote(s)

ed251137 , 10/18/12 9:46 AM

ed, I'm keeping a watchful eye and making notes already.

I've just cast my vote in the vain hope that it's a real ballot because I'm sure Monsieur Federer's name is already on the trophy. I don't know why they bother to go through the charade.

nadline , 10/18/12 10:21 AM

RITB, yes I did vote for Marcel and Marc.

luckystar , 10/18/12 11:22 AM

I voted for Fed and the Bryans just so everybody knows.

chr18 , 10/18/12 1:50 PM

^^^^it's okay, chr18, we all make mistakes.............

rafaisthebest , 10/18/12 2:03 PM

Rafa is confirmed for Acapulco 2013. Oh no, Rafa, you'll take points from your friends Ferru or Pico!

Seriously, so looking forward to publication of the rest of Rafa's 2013 calendar:

Vamos Rafa!!!

rafaisthebest , 10/18/12 2:53 PM

chr18, it's the number of times you voted that's the news.

nadline , 10/18/12 3:10 PM

Wise move by Rafa, good way to start on clay and get ready to defend his turf on clay. I hope after Acapulco, he'll be in better position to decide whether he'll go full force at IW/Miami, or skip one of them to conserve energy for clay. I really wish that he and his team will plan his schedule very carefully from now on, lengthens his tennis career, and maximizing his chances of winning titles, especially importants ones.

luckystar , 10/18/12 4:45 PM

trust me when I say don't bother caring about Rafa's proposed 2013 schedule

there is no way what's planned this far in advance will end up happening

RickyDimon , 10/18/12 4:48 PM

I think this is an indication that Rafa won't be at both IW and Miami which is probably a good thing in the long run. Definitely needs to manage schedule strategically a la Fed 2012.


Conspirator , 10/18/12 5:59 PM

I voted once. That's the ethical thing to do. I hope you all did so as well.

On a separate note, I TOLD YOU SO Golden Swing lol. I was right! *Bowing gracefully....not really* :)

chr18 , 10/18/12 6:38 PM

One tournament does not a swing make.


Conspirator , 10/18/12 6:47 PM

Exactly conspirator. It's not like he's doing something that the likes of Ferrer and Almagro are doing all along, ie playing two/three events in a row at the SA clay court swing.

Alot depends on what happens at the AO (if he's playing). If he's too tired after AO, who knows, he may not be going to Mexico. All these are just speculations, it's still too early to talk about his 2013 schedule, let his knee(s) heal first and let him get back to the practice courts and get them tested. Best wishes to our dear Rafa!

luckystar , 10/18/12 7:10 PM

it's also a lot easier to say you're going to show up in Acapulco than to actually show up in Acapulco

RickyDimon , 10/18/12 8:22 PM

^^^what are you insinuating? That Rafa is misleading his fans?

rafaisthebest , 10/18/12 8:48 PM

Why, Ricky, what's wrong with Acapulco?

nadline , 10/18/12 9:03 PM

chr18, 10/18/12 1:50 PM
Did anyone ask??

chr18, 10/18/12 6:38 PM
Look who's lecturing about ethics! Fan of the most unethical player!

jean , 10/19/12 4:34 AM

he isn't technically misleading his fans

his priorities will change four months from now. plus his health in four months will dictate his schedule. who the heck knows what his health in four months will be?

RickyDimon , 10/19/12 7:14 AM

Playing Acapulco would be a wise move, I wish Rafa had thought of it before. Rather than not play any 500 events in the 1st quarter of the year, why not play on clay?

nadline , 10/19/12 9:19 AM

I don't think anything is written in stone with Rafa. He will have to adjust his schedule as his health and fitness dictates.

Things could changed depending on his progress. It's a work in progress. As long as he gets back to playing tennis! That's what I want!

Nativenewyorker , 10/19/12 11:38 AM

Hey look jean's talking about Federer again. I can't remember the last time I saw her post a comment that wasn't about her Swiss obsession...

ts38 , 10/19/12 12:26 PM

Exactly, NNY. Rushing back would negate the sacrifice he's made so far by not playing for the last 4 months. I think he'll be fine if he comes back fully healed, he rushed back in 2009 and even then he made many SFs on his return. I have no doubt that he is dong the right thing by taking his time to heal.

Only come back when you are fully healed Rafa.


nadline , 10/19/12 12:50 PM

@nadline, 10/19/12 9:19 AM

In 2013, the Mexican Open (in Acapulco) will celebrate its twentieth anniversary, that's the reason why Rafa was asked to take part in the tournament. He won the tournament in 2005. There will be a 'vast celebration of the two decades'. :)

The oranizers write: "Mexico City, October 17, 2012. - The Abierto Mexicano Telcel Tennis, reaches its twentieth edition and the celebration will be in style. Pegaso Group announced the special guests will have the vast celebration of two decades, to be held from February 25 to March 2, 2013.
Next year will be donning Acapulco gala attended by the Iberian Rafael Nadal, ranking number four in the ATP and tournament champion in 2005. The seven-time French Open winner confirmed his participation in the Mexican Open, an event that keeps him special affection because after being crowned here, practically started her off into the stratosphere of international tennis.
Besides Nadal, attend the big celebration in the Spanish port also Guerrero's David Ferrer and Nicolas Almagro, who have dominated the competition in the last five years. Ferrer became champion in 2010, 2011 and 2012 and Almagro in 2008 and 2009." con-manteles-largos

Augustina08 , 10/19/12 1:35 PM

@rafaisthebest, 10/18/12 2:53 PM
After the tournament in Acapulco, the next event in Rafa's calender is playing in New York (at Madison Square Garden) on March 4, 2013. This should be great entertainment!
Vamos Rafa!

Augustina08 , 10/19/12 1:56 PM

RickyDimon, 10/19/12 7:14 AM

We gonna see, no?


Conspirator , 10/19/12 5:58 PM

Nadal to play Mexican Open; still targeting Oz

Friday, October 19, 2012


MADRID -- Rafael Nadal plans to play at the Mexican Open in February, although the fourth-ranked Spaniard expects to return before the Australian Open.

The clay-court Mexican Open is scheduled for Feb. 25-March 2.

Toni Nadal, the player's trainer and uncle, said Nadal was focused on returning in time for an exhibition at the end of the year in Abu Dhabi as part of his preparations for the Australian Open in January.

"Just because his first confirmed event is in Acapulco does not mean he is not focusing on returning beforehand," Nadal told The Associated Press by telephone on Friday. "He plans to return this year with Australia his priority at this point."

Nadal has been sidelined with a left knee injury since a second-round loss at Wimbledon in June. He has said it was unlikely he could play for Spain in the Davis Cup final in the Czech Republic next month.

The 26-year-old has said he will likely play more clay events because his knees were bothered by hard-courts.

The 11-time Grand Slam champion's aggressive playing style has come at a cost as he has been beset by serious injuries since 2005, when a left foot problem put his career in doubt. He recovered from that but has had to deal with troublesome knees and an abdominal problem.

Nadal said he took anti-inflammatories en route to his record seventh title at Roland Garros in May. He also took pain-killing injections at Wimbledon, he said.

"His training has gone well, physically and mentally he is in good shape," Toni Nadal said. "We can't put a fixed date down yet for his return. But all signs are positive that he will return sooner than later."

Nadal could still return for the season-ending ATP World Tour Finals in London from Nov. 5-11 before the Nov. 16-18 Davis Cup final in Prague. But the Mubadala World Tennis Championship -- where Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray and David Ferrer are confirmed -- from Dec. 27-29 looks more likely.

nadline , 10/19/12 8:15 PM

Thanks for the posts from Augustina and nadline regarding Rafa's upcoming schedule. I think he is going to have to be careful about hard court tournaments. He has mandatory tournament requirements, but he has to take care of his knees. The hard court season goes from August to March of the next year. That's too much pounding for Rafa's knees.

I want Rafa back when he is ready. We have waited this long. When he is fully recovered then we can all rejoice seeing Rafa on the court again!

Nativenewyorker , 10/20/12 5:50 AM

lol. This is surprised.


tennisnba , 10/20/12 10:48 AM

lol. This was surprised. Fans ATP-Awards Fans-Favorite-Vote?

It is to have cared about these prizes that the nadal fan made valueless. Actually, I looked at the comment in which the nadal's fanatic arrogant fan said valueless prizes here!

Because, Roger also has record of those prizes!!

tennisnba , 10/20/12 10:51 AM

It is to have cared about these prizes that the nadal fan made valueless. Actually, I looked at the comment in which the nadal's fanatic arrogant fan said valueless prizes here!

Because, Roger also has record of those prizes!!

Roger Federer the 1st place of the favorite player whom a tennis fan chooses. Nine-year continuation.

The sportsmanship prize which ATP players choose, 7 times award.

Even if Roger is not awarded these again this year

It is already his record.

congrats Roger.

tennisnba , 10/20/12 10:53 AM

tennisnba , 10/20/12 10:56 AM

Nadal always selfish and arrogant ego.

push of two-year ranking. Boycott threat. resigns from an ATP players' association suddenly. requests "Increase clay." requests "hard court reduce." etc.

excuse of an injury whenever it loses. The custom of dirty gamesmanship. Fake timeout. bumped player purposely. Violation coaching, etc.


tennisnba , 10/20/12 11:02 AM

tennisba! Watch how your beloved Fed tries to cheat against Rafa.
The text at the video : #Roger Federer tries to cheat against Rafael Nadal in the Madrid Masters semi final of 2011. Nadal's shot was clearly good. Nadal saw it was good. The line judge saw it was good. Umpire Mohamed Lahyani saw it was good. The crowd saw it was good. Even Hawkeye saw it was clearly good. But Federer points at a different mark and tries to pressurize Lahyani to overturn his decision.
How sad, the depths to which Federer will sink to try and win a point against Nadal. The boos of the crowd tell you what the public think of him. #
Rafa won the match.

Augustina08 , 10/20/12 2:48 PM

Welcome back tennisnba oversetimationNadal moron idiot.

Punchbag federer always selfish and arrogant ego.

excuse of an injury whenever it loses against Berdych at Wimbledon. The custom of dirty gamesmanship e.g. Shanghai. Fake timeout at Wimbledon. Smash racquet when loser to Nole at Miami purposely. Violation bathroom break gamesmanship, etc.


hawkeye , 10/20/12 4:00 PM

federer fake mto at wimbledon against malisse

fake gamesmanship cheater annoying federer

always poor sport

most smug arrogant

haha easy!!!

hawkeye , 10/20/12 4:03 PM

Federer took a toilet break at the end of the late-afternoon first set in which the court was in half-shadow, returning from the locker-room like a man walking to the gallows.

Federer rallied when the contest was played out in cooling conditions in complete shadow and Davydenko appeared to be out of the contest when he lost 13 consecutive games from 3-1 in the second set.

"I was struggling with the sun coming in on the side and I was hoping for the sun to go down," Federer said.

"You are allowed to have two toilet breaks and I never use them.

"I had to go to the toilet too. But all I was looking for was one point to make a difference - and sometimes it does.

"I knew I had time on my side. I always feel I am superior in the mental and physical side against Nikolay."

smug arrogant gamesmanship federer

annoying cheater

hawkeye , 10/20/12 4:04 PM

Here is Federer's latest gamesmanship episode, this time against Muzz. I think he was building up his credentials for the Sportsmanship Award 2012:

nadline , 10/20/12 4:37 PM

Funny tennisnba and other bot trolls have no comment when its Federer's turn at gamesmanship. haha


Conspirator , 10/20/12 4:49 PM

The boos of the crowd tell you what the public think of him.Augustina08, 10/20/12 2:48 PM
Really? I'm absolutely SHOCKED that a crowd in Madrid, yes Madrid in SPAIN, would boo Fed. Imagine that. Meanwhile Nadal is booed routinely in France and all over the world.

chr18 , 10/20/12 5:00 PM

^^^ #no


Conspirator , 10/20/12 5:08 PM

Stop the BS chr18, Rafa is not booed all over the world. Well even Fed was being booed at the FO when he challenged the line judges' calls!

luckystar , 10/20/12 5:28 PM

Meanwhile Nadal is booed routinely in France and all over the world.
chr18 , 10/20/12 5:00 PM

You don't let the facts get in the way of a good story, do you?

nadline , 10/20/12 6:47 PM

Stop the BS chr18??? But he'd have nothing left to say!!!


Conspirator , 10/20/12 7:37 PM


Way to go! You tell him!


You too! One thing we can count on whenever the hate starts against Rafa! We know that chr18 will open his big mouth to join right in with the hatespeak!

The idea that Rafa is booed all over the world is quite laughable. It only happens at the FO and even this year the French finally seem to have some appreciation for what Rafa has accomplished there. But all over the world, Rafa's popularity and support from fans is absolutely unquestioned.

Unless you are a rabid Fed fan who hates Rafa with a vengeance.

Nativenewyorker , 10/21/12 7:10 AM

Personally I dont believe chris18 hates Rafa -it's more the Rafans that he has it in for.
But it's quite funny when he locks horns with the master of hashtags. To date Conspirator is the clear winner!

ed251137 , 10/21/12 11:13 AM

chr18-10 hates Rafa, alright.

His first post on TT was to accuse Rafa of being gay. More recently he has searched around for spurious youtube videos to prove that Rafa is gay forgetting that the video of all videos is the Fed/Wawa celebration when they won olympic gold.

chr18-10 hardly ever talks about anyone but Rafa, even his hero hardly ever gets a look in. He does suffer from Vamos Syndrome.

nadline , 10/21/12 12:29 PM

Only someone who hates Rafa will come out with rubbish like Rafa is booed all over the world.

nadline , 10/21/12 12:40 PM

And we all know why chr18 hates Rafa, don't we? Because Rafa is the one player standing in the way of Fed's coronation as the undisputed GOAT..............

rafaisthebest , 10/21/12 12:49 PM

Girls: I stand corrected!!!!!!!

I'd forgotten the infamous 'gay' accusation, not to mention the current obsession about PEDs.

I must say, do wonder if he ever thinks before he types...............................

ed251137 , 10/21/12 1:09 PM

@chr18, 10/20/12 5:00 PM
You mentioned France, it reminded me how angry Fed gets on the crowd that support his opponent. At the French Open, Fed yelled 'shut up' to the crowd, after he hit the ball into the net and the crowd cheered for his opponent (Juan Martin del Potro).

Augustina08 , 10/21/12 1:38 PM

In his interview with CNN last week

Rafa Nadal: ?Not even for a moment I have thought of retiring from tennis?

(CNN) ? He does not seek for prominence, although he naturally assumes to be the center of attention wherever he goes. He hates the victim role despite an injury has left him out of competition for nearly four months.

Tennis is his life but he is not going to let this forced break sink him emotionally. Therefore, he repeates that he is not sick and that self compassion would be a lack of respect for those who really are suffering.

nadline , 10/21/12 11:00 PM

I well remember the gay accusations. Just appalling. I don't know whether it's an obsession or just pure hate. I honestly don't care. I just know that having to read some of this stuff is simply offensive.

Oh and ed, no I don't believe he thinks before he types! :)

Nativenewyorker , 10/21/12 11:05 PM


RickyDimon , 10/21/12 11:33 PM

Meanwhile Nadal is booed routinely in France and all over the world.
chr18 , 10/20/12 5:00 PM

This is how much they hate Rafa in France, asking him to open a match between PSG vs Reim in Paris yesterday and the crowd giving him a rousing reception. -Nadal-dans-le-vestiaire-parisien

nadline , 10/22/12 10:23 AM


I am not sure what to make of your one word comment right below my last post. Was that directed at me? If so, I stand by every single word.

Nativenewyorker , 10/22/12 10:41 AM

Dont think it was aimed at you NNY. I think he was taking a swipe at chr18 for the innuendos about Rafa.

ed251137 , 10/22/12 4:19 PM

On Wednesday, Rafa should be in Valencia.
The Valencia Open will be Juan Carlos Ferrero's last ATP tournament. He will receive a tribute on Wednesday, after the doubles match with David Ferrer. Rafa has confirmed his presence at the ceremony. odbye-to-tennis--of-Juan-Carlos-Ferrero-articolo6180.html

Augustina08 , 10/22/12 6:19 PM


Thanks. It's hard to figure it out when you read these one or two word posts without any elaboration.


Thanks for keeping us informed about Rafa!

Nativenewyorker , 10/22/12 8:45 PM

Rafael Nadal continues to recover from a left knee injury.

Rafael Nadal announced his withdrawal from the BNP Paribas Masters in Paris as well as the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals in London on Thursday due to a left knee injury.

Nadal said, "It?s disappointing for me to miss the last two tournaments of the season in Paris and London, but it doesn't come as a surprise. I will hopefully resume my tennis practice soon since I am making good progress with my recovery from injury. I am not ready to compete in time for these events so I will continue my recovery in Mallorca and work hard to be back as soon as possible."

Brad Drewett, ATP Executive Chairman & President, said: "We wish Rafa all the best as he continues his rehabilitation from injury. Rafa is an incredible champion and it goes without saying that he has been missed on the ATP World Tour over the past few months. We look forward to welcoming him back on the tour very soon."

nadline , 10/25/12 5:37 PM

I hope, Rafa won't agree to play in Davis Cup final either. He should bevery careful after his long break.

Augustina08 , 10/25/12 9:02 PM

I'm sure Rafa won't play DC; they are timing his announcements to make the most of ticket sales. He is on the O2 poster all over London, when they knew he was unlikely to play, not having picked up a racquet since June.

The good news is that he says he will start practicing soon. I can't wait for hm to start playing again, but only when he is fully recovered.

nadline , 10/25/12 9:27 PM

Nadal To Resume Training
Posted on November 2, 2012

"According to Marca there?s some good news for fans of Rafael Nadal!

The Spaniard, who hasn?t played since Wimbledon, had another medical review on Wednesday in Barcelona and has been cleared to resume on court training next week.

Tennis is not the same without the Beast from Mallorca."


nadline , 11/2/12 5:03 PM

he hasn't even started training yet?

i doubt he'll be ready for the Aus Open

RickyDimon , 11/2/12 5:27 PM

Doesn't matter when he comes back as long as he's fit and healthy and ready to play. Vamos Rafa!

luckystar , 11/2/12 5:37 PM

Vamos Rafa indeed! He will be in Oz......

rafaisthebest , 11/2/12 5:41 PM

Ricky, he has confirmed that he is playing Abu Dhabi and Doha so I can't see why he won't be fit for OZ. He's been keeping fit just not running around on a tennis court.

nadline , 11/2/12 5:41 PM

Current ATP-rankings

1. Djokovic 12 500 pts
2. Murray 8 750 pts
3. Federer 8 670 pts
4. Ferrer 6 970 pts
5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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