• Federer and Berdych cruise into third round

    8/31/12 2:21 PM | Cheryl Murray
    Federer and Berdych cruise into third round Roger Federer and Tomas Berdych went untested in the second round as the top men's seed advanced in the top quarter of the draw.

    It was smooth sailing for world No. 1 Roger Federer, as the Swiss downed Bjorn Phau in routine straight sets to advance to the third round at the US Open. Federer played near flawless tennis for the 6-2, 6-3, 6-2 win.

    The world No. 1 struck 44 winners to just 18 unforced errors, and faced just one break point for the match, which he fought off. Phau, the German ranked 83rd in the world, was never really a factor in the match. Federer was at his ease from the baseline and he swung freely on his serve, hitting 15 aces for the match. He will take on Spaniard Fernando Verdasco in the third round.

    Also advancing on Thursday was Tomas Berdych, the 6th seeded player from the Czech Republic. He easily defeated Jurgen Zopp 6-1, 6-4, 6-2 to move into the third round. Berdych will battle in-form American Sam Querrey.

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Reigning silver medalist and king of excuses, I wonder what will be his lame "reason" when he next losest a big match! Gotta give him points for creativity!

jean , 9/1/12 5:10 AM

Jean - Whatever the excuses are, they wont be as embarrasing as Nadal or Murray for sure. Nadal always has an excuse, he looses because he is not 200% and Murray shows his excuses during the match if he thinks he was about to loose.

vmm , 9/1/12 6:23 AM

^^^i don't agree. Fed's excuse when he lost to Berdych at Wimbledon was embarrassing, bringing out his injuries as his excuse when no one even asked about it, that was embarrassing. Fed also made use of his bad back as an excuse for his losses to Murray during 2008-2009, when he was interviewed before the WTF 2009, he mentioned that he lost so many times to Murray because his (Fed's) back was hurting, and said the matches between them were always on his raquet.

Fed was also infamous for his underhanded compliments and his digs at his three younger rivals. Only the Fed fans choose not to see them, the Rafa/Nole/Murray fans all can see them and are not fooled by Fed.

luckystar , 9/1/12 6:53 AM


Well said! I love your command of the facts when you respond. I think it's only fair to state the other side and not have to put up with these absurd comments about Rafa making excuses.

Nativenewyorker , 9/1/12 9:49 AM

I think Rafa, Federer and Murray all make excuses at some points when they lose, whether it's legitimate or not is up for debate. The player who takes losing the best is Djokovic!

rbennett , 9/1/12 9:55 AM

You're right, Nole handles losses stoically and is always gracious to his opponents. But it was not always so in the past. Take a look at this interview from 2006 after he lost to Nadal at RG.

I t's good for a laugh.

ed251137 , 9/1/12 10:10 AM

Ed... C'mon? He was 19 years old :(

zare , 9/1/12 10:15 AM

I know, I know! But you have to admit it was a classic.

Although Roddick's 'Bird Flu' attack was cruel and uncalled for he did Nole a service. After that incident Nole worked very hard on presenting a better face to the public and it put paid to the over-use of MTOs.

ed251137 , 9/1/12 10:52 AM 10-Federers-bad-loser-says-Berdych.html


jean , 9/1/12 12:07 PM

jean , 9/1/12 12:13 PM

@ed251137 , 9/1/12 10:52 AM

It's even funnier if you watch a clip of the match before the post-match interview:

nadline , 9/1/12 12:25 PM

croc , 9/1/12 1:27 PM

Hey croc,
Any word on when Sod is coming back?

chr18 , 9/1/12 1:39 PM

You are missing the point croc, the reason it's funny it because his comments were contrary to what happened in the match. No one is criticising anyone for being ambitious, but it's funny when you won't face up to the fact that you were out-played and say you were in charge and the match was on your racquet.

nadline , 9/1/12 3:18 PM


Ignore negative comments from those who prefer to tarnish Roger.

Bringon Birdy..

sabs , 9/1/12 3:52 PM

Hah, looks like everybody is forgetting the reigning Bronze medalist in these discussions.
No, wait... those rules are just for somebody called Federer.

Coming to the topic of the thread, Berdy is once again looking good with his game. Should he go on to face Fed, it will be a tight one. Fed can test his game against Berdy before meeting Muzza.

abhirf , 9/1/12 4:26 PM

croc , 9/1/12 5:16 PM

It just seems that he has a really bad case of mono. I heard he's to be a father soon as well. I think when he's ready he will come back. He's still relatively young and he can still be top 5 or 6.

chr18 , 9/1/12 6:11 PM

It would be shame if Sod is really gone... like Ancic... mono is not joke.

zare , 9/1/12 6:55 PM

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