• Injured Nadal withdraws from Cincinnati

    8/9/12 9:50 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Injured Nadal withdraws from Cincinnati Rafael Nadal has withdrawn from next week's final major tuneup for the US Open as he pulled out injured from the Cincinnati Masters.

    "I can not participate in the tournament in Cincinnati. I'm still not able. I have unforgettable memories of 2008 (semi-final). I continue recovering," the third-ranked Spaniard tweeted.

    Nadal has not played since losing in the Wimbledon second round to Czech Lukas Rosol, then going home to Mallorca for treatment for his chronic knee tendinitis. He missed the London Olympics, won by Andy Murray, and is also skipping this week's Masters in Toronto.

    He later added on Facebook: "Hi all, another message to announce something that definitely doesn't make me happy but unfortunately I won't be competing at the tournament in Cincinnati next week.

    "I am still not ready to play. I have many fans in Cincy and unforgettable moments such as 2008. I am continuing with my recup and practice. Thanks."

    With the US Open starting on August 27, there would be only one chance for Nadal to get any hard-court matches; if he is fit in time to ask for a wild card into Winston-Salem, to be played the week before the Grand Slam.

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Get Well Soon, Rafa.

Take your time to heal, then you can come back ready to roll.

Vamos Rafa!

nadline , 8/9/12 11:01 PM

I am wondering if Rafa will be ready for the USO. There is one smaller tournament in Winston-Salem that is right before the USO. The fact that he has to keep pulling out does concern me.

I thought that someone posted a tweet on another topic thread from someone to the effect that Rafa may just pull the plug on the rest of the year.

Nativenewyorker , 8/9/12 11:12 PM

He should just return for the Golden Swing. That's the smartest thing he could do.

chr18 , 8/9/12 11:21 PM

This is really unfortunate :((. Tennis is not the same without him. But, if he has to take more time off, so be it. Whatever needs to be done to recover fully. I do hope, however, that he will be ready for the USO. I wish him well.

danica , 8/10/12 12:23 AM

Looks like Federer hurt his kness years ago by making him play harder and harder and Djovic (with the help of gluten free diet) broke them. Look at Djokovic and Nadal finals since last year, it is no suprise Nadal borke down. Djokovic is more stronger physically than Nadal (with gluten free which shows how dedicated he is for the sport) so no surpise. Having said that I hope Nadal comes back to US open and plays well because he is one of the elite players so tennis needs him.

vmm , 8/10/12 3:26 AM

Rafa's problem is he needs rest, so let him rest for as long as possible so that his tendinitis problem can heal to an acceptable level. From then on he'll be as good as ever, we just have to be patient and wait for his return.

He has chronic foot problem and that may have contributed to his knee issue, it's the playing schedule, especially the compressed clay season where he played the most tournaments without much rest that worsen the problem. With or without Fed or Nole, as long as he played such heavy schedule, he's bound to have problem. Spacing out his playing schedule nicely with sufficent rest in between tournaments may help him with his knee conditions thus allowing him to perform better. Fed or Nole will have more problems dealing with a healthy and well rested Rafa, that's for sure!

luckystar , 8/10/12 4:36 AM

Maybe he's too busy playing poker

ts38 , 8/10/12 5:00 AM

Even the commies are now facing the facts that the tennis calendar is too packed. It's none stop; Queens and Halle were right on the heels of RG, followed by Wimbledon, then the olympics a few weeks later then straight into Canada and Cincy and USO not far behind. It's crazy.

They are humans after all, except for Roger who is a bionic man, and probably just has his parts replaced when they wear out. Even 'mono' didn't stop him - he never missed a single tournament because of the debilitating disease that keeps others out for years.

Rafa became successful at a very young age, and has been in the top 2 for most of his career since he was 19, so he's had to play more matches from a young age than most others do because most don't make the grade until they are approaching 22/23, so that might have something to do with his knees.

Rest is what's needed, so that's what he should take. Cutting short his recovery time will be counter productive.

Vamos Rafa!

nadline , 8/10/12 9:07 AM

Obviously I want Rafa to be back asap, but he must take as long as he needs to get himself back to 100% fighting fit, even if it means pulling the plug on the rest of the season, I am okay with that............

rafaisthebest , 8/10/12 12:44 PM

I hope that Rafa and his team will continue to do what is best for him in the long run. I have said it before but his health and well being is paramount.

I miss him more than I can say but I do not want him to come back before he is 100% ready.

Take care dear Rafa & God bless.


schatz , 8/10/12 1:19 PM

I think a US open absence is on the cards

If hes out practising, what does 'not ready to play' mean? Is it confdence?

sanju , 8/10/12 3:12 PM

when nadal lose.

always excuse injury. sick.

And, nadal's arrogant gamesmanship agaih in US Open


tennisnba , 8/10/12 3:18 PM

^^^ Get lost! Don't spam all the threads here!

luckystar , 8/10/12 4:00 PM

^^^This tennisbad character really needs every inch of his ass banned here.
Not because he's rude and offensive or anything,
Thats MY job of course ;-) .
But due to the fact that its all so f^&%ing dumb & tedious.
Please, if you can't even string a sentence together.... .GO AWAY!
There are plenty other fed fans here that do not suffer from cognitive disabilities (much)
that can add to the debate & fight for their messiah much better.
Please do the honourable thing.
Know your limitations

Twinge , 8/10/12 4:09 PM

hope he gets better soon.

tj600 , 8/10/12 4:15 PM

I think he is going to miss the US open

tennis2011 , 8/11/12 2:56 AM

nadal's next tournament will be us open and he has more chances to win this us open than last time

isfand , 8/11/12 8:51 AM

Is it logical or emotional statement?

hrsikesa , 8/11/12 10:19 AM

its logical as last year djokovic was in tremendous form but this year he is not in that sort of form and nadal somehow has been finding a way to beat murray and federer in 5 in last 5 years and he is practising regularly in us at hard courts and from the looks of it his us open doesnot seem in doubt to me

isfand , 8/11/12 10:32 AM

it doesn't mean that he is the favourite to win because this is his least favourite surface and federer and murray are beaming with confidence but nadal will be the least fatigued going into the open though he ll be lacking match practice but somehow i have felt over the years that neither toronto nor cincinnati matches us open (though the latter is closer) but lets see draw will be very important

isfand , 8/11/12 10:43 AM

Here is a link to an interview with Rafa, in spanish: nadal-tampoco-estara-cincinnati.html

He says going down in the rankings to #3, #4 or #24 doesn't bother him because that's sport. Time out due to injury is part of sport and he would rather get well and able to play at high intensity than return too quickly to competition. He says his fans should be happy that he was leading the race up to Wimbledon where he had to play with pain, so he is not down hearted although disappointed that he missed the olympics.

nadline , 8/11/12 2:31 PM

That's our Rafa for you. He has always kept his feet on the ground and never let success and fame turn his head.

ed251137 , 8/11/12 3:20 PM

King Juan Carlos has private dinner with Rafa and GF to show encouragement and support for his injury time out: fa-nadal-expresa-amistad-apoyo/786368.html

nadline , 8/11/12 4:21 PM

Rafa and Mary having dinner with the king: 3166.html

Rafa calls his gf Mary, he says he doesn't know where the name 'Xisca' comes from.

nadline , 8/11/12 5:40 PM

nadline , 8/11/12 6:03 PM

isfand- where did you read that Rafa is in USA? I thought he was still in Mallorca

sanju , 8/11/12 7:07 PM

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