• Murray avenges loss to Federer, wins Olympic gold

    8/5/12 5:18 PM | Ricky Dimon
    Murray avenges loss to Federer, wins Olympic gold Four weeks after losing the Wimbledon final, Andy Murray makes surprisingly quick work of Roger Federer on Sunday at the All-England Club. Murray wins Olympic gold and denies Federer a Career Golden Slam.

    Andy Murray may not have a major, but he finally has something that Roger Federer does not: a gold medal in men's singles.

    Murray won the London Olympics on Sunday afternoon, rolling over Federer 6-2, 6-1, 6-4 in a shockingly-quick title match. The British hero never dropped serve and saved all nine of the break points he faced to dominate in one hour and 56 minutes.

    Federer had played the longest match in Olympic history (four hours and 26 minutes) against Juan Martin Del Potro on Friday. For a moment it seemed like he was back at his physical best for this one, as the top seed held his first two service games and had two early break chances. Murray, though, took control with a break at 3-2 and broke again at 5-2, clinching the set with a backhand pass.

    The world No. 4 lost three consecutive sets after winning the first in their Wimbledon final, but this time he maintained his momentum. Two fortuitous winners off the net cord--including one after a long point at 0-40--led to a love break and a 2-0 lead in the second.

    After a marathon hold by Murray one game later, the set was all but over when Federer double-faulted on break point at 3-0. The Swiss finally held to get on the scoreboard for 1-5, but Murray survived another tough service game to take a two-set advantage.

    Federer's chances of a comeback essentially went up in smoke when he netted a backhand on break point at 2-2 in the third. Needing three holds to get gold, Murray made no mistake with the match on his racket. The Scot delivered two straight love service games then closed out the championship to 15 at 5-4, finishing with back-to-back aces.

    "The atmosphere was unbelievable," said Murray, who improved to 9-8 lifetime against Federer. "I felt much more comfortable on the court (than at Wimbledon). I know how this feels and it feels great. It's hard to compare (to a Grand Slam). Biggest win of my life, that's for sure."

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Good win for Murray. Well deserved. He has officially arrived and will be tough to beat at the Open now. Respect.

chr18 , 8/5/12 5:29 PM

So happy, so proud. So many bitter disappointments make this success even sweeter. Andy was Borg like out there today, it was astonishing. Andy, Andy, Andy :) your time has come.
Cheers chr18. Much appreciated.

deuce , 8/5/12 5:43 PM

Absolutely outstanding performance from murray...he completely outclassed federer and federer didn't even played badly....i think this win will give him the necessary boost for the begining of his great carrier...i hope he wins US open and take the place of Federer...

chenna21 , 8/5/12 5:43 PM


smr , 8/5/12 5:46 PM

Aw shucks. :(
Congratulations Murray!
Muzza for the open now? I guess so.

xrf , 8/5/12 5:47 PM

Big congrats to Andy - he played fantastic tennis to win today. Very proud of him and congrats to all the very loyal Murray fans.

schatz , 8/5/12 5:52 PM

it's now a question of when, (not if), murray will win his first slam.

tj600 , 8/5/12 5:53 PM

"He was better, much better than I was today but I'm happy with silver. I had a very emotional tournament. Maybe I was emotionally drained but, nevertheless, I didn't think I played too badly, but things didn't go my way. It's unfortunate, but still a great day for me. Andy looked like he was never doubting himself and he was able to come through this time around. He's had a wonderful career already and I'm happy for him."

chenna21 , 8/5/12 5:58 PM

ahem, many fed fans and Ricky too have been comparing murray to roddick and even arguing roddick is a better player. COME ONNN !! the inevitable happened today, what do you people have to say now !!

vamosrafa , 8/5/12 5:59 PM

2 out of 2 this time.
As I predicted Delpo won the bronze and Murray wiped a nervy and drained Federer.

Dedicated to sanju, hehe :)

Emiliano55 , 8/5/12 6:03 PM

anyway, fed won silver at least. his last 3 olympics yielded no medals so a good result in that sense. BRING ON THE US OPEN !

vamosrafa , 8/5/12 6:06 PM

If AndyM rests well, he is a real favorite going into USO. But he needs to schedule his tourneys well, if he loses early in one of the Masters, that might not be such a bad thing for Murray or even Nole. USO is way important thans Masters 1000, specially for andyM.

fedexal , 8/5/12 6:18 PM

I wonder what excuses Fed will come up with this time.

jean , 8/5/12 6:20 PM

@jean I 've read roger congratulating AndyM and citing he was way better today.
Do post the link where you find him citing excuses otherwise I'll have full doubt on the authenticity of your character(if not already).

fedexal , 8/5/12 6:28 PM

Oh dear, that makes me shake with fear!

jean , 8/5/12 6:41 PM

Roger about today's match "He did play very well. He was better, much better than I was. I had a
very emotional tournament for the first round on. Maybe I was
emotionally drained a little bit, maybe I left a little bit too much on
court. Andy played really well, made good shot making decisions and I
didn't do that. But still a great day for me.
"I think we had the same amount of break points but he converted that
many more. I didn't convert any. I just felt I was a bit slow in the
corners, took some wrong decisions from time to time. Andy looked like
he never doubted himself, he had a clear plan. A few points here and
there, things could have been different. I have a medal, that's what I
wanted, but I'm happy for Andy. He's had a tough last few years, at a
very high level, he's had a wonderful career already, but he deserved

chenna21 , 8/5/12 6:57 PM

what a nervous federer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
after years , he must handle it . but he can't , just like against nadal . he couldn't convert a break point !!!!!!!!!!

pnp , 8/5/12 7:07 PM

nadline , 8/5/12 8:38 PM

ed where r u???Your hunch was right. U r Mystic Meg of tennistalk :)

deuce , 8/5/12 8:50 PM

@5:59 pm,Roddick IS a better player than Murray, he's won a GS, 6 MS titles, and Davis Cup medals, plus he's won at least one match for the past 12 years, and is the third among active players for being in the top 10 for 10 consecutive years. Roddick had to deal with Fed in his TMF days, and then Nadal. Murray is lucky to be playing at a time when Fed is no longer TMF, and Nadal has tons of knee problems. Murray's 7 years younger than Fed., and 6 years younger than Roddick. That match at Queens in '08 when Murray beat Roddick easily, Roddick was just returning to the tour after he had been laid up/rehabbing from shoulder problems while playing in Rome vs. Wawrinka. However, Roddick beat Murray where it counted at Wimbledon in the SF of '09. Today, Roddick would have beaten Fed quite easily. In fact, there are many players who would have beaten Fed today quite easily. When it's convenient, Fed's age is used against hi. Why not so today?

scoretracker , 8/5/12 8:55 PM

If Fed had won gold his fans would have been unbearable for ever. As it is, it doesn't look like he'll ever win an olympic singles gold.

nadline , 8/5/12 9:11 PM

he's not winning one on clay at 35 years old, that's for sure

RickyDimon , 8/5/12 9:15 PM

If Fed had won gold his fans would have been unbearable for ever.

, 8/5/12 9:11 PM

I would say the delusional Fed fans, not sane ones. We are spared of the gloating by the delusional ones.The sane ones are always welcome though .

And this crap of Rosoling Rafa is getting too tiring, invent a new line people. Cant repeat yourself so much over n over again.

Yes this Olympics would ahve taken a lot out of Fed emotionally as he admitted. He should rest well for a week, I am sure he will be fine.

sanju , 8/5/12 9:54 PM

I have gone through most comments here and on another thread, there are hardly any anti Fed comments, most posts are in favour o Murray which he fully deserves today, why are some people being so defensive about Fed being discredited? He played lacklustre today, thats a fact, shocking to see that in a BIG final, but thats okay, just a game, hell be fine after he returns from a break

sanju , 8/5/12 9:57 PM

^^For the record I though Roger F was thoroughly classy & gracious Today.
The same cannot be said about SOME of his fervent & idiotic fans.

Twinge , 8/5/12 10:09 PM

John Martin lol

RickyDimon , 8/5/12 10:09 PM

Congratulations, MAndy! I am sure your young Duke and Duchess feel justified in their full support, sneaking into Court 1 to cheer even though there was no Royal Box, LOL.
I said it elsewhere than here (and I think Roger's titanic battle with DelPo might've been a factor) but I had a feeling something had clicked in MAndy's head when I watched him carrying the Olympic torch onto the Wimbledon grounds. Just ... something different. Hard work; well-deserved.

Has it been 4 weeks already? Gosh.

"he's not winning one on clay at 35 years old, that's for sure"

Ricky, I'd heard a rumor the Rio matches won't be on clay. If you know something the rest of us don't, it wouldn't be the first time.

mara002 , 8/5/12 10:11 PM

Ricky, blame microsoft translate, Rafa said Juan Martin.

nadline , 8/5/12 10:31 PM

@Ricky, why are comments @10:05 pm not subject to moderation? And why are posters allowed to refer to others with such filthy name calling? I'm a man not a woman, but that aside, neither man nor woman should be subjected to such disgusting name calling for expressing an opinion. I take umbrage to the post addressed to me at 10:05pm.

scoretracker , 8/5/12 10:39 PM

Calm down scoretracker, things are not as bad as you think. At least Roger's got silver even if he will never have the golden slam.

nadline , 8/5/12 10:56 PM

@nadline, I'm calm. I think you should be telling those posters who are being nasty, using name calling, to calm down.

FYI, I'm not upset that roger didn't win gold. I'm happy he did win a medal which will enable him to remain at No. 1 until the USO, where he'll be seeded as the No.1 player. And, that's a lot to be happy about.

scoretracker , 8/5/12 11:20 PM

YAY!!! :)
Great job Andy!!! Congratulations!!! You've finally proved who and what you are.
Congrats to your fans too ;)

danica , 8/5/12 11:23 PM

Andy Murray deserved this title more than Fed, Fed already achieved so much so no need of gold for him, in fact he already has a gold in doubles but I think it affects him a lot because he wanted it. I wont be surprised if he exits early in US open.

If we have to conduct a servey throught the tennis world who people like the most among the following players.

1) Djokovic
2) Fed
3) Nadl
4) Murray

Who would it be?

Among the people who closely follow tennis for the past 5 years it will be Djokovic, because characters wise he is far better than the players mentioned above. I am not talking about his parents.

vmm , 8/6/12 3:45 AM


lol. excuse cheater's fan

tennisnba , 8/6/12 9:13 AM

Can the moderators delete the above comment from tennisnba, our resident troll? I don't think we need to call people names like that.

This person never contributes to any discussion, just copies and pastes the same broken, garbled hatespeak on all the threads.

Nativenewyorker , 8/6/12 9:48 AM

And all a nadal fan's arrogant comments are allowed.


tennisnba , 8/6/12 10:07 AM

You seem to get away with a lot of bad mouthing tennisnba. Your language leaves a lot to be desired too. Cheater's fan and asshole may be worthy of you as you seem to use these sort of words rather a lot but they should have no place on this site.

schatz , 8/6/12 10:21 AM

Congratulations to Andy Murray, Roger Federer, juan MD Potro for their olympic achievements.

Andy played brilliantly and that showed up in the manner he won his matches, specially the semi and final.

Roger was not playing his best tennis even on these grass courts, not in the SW19, nor in London 2012. But with sporadic brilliant play, persevierence he managed GS#17 and OG silver. In the first place he probably was gone in SW19 against Bennetue and against JMDP in OG. So he was visibly pleased with whatever he could achieve. None can win a medal just because he/she wants it and only the best on the day(s) can have the crown. Hail the winners, do not shame anyone.

Some fans can not digest losses of their heroes and go on to express their disappointment in the most unacceptable manner, calling names etc.

I am a FED fan, I am not unhappy even if I wanted him to win the Gold. My daughter was unhappy and called me as soon as the match ended and I consoled her in the best way I could do- WE should be HAPPY because this may be the reason HE may be back in RIO2016 and that means four more years of RF magic even if sporadically brilliant.

newfangkc , 8/6/12 1:30 PM

schatz, good luck with ol' tennisnba (aka Overestimation Nadal). He/she's been at it for years literally so nothing but improved living though better chemistry will change his tune.

It's both sad and now strangely amusing at the same time. It's like some nerd wrote a software bot program because the exact same phrases are used over and over again. Never anything new. Reminds me of the annoying junk mail posts that junk up this site from time to time.

Hey, tennisnba, many believe Rafa is better than Fed, Sampras, Borg and Laver put together. Always plays fair, humble. C'mon tennisnba/overestimation, do me next. Take your best shot!!!

Conspirator , 8/6/12 4:10 PM

Hi Ricky,

Prediction OG 2016 @ RIO.

Roger over Nadal

Come On and Vamos

Hi Hi He He Ha Ha!

But will those knees survive? They should and they must for Tennis and for us. After all the South African Blade is running against all naturals.

Will the poker face tennis Dad turn up with twins in toe, he should.

It is a long way to go but i am happy that this loss of the player hated by the Rafa fans will turn up for four more years.


newfangkc , 8/6/12 7:30 PM

^^^^we know, he will not rest until he gets that elusive Gold medal. I can see him doddering on court post Rio, on the quest........

One has to wonder, why? He is GOAT already, no?

rafaisthebest , 8/6/12 8:25 PM

Why? Because he loves tennis....unlike some who complain about everything including a crowded schedule, random drug testing and the current ranking system. I wouldn't be surprised if Fed goes on to play doubles when he's mid 30s. Then mixed doubles in mid 40s like Martina. Get as many GS as possible 30-40 overall. What a boost that will be for doubles tennis!

chr18 , 8/6/12 9:28 PM

Why? Because that is what makes him GOAT.

Conspirator , 8/6/12 9:30 PM

MAJOR major congratulations to Andy and his fans!!

Finally the breakthrough of his career (so far). And defeating the reigning no 2 and no 1 in turn to get the gold!

I too believe that now it is no longer a matter of whether but of when for his first slam. And his second.

Best wishes to Andy who besides everything else is a very nice man. And congrats to Ivan.

chlorostoma , 8/6/12 10:41 PM

Fed loves tennis of course, but I'm not sure he still loves tennis when he gets beaten most of the time as he gets older. Some Fed fans talk as if they know Fed personally, I won't be surprised he'll quit soon when he can no longer beat the younger guys. I'm really surprised how much Delpo has improved on grass and he pushed Fed to the limit on Fed's best surface and Delpo's worst surface! That's surprising because Delpo has been losing every match he played against Fed on hard courts this year and he should be playing better on the hard courts.

While Fed seems to have Delpo's number, I believe Delpo will turn the table soon against Fed, and that's one more worry for Fed, having to deal with not only three but four top younger guys. I don't think Fed could last that long to play at Rio; as for Rafa, very much depends on his knee. Tendinitis is one problem that with plenty of rest and with some treatments, the conditions could improve. As Rafa grows older, I foresee he'll take longer rest between tournaments, and may skip some to rest and heal his knees.

Let's see who last that long to play in the Rio Olympics!

luckystar , 8/7/12 3:00 AM


It's interesting that you bring up how some Fed fans talk as if they know him personally. That criticism has been leveled at Rafa fans for supposedly talking as though we know him. I guess it goes both ways.

For myself, when I talk about Rafa I am speaking of him as a player. I have never met him personally and don't know how he is in his private life with his family and friends. I know how he deals with competition and how he reacts and what he has said in his press conferences and interviews. I do feel comfortable talking about him as a player. There's nothing wrong with that. I would assume that other fans who talk about their favorites also do the same.

I also agree with your comments that Fed may not like losing more of the time as he gets older. He may love the game, but he also wants to win. I don't see him being able to win a medal four years from now. We can see that Delpo is coming on strong and seems to be in excellent form. Murray is also getting better and better and this gold medal win may give him the confidence to finally win his first slam.

There are younger players who will have matured in four years. Raonic, Harrison, Tomic and Dolgo could be even more competitive.

The challenge for Rafa will be his knees. Will he still be able to play when he is 30? I am sure he would love to try one more Olympics, but at least he has the satisfaction of having won the gold already.

Nativenewyorker , 8/7/12 4:59 AM

ed, faithful honorary Andy fan, no 1, where r u? Do hope u r OK :)
As 4 alex and mojo...well u guys just better have ace xcuses, that's all I can say...or I may have to consider your membership....

deuce , 8/7/12 12:09 PM

conspirator @ 4.10pm, 6 August. I know tennisnba is a lost cause and I normally try to ignore his/her posts. However, I saw red after reading all his posts and just had to respond. It doesn't happen very often so I don't feel too bad about it :)

schatz , 8/7/12 1:44 PM

Deuce: I'm fine but my laptop charger burnt out and I have been off-line since Saturday waiting for a replacement to come from Paris. I think it blew up because I was watching three different events on livestream at the same time. I even missed the SF but went to check the result on a friend's computer which was when I sent you the little message.

I was sick not to be able to share the tension and excitement with you and the rest of the clan. Dont put the sofa onto e-bay just yet - we might still need it.

btw: not only did I polish up the crystal ball, I also practiced a little bit of black magic and got up early each morning to stick pins in wax effigies of Djokovic and Federer ;-)

ed251137 , 8/7/12 8:55 PM

ed, g8 to hear all is well:) Shall I send you some gigantic pins?..don't want u running out now do we?
Do u think just's Andy's time and he's finally a) got his head straight and b) got the confidence to play like we always believed he could?

deuce , 8/8/12 7:45 AM

I'm going to whisper this very, very softly..................but yes I do.

I think the long years lurking mostly at No.4, coupled with the so near, so far Slam finals, took their toll and affected his mindset. There are numerous examples of players suddenly getting into their stride and with a few good wins surging ahead. The next few months will be crucial, but the boost to his confidence will be enormous and with Lendl's help I'm optimistic he'll use the momentum to continue playing the way he did throughout the Olympic week. Hats off to Mr. Lendl!

Djokovic's confidence has clearly been shaken and it will be interesting to see if he can find his form again on the other side of the pond. Ditto, Federer - for all his apparent calm at failing to win the magic Golden Slam - it must have been a bitter blow to his pride. And maybe, just maybe, he will finally stop patronising Andy.

Some extra long, extre sharp pins would be welcome.

ed251137 , 8/8/12 11:29 PM

For Andy fans and dog lovers dy-murray-dogs-wear-olympic-medals-photo-182831062--oly.html

ed251137 , 8/9/12 8:42 AM

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1. Djokovic 12 500 pts
2. Murray 8 750 pts
3. Federer 8 670 pts
4. Ferrer 6 970 pts
5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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