• Injured Nadal to miss Olympic gold medal defense

    7/19/12 9:08 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Injured Nadal to miss Olympic gold medal defense Chronic knee problems will force gold medalist Rafael Nadal to miss the London Olympics, with the Spanish flag-carrier pulling out after repeated attempts to regain his fitness.

    The world No. 3, who has been trying to rehab his knees since losing in the Wimbledon second-round to Czech Lukas Rosol, resting and taking treatment, said the painful decision came on "one of the saddest days of my career.

    "Carrying the flag for Spain at the opening ceremony was set to be one of the biggest honors, one of the most special moments for me. For this reason I hope you can understand how difficult it has been for me to take this decision."

    The 11-time Grand Slam champion was to have defended his gold medal from Beijing 2008 at the London event, whose tennis tournament starts on July 28.

    His knee tendinitis forced him to cancel an exhibition with Novak Djokovic this month in Madrid. "I'm not in the right physical condition to compete at the London Olympics and for this reason I will not travel as arranged with the Spanish delegation," said Nadal.

    "I have to think about my team-mates, I cannot be an egotist and think about myself here. I have to think about Spanish sport, and that one of my team-mates who is better prepared than me can take my place and compete to the best of his ability."

    After working for weeks in hopes that he would be ready, Nadal concluded: "I've waited until the final moment of my preparation and my training, but I cannot do it."

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Get well soon

nirv02 , 7/19/12 9:19 PM

Very sad; he will be missed!

scoretracker , 7/19/12 9:27 PM

Get Well Soon, Rafa. Your fans will be waiting patiently for your return to competition.

nadline , 7/19/12 11:02 PM

I just heard the news. I am sorry for Rafa but the most important thing is his health. He already has a gold medal, thank goodness.

We will wait for his return as always.

Get well soon, Rafa!

Nativenewyorker , 7/19/12 11:36 PM

The Gloss has now gone out of this event without one of it's top stars. He will be missed that's for sure . Very sad for Rafa and his on going problems with his injury's.Vamos champ .

sals3 , 7/20/12 4:25 AM

Are the seedings announced for OG? Who is No 4? Is it Tsonga?

Wonder who Fed prefers out of Murray/Tsonga in the semi :-)

When are the draws btw?

sanju , 7/20/12 5:53 AM

So sad for Rafa and his fans :(

deuce , 7/20/12 6:55 AM

Disgusting too see reactions and comments on sum sites like espn on the pullout. People making all kinds of insinuations and some going to the extent he purposely pulled out to escape the mandatory drug tests.

Little do they realize that WADA tests folks all throughout the year and Rafa has never been caught. I hope people really think and talk before blabbering crap. Disgusting minds!!!

Hey guys - Have you ever read comments by a guy called Fernando , he usually posts on Just love his posts. Any idea if he is linked to Rafas inner circle? The authority with which he speaks almost seems so :-), though love reading his posts and the way he presents his content

sanju , 7/20/12 10:04 AM

Lovely uplifting article on Rafa, for all Rafans and tennis lovers: ood-News-for-the-Long.aspx

Choice quote:

"While reactionaries might jump to the conclusion that Nadal's shocking withdrawal from the 2012 Olympics portends a disastrous state of affairs for the Spaniard, the reality--or "the true" as Nadal would say--is that Nadal's long-term future has probably gotten brighter today.

Nadal's willingness to address his physical issues, and his unwillingness to risk his long-term viability by going on a mad quest for more titles, prove that he is indeed committed to the long haul.

In other words, the sky is not falling for Nadal--it's just a little cloudy.

He may miss a few tournaments, but the important thing from Nadal?s perspective is that he takes the necessary precautions to put himself in position to win more of the big tournaments.

As sad as his exclusion from this year?s Olympics is, the overriding good news is that Nadal and his camp are extremely aware of their unique situation. Right now, the only solution is to get fit. The tennis can wait.

And if Nadal gets sad during the Olympics, he can always pull out his gold medal and put it around his neck for a while. "

rafaisthebest , 7/20/12 10:25 AM

sanju, 7/20/12 10:04 AM

I too have read the "contrarian" comments but *pats self on the back* have been very calm about it. I no longer get upset, not worth it.....................

rafaisthebest , 7/20/12 10:28 AM

my hero.....hope you stay in the game much longer cus you've all i got :(

rafakid , 7/20/12 11:38 AM

Get well soon dearest Rafa.

schatz , 7/20/12 11:47 AM

sanju, don't need to be upset. Those people talked as if drug testing is something new this Olympics. Why would Rafa go through all the troubles, the official ceremony receiving the Spanish flag as the flag bearer this Olympics, and then pulls out because of drug testing? Might as well pull out long ago before the ceremony!

I do agree that with all the rest that he now has, it'll bode well for him in the long run. I did mention earlier on that Rafa needs long rests and let his knees recover. He and his team seem to think likewise.

luckystar , 7/20/12 11:51 AM

I've read some of the disgusting comments on, shame on those people. I have been forced to tell some of them that what they say, says a lot about them than about Rafa.

I try to look on the bright side, that nothing but a 2nd gold medal would have made me happy, I think I would have been just as sad had he been beaten in the final, so in a way, at least I can think now that if he was fit to compete he could have defended his title.

What is it about Rafa that has turned tennis and the olympics to be all about him for me. My love for tennis goes a long way even before Rafa was born and I've also loved athletics and the olympics, but now, watching both of these seem so empty without him. It's so weird. I'm saying this fully expecting to be called a fangirl, but I don't care. It's not just Rafa as a person, it's the way he competes, his sytle of play and his magnetic personality. He's just got it all.

Get Well Soon, Rafa

nadline , 7/20/12 12:03 PM

The Olympics without Rafa is like the Stones without Sir Mick, the Beatles without John.......................Abba without Agnieska.

rafaisthebest , 7/20/12 12:27 PM

To ne honest, this will serve him well for the Hard court season ahead. Toronto starts immediately after the olympics, so a rested Rafa will definitely be at an advantage to fed, Djoker, Murray....Rafa sacrificed his chances at the US Open 2008 by going after the olympics....maybe he does not want to do the same mistake again??

atul1985 , 7/20/12 12:30 PM

I think Rafa played with shot knees during RG2012, explains the emotional scenes from family and team......................

rafaisthebest , 7/20/12 1:05 PM

Okay, held it back until I read this comment from Rafa's FB apge:

Debra Rae Stephen ?Only your class overshadows your competitive fire on the court. The Games will miss you!!!?

Yes, I will cry now...

rafaisthebest , 7/20/12 1:11 PM

Nadline: I suspect a lot of his fans feel the same way. I know I do.

You do know, dont you, that Bradley Wiggins is looking more secure by the minute to lift the TdeF? Should really have been Chris Froome but there we go.

ed251137 , 7/20/12 1:18 PM

I so wish he had let Nole win at Oz2012 without a fight, but that is not Rafa's way, is it? And that's what we love about him...................

rafaisthebest , 7/20/12 2:18 PM

Can you imagine if Nole had beaten Rafa easily in Australia, everyone would still be qualifying his wins over Nole on clay and saying he can only compete with Nole on clay.

As far as I am cncerned, nothing short of gold would have been of any use to Rafa. So it's best that he is not competing when not going for gold but just going through the motions.

nadline , 7/20/12 4:07 PM

Olympic tennis is now like Hamlet without the prince.

nadline , 7/20/12 4:15 PM

Or maybe - Marriage without the bride...............

hrsikesa , 7/20/12 4:25 PM

Superman without Lois Lane...............

rafaisthebest , 7/20/12 4:35 PM

I hope spaniard #1 David Ferrer is doing the flag bearing honors @the Olympics.

Hope Rafa recovers soon...HC swing will be boring without upsets otherwise. :D

tomnjerry2 , 7/20/12 5:14 PM

Feli will replace Rafa in the olympics team.

nadline , 7/20/12 5:55 PM

Marc Lopez will replace Rafa in the doubles to play with Granollers.

nadline , 7/20/12 5:57 PM

^^^^and Marc Lopez will replace Rafa in the Doubles team and partner Granollers, this latter bit should lift Rafa's spirits............

rafaisthebest , 7/20/12 5:57 PM

Rafa is the player who has made the greatest impact on tennis in the last 20 years.

nadline , 7/20/12 6:05 PM

^^^ in your opinion.

brothdog , 7/20/12 6:13 PM

^^^ in your opinion.
brothdog , 7/20/12 6:13 PM

and you are entitled to it.

nadline , 7/20/12 6:24 PM

brothdog you must be blinkered if you don't think that Rafa saved tennis when Roger was King of all he surveyed and some people got bored with it.

nadline , 7/20/12 6:30 PM

maybe some were bored, but most were fixated by the brilliance, domination like that had never been seen before. i was'nt bored, far from it, watching a player carve the greatest carrer the sport has ever seen was not boring.

brothdog , 7/20/12 6:49 PM

2003-2006 was pretty boring because Roger was that good/dominant and the field was so bad. (Rafa vs Roger on clay, 2006 Wimby excepted).

Conspirator , 7/20/12 6:57 PM

Fact is Rafa Fed matches were sheer joy to watch and captured interest of people to the sport in huge magnitude

The Wimby 07 final , Wimby 08 final , AO 09 final , AO 12 semi, RG 2011 final(1st 3 sets) saw some of the most brilliant tennis and shot making displayed.

It is not a particular player by himself irrespective of all his brilliance and skills who captures attention of everyone if he is dominating the field, no one wants to see one sided domination, every sports needs a rivalry that makes it interesting and challenging and unpredictable and Rafa-Fed surely did that..they helped each other get better too in the process.

sanju , 7/20/12 6:59 PM

That's why I say that Rafa has made the biggest impact on tennis in the last 20 years. Rafa helped to enhance Roger's profile because Roger.

Rafa definitely saved tennis. Pat Cash and Mark Petchy said as much on the programme about Sporting Greats featuring Rafa on Sky the other day.

nadline , 7/20/12 7:05 PM

Nadal had a great impact on the entertainment of tennis. But every great has had a rival... Roger has Nadal. Sampras got Agassi, Borg & mcEnroe. Even in other sports, they all have their rivals....

But tennis always evolved.... Sampras introduced the powertennis, Federer brought the all-court game combined with touch, Nadal showed us grinding and those whopping topspin shots.

Bonker , 7/20/12 7:30 PM

Nobody would argue that Roger raised the bar for the new generation of younger, talented players which changed the face of tennis to produce the most competitive era for many decades.

But, as sanju and nadline point out, it was the charismatic Rafa and the riveting rivalry with Federer which renewed interest in the game for an older generation of tennis fans and attracted youngers fans to the game in droves.

Fortunately the prediction ?For four years it was Roger, Rafa, Rafa, Roger. Now it is Novak, Novak, Novak, Novak?, made by Nole's mother after his Wimbledon win, did not come to pass.

Tennis needs high quality rivalries to keep the game alive.

Although many of us were devastated by the news that Rafa will not be playing in the Olympics, better by far that he takes time to recover than risk crippling his knees even more and ending his career prematurely.

ed251137 , 7/20/12 8:23 PM

Bonker, Roger didn't have Nadal to start with, so he definitely had an easy ride before Rafa came along and grew developing his game on all surfaces.

nadline , 7/20/12 8:27 PM

Both Rafa and Roger have come back twice from low troughs in their game. Roger in 2008 to win the USO when many were predicting his decline and again this year to retake No.1. Rafa did it in 2010 after a disastrous 2009 year post AO and again this year after his 2011 losses to Djokovic.

I think RITB was right when she says the knee problems were probably exacerbated by that punishing AO final. And the final damage was done by his sheer willpower and determination to win RG.

Sadly he is now having to pay the price.

ed251137 , 7/20/12 8:51 PM

Gra teful if anyone who speaks tennis could interpret the conversation in the above radio interview with Uncle Toni. Apparently this is what Uncle Toni says:

Toni nadal: "He had a problem before losing to Rosol. His knees are OK. He has a new injury but I don't want to talk about it. I won't talk about it. He needs to rest."

Well, if the problem is not his knees then we're all talking rubbish, aren't we?

The plot thickens.................

rafaisthebest , 7/20/12 9:01 PM

Rafa tweeted his congratulations to Pau Gasol today for being chosen the replacement standard bearer:

rafaisthebest , 7/20/12 9:11 PM

May not be a physical problem.

Conspirator , 7/20/12 9:17 PM

In a way, i feel better that it's not his knees, but curious as to what it is that U. Toni cannot disclose.

One consolation is that I will be able to watch the tennis stress free.

nadline , 7/20/12 9:20 PM

Maybe his parents have split up again.

nadline , 7/20/12 9:21 PM

Well, if it's those 2 again (his parents) Spaniards have the equivalent of the Tower of London?

rafaisthebest , 7/20/12 9:24 PM

RITB: Might it be the foot problem which last surfaced at Wimbledon in 2011 and has dogged him on and off for years.

Extract from his autobiography:

Doctors discovered a congenital bone problem in the bridge of his left foot soon after a five-set victory over Ivan Ljubicic in Madrid.

'The bone still hurts me. It remains under control, just, but we can never drop our guard.'

ed251137 , 7/20/12 9:24 PM

Might be, ed251137. Like nadline, I am sort of relieved that it's not his knees, but then if it's his foot, it's a worse problem, no? I pray to God it's not a third party causing him emotional stress (such as his parents) because I would never, ever forgive them...............

rafaisthebest , 7/20/12 9:28 PM

..........and Rafa ought to place a gag order on Uncle T...............he talks too much.

rafaisthebest , 7/20/12 9:31 PM

Uncle Tony says its a new how can it be not anything physical?

sanju , 7/20/12 9:35 PM

Okay, I have been frazzling as to who I should "adopt" as my OG2012 hero to follow now that Rafa's I know who, it will be Michael Phelps. He is gaga about Rafa and his swimming ain't shabby.

Anyone know of any blogs dedicated to Phelps please let me know.....thanks.

rafaisthebest , 7/20/12 9:51 PM


During Wimbledon, where Nadal was unexpectedly upset by Lukas Rosol in the second round, sources close to the Spanish camp told me that Nadal underwent multiple MRI examinations while still in London, and that the diagnosis for his conditions is tendinopathy. I believe the diagnosis indicates a heightened threat to Nadal's health and the future of his career, but I'm not sure about that. The language barrier kept me from getting more precise answers and nothing in what research I've done at this remove is conclusive either way.

sanju , 7/20/12 10:00 PM

NNY: Trust you will continue to give us timely updates on this from all your sources :-)

sanju , 7/20/12 10:04 PM

RITB, i felt for sure you would ''adopt'' Fed!? Ah well, not to be i guess. Hehe

brothdog , 7/20/12 10:13 PM

brothy, Fed doesn't need adoption, he's perfect. Rafa, Phelps, on the other hand are not perfect, exactly why they are perfect candidates for adoption by me...............

Rafa with his dodgy knees;
Phelps with his scrapes with recreational drugs

In spite of these imperfections, they are good boys, they are Mama's boys i.e. super cuddly..............

rafaisthebest , 7/20/12 10:45 PM

I don't think Rafa will be back before the USO by the sounds of U. Toni.

nadline , 7/20/12 10:59 PM

lol, yeah i have got alot of time for Phelps he seems pretty easy going. Fed will be ok you are probably right. Lets hope Rafa is on the mend and back on court soon. Even i have to admit it's not the same without him.

brothdog , 7/20/12 11:02 PM

nadline, apparently Rafa's doctor, Dr. , said today Rafa has to rest another 15 days conitnuing his rehab but no tennis during this period. So I think we should prepare ourselves for news that Rafa may miss either Toronto or Cincy or both...............

rafaisthebest , 7/20/12 11:17 PM

^^^^meant to say Dr. Cotorro...........

rafaisthebest , 7/20/12 11:18 PM

Toni nadal: "He had a problem before losing to Rosol. His knees are OK. He has a new injury but I don't want to talk about it. I won't talk about it. He needs to rest."

Wait a minute! I smell a rat! Wasn't the reason he gave for missing the exhibition with Djoker knee tendinitis : -142509938--ten.html
Now this from Toni. This just confirms that him and his team are a bunch of 'spin doctors'. Don't his fans deserve to know the reason he is pulling out? Why all the secrecy? What does he have to hide? I know if Fed pulled out I'd want to know what the injury was.

chr18 , 7/21/12 12:58 AM

You might be onto something chr18. Yeah, see? Rafa's always so secretive when questioned about his injuries. Hmmm, maybe he's a CIA operative, chr18, ya think???

I agree that if Rafa was so bad to drop out of the Olympics, then I doubt he'll suddenly be ready the following week in Montreal. Better chance in Cincy but I wouldn't put it at more than 50%. Not a lot of points to defend at either.


Conspirator , 7/21/12 4:16 AM

poll : Nadal

Legitimate injury too severe to play. 2 vote

Pulled out: questionable reason/s. 9 vote

Saving himself for rest of season. 2 vote

Ego can't withstand another loss. 9 vote

Other Elaborate in thread. o vote

Vote is here.


tennisnba , 7/21/12 5:23 AM

nadline. Novak kicked Nadal by all the surface. It continues in the seven finals.

Novak definitely saved tennis. Though their game is too boring.

It is one of the reasons I am a fan of Novak.

tennisnba , 7/21/12 5:35 AM

Hi, Conspirator. In Nadal's comment.

"Sampras era was boring. " " It was not true tennis. " " It was only the swing of some rackets. " " Sampras era was only a serve, serve, serve. " etc. on-Diary-Day-Five.aspx

Nadal has insulted the past time from arrogant and ignorance.

Since Nadal has never won except clay successively. Although grass and a hard court are slow now

what great nadal. smug asshole

tennisnba , 7/21/12 5:49 AM

But, I understand Sampras fanatic fan's feeling.

Nadal is an existence which can demote Roger Federer's worth. If Nadal does not exist. Probably, Roger Federer = RG was also winning at least three successive victories.

It does not become your problem even if Nadal insults the Sampras era. lol.

His greatness is also recognized although I dislike Nadal.
He is a monster of clay. Encounter of fate. Encounter of Novak and Nadal is also fate. old history was so -- as


tennisnba , 7/21/12 6:10 AM

For sanju and all Rafa fans,

Here is the information from vamosbrigade, translated from Spanish by forum member nou-amic. This is the latest info we have on Rafa's injury and when he will be back.

Nadal prescribed two weeks rest from sport

"Madrid, 20 July (EFE).- Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal, gold medallist in Beijing 2008, has to have at least two weeks "rest from sport" as a consequence of the injury he sustained at Wimbledon in June, according to a press release by the Spanish Tennis Federation (RFET) medical services.

Yesterday, Thursday, Nadal announced he would not be taking part in the London Olympic Games, where he was to have been the Spanish team's flagbearer at the opening ceremony on 27 July.

The injury he has is tendinitis in the patellar tendon, which has been bothering him since the middle of May.

The RFET medical services say that "despite the great effort the tennis player has made and the intensive treatment he has undergone, Nadal will not be ready in time to be in an adequate condition to take part in the Olympic Games."

Dr Ruiz Catorro, who heads the RFET Medical Services, has recommended a period of "not less than two week's rest from sport before resuming the progressive programme of rehabilitation and muscle strengthening."

In his own statement yesterday, Nadal said he was not in condition to compete at the London Olympics."

The thinking is that he could be ready for Cincy. I don't know about Toronto/Montreal.

This statement says what Dr. Cotorro said in his press conference.

From what I am reading on that forum, it does appear that Rafa will skip Toronto.

I will keep checking to see if there are any additional updates.

I had to scroll over these spamming posts from tennisnba. I really wish Cheryl could do something about this. Taking up way too much space without saying anything except gibberish.

Nativenewyorker , 7/21/12 8:23 AM

NNY: She is just a pathetic person who gets her kicks by being a pain in the ass.

ed251137 , 7/21/12 8:56 AM

Rafa should just take a sabbatical and to hell with the rankings. It's simply not worth taking liberties with his body and risking his future health.

ed251137 , 7/21/12 9:03 AM

Thanks NNY for the info. I hope Rafa's rehab goes well and he'll be back by Cincy Masters, that'll be full six weeks of rest.

In the meantime, I'll enjoy watching the swimming, badminton (world no.1 vs no.2 is also an intriguing rivalry, like Fedal's), gymnastics and tennis without Rafa, at the Olympics, while waiting for Rafa to come back. Oh, not forgetting there's Hamburg tournament going on this week, with Marin, Almagro, Haas and Monaco competing in the semifinals. Golf plus F1 too.

luckystar , 7/21/12 9:37 AM

Why all the secrecy? What does he have to hide? I know if Fed pulled out I'd want to know what the injury was.

chr18, 7/21/12 12:58 AM

When Rafa gives you detailed information about his injuries you, Fedfans, and your friends in the media are the first ones to complain that he is giving you too much information.

Make up your minds what you want, will you?

rafaisthebest , 7/21/12 9:46 AM

One more thing from Uncle Toni as posted on vb. He said that Rafa is not taking this well. I don't remember his exact words as translated into english, but suffice to say that he is devastated. We all know how important it is to Rafa to play for his country. I am sure he has the support and love of his family, but this was something he wanted very much.

I am very happy that Rafa has listened to his doctors and taken their advice. He is taking care of himself and that's a good thing! We want him around for a while.

Nativenewyorker , 7/21/12 9:48 AM

Pulled out: questionable reason/s

Ego can't withstand another loss

This is that many people thinking. Nadal is the always exaggerated information on his condition.

lways information with even before a game

And information in which an injury is exaggerated after losing again

A retirement and cancellation. as usual. repetition it.

is the team of him and him continues. gamesmanship cheater

tennisnba , 7/21/12 9:51 AM

Yep NNY, sometimes Rafa cannot win them all. He has to forgo something in order to gain something. If he held back during the clay season in order to do well at Wimbledon or the Olympics, we might not see him holding that FO trophy for the seventh time. This grass season is just not meant for him, better for him to rest and recover and comes back fit for the hard court season. He needs to be fully fit for all the pounding on the hard courts. Let's wish him all the best for his recovery. Also I wish for Ferrer to get a medal at this Olympics, poor soul, he hasn't been able to win a Masters title all these years. Both Berdych and Tsonga have at least won one each, and Davy has three and a WTF title. Poor Ferrer deserves at least one, after reaching a few Masters finals and one TMC final.

luckystar , 7/21/12 10:06 AM

Lucky: That's a full programme. I will be glued to the cycling - the Brits have every chance of scooping the jackpot after what looks like being the first British rider to ever win the Tour de France tomorrow.

ed251137 , 7/21/12 11:36 AM

Thanks NNY for the updates

Yes looks like USO is when hell be back and for all you know he may go down to No 4 by then if Murray does exceedingly well in OG, Toronto

But as said earlier, to hell with rankings. You anyways have to go through 2 of the top 4 to win anything big, so its asll ok

sanju , 7/21/12 11:42 AM

There won't be much point in Rafa playing Toronto because he'll be a bit rusty, but he'll need to play at least one tournament to do well at the USO. Maybe Rafa should skip either Miami or IW every year.

nadline , 7/21/12 1:03 PM

Rafa will draw strength from his previous experience when there was even doubt as to whether he could make a career of tennis. I look forward to his return.

Meanwhile I shall console myself with watching Rafa on my emormous collection of his matches on DVD.

nadline , 7/21/12 1:09 PM

Am wathcing the TDF time trial ed251137! Wiggo's got it in the bag, methinks. See, you've got something to smile about you Brits!

As far as Rafa's concerned, it is painful to here that he is not taking his withdrawal well, but that is to be expected being the professional that he is. I have every confidence in his family and support team, they will shepherd him through this difficult period, he will come back stronger.

I don't care about the rankings, all I want is to see him playing his tennis with joy.........

rafaisthebest , 7/21/12 2:26 PM

Rafans, please remember to include Rafa in your daily positive thoughts!!!

rafaisthebest , 7/21/12 2:38 PM

I've come to terms with Rafa's withdrawal because I would have been just as devastated if he had taken part and gone out early.

I am watching the MC final now, and anyone who says Nole was playing at full strength because of his emotional stress is simply not facing the facts. Nole was playing well but he was just out-played.

nadline , 7/21/12 2:55 PM

Don't worry nadline and rafaisthebest, If Nadal has so many loving, caring and passionate fans, Rafa for sure will make a grand comeback . Rafa Nadal is so strong mentally, that you can never ever rule him out, he will just weather the storm and make a comeback .

Many people will disagree with me on this. For me, London 2012 are of less importance for Rafa as compared to USO for these reasons

- First being a best of three affair makes it a bit of lottery. I have a hunch we could see a surprise winner . I mean honestly right now anybody apart from Fed, Nole and AndyM will be a surprise.
-Since Nadal has already captured the Gold medal he should not be that desperate. For me , USO and WTF are more important for him and his ranking points as well.
- Scheduling of London 2012 just messes up the hard court season and makes it too hectic .

All Rafa fans just remember 2009. He lost early in FO . He had some personal issues. That was a much more troublesome stage for him losing the beloved FO. Still he came back and competed the SF against Del Potro and I think he had some muscle abdomen issue there and DelPotro was on fire . Still Rafa, competed the SF and he was far far down mentally that year.

Now, compare it with 2008. Rafa came there full of confidence, winning Channel Slam and Beijing gold . Lost to Murray. Why ? He was too tired . He even won the Canda Masters that year and beat Murray in winning that Masters . And as per Rafa, Murray played a worse match in USO. Still Rafa lost. He was too tired. The serve and the shots had no power, no zip. Tony made a statement during USO that Rafa was so tired during practice that he used to fear a physical breakdown might not be too far.

Now, Rafa has achieved everything. He has held all GS at such a young age. He is much more calmer. Most importantly, he won FO 2012 beating Nole . I mean it was huge for his confidence. If he comes fresh and healthy in this year USO, he can work his way through the draw. You can never ever count this guy out . Obviously will require some luck but who does'nt need luck to win a GS !!

Just hope he is healthy before Cincy so that he does not arrive too rusty in USO. I , for one, don't think he will be ready for Canada Masters.

fedexal , 7/21/12 3:59 PM

Thankfully, Rafa virtually has no points to defend in Canada - 10 to be precise, so he can afford to sit it out. I think it's a shame to miss the olympics especially missing the chance to carry the flag, but in the end it might just be a blessing in disguise. At the moment he's got a 100% record in olympics singles, taking part and losing early would have tarnished his gold medal.

The other consolation is that he has exorcised the Nole demon, so I'm not worried about Rafa being #3 and likely to meet Nole in the SF, I don't think Nole would relish that either. Federer is only a threat to Rafa if Rafa is having a bad day. In fact I would much rather Rafa played Fed than Murray.

nadline , 7/21/12 4:15 PM

I have faith in Rafa.

I believe.


rafaisthebest , 7/21/12 4:41 PM

Lets just hope that the injury is not too serious. I think it should'nt be , otherwise he would have pulled out even before. It seems like he gave himself chance to recover till last day but things did not work out somehow .

If he skips Canada Masters he gives himself 2 more weeks which is exactly what docs advised. I am sure he will play Cincy Masters.

fedexal , 7/21/12 4:51 PM

Rafa looks fine in this video:

nadline , 7/21/12 6:29 PM

They are like finely tuned racehorses these players, you wouldn't know it just by looking at them. Nice to see him relaxed and smiling, thank God for sponsors!

In the interview his face looks a little puffed though..................

rafaisthebest , 7/21/12 6:41 PM

I hope Rafa will play Abu Dhabi this year as I'm spending Christmas in Dubai, so I shall se him play yet again.

nadline , 7/21/12 7:10 PM

I will compete when my knee says I am ready to compete. I don't want to go on court w/ bad feeling because then it is terrible" Vamos Rafa!

The only thing that I can do is to work hard and try to do the things that will create another opportunity in Rio 2016."

sanju , 7/21/12 7:15 PM

Actually I am little puzzled by what Toni Nadal said yesterday . Is this a different issue from the existing issue in knee but it looks like it still affects knee...I don't think anybody is sure.

I think Rafa's last 3 tough matches in Aus Open just did not seem to go well with his knees. Final was really a killer below. I thought his QF match with Berdych was a realy physical one as well. I am 100 % sure he was not 100 % at Roland Garros 2012.

Lets hope he recovers quicky . Every tournament needs Rafa Nadal badly be it London 2012 or any other tournament.

fedexal , 7/21/12 7:56 PM

Toni Nadal has said its related to knee ut different injury..maybe he maent its not the same tendinitis Rafa usually faces

and Yes it seems he wasnt 100% during RG2012 too..He won that on sheer willpower and its marvellous how he did that when he wasnt 100%

Tony has ruled out Montreal and has said they will tr best to return back at Cincinnati

sanju , 7/21/12 7:59 PM

Have they declared officially, that he will miss Toronto Masters ?

fedexal , 7/21/12 8:23 PM

Read snippets of his interview saying will try to return at Cincinnati

he has been advised strict 15 days rest and he cannot play tennis in these 15 days, so by default Toronto is ruled out as it starts on 06 Aug

sanju , 7/21/12 8:46 PM

Lets hope he recovers quicky . Every tournament needs Rafa Nadal badly be it London 2012 or any other tournament.
fedexal , 7/21/12 7:56 PM


nadline , 7/21/12 8:55 PM

Rafa also says:

"The tournaments never stop so I will try to be ready for the American season but you never know you have to work hard every day and see, go day by day and see how it improves."

Rafa makes the final most times year after year, that's a lot of matches.

nadline , 7/21/12 9:02 PM

I mean why don't they allow some gap between Wimby and USO. Its like 3 months and we have 3 GS. Ideally they can push USO to 2-3 weeks ahead and give players some break after Wimby. If you get injured during this time , you lose 2 Masters and there is no other tournament to get ready for hardcourt season.

They should be having Miami now as it does not make sense in Mid- march when we have clay schedule ahead.

Weird scheduling !!

fedexal , 7/21/12 9:06 PM

Djokovic has 4160 points to defend for the rest of this year.

Federer has 2900 points to defend for the rest of this year.

Nadal only has 1980 points to defend for the rest of this year.

Frankly I think Djokovic is in big trouble re rankings. If rafa comes back fit and confident then think we'll see fed number 1 and rafa number two by the end of the year.

willmw101 , 7/21/12 11:28 PM

An interesting scenario. But there are a lot of 'ifs' - the biggest being Rafa's health and form for the rest of the season.

At the end of 2011 the question everybody was asking was 'can Nole keep it up?'.
Since the AO (and even there he was taken to five sets in the SF and F by Andy and Nadal respectively) Djokovic has lost some of his momentum. To date he has been beaten by Andy, Roger and Rafa, and failed to defend 7 of his titles.

I wonder how many people predicted that it would be Federer who would topple Nole from his throne within the year.

Messrs Federer, Djokovic and Murray must be salivating at the prospect of a Nadal-free Olympics. Between them they should be able to scoop Gold, Silver, and Bronze!

ed251137 , 7/22/12 7:37 AM

English transalation of Rafa's first interview post OG withdrawal: -first-interview-after-withdrawal.html#!/2012/07/rafas-first-interview -after-withdrawal.html

2 things stand out for me:

1. He wants to be the flag bearer in Rio;
2. He says he will only go back on court when his knee is ready.

Good, wise Rafa. He will be taking better care of his knees because he has to if he is to participate in Rio. This means less tournaments, excellent. I think Rafa will not be fighting for ranking points from now on, he will simply be fighting for trophies. This way we have more of an opportunity to see him play!


rafaisthebest , 7/22/12 8:39 AM

No, Nole has defended two of his seven titles thus far, the AO and Miami. There are three more for him to defend, quite unlikely that he'll defend all of the three.

I think it's not a sure thing that the top four guys minus Rafa would get the gold, silver and bronze medals. There's still Tsonga, and the rest. In a best of three sets on grass, all the big servers would have their chances. I hope Ferrer can get a medal, any color.

Rafa has to get wiser after all his injuries and missed chances, chances of defending his Wimbledon title in 2009, the Rafa slam in 2011 AO and now the Olympics. Better to be fully recovered, fit and healthy before coming back, as from now on until March next year, it's all hard courts. I wish him all the best in his recovery, rehab and preparations for his comeback. I hope he'll quickly overcome his disappointment about not making it this time to the Olympics. Maybe that hope of participating in the Rio 2016 Olympics will spur him on and motivate him to stay competitive and stay healthy going forward.

luckystar , 7/22/12 8:59 AM

My bad. Should know better by now than quotes stats - I'm always getting them wrong :-(

But my point was he seems to have reverted to his old form and once again is having trouble defending titles.

I would love to believe Rafa will still be competing in 2016. Many people sniggered in 2008 when Federer said he had his sights on the 2012 OG. And here we are with him being backed as one of the favourites to win.

ed251137 , 7/22/12 9:46 AM

I think the information I posted says that it's the patella tendon this time. I think in the past he had it in his quadricep tendon. The bottom line is that it's knee tendinitis. There are different tendons in the knee but I am not a medical expert. It's all part of a problem Rafa has had often in his career.

I am just happy that Rafa is taking care of himself. He can look fine in his normal life, but it's when he has to push himself in competition that is the problem. His doctor advised 15 days of rest. Better to do this now than risk worse problems later on.

I do think that Rafa will need to play in at least one warmup tournament prior to the USO. I think he only has to defend quarterfinal points in Cincy. He will need some match practice, so I hope he will be okay at that time.

Rafa has been able to play his way into form at the USo in the past. Even in 2010, we should remember that Rafa came back from the knee treatment and couldn't practice for a while. He got to the semis at Toronto/Montreal and the quarterfinals of Cincy. Many thought he didn't have a chance, but we learned that Rafa was holding back when he served because he had a tighness in his abdominal muscles and didn't want to risk aggravating it or having an injury right before the USO. Above all else, he wanted to go in there healthy.

We saw how that big serve helped him, especially in the early rounds when he wasn't match ready. So it can be done. We know that Cincy's fast hard court surface has never been kind to Rafa, but hopefully he can get some matches under his belt.

The big goal for him is defending finalist points at the USO. He doesn't have much else after that.

Nativenewyorker , 7/22/12 10:18 AM

Expect to see Rafa taking a page out of Serena's playbook: picking his tournies and playing when he wants to...............

rafaisthebest , 7/22/12 10:19 AM

Greedy me has already set a goal for Rafa for the remainder of the season, nny:

WIN USO2012!

rafaisthebest , 7/22/12 10:22 AM

I would much rather see Rafa play less with better chances of trophies than this continuous treadmill which doesn't serve him well. I know it partly to do with his style of play, but it's that style, among other things, that has endeared him to many and made him such a draw. I hate to see Rafa lose, I am as upset when he loses as I am when he pulls out of a tournament, but the lesser of the two evils is for him to cut down on his work load and go for quality instead of quantity. Everyone knows that Rafa is hard to beat when he is healthy and fit, even Federer, Djokovic and Murray admit to that.

Less is more. Less tournaments = a longer career. If he only plays 15 tournaments a year and wins more titles, that'll do for me. Right now, I know it's hard for me to fit in my life around Rafa's schedule. If I have to be somewhere else when he is playing, I'm only half there, constantly worrying about how he is doing, so all round, Rafa playing less will be a good thing.

Rafa can't chase the number of weeks at #1, because Federer will hold that for a very long time, so whilst it would be nice for Rafa to return to #1, it doesn't really matter how many weeks he occupies that position.

I'm pleased that he wouldn't be limping into the olympics, raising the expectations of his fans, when deep down he knew he wasn't going to do well.

nadline , 7/22/12 10:51 AM

Quality rather than quantity sounds like a very good idea to me. I hate watching him struggle to play with injuries. Last Wimby he was having novocane injections into his foot so that he could play. I am happy that he is taking the advice of his doctor and resting up this time. I am very sad that he is injured but his health comes first always IMO.

Take care Rafa.

schatz , 7/22/12 11:37 AM

The attractiveness of Rafa is in the way he plays the game; the explosiveness, the speed and power, the movement, he's so alive, so full of energy. I like his ruggedness and his show of raw musculine power. It's awesome to watch! He's unlike Fed, who's considered graceful and fluid in his motion, and has an icy cool exterior like Borg.

Strange isn't it, Fedal do encompass some qualities of Borg- Rafa in his Borg like focus and concentration and prowess on clay; Fed on his icy cool and calm look and prowess on grass. Rafa having four consecutive FO titles like Borg and Fed five consecutive Wimbledon titles like Borg. Both do surpass Borg on one of the two surfaces that Borg excel at, but can't match him on both surfaces.

luckystar , 7/22/12 11:47 AM

What left a lasting impression when I first saw Rafa at RG in 2005 (apart from the fact that he beat a frazzled TMF) was that intense concentration. He seemed oblivious of the crowd until the final point. Earlier in the week I had been at his match with Grosjean when the crowd booed and held up the game non stop for 7 minutes over a line call that went against Sebastian. In spite of that Rafa still managed to remain focussed and went on to win.

ed251137 , 7/22/12 2:12 PM

rafaisthebest, 7/22/12 10:22 AM,

I like how you think! Yes!

I have to say that there is nothing about Fed that even remotely reminded me of Borg. Borg's calm and cool demeanor on court was part of his greatness in an era when there was so much wretched excess in the behavior of tennis players. He would never give anything away on the court. He was like an impenetrable wall. JMac has referred to Borg as a "backboarder" many times. That is a much better term than the one we hear nowadays about Rafa being a "junkballer", "defensive", waiting for his opponent to make a mistake, etc. JMac meant it as the highest compliment, because he understood how hard it was to play against Borg because of his formidable mental and athletic strength. That ball just kept coming back. He spoke about it when he was doing commentary on Rafa's matches because he sees the similarities between them.

Fed drove me away from watching tennis because he seemed bloodless and like a machine and most important of all, no one could challenge or beat him. Until Rafa! That was when I came back because there was real competition again.

If Fed was anything like Borg, then I would not have felt the need to stop watching tennis. Players can be unemotional on court but still not have anything in common. Borg learned to control his emotions on the court at an early age when he was suspended from a tennis academy in Sweden for unsportsmanlike behavior. He spoke about it in the documentary "McEnroe/Borg - Fire and Ice". That was the lesson he learned about not showing emotion or getting upset or angry on court. It didn't mean that the emotions weren't there.

Borg was one of a kind. It was a tragedy to see him walk away in the prime of his career.

Nativenewyorker , 7/22/12 9:54 PM

Borg never cried when he lost.

nadline , 7/22/12 10:14 PM

Perhaps he should have then maybe he wouldn't have retired when he could no longer beat John Mac.

chr18 , 7/22/12 10:22 PM



You are the best! So true! Also Borg wasn't obsessed with being the greatest of all time. There were certain things that he wanted to achieve in the sport. He wanted to win Davis Cup for Sweden, he wanted to be #1 in the world, he wanted to win Wimbledon. He did that and so much more.

Borg had to put in so much effort to do what he did on the court. It seemed easy, but we know from what he said in that documentary, that it was not at all. He trained like a demon and practiced endlessly. He had a rigorous regimen and preparation that was always the same. The mental toughness came from a set pattern that he always followed.

And no, he never, ever cried when he lost. He would never have showed that kind of emotion.

Nativenewyorker , 7/22/12 10:26 PM

KMA , 7/22/12 10:28 PM

Oh my, I missed chr18's latest pearl of wisdom. Sorry, but Borg didn't retire because he couldn't beat JMac. If you watched that documentary then you would have heard Borg himself deny that. He was burned out, lost the love and the passion for the game. He spoke a good deal about it. So I take his words rather than your ignorant thoughts.

Nativenewyorker , 7/22/12 10:29 PM

If Federer or Nole had pulled out Rafans wouldn't be celebrating because we are not scared of them, that's how much fear Rafa puts into Fedfans. I don't even see Nole's fans banging on about Rafa pulling out, because they are not scared of Rafa either. Nole's fans have actually come out in support of Rafa and wishing him well. They love the rivalry and do not despise Rafa.

The insecurity is all in the Fed camp. Fed can't win unless he has a smooth path.

nadline , 7/22/12 10:51 PM

Rio will be on clay!

nadline , 7/22/12 10:55 PM

Talking about Rio means that Rafa doesn't think his injury is career threatening so we've got him for a few years yet. Yeepee!!!!!!!!!!

nadline , 7/22/12 11:04 PM

Rio on clay? know what that means, Rafans, don't you? You know.......

rafaisthebest , 7/22/12 11:25 PM

You lot are getting ahead of yourselves :-)

ed251137 , 7/23/12 12:06 AM

Here is the latest from vb on Rafa.

"just did a google translate and it indicates that the hope is to be in Cincinnati?

No dates back to play on concrete but hope to be in Cincinnati, "says Toni Nadal on Rafa's # AbriendoJuego."

So it's not definite about Cincy yet. It's just hopeful to be back for Cincy.

Stay tuned!

Nativenewyorker , 7/23/12 12:08 AM

So you're telling me it wasn't a goal to win the U.S. Open? So if crying is so bad after a loss then you two must hate Andy Murray. Shame on nadline to post that garbage when she is British.

chr18 , 7/23/12 2:05 AM

There is no comparison between Andy's tears at Wimbledon and Federer's prolonged blubbing at the AO which was that of a spoilt child sobbing in frustration. When it comes to crying Federer is definitely the COAT.

ed251137 , 7/23/12 3:51 AM

NNY, it seems that Fed's earlier days was similar to Borg's in that he also had his nasty temper. He somehow calmed down (with professional help, consultation I guess) and then started his TMF journey. I remember watching him during his TMF days when he was calm amd emotionless. Even when he was facing straight set defeats in that AO2008 semifinal against Nole, I was amazed as to how calm and emotionless he was then. By looking at his face, one couldn't figure out that he's about to be kicked out of the tournament, and that's the time he first mentioned that he created a monster (ie TMF).

Even when he was suffering a severe beatdown at the FO he's still calm. It's until that USO 2008 victory that I feel he let's out all his emotions, probably because of what he had gone through in 2008. He did lose his calm during that 2007 Wimbledon final though, all thanks to Rafa's aggressive play that day and no.5 in a row at Wimbledon was at stake for Fed.

After that 2008 USO, IMO Fed had let loosed his emotions and we saw his AO 2009 crying, his USO 2009 outburst against the umpire, etc and etc. Some of the commentators were also comparing Fed's icy cold demeanor with that of Borg's during Fed's calmer TMF days. Maybe that's the only thing in common between Fed and Borg other than their five in a row at Wimbledon.

luckystar , 7/23/12 4:01 AM

NNY @ 10.26PM

There's striking similarities between Rafa and Borg. Rafa won't cry in public after a hard loss, he said so himself. Rafa's mental focus and concentration seems to be like Borg's, trained from young and followed a set pattern. Rafa is more like Borg with all these characteristics.

luckystar , 7/23/12 4:45 AM

Oh for heaven's sake! Fed was crying because he didn't get the chance to tie Sampras with 14 slams! How self-indulgent can you be? That's a reason to cry? We know that Rafa waited and cried in the locker room after his 2007 Wimbledon final loss to Fed. He didn't take the spotlight away from Fed.

What about Roddick when he lost the 2009 Wimbledon? That was the one slam that he wanted to bookmark his career. He played the match of his life and even had his chance to win. Should he have broken down bawling on the court during the trophy ceremony because he didn't get this second slam that he wanted so much?

There is a huge difference in what Andy was going through at that moment compared to Fed blubbering about not being able to equal Sampras. In fact, it was Rafa who should have rightfully had the spotlight for his courageous performance in the final. How he did it I will never know and I don't think he does either. He was exhaused by his own admission. He somehow dug deep and found the will or spirit to conquer his physical condition. It was one of the most courageous and inspiring performances I have seen in all the years I have watched this sport. Gutsy.

Yet Rafa was unable to truly enjoy his moment, because Fed made it all about him. Now we are supposed to think that Murray was wrong to break down after he came so close to ending the British drought in slams? The guy just wanted to win his first slam - one! He's been trying with all his heart and it's been one disappointment after another. But to lose at Wimbledon in front of his countrymen. I think that moment showed me that he had real heart. He cares about his country and wanted to give them this moment.

Someone crying over not getting their 14th slam and someone crying because they couldn't win their first in their home country and end a 70+ year drought are NOT one and the same!

Nativenewyorker , 7/23/12 4:48 AM

What's more Andy got his emotions under control, kept his dignity, and gave a touching speech.

However, afterwards he got a certain amount stick from some of the British press because he failed to maintain the famous Stiff Upper Lip. You are allowed tears in the eyes as long as they dont cascade out!

ed251137 , 7/23/12 7:46 AM

My thoughts exactly NNY.

schatz , 7/23/12 10:59 AM


I have always seen the similarities between Borg and Rafa. I think Rafa is the new, more improved 21st century version!


Thanks for pointing that out. Andy did get control and was able to make his speech, even making sure not to look at his box so he wouldn't lose it all over again. Oh, I forgot about the British and their famous Stiff Upper Lip!

I think it was one of those moments that just stops you right in your tracks. Andy has been under so much pressure to end the long drought for the British. It's a very heavy burden to carry and sometimes we get to see the price of it.

Nativenewyorker , 7/23/12 11:16 AM

Is Rafa going to be known as 'injured Nadal' on TT from now on? We have 2 threads entitled 'Injured Nadal......'

nadline , 7/23/12 11:50 AM

NNY, shouldn't you be in bed?

nadline , 7/23/12 11:52 AM

I don't think anyone should blame Fed or AndyM for crying in the finals . Some players have the ability to hold back tears while others just cannot.

Nny, I felt like you have been too harsh on Fed crying after AO finals . I think it was a tough match and Fed just could not hold back tears . Same is true with AndyM.
He just could not hold his tears in AO 2010 and Wimby finals . So what is the big deal here?

If AndyM is justified in not holding back tears then so is the Swiss Master . You may think that Fed's 14 GS record was not of that very importance that, but Fed may think it very important.

Nobody cries on purpose and it is not preplanned .

fedexal , 7/23/12 1:16 PM

Some people are just natural cry babies, that's all.

nadline , 7/23/12 1:20 PM

You get the impression that Roger was one of those children who would cry at their own birthday party if they didn't win the 'pass the parcel' despite all the presents their friends had brought for them.

nadline , 7/23/12 1:24 PM

Till nadal does not return on the court nadline would continue his garbage against federer.

C'mon rafa come back soon so this soul can get some rest.

mani4Tennis , 7/23/12 1:55 PM

^^^^ lol

They cannot stand Roger's 17th thas why they are allout to malign him.

sabs , 7/23/12 2:30 PM

You get the impression that Roger was one of those children who would cry at their own birthday party if they didn't win the 'pass the parcel' despite all the presents their friends had brought for them.
, 7/23/12 1:24 PM

Do you mean this thing for AndyM as well or only for Roger, nadline ?

fedexal , 7/23/12 3:20 PM

Only Roger, because Andy's got a right to cry because he doesn't have any slams at the moment. Crying when you already have 13 including several h/c slams when your opponent has only just won his first h/c slam is like crying when you don't win the 'pass the parcel' at your own birthday party.

nadline , 7/23/12 3:46 PM

just in case anyone's interested: ceeds_Federer_as_Swiss_flag_bearer

tj600 , 7/23/12 4:26 PM

And AndyM has got the right to let go the expletives and show the poor behavior as he has not won a GS when he misses a shot. Thank God, you and I are not the ones to decide who has got the right and who has not.

I guess you can write a book " Double standards by Nadline" . I, for sure, will buy it .

fedexal , 7/23/12 4:29 PM


tj600 , 7/23/12 4:31 PM

just in case anyone's interested: ceeds_Federer_as_Swiss_flag_bearer

Roger looks really focussed this time . He knows this his last and the best chance. I am sure Nole looks real focussed as well. I hope either one of these two get the gold .

fedexal , 7/23/12 4:33 PM

I have been campaigning for Wawa to be the Swiss flag bearer, he deserves it.

nadline , 7/23/12 4:34 PM

fedexal, where did I say Andy has a right to swear? My point is only about crying.

nadline , 7/23/12 4:42 PM

I thought, you might justify that also going by the look of things .

I don't think anyone reserves the right to blame someone for showing his emotions . If you are crying, that means you care for that thing so much . To me, we should respect it.

fedexal , 7/23/12 4:47 PM

Amazing how small-minded some people are. Is ? Crying is crying is a reason to slam an athlete? People cry from happiness and sadness. It's an emotional outlet.

If it's not the H2H, it's the crying. What else is new. everythikng iks made intol such a big deal whenever Fed does it, but for other players it's nothing.

Nadal did cry openly when he lost to roger at Wimbledon. He did this while he was sitting waiting to be called to receive the finalist rophy. I suppose some of you forgot that one? now we see it was only in the locker roolm. And, even though Nadal cried twice, it's not a big deal. to make an issuje of someone crying just shows the level of immaturity some have attained. Who are you all to judge as to what hurts and what doesn't. Everyone handles emotions differently. For example, some will play the violikn until the strings wear out, and others will just play it once, and move on. good grief.

if it's not the H2H, it's the crying, so what else is new. I like it how some people feel thjey know what this player would do or wouldn't do. I'm not inside their heads so I cannot speak with such conviction, like some do. I suppose I should be thankful that I don't have to carry someone else's emotional baggage, just my own. It must be horrible having to protect another person's thoughts and actions.

scoretracker , 7/23/12 8:29 PM

Sorry for the many typos,.

scoretracker , 7/23/12 8:31 PM

scoretracker, calm down. It's only tennis, there are far more important things in life.

nadline , 7/23/12 9:06 PM

nadline, 7/23/12 11:52 AM,

I was up into the wee hours of the morning. It was about 2:00 am my time when I was still here posting. I really try not to stay up that late but sometimes I do.

Yes, it was way past my bedtime! Tonight I am getting a good night's sleep!

Nativenewyorker , 7/24/12 12:32 AM

nadline, 7/23/12 9:06 PM,

Thanks for trying to keep it all in perspective. Considering the tragedy in Colorado here in the states, I think that really illustrates what is important. What we talk about here is not life and death. It's just about tennis. What happened when people just went to a movie theater on a Thursday night, was unimaginable.

That's something to get overwrought about, not what someone says on a tennis forum.

Nativenewyorker , 7/24/12 12:35 AM

@nadline, you're making me laugh by telling me to calm down. FYI, I'm absolutely calm. I think you need to re-read your many, many posts above, then follow your own advice. Yes, there are a lot more important things in life than tennis, but the manner in which you carry on, one would think that it's THE most important thing in your life. I don't understand your obsession with Federer at all.

scoretracker , 7/24/12 1:33 AM

Borg never cried when he lost.
nadline, 7/22/12 10:14 PM
It was a nice discussion by Luckystar, but as usual you spoiled with the above remark, as you always do. Nobody told that Borg does not pick his butt also before servinvg.

velliat53 , 7/24/12 9:19 AM

Gosh, Fedfans are so thin skinned.

nadline , 7/24/12 9:27 AM

Rafans, feast your eyes on the 2010 Rafa, when he had all but written off in 2009 with injury:

nadline , 7/24/12 10:08 AM

The day we see that joyful fist pumping again we will know all his well.

ed251137 , 7/24/12 1:48 PM

Oh nadline, that video is awesome!! HE WILL BE BACK.............

rafaisthebest , 7/24/12 4:17 PM

Are they seriously, honestly going ahead with the Olympics without Rafa? Makes no sense to me..............

rafaisthebest , 7/24/12 4:38 PM

Fortunately tennis does go on without #3.

chr18 , 7/24/12 5:53 PM

Admit it chr18, you have a crush on him................

rafaisthebest , 7/24/12 6:02 PM

You are right to wonder ritb. All over the web, fans and haters alike have acknowledged that Rafa is tennis and without him, it's a dull affair.

Isn't it funny, how being world #3 had suddenly lost it's charm for Fedfans?

nadline , 7/24/12 6:30 PM

Olympics does not need any individual be it nadal or federer its glory will be same without them.

KMA , 7/24/12 10:00 PM

nadline , 7/24/12 6:30 PM

And in your dreams "Rafa is Tennis" :)

No. 3 at the age of 26 and at age of you can't see this

KMA , 7/24/12 10:05 PM

^^^ Why jump into conclusion so soon? You don't even know where will you be tomorrow, better worry for yourself than for Rafa. Rafa will handle his problems just fine, like he did in the past. No one knows for sure how the future will be, so calm down and stop getting ahead of yourself.

luckystar , 7/25/12 12:36 AM

Admit it ritb, it's killing you that TMF is back to #1......

chr18 , 7/25/12 1:46 AM

To hear some Fedfans talk, you would think being #3 is the ass-end of the world..............Fed was #3 for a while, people!


rafaisthebest , 7/25/12 6:14 AM

KMA, you are one of the very few people who don't recognize what Rafa means to tennis:

There is no doubt that men's tennis in the Olympics won't be the same without one of the world's best players, but if Nadal didn't feel like he could be competitive, then you can't blame him for bowing out.
Nadal enters every tournament with the intention of winning, and if that wasn't a possibility in London, then he would have been cheating himself by playing. draws-from-2012-olympics-in-london

No Nadal? Now what?!
By: Matthew Kitchen, NBC OlympicsUpdated: Jul 19, 4:32p ET
? Nadal pulls out of London Olympics
? Murray hopes for gold this summer
? Federer on top of the world, again
? Wimbledon curse arrives at Olympics
? A Golden Slam summer?
? Colors encouraged on London courts
? Wimbledon electrifies lawn
It's no surprise Rafael Nadal was a podium favorite coming in to London, but now that the 2008 champ has pulled out of the Games with a knee injury he's opened the door a little wider for the rest of the field. So who has the best odds at winning?
Roger Federer (3 to 1): The 17-time grand slam winner just eclipsed Pete Sampras? record for most weeks at No. 1 after winning Wimbledon for the seventh time. Not only are the Games at his favorite locale, but with Nadal out he?ll have an easier shot at adding an Olympic victory to his resume and completing the Golden Slam, a feat only Rafa and Andre Agassi have ever accomplished.

Novak Djokovic (3 to 1): Despite recently falling to No. 2, Djokovic has been the most consistent player in the world since leading the Serbia to the Davis Cup in late 2010. He?s won four majors, including one Wimbledon and three over the now ailing Nadal, who beat Djokovic in the semis in Beijing. Grass may be Federer?s surface but we plan on seeing Novak somewhere on the podium, possibly on top.
Andy Murray (5 to 1): After a tough loss at Wimbledon Britain?s best chance at gold is presumably happy to have one less superstar to contend with. He?ll still have to face Djokovic and/or Federer, as well as a load of international talent, but no cheering section will be louder. After being overshadowed during one of the most talented generations in tennis history we?d love to see him pull it off.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (8 to 1): There?s always a few surprises at the Olympics, including Chile?s Fernando Gonzalez somehow winning silver in Beijing and bronze in Athens (wait, what?). Tsonga seems the best bet to overachieve in London, especially if he gets a strong showing from his French friends on the other side of the Channel. He?s also been in back-to-back Wimbledon semis, so he?s familiar with the surroundings.
Andy Roddick (32 to 1): Maybe he won't lose in the first round now. Just kidding, he probably will. And for posterity's sake, here he is giving Sabrina the Teenage Witch some tennis lesson. U-S-A! U-S-A!

nadline , 7/25/12 10:06 AM

KMA, if a 31 year old with a cronic back problem can come back, from being #3 & 4 in the world for 15 months, to claim the #1 spot, you can bet your life that a 26 year old who holds an 18:10 h2h against the 31 year old and has beaten him in 8 out of 10 slams on ALL surfaces can be the best in tennis.

nadline , 7/25/12 10:25 AM

you are forgetting, the 31 year old with the cronic back problem is the best we have ever seen. nice little throw in of the h2h there, i like it.

brothdog , 7/25/12 10:34 AM

No he is not the best we have ever seen. This is the best we have ever seen:

Federer has 6 more slams than Rafa but he is 5 years older. Rafa is the undisputed King of clay, Federer is not even the undisputed King of anything.

nadline , 7/25/12 10:38 AM

Let Rafa be king of clay, Fed is the undisputed king of tennis! 75% of people on this site agree. And most on here are Rafan's, so they must be voting for him too. Don't forget nadline 288 weeks and counting. Nearly 3 times longer than the record holder of the no2 position. We all know who that is.

brothdog , 7/25/12 10:43 AM

Claiming that over 1000 posters on TT have voted for Federer being the GOAT says it all. If you believe that the 1000+ pollsters are posters on TT then no wonder you believe the Federer propaganda.

The way Fedfans categorically state that Federer is the GOAT implies that he has officially been given that title and that he's got a GOAT trophy in his cupboard. The fact is, NO ONE has ever officially given Federer that title, it's always a subject for debate. It has also been said that there can be no GOAT, and that his record against Rafa and his showing on clay, not even rating amongst the all time top 10 clay court players simply mean that Federer cannot be the GOAT.

nadline , 7/25/12 10:55 AM

This is why Federer cannot be the GOAT, if there could ever be a GOAT:

The best player of all times has to be the best on ALL surfaces against ALL players.

nadline , 7/25/12 11:03 AM

Fed propaganda? I believe what i have seen with my own eyes. For 10 years he has thrilled his fans with levels never thought possible. I don't have time to list the achievemnets. Is this the nadline all time top 10 list of clay court players? Because he is one of only 3 men to reach the fianal of RG 5 times. If you just put IMO a few times I would take into account the things that you say. But the way you just type it out suggests that everything you say is gospel, which of course it is'nt, it is just your opinion.

brothdog , 7/25/12 11:09 AM

For 10 years he has thrilled his fans with levels never thought possible.
brothdog , 7/25/12 11:09 AM

'his fans' being the operative phrase. Rafa's fans have been equally thrilled by his level and mind blowing performance, but that doesn't mean that he is the GOAT.

brothdog, maybe you should take your own advice and use 'IMO' more. In the open era, Federer is only one of 19 players to have won the FO once only, five others have won it twice, one three times, one 6 times and the King - 7 times.

No one ever argues that Rafa is the King of Clay, but the internet if full of debates about Federer being the GOAT.

nadline , 7/25/12 11:53 AM

but the internet if full of debates about Federer being the GOAT.

nadline , 7/25/12 11:53 AM

Most of them must be nadtards least fedtards can accept that nadal is clay goat.

KMA , 7/25/12 3:39 PM

KMA, if a 31 year old with a cronic back problem can come back, from being #3 & 4 in the world for 15 months, to claim the #1 spot, you can bet your life that a 26 year old who holds an 18:10 h2h against the 31 year old and has beaten him in 8 out of 10 slams on ALL surfaces can be the best in tennis.


of course he can comeback is ritb kind hard pressed fan that were sure that fed will never be #1 again in so called strong era!!
Lol...highly obsessed with 18-10..i bet you daily check this on ATP site.

KMA , 7/25/12 3:48 PM

I don't think anyone needs to check their h2h, do you or are you in denial?

nadline , 7/25/12 7:57 PM

of course he can comeback is ritb kind hard pressed fan that were sure that fed will never be #1 again in so called strong era!!

KMA, 7/25/12 3:48 PM

Talk about wide-eyed incredulity, are you ever going to let go?. It is YOU who can't get over the fact that Fed is #1. Don't blame you really, it is a massive surprise to you but not to some of us after seeing him copy from Caroline Woz's playbook.........................

rafaisthebest , 7/25/12 8:16 PM

please RITB, will you tell me when Miss Wozniacki lifted her 7th Wimbledon and 17th Grand Slam title to get back to world no1!? I can't remember her doing that...........

brothdog , 7/25/12 10:11 PM

Please brothdog, I said he copied her playbook...............didn't say she copied his.

rafaisthebest , 7/25/12 10:27 PM

"Rafael Nadal on clay remains the greatest challenge in tennis................" adal-rallies-to-reign-supreme-as-king-of-clay-7836937.html

So Federer is not the greatest challenge in tennis on any surface least of all the GOAT.

nadline , 7/25/12 10:28 PM

Since the USO 2011 Fed has won 8 tournaments. including the wtf, wimbledon, paris masters, indian wells and madrid. only 3 of the 8 have been 500 tourneys. nothing lower than that. i think that is a good ratio, as well as SF appearances as the AO and Roland Garros. Just because we always see Fed in the semi's of slams does not mean its an easy achievement, although it is expected of him even now to get there. His consistency is remarkable. thanks for the link nadline, ill be sure not to read it.

brothdog , 7/25/12 10:38 PM

titles on clay, grass, hard and indoor hard as well. showing he is still capable of winning on all surfaces.

brothdog , 7/25/12 10:42 PM

@thanks for the link nadline, ill be sure not to read it.
brothdog , 7/25/12 10:38 PM

You are in denial.

nadline , 7/25/12 10:47 PM

it is you that is in denial i'm afraid. after all that was said about Fed never being no1 again in this 'strong' era. He's gone and done it! He is 31 in 2 weeks and still has Nole and rafa behind him once again. But they are used to that they have been there for a very, very long time in the past. 7, 17, #1. 288 weeks and counting, it doesn't get much better.

brothdog , 7/25/12 11:02 PM

Ha ha ha

nadline , 7/25/12 11:17 PM

Fed copied the Woz playbook? What a joke! Nadal has copied the Schiavone playbook. Why does everybody keep saying 18-10 when it's 18-11? Should have been on the way to 18-14 if Nadal had done his part this grass season.

chr18 , 7/26/12 2:21 AM

^^^Should have been? Didn't some Fed fans accuse Rafa fans for using too much of should have, would have, ifs and buts?? I'm not sure it's no.17 or no.7 for Fed when he had Rafa in the final, as Rafa getting to the final would mean playing against and beating Murray in the semifinal, that means he's playing very well. A Rafa who's playing very well is nightmare for Fed, Fed had to thank his lucky star for not having to meet Rafa in the final, like he did during FO and Wimbledon 2009. Rafa is the only one having positive H2H against Fed in slam finals, I'm not sure Fed is as confident as chr18 or some of Fed's other fans here.

PS. Delpo also has a 1-0 lead in slam finals against Fed, but Delpo had lost multiple times to Fed in slams before finals.

luckystar , 7/26/12 3:40 AM

^^^ I mean ' Fed had to thank .... for not having to meet Rafa in the final, just like his FO and Wimbledon 2009'. Note that Fed last beat Rafa in a slam final was back in that 2007 Wimbledon final. So please don't go ahead of yourself, just be thankful Fed had his 17th, or 7th or whatever record.

luckystar , 7/26/12 3:54 AM

One question to the extremely disrespectful Nadal fans (You know who you are) here, how does humble pie taste?

RogFed , 7/26/12 7:09 AM

What's the 18-11 about? Rafa did beat Fed in Abu Dhabi in 2010, should we count that?

nadline , 7/26/12 7:13 AM

Fedfans claimed that they were driven away from TT by Rafans, now it's clear that they leave when Fed is down and they have nothing to say and show up when he is on the up.

nadline , 7/26/12 7:26 AM

One question to the extremely disrespectful Nadal fans (You know who you are) here, how does humble pie taste?

RogFed, 7/26/12 7:09 AM

It tastes like goat-meat!

rafaisthebest , 7/26/12 8:39 AM


nadline , 7/26/12 8:49 AM

C'mon we all know why this talk of H2H has come about AGAIN. It's all due to Roger winning his 17th GS title, and Nadal losing in the second round. It was painful after the loss for some Nadal fans, but the intensity ramped up something fiercely due to Nadal pulling out of the Olympics. I suppose for some the pain of losing would not have hurt so much coz they had the Olympics to fall back on, but the withdrawal has now sent them into a tail spin, and they are now left without anything that will assuage the wounds.

You guys are living in fantasy land if you think people are so undiscerning that they can't figure out what's transpiring here. Anyway, dream on and keep up the H2H talk, surface, and/or whatever it is that will help to dampen the pain, but, and there's a but, it won't cchange the fact that Roger now has 17GS titles, 7 of which are Wimbledon trophies.

scoretracker , 7/26/12 9:08 AM

LOL, the H2H is the only thing that's keeping nadline and some other Nadal fans from losing it c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e-l-y. Keep a stiff upper lip guys, blue skies are gonna clear up, put on a happy face!

scoretracker , 7/26/12 9:13 AM

Yes, of course we are suffering. Rafa is at a low point at the moment, there is no denying that, but he'll be back and put the smile on our faces again and when he does, it will be sweet.

We've been through this before and Rafa came back in 2010 and swept all before him.

nadline , 7/26/12 9:33 AM


rafaisthebest , 7/26/12 9:51 AM

RITB: The reply of the year :-D

ed251137 , 7/26/12 9:54 AM

Rafa fans,

Oh we are so terribly upset about Rafa that our lives have literally come to a complete halt! Good grief! So the h2h is all we have to talk about? It's a lot to talk about. With all that Fed has accomplished, his h2h with his greatest rival is lopsided in Rafa's favor. Try all you want to demean it or ignore it, but it's there and no one can change it.

Oh yes, the pain of Rafa losing at Wimbledon and then dropping out of the Olympics has sent us into fantasy land. We can't take it anymore! LOL! I love when Fed fans characterize Rafa fans, like they are normal. Too funny!

Can anyone see that I am in a tailspin? Can you look through your computer and see me here just spinning out of control? At least I had my laugh for the day.

Rafa has struggled with injuried and has had disappointments and he has come back and triumphed again. Oh and Rafa fans don't measure his achievements against Fed's. Rafa has already accomplished so much at the age of 26, that we don't have to compare him with someone who has been playing three years longer and is five years older.

Rafa's records stand in their own. He will go down as one of the greatest champions that ever played this sport.

Some people who are forgetting themselves and gloating, are going to be quite embarrassed down the road!

I am looking forward to seeing Rafa return for the NA hard court season.

Vamos Rafa!

Nativenewyorker , 7/26/12 10:26 AM

LOl, someone has really lost it. Health alert: Stalking can be hazardous to your health.

scoretracker , 7/26/12 10:33 AM

When Fedfans gloat about Sod beating Rafa at RG which enabled Federer to win his one and only FO title, they fail to add that the very next year, Sod beat Federer in the SF and went down to Rafa in the final.

nadline , 7/26/12 10:51 AM

Too funny! Paranoia can be hazardous to your health! This is a public forum and anything that is posted is fair game!

Too funny!

Nativenewyorker , 7/26/12 10:58 AM

Rafa is conspicuous by his absence, even Pete Bodo thinks so:

by Pete Bodo

"Given the historically unpredictable nature of the men's singles event at the Olympics, it's borderline crazy to take informed guessses at how things will shake out.

After all, Roger Federer?the man most spectators and pundits would name the greatest player of all time?has never won any Olympic medal in singles (can you name the men he lost to in his four Olympic efforts?) For that matter, neither did the other Open-era contender for that honor, Pete Sampras.

Guesswork at the best of times, the grass surface on which this year's medals will be decided adds yet another volatile element to the mix. The matches are also best-of-three sets, which suggests we'll see plenty of upsets owing to how easily a player with a hot hand can run through two sets on turf, against an opponent of any quality.

Throw in the absence of defending gold medalist Rafael Nadal and you just know things are going to get a little western in this event. So instead of waiting for the draw, let's take a look at who's hot?and who's not?as we head into Olympics. I'm only going to comment on certain players who strike me as falling into one or the other category. Some, like Andy Murray, just seem like they could go either way."

nadline , 7/26/12 11:48 AM

When did 18-10 become 18-11/ Haha a win by Roger manufactured out of nowhere, maybe yes played in chr18's sweet dreams ;-)

and it would have become 18-14 had Rafa played Fed in Halle, Wimby, Olympics..haha..good joke...people make statements with such authority as if they are the ones playing in Feds mind and Fed is just executing :-) stop being so delusional..It could have been 18-14 but it very well could have bee 21-10..No one can say anything on how it would have turned out.

sanju , 7/26/12 11:54 AM

Federer has been competiting in the olympics since 2000, so far, he's lost to Tommy Haas, (SF) Arnaud Di Pasquali (bronze medal decider), Tomas Berdych ( Rnd 32) and Blake (QF).

So it's very unpredictable, especially with best of 3 sets.

nadline , 7/26/12 12:15 PM

nadlie..does draw start in like 10 mns from now

I thik there will be some big upsets i early rounds in the mens section

sanju , 7/26/12 12:51 PM

Juan Carlos King of Spain: "Rafa's not lose courage"

In a speech to the Spanish Olympic mission day in Madrid, King Juan Carlos of Spain withdraws from Olympics London Rafa Nadal.

And the King said: "I hope you don't lose courage, and Rafa continue to progress, and to continue to work ... We are all behind and great confidence. But he must not lose courage "

nadline , 7/26/12 12:52 PM

Will be interesting to see the draw, at least I'll be 'colm' and not anxious about who Rafa will draw.

nadline , 7/26/12 12:54 PM

Current ATP-rankings

1. Djokovic 12 500 pts
2. Murray 8 750 pts
3. Federer 8 670 pts
4. Ferrer 6 970 pts
5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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