• Nadal doctor thinks training might begin in a month

    9/6/12 8:05 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Nadal doctor thinks training might begin in a month Rafael Nadal might be able to resume training within a month, in the most optimistic scenario to date which has been painted by his longtime doctor.

    "We think that the tendon can return to what we could call a normal state within two months," said Spanish Federation doctor Angel Ruiz-Cotorro. "If tests are positive, he could be back and working on the court within a month."

    Nadal will undergo therapy including physio work, hydrotherapy and laser. He will also not require surgery, according to medical experts

    The world No. 3 has not played since late June at Wimbledon due to various left knee problems, with the latest diagnosis citing a partial tear of the patella tendon and an inflammation of the fat tissue behind the knee. He lost at the All-England club in the second round to Czech Lukas Rosol.

    The disappointed Spaniard missed the London Olympics and the US Open along with two summer Masters 1000 events in North America.

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I hope that after all this, at the end of the day, Rafa will be able to continue his career fully fit for many years to come.

Vamos Rafa

nadline , 9/6/12 8:31 PM


I remain optimistic!

Vamos Rafa!!!

Monalysa , 9/7/12 2:40 AM

We will wait patiently for Rafa to get better, as long as he comes back fit and healthy it would be worth the wait.

nadline , 9/7/12 8:42 AM

arrogant gamesmanship excuse cheater

fanatic arrogant blind fan


tennisnba , 9/8/12 3:58 PM

tennisnba, maybe you should consider a thesaurus?


Conspirator , 9/8/12 4:13 PM

Rafael Nadal's forced vacation

Away from the tracks and trainings for your injury, tennis champion charging batteries on his island, and lives dedicated to his recovery

Lola Galan Madrid 7 SEP 2012 - on 13: 39 CET

Pictures posted on Rafael Nadal's FB of a smiling and tanned Rafael Nadal surrounded by smiling and tanned bathers is not an accurate impression of Nadal's time out of tennis with injury. AT 26, tennis is his passion and profession and he is certainly not happy to be sidelined. Confirmed Uncle Toni.

Yet there are these photographs of Nadal in a swimsuit, smiling and happy with his girl friend Xisca Perello, his mother Anna Maria Parera, and sister Maribel. The 11 times GS champion is seen having a relaxing breakfast in the family summer residence, on the mouth of the port of Porto Cristo in Mallorca posing with his cousins, or with a collection of friends in what appears to be a yacht, with the background of majestic rocks and clear sea. According to his PR agent Benito Perez Barbadillo, Nadal says Mallorca is the best place to be injured and he is taking advantage of being at home at this time of the year.

Even so, he believes that these images on his web page do not give any idea of how much Rafa is working on his physical recovery. "He gets up early and goes to the gym in Manacor and spends the morning there with his physiotherapist, Rafa Maimon and his trainer Joan Forcades." It is a hard work.

He was also allowed to play a little golf by his doctor, and he trains on the tracks with his uncle.

The world #3 will not pick up a racquet until November to the despair of fans and sponsors although he is keeping to his sponsors' contracts as best as he can, which explains his photographs in the recondite coves of Mallorca which he has to get to by boat or jet ski to promote holidays on the Islands. As a world sportsman, he is not short of sponsors who overwhelm with tempting offers.

Benito said that inspite of being absent from the USO, his shirts are selling like never before and his withdrawal has had a big effect on the tournament, as one newspaper commented something like 'missing the boss'. Bill Dwyren of Los Angeles Times, lamented that the Open without Nadal was flat, while other experts continue to speculate about the true nature of the lesion of tennis.

News of Nadal's withdrawal from tournaments have come one after the other, as a bitter medicine that is administered sparingly. First he cancelled the charity match with Novak Djokovic at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid, on July 14th. He later pulled out of the Olympics almost a day after he was announced as the spanish flag bearer with fanfare. The final blow for the fans after he pulled out of the Masters 1000 in Toronto and Cincinnati and above all the USO, was pulling out of the DC SF.

Many fans observed after his 7th title at Roland Garros that he was not 100% in that tournament. Losing in Halle and to Lukas Rosol (currently #91) at Wimbledon confirm that he already had physical problems. Toni Nadal says his career is not in danger and Benito is extremely optimistic. He said 'Rafa will return soon and stronger than ever'. The fans and sponsors need him.

nadline , 9/9/12 7:57 PM

Rafa's agent needs to renegotiate all of Rafa's sponsorship contracts, Rafa is now a more valuable brand than Fed. Hardly a word about Fed since his ouster by Berdy, only Pseudo-fed is missing him.

rafaisthebest , 9/9/12 8:07 PM

Fed is as boring as stale news. The biggest shock was at Wimby when the Fed win was a damp squib. Even the most biased person could see that a Muzza win would have been far better for tennis. But the establishment has to toe the line of the major sponsors who will probably back off only when the fake GOAT retires.
As some journalist put it, the truth is that there is only one good story left in Fed and that is the story of his retirement.
He can accumulate many more suspect records like his semifinal streak or Qf streak, maybe he will win 25 grand slams, 30 masters, 10 WTFs.....on the back of blatantly rigged draws and brazenly fixed schedules. But none of them are going to do anything for tennis, just help in building a fake legacy.
Rafa is the current brand and Nole and Muzza are great too, though they do not have Rafa's appeal.

holdserve , 9/9/12 10:03 PM

Those who write Rafa off now, thinking that his career is in danger should remember that he?s been here before, many times.

In 2003, he pulled out of RG with a left shoulder injury.

In 2004, he was out for 3 months with a stress fracture in his left foot, pulling out of RG and Wimbledon.

In 2005, he was out for 3 months with inflammation in his left foot and pulled out of the Paris Masters and the Masters Cup.

In 2006, he was out for a month with back problems, pulling out of the AO.

In 2007, cramp in his left arm, dizziness and exhaustion forced him to withdraw from Cincinnati.

In 2008, sore knees caused him to pull out of the Masters Cup and the DC final in Mar del Plata.

In 2009, tendonitis of the quadriceps tendon in both knees prevented him from playing at Queens and Wimbledon.

In 2010, knee problems forced him to retire from a qtr final match in Australia but he still won Wimbledon and the USO.

In 2012 the patellar tendon in his left knee is back to bother him, losing in the 2nd round at Wimbledon and pulling out of a number of tournaments over 3-4 months.

Rafa will be back to put the smile back on our faces with his scincillating tennis.

nadline , 9/10/12 11:08 AM

lol, Rafa is now a more valuable brand than fed....... dream on.

brothdog , 9/10/12 12:40 PM

It's the true, brothdog.why else do you think Fed was so devasted by the Berdy beat-down? It wasn't just the beat down weighing on his mind, I can assure you.........

rafaisthebest , 9/10/12 1:21 PM

Roger has passed his sell-by date as far as his appeal goes. Rafa's merchandise is out-selling Roger's. Roger is now living on the long term contracts he signed many moons ago.

The other day I bought some Lindt chocolate - the box had things like 'ECELLENCE' 'Dark supreme noir' and luxuriously smooth' inscribed on the wrapper. Now, I'm not joking when I say it's the worst chocolate I have ever tasted and believe me I'm a chocaholic, so I know what I'm talking about. The chocolate was so unpleasant that we were daring each other to have some more. If you don't believe me, try some.

I don't know what message that connotates in respect of Roger as a brand. I wouldn't like to say.

nadline , 9/10/12 1:42 PM

Now you're picking on Swiss chocolate? Too funny. I suppose you'd rather drive a Kia than a Mercedes too?

chr18 , 9/10/12 1:48 PM

As it happens, we have owned 2 Mercedes and hired a KIA on holiday. Give me a KIA any day. The Mercedes is not all it's cracked up to be.

nadline , 9/10/12 1:56 PM

I knew it. Your bias is unreal. Lololol.

chr18 , 9/10/12 2:03 PM

chr18, I urge you to try the Lindt Excellence chocolate. The one that is 90% Cocoa, luxuriously smooth, dark supreme - noir. You will agree that it's the 'true' and it's not bias.

nadline , 9/10/12 2:09 PM

I supported Roger by buying some Lindt chocolate, what more do you want?

nadline , 9/10/12 2:17 PM

Fed doesn't need the money. You should put your money where your mouth is and buy a Kia.

chr18 , 9/10/12 2:28 PM

Your bias is unreal. Lololol.
chr18, 9/10/12 2:03 PM

The hypocricy is neverending.

jean , 9/10/12 5:56 PM


Yes, but at least we can laugh about it! Remember, I got it from you! Humor is the best way to deal with it! I forgot that last night, but today I am determined to laugh off the absurd comments!

I think these kind of people thrive on attention, so the more they are ignored the better!

Nativenewyorker , 9/10/12 8:38 PM

training of what? Not to waste time in between points or not to pick his bu11.

vmm , 9/11/12 4:24 AM

Rafa may survive this injury and maybe a few more but injuries take longer to heal when you get older and recurring injuries cause permanent damage at some point. I attribute this to his style of play and unorthodox strokes. Eventually, all this will take a toll and I think Rafa should explore a change of his style of play so he can endure a lasting career like Fed. One thing is for sure, his physical tenacity and endurance will fade with time and he must work smarter and not harder to win future tournaments.

jngannex , 9/11/12 5:20 AM

hey vmm, he backs to training to make your idol crying again...

tettylds , 9/11/12 5:41 AM

tettylds - Next time Nadal meets Djokovic/Murray in GS, after the match is finished, you (probably) dont see Nadal's feet, wheel chair is the only way. My idol is fine, he is the GOAT and also makes Nadal bite the dust and his bu11.

vmm , 9/11/12 5:48 AM

go ahead in live in your hate.... next you the one watching your idol in wheelchair cause ur brain is full of hate, full of negative thinking and keep hoping that my rafa never comes back.... for sure he will come back stronger.... the GOAT??? goat your ass.... OH YES, GOAT OF WEAK ERA....

tettylds , 9/11/12 6:00 AM

That's right vmm, your idol is a goat - should be tied to a tree in the backyard where it belongs.

jean , 9/11/12 6:07 AM

vmm, Rafa in a wheelchair can still beat your GOAT. You can kiss Rafa's ass (of which you seem so fond).

holdserve , 9/11/12 6:08 AM

hold on- Rafa is so fond of his a$$ ( you might be too which I do not presume to know ) that is why he picks it at every point "without" failure in addition to toweling, adjusting hair, woman like. Oh right you might say he is fond of his water bottles but everybody knows that combination of all of them makes it all disgusting. But I always agree that he is a great champion if cheating of more time taking between points is removed. Picking, bottle adjusting, hair adjusting, etc, etc, etc are his personal things that I agree. Now you go to sleep.

vmm , 9/11/12 7:07 AM

Vmm, absolutely is disgusting for Roger fans... but we, most of Rafans enjoy it so much... I read an article when Rafa played an exhibition in Taiwan, he did it very rare, and all fans complained about that.... so if you want to praise your idol, please do but do not make excuse on others idols behavior...

tettylds , 9/11/12 7:55 AM

Please Rafans, leave vmm to indulge his/her Rafa butt fetish. Muzza just won his maiden Slam and what is this person talking about..........Rafa's butt!

Where was vmm's outrage at Nole's timing of the MTO in the final? I'll tell where, nowhere to be seen because it is not an issue unless Rafa takes one. Pathetic........

rafaisthebest , 9/11/12 8:40 AM

We have these comments on the record for all to see from vmm! So the next time people start going off about Rafa fans attacking Fed, let them read this hatespeak! Absolutely the worst! Joking about being in a wheelchair, this weird obsession with Rafa's butt! Just awful!

Also this person is talking about Rafa, when this is Andy Murray's moment! Not even a congratulations? Not one moment of respite from the hateful rhetoric about Rafa? Now that is sick!

Nativenewyorker , 9/11/12 8:51 AM

Of course Fedfans are not going to talk about Nole now, he isn't bashing Rafa anymore! And Muzza, his win is ominous for Fed so no way are they celebrating that........

rafaisthebest , 9/11/12 9:12 AM

Apparently Uncle Toni was on radio last night and he confirmed that Rafa will not be at the WTF.....

rafaisthebest , 9/11/12 9:46 AM

@jngannex , 9/11/12 5:20 AM
People who don't know what they are talking about should just kep their opinions to themselves.

As for vmm, here is one for you, see what cheating is:

Fedfans are so scared of Rafa that they HOPE he will retire. He is a thorn in their flesh, one that they can't get rid of. Just 2 more and Fed will be the player to have lost the most matches to Rafa.

#Vamos Rafa

nadline , 9/11/12 9:56 AM

If Rafa is bound for a wheelchair, why are Fedfans so scared of him?

nadline , 9/11/12 10:14 AM

In his book, Rafa said:

"Playing sports is a good thing for ordinary people; sport played at the professional level is not good for your health. It pushes your body to limits that human beings are not naturally equipped to handle. That's why just about every top professional athlete has been laid low by injury, sometimes a career-ending injury. There was a moment in my career when I seriously wondered whether I'd be able to continue competing at the top level. I play through pain much of the time, but I think all elite sports people do. All except Federer, at any rate,"

That's because Federer is not a sportsman he is a dancer.

nadline , 9/11/12 11:09 AM

vmm, when I watch Rafa playing, I watch his tennis, not his butt but clearly you do the opposite. In recognition of your devotion to his famous posterior, humble Rafa will mail you a picture of it labelled "Kiss my ass".
ps: Do you know what "kiss my ass" means?

holdserve , 9/11/12 3:36 PM

Please holdserve, this is vmm you are talking to, he/she will take your words literally. This is a person with a butt fixation, for goodness' sakes......

rafaisthebest , 9/11/12 4:48 PM

Jean @6.97am I really enjoyed that one.

schatz , 9/12/12 3:11 AM

This is why I miss Rafa on court. He says on his FB, "Thanks to all my fans because they spend many hours to produce videos like this. You are cracks!" Rafa has the most devoted fans in tennis.

nadline , 9/12/12 10:44 AM

^^^Andy says: "That means a lot to me. I got a lot of congratulations from a lot of people but, when you get it from someone you competing against and he's one of the best players ever, it means a little bit more."

nadline , 9/12/12 10:59 AM

Uncle Toni on Fora de Joc on Monday night -

"The recovery is going well but it's a bit slow. The problem is that the fat there is there in the knee has hardened and now we have to wait till it softens up. On top of all this, an infection he contracted after he had his four wisdom teeth taken out meant that the treatment wasn't as effective as it has been on other occasions."

On the other hand, he ruled out completely that the injury could lead to the tennis player's retirement and said he hoped this enforced break would help him to recover completely: "This stoppage is not a mental issue. The time off will be good for recuperating and regenerating his whole body. He has played in a great deal of pain since 2005."

Finally, Toni Nadal said that in spite of not being able to compete, his pupil is one of life's fortunate people: "He is fortunate, he plays tennis, things are going well for him financially and in his sport. I feel confident Rafael will be back at the the highest of levels, he's eager to continue and he's not down or sad."

nadline , 9/12/12 3:13 PM

In Uncle T we trust! What a rough time Rafa has gone through, hopefully he can fully heal and come back strong next year, the Tour needs him.........

rafaisthebest , 9/12/12 3:19 PM

nadline - Where did Andy say that? Can you please give full article?

sanju , 9/12/12 5:01 PM

sanju, here is the link: en-doubts

nadline , 9/12/12 5:17 PM

Till Rafa comes back and wins a slam, I will not be reassured. I think the knee popping at AO when he was sitting in a chair was very ominous. Uncle T saying that the fat has hardened (must be some translation error) which doesn't make sense, has made me worried. Could it be ACL?

holdserve , 9/13/12 4:23 AM

I agree, holdserve. Until Rafa plays a match, we will not know what's in store. I will be hppy just to see him compete at 100% even if he doesn't win a slam straight away. They keep reassuring us that the injuries are not career threatening and Rafa has said that he is able to play but not at the level that he would like, so I'm sure that the fat issue is not as serious as it sounds. It got me worried too, but I've convinced myself that it can't be that serious as U. Toni said in the same interview that he will come back stronger.

#abrazos, Rafa

nadline , 9/13/12 10:13 AM

Call me mad but I am convinced Rafa has a calendar Slam in him...........

rafaisthebest , 9/13/12 10:17 AM

No RITB, you are being entirely realistic and objective. In fact I would go as far as saying he's probably the only player capable of holding all 4 slams at the same time, in the calendar year or not as Roger himself pointed out on,
to win the FO, everyone has to go through Rafa. No one player owns any of the slams as Rafa owns RG.

nadline , 9/14/12 9:46 AM

Thank you nadline, for confirming my sanity. Fortress RG is indeed spoken for. In fact, they ALL raise the white flag before they even step on court! Add to that misery the fact that they step on court of the other 3 Slams knowing that Rafa is fully capable of snatching those!

Vamos Rafa!!!!!!

rafaisthebest , 9/14/12 10:24 AM

RITB, no not mad. In fact I'm also thinking that Rafa is the only one capable of holding all four slams at the same time. It's a pity that a virus infection followed by injury had cost him his chance of winnin the AO and getting his Rafa slam. He was playing so well during rhe Abu Dhabi exho, beating Fed in the final. Even if he were to meet Nole in rhe AO 2011 final, a fully fit Rafa might not lose to Nole, especially when Nole hadn't started his incredible winning streak yet.

A fully fit Rafa has all the tools to deal with his fellow top four guys on any slam surface, that I'm sure. So, I'm patiently waiting for Rafa to come back fully fit. This long break will allow his body to heal and get back to full health and full fitness. As I've mentioned before, Rafa needs this long break for his knee tendonitis to recover to an acceptable level. I'm glad he gets this long break, even though it's at the expense of missing a slam and losing his ranking.

This rest is to prepare Rafa for the long journey ahead, so Rafa please take as long as necessary till you're fully fit and prepared to come back.

luckystar , 9/14/12 4:28 PM

You were one of the early posters to predict a long lay-off for Rafa, lucky, and the benefits thereof. I was one of the Rafans who did not want to hear of it, couldn't bear the thought of not seeing Rafa play. Now I see your wisdom.........

Rafa will be back to his swashbuckling way soon enough, we have to be patient .

rafaisthebest , 9/14/12 4:51 PM

nadline , 9/14/12 6:40 PM

he did not fully rule out the possibility of surgery if things did not evolve as expected.

Hmmmmm.....I may turn out to be right....again.

chr18 , 9/14/12 7:02 PM

^^^No, there's no need for surgery and that's why it takes a longer time for Rafa to heal. I read that Dr Sanchez mentioned that Rafa will return with perfect knees and his medical team sounded very positive about that. They're doing whatever they can to let the tear heal and the hardened fat pad to get softened and get back to normal, without any surgery needed.

luckystar , 9/14/12 7:33 PM

Hmmmmm.....I may turn out to be right....again.
crap18, 9/14/12 7:02 PM

Like your Soderling prediction? Are we in for more bad poetry?

jean , 9/14/12 7:36 PM

Rafans ..while we await Rafas return and are filled with doubt if he will return, at what level will he return, here is a lovely article l/

Theres a video link at the start too..nice montage and homage

sanju , 9/14/12 7:55 PM

Why on earth did Rafa not consult chr18 in the first place?????

nadline , 9/14/12 8:18 PM

chr18 was very expensive you see..Rafa couldnt afford him

sanju , 9/14/12 8:35 PM

Rafa tried but doc18 was too busy juggling his family, iPad and posting so much on TT!!!


Conspirator , 9/14/12 8:35 PM

Or could be he is just another Rafa-hating ignoramus busily trawling the Internet for Rafa related bad news........

rafaisthebest , 9/14/12 8:41 PM

chr18 was too busy keeping Fed in best of healtha nd spirits :-)..He had no time to attend to poor Rafa ..Raf not that priviledged u c :-)

sanju , 9/14/12 8:50 PM

On the other hand, Rafa wants to make a full recovery so he has consulted doctors who know what they are talking about not off the top of their head.

nadline , 9/14/12 9:19 PM

chr18, 9/14/12 7:02 PM,

See this comment everyone? Now this is the face of hate! Also ego, because it's all about being right. Even though we know that this person was so wrong about Sod beating Rafa in 2010! Then he disappeared after Rafa won three straight slams in a row.

This is someone who really wants Rafa to be done. That pretty much says it all as to what kind of person we are dealing with! Some doctor! With an online degree! LOL!

Nativenewyorker , 9/14/12 11:05 PM

As I've said before I'm speculating about Nadal's condition. Let me give you an example as to why I could be right again. I know it's a different player and a different injury but remember Delpo's injured wrist. He fiddled around with it for months trying to avoid surgery and even played AO '10. Then he fiddled around a few more months before capitulating and getting the surgery. If he had cut to the chase he wouldn't have ended up missing so much time. I suspect Nadal may be in the same boat when he comes back but I have no way of knowing unequivocally. None of us do luckystar.

chr18 , 9/14/12 11:18 PM

Conspirator , 9/15/12 12:41 AM

Many of the regular posters here who have commented about those posts of yours that are hateful - about a third to half of your posts - are people who have been reading and posting here for a long time. It is clear that you do not fool anyone of us. Nor by your posts where let yourself be clearly hateful in public, nor by the posts you write after several of us call you out on the hate and the lies (sometime you add lies) in which you seem to backtrack and make appear oh so reasonable, informed and grown-up. Like I said, you're fooling no-one. Except of course some few other haters.

That's been the case with you here on this site for several years. I understand that you're trying to fill some kind of need with your behavior here... But clearly you are not getting what you're after. All the while, I suspect, you don't see this but instead feel clever, a little superior, and probably get a weird kick out of getting a rise from people who disagree with you.

When a number of reasonable people all tell you that you are repeatedly being hateful and also often distort the facts, the wise or call it grown-up thing to do is to pay attention to what is being told you collectively. And eat a little humble pie. If you decide to keep on going the way you have, let's see how that will continue to work for you.

chlorostoma , 9/15/12 3:49 AM

Rafa's case is different from Delpo's, it's not that serious! Of course surgery is the quickest way, to remove the fat pad and to treat the torn tendon, however that's not absolutely necessary. I believe they rather let Rafa heal naturally, at the same time allowing his body to rest while waiting for the tendon to heal. It's a wise move, it's like forcing Rafa to take a long break which is an overdue one, when Rafa has been playing with pain since 2005!

Tsonga had done a knee surgery in 2008/2009 and he disappeared for two/three months to recuperate before coming back to the tours. Without going for surgery, Rafa would take a longer time to heal, so now he needs six months instead of two/three months.

luckystar , 9/15/12 4:10 AM

It's the opinion of some biased posters here that some of my posts are hateful because anything remotely not exuberant toward the player is viewed as negative by biased fans. Your amateurish attempt at psychoanalysis is misguided and incorrect. Be thankful that I don't psychoanalyze your epitaph about Fed's hair on the other thread. Cheers.

chr18 , 9/15/12 4:28 AM

chlorostoma, 9/15/12 3:49 AM

That is excatly correct. I don't see joker fans indulging in "exhuberant" towards THE player yet no one calls them out. It's only tards like crap 18 because like you say, it isn't fooling anyone with its "oh please, there's nothing wrong with my post, you're just biased unlike me" - vomit.

jean , 9/15/12 4:45 AM

chr18, you are fooling no-one. You are a hate-filled Rafa hater, your posts attest to that. Go pen an ode to Fed's hair........because very soon, that's all there will be left to write about as far as he is concerned.

rafaisthebest , 9/15/12 8:07 AM

chlorostoma, 9/15/12 3:49 AM,

Thank you so much for this post! I miss you when you are not here! You were so decent about it, because that's who you are. I really think you are spot on in your observations about crap18. (thanks jean for that one!) There has to be something truly, deeply wrong with any person who spends this much time hating on a player that he has never met and who doesn't even know he exists. That takes a lot of energy that could be put to much better use. Hate like that can eat a person up inside. It's like a cancer inside you.

The baloney response from crap18 just shows that he refuses to hear anyone telling the simple truth. Notice how he tried to get by with the usual propaganda that he isn't exuberant about Rafa! What absolute rubbish! Nobody expects everyone here to speak in glowing and rapturous terms about Rafa! He's not a God! He does not have to be worshipped the way some Fed fans worship their idol.

You did a great job in psychoanalyzing this person. Maybe you even hit a nerve. All I know is that hating continuously on anyone is a waste of life. It's really a shame.

Nativenewyorker , 9/15/12 8:59 AM

"tennisnba, maybe you should consider a thesaurus?"

Maybe a therapist.


mara002 , 9/15/12 9:22 AM

Apparently EVERY word I write on TT is closely scrutinised by certain people on another tennis site, just to make sure I don't go off message for an, lol and lol again.
What it is to have fans. *Waves and smiles.*
Sorry to intrude on here all you lovely Rafa fans and I won't do it again, but this thread was bound to be checked to make sure I wasn't going off message by writing anything nice about Rafa and thus trying to ingratiate myself with you guys.
BTW I think Rafa is lovely :)

deuce , 9/15/12 9:28 AM


I am sorry to hear that you are having this problem. I thought the one offender has finally left us alone. Is this about tennis-x? I cannot imagine why anyone would bother to go after you for what you post on another site! What is this - the internet police? That's positively bizarre!


Best response about this pesky troll! :)


Nativenewyorker , 9/15/12 10:05 AM

This is intriguing (scratches head).

Is deuce anti-Rafa on tennis-x? Why would they be monitoring her posts here just to make sure she is on message? Is she on message in tennis-x? What's the message? "I hate Rafa?"

deuce, would you dare to say anything nice about Rafa on tennis-x or continue to toe the line?

Tennis-x sounds like a ditatorship to me. I think the North Koreans have more freedom.

nadline , 9/15/12 10:40 AM

Yes, yes and yes.
2nd para yes of course, will say what I like where I like.
Won't mention anything again as I respect Cheryl too much.

deuce , 9/15/12 12:56 PM

North Korea? No, you are too kind, nadline. It's a stan, Fedstan to be exact, with the grand Ayatollah regularly checking in on TT and whining about its posters ad nauseoum. The message is anything anti-Rafa, no need to be pro-Fed, just being anti-Rafa is fine.

I post on Fedstan under the name, nadalista, and quite enjoy the "love" that comes my way over there! The day they start ignoring my posts is the day I'll start worrying, because then I'll know the Rafa obsession is truly over!

Don't worry deucy, we love you just the way you are...............

rafaisthebest , 9/15/12 1:44 PM

Enough of the haters.........

Get well soon Rafa, get well soon.

rafaisthebest , 9/15/12 1:49 PM

You do realize that calling me names is not going to bring your obsession back any sooner? The root of the problem seems to be that a 31 year old has managed to get back to #1 and badly outshine his younger foe this year. So no need to take your frustrations out on me. If it makes you feel better then go ahead but it won't change the rankings. Oh well there's always next year like they say. ;)

chr18 , 9/15/12 1:58 PM

Had anyone seen Rafa's FB page? He posts a message congratulating Daveed and Nico on their DC progress while not so subtly displaying his watch!

I think Richard Mille are not feeling the love since he's been laid low. Wouldn't be surprised if Muzza's unintentional watch advert post USO final triggered this...........

rafaisthebest , 9/15/12 2:01 PM

Oh quit projecting, crap18, why would anyone begrudge a geriatric's last hurrah?


rafaisthebest , 9/15/12 2:04 PM

chr18, we all know how the 31 year old managed the win at Wimby. He didn't outshine anyone. He just further dented his already suspect legacy.
Lord Voldemort and death eaters are crowing about the return of the evil Lord Voldemort.

holdserve , 9/15/12 2:19 PM

Be careful ritb. There are many geriatric posters on this site who won't take kindly to that comment. Apparently holdserve is a teen/immature young adult as I suspected since she is referencing Harry Potter for crying out loud.

chr18 , 9/15/12 2:40 PM

Did someone die and make crap18 moderator of TT, or protecter of certain posters? maybe crap18 will come up with bad poetry about it's new role on TT!

jean , 9/15/12 2:45 PM

Repeat after me : Who's #1? Who's #1?

chr18 , 9/15/12 2:48 PM

I very rarely go to Federstan forum I go just to catch up on any good videos. I won't waste my time reading their toxic rubbish, So they hate Rafa, so what??

nadline , 9/15/12 2:55 PM

oh, so did you think I was a nursery kid when I predicted the fall of Rumpty Fumpty and failure of all the king's men and all the king's horses to put him together again?

holdserve , 9/15/12 2:56 PM

Deuce. I just think that you can't be off message if you've.never been On message, Don't get me wrong, everyone is free tO be 'on message' .

I'm posting on my iPhone, hence the typos,

nadline , 9/15/12 3:08 PM

Tennis is an outdoor sport meant to be played on clay or grass. Playing it indoors is bad enough, to play it on an artificial surface is worse.
ATP should do away with indoor hard court tennis. But in order to prop up the fake GOAT, ATP will not remove these events from the calendar.
Much of the fake GOAT's points are based on the illegitimate tennis events. And of course on the rigged draws especially at Wimby where the rigging was carried to extremes.

holdserve , 9/15/12 3:19 PM

crap18, repeat after me,
Who continuously fails to get that Olympic singles GOLD? Who continuously fails to get that Olympic singles GOLD?


Who always gives excuses when it loses? Who always gives excuses when it loses?

Oh don't worry, he won't remain no. 1 forever, no one does, although you seem to think he will and that's all that matters. I bet when smugalot drops from no. 1, you'll go back into depression. I don't remember you bragging when he was no. 3. Were you ashamed of him then? Obviously you don't even appreciate the sport, I'll be waiting to see which bandwagon you next jump on with the rest of your fellow tards. Hilarious fed tards.

jean , 9/15/12 3:27 PM

"On message" is somewhere no sane person would like to be........;)
Cheers darling.
Oh what it is to have fans/saddos/weirdos (substitute as u c fit) hanging onto my every word....

deuce , 9/15/12 3:44 PM

Thank you for looking out for my interests, crap18, I am suitably flattered.........NOT!

rafaisthebest , 9/15/12 3:49 PM

Other outdoor sports like football, hockey, cricket, golf etc could be having indoor counterparts ( in case of golf, it could be simulation) but the important thing to remember is that the outdoor and indoor varieties are not treated as the same sport. So why in the case of tennis, is the indoor variety not only treated as tennis but given a big part of the calendar and points, with the year ending event also being not legit.
The best way to rationalize the calendar is to remove the indoor events.
But we have no hope of reason prevailing till Roger retires.

holdserve , 9/15/12 3:55 PM

Thanks Sanju for the link to an ode to Rafa - it describes our Rafa perfectly.

As the writer says he is the complete opposite to Fed when it comes to tennis but also when it comes to personality IMO. I guess that is why we are such strong Rafans because we empathise with and believe in the man that is Rafa. He has achieved more than he ever hoped for but that is not why we love and support him without fail - it is his fighting spirit and his overcoming adversity time and time again.

Chr18 - your posts on Rafa only reveal to me what sort of person YOU are - end of.

schatz , 9/15/12 5:33 PM

Thank you nny and others
Your reply to me above is of just the kind I and others expected.
By the way, I would not call what I wrote psychoanalyze? I just called you on hatred and lies, as do others. The reason I used the word need is rather obvious, is it not, when someone like you acts out so drastically?
As for my parody of RG?s self-centeredness on the other thread. What do you think I made out of the fact that none of the usual trolls answered it? (Just to be clear: the vast, vast majority of fedfans are not troll-like in the least. But they rarely post here.) Simple, no? That it had a core of truth and touched a nerve. And no obvious non-troll reply came to mind. If you want to reply to it, even, start quote, psychoanalyse it or me, end quote, go for it, knock yourself out. I would love to see what you come up with. And try not to be predictable :-).

chlorostoma , 9/15/12 8:11 PM

Rafa on FB
'last afternoon I made a recovery practice. Tomorrow, let's go team!'

nadline , 9/16/12 12:15 PM

Things are looking up!

nadline , 9/16/12 12:28 PM

Come on Rafa! We need you back!

deuce , 9/16/12 2:11 PM

Rafa on FB today

"This morning practice at sea!'


nadline , 9/17/12 1:24 PM

Indeed, it's not the same without Rafa. Few days ago, on Tennis Channel, I've just seen bits and pieces of some Rafa moves and obviously, I missed seeing him react that way on court. It'll definitely be interesting seeing his first match (or rather, tournament) when he gets back.

danica , 9/17/12 8:06 PM

Good to hear Rafa had a practice - looking forward to having him back.

Vamos & God bless.

schatz , 9/18/12 1:40 AM

Now that I am on twitter I can follow Rafa even more easily. He sends out the most charming tweets!

So nice to see him practicing! I am waiting for the day I see him step out on the court once again!

Nativenewyorker , 9/18/12 7:22 AM

Who always gives excuses when it loses? Who always gives excuses when it loses?

when lose. always excuse. excuse gamesmanship cheat player

tennisnba , 9/18/12 12:17 PM

Nadal unsportsmansalike

bump Nadal into Rosol at Wimbledon

arrogant sore loser

Nadal bump purposely from frustration. It is clear.

Many of tennis fans know that Nadal is a player of dirty gamesmanship. fake time-out cheater.
too annoying always. excuse. bump to player. ugly protest. push of ego two-year-ranking.
looks down on Sampras era. etc.

we can go to see. Nadal wear the shirt of "history 7" Nadal and his fan perform a chat. And that video was exhibited all over the world.

selfish arrogant

tennisnba , 9/18/12 12:27 PM

nadal believes previous tennis eras cannot match the excitement generated by the current stars.

"Sampras and Ivanisevic match, or one between those kind of players, is not enjoyable, It's not really tennis, it is a few swings of the racquet.

It was less eye-catching than what we do now. Everyone enjoys the tennis we play much more. I am not saying we are playing better tennis, just more enjoyable tennis. For me, in the past it was just serve, serve, serve." iary-Day-Five.aspx

Nadal has NEVER won except clay successively. Even when the grass and hard court are slow now.
smug arrogant gamesmanship cheat player

tennisnba , 9/18/12 12:53 PM

most dislike players of all times.

2009. Murray.
2010. Nadal.
2011. Nadal

classless arrogant gamesmansahipo excuse cheater

tennisnba , 9/18/12 12:57 PM

holdserve , hey arrogant moron.

how old are you?

tennisnba , 9/18/12 1:11 PM

Q. Both McEnroe and Agassi said that tennis right now at the top, men?s tennis is the toughest ever. Do you think you four guys are the toughest maybe in history in terms of competing against each other and winning events?

ROGER FEDERER: I?d say no, but I don?t know. Just because you look back maybe 15 years, then you have Sampras, Edberg, Becker, and Agassi, I don?t know who else. Those guys weren?t good or what? Do you know what I mean?

You look back, further back, 20 years, and you have the Connors and the Lendls. Those weren?t good either? I mean, I don?t know. So for me I think that?s respectful.

It?s just different times and definitely more athletic, there?s no doubt about that. But then again we don?t play doubles. We don?t play mixed. Maybe we play less matches today because it?s more taxing, but we do play less best?of?five set tennis than they used to play. You can?t compare really.

but we have somewhat of a golden era right now. I feel that truly. It?s nice to see Andy making his move at the Olympics, nice to see Novak having an absolutely ridiculous year last year, and then Rafa and myself still being around. It?s definitely good times. Past that you still have great champions as well. It?s very interesting at the top right now, and the depth I think has never been greater than right now. There?s no doubt about that.

But then best ever? The four of us? That?s a really difficult call.

tennisnba , 9/18/12 1:20 PM

I'm not greatest player - Roger Federer

"I don't feel better than anyone, because we need past champions to pave the way for our generation and we have become very professional," he said.

"They have led the way and inspired myself and other players to chase the big records out there.

"Back in the day they weren't doing that, they were just playing to play tennis. Things have changed dramatically with the press reminding us 'you should do this and win that and you'll be considered the greatest of all time'.

"And anyway I don't think you can compare different eras in tennis."

tennisnba , 9/18/12 1:22 PM

Nadal unsportsmansalike

bump Nadal into Rosol at Wimbledon

arrogant sore loser

Nadal bump purposely from frustration. It is clear.

Many of tennis fans know that Nadal is a player of dirty gamesmanship. fake time-out cheater. too annoying always. excuse. bump to player. ugly protest. push of ego two-year-ranking.

looks down on Sampras era. etc.

can go to see. Nadal wear the shirt of "history 7" Nadal and his fan perform a chat. And that video was exhibited all over the world.

arrogant selfish player

tennisnba , 9/18/12 1:24 PM

nadal believes previous tennis eras cannot match the excitement generated by the current stars.

"Sampras and Ivanisevic match, or one between those kind of players, is not enjoyable, It's not really tennis, it is a few swings of the racquet.

It was less eye-catching than what we do now. Everyone enjoys the tennis we play much more. I am not saying we are playing better tennis, just more enjoyable tennis. For me, in the past it was just serve, serve, serve." iary-Day-Five.aspx

Nadal has NEVER won except clay successively. Even when the grass and hard court are slow now.

smug arrogant.

tennisnba , 9/18/12 1:26 PM

Mens Tennis Forum. most dislike players of all times.

2009. Murray.
2010. Nadal.
2011. Nadal

classless gamesmansahipo excuse cheater.

tennisnba , 9/18/12 1:29 PM

Tennisnba, r u a psychopat??? U know how many people like Rafa in facebook? More than ur idol for sure... U know how many his followers... Ahaaaa I assumme u come fromhell cause u brain is full of hate to our angel Rafa.. U know what call cheat?? Go to u tubw when Fed tried to cheat whwn he played Nadal in Madrid 2011.. U tennisnba, are discusting and smell like shit...

tettylds , 9/18/12 4:04 PM

Tennisnba, if u want to see more gamesmanship, go back to trophy presentatio Aussie Open 2009... By d way where u found t most dislike player? In Fed website or ur website or other insane websites?? Btw has Fed ever defended a clay title like Nadal did in Monte... Do u know d only player who has ever won 3 differend surfaces grandslam???

tettylds , 9/18/12 4:18 PM

tettylds, you're wasting your time with that nutbar. He's posted the exact same posts on different forums everywhere for at least the last 4 years. It's cathartic for him.

tennisnba, thaaaat's it little man. Let it aaaaalll out. You'll feed better.


Conspirator , 9/18/12 4:23 PM

U r right conspirator.. Thank u for reminding me..

tettylds , 9/18/12 5:04 PM

Oh dear tennisnba has verbal diarrhea again - where is the immodium?

schatz , 9/18/12 5:08 PM

Imodium does not work on this fellow, schatzy, the type of Vamos Syndrome afflicting him is resistant to most, if not all, drugs......

rafaisthebest , 9/18/12 6:11 PM

I don't understand how tennisnba can get away with trolling on TT time after time after time, especially as he/she never has anything to say just constantly insulting Rafa.

Regular posters have their posts deleted if they mistakenly put a foot wrong.

nadline , 9/18/12 6:15 PM

I don't understand it either because this person is way over the line IMO and has always been so in the past. I have seen this rubbish somewhere else so this person has a real problem I think.

Let's hope this stuff will be removed sooner rather than later.

schatz , 9/18/12 6:29 PM


Conspirator , 9/18/12 7:42 PM

Spot on Nadline. I have long been baffled how she is allowed to troll with impunity and clutter up threads with her vitriolic garbage and yet an innocent discussion I had last year with Twinge on the subject of Mirka chewing gum during matches was immediately deleted.


ed251137 , 9/19/12 1:08 AM


Well it sure isn't for lack of trying on my part! I have asked the mods to delete this troll's garbage. It's pure spamming. This person probably cuts and pastes the same thing over and over. I guess it saves time because it never changes.

This is the stuff that needs to be deleted! But whenever I ask the mods here to delete anything, I get accused of trying to be the moderator. No, I'm just asking for them to stick with their own rules and get rid of this crap!


Nativenewyorker , 9/19/12 6:45 AM

Even dyed in the wool Fedfans are pining for Rafa: el_nadal.html

Choice quote:

"As scary as the knee problems are, Rafa surely has more major titles in him. We have to believe that"

rafaisthebest , 9/19/12 10:10 AM

tettylds. and Nadal tried to usual gamesmanship cheat when he played Federe in IW 2012

Btettylds, y d way where u found t most dislike player?-

This is the "Men's Tennis Forum."

various arguments here. A specific player's fan. The usual tennis fan. It can do for fun with the talk for the various purpose.

tennisnba , 9/19/12 10:35 AM

Thanks RITB.

Rafa is the most written about tennis star ever. Tennis writers simply wake up every morning wanting to write about him. Anything about him.

nadline , 9/19/12 2:40 PM

Thanks for the link ritb - very good article, I enjoyed it.

schatz , 9/19/12 3:06 PM

Current ATP-rankings

1. Djokovic 12 500 pts
2. Murray 8 750 pts
3. Federer 8 670 pts
4. Ferrer 6 970 pts
5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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