• Nadal bidding for seventh Barcelona crown

    4/22/12 8:26 PM | Kelli DeMario
    Nadal bidding for seventh Barcelona crown Fresh off a title-winning run in Monte-Carlo, defending champion Rafael Nadal is set to continue his clay-court season in Barcelona. The world No. 2 leads the field as the ATP World Tour continues the European swing for the last week of April.

    World No. 2 Rafael Nadal makes his return to competition after winning his eighth consecutive championship title at the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters. The 25-year-old snapped a seven-match losing streak against world No. 1 Novak Djokovic on Sunday.

    Nadal will be looking to capture a seventh title in Barcelona this week. The top seed was crowned champion from 2005-2009 and again in 2011, when he returned to defeat compatriot David Ferrer in straight sets.

    Nadal leads a competitive top half of the draw that includes (5) Janko Tipsarevic, (8) Kei Nishikori, (9) Fernando Verdasco, (12) Marcel Granollers, (13) Kevin Anderson, (16) Pablo Andujar and (17) Albert Ramos.

    Other players in the same section are Frederico Gil, Rui Machado, Igor Kunitsyn, Mikhail Kukushkin, Steve Darcis, Andreas Beck, Daniel Gimeno-Traver, Lukas Rosol and Victor Hanescu.

    After an opening-round bye, Nadal will commence his title defense against either fellow Spaniard Guillermo Garcia-Lopez or Olivier Rochus.

    The nearest seed to the No. 1 seed is Andujar, who looms as a possible round of 16 opponent. Further progress through the draw may set a quarterfinal clash with either Tipsarevic or Granollers and a semifinal showdown with Nishikori or 2010 champion Verdasco.

    Should Nadal reach the final, he could face world No. 4 Andy Murray or 2011 Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell finalist Ferrer.

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Vamos Rafa!

nadline , 4/22/12 9:55 PM

Berdych was in Rafa's half and he has pulled out with a shoulder injury..........

rafaisthebest , 4/22/12 10:18 PM

Play smart Rafa and win's all about building confidence, re-establishing the "fear" the rest of the tour has over you, beating them before they even step on the court.........this way you conserve your game venom for the one player who has given you problems in the last year: Nole.

You basically send the following message to Nole: You want RG2012, you have to prise it from my cold, dead hands...............

rafaisthebest , 4/22/12 10:29 PM

I hope the gr8Nadal makes it 7th Heaven in Barcelona.

nadline , 4/22/12 10:59 PM

i suppose its going to be another record , winning two tournaments at least 7 times each ! and lets not forget that they usually happen within two weeks! superhuman efforts from rafa. He'l clinch his 7th barca title... totally agree with RITB, he needs to instil that fear once again ! serve them some bagels and bread sticks rafa!

vamosrafa , 4/23/12 12:50 AM

Go Rafa! Show them the king has returned! He gets beaten by Djoko last year on clay and suddenly according to the media pundits, he is no longer the favorite at Monte Carlo? However, the betting sites had him as the favorite.
I don't care what happens at Barcelona. Rafa's victory over Djokovic at Monte Carlo has served warning to all the naysayers that the king is no pushover!

holdserve , 4/23/12 2:19 AM

Be afraid, be very afraid...............he's on a mission, already in Barcelona!!/Stako_tennis/status/1941832250258 96449

Already, MC victory is having desired effect: players are tracking Rafa..........

rafaisthebest , 4/23/12 6:39 AM

Vamos Rafa! Lets bite another trophy! :)

oshien , 4/23/12 11:48 AM

the tards are getting ahead of them selves. Nadline and cockeye have released so much tension the last 24 hours they probably will dry up kn a fortnight just like there own litle ballretriever.

advan , 4/23/12 12:13 PM

yes what cockeye is saying is heroic matedial but when someone makes a few comments about Nadal and his bad sportmanship behaviour the site erupts like biting the ear of christiano ronaldo.

advan , 4/23/12 3:23 PM

sadfan pick for barcelona: "only Federer can win barcelona this week"

hawkeye , 4/23/12 4:36 PM

Federer?......................havent seen him in a while................

Monalysa , 4/23/12 4:57 PM

@eduardvalalex...................rofl!!!!............................. .........................

Monalysa , 4/23/12 4:59 PM

Vamos our Rafa & God bless. Good luck for Barcelona.

schatz , 4/23/12 5:53 PM

goodbye and good riddance, eduardvalalex!

RickyDimon , 4/23/12 6:15 PM

Monalysa must be very sick to think edvaltrex's comment was funny. It got him banned and Ricky never bans people that I can recall.

chr18 , 4/23/12 10:25 PM

chr 18
this site needs to be cleaned up. so the rickster can ban all the tards if they cross the line.

advan , 4/23/12 11:16 PM

what was the comment about??? :S

vamosrafa , 4/24/12 1:37 AM

advan, I think you the one who should b banned due to ur comments about Rafa.... this site is the best site for true tennis fans.. only idiots or haters or crazy people could define Rafa as badsportmanship.

tettylds , 4/24/12 2:13 AM

The comment by edvaltrex was about bestiality mixed with the most vulgar language including the "f' work used as a homophobic insult. Really nice guy huh? Glad Ricky banned him. Some people have no self control or dignity. Good riddance indeed.

chr18 , 4/24/12 4:31 AM

Chr18 - you are a pathetic little hypocritical piece of shit. Telling other people to behave lol when you can't even control your own self and the baseless drug accusations you make against Rafa and calling a fan here 'homo'. What do you call all that and other crap that you've posted?? Quit the self righteous BS you lil faggot!

jean , 4/24/12 7:36 AM

Is it really True?
Is the herpes encrusted di** head known as EdwardValtrex finally been shown the door?
Well, what can i say but I told you so, I always knew he was a bad one.
Such a troubled soul anyway.
Banning him was in fact the only merciful thing to do.
Well done the Rickster!
Made my day that.

Twinge , 4/24/12 11:00 AM

the rickster also known as the punisher. He can go right ahead with banning jean. qhat is that homofoob or what?

advan , 4/24/12 11:24 AM


Twinge , 4/24/12 11:28 AM

for writing all that, take a look in the mirror c & T

chlorostoma , 4/24/12 3:30 PM

^^^ Looked in the mirror, and nope don't look like a herpes infected d head.
Furthermore I will not post Racist, homophic or bigoted etc language the way that character did. He should have been banned long before.
I'm not self righteous but I do (believe it or not) have some limits.
Anyway if you feel the need to defend him then maybe you should take a peak at yourself. If your mirror can handle it.
Oh but he was a Nadal fan so presumably its okay.

Twinge , 4/24/12 4:35 PM

^^^^whoa, Twingey!! show some love....................

rafaisthebest , 4/24/12 4:43 PM

It's GG-L for Rafa tomorrow............


rafaisthebest , 4/24/12 4:46 PM

GG-L is no pushover so Rafa can't be too laid back tomorrow.

nadline , 4/24/12 4:57 PM


You are a very intelligent person. So I can only conclude that you understood perfectly well my reference to the mirror. Obviously that reference had NOTHING to do with defending any troll-like posts by anyone. I never have or will defend such posts or behaviour.

Quite obviously what I meant is that you too have written posts with the kind of language, swearing and distortions such as the ones you were condemnding others for having written.

chlorostoma , 4/24/12 5:05 PM

^^ I did not mean to write swearing actually. I meant insults.

(I knew something was twinging my mind when I wrote it. This is what it was.)

chlorostoma , 4/24/12 5:18 PM

I mean are you serious?
What were we referring to for the entire thread?
Who got banned and why?
If you are saying oh no its more about insults after all of that then perhaps you should be a little more attentive to things like `context`, particularly if you want to get in my face.
Swearing and insults, & also making fun of people is one thing and it was something i was not actually condemning, but calling someone a n***er or a f***ot
& in Valtrex's case various anti Serbian racial slurs is going too far. Even for me.
And that was something i obviously was,
condemning that is.
So in future, If you wish you provide me with a lesson in morality (good luck with that) it might be better that you take care with the timing & placing of it.
And that's my little lesson to you.

Twinge , 4/24/12 5:50 PM

I was referring to your post of 11:00 am in particular... and some of your to your general lack of respect to posters who do not share your view in general.

About the particular... it is more effective, in my view, to explain your view as to why a troll-like post like vavalex... is wrong WITHOUT resorting to insults like the disease you referred to. You come out smelling like roses it you do it with wit and not stooping down to insults.

Also, for example, I would not wish that h disease upon anyone. Nor any other nasty disease. Some people catch such diseases truly for no fault of their own.

Again, I have no problem with you calling out really bad behaviour here. Be it racist or otherwise. On the contrary. It is what you write about others that I occasionally have a problem with.

chlorostoma , 4/24/12 6:12 PM

I could make fun of you now Chlorostoma, as you have given me enough material to do so, particularly with this whole std thing.
But you seem to be a nice person so i'm going to let it pass, this time.
I usually don't go for people who are nice, for the most part. I tend to attack people who are being stupid, irrational or biased. I'm actually more moral than you are giving me credit for if you look at what & to whom I post.
Anyway I will keep your concerns in mind for sure, but don't expect too many changes.

Twinge , 4/24/12 7:16 PM

fair enough, Twinge

and.. I probably over-reacted when I first wrote to 'c & T'

looking forward to your future posts

chlorostoma , 4/24/12 7:56 PM

I see that jean's 7:36 a.m. post has received a free pass from chlorostoma. Oh I forgot jean is a Nadal fan. See the hypocrisy?

chr18 , 4/24/12 8:11 PM

and from the moderator.

advan , 4/24/12 10:01 PM

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