• Injured Nadal out of US Open

    8/15/12 6:20 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Injured Nadal out of US Open Knee injury hard luck continues to plague Rafael Nadal, with the world No. 3 now set to miss the US Open due to his physical problems. The Spaniard announced he is out due to his continuing knee tendinitis.

    "I am very sad to announce that I am still not ready to play and have to withdraw from this year's US Open in NYC," said Nadal in a statement. I'm sorry since I always found great crowds and great support.

    "I have to continue with my recoup and preparation to be ready to play in the right conditions. I want to say hi and thanks to all the fans, in particular to the New Yorkers. I'll miss you all this year at the Open!"

    Nadal, 26, won the New York Grand Slam in 2010 and lost the 2011 final to Novak Djokovic. He has not played since June when he was upset in the Wimbledon second round by Czech Lukas Rosol.

    "Rafa has informed us that he will not be ready to compete at the US Open this year and has withdrawn from the tournament," read a statement from tournament director David Brewer. "We hope to see him back on the court soon and look forward to his return to New York next year.”

    Since his knee injury flared after the clay season, the 26-year-old former number one has dropped out of the Olympics, plus the Toronto and Cincinnati Masters 1000 events.

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Not good news for the fans of tennis .He is a super star and will be missed ..I suppose now his ranking will drop down a spot ....Rafa get well quickly

sals3 , 8/15/12 6:46 PM

Hope for speedy recovery ..he needs to amend his schedule completely and if he gets fined by ATP then be it.

mani4Tennis , 8/15/12 7:03 PM

Rankings be damned!!

Just get better, champ. Please.

rafaisthebest , 8/15/12 7:03 PM

His ranking is the least of his concerns right now. Once he is fit and playing at full tilt he will easily rise back to his rightful place in the pecking order. Heaven only knows what pain he played through during the clay season and to retain his RG crown. He is now paying the price.

ed251137 , 8/15/12 7:06 PM

See you guys next year! Trust me, not many will miss you lot.

RogFed , 8/15/12 7:10 PM

Just rest for as long as you need to get back to your 100% fitness, Rafa. We'll wait patiently for your return, just don't rush things, take your time!

luckystar , 8/15/12 7:54 PM


Feel better soon, Rafa.

mara002 , 8/15/12 8:01 PM

Not a good news for tennis world.

abhirf , 8/15/12 8:19 PM

I'm reading some journalist tweets that are in Cincy right now and they say that Rafa may miss the rest of the year.

Now, I'm surprised there is no mention at all on what the injury really is. It is a total mystery.


Emiliano55 , 8/15/12 8:41 PM


rafaisthebest , 8/15/12 8:52 PM

I read a bit back, before Toronto, in a Spanish publication, that it was not just tendinitis, but also tendinopathy.
I can't remember where I read it though.

mara002 , 8/15/12 8:55 PM

Yes, it is not just tendinits, it is something new. But no one is saying what it is. I don't get the mystery.

Emiliano55 , 8/15/12 8:59 PM

It's the same condition he suffered from after his shocking loss to Sod at the French: bruised ego! Perhaps we could coin it post-traumatic Rosolopathy this time.

chr18 , 8/15/12 9:30 PM

^^^^crap18 to the rescue, solving the mystery about what's ailing Rafa! Free at last, thank God Almighty we're free at last!

rafaisthebest , 8/15/12 9:47 PM

chr18, 8/15/12 9:30 PM

You'd be the expert on bruised ego chr18. I'm sure you experience that daily.


Conspirator , 8/15/12 9:54 PM

I'm sorry but I just can't believe this.

There were no signs during this clay season in which he diodn't really over exert himself with too many matches. He did manage the clean sweep before in 2010 before going on to win Wimbledon later on.

I honestly thought that after the shock of the Rosol loss, he was just mentally tired and just needed a break which is why he pulled out of the olympics. It seems he just need a bit long to recopuerate beforee going all out on the hard courts.

But even still after Rosol's loss there was no talk of injury. It was simply a freak one off result. He would have had over a month to recover and prepare for US Open. His coaching team and training staff need to seriously look at themselves. You cannot have an athlete of his stature in the game continually missing large periods of the tour. Federer has played continously in slams since 2000 and is 31!!! Djokoivc too plays an intense, physically demanding game but is still able to play consistently in tournaments. What will happen when Rafa hits 29 or 30 - his body will not be as strong to recover from these injuries.

It all just doesn't seem right to me, but I hope and pray that Rafa recovers as soon as possible. The game needs him to be active as long as possible and tennis will suffer greatly because of his absence.

You have to wonder who's celebrating the most - Federer or Murray?

lebsta2 , 8/15/12 10:09 PM

I'm sorry but I just can't believe this.

There were no signs during this clay season in which he didn't really over exert himself with too many matches. He did manage the clean sweep before in 2010 before going on to win Wimbledon later on.

I honestly thought that after the shock of the Rosol loss, he was just mentally tired and just needed a break which is why he pulled out of the olympics. It seems he just need a bit long to recopuerate beforee going all out on the hard courts.

But even still after Rosol's loss there was no talk of injury. It was simply a freak one off result. He would have had over a month to recover and prepare for US Open. His coaching team and training staff need to seriously look at themselves. You cannot have an athlete of his stature in the game continually missing large periods of the tour. Federer has played continously in slams since 2000 and is 31!!! Djokoivc too plays an intense, physically demanding game but is still able to play consistently in tournaments. What will happen when Rafa hits 29 or 30 - his body will not be as strong to recover from these injuries.

It all just doesn't seem right to me, but I hope and pray that Rafa recovers as soon as possible. The game needs him to be active as long as possible and tennis will suffer greatly because of his absence.

You have to wonder who's celebrating the most - Federer or Murray?

lebsta2 , 8/15/12 10:15 PM

I am sorry, but I have to ask this: @lebsta2, are you serious when you say, "But even still after Rosol's loss there was no talk of injury."?

rafaisthebest , 8/15/12 10:15 PM


Tennis is missing the most charismatic player ever to grace the courts.

Vamos Rafa!

nadline , 8/15/12 10:19 PM

The mind boggles at just how many records Rafa mighy have broken had he remained 100% fit throughout his career.

ed251137 , 8/15/12 10:23 PM

Take care of yourself dear Rafa and only come back when you are 100% fit.

Vamos & God bless.

schatz , 8/15/12 10:26 PM

A tennis player of such stature, like you said, would be able to mentally prepare for such a grand event like Olympic Games even after a crushing loss in a Grand Slam. It's what they do on a, more or less, daily bases. Rafa is mentally one of the strongest out there. To be sure, he is just a man with feelings, but missing the OG because he was mentally tired and disappointed...? Sorry, I am not buying that. There is something much more than that. Obviously, I'll believe that he is injured if he says he is injured. Sharapova, DelPo, Jo W... even Rafa himself, had to skip part of the season or the whole season due to injuries.

I wish him a full recovery soon. The tour is certainly not the same without him. But this long absence may be a blessing in disguise. He'll be fresh to attack and take the Year End Championship, pretty much the only big title he still misses.

danica , 8/15/12 10:28 PM

It really is such a shame that the usual suspect has nothing better to do than come here to trash Rafa for the umpteenth time. All I can say is that I feel sorry for anyone with so much hatre inside them that all they can do is trash a great player who has struggled with injuries throughout his career.

This is difficult news, even though we sensed it was coming. All we can hope for is that Rafa recovers and comes back when he is ready.

Nativenewyorker , 8/15/12 10:40 PM


What I meant is that in the past some of Rafa's slam losses can clearly be deduced to injury causes, such as his defeat against Murrray at Aus 2010 or against DelPo in US 09. The Rosol result was not one of those matches. Rafa showed plenty of determination to try and win the match, unfortunately he couldn't get anywhere near Rosol's serve. There was no reason to believe injury was the reason he lost this match.

There is definitely an argument for Rafa to ease up slightly on next year's clay season so that he is fresher for Wimbledon and the US hard court season.

lebsta2 , 8/15/12 11:03 PM

This is definitely not the thread for a Fed fan to comment. Watch out guys for the avalanche of anger that will be taking place coz people need to vent their frustration., so it's hands off time, for the sake of peace.

scoretracker , 8/15/12 11:46 PM

Maybe I was a bit crude with my assessment but lebsta2 explained it well. At the time of both huge upsets at the hands of Sod and Rosol there was no indication of injury. Nadal had played many times previously through his knee problems and won. All of a sudden he loses at the French Open, where he never thought he would lose, to a guy he whipped easily a few weeks earlier. Go watch the match over and you will see Sod hit THROUGH him just as Rosol did. He has no answers for this. Most guys don't. Nadal's movement was fine in both matches but he could not get to 90-100 mph winners on the lines or 130 mph serves. Superman probably couldn't. Combine that with the fact that he probably hates both guys that beat him and he could not take the bitter medicine. When he lost while injured to Murray and Ferrer in Australia both times he came back pretty quickly. Why? These weren't shocking losses and both guys were his friends. With no signs of injury against Sod and now Rosol a pattern is emerging. Nadal's ego, bigger than the whole of Mallorca, can't take it. Take Fed as an example. He lost 2 heart breakers to Djoker the past 2 Opens where he had match points in both. What did he do after? Dominate the indoor season. The man has an ability to put tough losses aside, unlike Nadal. I'm not saying he doesn't have knee problems but probably nothing a little PRP injections can't help. If they had a confidence or bounce back injection he'd be in Cincy now.

chr18 , 8/16/12 12:33 AM

Just heard an interview with Toni (I speak spanish).

Basically he said:

- The issue is not his tendinitis itself, but its around his knees. Something complementary to his tendinitis.

- "The idea around this larger stop is to prolong Nadal's career."

- "Nadal's career is not in danger."

- "Everybody says he would have a short career. But given he started at 16, even if he stops now, his career wouln't have been short.

- "The goal is to come back at the davis cup, but we will see. We don't quite know for sure"

- Nadal would love to be at the next olympics.

Honestly, I noticed him a bit worried. Anyways, I think it was a smart idea.

I'm pretty sure the doctors said "if you keep playing without a long rest, your knees will say stop anytime". So they decided to take a long rest, recover that knees as much as nature can and then come back really strong to make a last (and durable) run.

Emiliano55 , 8/16/12 1:53 AM

Good points Chris.A very bad loss can knock a player out for a long time or even end their career.Roddick hasn't played well since his 2009 Wimbledon loss.That was a tragedy for him.Borg was effectively knocked out by McEnroe.A hugely ambitious player such as Nadal can't easily come to grips with a second round loss in what should be one of his best years.

stratocast51 , 8/16/12 1:53 AM

i wonder what this means for the upcoming us open? murray on nole's side of the draw? resulting in another cup-cake draw for fed, just like in cincinnati?

dejan1989 , 8/16/12 2:34 AM

Fed took his heartbreaking loss better than Rafa? Why then did he lost in the first or second rounds at the Canada/Cincy Masters after he lost his Wimbledon to Rafa in 2008?

Rafa suffered a heartbreaking loss at Wimbledon 2007, but he went to Stuggart the following week to play and won. During the clay season in 2009, Rafa already had knee problems and was even considering whether to skip Madrid but he was pressurized to play there as it's his home tournament, replacing the Hamburg tournament. His knees had gotten worse after that 4 hour SF match vs Nole in Madrid. I believe that's the last straw, destroying his knees before the FO that year. He's obviously slower, couldn't run down shots (like when he's in the 3rd,4th sets this year at the FO final; and the Wimbledon R2 this year). Notice that he was a different player the following year at the FO 2010, beating the same Sod comfortably in the final, when Sod was still hitting the lines.

It's obvious that Rafa already had some problems at Halle this year, he couldn't run down shots Kohl hit at him and lost easily in straight sets to Kohl. Even in his R1 match against Bellucci at Wimbledon, he was already struggling to beat him. What more with Rosol who kept hitting the lines and serving big?

He already had problems with his knees at Miami, w/d after the QF. He only had two weeks to rest amd treat his knees before the gruelling clay season. I believe he willed himself to play through pain because he had to beat Nole on clay and reclaim his clay Masters titles. Also, he can't afford to lose for the fourth straight time to Nole in a slam.

My only complaint about Rafa was why he's still playing five clay tournaments within two months when there's still the Olympics to play for? I thought he would skip Madrid, but as usual, after all the complaining , like in 2009, he still went there to play. It was a mistake IMO, to play at Madrid both times.

His knee problem now is of course more severe than before, and so he needs longer period to recuperate. It's silly to think that it's his ego that prevented him from participating at the Olympics, when he was so happy to be the flag bearer for Spain, went through the ceremony to receive the flag officially.

Notice also that when Rafa came back after his injury in 2009, he wasn't fully recovered and was playing rather badly throughout the rest of 2009. I have not seen a worst match from Rafa than that match he played against Almagro at the Paris Masters; I could hardly recognize that player on court, that pale looking thin frame dressed in a green top. He was playing horrible tennis, and it's hard to believe that he was Rafa Nadal.

luckystar , 8/16/12 2:48 AM

The only anger, bad behavior or rudeness has come from the rabid Fed fan who always spews out hate and venom about Rafa.

I encourage everyone to read the posts from ALL Rafa fans! You will see that there is no anger, meanness or hatred in any one of them.

It's too bad that some feel the need to come on and warn people about something that has not even occurred. That is especially sickening.

I am proud of my fellow Rafa fans in this hour of disappointment and sadness. We should honor Rafa by trying our best to ignore the hatred and spiteful comments from the few and just be glad that we were privileged to watch Rafa play.

Rafa has triumped over adversity before and I believe he will again. I am not interested in rehashing the Wimbledon loss or another discussion about injuries or whatever. I just want to wish Rafa well as he works to recover from this latest injury.

The USO will go on as usual. I expect we will see some great matches. But it won't be the same for me without Rafa.

Nativenewyorker , 8/16/12 3:51 AM


Tennis is missing the most charismatic player ever to grace the courts.

Vamos Rafa!

nadline , 8/15/12 10:19 PM

My foot...
He is just a hard hitter , that is heavy on his body so this injury.
Bulldozer got into a Limphome mode

sabs , 8/16/12 4:27 AM

ed251137 , 8/15/12 10:23 PM

When you device a plan to topple graceful players with power-tennis, there will be payoff, you cannot depend upon your power alone to win matches.
it should be a mix of tennis talent and power.

So this fall was due, and many experts predicted this very long back, so RAFA was very successful to delay this far.

sabs , 8/16/12 4:38 AM

He is a cute guy but I wouldn't say he is the "most charismatic player ever to grace the courts". That is in the eye of the beholder.

danica , 8/16/12 4:40 AM

stratocast51, 8/16/12 1:53 AM,

You are incorrect in saying that Borg left tennis because of his losses to McEnroe. If you watched the documentary "McEnroe/Borg: Fire and Ice" then you would know from Borg's own words that this was not why he left. He spoke about not being able to have a life. He was burned out. So it would be nice to at least quote from the source himself instead of speaking for him.

I also do not see any analogy between Roddick's 2009 Wimbledon loss to Fed and Rafa's loss to Rosol in the 2012 Wimbledon. Rafa has already proved his mettle throughout his career. He has the eleven slams to show for it. He wasn't destroyed the loss to Sod in the fourth round at the 2009 RG. There is no comparison between Rafa and Roddick. Roddick was attempting to win only his second slam in his career. He knew that it was his best chance to win the one slam that he wanted. He was devastated by the loss and it didn't help, but it's not like he was going to go on a tear winning after that.

Nativenewyorker , 8/16/12 4:44 AM

Lucky is right, as usual. It's Rafa's body that lets him down not his mind.

He hates disappointing tournament organisers and the fans who have paid to see him but, by refusing to withdraw from a committment to play and give his body time to recover, far too often he aggravates injuries picked up in previous tournaments.

Another classic example was flying straight from the physically punishing 2009 Australian SF and Final to Rotterdam in 2009. He was barely able to walk by the time he met Murray in the final which gave rise to Murray's famous comment 'Rafa is extremely hard to beat even when he's playing on one leg'. I always thought Rotterdam was the precursor to all the problems which beset him for the rest of that year.

Now at last Rafa is listening to his body and taking the necessary time to recover.

ed251137 , 8/16/12 5:12 AM

@nativenewyorker."Notice that he was a different player the following year at the FO 2010,beating the same Sod comfortably in the final,when Sod was still hitting the lines."Soderling was very nervous in the final and was not hitting the lines.He was in fact overhitting everthing.He was getting ahead of himself and thinking of the trophy because he had little respect for Nadal at the time.

stratocast51 , 8/16/12 5:14 AM

Damn you all, you pathetic Rafa haters. Taking a swipe at someone who is down, just shows the level of your disgusting, repulsive personalities.
Whatever you might think, Rafa iS definitely the most charismatic top player after Borg and will be missed badly at the open, just like he was missed at the Wimbledon 09

atul1985 , 8/16/12 5:20 AM

@nativenewyorker"So it would be nice to at least quote from the source himself instead of speaking for him."That's an authoritarian statement.

stratocast51 , 8/16/12 5:22 AM

Guys, I read an article about his injury and it stated that Rafa's team is preparing him for the WTF (if possible) else he would make a comeback next year. It also mentioned an 'ACL-type injury and reconstructive surgeries'. Things look bleak at the moment for him. Hope he gets 100% fit soon.

abhirf , 8/16/12 6:21 AM

stratocast51, 8/16/12 5:22 AM,

Are you kidding with that comment? Authoritarian? I said that you should quote Borg's words not make up something all on your own! Or do you have some psychic powers by which you can read Borg's mind? So you know him better than he knows himself?

Your answer makes absolutely no sense! There is nothing authoritarian about quoting the person about whom you are making a declarative statement. Or maybe you just don't care what Borg said? I have no clue what your comment was about. Unbelievable!

atul1985, 8/16/12 5:20 AM,

I know it's hard to read some of these things. It makes you sick to your stomach. But you should just know that anyone who would hate on someone when they are down and out, is a miserable human being and can't be happy in their life. That's about the most decent thing I can say about the comments. If I said what I really thought, my comment would be deleted for sure.

Rafa fans are hurting now and it's awful to have to read this, but we should focus on him and wish him well with his recovery. I am hoping that taking this extra time to finally allow his knee to heal with help him to come back to us healthy again. So let's think of Rafa and not the haters.

Nativenewyorker , 8/16/12 6:27 AM

abhirf, 8/16/12 6:21 AM,

Do you have a link to this article? Because I have been doing a lot of reading, especially at vb where they are connected to Spanish websites and media and have heard nothing of the kind.

There is nothing about any ACL-type injury and reconstructive surgeries. I don't know where you got this, but if it's wrong then you have caused a lot more worry and anguish for Rafa fans. We don't need that now.

Nativenewyorker , 8/16/12 6:34 AM

^^^ sorry @NNY, but I hardly remember where I read it. Was surfing a lot of articles at the same moment and was also busy watching Fed's match. So didnt really took notice of the link. The injury part could be a speculated one but most of the articles I read did mentioned about his comeback being delayed till next season. Though couldnt find a reliable source. So there's still hope.

abhirf , 8/16/12 6:54 AM

Drama!! Like I said, watch out for the avalanche. We've seen this scenario play out many times before, and it was one anger fest, coz no one was spared. Say whatever floats your boat about Fed fans. That said, enjoy the anger wave you're riding. At the end of the day, some of us will be sleeping like babies. Biggest laugh of the day, no anger or meanness in Rafa fans posts. LOL. Fed's threads are testament of anger and meaness from Rafa fans.

scoretracker , 8/16/12 8:07 AM

abhirf, 8/16/12 6:54 AM,

Thanks for your response. I appreciate it.

Nativenewyorker , 8/16/12 9:31 AM

Big shame for tennis. However we all know what usually happens after Nadal takes a break for a few months, he comes back incredibly strong. Hopefully this time will be like the others. Vamos rafa and good luck to fed, Novak and Andy at the U.S., huge break for at least two of them.

Gotta think this year will end with Roger number 1, Murray number 2, Djokovic 3 and Rafa 4.

willmw101 , 8/16/12 11:37 AM

atul1985@5.20am - your post is fitting for the people that are enjoying Rafa's situation. It is surprising how low some people can go - very sad indeed.

I am sure that no Rafa fan on this site would behave this way if this was happening to Fed or any other player.

schatz , 8/16/12 12:36 PM

Rafa on FB:

I want to thank the tokens of affection to all my fans. I could not read all messages, but after reading many and receive comments like this, help me much at this time. Rest assured that I will put all my efforts to return as soon as possible and be close to all of you. Thank you all.

nadline , 8/16/12 12:37 PM

Get well soon, Rafa.

brothdog , 8/16/12 1:04 PM

'He was in fact overhitting everything..... because he has little respect for Nadal'

How do you know? In fact that was his second FO final, he should be even more nervous in the first FO final against Fed, going by logic. Both Sod and Berdych were overhitting during the SF in 2010, because they couldn't adjust to the sunny weather on that day. Notice that prior to the SF, it was rainy and damp conditions and so it favored players like Berdych and Sod, who served and hit big and not missing because of the damp slow conditions. On the final day itself, it was cloudy, not much sun and so Sod was hitting hard and not missing and that's why there're long rallies, Rafa returned everything and forced Sod to hit one more ball and that's when the overhitting occured. It's not like Sod was overhitting and Rafa was standing there doing nothing, IOW, Rafa was contributing to Sod's overhitting.

PS. If Sod had little or no respect for Rafa, the same could be said of him towards Fed, when he was hitting without missing and blowing Fed off the court!

luckystar , 8/16/12 1:04 PM

Nadline - typical of Rafa to appreciate all the tokens of affection from his many fans. I am glad that it has helped him to know that we are all thinking of him at this time and that we miss him.

Thanks for the post as I do not go on FB at all.

schatz , 8/16/12 1:10 PM

Reactions from players in Cincinnati to Rafael Nadal's withdrawal from the U.S. Open due to knee tendinitis:
Roger Federer: " It?s not a surprise, because I wrote him and he told me like it wasn't looking good at all. I kind of knew. Saw it coming. But obviously when it's official it's disappointing for tennis, there's no doubt about it. I would love to have him in the draw. In particular, sort of the 12 days before the Open you figure he might still have time to fix what he has to fix to get ready. If he pulls out that early before the Open, it must be something serious. That's why it?s sort of scary. There is obviously the whole debate going on if he is going come back for this year. I hope he will. He's definitely got some more weeks off now because of it. I hope in hindsight this is a very smart decision by him. But it's obviously a big blow and disappointing news for the tennis world."

Novak Djokovic: "He's a great competitor, and he?s somebody Iknow really well on and off the court. I'm sure that if he was able to perform in the U.S. Open he would come. So I wish him a quick recovery. The fact is that tennis is going to lose a little bit because of Rafa not being there and playing, because he's somebody that has made a history of this sport. We all know how good he is and how popular he is. There is everybodyelse except him who is going to play there, so I am sure we will have a good tournament."

Andy Murray: "Obviously a shame. I like Rafa a lot as a friend. I'm disappointed for him.But I think for tennis and also a major competitions, it's a huge benefit when you have the top players playing. It?s obviously tough for him. He's had trouble with his knees in the past. So I hope he can rest, doesn't come back too early, and gets them fixed so he can get back to playing his best tennis."
Juan Martin del Potro: "Everybodyknows Rafa. He's a big fighter. He will be with us very, very soon, and could be dangerous for us when he come back because he gonna be much better than the rest of the players. He's still very, very young. He has many challenge to do it, so he will be ready very soon. I wish all the best for him because he's a nice guy."

abhirf , 8/16/12 1:23 PM

It seems noone read my post about Toni's interview. Oh well.

Emiliano55 , 8/16/12 1:52 PM

^^Chill my sweet, I read it and it was very good :)
Nadal will be BACK when he's good & ready (I'm guessing after the Asian swing).
A rest can be better than a change, and like Delpo says, he will mean business when he returns. The serious kind.

Twinge , 8/16/12 2:35 PM

abhirf @1.23pm - thanks for that and it was interesting to see what some of the players had to say about it.

schatz , 8/16/12 3:55 PM

abhirf, 8/16/12 1:23 PM: Thanks for the transcript.

20/20 hindsight from Roger:

"It's not a surprise, because I wrote him and he told me like it wasn't looking good at all. I kind of knew. Saw it coming."

Really Roger? That's not what you said when the news broke that Rafa was pulling out of Toronto and Cincinnati.

It's very surprising, because it was nothing that we heard of prior to the injury. He played so well on clay, and then actually seemed fine at Wimbledon. He had more (recovery) time by losing earlier at Wimbledon."

ed251137 , 8/16/12 5:50 PM

Just when I was looking forward to seeing Rafa at the USOpen, then i get this news. Oh, I will miss Rafa so much!!! It will definitely not be the same with him not there!!

But his health is more important and Im hoping in the long run that he will get better and take this time to think about what he really wants out of his career and so he will be able to plan his schedule a lot better. Rafa has given us so much over the years so I strongly believe that we should not look upon this as too much of a disappointment but as a means to a wonderful end. He will get better soon and what will help more is his love for the sport. Rafa has done it all, he has nothing left to prove so he can just rest and take care of his health.

For those who are take time to criticise Rafa, just remember, you have not accomplised an ounce of what he has, and perhaps NEVER will!!!! Liike someone said previously, the tennis world will feel spectacularly hollow without Rafa's presence...............its just the way it is!!! Thats how it feels for me. I will still go to the US Open but wthout Rafa there......................

Rafa, just remember your true fans are with you and we will always love you!! For me, you are the legend of ifs ands or buts!!!!!

Love you Rafa!!!

Monalysa , 8/16/12 5:59 PM

ed, Andy opens his comments with the friendship he feels for Rafa and Rog...starts his by talking about the letter HE sent. U've got to laugh.

deuce , 8/16/12 6:05 PM

Nativenewyorker , 8/16/12 7:37 PM

Interesting facts:

Rafa missed slam 2006 (AO), next 2009 (Wimby), next 2012 (USO)

note the 3 year gap and a diff slam each time

Rafa won 5 slams between his 2006 miss and 2009 miss, Rafa wom 5 slams between his 2009 miss and 2012 miss

sanju , 8/16/12 8:01 PM

Great post Monalysa - you have put into words what most of us true Rafa fans are feeling. Tennis is definitely not the same without him no matter what anyone says to the contrary.

Our love and thoughts are with you dear Rafa.

PS I thought that Novak & Del Potro's comments on Rafa's absence were especially nice and supportive. I also know that Andy and Rafa are good friends and I know he wishes him well.

schatz , 8/16/12 8:12 PM

Deuce: He has an ego that just won't lie down. I hooted at the bit where he says 'I would love to have him in the draw'. Pull the other one Roger.

Monalysa: How sickening to have tickets and not see Rafa play. Do tell us, who will you be rooting for in his place?

ed251137 , 8/16/12 8:28 PM

@chr18 , 8/16/12 12:33 AM

Keep your opinions to yourself.

nadline , 8/16/12 11:18 PM

Last I checked this was an open forum for everybody to express their opinions. Probably you agree with me but are in denial.

chr18 , 8/16/12 11:40 PM

@chr, I agree that this is an open forum, but didn't ou know it only works one way with opinions? I laughed when I read the comments that Rafa fans do not indulge in meanness. It was my laugh of the day. Even on this thread, Fed has come into some digs. They just love him.I guess it allows some to exhibit their sarcastic barbs which they seem to enjoy.

My comment scoretracker , 8/15/12 11:46 PM, was written with you in mind to stay away, but you didn't heed my warning. The drama queen thrives on this type of situation coz it affords her the opportunity to vent her frustrations and disappointment over her fave on US, Fed fans. Don't feed the drama.

scoretracker , 8/17/12 12:19 AM

Rafa fans,

Let's not allow ourselves to get baited by comments from some Fed fans! Stay strong and don't fall for any of it!

My laugh of the day is any Fed fan presuming to think that they are somehow better than fans of other players. My biggest laugh is any Fed fan presuming to lecture others on how to behave. Now that's funny!

Nativenewyorker , 8/17/12 12:38 AM

LOL, laugh of the day. Opening comments: Issuing warnings to Rafa fans how to stay strong. I guess Moma bear is the leader. Then gets laugh of the day coz a Fed fan did that previosuly? Very funny. OK, glad to oblige with the anger venting. Keep up the drama.

scoretracker , 8/17/12 12:47 AM

LOL LOL at chr18's and some other posters' comments. Rafa lost to soderling at Rg 09 because 1).soderling was playing insane tennis 2). rafa was badly injured

I dont have the exact word but a spanish doctors explained how rafa's knee injury prevented him from making 'violent lunges and pushes' is not surpriising that soderling broke down rafa's BACKHAND, not his forehand ! rafa's forehand is usually prone to big hitters' onslaughts but it was the backhand because he was unable to generate enough strength from hsi legs and and play aggressive shots...pathetic depth on his shots that day ..and remember, injuries harm you in 2 ways ! one is the physical damage caused and the other is the mental damage associated with doubts and uncertainties that creep into your mind and harm your self belief.

COME ON ! the guy tried sooo hard to get ready for wimbledon 2009, he played 2 exhibition matches with wawa and hewitt days before wimbledon to sumhow get match fit..he was in TEARS while announcing his wimbledon withdrawal !

@sanju, nice pattern observed !interesting

vamosrafa , 8/17/12 2:21 AM

Rafa used painkillers to play in his madrid semi final agaisnt djokovic and his injury got worse after that 4 hour epic...we all know who benefited from that match ! mr roger federer would have never won a career slam had that match not taken place ,most likely...

anyway, nadal missed miami's semi final too ! what ignorance is this that people are saying he is taking time off because he is in shock after losing to rosol :S :S
WE HAVE MEDICAL REPORTS TO TELL HOW BAD RAFA'S INJURIES ARE !!! MRI scans clearly reveal damages to his knees..

In response to why djokovic is not withdrawing as much as rafa is ...well the answer is that rafa started playing at such an early age...he was a pro at 15 ! secondly, the main damage done to rafa was during the earlier years of hsi career when he was all about defense ! it was post 2007 that rafa started shortening rallies and adopted a much more aggressive style of play to shorten the time spent on court !

Djokovic's earlier year were not even half as physical as rafa's...and you never know, may be djo's fitness and trainign team is much better than rafa's so u dont know what goes on there...

vamosrafa , 8/17/12 2:28 AM

*earlier years

vamosrafa , 8/17/12 2:29 AM

NNY,than you so much for the info!

vamosrafa , 8/17/12 2:38 AM

Emiliano55, 8/16/12 1:53 AM

Emiliano55, 8/16/12 1:52 PM

I am sorry that I missed your first post of the interview with Uncle Toni. I did read it on vb. Sometimes it's easy to miss a post because of all of the activity on a thread. I saw your second comment and wanted to let you know that I did finally see it. So your efforts were not all in vain! :)

vamosrafa, 8/17/12 2:28 AM,

I am glad you made this argument because I am tired of fighting that battle. I remember watching that match at the 2009 RG with Sod and it was obvious that something was wrong with Rafa. I had been hearing the rumors that all was not well in Camp Nadal for some time. Back then I didn't even know about livestreams to see the Masters tournaments. If I was lucky I would see some on espn2. But I had not seen Rafa play since Indian Wells. His movement was compromised and, as you said, his lunges and pushes were not effective. Knowing Rafa's movements on court, I could see that something was terribly wrong. That is not to take anything away from Sod who played a great match. But the simple truth is that Rafa was not able to move the way he needs to on clay. He came back in 2010 and defeated Sod easily in the final, thereby showing everyone that a healthy Rafa won't be defeated.

Regarding the nonsense about his defeat to Rosol being the reason for taking time off, I am just baffled by the inability of some to just read interviews from Uncle Toni and medical reports and diagnoses from Rafa's doctor. His medical history has been well documented. Any reasonable person would understand that he has battled knee tendinitis throughout his career. He also has that bone deformity in his left foot that almost cost him his career early on.

You and I fight the good fight, but it does get tiresome. If there are people who wish to believe in delusions and fanstasies, then I guess there is nothing we can do to change their minds. The idea that Rafa wouldn't be competing now because of that loss to Rosol, is so insulting. Everyone knows how much he wanted to play at the Olympics and carry the flag for Spain.

You are more than welcome for the info and thank you for coming on here to try to post some sensible comments. I fear it will fall on deaf ears for the usual suspects, but I appreciate your effort! :)

Nativenewyorker , 8/17/12 2:50 AM

This just show how much this guy sacrifice to compete with The Fed. After some time, science rules. You can't outskill opponents, you can outrun them. But it comes with a cost.

The average Rafan are too blind to see this. If Fed is as fast as Rafa, then no player needs to play tennis anymore.

I surely will not miss Rafa much because at USO, he isn't much of a threat. Fed has his hands full with Djoko and Muzza.... Let's go... WOOOOO

P.S. Condolences to Rafa

torres9 , 8/17/12 3:04 AM

^^^ What sacrifice are you talking about? Rafa was born with a defective bone in the arch of his left foot, and may have affected his knees when he compromised his movements to deal with the foot problem.

I don't agree with vamosrafa, that Rafa wasn't an aggressive player in his younger days. In fact he's rather aggressive when young, especially on the hard courts. Just look at his matches with Fed at Miami and Hewitt at AO in 2004/2005, he's doing all the attacking, even as a 17 yo in Miami 2004. It's only on the clay courts that he's more defensive, tracking down balls with his superb movements on clay, that gives us the impression he's a defensive player. He did play more on clay from 2003-2005 and so ran alot and he injured his foot at end of 2005 and that's when he discovered his defective bone in his left foot.

He also hit relatively flat shots from his forehand wing back in 2004/2005 but after his successes against Fed, especially on clay, he started to hit more spinny shots from his forehand amd his flat forehand somehow went missing. He started playing professional tennis at a young age and I feel he and his team had mismanaged his schedule and so aggravated his knee problem. Had he skipped some clay events, ie played three Masters plus FO and skip Barcelona, from 2005 onwards, he might not have his repeated knee injuries. He didn't give his body enough rest all these years and so now he paid the price for that.

Still, he's only 26 and it's not too late to revamp his playing schedule. I did mention earlier on that Rafa should take a long 3-6 months break to heal his tendonitis problem to an acceptable level. It seems that he and his team are thinking the same and are giving him this long break to fully recover his fitness. In fact I've expected this injury and the subsequent break, for I really don't believe that Rafa with cropped knee since Miami, could manage to play 12 events non stop, from MC, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome and RG, to Halle, Wimbledon, Olympics, Toronto, Cincy, New York and then the Davis Cup. It's simply crazy scheduling!

luckystar , 8/17/12 3:35 AM

I don't go along with this idea that somehow Rafa and his team mismanaged his career. It's easy to go back and be critical in hindsight. I had issues with some of the scheduling and will never understand how anyone could have let Rafa play Madrid in 2009 on inflamed knees that were being infiltrated and medicated.

Rafa may have underestimated what his body could take. Sometimes a player will feel as though they are invincible. I think when Rafa had to pull out of Wimbledon that was a reality check for him. He realized that there were limits to what his body could handle.

Nobody knows if it would have made any difference had Rafa's schedule been managed differently. Knee tendinitis is a progressive condition. As long as Rafa is playing tennis there is continued risk and possibly more deterioration. His doctor and team have taken steps to try to keep the condition under control. Rafa has cut back on his schedule where possible. But there is no cure.

I prefer to just deal with what is and not speculate or do any handwringing over the past, which can never be changed. Rafa is doing the right thing and making the sacrifices to recover. All I can do as his fan is wish him well.

Nativenewyorker , 8/17/12 6:34 AM

, 8/17/12 3:04 AM

Very true.

sabs , 8/17/12 7:08 AM

luckystar, I know what you are talking about. Rafa used to hit flat forehands during 2004 and for a good part of 2005 ..I know most of the evidence is from that hewitt match at Oz 2004. However, being aggressive is not only about hitting flat forehands, not at all. Look at rafa's court positioning during rallies in Us open 2010 or OZ open 2009 and compare it with his earlier years. have not you heard the commentators compliment rafa' improved net play by saying ' he only used to go to the net twice early on in his career , once during the coin toss and then for the handshake ' !!!! Rafa's backhand was barely a force early on...Those big cross court bombs became a 'regular' part of his arsenal from 2008 onwards !

Rafa has himself said it repeatedly that his game now is much less physical than it used to be in the past and it involves much less running becaue now he plays much more 'inside the court'. Rafa's sliced backhand was non-existent early on in his career and now look how he used that shot to build points and gain the upper hand !

yes you are rightabout rafa being most defensive on clay..true! but compare his level of aggression in 2008 RG against 2005-2007 RG, HUGE difference.
Being aggressive is again also about DEPTH on your groundies and rafa used to drop hsi forehand way too short in his career before 2008. Look at his hard court matches before 2008, esp 2006-2007 ! even 2005! that was the time he damaged his body the most. Hard courts are so damaging !

vamosrafa , 8/17/12 7:36 AM

torres9,yes those millions of billions of passing shots that have whistled past federer that leave his mouth wide open in surprise are not skills right? hahahahaahahahaha

Bjorn phau has speed, ferrer has speed, hewitt has speed,baghdatis has speed but they are nothing in comparison to one of the all time greatest rafa nadal :D even laver recently said that for him rafa and roger are equal in terms of ABILITIES! NOTE IT DOWN, A-B-I-L-I-T-I-E-S

vamosrafa , 8/17/12 7:40 AM

Calm down VR.

Sustainability comes with talent, talent alone.
Not with PRP.

Burnout- thats what happened with your overachieved idol.
He put his body under more stress, why? just to match Fed's talent.
Now just get that.

sabs , 8/17/12 7:56 AM

It's the same condition he suffered from after his shocking loss to Sod at the French: bruised ego! Perhaps we could coin it post-traumatic Rosolopathy this time.

, 8/15/12 9:30 PM

This comment just shows what kind of a sick disgusting loser you are. making fun of someone when the person is down with injury highlights ur pathetic personality. Damn You..

Just get 1% of the grace that federer has and then call urself his fan. Fed himself would be ashamed of having a pathetic fan like you.

atul1985 , 8/17/12 7:58 AM

, 8/17/12 7:56 AM

Congratulations on the most intelligent & thoughtful post ever posted on TT!!

If all players had to do to match fed's talent was to put thier bodies under stress, they would have happily done that and retired a multi-millionaire with 11 GS :-)

atul1985 , 8/17/12 8:02 AM

vamosrafa, what you've mentioned was when Rafa played on clay. It's not about his forehand, but look at Rafa's court position behind the baseline on the hard courts during 2004/2005, he's standing close to the baseline.. He did come forward to the net, on the hard courts, to finish the points, see his Miami 2004/2005 and Dubai 2006, but he didn't have much volleying skills back then. Don't listen to the commentators, for they're basing their comments on Rafa's play on the clay courts. See for yourself! Rafa didn't have the complete skill set back then, still, he's able to manuvere his opponents, moving his opponents side to side before coming forward to finish the points at the net, on the hard courts. It's his mindset and the understanding that he needs to be aggressive in order to win on hard courts.

His success on clay later on had made him played his clay court game on all surfaces, thus delaying his development on hard courts. Remember AO2008? He suffered a humiliating loss to Tsonga, and after his loss to Davy in the Miami final that year, he said he finally understand how to play on hard courts. He went on to win at the Beijing Olympics, reached the SF of USO for the first time, and went on to win his first hard court slam at AO2009. He certainly didn't play his clay court game on the hard courts by then. As I said, he only reverted back to his clay court game in 2011, after losing several times to Nole.

Of course we may not agree here, that's OK, as all these are just my opinions.

luckystar , 8/17/12 8:45 AM

Rafa need not match Fed's talent. He had already beaten Fed enough times and surpassed him as no.1 in 2008; and since 2008, Rafa's new challenges are Nole and Murray. Even without any injury concern, Fed still can't deal with an injury prone Rafa, that tell me enough about the two of them!

Rafa is still a top player in the top four for a good eight years now, despite his injuries and missing some major tournaments. I would think that if Rafa had no foot problem to start with and played a better managed schedule, he would have achieved even more by now, that's only my opinions of course.

luckystar , 8/17/12 9:02 AM

LOL LOL at chr18's and some other posters' comments. Rafa lost to soderling at Rg 09 because 1).soderling was playing insane tennis 2). rafa was badly injured.
vamosrafa , 8/17/12 2:21 AM

Fedfans have selective memory. They have conveniently forgotten that Sod beat Federer at RG the following year when a fit and emotionally stable Rafa dismissed Sod in straight set to take his crown back from the impostor.

Vamos Rafa!

nadline , 8/17/12 9:26 AM


You are engaging in revisionist history! Rafa was the only one who could beat Fed for a long time. So you are saying that he had to strain his body physically to the breaking point to do it? That doesn't make any sense to me. As I recall at the 2009 AO, it was Fed who cracked mentally in that fifth set. That slam final was his to lose because Rafa was coming into it with a huge disadvantage. He had played the longest semifinal match in history and only had one day's rest. He had never won a hard court slam.

That time Rafa's great advantage according to you, his strength and physicality, was compromised by that marathon slugfest with Verdasco. Many sports analysts didn't think Rafa could win and not even be competitive. So how did Rafa win that final? I don't think even he knows. He did say that he was dizzy and very tired when he started playing. That was sheer guts, heart and will. Sometimes it takes more than mere talent to get the job done.

But I would not expect you to understand the greatness of Rafa. You are, after all, a Fed fan!

vamosrafa, 8/17/12 7:36 AM,

I think you made some excellent points in your analysis. I agree with much of what you said. I think both you and lucky have been perceptive in your respective analyses of Rafa's early career.

atul1985, 8/17/12 7:58 AM,

That person will never hear you! I understand the frustration of coming on here and reading these comments, but nothing ever changes with some Fed fans. If they had any decency, for once they would leave it alone and just enjoy watching their guy. The fact that some feel the need to come here and taunt and harass Rafa fans who are dealing with the disappointment of Rafa pulling out of the USO. should tell you all you need to know about their character and integrity.

Rafa has proved the naysayers wrong many times. Just think how unhappy they will be when he comes back! :)

Nativenewyorker , 8/17/12 9:36 AM

DC semifinal is scheduled on clay out nadal to comeback in heroic fashion!!


KMA , 8/17/12 10:01 AM

sabs, when a 17 year Rafa met a 23 year old Fed for the first time, this was the result:

2004 ATP Masters Series Miami
FL, U.S.A. Hard R32
Nadal, Rafael - 6-3, 6-3

No sweat!

nadline , 8/17/12 10:14 AM

Okay, Sloan Stephens, you are an official Rafan now! f

Q. Not sure if you heard, but Rafa is out of the US Open.
SLOANE STEPHENS: I just read it on Twitter. I'm devastated. This is so sad.
Q. What is it like when he's not in the locker room at slams? What does he bring that might be...
SLOANE STEPHENS: I'm not sure because I'm not in his locker room. (Laughter.)
I love Rafa so I love seeing him at tournaments. I get star struck when I see him. I'm like, Oh, my God I wish I could touch him.
It will be sad with him not there, obviously. I mean, he's such an amazing player. I just kind of -- I like seeing him practice. He's on the P1 through 5 or whatever and he's always on the first court so everyone can see.
I like eating my lunch and watching him. I'm kind of bummed he won't be there. I'm sure we will have, you know, still an amazing tournament.

Okay, must try eating my lunch and watching Rafa play at the same time.....ala Ms Stephens!

rafaisthebest , 8/17/12 11:42 AM

DC semifinal is scheduled on clay out nadal to comeback in heroic fashion!!

KMA, 8/17/12 10:01 AM

Yes you're right! There I was penciling him in for the Golden Swing and I forgot all about DC in Spain hence on clay. Never fear the clay king will be back to beat up on tired Fish and Isner.

chr18 , 8/17/12 1:00 PM

I always have a good laugh at these fed tards.

jean , 8/17/12 1:46 PM

Tired or no, Isner and Fish get homesick in Europe/Asia and their performance suffers. Spain doesn't need Rafa to handle them easily.

Going to fed's weak backhand is not that physically taxing to Rafa. I wouldn't give credit to fed for that. It's the tougher field overall that has taxed Rafa physically and the long term trauma he has suffered on the hard courts.

But let the revisionist fedbots blather. Even got fedbots using the hashtags now. LOL.


Conspirator , 8/17/12 1:55 PM

Rafa's injury is nothing to do with ole Rog, he has a congenital foot condition, a bone that is not fully formed, which requires special orthotics that protect his feet but aggravate the damage tennis inflicts on the tendons in his knees.

Roger is the least of his problems.

nadline , 8/17/12 2:57 PM

Obviously, Rafa is the pin- up of tennis. @ ritb

nadline , 8/17/12 4:12 PM

What is Hoffa syndrome?

atg , 8/17/12 4:55 PM

Nativenewyorker , 8/17/12 9:19 PM

Nativenewyorker , 8/17/12 9:28 PM

The good news is that it's not career-ending. Still a pity that the pain knocked him out of Wimbledon and kept him from the Olympics.

cherylmurray , 8/17/12 10:26 PM

"Still a pity that the pain knocked him out of Wimbledon".I thought Lukas Rosol knocked him out of Wimbledon.My bad.Or are you referring to 2009?

stratocast51 , 8/17/12 11:08 PM

^^^^ boring same old same old from the stratbot. Just looking for a reaction.


Oh what the hell.

Like the same pain Rafa has inflicted on Fed the last five times they have met in a slam? Only two of which were on clay? Hmmm? Like that maybe?


Conspirator , 8/18/12 12:16 AM

stratocast - It's just been confirmed that Rafa got the Hoffa's Syndrome diagnosis at Wimbledon. Are you honestly trying to contend that the painful condition had nothing to do with his loss? That is, frankly, an illogical position to take.

cherylmurray , 8/18/12 2:52 AM

I watched the match Cheryl,Nadal seemed to be moving very well.Rosol played excellent grass court tennis.

stratocast51 , 8/18/12 3:28 AM

This is the kind of thing that gets to me! Even after this information has come out, there is always some Fed fan who has to make up this kind of garbage!

Should Rafa have limped around on the court or fallen down? Even then some would say he was faking it!

Illogical is a kind word for what this is.

Nativenewyorker , 8/18/12 5:59 AM

Obviously strato had not seen Rafa moving very well on grass before. Go watch his grass court matches in 2008/2010 or even his Queen's club match last year against Tsonga and see what is 'moving very well on grass' for Rafa. It's very obvious to us that starting from Halle, Rafa had a problem with his movement. Also it seemed to me Rafa was fearful of slipping and falling on grass that might worsen his knee condition. Of course Rosol did play well enough to take advantage, otherwise he would have ended up like Bellucci and lost.

There'll be chances of Rafa meeting Rosol in future and we'll see who'll win then. Just like Rafa vs Sod, Rafa has proven he's the better of the two after that 2009 FO encounter.

luckystar , 8/18/12 6:08 AM

Oh Rosol played excellent grass court tennis but still lost to Kohl in the next round. Kohl didnt even reach the final of Wimbledon!

Rosol has only one style: serve and hit hard and aim for the lines and hopes he won't miss. And that's why he only managed to reach the first or second rounds in the tournaments that he
played, because it's always hit or miss for him.

luckystar , 8/18/12 6:19 AM

I am sorry to say that I am not happy with Rafa's clay scheduling this year. I mean why did he play 4 warmups and one on Madrid which was even more taxing. I am sure he can skip Barcelona as that forces him to play 3 consecutive weeks. If Madrid shifts to red clay he can play 3 Masters 1000.

After physical issues in Indian Wells/Miami, I think his team should have rested for one more week as I feel its inevitable that this injury is due to his physical grind on clay. And just think if Rafa had a more physically challenging Roland Garros? That would have been catastrophic. I mean he had a damn easy defense of his 7th title there .

Its high time that he cuts his clay schedule so that he does not have to take forced rest from other big tournaments later in the year.

And Rafa as someone said also in this thread was not at all moving well in Wimbledon. He was so afraid of slipping . Ferrer also had a sneak peek about Rafa's
injury prior to grass season.

Lets hope his team goes for a lighter schedule next year.

fedexal , 8/18/12 8:58 AM

Nativenewyorker, 8/18/12 5:59 AM

Don't get upset, you know very well where people like stratocast51 are coming from. So he watched Rafa play from the comfort of his living room and being the medical doctor and overall tennis expert that he is, he was able to decipher that there was nothing with Rafa................


rafaisthebest , 8/18/12 9:02 AM

I meant 2 consecutive weeks in my last post.

fedexal , 8/18/12 9:03 AM

The scenario is very similar to 2009 for Nadal. He was a little iffy when he in the clay season after physical troubles in Rotterdam. He has a very tiring clay season. Wins almost everything apart from Madrid Final after that brutal SF against Nole.

Goes into Roland Garros less than 80%. Loses to Soderling . Forced out of Wimby and recovers just in time for Cincy and the Open.

Had he just skipped Rotterdam and played one less clay tourney things could have been different and he might have played Wimby. He had a taxing AO that year as well with two consecutive 5 hour matches.

Scene looks exactly the same this year . He was having physical issues right from US hard season . Its just that he is so good on clay that he can win Roland Garros easily and without being 100% . I am dead sure that he was far from perfect physically in Roland Garros 2012.

fedexal , 8/18/12 9:14 AM

The one positive I am taking from Rafa's medical bulletins is that it appears the tendons have responded well to the PRP treatment he has been receiving. This new issue, Hoffa's Syndrome has nothing to do with his tendons, which is a good thing imo.

rafaisthebest , 8/18/12 9:35 AM

stratocast - It's just been confirmed that Rafa got the Hoffa's Syndrome diagnosis at Wimbledon. Are you honestly trying to contend that the painful condition had nothing to do with his loss? That is, frankly, an illogical position to take.
cherylmurray , 8/18/12 2:52 AM

Any logic in anything Fedfans have to say about Rafa is purely a coincidence. Fortunately, what they say alters the facts not one iota.

nadline , 8/18/12 9:44 AM

Rafans, forget the trolls and the haters, here's a nice article about Rafa from a fellow Rafan! nnis-Special-a181609

rafaisthebest , 8/18/12 1:25 PM

Can somebody explain how Nadal had the best serving day of his career with this oh so painful knee? And don't say that he served better at the Open in 2010 where the first 6 matches he was under no pressure whatsoever. I do believe good knees are helpful to serving 130 mph. Rosol simply played out of his mind and Nadal, even having the best serving day of his life, still lost.

chr18 , 8/18/12 1:26 PM

Nadline - Be quiet.

rbennett , 8/18/12 1:28 PM

chr18, 8/18/12 1:26 PM

Surely by now you have Googled Hoffa's Syndrome - in which case you should be in a position to answer your own question.

ed251137 , 8/18/12 1:57 PM

Good reply ed! This Hoffa Syndrome doesn't develop overnight, I don't understand what chr18 was arguing about? Don't tell me he can't even have the decency to believe all the medical reports the Nadal camp has released? And to think that Rafa would miss the Olympics which is held once in four years; the two NA Masters plus the USO, when there's nothing wrong with him physically?? Really?

luckystar , 8/18/12 2:11 PM

stratocast51 , 8/18/12 2:19 PM

^^^Anything wrong??

luckystar , 8/18/12 2:35 PM

Ahem, didn't Fed's mono take ages to diagnoise? Where were you then strato, to question Fed and his team?? Or are we to question Fed and his mono?? I do remember Fed had not missed any tournament back then! In fact he played an additional tournament at Estoril that year, on top of MC, Rome and Hamburg. More reason for strato and chr18 to question Fed back then! Or strato and chr18 are only interested in Rafa??

luckystar , 8/18/12 2:46 PM

Thanks for link ritb. Nice one ed.

Happy that this hoffa's syndrome is curable. Get well soon our Rafa and I hope he is well enough to take part in the DC as this will give him a much needed boost.

Nice one ed.

schatz , 8/18/12 4:25 PM

Nadline - Be quiet.
rbennett , 8/18/12 1:28 PM

The truth hurts.

You all are just disappointed that Rafa will be fully fit again to kick $**

nadline , 8/18/12 8:14 PM

This is a reply to an older post by stratocast but I feel it needs to be addressed.

Stratocast you stated that rafa was "moving very well" at wimbledon. This is absolutley wrong. His movement side to side was slower than it ever has been and he looked very tentative overall on grass, especially when compared to his 2008 and 2010 wimbledon campaigns.

willmw101 , 8/18/12 8:14 PM

Can somebody explain how Nadal had the best serving day of his career with this oh so painful knee?
chr18 , 8/18/12 1:26 PM

No one owes you an explanation.

nadline , 8/18/12 8:18 PM

sanju , 8/18/12 9:11 PM

chr18, can someone explain to me why fed has such a crap combined record vs Nole, muzz and Rafa with losing records to both muzz and Rafa???


Conspirator , 8/18/12 9:16 PM

Well by the time Fed retires, he will have losing H2H against each of his 3 principal rivals - Rafa, Djoko, Murray ..great statistic to have for someone anointed GOAT (ofcourse by his fans as there is nothing called GOAT otherwise)

Well reasons are:
Rafa : well most losses are on clay, however conveniently forgotten that Rafa dominates him on outdoor HC too and ofcourse the 8-2 slam losses, Fed dominates Rafa only on indoor

Djoko : Well most of those losses have come in last 2 years, well but its very convenient to count all wins Fed had against Djoko when Djoko was starting, its called selective cherry picking :-)

Murray : Thankfully no reasons put yet, Fed fans didnt consider Murray in the league of Rafa n Nole yet, but now that he thrashed Fed at Olympics (that bad even Fed hasnt thrashed Murray in his 3 slam losses), expect the reasons to surface :-)

Oh yeah , The GOAT also has 2 of the most LOPSIDED GS/Olympics losses inflicted too - 6-1, 6-3, 6-0 RG 2008 and olympics final 6-2, 6-1, 6-3

sanju , 8/18/12 9:43 PM

Nadline - No nothing like that you are just really annoying.

rbennett , 8/18/12 10:16 PM

^^^^Music to my ears.

What is it about Fedfans that they spend so much time worrying about Rafa?

nadline , 8/18/12 10:48 PM

Lets not beat about the bush, when the [charismatic one], Rafael Nadal, is not there it's a huge blow to any tournament. Mark Petchy, Sky Sports.

nadline , 8/18/12 11:00 PM

Nadline - No nothing like that you are just really annoying.
rbennett, 8/18/12 10:16 PM

You should just read his posts and chuckle. They never disappoint.

RogFed , 8/18/12 11:03 PM


David J. Nadal is not related to Rafa, but is someone who appears to have a connection to him and his team. His tweets have been reliable. He is often quoted on vb. They are good at figuring out who is for real and who isn't. He seems to be well-connected to Rafa's camp.

Nativenewyorker , 8/19/12 12:59 AM

Nadline - I wouldn't know since I didn't mention Rafa. Your posts are just very obnoxious. Rafa this, Fed fans that, try doing something else for a change then posting on here!

RogFed - It's a she!

rbennett , 8/19/12 1:14 AM

RogFed - It's a she!
rbennett, 8/19/12 1:14 AM

Oh, Really? Ugh! Didn't expect such nastiness from a woman.

RogFed , 8/19/12 1:44 AM

rbennett, you should let your fellow Fedfans get the benefit of your wisdom, i.e. to spend their time in a more constructive way insstead of using it to run Rafa down, just because Rafa owns Federer.

nadline , 8/19/12 9:11 AM

Oh Cheryl, its good to know RAFA bumped into Rosol bcoz of this new syndrome.

sabs , 8/19/12 1:28 PM

Nadline - I think like I've been a bit mean now, so sorry, but you should maybe look at the content, tone and volume of posts you make, this is a great site but there's other things to do that are great aswell!

rbennett , 8/19/12 1:31 PM

sabs, 8/19/12 1:28 PM


Conspirator , 8/19/12 6:52 PM


Conspirator, 8/19/12 6:52 PM

Mr. Jack Dorsey, irony much?

RogFed , 8/19/12 8:04 PM

Peace Rogfed. It's all good.


Conspirator , 8/19/12 9:19 PM

Many Fed fans seem to be assuming that Rafa won't be back. They are having fun trashing him and acting like he's through, but what's going to happen when he comes back? Because we know this injury isn't career ending, so the Fed fans didn't get their wish.

Nativenewyorker , 8/20/12 5:42 AM

Well NNY, Rafa will wipe the smile off their faces when he comes back when he gets his 20th win over The Fed.

nadline , 8/20/12 9:32 AM


Right on! Of course we know what will happen then. Some of these Fed fans will conveniently disappear as they have in the past!

Nativenewyorker , 8/20/12 8:14 PM

Steve Tignor sums up what it means when Rafa pulls out of a tournament, here is a taste and the link to read the full article:

Amid that vast morass of news, much of it grim as always, one piece of tennis information stood out: Rafael Nadal won?t play the U.S. Open because of his continuing knee problems. This is sort of the sports equivalent of a hurricane or an earthquake, an especially frustrating event because there?s no way to be partisan about it, nothing to argue over, no behavior to judge, no other side to blame. All you can say is that it?s a bummer for Nadal, the Open, and followers of men?s tennis.

What will we miss about Rafa specifically? I?ll say it?s the way he makes running across a tennis court and chasing a ball down feel like a moment of high emotion, of life and death. It?s the same running style that wears his knees down a bit more with each chase, but who would want to watch a different Rafa? Without him, and without the fans he inspires, the Open will feel a little less like life and death in 2012.

What will we miss about Rafa specifically? I?ll say it?s the way he makes running across a tennis court and chasing a ball down feel like a moment of high emotion, of life and death. It?s the same running style that wears his knees down a bit more with each chase, but who would want to watch a different Rafa? Without him, and without the fans he inspires, the Open will feel a little less like life and death in 2012. death.html

nadline , 8/20/12 11:26 PM


It's funny that you bring up Tignor's blog because I just read it earlier today. I thought he beautifully expressed what it means when Rafa is not playing at a slam.

Great stuff! Thanks for posting it! :)

Nativenewyorker , 8/21/12 12:46 AM

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