• Nadal can offer no timetable for tennis return

    9/25/12 8:18 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Nadal can offer no timetable for tennis return Rafael Nadal has expressed quiet resignation over his lengthy recovery from a left knee injury, with the former world No. 1 unable to put a date on a possible return to tennis.

    The 26-year-old made a recent Madrid appearance for newest sponsor PokerStars to promote a "Rafa’s Dream Day," in which contest winners get the chance to travel to his home base of Mallorca and play poker against him.

    With his ranking down to fourth and his last appearance on court coming three months ago in a Wimbledon second-round loss, the situation is currently looking far from promising for the Spaniard. In fact, Nadal can make no predictions about the date for a return to action.

    While he harbors dreams of somehow playing in the eight-man year-end final in London starting November 5 and perhaps the Spanish Davis Cup final in the Czech Republic, those dates remain mere wishes. "All that is in my mind is to keep working hard to come back," said a sportsman whose athletic activities are now limited by doctors to some gentle rounds of golf.

    "I cannot think about the future because it’s not like if you break your arm and you know you will have a few weeks like this, then a few weeks like that and then you are back," he told London's Daily Mail. "This is a day-by-day thing, I have checks every week to see how I’m improving. I can’t predict what will happen."

    Nadal's mantra remains the same: he will not pick up a racquet on the ATP until he is fully ready no matter how long that might take. "The only thing is to recover well. I want to be 100 percent when I come back. I don’t want to keep playing every day with doubts, not knowing if my knee is going to answer all the questions."

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This interview has many interpretations. Some sound more positive than others. He said in the interview that he hopes to play in Doha before the AO next year.

nadline , 9/25/12 10:58 PM

he harbors dreams of somehow playing in the eight-man year-end final in London starting November 5 and perhaps the Spanish Davis Cup final in the Czech Republic,

So do I. Let's have a WTF 2009 repeat and a rematch with Berdy and Rosol if we're lucky.

chr18 , 9/25/12 11:04 PM

I thought he was in a golf competition. dunno how that works, coz there's a lot of knee bending in golf, walking and hip twisting.

Last week I read he stated he won't be back until AO2013.

scoretracker , 9/25/12 11:27 PM

Berdy and Rosol are licking their chops and can feel the elation of putting on good beat-down. 6-1, 6-0, 6-0. Oh, but then the excuse will be the right knee.

scoretracker , 9/25/12 11:35 PM

^^^ idiotic transparent troll comments.

Like the beatdowns Rafa gave fed at AO12 and Murray gave fed at Olympics and Berdy gave fed at USO?

Wow. No scoretracker, you're not a troll are you.

doc18, you and scoreloser must have taken the hypocritic oath, no?

Scoreloser, how about a soap opera in response.

#DontWorryIndoorBa lletSeasonIsHere

Conspirator , 9/25/12 11:50 PM

Not only are those comment appalling, they are also ignorant. Rafa's doctor gave him permission to play golf. If anyone bothered to check it out, they would know that. I think Rafa's doctor knows what he can and cannot do. Golf is not the same as tennis. If the difference has to be explained, then there really is some incredible lack of understanding about the two different sports.

Anyone who is stupid enough to make fun of someone who has had knee problems throughout his career, is no tennis fan!

A rather blatant and poor attempt to incite Rafa fans again. Try getting some facts before making dumb assumptions about why Rafa is playing golf!


Keep up the good work! Telling it like it is!

Nativenewyorker , 9/25/12 11:54 PM

Don't get me wrong here, folks. I understand the passion for your respective players. But don't you have anything better to do than argue about Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer on an internet forum? I think the forum would be a lot more interesting, friendly, and productive if people stuck to tennis analysis rather than trying to guess at players' physical ailments, or maligning players for being good on indoor courts (or whatever the criticisms of Fed in this thread are). So I'm calling you out, Nativenewyorker, Conspirator, Chr18, nadline, scoretracker, and other fanatics! Relaaaaaaaax.

xander83 , 9/26/12 5:55 AM

Er.. I seem to remember a certain Swiss being beaten by Berdych at the USO this year. Shall we have a repeat of that at the WTF this year?

Er Rosol? It'll be suicidal to field in Rosol at the all important Davis Cup final, when he can simply lose to any Tom, Dick or Harry. I think the Czech team's DC captain has more brains than any of those Fed fans posting here.

luckystar , 9/26/12 6:05 AM

Woo Hoo.. I'm hoping that Murray and Berdych would end up in the same half of the draw as Fed at the WTF. Oh maybe Tsonga too, let's see old Fed getting 0-3 against those three younger guys. Seeing that smug Fedla and his followers falling flat on their faces is certainly something to behold!!

luckystar , 9/26/12 6:12 AM

I like how conspirator uses his cute little hashtags to command others not to feed the trolls, yet it seems every post he writes is in fact a response to someone he calls a troll.

ts38 , 9/26/12 6:33 AM

Sounds to me Rafa is being his usual conservative self re his lay-off, nothing to worry about. Even if he misses Oz2013, so what? The important thing is that he comes back healthy..............

The only people enjoying Rafa's lay-off are the Fedfan trolls because their fav is spared the endless humiliations at Rafa's hands. What they are not counting on is that Nole and Muzza are around to pick up the slack.........not forgetting Berdy!

rafaisthebest , 9/26/12 7:51 AM

Rafa being off leaves a BIG hole at the top of the game :( Get well soon Rafa.
A nice compliment from the Daily Mail.......*surprised face* talking about Rafa:
"....that most affable man and exceptional athlete."

deuce , 9/26/12 8:01 AM

Fedfans always come out with their bile against Rafa at the drop of a hat then plead innocence when they are put in their place. If Rafa was that insignificant, you wouldn't even bother to comment on his thread like you don't on 95% of the threads on TT.

Yes Rafa lost all his matches at the WTF in 2009, whilst he was recovering from injury, but he came back in 2010 and beat them all so much so that half way through the year he was already confirmed as the YE #1.

Fedfans are forgetting that Fed has suffered beatings from ALL of the others in the top 4 this year. ALL of them and for good measure, from Berdy as well. They don't want to see Rafa back because they know what that means for their idol.

As for xander83, you can call us out all you like. The fact that you only called out Rafans shows how impartial you are. You are tarred with the same brush because you belong to the same camp as the usual Fedfan suspects.

nadline , 9/26/12 9:49 AM

I thought he was in a golf competition. dunno how that works,
scoretracker , 9/25/12 11:27 PM

If you don't know how it works then why don't you keep quiet. His doctors obviously do that's why he listens to their advice and not yours.

nadline , 9/26/12 9:54 AM

chr18 & scoretracker - you very rarely have anything nice to say no matter what the topic is if it is about anybody else except for Fed of course.

To be able to actually enjoy somebody else's physical or even mental suffering is a very ugly trait IMO but then I like to think that what goes around comes around.

I hope Rafa comes back stronger than ever - vamos & God bless.

schatz , 9/26/12 12:38 PM

The funny thing is, schatz, they don't even have anything to say about Federer. They are just, simply, Rafa haters.

nadline , 9/26/12 1:20 PM

Unfortunately I think you are right nadline - I just cannot understand it sometimes.

schatz , 9/26/12 1:45 PM

I have said many nice things about Djoker and Murray as well as others. I doubt that Nadal is 'suffering'. Please! Playing golf, fishing, dining with the King yeah right some suffering. People in Syria are suffering! At least you're the only Nadal fan who acknowledges the existence of Almighty God. You were conspicuously silent when holdserve and Conspirator were spewing their blasphemy.

xander included scoretracker and myself who are not Nadal fans. And what else can be said about TMF that hasn't already been said? He's the greatest!

chr18 , 9/26/12 1:45 PM

"And what else can be said about TMF that hasn't already been said? He's the greatest!"

Doing a bit of blaspheming there yourself eh chr18?
It is obvious to all that the Baby Jesus is the one and only greatest and if there was tennis tournaments in old bethlehem 2 millenia ago he would have won at least 50 slams!!
May God have mercy on your soul.

Twinge , 9/26/12 2:08 PM

Fed is the greatest tennis player. Happy?

chr18 , 9/26/12 2:30 PM

^^I am,
But is the Lord God in heaven?
That's whats you should be concerned about.
Perhaps a few prayers this evening would swing it for you.

Twinge , 9/26/12 2:47 PM

So chr18, if you are so sure that Federer is the greatest tennis player, why on earth do you spend so much time trying to diminish Rafa as a tennis player? You don't spend time putting other players down such as Nalbandian or Karlovic simply because nothing they've done takes away from Roger's achievements, whilst Rafa makes Roger look a less than a great player.

nadline , 9/26/12 2:59 PM

I like how conspirator uses his cute little hashtags
ts38, 9/26/12 6:33 AM


Conspirator , 9/26/12 3:01 PM

xander83, 9/26/12 5:55 AM

Well said. Much happier to stick to tennis. However, I will continue to put the trolls in their place. I don't start it. See 2nd and 3rd posts on this thread which got the party started. More happy to stop when they stop.


Conspirator , 9/26/12 3:05 PM

Watch this hilarious video of Rafa trying to pass himself as a receptionist.

He is a great actor. Hollywood stars, eat your hearts out.

nadline , 9/26/12 4:14 PM

Conspirator: I love your hashtag witticisms. It enlivens TT no end.


ed251137 , 9/26/12 4:43 PM

nadline , 9/26/12 2:59 PM

You should know by now.....they are insecure little trolls, terrified of Rafa on Fed's behalf. And that terror manifests itself in obsessive behaviour: stalking, feeding an out of control persecution complex etc, etc.......


rafaisthebest , 9/26/12 5:14 PM

To deuce and all decent tennis fans who have been harassed by the recent trolling by so-called Fedfans on this site, please read this.........trolls are nothing but insecure bullies who feel "safe" behind their screen names but are cowards in real life: onted-troll

rafaisthebest , 9/26/12 5:32 PM

To deuce and all decent tennis fans who have been harassed by the recent trolling by so-called Fedfans on this site, please read this.........trolls are nothing but insecure bullies who feel "safe" behind their screen names but are cowards in real life: onted-troll

rafaisthebest , 9/26/12 5:40 PM

My sincere apologies for the double post, gremlins at work.

Here is another pertinent article about the nature of trolls: /internet-bullies-arent-trolls-theyre-disgusting-cowards-besieging-our -culture-and-ruining-debate/

Choice quote:

"....................and been subject to the attentions of borderline online obsessives with impenetrable grudges. Almost anyone who dares to put forward a point of view can become subject to the attentions of these bullies. Writing this, will, no doubt encourage them ? but as a society we must do more to speak out against the cowards who are besieging our culture and damaging our ability to debate.

From now on, I am removing ?troll? from my vocabulary. It is too easy to apply the term to critics with genuine points and for those who are simply abusive; words like bully and coward are far more applicable. As I think back to my childhood and playground bullies, I prefer to remember trolls as they should be ? smiling plastic characters with neon shocks of hair."

Take courage, TT posters...............

rafaisthebest , 9/26/12 5:46 PM

Ugh, I see that doctors are suggesting some "gentle rounds of golf" but wonder if that's smart at all:

"Return to full swinging prematurely after knee injury or surgery?the golf swing (especially when using a driver or long irons) places enough stress on the knee to risk re-injury.

Larry Foster, M.D., F.A.A.O.S., is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon - golf orthopedist. "

danica , 9/26/12 7:18 PM

Come on, the Nadal team and his doctors are not stupid. He's on his road to recovery and probably playing golf with a little bit of stress on the knees is a way of testing whether the knees are fine, or not. If he experiences pain even with that little bit of stress, then he's not ready to play tennis yet. Don't forget, he has his weekly (if not daily) checks done to his knee(s), so if playing golf is no good on the knees, he won't be advised to go ahead playing it.

luckystar , 9/26/12 7:35 PM

What's that? Ah ? Golf? Don?t talk about - golf? You kidding me? Golf?


Conspirator , 9/26/12 8:01 PM

xander83, 9/26/12 5:55 AM,

I take great exception to being lumped in with the likes of chr18 and scoretracker. You are new here and don't have an idea what is going on here. As Conspirator said so well, all you need do is read the second and third posts on this topic thread to see what started it.

Put the blame where it belongs and call out those who are responsible for hateful comments. Maybe you should do some more reading on this site and actually get to know people better before you lump them in with someone who has been a coward and a bully with hideous and despicable personal attacks.


I am really happy that you posted this article about this kind of obnoxious online bullying. I call it cyber bullying. I was checking to see if there is any kind of remedy for this kind of thing. We have laws in countries, but online some people seem to think it's a free-for-all. I think cowards is an excellent description. It doesn't take any guts to post behind an anonymous screen name and attack people relentlessly. It's cowardice of the very worst sort. This behavior should be actionable in some way.

I am glad that you posted some of the text, because the link didn't work for me.


I think that posting a comment from someone who hasn't examined or treated Rafa isn't going to be the most reliable information. As I said earlier upthread, Rafa's doctor is monitoring his recovery. If he has allowed him to golf, then obviously he is of the belief that this will not hurt him.

Also, that comment referenced someone comeing back after knee surgery. Rafa has not had surgery.

Nativenewyorker , 9/26/12 9:29 PM

The trollsa re on patrol very early. ribbit, watch what you say, coz you're busy trolling somewhere else, (don't wann expose you) pretending to be this wonderful amenable poster cozing up to the Fed fans, and you're male?? LOL.

I see the patrol officer is still flapping her gums. I suppose more kdos are needed.? You got kudos for helping a LIAR to save face. Got it.

This talk of God should remind some of you that you'll be judged some day.

@schatz, I speak well of many players, including the darling Rafa. How much do you speak well of Fede? ZERO.

scoretracker , 9/26/12 10:29 PM

@Conspirator: why did you select only a part of that post about your hashtags? That post was a reality check tha tyou avoided. How very convenient. hah

scoretracker , 9/26/12 10:32 PM

@Nadline, the troll designation suits you and ribbit just fine. You and ribbit need to get a life. You critizize t-x so much but yet you can't keep away.

scoretracker , 9/26/12 10:44 PM

Was there more? I have an iPad and am too busy to read every little detail bu I'm sure my fan had only more good things to say.


Conspirator , 9/26/12 10:45 PM

scoretracker, when exactly did I criticise tennis-x?

nadline , 9/26/12 10:51 PM

Jog your memory -- many, many times, but not as bad as ribbit, who goes there to curse, then uses another nick to be this guy who's so very unbiased. bwahahahaha.

You guys love to use the word 'troll' very loosely, especially the bully head troll, and lie to cover up for your friends, but remember justice will prevail, just wait, and see how things will turn around. People do slip up especially when tey lie, coz liars need to have good memories.

scoretracker , 9/26/12 10:57 PM

@5:46pm, Take that an apply it very aptly to yourself and the head troll. Remember how much you bully people elsewhere before even attempting to call others those chosen names. All you do here is call others names, coz you know your cohorts will back you up, then when they respond in kind, you're oh so hurt. And, to make matters worse, the violin keeps playing for eternity. carry on, but remember, justice WILL prevail.

scoretracker , 9/26/12 11:03 PM

@conspirator, if you can't read every detail, then don't comment. I suppose I can't blame you, for an instant your ego was flattered, you got very excited, and walla, you replied, with more of those *cute* things. he he

scoretracker , 9/26/12 11:06 PM

@Nadline, Fed fans have a lot to say about him, but we are few and our voices are drowned out by the bullies on here. You criticize Fed to no end, and it's useless bothering with you coz it makes no difference, you are totally OBSESSED with the man. Fed's brought into every thread for absolutely no reason.

scoretracker , 9/26/12 11:09 PM

@scoretracker I'm glad you agree and excited about my postings and cute hashtags!


Conspirator , 9/26/12 11:21 PM

You know these threats about karma and justice are getting to be laughable. Bringing God into something like this is even more offensive. Anyone who would dare to sanction their sick personal attacks and character assassination under the auspices of God, doesn't understand religion. God doesn't punish people! Got it?

I despise someone using God to somehow justify their lunatic ravings. Someone who is purporting to be the righter of wrongs, the avenging angel!

I would say it's schizophrenic, but then I would be insulting schizophrenics!

Nativenewyorker , 9/26/12 11:40 PM

Luckystar and NNY,
I agree. I was just quoting someone who is arguably the expert. I trust that Rafa has a great team of people around him. It just bothered ME that he would be allowed to even engage in something that potentially can be harmful. I read a few times before that golf could be strenuous on knees so that's why I voiced my concern.

danica , 9/27/12 12:22 AM

@conspirator, this is not twitter, and your use of the hashtags are like over-kill. similar to a woman putting on too much make-up which makes her look like a clown instead of beautiful.

@11:40, only the usual bunch of hot air from a wind-bag, who's hooked on false praise to raise it's self-esteem. Does it ever shut up? I see a very limited vocabulary here resorting to name calling as per usual, and bandying about words like lunatic, schzophrenics, character assassination. Yet, when others respond in kind, ITis very hurt. what a joke. Yes, insulting schizophrenics would be insulting ITSELF. Arm-chair psychiatrist at work, sshhhhhh.

I suppose all of you forget all the nasty stuff you write about Fed's mono, back problems, and his lung infection, but the entire tennis community needs to find sympathy for darling Rafa coz he's out playing golf, swimming, working out in the gym, and fishing, etc. ? good grief get a grip.

I hope ed, sees who has turned this thread off topic.

scoretracker , 9/27/12 12:31 AM

@danica, I won't tell you what to do, but if you feel that you're right about what you read, why do you apologize? It's known to be a fact that golf is very rough on the knees. they bend the knees a lot, plus they have to walk a lot. Just ask Phil Mickelson. He's had to deal with psoriatic arthritis, which is an inflammatory disease, similar to tendinitis, and has been put on enbrel, a very strong biologic drug, which has numerous side effects, one, being cancer. He's had to be off the tour numerous times due to his problem. thus, how can golf be helpful to someone with bad knees? However, it's forbidden to say such things coz Rafa Nadal is exceptionally sacred. No one is permitted here to offer a differring opinion. geez this is worse than the iron curtain.

scoretracker , 9/27/12 12:40 AM

danica, 9/27/12 12:22 AM,

I had no problem with it. I just wanted to clarify that this doctor had not examined or treated Rafa and that the comment referenced someone who has had knee surgery.

It's totally fine. I had no problem with it. It's hard to ignore the instigator and trash talker here, but I appreciate your comment. Of course, this creep has to jump in to try and make something more out of it. Same old, same old.

You have never said anything unreasonable. You also don't owe me an explanation. See, I like to speak for myself, rather than have an obnoxious mouthpiece try to put words in my mouth.

So I hope you will take my words in the spirit in which they are said.

As far as boretracker, what this person is saying is blasphemy, pure and simple. Invoking the name of God as though this is a crusade, is blasphemy. So who's going to get what they deserve.

God doesn't take sides, God doesn't punish people, God doesn't make threats or talk about karma or justice.

Nativenewyorker , 9/27/12 12:53 AM

tut, tut, tut, more name calling? That's understandable, coz IT has a limited vocabulary. I guess IT didn't get enough gums-flapping time on the Murray thread where I was the main object of bashing, and IT didn't gain IT's quota of , so IT has to find more creative ways to get the praise and attention IT craves?

I feel so sorry for the posters IT addresses who have to read all the un-related garbage that's taken straight from the book of hate and raging rants. That 'hate' book is IT's bible. IT's lost without it.

IT has no idea what is meant to invoke the name of God. Where did I ask God to come and silence your sewer tongue? No place, but carry on with your assinine comments coz it's something new to latch onto for the lack of new material. where was IT when holdserve was demeaning creation? Pretending not to see? suddenly, my mention of God is blasphemy? Hypocrisy muchhhhhhh!!!!!!

scoretracker , 9/27/12 1:29 AM

Danica, just to clarify, you're allowed different opinions of course, just that we need not doubt Rafa's doctors, who have examined him and have first hand knowledge about his knee conditions. Also Rafa is not a PROF Golfer, so all these strenous bending of the knees when golfing doesn't apply to him here as he's not playing golf day in and day out. Can't compare playing golf to playing tennis, and some players are still playing tennis despite being ill that means their doctors said they're OK to play, while Rafa is told to stay away from tennis, that means Rafa's is a more serious case. It's just that he's now recovering and playing golf may be a way of testing his knee conditions. As I've mentioned, if he couldn't play golf without pain, then all the more he couldn't play tennis!

luckystar , 9/27/12 1:45 AM

Wait a minute. Are you saying that this is NOT Twitter???

I think you must be confused. I am pretty sure this is Twitter.


Conspirator , 9/27/12 1:46 AM

Doctors are not infallible, and their diagnosis can and should be questioned. Venus Williams suffered from Sjoren's syndrome for 6 years before a doctor finally came up with a correct treatment plan. Phil Mickelson, same thing. It's the reason doctors 'practise' medicine, coz they are most times than not, making an educated guess. Some of them can't diagnose diddly squat unless they have an MRI, X-rays, and blood tests to help them.

scoretracker , 9/27/12 2:09 AM

Sorry but I had to interject when I read this :"God doesn't punish people" by Nativenewyorker, 9/27/12 12:53 AM Are you serious? Have you heard of SODOM and GOMORRAH? This is by far the stupidest, and there have been plenty, thing I have seen you post. God bless America because NNY is embarrassing us even more than the CiC.

chr18 , 9/27/12 2:38 AM

Aw shucks! Now I am IT! I would never want to be complimented by this creature from wherever. Because then I would know that I was lost!

Someone who wouldn't know the truth if it fell over it! God has been brought on this site for all sorts of disgusting and vile reasons. This person has invoked God and now wants to pretend that it was never said. Doesn't even remember what it says from one post to the next!

Blasphemy! Every word. I will say it again and again as long as this person is trashing people left and right.

Blasphemy! Using God's name in vain! God doesn't hate! God doesn't punish! God doesn't wish retribution, karma or anything bad on anyone.

Only a Godless person would say those things.

Nativenewyorker , 9/27/12 2:40 AM

Wait, is this Twitter or Bible Talk?


Conspirator , 9/27/12 2:41 AM

Of course Rafa's doctors have MRIs, X-rays and whatever necessary to help them. He was having MRIs during tournaments so I don't think his doctors don't have those done on him while he is recovering at home. Again I woukd say playing golf may be a first step toward testing his knee and see whether he still experience pain when exerting a bit of pressure on his knee. I don't think Rafa and his team would take risk if he's not fit enough to try out golf at this time.

luckystar , 9/27/12 2:44 AM


The God I believe in does NOT punish people! Maybe you should shut your big mouth because you don't know anybody's religion here.

You calling me dumb? The one with the fake doctorate? Really? The one who has made mysogynistic comments all over the place on this site? Trashing older women about their hormones and being menopausal?

And you have the nerve to call me dumb? You don't respect women! What about your chauvinistic comments on this site over and over again?

Please spare me! If you want to deal wih SODOM and GOMORRAH in caps no less, live with the bible! I live my life according to my precepts and religious tenets. I do not believe in a punishing God.

You are an embarrassment to men everywhere, not just in America!

Nativenewyorker , 9/27/12 2:45 AM


Go ask the Bible expert otherwise know as crap18! Now we need sermons on the bible!

I can't even believe what is happening on this site! It's insane!

This was supposed to be about Rafa, then the two trolls made it a hatefest.

I can't wait for crap18's dissertation about the bible. Someone who trashes women publicly on a tennis forum. And this person is talking about being dumb? In the 21st century, someone could actually make fun of older women and menopause? Talk about embarrassment.

Take a look in the mirror!

Nativenewyorker , 9/27/12 2:49 AM

Don't call others names if you don't want the same in return. there's nothing special about you that allows you to be vile, and for anyone to turn the other cheek. i used to do that, coz name calling was beneath me, but it didn't work. So, now deal with it, and stop whining.

You're lieing as usual. God was mentioned over a week ago when holdserve was talking her nonsense regarding the jungles of africa. As usual, you pretended not the see. But, that how you operate isn't it?. You are that kind of creature, isn't it?

I see what you're doing. You care nothing for this site, the only thing you care about is that every Fed fan is eliminated. you will persecute, harass and berate us, until we get reprimanded and leave. then you will mention that we got banned until your violin string breaks. and, when that happens, you'll find another instrument.

scoretracker , 9/27/12 3:54 AM

chr18 and I did not turn this thread into a hate-fest as you put it. it was YOU and your mindless followers who did that. We wrote two comments, but that was all you needed to see for you to begin your crazy assault, and turn this into a judge and jury scenario.

I can't even compliment another poster without you turning it into something dirty, a divide and conquer action, as you call it. It's what you do, and you project your wicked mind and ulterior motives onto others, coz it's so venemous, but that's not how everyone operates.

I'll say it here, I've had my spats with luckystar, but at times, we can still discuss a topic. Same with nadline, even ed (but she's unpredictable and will turn one me like a piranha in a nano-second). But, you are beyond reason, and just driven by hate.

You must be living behind a facade, coz everyone is fake and is someone else, except for your good self. I made a wrong judgment call by complimenting a Murray poster, who was not what he is, and now it's turned into a conquer and divide situation by you. You are just hopeless. jealousy is driving you off the deep end. You cannot handle it that Fed posters can have a discussion with a nadal fan, other than you, coz you are the big cheese, NOT. However, the more you behave in this manner, it's the more you'll be alienated. You can say you don't care, but you're only fooling yourself. The fact is, you do care, and don't like to be ignored, but you've only yourself to blame.

This talk of God will be beaten to death by you and will be rehashed a thousand times hereafter. I left that Murray thread but you and your cohorts are still keeping it alive with your stench. Goodluck to you.

FYI, the only trolls here are you and your crazy gang. I don't see any other trolls.

scoretracker , 9/27/12 4:13 AM

@2:44am, I'm sorry, I can't continue discussing this matter, for obvious reasons. I'll say this much though, golf, I've played a bit, is not as easy as people think. It incorporates using several joints simultaneously, especially rotatioln of the bottom half of the body, knees included. djokovic would make a good golfer coz he has great hip/waist rotation and upper torso.

scoretracker , 9/27/12 4:21 AM

She has surprised even me tonight. She has created her own religion apparently or twisted one to fit her own beliefs. First the atheists now the ones who change things to suit themselves. Deep!

chr18 , 9/27/12 4:22 AM

chr18, I suppose nol one remembers Noah's ark and the earh being flooded? She's unique I can tell you that. i've never seen anyone beat a point to death, embellish it, and then turn it into something totally unrelated to the original. I't's mind-boggling.

It's obvious she's lobbying to get us reprimanded and then banned. That's for sure. However, who will she pick on when we're gone? would she then start fighting with the other Rafafans, which has been done before? everything is not peaches and cream as they purport them to be. I'm somewhat baffled that not one of her gang can tell her that she needs to stop with the tongue lacerations. I'm sure you're aware that this will be the only topic from now henceforth.

So what's next? man, meds are badly needed. I was referred to as stench. Is there no end to her nasty tongue? geez

scoretracker , 9/27/12 4:32 AM


I notice that you didn't address my comments about your hostility and disrespect towards so-called older women, their menopause, low hormone levels and such. I wonder why? If you want to live with the bible and go back three thousand years to talk about how we should live today, then that's your thing.

But if you call me an atheist, that is something you will regret I assure you. It only shows how ignorant you are about religion. You are a total embarrassment to men, Americans and anybody decent. Your comments are of the lowest level.

You never surprise me. Not after what you have said about women. I actually thought you came from another country, maybe a less enlightened one than America. Because I thought that mose people respected women, old or young and wouldn't insult their biological body functions.

You disgust me.


Keep talking about Noah's ark and the flood. Yes, live back all those years ago and compare stories about the bible and the good old days. The rest of us will live in the present and reality.

You found a buddy. You two belong together. One with an imaginary doctorate and another who is using fire and brimstone and the wrath of God and karma and justice and anything else to be thrown into the mix.

I will be as nasty to you as you have been to me. Or do you want me to regurgitate the names you have called me. Maybe your memory is getting foggy, too. You throw the mud around and see what will stick. Then you get all annoyed when it's thrown right back at you.

I give respect to those who treat me the same.

Then you say I am bad but it's really okay with luckystar, nadline and ed. Thanks for proving my divide and conquer theory. Only you are frustrated because it's not working! Don't you hate when that happens!

You are trying to get rid of Rafa fan, Murray fans, Nole fans. You want this site to be like tennis-x. Fed fans rule and anyone else gets run off. Well I have some news for you and you need to listen real good - I am not going anywhere. The other Rafa fans aren't going anywhere. You are not going to chase us away no matter how ugly it gets.

So keep it up! I have survived it this far!

Nativenewyorker , 9/27/12 5:00 AM

Too bad the discussion on this topic thread had to be turned into a hatefest by the usual suspects.

Getting back to the discussion that seems ages ago, as far as I am concerned, Rafa is following his doctor's instructions. Since he is the one treating Rafa and has examined him and done the required tests, he should know what actitivities Rafa can and cannot do.

Self-styled experts who think they know more than they do, are not qualified to make a determination as to what activities may be harmful to Rafa. I trust his doctors and he seems to do the same.

Now let's see how long this thread stays on topic!

Nativenewyorker , 9/27/12 5:13 AM

Big momma, I expected for you to lie and say I called you names in the past, what else is new? I endured your lies and tongue lashings for a long time, beginning with my first comment on this site, until I decided I will give it back, but then you didn't like what you got back in return. In your mind, you are the only one who is privileged to call others names, lie and twist things around. however, if one should retaliate, all they'll get is more tongue lashings, and then it will be a non-stop carousel of: you said, she said, I said, he said, the martians said, blah, blah, blah.

You deliberately misinterpret people's comments to add to your lies. I've re-read this thread, and the first mention of God was by Schatz 9/26/12 12:38 PM, then Conspirator mentioned Baby Iesus., so you're blaiming chr18 wrongfully. I, at no time, called upon God to do anything to anyone. I merely reminded you and your lieing cohorts, who ganged up on me to 'save face' for your friend, that there is justice and karma will prevail.

As another proof of how much you twist stuff around, chr18, said your comments 'were the stupidest' he's ever read. You changed it to him calling you dumb.

A couple of weeks ago, you deliberately mis-read my comments to another poster, and created a scene. Then I answered, and said you 'feel you're right'. It's laughable what you said to those words. You stated too bad "you're not feeling well'. And, every post that I answered you, you deliberately went on the misinterpret to rant and rage some more. This is just an example of what you do .

I'm of the firm opinion that ou are mentally injured, and as much as you think I'm this bad person, I do feel very sorry for you, coz it must be hell being so miserable. Try to think peaceful thoughts or get some help. Enough already.

FYI, I don't want to turn this site into Tennis-x, but obviously that site has got a lot to offer, coz your friends are having a great time posting on there. One on them can't get enough, posting under two nicks, but I won't be mean by stating their names. That said, that site has got to rock.

What a pity you are destroying this site with your controlling behavior.

scoretracker , 9/27/12 5:43 AM


Tsk, tsk! Yawn. Boring. Blah, blah, blah.




Nativenewyorker , 9/27/12 5:54 AM

That's the best you can do. Usual, and predictablel, when you are given facts and proof. you're so lucky, chr18 and I don't ask, like you do, for apologies. You're insane.

Not only are you a flame-thrower, you encourage conspirator to do it also. 'Keep up the good work'. prior to that it was hawkeye, whom you appointed to do the heavy lifting for you. I guess hawkeye got his back broken or something coz he tried for a while then disappeared, but just recently re-appeared.

I hope you've let out all the venom and can now assume a reasonable state of mind. May the force be with you, hash-tag wannabe. You guys have turned this site into twitter. LOL.

scoretracker , 9/27/12 5:59 AM

Sorry you are so crazy. I feel for you. Please stop projecting your problems on me. This is tiresome.

But feel free to keep talking to yourself. I guess you are the only friend you have. So sad.

Boring, Yawn. Blah, blah, blah.

Nativenewyorker , 9/27/12 6:07 AM

You owe every one of us an apology.

I am waiting.

If not, I have nothing further to say to someone who is a coward and who lies about people on this site.

Nativenewyorker , 9/27/12 6:11 AM

Sorry to disappoint you, scoretracker, everyone on TT knows I post on tennis-x blog under the name nadalista, so whatever twisted pleasure you were going to take from "exposing" me is just in your deluded head.

So now you are calling me ribbit, how really are a twisted soul.

The phrase playground bully suits you just fine.

You are the trouble-maker on this site. You are the odd one out. Hopefully one day the moderators will summon the courage to ban you like they did your co-troublemakers, sienna et al.

As nny said, you are a liar to boot.

rafaisthebest , 9/27/12 7:15 AM

@RITB 5.46 26/09
Thanx for posting that. What do you think the lawyer would put up for a defense of "trolls?" Insanity perhaps? Or is that being too generous?
I think Chery must be on hols or something, hope not ill, because a) she would not allow this level of bullying b) she specifically asked us not to bring up stuff from other sites onto here and c) the infiltration by the stasi of a brilliant site like TT where fans of ALL players used to be able to engage in, shockingly enough, talk about tennis and have a laugh.

deuce , 9/27/12 7:32 AM

^^^^don't worry deucy, if the troll bullying continues we will ALL have to write to Cheryl and ask for scoretracker to be reprimanded or banned. It is clear he wants to poison the atmosphere at TT and turn it into another tennis-x blog, we can't have that.

rafaisthebest , 9/27/12 7:40 AM

Nah, you don't call me any names, and NNY is the most righteous in the world, she never lies.

Referring to me as a 'troll' is not name-calling. Scroll up above, the lengths you went to hammer home your point on trolls. i don't get on any site and curse, but I won't repeat what you said. Your two nicks are for others to figure out.

Over the past week I was called several names by NNY, who began with 'creep' and presently I'm boretracker, and by the deuce stalkertracker. All lovely names, eh. Yes, I've responded with some of my own. and, you were right there in the middle of it all. ribbit, does not equate to what I've been called on here by you and your friends.

I suppose turning stupidest into dumb, is not lieing, eh? Nor, is deliberately taking stuff out of context wrong? BTW, 2 nicks, not one, but I don't care, except that you bash the site, then go on there. geez.

You have a voice, do what the others have done (I'm sure you've already done so) report me to the moderators. FYI, Sienna, and fleur were not my firends. I said very little to them, and vice versa, so quit with that nonsense. Yeah, NNY IMO, is a liar also.

Poor carrot cake deuce. that's laughs? puhleeze You not a troll? You lie, period. Be happy you got away with it, coz you got 'friends', LOL. FYI, you don't talk tennis, you talk darling Andy, and boo-hoo. Work awaits. Goodnight.

scoretracker , 9/27/12 7:42 AM


deuce , 9/27/12 7:45 AM


rafaisthebest , 9/27/12 7:47 AM

Deucy, the snoozies were meant for the stalker troll, of course!



rafaisthebest , 9/27/12 7:50 AM

I suppose turning stupidest into dumb, is not lieing, eh? Nor, is deliberately taking stuff out of context wrong? BTW, 2 nicks, not one, but I don't care, except that you bash the site, then go on there. geez.

scoretracker, 9/27/12 7:42 AM

I see you are talking to yourself again. Forgot to take your meds?

YOU are the one constantly bashing Tennistalk, threatening never to post here again and THEN COME BACK ON!


rafaisthebest , 9/27/12 7:58 AM

No injury symptoms before loosing to Rosol.suddenly out of tennis for months.

#sixmonthtimeouttoavoiddopetes tyettocover

tomnjerry2 , 9/27/12 12:10 PM

Strange heh, tomnjerry, that Rafa needed to avoid drug test now, after so many years in the tours? And who says he's not subjected to wada drug test during this period of absence from the tours? It takes a blind person not to see that Rafa was having knee problems since the beginning of the year; why do you think he had to withdraw from the Miami SF? And why he needed to have his PRP treatment in Feb and took the whole of Feb off to rest??

Out of curiosity, tomnjerry, did you question Fed'a mono when he lost to Nole at AO2008, when Fed was perfectly OK in outlasting Tipsy in five sets before that? Or more recently, his claim of injury issues when he lost to Berdych at Wimbledon?

luckystar , 9/27/12 12:28 PM

So many Rafa haters, so little time.

nadline , 9/27/12 2:31 PM

Two points:
- It's "voila" not "walla".
- It's "losing" not "loosing"

And BTW scoreflubber, where exactly did I mention the baby Jesus?


Conspirator , 9/27/12 2:35 PM

Rafa hater will never enjoy the status that rafa enjoys all over the world

nadline , 9/27/12 2:37 PM

scoretracker - for your information I put Vamos Rafa & God bless meaning for God to look after Rafa - what has that got to do with the stuff that you are bandying about? Also, I have put vamos our Rafa & God bless many times before.

Nice try.

schatz , 9/27/12 7:08 PM

In an interview, Rafa was asked

Have you received support in recent months from your fellow ATP colleagues?

It makes me happy to have received SMS (texts) practically from all. I hope to be able to thank them: later, in Australia.

nadline , 9/27/12 7:42 PM

schatz, 9/27/12 7:08 PM,

You don't have to explain what you wrote about Rafa. We know that you normally say this as an expression of concern, care and love for Rafa. There's no need for you to justify it at all.

I have been trying to give Rafa some support on twitter. I am pretty new there and not that knowledgeable about it. But I have sent him some tweets saying that I miss him and to get better and come back soon. At least it's another way I can let him know that fans are with him all the way.

Nativenewyorker , 9/27/12 9:14 PM


Nice to hear that you are able to get messages to Rafa via twitter - I am not into facebook or twitter although I might try with a bit more patience at some point. I am sure it means a lot to him to receive all these messages not only from his fellow players but also from his many loyal and sincere fans.

It is nice to be up at the same time as you for a change - I am staying with friends in North Carolina at the moment and am enjoying the lovely weather. I love it here.

schatz , 9/27/12 9:45 PM


I am trying to learn social media. I have never been very comfortable about the idea. I have been on facebook, in fact I have liked some pictures of Rafa and even posted a comment or two there. But I am not what you would call an experienced user. I don't feel all that comfortable on twitter, so I don't do much except read. But I am following Rafa, so I get to see his tweets. They usually post them in Spanish and English. In fact, I will tell you that I looked up some Spanish phrases and then tweeted a message to him in which I said in Spanish that I missed him very much!

I didn't get a response and why should I. He has no idea who I am and there are so many people sending him messages. But he has said on facebook and on twitter that he appreciates the messages, so he is reading.

I just wanted to do something to let him know that we are thinking about him and want him back.

It is nice to see you here at the same time. It rarely happens. If you are in North Carolina, then you are only three hours ahead of me out here on the west coast. I am glad that you are enjoying good weather.

Nativenewyorker , 9/27/12 9:52 PM

she would not allow this level of bullying b) she specifically asked us not to bring up stuff from other sites onto here and c) the infiltration by the stasi of a brilliant site like TT where fans of ALL players used to be able to engage in, shockingly enough, talk about tennis and have a laugh.
deuce , 9/27/12 7:32 AM

"she specifically asked us not to bring up stuff from other sites onto here"

and yet, despite knowing this you brought it here and it's what started the bickering, isn't it? You sure are a cunning one, who loves to boo-hoo for sympathy and to start trouble, coz you know how much the Fed fans are hated. The gang here will support you whenever it's a Fed fan that's involved, but I wonder if it were a Nadal fan, if they would have supported you. BTW, did you know the word 'deuce' is considered a racist word? Be thankful I'm into being a wannabe, pseudo-hashtags or else I could find some very chosen/descriptive words to describe your behavior.

FYI, who ever fooled you into thinking you talk tennis? Stop dreaming, you know nothing of tennis, only to suck up to get attention. I read a comment somewhere else, and it was as though the poster was describing you. tut, tut, tut. You are famous.

Since I last posted on here, where are all the talk tennis posts from you and the gang? This thread should have been full of Rafa discussions, instead only the usual bashing and nolthing pertaining to the topic.

@ed, I don't see your post, it probably got deleted. So let's get this clear, everytime I stop posting, it means I was banned? I suppose that means whenever you and the others stop posting, you were banned also? I think your eureka moments are just an indication of a crazy mind. Anyway, keep up with the sherlock holmes detective work. Anything else you wanna know about me? I went to school in NY and Boston, and have 2 sisters and a brother. My mom and dad are still married to each other, and they live in Boston. My GF is doing her Residency and will eventually open her own medical practise. She specializes in orthopedics. oh BTW, I'm 6'2", same as Fed and weigh 175. And, I'm not into dating women my mother's age.
What else would you like to know?I'm flattered that you keep track of my personal data. I'll try to remember to advise you of my progress. However, don't be too disappointed, but I'm not interested in yours. Oh, I will be going on a trip back to Asia very shortly, so don't miss me too much.

scoretracker , 9/28/12 12:39 AM

WARNING: the post above is trolling for a reply. Please do not respond. Thank you for your cooperation. This is an automated post. Replies will not be responded to.


Conspirator , 9/28/12 1:28 AM

I'd be very happy if they would heed your warning, coz that way I get to state my views without the usual hammers dropping on my head. If I had a hammer, i'd hammer in the morning ....

Only one pseudo-hashtage? What happenend to the rest. and, yes, I am humble. Thank you my fan.

scoretracker , 9/28/12 1:35 AM

Conspirator, 9/28/12 1:28 AM

Thank you for the automated post! Just what we need at TT. Keep 'hem coming.......

rafaisthebest , 9/28/12 6:54 AM

#Y awn

deuce , 9/28/12 7:49 AM

Interviewed by journalist Charlie Rose, the Scottish tennis player expresses his views on Federer and Rafa Nadal:

"Roger plays with a very soft racket, he does not need to hit the ball very strong as the other athletes on the circuit and is always playing very close to the base line, he is a classic player. Of course the field is very strong. Nadal does have the brute force and expresses such intensity from the first to the last point. and he is one of the best players that tennis has ever seen and probably will see for a while, the same as Jimmy Connors. His energy and enthusiasm come out every time he enters the court. "

In a nutshell, Rafa is exciting and plays scintillating tennis and Roger is boring and old fashioned.

nadline , 9/28/12 10:56 AM

Yes!!! I thought I'd try writing an automated script that looks for certain "keywords"and it works! How cool is that! It may not get them all. Next I'll see if I can extract the poster and date stamp so the response references the specific post.

On another topic, I have a different opinion on Federer. I love the contrasting styles of the Top 4 and how they deal with the contrasting styles of Delpo, Tsonga, Berdych, etc.


Conspirator , 9/28/12 1:50 PM

See even Murray agrees with me : Nadal wins on "brute force" and "intensity". I said this months ago.

chr18 , 9/28/12 2:05 PM

^^^^difference is, when Muzza says it, it's a compliment. When you say it, it's derogatory, with intent.

rafaisthebest , 9/28/12 2:19 PM

What's wrong with brute force in tennis? Tennis is a sport, it's physical and Rafa plays it the right way.

When Rafa and Roger are pitched against each other, the one who plays like a sportsman nearly always wins against the one who plays like a dancer.

nadline , 9/28/12 2:28 PM

'Classic' is another word for 'retro'.

nadline , 9/28/12 2:30 PM

chr18 missed something, Murray also said in one of his earlier interviews, that he loves watching Rafa plays. Why? Murray says it's because he loves how Rafa does the point construction, Murray can pick up some tips watching Rafa plays. It's no coincidence that they're good friends off the courts.

Rafa doesn't play with brute force and intensity only, but with brain too! I love the sportsman vs dancer description, so apt IMO.

luckystar , 9/28/12 2:54 PM

velliat53 , 9/28/12 2:54 PM

Roger is like classical music, calm and dignified. Many writers describe his movements as balletic.

Every player has to play using his brain to construct points and return with precision. Some returners just slap the ball back, hoping it ends up as a winner. Roger's shots are hit with a certain purpose and timing. That's the difference between Fed and most of the other top 3 players.

scoretracker , 9/28/12 3:06 PM

Roger's style is useless against Rafa.

Classic in the context of tennis means retro.

nadline , 9/28/12 3:18 PM

It's not only Fed hitting with precision! Look at Nole with his precision at match points! Also his paint the line tennis all along! Oh and Rafa with his DTL forehand! All the top four players play with good timing of their shots, of not how do they hit the lines all the time!

Fed's point construction can never match up to that of Rafa's or even Murray's! He doesn't construct much, just play his first stricke tennis, he won with speed and precision, however once he met Rafa, Nole and Murray, who are quicker than him and can get to almost all of his shots, we see him having difficulties beating them. Contrast that to say Fed against Roddick or Blake, they can never match Fed in terms of speed, and they can never match Rafa and Murray in terms of anticipation skills. It's no wonder Blake and Roddick have such poor H2H against Fed!

Both Rafa and Murray are 'spidermen', they're so good at building up traps to trap their opponents, it's no wonder they have positive H2H against Fed all along; no mean feat considering that Fed is so quick in his attacking game.

luckystar , 9/28/12 3:40 PM

Well Fed plays very prettily and precisely,
You take your poison on that one,
horses for courses etc.
But his lack of power on his soft balletic groundstrokes has found him out on many occasion,
particulalry when it gets to set 5 and nadal is on the other side.
As for using his brain mmm nah
Roger has one style attack, attack & that's it really.
He's highly expressive & creative but its all in the moment.
He is not a chess player type.
No change has been necessary and none was attempted.
Except it actually did become necessary didn't it ;)
Oh well.

Twinge , 9/28/12 4:04 PM

I don't see Djokovic's shots at match point as hitting with precision. It was more like playing high percentage tennis, as he slapped back the ball. It was like taking a shot in the. Even djoker himself said he just closed his eyes and took a rip at the ball, but didn't have a clue as to where it would land. Fed does not play like that, he plays with a purpose/goal, which is playing with precision.

I wouldn't call Murray's cat 'n mouse game as building traps. He does that hoping to get the opponent to make an error, which is what the tennis critics have mentioned time and again, as one of his weaknesses. It was only after being coached by Lendl that Murray's put aside the cat 'n mouse tactics, and taking his cuts, that he's been able to overcome that problem. He does, however, lapse into such a state when he's playing against the lower-ranked players, e.g., Cilic, which nearly cost him the win at the USO .

Nadal hits the DTL FH very nicely, but I still feel that Sampras' running DTL FH is the most beautiful shots I've ever seen. And, Fed also has a beautiful running DTL FH.

Murray's FH and Djokovic's, are two of the weakest FHs, but for Murray, it's worse especailly when he goes cross-court. Fed targets the FH of those two and it rewards him.

Fed's game is all about timing, and once his timing is off, which happens when he is harboring an injury and cannot practise as he should, then he loses.

scoretracker , 9/28/12 4:09 PM

third sentence, 'It was like taking a shot in the dark.

scoretracker , 9/28/12 4:11 PM

To be fair to Nole, he's capable of playing paint the line tennis all along, even before this Nole v2. We witness that during this FO final, when he started playing that way in set 3 and 4; even though he lost set 4 and the match, he did have many of his shots landed on the lines. It's just that Rafa was that good, refused to lose and forced Nole to make errors, even double faults.

The difference between Rafa and Murray is in the aggression department; while Rafa can play the chess game, he also knows when to strike and he has the killer instinct, so Rafa is certainly not a defensive player. For Murray, now with the help of Lendl, and with the improvement in his forehand shot, he's adding aggression into his chess game. The triumph at the Olympics and the USO are signs that his improved aggressive game is bearing fruits. Whether he'll or he can continue to play this way only time will tell.

luckystar , 9/28/12 5:00 PM

Roger plays on instinct and there is nothing wrong with that, but when he is in a tight corner with the top players he rarely works out a solution whilst Rafa and Murray are great at solving problems on court. Djokovic plays his game and when he is on it he is very efficient but his problem solving is down to making his opponent feel he is not beaten and they buckle.

scoretracker, Roger is known for not practicing. He warms up and that's about it because he is an instinctive player. He's spent years working out a solution for Rafa, but after about 20 mins into the match as soon as Rafa works out his counter move, Roger is lost. Watch the 2012 AO SF or the 2011 FO final to see what I mean. When Roger beats Rafa it's always due to to Rafa not firing on all cylinders apart from indoors where Roger is the boss because Rafa hates playing indoors.

nadline , 9/28/12 9:13 PM

Here is a clip of Roger VS Rafa matches

nadline , 9/28/12 9:33 PM

U. Toni held a presser today and the good news is he says Rafa will be start practicing within 10-15 days.

Watch the video. VNgOq8

nadline , 9/28/12 9:53 PM

Here is a transcript of what U. Toni said

Toni Nadal: "within 10 or 15 days we will begin to train"
Written by Sebastian Friday, 28 September 2012 14: 58

Rafel Nadal's coach and uncle confirmed that the recovery is on track and hope to be able to start training within 10 to 15 days.

nadline , 9/28/12 9:57 PM


That is the best news I have had all day! So good to know that Rafa will be getting back to training!

Yay! Thanks nadline for putting a smile on my face!

Nativenewyorker , 9/29/12 1:58 AM

^^^^^indeed! Can't wait to see Rafa on court bashing balls, even if it is only practice sessions.

Vamos Rafa!!

rafaisthebest , 9/29/12 7:16 AM

Just glancing at the title of this thread, makes me so glad that he is practicing. Once he starts doing that then he should be able to get an idea of when he will be back.

Rafa posts the most charming tweets! I am brushing up on my Spanish, so I know what he is saying and what people are saying back to him. He is very appreciative of all the tweets and facebook get well messages. So he does read them. I think it helps him.

My Spanish is pathetic, but I did manage to tell him that I miss him very much and to please come back soon. That was about it. I hope he feels the love.

Nativenewyorker , 9/29/12 7:56 AM

Great news !! I guess by next month end we will have more clarity .

fedexal , 9/29/12 7:59 AM

Yes great news. So the golfing session has proven that Rafa's knee can take that little bit of stress. Now he'll be on the tennis court practising, I hope everything turns out fine for him, and that he can practice with no pain. One step at a time though, hope he doesn't rush things.

luckystar , 9/29/12 9:54 AM

There is still nothing on Rafa's FB about it and other interpretations of U. Toni's interview is that he should be ready for the practice courts soon, so I don't know if it's anything new or whether he's just going according to the original timeline.

What a shame so many of Rafa's fans are not literate in his language as we just don't get the full meaning of what's being said as things get lost in translation.

I imagine that when they have a definite date it will be a presser with Rafa's doctor.


nadline , 9/29/12 10:46 AM

I trust by now he and his team have learnt their lesson and will not rush into playing at tournament level until he is well and truly healed. After what he has been through this past year another few months is neither here nor there.

ed251137 , 9/29/12 10:49 AM

Self-proclaimed Rafa hater, Peter Bodo, has penned ANOTHER article on Rafa. What's going on? For a man who not so long ago penned a hate filled tract about Rafa, he seems to have a Rafa obsession!

rafaisthebest , 9/29/12 2:41 PM

A lot of Rafa haters are closet Rafa admirers.

nadline , 9/29/12 3:18 PM

Agree with you, nadline. Just wish they would spare themselves the aggro by admitting as much.....

rafaisthebest , 9/29/12 3:39 PM


You have to know by now that Bodo is kind of obsessed with Rafa. Although he has been very pro-Fed for a long time, I wonder about his loyalties since he writes so much about Rafa.

Maybe nadline has a point about Rafa haters being closet Rafa admirers. How many times on this site have we seen diehard Fed fans who purport to despise Rafa, post endlessly about him?

I guess they are also victims of Rafa's charm and appeal.

I wanted to say something about the comments regarding Rafa's progess being lost in translation. One reason I like to check out vb is because there are members on that site for whom Spanish is their native language. They do a great job of translating info about Rafa. It's not that horrible google translation that reads like pig latin!

Nativenewyorker , 9/29/12 8:59 PM

With respect NNY and Nadline I think you, and others who share this theory, are barking up the wrong tree.

The people who expend so much time and energy attacking Rafa and his fans are simply lemmings flocking to put the boot in whenever they can for the sheer hell of it. They like to light the blue touch paper and wait for the fallout. I wouldn't dignify their behaviour by suggesting any of them are closet Rafa fans.

ed251137 , 9/29/12 10:02 PM

I'm referring to TT posters in the above comment: not Peter Bodo. I dont read his articles often enough to know his views on Rafa - or Roger come to that.

ed251137 , 9/29/12 10:10 PM


I think it's my way of dealing with it. In the past I never believed that theory, but somehow it makes it easier if I think that in some tortured, bizarre way they are closet Rafa fans.

But I do have to say that your theory is probably much closer to the unfortunate truth. I have to face reality, painful as it maybe. For I have to tell you that for the life of me I cannot and will never understand that behavior. It seems like such an incredible waste of energy, of life.

Nativenewyorker , 9/29/12 10:10 PM


I didn't see your last comment @9/29/12 when I posted my response. I understand that you are referencing TT posters here. Regarding Bodo, I am just not sure what the deal is with him. I have read his blogs at times. The ones about Rafa drive me crazy. What I will say is that I don't think he "gets" Rafa. He doesn't understand what he's about, what drives him, who he is and also his game.

Bodo is the one famously called Rafa a "one-dimensional clay court specialist" back in 2010! That was when I finally had to e-mail him personally to tell him what I thought of his comment. I have e-mailed him once or twice to criticize him when he has written blogs about Rafa that I thought were unseemly or wildly inaccurate.

If you read Tignor's blogs about Rafa, the difference is obvious. He really does get Rafa and appreciates what he brings to the sport. He is also the better, more eloquent writer as far as I am concerned.

I think Bodo is obsessed with Rafa and not in a good way! I do not believe that he likes Rafa. I don't think he has a clue!

Nativenewyorker , 9/29/12 10:15 PM

That 'one dimensional' slur has been bandied around by many commentators ever since Rafa burst onto the scene! In fact I'm pretty certain it was also one of Federer's put downs at one time.

ed251137 , 9/29/12 10:53 PM

It was and that's more evidence that Bodo is a true-blue Fed fan. He has always liked Fed, which is why he doesn't appear to like Rafa. The timing of when he used it is what got to me. This was when Rafa had won Wimbledon and the AO. I pointed out that Rafa won slams on all surfaces. So there's no way that he could be a one-dimensional player.

There was more to the blog. It wasn't just about that one phrase. It was pretty much all about why Rafa was just good on clay but not a player for all surfaces. It was totaly nonsense. He must have gotten a lot of angry e-mails, because he mentioned it in a subsequent blog. I thought it was pretty inciteful and not very respectful of Rafa's accomplishments.

Nativenewyorker , 9/29/12 11:06 PM

I would not even waste any brain power trying to understand why Bodo is the way he is with Rafa. He is obviously extremely biased if this is the way he portrays Rafa and his opinion is not based on any observations to do with tennis IMO. No matter what Rafa has achieved or hopefully will achieve will not change his mind I think.

We know that what he says is not exactly logical or true but believe me he will continue to write stuff like that because he is totally anti Rafa by the sounds of it. You can take a horse to water but you cannot make it drink!

I have no wish to upset myself by reading his articles/blogs or whatever because I know that he will just come out with the same anti Rafa rubbish time and time again.
I tend to take more notice of people who have been great champions themselves and when Jimmy Connors and others praise Rafa then I know that he has the respect of his peers and that is not that easy to come by. Even Rod Laver said that Roger and Rafa have their own different talents and that both are to be admired. Even if you are a Roger fan, as a lot of the previous champions and commentators are, they still have a grudging respect for Rafa and that is OK by me.

Also, a lot of Rafa's fellow players admire and respect him and they would not do so if they did not feel that way about him. End of really.

Vamos our Rafa & God bless you.

schatz , 9/30/12 12:20 AM

What is puzzling is how fans who purport to be Fedfans, Bodo included, spend a lot of time writing about Rafa! That's a weird way to be pro-Fed. Look at the blogosphere, articles about Rafa draw the most posts and most of them are "anti Rafa" posts!

I would have thought it more positive and productive for Bodo and Co. to write endless flattering blogs (and posts) about their idol, Fed, and not waste precious energy venting against a certain Mallorcan! I know the blogosphere would be nicer for it.

rafaisthebest , 9/30/12 7:32 AM

I don't know that you can rationally discuss someone like Bodo or the rabid Fed fans who post hateful comments all the time here.

I do agree with schatz about Bodo. I stopped reading his blogs a while ago. They made my blood pressure explode. I especially try to avoid the ones he writes about Rafa. He just has zero understanding of Rafa.

I also agree wholeheartedly with schatz's sentiment about taking what Rafa's peers and past great tennis champions have said about him. That is so much more important than a guy who writes blogs on a tennis forum.

I have no further desire to read him or contact him via e-mail. I know pretty much what he thinks about Rafa by now and don't have any need to read it again.

Great comment, schatz! You said it all!

Nativenewyorker , 9/30/12 8:04 AM

They call Tiggy a Rafa fanboy but at least he is true to his moniker, you won't catch him writing gratuitous anti Fed nonsense: 608/#.UGfij1EdG_w

Choice quote:

"For once, the men?s No. 1 ranking wasn?t clinched at the U.S. Open; we should have meaningful matches right down to the World Tour Finals in London. It will have a little less flavor and flash without Rafael Nadal, but there should be more tension as Roger and Novak go for No. 1."

rafaisthebest , 9/30/12 8:15 AM

RITB, our workshops entitled "Water Off A Duck's Back" are extremely popular, effective and very reasonable. Would u like to enroll?.....;)

deuce , 9/30/12 8:37 AM


How about me? I think that I am in need of a program like this! :)

Nativenewyorker , 9/30/12 8:59 AM

NNY, the workshop is so popular it's full, but am sure we can squeeze you in somehow ....just off to check out larger premises....;)

deuce , 9/30/12 9:58 AM

deuce , 9/30/12 8:37 AM

Hmmmm, I've seen the new deuce incarnation: kick-ass, take-no-prisoners..............would I be safe, that is the question!

On second thoughts, I will enrol...................but be warned: I will come armed with the most Rafalicious picture of Rafa (a la Harry's magic wand)..............that should ward off any evil intentions you or anybody else on the workshop may have!

rafaisthebest , 9/30/12 10:06 AM

deuce, 9/30/12 9:58 AM,

Can you put me on a waiting list? :)

Nativenewyorker , 9/30/12 10:19 AM

The most significant thing that Tignor said is that tennis has "a little less flavor and flash without Rafael Nadal,........"

nadline , 9/30/12 2:05 PM

ritb, snap again. We seem to be on the same wave length much of the time. I was going to quote Tignor exactly as you did, observing that Rafa adds the flavour and flash to tennis even before I saw your post, and I decided to parr it down to the bare bones in case anyone missed the essence of it.

What runs through most tennis blogs now, even from Rafa haters, is that tennis is sooooooooooo bland without him.

nadline , 9/30/12 2:14 PM

^^^^^of course, why else would even self professed Rafa haters like Bodo keep writing blog after blog about Rafa? Everyone knows that the Tour is boring without Rafa.............

Get well soon Rafa, you are sorely missed.....................

rafaisthebest , 9/30/12 2:33 PM

Our Rafa brings a certain excitement to the court and I have to agree that tennis does seem to be a little bland at the moment - for me anyway. There are some other players that I like but it is not quite the same.

ritb - I second that thought!

schatz , 9/30/12 5:07 PM

deuce: you should put your name on the waiting list for the O2: you will need a very big venue for all the traumatised posters needing your seminars.


ed251137 , 9/30/12 5:37 PM

The young Rafa beating the reigning FO champion. Brought a lump to my throat: n&NR=1

nadline , 9/30/12 6:19 PM

Hehe.... What a kiddo.... He was so cute and so young... :)
Nice link, tnx nadline

zare , 9/30/12 10:11 PM

Awww, young Rafa! That was wonderful to see! Even then he had no fear of anyone!

It does bring a lump to one's throat especially now!

Come back Rafa! We miss you!

Nativenewyorker , 9/30/12 10:39 PM

Lol ed. What an excellent idea. Hurries straight off to check availability.....;)
#ExperiencedBattleHardene dLeaders

deuce , 10/1/12 7:22 AM

Hundreds benfited enormously last year but need to go on the refresher course.

#DontFeedT heTrolls

ed251137 , 10/1/12 8:44 AM

Do you think Conspirator and Twinge could be persuaded to run the creative writing courses?

ed251137 , 10/1/12 8:47 AM

When I heard that Europe won the Ryder Cup, I thought, imagine if there was a tennis cup for Europe vs the Rest of the World in tennis! I wonder who will win. :)

It's a no brainer!

nadline , 10/1/12 11:09 AM

ed, Twingey is running a most exciting and physical workshop on "Hunting Trolls"
and Conspirator has been roped in for:
and one of mine's is a big moral booster only for Andy and Rafa fans entitled "Olympic Gold."

deuce , 10/1/12 11:49 AM

I'm drawing up designs for regulation gear for each session: starting with a gold sequined T-shirt for your seminar.

ed251137 , 10/1/12 12:24 PM

Don't forget to embroider a gr8 big "Singles Title" on it, I wouldn't want any unfortunate mistakes, so embarrassing on enrollment day.

deuce , 10/1/12 1:41 PM

nadline , 10/1/12 5:39 PM

Scoretracker. I only fight one corner and my only concern now is for my boy to come back, Federer is not on my list of things to do. Seems like Rafa is a target even when sidelined, but I hope he will be back kicking a** again soon.


nadline , 10/1/12 8:32 PM

I agree with nadline is being concerned about Rafa coming back. That is my focus. I don't spend my time posting about Fed. If I have something to say about him, then I will say it.

Rafa is always a target, when he is playing and when he is not.

Nativenewyorker , 10/1/12 8:50 PM

I will be back - Rafa

nadline , 10/2/12 3:57 PM

My daughter has just phoned me from Dubai with the Breaking News that Rafa Nadal is going to Abu Dhabi.

They must have had it confirmed by Rafa otherwise they won't announce it. She is going to get me some tickets!

nadline , 10/2/12 4:10 PM

So... Rafa will play in Abu Dhabi... :)

zare , 10/2/12 6:51 PM

Yay! Rafa will be back in Abu Dhabi!

Great news!

Nativenewyorker , 10/2/12 9:32 PM

Gosh, I am so looking forward to seeing Rafa back on court again...I miss every single bit of him...his game, his fighting spirit, his smile, his is not the same without him...I watch tennis as much as my free time allows me, but it feels strange that I do not any more adjust my schedule to be able to watch matches...without Rafa tennis is no longer my "obligation", it is rather for fun...I can't wait to see Rafa again...I won't miss any of his matches, not even the early ones :)...that is how much I long to see him playing again...

I hope he comes back strong...I just KNOW he'll come back stronger than ever...the game will get its excitement back...

I was so disappointed a while ago when there was an indication in the press that he might as well skip AO...this is great news to have him back in Abu Dhabi...and then he will go ahead and win the AO...

Oh, Dear Rafa, we miss you so much...if you only knew how much...:))


natashao , 10/3/12 10:22 AM


rafaisthebest , 10/3/12 11:23 AM

I've just been to TicketMaster and was poised to buy tickets but then decided at the last minute to wait a few more weeks until I hear more from Rafa's camp. By all accounts, Rafa should start practicing in 2 weeks' time so I'll see if that actually happens.

nadline , 10/3/12 12:14 PM

Sorry to bore the pants off everyone, but my son-in-law has just emailed me e-tickets for the 3 days in AbuDhabi so I shall be there so Rafa had better be there also.

nadline , 10/3/12 12:31 PM

Some son-in-law you lucky girl. Fingers crossed.

ed251137 , 10/3/12 1:14 PM


Rafa Nadal Bull logo Tee Giveaway
Posted: 02 Oct 2012 09:59 AM PDT

"Nike Just released bull logo Tee's for the end of the season.. decided to giveaway one of these as well to a lucky Rafaholics follower. Rafa Nadal is working hard to make sure he is completely 100% for the coming season 2013.. so to celebrate Rafa's December return, wanted to bring a lil bit of happiness to at least one lucky Rafa fan.."

It refers to a December return!!!!!!!!!! Things are looking up.

nadline , 10/3/12 3:11 PM

natashao - that is exactly how I feel.

That's great nadline - hope Rafa will definitely be fit and ready to go in Abu Dhabi.

Vamos our Rafa & God bless.

schatz , 10/3/12 3:45 PM

Toni Nadal: Rafa Will Return to Training in 15 Days
3 October, 2012

Toni Nadal, coach and uncle of the World No. 4, said today at a Babolat press conference in Argentina that Rafael Nadal is aiming to return to the practice courts in 15 days.

Toni cited the World Tour Finals in London and Spain?s Davis Cup final against the Czech Republic as possible return dates for Nadal, but said that if that does not happen, he is still confident Nadal will be ready to play in 2013.

nadline , 10/3/12 6:13 PM

Still hedging their bets I see. Both WTF and DC would be tough tournaments for a come back after such a long break but at least he would get plenty of match play before the AO comes round again.

ed251137 , 10/3/12 6:55 PM

Tickets for OZ and Abu Dhabi go on sale today, no prizes for guessing why the big announcements about Rafa's return yesterday. Rafa IS box office, second to none.

nadline , 10/3/12 8:34 PM

Rafa on his Facebook page:

"After a great lunch with friends! I had to go to congratulate the chefs team. Great work!" =a.456161351025.251362.64822581025&type=1&theater

Now class!!

rafaisthebest , 10/3/12 8:35 PM

I think natashao spoke for all Rafa fans with that wonderful post. So I come on here to read great news - Rafa possibly returning for the WTF and the DC final. He will also resume practicing in 15 days. I checked vb last night and got that info from them.

I think Rafa does know how much he is missed, because of fans posting on facebook and twitter. He has given shoutouts to a few messages.

Someone posted a picture of Rafa's arm raised in a clenched fist and wrote - you'll never walk alone. It gave me a lump in my throat and a tear seeing it. That was one that Rafa acknowledged as giving him support and good feelings.

Nativenewyorker , 10/3/12 9:42 PM

U.Toni was at a Babolat press conference yesterday and he said Rafa's blood got infected when he had all 4 of his wisdom teeth extracted so that slowed down the progress of his knee recovery. He also said that Rafa's style of play has nothing to do with his knee injury.

I just want to see Rafa on a tennis court!

Vamos Rafa

nadline , 10/4/12 10:55 AM

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