• Federer due in Madrid after clay training block

    5/3/12 2:52 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Federer due in Madrid after clay training block Roger Federer is set for a weekend arrival in Madrid as the world No. 3 plays for the first time on clay this spring.

    The 16-time Grand Slam champion has not competed since losing in Miami on March 26 to Andy Roddick in the third round.

    After that, Federer and his family took a holiday in the Bahamas before the 30-year-old got himself back into training mode for what promises to be a long campaign on clay, then grass and followed by the London Olympics in late July.

    "Towards the end of my holidays I started to train again," he told Swiss media. "I flew in a sparring partner (American Jesse Levine, the No. 128). When I got back to Switzerland in mid-April, I was able to complete and start training."

    But Europe in April was far from ideal, with weather not the best. But that didn't bother Federer, who happened to be concentrating on fitness work with longtime training Pierre Paganini indoors.

    "I played enough tennis," he said of sessions with his coaching team of American Paul Annacone and Swiss Severin Luthi. Just to make sure, Federer also brought in another favored training partner in German Michael Berrer to get ready for his delayed clay debut.

    Federer owns Madrid titles from 2006 (when it was played indoors on hardcourt) and the clay version from 2009, when he beat Rafael Nadal in the final. He lost to the Spaniard in the 2010.

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let's do this Rog! lets dance on clay :D

OnTheRise , 5/3/12 4:47 PM

4th active thread on Roger Federer on TT....................what's going on? An undisguised attempt at shoring up his waning popularity, per chance?

rafaisthebest , 5/3/12 4:56 PM

let me remind you all that this is Fed's first year since 07 that he has succesfully implemented all of his major trainingsblocks with Paganini. Therefore we can all look forward to a great Fedyear. It has already begun. With the great start the holiday and the many hours he puts in the fitness blocks with paganini. I am sire he will get very close to a slam victory. Probably wimbly or Us Open but Wimbly is the bomb.

advan , 5/3/12 7:41 PM

And if you want to know why Roger is filling the threada on TT.

The great one, maestro, TMF, Fedex, ..........

advan , 5/3/12 7:50 PM

hawkeye the way you talk about fed and demean him so much is pure jealousy about what the great man has already achieved. lets see how rafa is competing in his 31st year and if he is still in the top 3 in the world and competing for masters series and grand slam titles and wtf. i doubt he will even be playing.

brothdog , 5/4/12 10:05 AM

, 5/3/12 7:50 PM

Good Post, I like when you support your favourite player rather than write garbage about other players.

Way to go!!

atul1985 , 5/4/12 1:08 PM

Actually Federer is one of best if not THE best all time.

My talk and advan talk is ridiculous and shoul be taken as such.

I just mirror back advan ugly venom. If advan consistently post better like above then I more than gladly stop.

hawkeye , 5/4/12 2:04 PM

Please to take my posts with a HUGE pinch of salt.

To belittle accomplishments of rare talents as fed and Rafa is absurd of course.

hawkeye , 5/4/12 2:17 PM

brothdog, It's normal that the haters are jealous of Roger beacause they know that the probability of nadal's achievements surpassing Roger's are residual, I would say infinitesimal.

You should've noticed that every thread has the vast majority of posts from nadal fans.
It is strange beacause Roger has a huge fan base.
If you ever wondered why there are so few fans of other players the reason is simple.
Most people just look at the constant bashing of Roger and lack of interesting, well argumented discussions and don't come to TT.

If I post something I get 4,5,6 posts from nadal fans in response most of them with no substance.

There are some nadal fans that we can trade posts with, sadly they are very few.

bleck , 5/4/12 2:34 PM

oh they have substance bleck, the 18 - 10, 18 - 10! as i have already heard so much about! well in that case it has inspired me even more to stay on here and fight rogers corner, not that i need to, the numbers speak for themselves.

brothdog , 5/4/12 2:42 PM

Bleck you are such a hypocrite. Did my eyes deceive me or did you not say that Rafa was a cheat along with a few other personal insults. You are hardly the one to criticise other posters on here when you behave the way you do. There might be more Rafa fans on this site but you have to admit we are generally a very amiable bunch unless provoked by people like you.

Brothdog - make up your own mind and read some of the trash talk that bleck et al indulge in. Also, I do not understand how you can say you appreciate both Roger & Rafa and then promptly make not so nice comments about him as per your post @10.05am. You don't have to defend Roger by attacking Rafa.

As hawkeye said he only replies to advan in kind because his posts are, in the main,
very offensive.

schatz , 5/4/12 2:47 PM

Yes I said nadal cheated because he takes more than the time allowed between points (soemtimes double the time) and he takes direction from his box (coaching).

I sometimes bash nadal but it's nothing compared to what Roger takes on TT.
As for personal insults very rarely do I attack other posters.

"...but you have to admit we are generally a very amiable bunch unless provoked by people like you."
That's not true. Many nadal fans bash Roger unprovoked. They go to Federer related threads just to post crap.

bleck , 5/4/12 2:55 PM

Agree with schatz. Just read the posts of advan and sometimes of bleck, to see how they demean or belittle Rafa's achievements. Bleck's 2.34PM post, first paragraph is a typical example. How would bleck know what Rafa's going to achieve in the years to come? To think that bleck points fingers at others but failed to examine himself/herself really tells us what kind of a hypocrite some Fed fans are. Go see for yourself brothdog.

luckystar , 5/4/12 2:59 PM

And what about Fed fans posting all the craps at the Nadal threads. Bleck seems to forget how sienna and the rest posted all the craps about Rafa and the tax issues, etc and etc. It's pot calling the kettle black here. If you do not want any provocations, then stop doing all the provocations yourself, Fedfans!

luckystar , 5/4/12 3:06 PM

brothdog can hardly claim his posts are smelling of roses. I haven't gone over all his posts but can anyone tell me whether brothdog ever claimed to be offended by advan or bleck's posts?
Fed fans are such hypocrites. They think they can write all kinds of vicious stuff about Rafa and his fans but if anyone responds even mildly to these offensive posts, Rafa fans are so bad.
So do Fed fans have some constitutional right to be venomous that their posts are to be treated as all true and just? And are Rafa fans expected to applaud the posts of advan, bleck and brothdog?

holdserve , 5/4/12 3:24 PM

Oh sadfan soooo objective and fair minded aren't you little sadfan.

Be careful sadfan or we count to five again. Remember 0-5 since 2007 sadfan?

Punchbag dominant only in your grand slam little sadfan dreams.

Also will be dominant in dancing with the stars with Martina.

Predict punchbag will win Olympic gold glory in ballroom dancing.

hawkeye , 5/4/12 5:57 PM

keep it real people. Try to stay fair and keep an open mind.

advan , 5/4/12 9:15 PM

Lets not forget that Roge is super fit at the start of this tourne. He has a brutal draw but the belief in him is immense. I am sure he will navigate through to the semi and he will meet Djoker there. That will be a 50/50 match. Seems like rafa has had a tropical relax draw. it figures. lookkng for a Fed Delpo final!

advan , 5/4/12 9:59 PM

Every draw on clay is tropical for maestro Rafa!!!!

Vamos the true and absolute GOAT of clay!!!!

hawkeye , 5/5/12 12:54 AM


You need to get off hawkeye's back and stop playing the victim! You know why hawkeye is doing what he is doing. It's because of sadfan's obnoxious and inciteful posts against Rafa fans. Or did you just turn a blind eye to the comments attacking nadline and luckystar?

Your hypocrisy is unbearable! We have been trying hard to ignore the inflammatory comments from sadfan, but hawkeye was just mimicking those posts and giving it back. It gave us all some badly needed respite from the garbage. It's been stinking up this site, along with the personal attacks on both Rafa and his fans.

You want to make this site like tennis-x, where they drive Rafa fans off any time they try to say something. At least on this site Fed fans are free to post. I am so sick of your manipulating and warning. It would be laughable if it wasn't so incredibly insulting.

Thank you hawkeye for doing this thankless job. However, I don't want to give these people any ammunition. So just post your normal comments. Any reasonable person knows what you were trying to do, so don't let it get to you.

Nativenewyorker , 5/5/12 1:32 AM

Not thankless job NNY. Thanks is when I see no one reply to sadfan disguised dries for help and attention. Please to let me deal with it and please ignore sadfan for that is what is best for her.

Begin to worry for bleck though. Lucky that 5-step program available to anyone who catch sadfan fever.

Wish I don't have to write these silly posts but is best way I believe.

Truly I don't believe vast majority of what I say for Federer who is true great in the game. I am can of his tennis on court for sure even though manic fedbots tend to diminish enjoyment sometimes including professional media.

hawkeye , 5/5/12 2:17 AM

^^^^ sometime iPhone spellcheck no smarter than sadfan. Should read

CRIES for help


FAN of Federer

hawkeye , 5/5/12 2:22 AM


I know that you respect Fed. I know that you were responding in kind because of what was being said. I also respect Fed for his achievements. Some of his fans are another thing.

Nativenewyorker , 5/5/12 2:54 AM

federer hasn't got a hope of winning a clay title this year or for many years to come unless he drops to the standards set at other tournies such as estoril and across europe. his days are numbered...cheerio

rafakid , 5/5/12 4:04 AM

Fans of nole, rafa, fed, murray or of any other player or even the non-fans who happen to read, visit or post on this site...can't we just concentrate on tennis rather than writing derogatory comments about players and their please don't pick on me for saying this...I know many people feel the same way...but somehow we are not able to transpire our good thoughts onto a forum like this...

netcord , 5/5/12 5:40 PM

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