• Nadal announces Toronto pullout due to knees

    8/2/12 11:01 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Nadal announces Toronto pullout due to knees Rafael Nadal's knee recovery seems to be progressing at the expected slow pace, with the world No. 3 withdrawing from next week's Toronto Masters.

    The bad news came from tournament organisers, who are hoping to have the rest of the elite on hand for their post Olympic week.

    World No. 1 Roger Federer, No. 2 Novak Djokovic and No. 4 Andy Murray are all into the semi-finals of the Games at Wimbledon, where medals will be decided on Saturday. That will give players the bare minimum of time to cross the Atlantic for the major ATP date.

    "Coming to Toronto is always one of the highlights of my season so I'm very disappointed that I can't play there this year," Nadal said in a statement. "I was planning on coming to Toronto and did everything I could to be ready but I still need some more time to recover."

    The event has hardly been a recent goldmine for the Spaniard, who won the event twice but crashed out in the second round a year ago to Croatian Ivan Dodig.

    Nadal's doctors had expressed hope that the Spaniard might be able to front up for the Cincinnati Masters which follows Toronto, but there has been no word from the Nadal camp on that possibility.

    Canadian officials lament that this will be the first time since his debut appearance in 2004 that Nadal will miss the Canadian Masters 1000 event. His post-Wimbledon weeks have been seriously compromised as his chronic knee tendinitis flared, forcing him to skip the Olympics in a heartbreak decision.

    Other Spaniards seem to be following Nadal's example, with David Ferrer and Fernando Verdasco out along with Frenchman Gael Monfils, whose own knees have kept him off court since May.

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Men's medals are decided on Sunday. All four Olympic semifinalists will be playing on that day. Very tough to get to Toronto and adjust to the temperature and the hard courts.

jmk , 8/3/12 3:11 AM

I've expected Rafa to pull out of Toronto, as I think he needs more time for a full recovery. It's no point rushing to come back, just rest and recover and be 100% fit before coming backing. Rafa when fit and healthy is awesome. Maybe this is the time for him to take a good long rest, USO or not, and comes back end of the year or early next year.

luckystar , 8/3/12 3:22 AM

Rafa came back too soon in 2009 and ended up with a stomach muscle tear at the USO and limped through the rest of the season. He must'nt make the same mistake again.

ed251137 , 8/3/12 6:05 AM

Nadal, in my opinion was not fully fit in FO or in the latter stages of the Roland Garros.
He surely did not arrive Wimby 100 % or even close to 100 %. But, I think he is doing a wise thing not to rush the comeback. Hope he plays in Cincy so that he does not arrive in USO too rusty. One tournament and 2-3 matches will give him good exposure on hard courts.

Also, with London 2012, other top 3 guys would also be arriving in hard court season a little weary. I doubt anybody would be clear cut favorite in such a scenario in USO.

fedexal , 8/3/12 9:23 AM

It would be pointless for Rafa to come back before making a full recovery because he'll only be out again in a few month's time. I hope he is recovered by Cincy as he needs some match play before the USO where he has serious points to defend.

Vamos Rafa!

nadline , 8/3/12 10:51 AM

From what I have read on vb, the latest is that they hope Rafa will be ready for Cincy. Pulling out of Toronto was expected.

There isn't really much more on how Rafa is progressing. I will keep checking since they seem to be able to get the latest info.

I hope that Rafa takes all the time he needs to recover. Coming back too quickly will only make it worse.

Nativenewyorker , 8/3/12 11:22 AM

It may turn out to be a good break for Rafa. He may finally be able to put good results at the fall end of a season.

abhirf , 8/3/12 1:38 PM

His team had been hinting that this would probably be the case. I'm not surprised. If tendinitis hasn't completely healed and you put it under strain again, you end up doing more damage.

cherylmurray , 8/3/12 3:45 PM

I googled tendinitis and sufferers should "ease back into activity. After tendinitis disappears, don?t immediately go back to the same level of activity that caused your knee pain. Overdoing it can cause a recurrence of tendinitis. Warm up and stretch before beginning exercise. Then go slowly for a few weeks.

Recovering from tendinitis requires patience. With proper care, the knee pain will become less noticeable in about three weeks, but complete healing from tendinitis may require six weeks, says Stuchin. By taking it easy for a month or so, your tendinitis should disappear and you?ll be on the go again."

So Rafa should take his time, it will be worth it in the end.

nadline , 8/3/12 3:55 PM

if he is not ready there is no point in coming back, he has to return when he is 100% fit in 2009 he returned early and that didnt help him

tennis2011 , 8/3/12 6:44 PM

Come back soon Rafa, so boring without you.............

rafaisthebest , 8/3/12 7:47 PM

^^^You can say that again!!!!!!!!

nadline , 8/3/12 11:05 PM

You 2 don't like tennis if you think this Olympics has been boring. 25-23, 19-17 immense drama even in the doubles. This tournament proves that tennis is going to do just fine without Nadal. Now Rogers Cup with no Roger that's a problem for Canada eh? Maybe Raonic can win it!

chr18 , 8/4/12 12:46 AM

OMG find myself agreeing with chr18 here *rolls eyes* From the quarters on there've been some terrific matches, certainly the opposite of "boring."

deuce , 8/4/12 7:35 AM

^^^au contraire, the Olympics has not been boring at all with the GOAT, Michael Phelps, sashaying around the pool, a sight to beyold!

........and what a bod, look forward to seeing him in Armani underwear soon!

TMP, indeed..................

rafaisthebest , 8/4/12 7:38 AM

Tennis is different without Rafa, certainly more boring with his absence. Even that Fed/Delpo match turned out to be a bit boring with the serve fest in the final set, just like that Wimbledon 2009 final. These two matches started off very exciting to watch but got tedious when they turned into serve fests. It's possible to beat Fed on grass at Wimbledon without going the serve fest way, just like Rafa, Berdych and Tsonga have shown. In fact, Fed always wins in serve fests, I feel.

To me badminton and swimming are even more interesting this Olympics; especially when the top two seeds in badminton, Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan both reach the singles final. Their rivalry is as intriguing as the Fedal rivalry, with Lin the lefty causing Lee all sorts of problems, but Lee certainly doesn't have any problem with any other player. Lee is the finest and greatest badminton player Malaysia has ever produced and I hope he wins this Olympics, his last, after getting the silver in 2008 losing to Lin. With that he'll seal his legacy and retires in glory.

luckystar , 8/4/12 8:29 AM

Anyone who thinks 25-23 and 19-17 in the fina; set is not boring then I doubt their love of tennis. The Fed/Delpo final set was a yawnnnnnnnnnnnn and a half. Even the commentators keep saying how much Rafa is missed.

nadline , 8/4/12 9:06 AM

@chr18, agree with ya, the matches being played, doubles, singles, mixed doubles, have all been awesome., spectacular, superlative, etc. Nothing boring about those super third sets, they're just fantastic. However, if we were to consider the source of the negativity, it's all too obvious why the tennis is considered boring by some. IMO it's a gross insult to the players who are playing with their hearts for their coun, bujt it's all par for the course, and I woluldn't expect otherwise, No??

scoretracker , 8/4/12 9:25 AM

*coun, bujt * should be country, but

scoretracker , 8/4/12 9:27 AM

Rafa is tennis. No doubt about it.

nadline , 8/4/12 10:18 AM

When I say the olympic is boring, I am only referring to the men's singles tennis, of course the rest of it is very exciting. With the main man out with injury, it's hard not to accept that he is not missed.

nadline , 8/4/12 10:33 AM

With the main man out with injury, it's hard not to accept that he is missed.*

nadline , 8/4/12 10:34 AM

Rafa is sorely missed by many tennis fans - he has that extra something that a lot of players do not have no matter how good they are IMO. Hope he will be back soon fit and well.

Vamos our Rafa & take care.

schatz , 8/4/12 12:48 PM

Now Rogers Cup with no Roger that's a problem for Canada eh?
chr18, 8/4/12 12:46 AM

Not surprising you would be the source of this "negativity" eh, chr18? I bet all the other players who will be toiling in Canada will be insulted by this! Naughty, naughty, chr18..........

rafaisthebest , 8/4/12 1:11 PM

Now Rogers Cup with no Roger that's a problem for Canada eh?
chr18 , 8/4/12 12:46 AM

That's an insult to the players who are taking part.

nadline , 8/4/12 1:20 PM

To add, Lee's achievements in badminton are incredible like Fed's in tennis, having won the most number of important tournaments. At 29, he's still as agile as ever and the only one who could challenge him is Lin Dan. Like Fed, he faces the challenges of younger rivals, yet he lord over them but Lin being the exception (like Rafa is to Fed). I find the Lee/Lin rivalry intriguing just like Fedal's and I'll always try and watch their matches. I like Lee in this case, unlike the Fedal rivalry where I like Rafa. Lee is the quiet one, Lin the flamboyant one but they do have mutual respects. So, to me there're sports beyond tennis, badminton being one of them.

luckystar , 8/4/12 1:26 PM

Badminton has been disgraced by teams tanking and being disqualified. Table tennis is much better to watch.

chr18 , 8/4/12 1:52 PM

^^^ Those tanking have nothing to do with the singles players. Badminton is 100 times better to watch than table tennis, and much tougher to play physically, though I fully enjoyed the table tennis women semifinals and final. The match between our Feng Tian Wei and China's Ding Ning was just mesmerizing with Feng's continuous attacking and Ding's incredible defence. I'm glad we get a bronze medal in the women's singles, hard to beat the Chinese top players though.

luckystar , 8/4/12 2:25 PM

Oh, the badminton men's doubles top two teams, from China and South Korea, they're just incredible when they're playing against each other. I've watched their Super Series tournaments and they're just breathtaking, such incredible reflexes and agility.

luckystar , 8/4/12 2:31 PM

We tennis fans notice and lament Rafa's absence, that's for certain.
Better for him to heal; and at least it's not like he has a ton of Rogers Cup points to defend.

All this talk about badminton ... no other gymnastics fans here? Go, Gabby!!!

mara002 , 8/4/12 11:56 PM

Rafa is missed and justifiably so! He is not a great champion for nothing.

Oh and I am a gymnastics fan! Loved seeing the American women win the team gold medal and the all around individual gold medal! Way to go, girls!

I have been enjoying so much of the competition. The swimming has been incredible, gymnastics was great, beach volleyball and regular volleyball.

I am loving it and there will be more to come next week.

Nativenewyorker , 8/5/12 9:09 AM

I love gymnastics too, and the one saving grace of Rafa not playing the olympics is that it gives me the opportunity to watch something else.

Rafa and Serena have a lot in common. When they are healthy, no one wants to play them because they are hard to beat and they get injured often but come back and rule time and time again. Serena took over a year out with injury and illness and she unfortunately lost in the first round at RG, but look what she's done since then.

Rafa will be back, and I hope not until he is fully recovered, so that he can play at 100% and be the phenomenon that he is.

Vamos Rafa!

nadline , 8/5/12 9:26 AM

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