• Federer aiming for second French Open title

    5/27/12 7:09 AM | Ricky Dimon
    Federer aiming for second French Open title Roger Federer is set to begin his Roland Garros quest on Monday. The world No. 3 finds himself in the same quarter of the draw with Tomas Berdych and Juan Martin Del Potro.

    Roger Federer is once again the same half of a Grand Slam draw as Novak Djokovic, so the two familiar foes are on another collision course for the semifinals at this year's French Open.

    Of course, Federer will likely have a couple of tough matches before he can think about Djokovic. Troubles spots for the third-ranked Swiss could be the second round and quarterfinals. Federer will meet David Nalbandian if both veterans win their first match and potential opponents in the last eight include Tomas Berdych and Juan Martin Del Potro.

    Berdych and Del Potro are slated to collide in the fourth round. They just faced each other on the blue clay in Madrid, where Berdych won a semifinal battle in two tiebreakers. Del Potro's nearest seed is Marin Cilic while Berdych should not have too much trouble even if his third-round opponent is No. 31 seed Kevin Anderson.

    Federer's closest seed is Andy Roddick, who remains hopelessly out of form on clay. Roddick faces what may be a tough opener against Nicolas Mahut on Sunday.

    Other first-round matches to watch in this section include Radek Stepanek vs. David Goffin, Michael Llodra vs. Guillermo Garcia-Lopez, and Arnaud Clement vs. Alex Bogomolov.

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It's great to have the FED in this year's Roland Garros Slam (for sure, it would not be as exciting without him). We all know the FED is quite capable of creating damage (even a lot of damage). How much will it be this time?! Eh?! :) How long will the FED be in the running/in the mix at Roland Garros this time around?! It's Fun times for tennis lovers. the FED is still quite capable... who is to know... C'MON FED! Do your stuff. Make it real. Make it happen. Listening to your Nike logo, you would "Just do it." :) "Which is it?" May you Shine On, and play magical tennis FED. May you Shine On and play magical tennis until the end. :)

sky , 5/27/12 9:12 AM

Sometimes it's hard to believe, but one must believe none the less. It is what it is. The end is just another beginning.

sky , 5/27/12 9:19 AM

of course the focus of a beginning to an end is much different, lol,

sky , 5/27/12 9:28 AM

C'mon Champ!!

abhirf , 5/27/12 10:21 AM

This has got to be a first: Roger Federer starting his first RG match on Suzanne Lenglen tomorrow......................

rafaisthebest , 5/27/12 7:25 PM

Not good. Federer will be disorientated.

nadline , 5/27/12 7:34 PM

RG officials are in the process of drawing up a map for directions to Court S. Lenglen for Fed..........just in case the GPS system attached to his man-bag malfunctions...........................

rafaisthebest , 5/27/12 7:39 PM

Yes you can, Allez ROG! :D

OnTheRise , 5/27/12 8:23 PM

OMG that is too funny RITB - I all but fell of my chair laughing.............I wonder if the organisers and commentators know he does not want any mention of his ranking when he is introduced on court.

ed251137 , 5/27/12 8:48 PM

RITB, yes indeedy, very droll....;)

deuce , 5/27/12 9:09 PM

Weather forecast for tomorrow is not good. Thunderstorms predicted for the afternoon and evening but set fair for the rest of the tournament. ance/weather_forecast_roland-garros_france_destination_42_1.php

ed251137 , 5/27/12 9:11 PM

ed251137, 5/27/12 8:48 PM

I don't think he even wants it be known that he was ever on THAT he most likely has told organisers they must use another name when introducing him..................!!

rafaisthebest , 5/27/12 9:13 PM

LOL rafaisthebest ! just in case the GPS system attached to his man-bag malfunctions... Great stuff! LOL

Honestly, I doubt very much the FED really cares. Tennis is tennis, and a match is a match. Notwithstanding, winning would be appropriately received, and appreciated by all FEDfans eh, I'm sure. Go FED! :)

sky , 5/27/12 9:44 PM

its just opposite what he said during AO but it doesn't matter to him at all where he plays :)

mani4Tennis , 5/27/12 10:46 PM

How do the Fed fans know whether Fed cares or not? He objected at Wimby 2010 when he was moved from Center court for one match (first time in his career after Wimby 2003). He claims he loves playing on Center Court and hopes to play there for a long time. It seems likely that he does care.
Since Wimby 2010, he might have understood it looks odd to keep him on Center Court while moving higher ranked rivals to lesser courts in blatant disregard of rules of fairness. So now he doesn't say anything.

holdserve , 5/27/12 11:18 PM

Well t there's only 2 players who have had a higher rank in Wimbledon 2011 and only 1 for Wimbledon 2010. Did Nadal (2010,11) and Djokovic (2011) play a lot of matches off Centre Court ' in blatant disregard for rules of fairness' ? Isn't it tiring constantly being outraged and hurt everytime Fed expreses an opinion :) ?
They put him in Center Court because it seats the most number of people, and most people want to see him before he retires. Don't worry he'll be gone in one or two years.

Bharata , 5/27/12 11:47 PM

Bharata, do you think I do not know that only Rafa and Nole and occasionally AndyM have been higher ranked. Shamefully, Rafa was moved twice and Nole 3 times as against Fed only once at Wimby 2011.
Just because you want to see him doesn't mean everybody does. In any case ATP has no business to make a subjective decision. Tennis is supposed to be a meritocracy and all privileges should be strictly doled out as per rank.

holdserve , 5/28/12 12:13 AM

Fed has enjoyed privileges for years. It is time Rafa and Nole got to enjoy them before they retire. The way Fed is going, with the privileged schedule etc, he will retire only with Tomic's generation and long after Rafa and Nole are gone. These two guys may retire without ever having been treated like No. 1.

holdserve , 5/28/12 12:22 AM

Just like wildcards, some privileges maybe extended to local boys but Fed is not a local boy at any of the slams.
If Fed is so popular and people are dying to see him, ATP can showcase him in exhibition matches. They seem arbitrary when they disregard ranking in a grand slam.

holdserve , 5/28/12 12:49 AM

holdserve, you are right if that's the case that Djokovic was moved several times as a No. 1. But if Nadal was moved 2 times, and Fed once, I don't think that's a huge show of unfairness. I disagree though, I think Fed is actually more popular, particularly amongst casual tennis fans in Wimbledon and other tournaments, and since he won 6 championships, he has a certain marquee value and they want to showcase him in Wimbledon . I am sure that Venus and Serena Williams will get more than their 'fair' share of Centre Court appearances because they are recognzied as great champions (I don't remember if Sampras got similar treatment in the end of his career). In fact Fed may get 'home treatment' as you say in London precisely because he's so well liked and his demeanour (calm) and style of play (attacking) have qualities that many associate with Wimbledon tennis. And the ATP has nothing to do with how Wimbledon is run and Wimbledon's organisers even seem a bit proud of themselves when they do things their own way.

So I agree Fed gets some better treatment because of who he is - tournament organizers have a sense of history and recognize his place in tennis. On the other hand, I get tired of people constantly crying that his draws are 'easy' - even when in some cases he's facing much harder opponents. Hell even in this FO Ricky stated his draw is at least as hard as Nadal's. Face it - sometimes the draws are harder, sometimes toughter.

Bharata , 5/28/12 1:36 AM

Subjective decisions have no place in a grand slam. Imagine tomorrow if they decide to give extra points to Fed so he can go deeper in the tournament so fans can see him longer?
They can showcase him at exhibition matches not at slams where merit should be the sole criterion.
There is absolutely no excuse for the preferential scheduling and court allocation. Slams are bigger than the stars and the organizers should never give a star more importance than demanded by his rank.
Stars draw their power from slams, not vice versa.
Fed is a star because of his successes at slams and other big tournaments. Not because he has a fan following. The fan following is a result of his success.
When the organizers do not give importance to rank, they are undermining the value of success.
He has a place in history, fine. Does place in history justify giving Center Court or favorable schedule arbitrarily?
Protests led to seeding being done by rank. Unfortunately players may not boycott a slam just because Fed is given preferential treatment but you can be sure all the players have noted the unfairness.

holdserve , 5/28/12 2:07 AM

Only Rafa popularity comes close to Roger and Nole is still making his mark their and court scheduling mostly depends upon profitability for tournament.

Rafa play 2 times out of center court and Roger once ...did you think this is unfair any way to nadal??... consider their achievement at wimbledon and roger is still a top player.

He was scheduled to play show court at AO this year but beck withdrew,French open has scheduled him to plau on SL.
USO will try to delay it as late as possible considering that their main court is too big and too much many involves in ticket and all that.

KMA , 5/28/12 2:13 AM

At Roland Garros, once again they have given him the favorable schedule. But they have at least not gone so far as to give him Center Court in preference to the No. 1s. I think the protests at last year's USO, the simmering discontent at this year's AO have warned the ATP and Grand Slam authorities that they can no longer treat the players like sheep.

holdserve , 5/28/12 2:15 AM

KMA, it doesn't matter what you or anybody else thinks. In important events, the organizers are expected to adopt objective criteria for distribution of any privilege.
It was definitely unfair to Nadal. A grand slam is not a popularity contest but a test of tennis skill. He was the no. 1 seed AND the defending champion at Wimby 2011. There was no excuse for putting Fed on Center Court in preference to Nadal.

holdserve , 5/28/12 2:21 AM

it was not a big deal if you agree or not that up to you.

Court scheduling mostly(other factors too) depends upon profitability its money who run the whole thing.
As you can saw, even in slam, during early rounds many seats remain vacant during some matches so they need full houses as much as possible.

KMA , 5/28/12 2:25 AM

I saw plenty of empty seats in Fed matches.

holdserve , 5/28/12 2:30 AM

which on avg. is much less than other top young players.

i know you will not agree so no more argument.

KMA , 5/28/12 2:32 AM

So I suppose you justify fixing of draws in favor of Fed as he can then go deep in the tournament and they need full houses?
But Fed filling houses is a myth existing in the imagination of ATP, gs prganizers and Fed fans. At Shanghai Masters, the attendance even for Fed matches was pathetic.
At Indian Wells which I attended, Rafa's matches, including doubles, were hugely attended.
My father says at AO, Rafa's matches attracted more crowds.

holdserve , 5/28/12 2:36 AM

But we are missing the point. It is not popularity which should determine who gets Center Court. It is merit. If a player is the No. 1 seed he is the top dog and he needs to be showcased. This would also be motivating for upcoming players who could expect to be treated like royalty based on merit and not on some subjective standard of popularity, place in history or whatever.

holdserve , 5/28/12 2:42 AM

Can u please justify me the reason when a lower ranked local player is placed ahead of the top players on the show courts.
And BTW, it's not first time he has been moved onto Lenglen. Last year, he played his match against Tipsy on that court.

abhirf , 5/28/12 2:48 AM

Are you asking me? It is only Fed fans who justify placing lower ranked players on Center Court based on arbitrary standards. So ask KMA or Bharata.

holdserve , 5/28/12 2:55 AM

Out of the 4 players on Center Court, 2 are no. 1s and Li is the defending champion. The fourth is a Frenchman. At most you could object to Gilles Simon, the Frenchman.
Wonder where you were when Wimbledon kept putting Fed on Center Court in preference to Rafa and Nole? They even tried to banish Murray but eventually decided the local guy had to be showcased.

holdserve , 5/28/12 3:02 AM

See that's the whole point. A local/crowd fav is placed on the show courts so that the organisers can earn more money. As far as i know ATP does not deal in working of the Grand Slams. So the organisers are a master of their own will and they do whatever they feel like.
I agree the court allotment should be on a merit basis. But it's sad that the ATP has no say in it.

abhirf , 5/28/12 3:35 AM

ATP and grand slam authorities are cut from the same cloth. So don't feel sad about ATP not having a say. Look at the Madrid mess. Did they care for the players or what they thought? ATP is supposed to represent the players. How could they clear the blue without the players' input?
Anyway, it was nice talking to you, abhirf. You do seem to be different from most Fed fans.
I will be back in this forum after 10 days.
Doubt anyone will miss me! ciao!

holdserve , 5/28/12 3:41 AM

I think Sampras was made to play at court 2 one year, after his 7 year reign at Wimbledon was over. I think they at Wimbledon don't show much respect for past champions. If Fed can't win any more Wimbledon and slide down the rankings, I won't be surprised he won't be playing in Centre Court, unless he happens to reach the final.

Rafa is equally popular at Wimbledon and they love him there; it's just that Fed is a six time champion and is still in contention and he's top four guy so they still show him more respect there. If Rafa and Nole continue to dominate at Wimbledon, I feel Fed would be given the secondary courts more and more going forward.

Fedal are more popular than any other players, saved for the local top players at the slams. Even though the Parisian love Rafa the least among the slams, the stands are still full when Rafa plays there, that's because there's no shortage of tennis fans from all over the world who are there to watch Rafa plays.

I feel that if Rafa is to surpass Fed in his slam counts, Fed may then choose to retire. It all depends on how Rafa and Fed fare in the slams going forward. If Rafa can go on a tear at the slams, then I feel he'll outlast Fed and Fed will retire before Rafa.

luckystar , 5/28/12 4:21 AM

holdserve, Was nice talking to u too :)

abhirf , 5/28/12 5:25 AM

he still needs at least 2 years to surpass Fed count that too when he has everything on his way.lets see when he wins next title after FO.

KMA , 5/28/12 9:07 AM

Sure, who knows Wimbledon is next! Never underestimate Rafa. He manages to reach the last two hard court slam finals, beating Murray and Fed in the semifinals. Only Nole stands in his way but Nole is not the Nole of 2011 and Rafa is playing with more confidence now than his 2011. Of course we can't discount the rest, like the red hot Berdych. Still, I like Rafa's chances this year as long as his knee doesn't give him anymore problems. Nothing is guaranteed of course, but I've the right to feel optimistic about Rafa's chances. Still, whatever happens, as long as Rafa can still compete well, he'll have his chances of more slam wins and more records in the future.

luckystar , 5/28/12 10:12 AM

Luckystar is right to be confident for Nadal's chances to suprass 16 over the next 5 years. Djokovic can't keep up 2011's level for the next 5 years, and nobody comes close to Nadal in terms of mental toughness. So I expect those two will be sharing the next 5 years of slams, with maybe Murray sneaking in a AO or Wimbledon.

Bharata , 5/28/12 3:03 PM

Rafa will not be playing on the tour 5 years from now.
And its not a slight on him or his fans to state the blindingly obvious.
If he surpasses Roger and his sweet 16, he will have done it long before then anyway.

Twinge , 5/28/12 3:31 PM

^^^^it's okay, I can only speak for myself but I am sure my fellow Rafans agree with me when I say, with Rafa.......I live for the moment, Roger's 16 is not even on Rafa's or my radar screen, he could retire tomorrow I would be happy, he has gievn me so much joy already, anything else he achieves on top of what he has already achieved is gravy..................


rafaisthebest , 5/28/12 3:49 PM

Actually, I'm speculating about when Fed will retire, and not about whether Rafa will surpass Fed in the slam counts. I truly believe that Fed will retire if Rafa surpass him there.

I honestly believe that Rafa can win the channel slams for these three years to get to sixteen slams, if not he has to win one or two more hard court slams in place of the Wimbledons. All he has to do is to stay competitive, be motivated to keep improving or adapting, and takes
good care of his body. Both Nole and Murray will remain his main rivals, as they're both talented and physically very fit and can stay with him in matches. Rafa's advantages on the natural surfaces are his movements and IMO his aggressive game is better than anyone else's, likewise for his defensive game. On the hard courts, big serving always has the advantage in winning cheap points and Rafa doesn't have that advantage.

I think this and the next two years may be the best times for Rafa to win more slams; after which he'll be past 28yo and will slow down physically. Guys like Raonic, Harrison, Tomic will be reaching their prime or even peak by then, and Nole/Murray/Delpo are still in their prime and comparatively with fresher bodies than Rafa having started a few years later than Rafa. Will Rafa still be able to hang on to his FO by then? I certainly hope so, it depends not only on him but also the rest of the field too, I feel.

luckystar , 5/28/12 4:35 PM

Luckystar do you accept the `weak era` theory or not?
Because if you do, then it really doesn't matter whether Rafa gets to 17 or not.
Or 18 if Roger sneaks another.
As for Rafa getting another 3 channel slams....
Sorry that is just not going to happen in my view.
It didn't happen when Rafa was peaking and only had Roger to deal with.
It won't be happening over the next 3 years at this stage of his career its a gigantic ask.
Could do it for sure this year and then he should be already breathing down Rogers neck anyway.
Nadal has already played 700 matches on the tour, far more than Andy/Novak & many players retire by this stage that displayed the kind of gamestyle from which we know (& love) of Rafa.
My view is that he will have to do it over all surfaces if he is to have a hope.
Not that we think it matters too much eh?
Also if Raonic is the future of Tennis, then I shall be checking out for a while as his is a horrendously unappealing brand of Tennis and Tomic wishes he was Andy, but will never ever be.
Harrison could be the one however.

Twinge , 5/28/12 5:01 PM

^^^I mean, That have not had the same kind of grinding, punishing gamestyle that Nadal has.
jeez my grammar sometimes.

Twinge , 5/28/12 5:08 PM

Whinge, I like the way you state your opinions as fact. Who says Rafa won't be playing 5 years from now? How do you know? Wasn't he supposed to retire before the age of 25? Not only has he not retired, but he is still at the top of the game and still giving Roger grief.

nadline , 5/28/12 5:20 PM

Guys, let's go easy on this "crystal balling" regarding Rafa's Tour shelf-life........remember, Rafa has been written off so many times and HE IS STILL HERE, WINNING, still firmly ensconced in the top 2.

Many "knowledgeable" tennis pundits told us he would be done by the time he was 25 because of his "punishing game style".............he will be 26 next week.

Rafa will be at RG next year, still the favourite and the same pundits will dutifully write his obituary.....................that's how they choose to live their lives.

rafaisthebest , 5/28/12 5:23 PM

^^^Stop injecting your rubbish into every conversation Nadline.
Adults are talking.
And if you want Rafa to be still playing when he is 30, its more for yourself than him.

Twinge , 5/28/12 5:23 PM

@nadline, SNAP!!!

rafaisthebest , 5/28/12 5:24 PM

You see, Rafa has himself to blame for his injury in 2009. His body gave way because of his poor scheduling and overplaying. IMO, had he skipped Rotterdam to rest after that gruelling AO that year, he won't get his thigh or knee injury at Rotterdam. He wasn't fully recovered when he played his DC matches that year against Serbia. His knees gave up during the gruelling clay season and he had to skip Wombledon.

It's a pity that all these preventable injuries should occur in his best peak year, IMO. I'm certain that had he not being injured then, he would have won both the FO andWimbledon then and 2009 may turn out to be his best year. After all, who could challenge him back then when he's fit and healthy? Not Nole, not Murray, not Delpo - they're all not ready yet. Fed? He was reduced to tears at the AO after being beaten by Rafa. How's he going to win the channel slam with a fit and healthy Rafa around? Sod? If Rafa had not had that injury at Rotterdam, he won't have any problem coming into the clay season and there's no way Sod's going to beat him at the FO (Rafa had proven that point the following year, when Sod was playing very well to beat Fed at the QF and reached the final and lost to Rafa there). We woukd be talking of Rafa with 12 slams now, and with three channel slams, having 7 FOs and 3 Wimbledons in a row!

So, it's not that a healthy Rafa couldn't do it; it's an unfit Rafa who couldn't do it. What about 2011, you may ask? Well I don't expect anyone to repeat what Nole had done in 2011. I don't think Nole can repeat what he has done in 2011, so Rafa has all his chances this year at the slams. Rafa is a better player than Nole on clay and grass, if Nole can't play as well as his 2011, then Rafa has all his chances at both FO and Wimbledon. I'm not sure how's Murray's back problem affecting Murray's game, and I'm not sure Fed can still produce consistently good tennis to beat Nole or Rafa at this FO and Wimbledon. Rafa is certainly in a good position to win some more slams this year. Next year? If we're not sure about Rafa, we can also say that for other players.

luckystar , 5/28/12 5:36 PM

The only way we can predict any outcome remotely factually on this matter is by analysing how long the respective players have been playing on the tour. This is why I mentioned the 700 tour match wins and it is the most relevant number in this and why, well, i dont think Rafa will be playing post 30. That and his health.
Agreed the injury/parents divorce thing stopped him from taking another channel slam. Who could have stopped him otherwise?
Right now Rafa is fit and the inform player of the top 4.
If he is to get another channel slam to me now is the time to do it.
Nole doesn't have to repeat what he did last year he "just" needs to beat Rafa at the FO or Wimbledon, and as he has done it already i don't see why its impossible for him to do it again going on.
Novak's form like Rafa's will be subject to further peaks as well as the present trough.

Twinge , 5/28/12 5:52 PM

Oh yes, Rafa will definitely retire before age 30 while Fed will be playing 'til the 2016 Olympics...dream on, it's free anyway.

phoenix , 5/28/12 6:09 PM

And that's why I said Rafa has to remain competitive, stays motivated, keeps improving and adapting, and takes good care of his body. If Fed can still improve at age 30, I'm sure Rafa can also improve. We have to KIV this and see how things unfold in future, I may be right or I may be wrong, we'll know come the next two years, so just enjoy the tennis now.

luckystar , 5/28/12 6:18 PM

" If Fed can still improve at age 30, I'm sure Rafa can also improve..."

Fed doesn't get injured and has not had a slam in years.
But you're right, its all just speculation albeit with a few relevant facts thrown in from my side.

Twinge , 5/28/12 6:30 PM

Whinge, why make it your business to worry about Rafa's longevity why not worry about your hero, Murray. Rafa doesn't need your concern.

As RITB points out, you are not the first to write him off in haste.

nadline , 5/28/12 7:00 PM

And if you want Rafa to be still playing when he is 30, its more for yourself than him.
Twinge , 5/28/12 5:23 PM

Quite right too, because without Rafa tennis is dull and I love tennis so I want him to continue to play. I stopped watching for years when it became too dull, mediocre and predictable but it only took one Rafa match in 2005 to bring me back.

nadline , 5/28/12 7:11 PM

Well hopefully when he does go we can at least expect your exit again. There's always a silver lining around every cloud ;-)
I'm hardly `concerned`either my sweet, & I haven't ever written him off. Why should I shut up about Rafa when Rafans talk about Andy all the time. Be warned,
I don't take orders from you on who or what I talk about here nor do I tolerate nuttiness for very long.


Nagline = woo woo wooo woo woo (cue loony tunes music).

Twinge , 5/28/12 7:27 PM

Whinge, what would you find to write about when Rafa retires because you are fixated on him. 90% of your posts are about Rafa.

nadline , 5/28/12 7:48 PM

Whinge, have you got any thoughts on when Murray will retire or doesn't that bother you as much as Rafa's future?

nadline , 5/28/12 7:56 PM

Why is Federer wearing such awful colors, grey and black.............during the day, in the sun?


rafaisthebest , 5/28/12 8:50 PM

RITB, that's rich, coming from a Rafa fan. Remember his selection of pink at RG 2009, or as he termed it, bright rose?

DanyalRasool , 5/28/12 10:29 PM

Fed has earnt the right to wear what he wants. Although i agree the colour is intersting choice considering the heat. It won't matter until he reaches the semi's any way because that will be the only time he breaks a sweat.

brothdog , 5/31/12 2:03 PM

Thread about federer. Majority of posts about nadal. NID.

"...still firmly ensconced in the top 2." ROFL

bleck , 5/31/12 2:45 PM

Yeah, of course -You gotta keep in mind who is writing.Let's talk about French players and other tennis players too.................
France is a nation full of tennis tradition, yet it hasn?t produced a men?s singles Grand Slam singles champion since Yannick Noah completed a charismatic run to win the 1983 Roland Garros title on home soil. The top three ranked Frenchmen competing at this year?s tournament all have designs on a run to the second week, but is a shot at the title a realistic goal?

During the Internazionali BNL d'Italia in Rome, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga candidly stated, ?Let's be clear, there is no chance that a French [player] can win Roland Garros. There is no inevitability in my comments. It's just an observation. Not [being] able to win a Masters 1000 clay [event], then a Grand Slam seems impossible.?

Analysing the RICOH ATP MatchFacts for World No. 5 Tsonga, No. 12 Gilles Simon and No. 20 Richard Gasquet on clay this season, we compare the group to the trio it will most likely have to dethrone to end France's major title drought: Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. The Big 3 have won the past nine major championships, dating back to the 2010 Australian Open.

Of the three French players, Tsonga is most likely to lift the trophy according to former player and Tennis Channel analyst Justin Gimelstob. ?Tsonga has the best chance of winning Roland Garros because he has the biggest weapons and has the most wins versus the top players in big events, in addition to the experience and confidence of already reaching a Grand Slam final.?

Looking at the service categories on clay in 2012, Mutua Madrid Open champion Federer leads all six in service games won (91%), first serve points won (80%) and break points saved (76%). Nadal is the leader in second serve points won at 57%. Simon is at the bottom in service games won (76%) and first serve points won (69%). It?s noteworthy to call out that Djokovic ranks last among the sextet in break points saved (56%), 16 per cent lower than what he registered in 2011.
So, what's the conclusion...........

hrsikesa , 5/31/12 2:59 PM

Current ATP-rankings

1. Djokovic 12 500 pts
2. Murray 8 750 pts
3. Federer 8 670 pts
4. Ferrer 6 970 pts
5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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