• Wilander, Ivanisevic tip Murray for Open title

    8/22/12 11:20 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Wilander, Ivanisevic tip Murray for Open title A pair of former Grand Slam greats have gone well out on a limb to tip Andy Murray as their title favorite for the US Open.

    Television talking head Mats Wilander and crazy Croatian Goran Ivanisevic say the Scot may just be buoyed enough by his Olympic gold medal to do some trophy damage at this edition in New York.

    Murray beat Roger Federer in the Wimbledon gold medal match this month but then fell flat with knee problems in subsequent Masters 1000 events in Toronto and Cincinnati.

    Swede Wilander, who won the Open nearly a quarter of a century ago, told the ATP senior tour: "My prediction for the US Open is Andy Murray winning. I'm not saying that just because he won the Olympics, it's because I think that he's a different man.

    "I think that (coach) Ivan Lendl has helped him tremendously. He's becoming better physically all the time, he hits his forehand better, but the biggest difference is emotionally. He's more even-keeled, he's more positive, and there's not as much pressure for him at the US Open as there is at Wimbledon."

    Murray has lost all four Grand Slam finals he has played - including his first to world No. 1 Roger Federer at Flushing Meadows in 2008.

    Murray has long called New York his favorite major, a place where he can escape the pressure that falls upon him during each edition of Wimbledon.

    Ivanisevic says that the injury absence of Rafael Nadal from this edition will not be an especially big help to Murray. "I think Andy is ready, with or without him. He has beaten Rafa before anyway. If Andy plays well, he can win it. I would really like to see him win it - he deserves it.

    "He played a really great Olympic games and I think this will give him extra motivation and confidence. The US Open is his best surface so I think he will do it."

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They are all Rafa fans, so anyone but him.

pennster , 8/23/12 2:37 AM

Fed said he can beat Andy anytime in a five setter at a GS.

pennster , 8/23/12 2:38 AM

Actually Murray's best slam is the AO, not the USO. Just compare his results at both slams and see where he performs better. Also Rafa not being around, at Wimbledon and USO, does help Murray; at least he need not spend a great deal of his energy trying to beat/beating Rafa. We know how difficult it is beating Rafa in a slam. Anyway, now that they're no.3 and no.4, they can only meet in the final.

luckystar , 8/23/12 3:02 AM

Very nice up to date pic of Andy, cheryl. Thank you. :)
I sometimes think these ex tennis players are as clueless as the rest of us when it comes to picking the winner. I never take any notice. Andy could go out in the first week. He could win the whole thing and that's more likely this year than b4 I feel. Still think AO is his best shot at his FIRST slam though. Lendl and Andy said it would take a year for the changes to work through. Very happy to be proved wrong.
Que sera.

deuce , 8/23/12 8:04 AM

I am not a former tennis pro :)), but I do like Andy's chances at the USO.

danica , 8/23/12 9:50 AM

Hmm danica, trying to jinx him are you......;)

deuce , 8/23/12 10:48 AM

"Fed said he can beat Andy anytime in a five setter at a GS..."

Well what happened in the last five setter they played together? nanananana nana!
Honestly its unsurprising pennster never posts too often, even he/she/it knows how imbecilic she appears...

Twinge , 8/23/12 12:25 PM

Andy CAN win this US Open.
its time for him to play his best when it matters.
He was getting there for a while at Wimbledon
got there at the Olympics the next step is the last one.
But it is up to him to take it.

Twinge , 8/23/12 12:30 PM

Deuce, no :)). I really think he can make that one last step.
I can hardly wait the USO to start. It'll be interesting ;).

danica , 8/23/12 7:25 PM

danica, Nole has nice draw :) Andy's not so nice :( Has to get through Raonic, Tsonga, Fed :( and then most likely your man, who I think just got to favourite.

deuce , 8/23/12 7:46 PM

Hey Twinge, can't you read? Try again. Read the sentence slowly.

nananananan nana idiot

pennster , 8/23/12 8:10 PM

^^Up you a** you craven, pinched faced, little troll.
I read your grovelling nonsense perfectly.
The final of the olympics was over 5 sets and in CC.
its wishful thinking of fedtards like you have revealed yourself to be (quelle surprise)
to think its too much different.
oh and they will meet in the semis for the first time so lets look forward to it shall we?

Twinge , 8/23/12 8:19 PM

pennster didn't you get the memo? The olympics aparently is a grand slam tournament...wait a minute

ts38 , 8/23/12 9:24 PM

Though I'm not sure I believe Roger said that. I would like to see a source on pennster's quote of Roger as it seems a bit too cocky even for him.

ts38 , 8/23/12 9:28 PM

I don't think that he's ever said something so direct.

Federer did put some effort into psyching Murray out before their 2010
Australian Open final.

?I know he?d like to win the first [Grand Slam title] for British
tennis in, what is it, 150,000 years,? Federer joked in a post-match
interview. ?The poor guy has to go through those moments over and over

Federer went further, toying with Andy. ?It?s always very tactical
against him. Andy, if you?re listening to me, here?s how it will go.
I?ll come in on your backhand and you?ll pass me. I?ll drop-shot you
and you?ll lob me. I?ll hit it between the legs. It will be something
like that.?

?He?s in his second Grand Slam final now. I think the first one?s
always a bit tougher than the second one, but not winning the first
one doesn?t help second time around. He?s also playing me, someone
who?s won many Grand Slams and been able to win here three times. I
know what it takes and how to do it, which is definitely an

?I don?t feel like the pressure?s really on me having to do it again,
because I?ve done it before. I think he really needs it more than I
do. I think the pressure?s big on him. We?ll see how he?s going to
handle it. It?s not going to be easy for him, that?s for sure.?

Conspirator , 8/23/12 9:45 PM

"Good for him,"Federer said sarcastically after being told Murray
was the betting favorite for the 2009 Australian Open. "I mean, it
doesn?t help him a whole lot. He's never won a Slam."

Conspirator , 8/23/12 9:48 PM

?I can mix up my game too well for [Andy] to get under my skin,?
Federer told the Independent in 2009, talking about Murray?s defensive
style. "Everybody has his own game and you can?t change the way you
play. It?s just something you?re born with ? If you want to be a top
player you need to have offensive skills."

Conspirator , 8/23/12 9:50 PM


Conspirator , 8/23/12 10:05 PM

And isn't Federer right? Murray is challenging the top guys when he takes control of the point and taking it to them. Not by waiting for a mistake, or playing his save game too long.

He's in the same half as Federer, could be an interesting semi! Ferrer obviously rigged the draw to get his first Slam ;-)

Bonker , 8/23/12 10:55 PM


Interesting semi? To say the least!

Nativenewyorker , 8/23/12 11:07 PM

Yes Bonker, with Rafa out, at least the draw has made things more interesting than I thought it would be.

I'm not saying fed is right or wrong. Just passing on some past choice quotes of his regarding Murray in response to an earlier post. Fed would never be so direct to say he'd beat muzz anytime in a slam but it's implied.

Conspirator , 8/24/12 12:15 AM

This one is specially for you Conspirator. I no longer have the transcript but it is worth listening to in full if you enjoy collecting Roger put downs.

ed251137 , 8/24/12 3:56 AM

If you were following the Olympics carefully, Murray turned the tables on Fed after the win over Djoker in the semis. When he was interviewed on court on Bravo he pointed out that Fed may be the nervous one this time since he didn't have a singles gold, unlike when they played the GS finals of which he has aplenty of course. He's learning it seems.

chr18 , 8/24/12 4:00 AM

^^^finally, acknowledgement that Fed is snarky sometimes......

rafaisthebest , 8/24/12 7:26 AM

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