• Nadal opens Davis Cup final against Monaco

    12/1/11 3:54 PM | Ricky Dimon
    Nadal opens Davis Cup final against Monaco Rafael Nadal and Juan Monaco will kick off the final weekend of Davis Cup action on Friday afternoon in Seville. Spain and Argentina are battling for the 2012 title.

    Spain turns to its No. 1 player and one of its most dominant singles players ever as it begins the 2012 Davis Cup final against Argentina on Friday.

    Rafael Nadal is 18-1 lifetime in Davis Cup singles action and has won 18 singles rubbers in a row since losing to Jiri Novak in February of 2004. On clay, Nadal boasts a 14-0 record.

    The world No. 2 will take the court for Friday's first match against Juan Monaco. They have faced each other on three previous occasions, with Nadal leading the head-to-head series 2-1. Their most recent encounter came on the hard courts of Cincinnati in 2007, when Monaco led by a set and prevailed via second-set retirement.

    Nadal is looking to bounce back from a late-season swoon just as he did in 2009. That season he got blown out in three straight World Tour Finals matches only to destroy Tomas Berdych and lead Spain to the Davis Cup title. Nadal fared slightly better in London this time around, scoring a win over Mardy Fish, losing in three to eventual runner-up Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, and getting routed by eventual champion Roger Federer.

    Monaco generally does his best work on clay, but he heated up late this year on hard courts. The world No. 26 made a surprise run to the fourth round of the U.S. Open, appeared in the Valencia Open 500 final, and made it to the Paris quarterfinals just one week later.

    Although Monaco is in outstanding form, it does not get any tougher than going up against Nadal on clay in Spain. Count on the host Spaniards getting the first point on the board after three routine sets.

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I guess Pico and Rafa will have to blank out each others face when playing each other in such an important tournament. Here's to Spain in 3.

Maya , 12/1/11 5:54 PM

Vamos Spain

nadline , 12/1/11 6:07 PM

The argentinian team has been bombshelled out of their beds by spanish doping institute.
They probably got some cold war ninja mindtricks going to upset the argetinian team. Of course the darling spaniards are not to blame but the Argetinians or argentines ? are totally upset. Dear Rafa took a stand pro Argentinians, but the damage already done. Come hell or high water Monaco will put the passionless one(TPO) out of misery.

Sienna , 12/1/11 8:49 PM

let the carnaval begin!!

Sienna , 12/1/11 9:07 PM

Sienna - I guess you have to work twice as hard at being a hater now that Numero has said his farewell. Your posts are garbage.

Maya , 12/2/11 2:48 AM

Sienna is certainly afraid that if Rafa wins his DC matches, it'll propel his 2012 into something like 2010; that's why she's spending more time at the Rafa thread, spending more time monitoring Rafa's progress rather than spending time rejoicing in Fed's success in this little part of the season. Don't worry sienna, Rafa is here to stay. Better for you to worry about your beloved Fed. The old man has plenty of work to do next year, more youngsters are capable of upsetting him these days, especially during the first nine months of the season!

PS. I'm not sure it's the Spanish anti doping auhorities doing their jobs. It might be the ITF doing theirs.

luckystar , 12/2/11 6:04 AM

It is one of the peculiarities of this site that we find Sienna practically living on Rafa threads. We know that she is praying that he will lose and then she can deliver one of her eulogies again or perhaps more ramblings and imaginary scenarios about Rafa and Uncle Toni, his mother and girlfriend.

Considering the comments about DC being a "carnival" and a "joke", I am surprised to see her commenting here. Just baffling.

For Rafa, good luck in your match with Monaco! I hope that being on your beloved clay, in your home country and in front of the home fans who adore you, will inspire you to a great victory!

Nativenewyorker , 12/2/11 6:29 AM

'spay' should read Spain.

scoretracker , 12/2/11 7:00 AM

It's also strange that some Fed fans thought they are posting worthy stuff here too! Better not get banned another time!

luckystar , 12/2/11 7:20 AM


Thanks. However, for me it's not even worth the time to comment. It speaks for itself.

Nativenewyorker , 12/2/11 7:23 AM

I have stopped reading, after the 7:23 am comment, so save your fingers. The scroll button is my friend.

scoretracker , 12/2/11 7:59 AM

So nothing to say after being found out posting lies about Rafa? Best to concentrate on posting about your own idol, why learn all the bad habits from the no.1 resident Rafa basher? She has dedicated her life to TT, posting non stop negative things about Rafa here, fabricating stories along the way. Yeah, your message aptly describes her here. Well done.

luckystar , 12/2/11 9:25 AM

scoretracker you are right on the money about Rafa and DC. His record is almost flawless because he hardly ever plays outside Spain and off clay. He usualy tends to skip those. In the end it doesnt really matters because Spain has a very good team they can beat any opponent without Rafa.

Rafa would never have sacrificed himself like Fed did traveling across the world to play in the outback in Ozzie land.

Sienna , 12/2/11 9:52 AM

LOL at sienna try to coin TPO as Nadal's new nickname... That's like calling Sienna TAE (Tennis analysis expert)... If today was opposite day

willmw101 , 12/2/11 10:23 AM

Ha ha Fed sacrifice himself? Why didn't he go to Spain in 2010 to play their DC tie there, leaving Stan alone to fend for the team and lost? Yep he also missed the tie against Ukarine and so Switzerland lost the DC tie there. If there's one to be praised in Switzerland, that guy was Stan, not Fed! Again such tainted glasses sienna used to look at matters.

luckystar , 12/2/11 10:29 AM

Fed is taking part in 2012 DC only because of the Olympic Games.

danica , 12/2/11 10:57 AM

Ha ha ha.

TPO - The Pasionate One

No one like Rafa when he is at his most passionate, he is certainly The Special One.

A passionate Rafa any way is better than anyone else any day.

nadline , 12/2/11 11:42 AM


natashao , 12/2/11 12:35 PM

Vamos Rafa - hope you have a great match & also good luck to Ferrer; I hope they both win in 3.

schatz , 12/2/11 1:06 PM

scoretracker, give it a rest, will you?

cherylmurray , 12/2/11 1:55 PM

@scoretracker , 12/2/11 6:58 AM

Anyone would think that Rafa has never won anything of h/c. Not only does he have 11 h/c titles, he beat Federer in a GS final in Australia, and his 11 titles are not made up of 250 events either they include 2 slams.

nadline , 12/2/11 2:12 PM

@nadline, I was not referring to Nadal's GS wins on HC on the regular tour. I was talking about DC indoor HC ties. To me, he seems to deliberately not play the majority of the indoor DC hardcourt ties, and only want to play those on clay. Why? Is it because indoor HC is not one of his favorite sujrfaces and he's afraid of losing?I don't know the answer as to why he chooses to by-pass the indoor HC tie, but it's become pretty obvious that he does avoid them, and I think a lot of other tenis supporters have noticed this. In fact, many writers have mentioned such..

scoretracker , 12/2/11 2:33 PM

@scoretracker , 12/2/11 2:33 PM

So if he can win on h/c why wouldn't he want to play DC on it?

nadline , 12/2/11 2:50 PM

Magic by Rafa...what a treat for our eyes...Pico is playing well but can not match Rafa's greatness...VAMOS RAFA!!!

natashao , 12/2/11 3:02 PM

@sienna, I need to learn your secret. hehe. I'm very out-spoken and don't know how to play games, especially the ones where I have to suck up to another person.
@nadline, indoor HC, not just HC, but *indoor*. Nadal is not com fortable playing on that surface and I suppose he feels he'll let down his country if he were to lose and I doubt he'd be able to get over the loss.

scoretracker , 12/2/11 3:18 PM

I think Rafa should be admired to leave the indoor ties to the spaniards who are better than him on indoor h/c. That's being astute.

nadline , 12/2/11 3:20 PM

I don't see Monaco hanging with Nadal in five sets. Perhaps in 3 but definitely not 5. This tie will have to be won by JDMP if Argie is to win the cup.Nalby is willing but his body is a question mark. Poor guy, he's such a great player whose career has been plagued with injuries

scoretracker , 12/2/11 3:23 PM

the secret actually is on TT all over. I reckon you are smart enough to have crack at it. This is stil a comercial site.

Sienna , 12/2/11 3:23 PM

lol sienna, you are talking in riddles, and i'm noit good at solving them. Plz teach me. how, he he. I post on and another site and I have no problems whatsoever with anyone on those sites. in fact, people compliment my posts. dunno, but I seem to miss the mark here, that's all.

@nadline, DC is a team event for country, so it's wise for any player to put the team first in front of his own personal ambitions.

scoretracker , 12/2/11 3:29 PM

Nice way to bring back the confidence level of already tired and battered Nadal back with the home tie in his favorite surface, against some little known opponents, and needless to say, he would grab the opportunity with his two hands.
But strange to see some people are bringing back Federer in particular to sour talk him and his fans that too in a tie which is not even a tournament where he is taking part. It's not just sad, but very distasteful to see people are time and again singling out Federer just because their idol is no match for the Swiss maestro in professional tennis, as if it's Federer's fault that Nadal looses so badly in every other surface on earth except Red Clay! Grow up people, instead of bashing Federer, try to enjoy the moment of glory for the "King of Clay" against the minnows in his back yard and in his favoirite surface, since you may not get to do this often from now onwards, specially outside the clay court tournaments.


solitudine , 12/2/11 3:48 PM

@nadline, DC is a team event for country, so it's wise for any player to put the team first in front of his own personal ambitions.

scoretracker , 12/2/11 3:29 PM

But if there are players better than you on the surface, it would be selfish to play and not give the others a chance just because you are the country's No 1 player.

nadline , 12/2/11 3:48 PM

Ahem... back to the match in question. Nadal is playing excellent tennis again, save for a little hickup in the last game of set two. Two breadsticks so far.

chlorostoma , 12/2/11 3:50 PM

@nadline, I agree with you. However, if you don't mind, I think that it's best for me to stay off of this thread for obvious reasons. T'was nice chatting with you.

scoretracker , 12/2/11 3:57 PM

What I see here is people bashing Rafa instead of Fed! Simple truth. Rafa not winning anything except on clay? True this year but not true in the past.

Now back to the DC match. Well done by Rafa, winning the first two sets 6-1,6-1, against Monaco, a good clay court player.

luckystar , 12/2/11 4:06 PM

THAT was tennis. WOWEE, what a point!

cherylmurray , 12/2/11 4:23 PM

on clay,
Nadal is still GOD

atul1985 , 12/2/11 4:36 PM

The King has spoken! 61 61 62

Vamos, The Passionate One.

nadline , 12/2/11 4:39 PM

I think all tennis should be played on clay. Lol

Vamos Rafa

nadline , 12/2/11 4:43 PM

Yes! So happy for Rafa and so happy for Spain. Now let's see what Ferrer and Delpo can bring. Monaco has already tried his best, it's just that it's Rafa he's facing, and on clay.

Rafa playing like this on clay is simply awesome to watch. Forehand CC and DTL, backhand CC and DTL all functioning so well today. He's truly the king of clay, to be able to produce tennis like this after a long hard and tiring season! Well done Rafa!

luckystar , 12/2/11 4:44 PM

Interesting how much difference surface can make. I thought Nadal played relatively poorly in London. This was superb.

I think DelPo has a shot to beat Ferrer.

cherylmurray , 12/2/11 4:44 PM

Yep Rafa played poorly in London, worst performance at the WTF, after his 2009.

luckystar , 12/2/11 4:52 PM

I thought Nadal played relatively poorly in London.
cherylmurray , 12/2/11 4:44 PM

That's an understatement.

nadline , 12/2/11 5:15 PM

I'm so laughing out loud. Incredible. You people really are something. TPO and you claim you scroll by everything I write. HAHA passionate one? really I came with that nick a few days ago good to see that everything I say gets recorded.
And I believe I was one of the few who told a Tsonga Fed final was on the programme so it is true what is claimed about me. But I let you guys tell that one.

How did Raffie do? I bet he fistpumped his way to redemption. He probably did and everyone has forgotten that he was not fysically capable of going toe to toe with TMF.

But of course Monaco is serious business0 O how the he has fallen way of top dog spot. Roger will be so close after februari is done....

Sienna , 12/2/11 5:51 PM

Ferrer takes the first set, 6-2.

Vamos Spain

nadline , 12/2/11 6:04 PM

VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !1

The Special one is in da house! The Passionate One is rocking!!

Take it up, Ferru, let's put this tie to bed!!!!!

rafaisthebest , 12/2/11 6:12 PM

So right, RITB. Rafa rocks.

nadline , 12/2/11 6:20 PM

What's Delpo playing at, didn't he read the script? Spain are SUPPOSED to sail through this pain-free..........................

rafaisthebest , 12/2/11 6:36 PM

Rafa looks like he wants to get on court and finish it off for Ferrer.

nadline , 12/2/11 6:38 PM

Rafa won his match today! I just got up and forgot to record it! Way to go, Rafa!

Now I am watching the Ferrer/Delpo match. So Ferrer won the first set and now has a chance to break Delpo who is up a break.

Vamos Ferrer!

They showed Rafa sitting on the sidelines talking away to Uncle Toni. He does look like he wants to go out there himself!

I knew you could do it, Rafa!

Nativenewyorker , 12/2/11 6:45 PM

NNY, you missed a treat.

nadline , 12/2/11 6:56 PM


The tennis channel will replay it, so I will see it later. I am so happy! I love Rafa!

At least I can share this match with you and the other Rafa fans here. What a battle in this set. Great for Ferrer to break back. Tight service game at 5-5 for Ferrer.

Vamos, Ferrer!

Rafa really goes crazy on the sidelines. He gets manic.

Nativenewyorker , 12/2/11 7:02 PM

I wonder why there are large swaths of seats not occupied. Detracts from the feeling of the match.

cherylmurray , 12/2/11 7:08 PM

^^^Times are hard in Spain.

nadline , 12/2/11 7:12 PM

It may well be the Argentinian allocation, it seems to be where the Argies are sitting.

nadline , 12/2/11 7:16 PM

I know times are hard in Spain, but they've been hard for a long doesn't usually stop people from showing up at sporting events.

And there is a break for Ferrer after Delps wins the 2nd set breaker.

cherylmurray , 12/2/11 7:28 PM

Great play from Ferrer to get the break and then consolidate. I checked the listings on the tennis channel and they will replay Rafa's match after this one is over. I can't wait to see it.

I have to pay attention to the shots of the fans in the stands. I didn't notice the empty seats.

Nativenewyorker , 12/2/11 7:36 PM

Ferrer comes from out of nowhere to take the 4th. Looks like we might have ourselves a 5 hour epic.

Hope DelPo isn't as tired as he looks. I'm enjoying this. I want a good 5th set!

cherylmurray , 12/2/11 9:21 PM

That was fantastic from Ferrer ... he held on and played aggressively right to the end. very important for Spain. Rafa was just phenomenal today against his good friend.

smr , 12/2/11 10:37 PM

Well done Rafa and David - so proud of you both. Vamos Feli & Fernando in the doubles tomorrow.

schatz , 12/2/11 10:57 PM

Yay, Ferru........the "magic portion" lives!

Kudos to Delpo for making a fight of it. Delpo tired and couldn't live with Ferru in the 5th. In his post match interview, Albert Costa said he told Daveed to stay aggressive because Delpo was going to tire. This should be of concern to Delpo and his team, he needs to work on his conditioning if he is to be a Slam contender in 2012, even his opponents know he is not in good shape. And considering that he skipped 2 tounes to stay fresh and Ferru was playing up to last week........................Delpo needs to get his fitness levels up.

As expected, Spain are well and truly in the driver's seat.................the DC is theirs to lose.................

rafaisthebest , 12/3/11 4:14 AM


Those were my thoughts watching Delpo run out of gas in that fifth set. I thought when he won that third set, that Ferrer was the one who was tiring but somehow he got it together and went on to win that fourth set.

Conditioning is a real issue with Delpo. It is especially concerning because, as you said, he skipped two tournaments to be fresh for this event. He had issues before he was injured and I don't think he ever really got the fitness thing worked out. I have to say that Ferrer was like a pitbull in that match. He just hung in there and refused to give up. He is a very physical opponent, much like Rafa, and that can take its toll. I started to think in the fourth set that if Ferrer could manage to win it then the match might well be his for the taking.

Delpo was quite distraught on the sidelines after the match. He couldn't stop crying even as he walked off the court. I think the Argentine team knew they had to win this one.

We will see if Spain can win the doubles.

I did finally see the replay of Rafa's match and it warmed my heart! Some great tennis from him. It seems that all he needs is to go back to Spain, get on that clay and play in front of his home fans. He was like a different player. A few spectacular points!

Rafa, I am so proud of you!:)

Nativenewyorker , 12/3/11 5:02 AM

There's nothing better than watching Rafa on clay, especially at dc. He definitely did put on a clinic. As for JMDP, he's a big man and I doubt there are very many guys who could keep pace with Ferru over 5 sets. On this day, in this atmosphere Ferru could have beaten anyone (except Rafa of course). Hope Feli and Fer pull off the doubles tomorrow so Rafa can maybe R & R.

Maya , 12/3/11 5:44 AM

^^^^^^^that's my question: if Felli and Hot Sauce win their rubber, does Rafa have to play tomorrow? Can he not be rested?

rafaisthebest , 12/3/11 5:49 AM


On the tennis channel they said that Rafa will only play again if Feli and Hot Sauce lose their doubles match. He would play Delpo.

Am I right in saying that if Feli and Hot Sauce win the doubles, then Spain wins DC? Isn't that how it goes?

Rafa needs to rest!

Nativenewyorker , 12/3/11 7:55 AM

^^^Yes, NNY. As it's a best of five matches Spain only has to win one more match to take the 2011 DC title.

nadline , 12/3/11 9:30 AM

Feli and Hot Sauce better bring it tonight..................I want Rafa resting in Mallorca getting ready for Oz 2012!!

Let the "B" team take over now......................

rafaisthebest , 12/3/11 10:37 AM

Once again, Feli and Fer look like the D team.

Maya , 12/3/11 7:26 PM

It's too bad Delpo has had to deal with so many injures which have compromised his fitness in a huge way. I'm sure he would have been able to finish that rubber in 3 sets. The Argie team at the present ime is severely miksmatched with both of their best players riddled with injuries. had Nalby not been so rusty, I'm sure he would have been picked to be the lead-off player. This tie goes to spain for obvious reasons. Give them the trophy now.

scoretracker , 12/4/11 3:01 AM

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