• Federer withdraws from Doha, Tsonga into final

    1/6/12 3:24 PM | Ricky Dimon
    Federer withdraws from Doha, Tsonga into final A back injury forces Roger Federer out of the season-opening event in Doha prior to meeting Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the semis. Tsonga awaits either Rafael Nadal or Gael Monfils.

    Roger Federer withdrew from the Qatar ExxonMobil Open on Friday, prior to his semifinal showdown with Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

    Federer sustained a back injury in round two against Grega Zemlja but managed to battle through a three-setter against Andreas Seppi on Thursday. When the third-ranked Swiss awoke and did not feel any improvement, he decided to play it safe with the Australian Open just over one week away.

    "I've played through two matches in pain and don't think it's the right thing to risk anything more now," Federer--the defending champion--explained during his press conference. "It's the only right decision to make. It's only the second time I have pulled out from a tournament, and I have never pulled out during a match. It's a sad moment for me, the tournament, and the fans, but health comes first.

    "Although it's not very good it's not crazy bad. I have had bad backs on the past, but this is not very good, otherwise I would definitely be playing.

    "I feel that without play and with the right treatment, I will get through it in the next few days. That's my personal opinion right now. But then of course I have along journey in front of me going to Australia, but I hope maybe midweek next week I should be a hundred percent again. But that's just guessing."

    Tsonga, who faced Federer eight times last season and lost to him on three consecutive Sundays to end the year, will go up against either Rafael Nadal or Gael Monfils in Saturday's final.

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Get well soon Roger.

bleck , 1/6/12 3:59 PM

Hehe... only his confidence is injured, after he saw Rafa's game last evening.
He would not risk to loose second time from Rafa in such short time, in front of GS... so it is tactical move, evidently...

zare , 1/6/12 4:52 PM

Yeah sure, Roger is scared of facing Nadal in the finals, that's why he pulled out.
Really, then he should have announced he had a back injury but then played anyway, because he wants the practice but he doesn't expect to beat any of the top players. this way, if he loses, everyone would blame it on his back injury. (but of course in the interview, he will say 'please don't blame it on my injury; my opponent deserves full credit'. )
Turly, Federer has a lot to learn :)

Bharata , 1/6/12 5:09 PM

He NEVER talks about injury before the match... only when he plays badly...later... injuries... mono... cold nights...
He eats confidence... he need it badly... another meeting with Rafa in this moment was simply too much...

zare , 1/6/12 5:16 PM

"He NEVER talks about injury before the match"

Exactly but Federer has always been like that for his whole career. tthat is because he does not want his rivals to know that he has an injury while he is in the tournament, as they will probably be more confident when facing him. In a sport as competetive as tennis, even the smallest things can make a difference. Sampras used to be like that as well.

tj600 , 1/6/12 5:35 PM

Exactly tj600... but after bad days he is using it often...

zare , 1/6/12 5:54 PM

"another meeting with Rafa in this moment was simply too much..."

And you had nadal in the final as a fact because....?!

bleck , 1/6/12 6:00 PM

You guys all jumping the gun here, cos of course, he wouldn't have had to face Rafa.

deuce , 1/6/12 6:10 PM

Yeah zare obviously got it all wrong; he withdrew 'cause he was scared of MONFILS, silly.

xrf , 1/6/12 6:19 PM

zare is a nice troll. Makes me laugh.

Just hope he doesn't believe the crap he posts. Then he has a serious problem to deal with.

bleck , 1/6/12 6:23 PM

I guess nadal getting schooled by monflis shut the nadal fans up in this thread ...and here i was waiting for an all put battle of words :)

breakpoint , 1/6/12 6:40 PM

I really hope he gets 100% healthy for the AO. The circuit needs Roger and Rafa at his bests in order to break Nole dominance... otherwise this will be a really boring season.

Emiliano55 , 1/6/12 6:54 PM

"zare obviously got it all wrong"... hehe ... not... Fed did... Oh, he is pissed of now...
Bleck... google a little bit "troll".. 'coz you don't have idea what word means?
Troll...That in two weeks he will be TWO years without GS..? ....or FACT?
What injury... Did you saw him today, on court interview... smiling... moving normally... and complaining about cold nights... LOL... and tight back !?!
It is happened before that he WAS avoiding Rafa in front of GSs... nothing new :)

zare , 1/6/12 6:59 PM

zare, from urbandictionary troll: "One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument".

I think that suits you quite well.

And your last post is all the proof I need.

bleck , 1/6/12 7:11 PM

don't ignore last month win at london ( 6-0/6-3 ) . roger is really injured and according to statistics roger has not retired in a match in all his career . and this is his second time he decides not to play due to injury . he is logical and he knows what to do and because of that he has a successful career .

pnp , 1/6/12 7:11 PM

Last question for'ya bleck...
What is provocative in statement "Last SEVEN GSs he is without trophy"????
Only delusional fedtard can not see that is FACT!!!!
@pnp... I agree with you very well... he knows very well what he is doing.
And... yes this is sec. time in his carrier... but... lot of times he skipped tournament or whole tourney ( like in Asia... last autumn )
Let take a look at the result of this "injury"...
- I am not going to loose from Rafa... OK... now maybe Gael...
- My (modest) winning streak will go on...
- My terrible play against Seppi is excused... and my catastrophe with Nole and Rafa in Abu Dhabi will be forgotten...

zare , 1/6/12 7:47 PM

Zare ...

Nole success has gone in your head ...arrogance touch in your post is increasing day by day !!

and whats wrong in smiling in on court interview he said it is a precautionary step before slam and every player don't need to be clown like nole after his retirement like against delpo last year that was epic drama performance.
I mean he was surely injured but that drama after retirement ..gosh!!

mani4Tennis , 1/6/12 8:10 PM

mani4... you answer is simply blaaah...blah...
Tell me what is wrong in my previous post...
So when Fed tells you that he is injured... we have to receive that as God's Word...LOL...
And you answer is insulting Nole.... unbelievable!
Fed's victory in last 3 tournament... that is gone in someone's head... and he is favorite again....ROFL...

zare , 1/6/12 8:44 PM

How old are you guys ?

Seriously, this forum is getting REALLY boring with all this Fedal fans arguing like little kids.

Emiliano55 , 1/6/12 8:54 PM


what insult ??

i said he was injured and there was no doubt about that but he does not need the drama performance after retirement to convince the audience.

Fed is not favorite again and nole is favorite by miles!!

mani4Tennis , 1/6/12 8:58 PM

"Yeah sure, Roger is scared of facing Nadal in the finals, that's why he pulled out."

Bharata, 1/6/12 5:09 PM

That was the funniest comment I've ever seen on this site :)

ts38 , 1/7/12 7:33 AM

I am Rafan but I also find this comment of Fed being scared of Rafa rather funny...Fed has no reason to be scared of Rafa...unfortunately, nobody is scared of Rafa these days and with the reason...Rafa has lost his aura of invisiblity and it becomes obvious he has to fight harder than ever in his entire career to get it back...with the way he played Monfils he is not even close to reaching that goal...I always said Rafa needed a therapist to deal with his confidence issue...he does not believe in himself any more and the biggest part of Rafa's game relies on his mind...if he is constantly doubting himself he should not play tennis any is as simple as that...Rafa needs to find a way back to winning tourneys and he needs to do it soon...he sure can do it, but he does not seem determined enough to do it...

I hope Fed will be ok for the needs Fed and his beautiful game...

natashao , 1/7/12 1:00 PM

You honestly think Roger Federer pulled out of the semis because he might possibly have had to play Nadal? That's got to be the silliest comment I've ever seen on these boards and that is saying a lot!

Sorry his back is bothering him but hopefully it's just too much tennis too soon after his vacation.

Ramara , 1/7/12 1:42 PM

I agree with zare, it's all tactical................Fed did not want a possible face-off with Rafa just before Oz2012 just as Rafa avoided Nole by losing to Daveed in the exho........................nothing to be defensive about, wise moves.

rafaisthebest , 1/7/12 5:14 PM

ritb - I've often wondered if in fact players were tactical in such a way. On the one hand it makes sense, but on the other....there's the possibility of points lost. I actually think that Roger was far from 100% at Abu Dhabi. His performance was dismal. Where Rafa is pretty much an open book and is greatly criticized, Roger doesn't say much till after the fact and is also greatly criticized. I wonder how Nole will present himself when the time comes? Personally, I think Roger has the edge.

Maya , 1/7/12 6:16 PM

`Yeah sure, Roger is scared of facing Nadal in the finals, that's why he pulled out. '

I was being facetious, referring to the comment directly above mine (2nd from the top) which suggested this. Of course Fed has nothing to fear - he probably likes having the practice vs a top opponent. I don't think Fed cares about these smaller tournaments. Even if he loses to Nadal it's a good gauge of his game. (He cares about Holiday Exhibition mathces even less).
At this stage in his career, a normal Federer is maybe 50/50 vs Nadal on a outdoor hard court. On a very fast hard or an indoor with low bounce, obviously Fed is the favourite. I don't know how fast Doha was playing.

Just hope he gets better. Having a day of rest between matches hopefully will help him. But back injuries are hard to deal with apart from vague treatments.

Bharata , 1/7/12 7:38 PM

^I knew you were being facetious, and it made me burst out laughing^

ts38 , 1/8/12 12:04 AM

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