• Missing Nadal won't make Federer quest easier

    8/27/12 3:18 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Missing Nadal won't make Federer quest easier For Roger Federer, the injury absence of Rafael Nadal from the US Open will make no difference in the difficulty of his quest to lift a sixth title at the New York major.

    With the rest of the field - and elite opponents Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray at the ready - the task will be more than just a challenge for the 17-time Grand Slam champion.

    Federer, leader with six trophies on the ATP Tour this season, begins in the first round against American Donald Young after winning the Cincinnati tune-up event a week ago, beating Open second seed Djokovic.

    "Everybody shows up at the slams and plays so well. That's why there's such a shock to it now that Rafa pulled out," said the Swiss. "People almost can't believe it, but back in the day people always used to pull out from time to time from Grand Slams because of injury or being tired or scheduling."

    Federer said that Nadal's knee injury, which is keeping the 2010 champion from the courts, is disappointing. "It would be better if he would be here, but then again, it's good to see him maybe giving it (his left knee) a chance to heal and taking tough decisions like not coming here.

    "It's been a brutal process for him," he said of Nadal, who last played in June 28 when he lost in the Wimbledon second round. "I'm sure, missing the Olympics, which I'm sure was also a big goal for him. Then the North American swing and now this?

    "This is significant, but it's not been six months yet. So I think it's not the end of the world, but it's obviously much better if he were to be here. There's no doubt about that. But he's had a great run in Grand Slams as well and playing so many tournaments."

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Of course Rafa's absence will make Roger's quest easier.

nadline , 8/27/12 3:49 PM

Absolutely! Hopefully joker or muzz can teach Mr loud mouth a lesson once again.

jean , 8/27/12 4:35 PM

Why do you say that nadline? They've never played eachother there once before...Nadal himself has never been a roadblock for Federer

ts38 , 8/27/12 4:55 PM

^^^^Which is lucky for Federer, becaus we all know what the result would have been had they met. Don't forget that it 8-2 to Rafa in slams.

nadline , 8/27/12 5:28 PM

I think I understand why. It's because in the past two years, he had Rafa to think of in the USO final, after facing Nole in the SF, and that was enough a burden for Fed to even think about, resulting in his up and down performance in the SFs. Fed himself admitted in 2010 USO that he was worried about the final, that he won't have enough energy left for the final, after having to go the distance against Nole in the SF. He knows it's difficult to deal with Rafa in a slam, more so in the final and when he himself won't be fresh for the final.

Fed, unlike some of his fans, do know that the greatest obstacle to his slam quest, is still Rafa, and on any surface. If Nole could come from two sets down to beat Fed in five, all the more Rafa could do the same to beat Fed, with Rafa's matchup advantage over Fed. Rafa has not being to two USO finals (winning one, and losing the other to a red hot Nole) and two SFs for nothing. Since 2008, Rafa has done well at the USO, which is his least favored surface in a slam. He has also beaten Nole and Murray there at the USO, I don't think we should doubt his credential there. Look at their results there for the past few years, from 2008-2011. Fed, Nole and Rafa, all three had one title, one final and two semifinal appearances there. Rafa is not any worse than Nole or Fed these past four years.

luckystar , 8/27/12 5:43 PM

Come ON People! The FED is saying is would be better to have Rafa around for the US Open. Nothing Roger says will bring Rafa back, this is Rafa's decision. This stuff about the FED being worried or scared in some way about having Rafa as his opponent is nonsense. The FED is a champion, Rafa is a champion. They play who they have to play and give it there best shot. Personally I feel it is the opposite of what you are saying. The FED enjoys the challenge of a Rafa, a Djokovic, or a Murray. It all part of tennis. What better way to enjoy your tennis when you are playing the top players, and have an opportunity to play your game and win? It's all about loving the game, enjoying your wins, and learning from your lost. It's tennis. Anyone can win, but only the best on that given day prevails. Enjoy your tennis! Go FED! C'MON! :)

sky , 8/27/12 7:00 PM


Just to make it clear, Rafa didn't simply decide not to play. He has a specific painful injury that is preventing him from doing so.

Nativenewyorker , 8/27/12 7:42 PM

Perhaps sky should read the transcripts of Fed's post match interviews to understand that Fed wasn't talking nonsense, when he did mention that he was worried that he won't have energy for the final, having being stretched by Nole in the SF. Stop idolising your Fed, for he's human and does worry about his matches. Obviously he also feels pressure during his matches, especially during FO2009, when everybody expected him to win after Rafa was knocked out in the fourth round.

luckystar , 8/27/12 9:16 PM

lluckystar , 8/27/12 9:16 PM

Luckystar. As humans, and by nature we all feel stressed and get tired and or worry from time to time. Everyone does. I am not for a moment denying that Roger Federer experiences stress, and is capable of being tired. Nor do I idolise Roger Federer (Idolise REALLY?!). Roger obviously has learnt to deal with his stress in a healthy manner. This is what I was meaning to project. That the stress is healthy for him, he has learnt to balance it properly with the right attitude. He deals with stress in a proper fashion. Roger has the right attitude about stress (he has too, or he would not be competing, and competing, and continuing to compete as much as he has for so many years). We all know that stress can be the precursor to an adrenalin rush which can be very helpful in dealing with a crucial point in a game of tennis (or just any sport for that matter), so stress in itself is not necessarily a bad thing. As for being tired or worried about the next match when one is tired from a long match beforehand, well of course any human will be concerned about that, and Roger Federer by his words admits to that. It is but one of the laws of nature. We have no choice but to accept it and deal with it as best we can when the situation comes up. I love watching Roger Federer outstanding tennis abilities, and his demeanor on and off the tennis court is the best (for me). I understand that not everyone feels the same about the FED, to each his own. Enjoy your tennis. C'MON FED! :) Go FED! Go! :)

sky , 8/27/12 11:20 PM

Geeze, give Rafa a break!!! He is not participating in the USOpen, why are we still talking about him like he is there?!! Leave him alone!!! This is an opportunity for the likes of Roger to lift the trophy so why must Rafa still be in the conversation?!! My gosh,I'm sick of it..............damned if he is and damned if he isn't!!!!!

What the hell is it about Rafa?!!!!

Monalysa , 8/28/12 3:19 AM

^^^There is only one thing worse than being talked about, and that's not being talked about. Rafa is the subject of more tennis threads than any other player, whether he is active or not, without Rafa, tennis blogs will dry up.

See it as a positive Monalysa. It just shows that:
Rafa is TENNIS!

nadline , 8/28/12 8:48 AM

^^^You give the fed fans a real run for their money Nadline.

Twinge , 8/28/12 12:03 PM

I have to say that a lot of the sniping I see on this site is pathetic and totally bereft of any real insight into the game. I do, however, find it hilarious.

lee214 , 8/28/12 12:58 PM

^^lol^^ It keeps me entertained whilst i'm meant to be working that is for sure!

brothdog , 8/28/12 2:08 PM

lee214, fandon is part and parcel of sport.

nadline , 8/28/12 8:44 PM

I find it fascinating that some people feel the need to come here just to bash this site. If you dislike it that much, why even bother to waste your time?

If you need to come here to put people down, then you are the one with the problem. No one's forcing you to be here.

Nativenewyorker , 8/28/12 8:52 PM

Andy Murray says about Rafa:

"Tennis misses him. He brings something different with his personality and all the energy he brings on the court".

nadline , 8/28/12 9:24 PM

I didn't knock the site. The articles are excellent. I don't have any problem with fandom either. Petty, zealous bickering on the other hand...

lee214 , 8/29/12 10:52 PM

I think if you were to analyse the comments you would find more often than not the first stone is cast by Fedfans. Rafans are simply responding to jibes aimed at Rafa or at individual Rafans.

ed251137 , 8/29/12 11:18 PM

Furious Barbadillo defends Nadal
TENNIS ? Rafael Nadal's PR man, Benito Barbadillo, spoke to Italian journalists at Flushing Meadows. He vented his frustrations with some members of the press that spread false rumours about Rafa. translated by P.Sassoon

?I am furious with a certain part of the press that spread false rumours on Rafa. Enough with the doping insinuations.

He spoke once about Contador and all hell broke lose. He has a good hart and in that moment he wanted to defend a friend in trouble. When I told him what could happen if he spoke about Contador, he replied that he didn't care what people though of him. He is like this, instinctive and doesn't think about the consequences of his words.

Someone even wrote that I gave three different versions of his injury, but also that is not true. These are all lies. Why he didn't take part in the Olympics? Do you actually think that doping tests during the Games are different from the ones regularly made during the year? Nothing is different. He wasn't feeling well and he didn't go. You all know how much he wanted to carry his country's flag.

All the doubts about Spanish sport? Spain won one less medal than four years ago in Beijing, there was no debacle because of doping tests, it is simply because they don't have a solid sporting base to fall back on like other countries. I intend to hire a lawyer to sue those that damage the reputation of a clean guy like Rafa. He does not deserve all the stuff I read on the social networks, particularly on facebook.

When will he be back? I don't know. All I can tell you is that when we are sure we will make an official press release. When the pain disappears he will be back. He is working hard with the physio, but I don't know if he will be back before the end of the season. The tendons are healing. All I am sure of is that on the 17th of September he will be in Madrid for Vanity Fair and he will receive a prize.

Italy and France are two countries that love the type of tennis that Federer plays, thats why they attack him. I really like Federer, but that does not mean that Nadal has no talent. Nadal has bucket-loads of talent. Baseless allegations really hurt just like summary judgements. Federer is finished? Will Murray ever win something important? I was one of the first to defend them and recent results show I was right.

Nadal will be back better than before, I am convinced of this. In 2009 everyone said that he will never get back to his level, instead 12 months later he won Roland Garros, Wimbledon and US Open. He wants to train and start playing once again, so he will definitely be back with the same enthusiasm and determination. Maybe even more...?

nadline , 8/30/12 12:27 AM


Thanks so much for posting that! Wow! So Benito is on the warpath! It's about time! I am so happy that he is talking about the baseless and shameful doping allegations and threatening to sue over it. Right on!

So he reads facebook and knows what is being said. I only wish he had some good news about Rafa coming back. All he said is that he doesn't know if he will be back before the end of the season. I thought that I read something from Rafa's camp to the effect that no way are they throwing in the towel on the rest of the season.

Way to go, Benito!

Nativenewyorker , 8/30/12 12:31 AM

@11:18pm, Are you for real? The first stone is always cast by nadline, and then the other Nadal fans follow suit.

Most of the posts on this site are authored by the Nadal fans, who are ikn the majority. Some think they own the site and can say or do whatever they like, coz they'll never get banned or disciplined for picking fights that are totally unrelated to them. They make verything personl. I'm hounded and harassed by a behemoth here, which on other sites would get that person banned, but not here, coz it's Rafa dominated, and you they could do no wrong.

The Fed fans on this site you could count on one hand, well those who post on a regular basis. Most of them seem to be afraid to say anything, and the ones who do, end up with ten people, Nadal fans, coming at them from all angles.

There are some articles on other players, which I like to comment on, but those articles always are turned off-topic. It appears that the other players in the draw or the tour, are only there to make up number and only Nadal matters.

scoretracker , 8/30/12 12:34 AM

It's about time Rafa sues these people who try to defame his character.

nadline , 8/30/12 12:35 AM


I completely agree! I don't know why they haven't tried to take legal action before. It's actionable since there is no proof to back up these disgusting accusations.

Thanks again for posting the link! Great read!

Nativenewyorker , 8/30/12 4:44 AM

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