• Federer believes he could have been a footballer

    9/26/11 2:36 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Federer believes he could have been a footballer Tennis ace Roger Federer can never forget his other childhood sporting love of football, with the Swiss reportedly ready to fly to Manchester this week to watch home club Concordia Basel face mighty Manchester United.

    The match at Old Trafford could well be a possibility for the world No. 2, who is taking some time off from the game and is most likely expected back at the Swiss Indoors in Basel in a month.

    British tabloids report that football-mad Federer believed he could have made it on the pitch had his iconic tennis talent not burst to the fore as a youngster. Despite dedicating himself to a history-making career on the court, the beautiful game has never been far from his thoughts.

    "I'd like to think I could have been a footballer. I was an attacking midfielder or striker. I was a good leader and I think I could have made a good captain," Federer has said in reference to his football interests.

    "My first heroes were Italian players like Roberto Baggio and Toto Schillaci. After that I used to love watching Ronaldo, Luis Figo and Zinedine Zidane.

    "Tennis took over really for me when I was 12. My tennis schedules were so busy that I couldn't combine them with other sports, including football. I'd like to think I could have been a footballer if I hadn't had to give up."

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Messi, Iniesta, Xavi ....Federer....

Sienna , 9/27/11 5:28 PM

Yeah, hi Sienna.

Roger could be the best at anything. A lot of the players had football as a possible career but had to choice.

Glad Rogie choose tennis. Makes my days.

Fleur , 9/27/11 5:48 PM

Strange... I never heard anyone wishing to be captain? Midfielder or striker is most common wish, usually followed by wishes to win some trophies, tournaments... first time hearing wishes for being captain...

I can't imagine him as footballer... physically or mentally... I don't have high opinion about them at all, unlike Fed.

atg , 9/27/11 8:42 PM

It's funny to think that, had they both chosen football rather than tennis as a career, Rafa and Roger might still have ended up competing against each other!

ed251137 , 9/27/11 10:58 PM

The 'best' captain football never had. :)

nadline , 9/27/11 11:00 PM

Yep mentally the top tennisplayers could teach their football collegues a thing or two.
Bassically it comes down at that the tennis dude cannot hide himself with excuses for his teammates, or tactics or referee. It is seldom we look in the heart of a football player but we have the priviledge of looking rigth to the heart and soul of the tennisplayers every slam they attend. For that I am certainly verry happy Roger choose tennis.

Sienna , 9/27/11 11:03 PM

Rafa would of course have been a goalkeeper.

Sienna , 9/27/11 11:20 PM

Oh Sienna :-)

sabs , 9/28/11 8:29 AM

Superb player and a great guy. Sadly not number 2 now as the article states and I sat through the match between United and Basel last night in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the GOAT but sadly not.: the game however was great!

55federfan , 9/28/11 8:44 AM

Some people took my comments literally when I said the 'best' captain football never had. OK let me be blunt, it's Sir Arrogant again, blowing his own trumpet about how he's got leadership qualities and would have made a good captain, not ever playing football as a pro. That's for other people to say.

If he wants to show his leadership qualities, he should do his duty as captain and either publicly back the players grievances against the ATP and the ITF or come out and reject them. That's what leaders do, not sit on the fence.

nadline , 9/28/11 11:28 AM

maybe Basel should have kept him on the team and he could have made a shock entrance. Preventing United to level at the last minute.

Sienna , 9/28/11 11:32 AM

ha ha ha ha ha ha HA HA HAHAHA HA HA HA hahahaha hahaa LOOOOOOOOOOLLLL!

zare , 9/28/11 4:09 PM

Glad he chose tennis;he's a natural talent.Also I'm not from a "football"(soccer) culture so I don't understand why it's called the "beautiful game".Once I was invited to sub in a soccer game and I scored 3 goals.Since then I've always chuckled about this sport with the giant net.

stratocast51 , 9/28/11 4:57 PM


say what you want, be what you want, we think you are great. Is a pity that Rogie is misquoted.

"I'd like to think I could have been a footballer".

Very different to say?ng I was a great footballer. The truth is after reading biography, he was a great footballer, had to choice though. He choice the right sport.

I think Mr. Arrogant is Mr. Nadal who wr?ts book al about himse?f. Terr?ble to be so narc?sst?c and full of h?mself. Like Novak. Novak and Nadal, the two N's and the two arogants of the game.

Even Rogie hasn?t wr?tten an auto, only had b?os about him.

Rog?r would be great athlete at pole vault?ng too. I love that olympic sport. He goes higher and h?gher.

He always makes the r?ght choices.

Rogie is the best.

Fleur , 9/28/11 5:58 PM

Just read on another site that Novak's reallllyyyy bad back is a thing of the past. The guy was playing soccer just a couple of days ago. This, after he was falling down screaming in severe pain in his DC match coz he was getting his arse handed to him on a platter by DelPotro. What a faker! This is one of the reasons I can't ever warm up to this guy, as he's just a drama queen. I suppose I should demand an apology for the sermon I received coz I happenend to not believe the drama queen's back injury.

On the site I saw this article one of his fans wanted more moderation coz of the posters who were simply stating that they felt he's a faker. It's somewhat similar to stuff that goes on here when some don't like what they see, they call for the moderators. Some people should grow up.

scoretracker , 9/28/11 6:51 PM

If djokovic ends up playing beijing and/or shangai he can't honestly expect people to believe he was seriously injured or injured at all during davis cup.
In the match against murray he clearly quit because he didn't want to lose the match fair and square so he tried to take away from murrays win which is spiteful.
If he was able to play 7 matches with only one week between cincinnatti and the Us Open he was able to finish the match against murray.

I agree with scoretracker, I find djokovic's attitudes and behaviours obnixious and although I enjoy him beating the crap out of nadal I don't really like the man.

bleck , 9/28/11 7:34 PM

scoretracker...if you are bringing info here... bring complete info!
It was expo match... there were actors playing against Red Star Belgrade... woman club :)
So before few days you were complaining about his charity work here. It was match for raising funds for new baby incubators. If it was Fed, great football hope, you would be here praising him.... but Nole ... LOL...
Novak will play in Beijing... he has to... you know who is owner of Sergio Taccini... chinese guy... so the sponsorship.... ect, ect...'s 4:1 this year man... fed is not far away from Rafa... at-least Rafa was reaching finale.... Fed wasn't there :))

zare , 9/28/11 7:59 PM

...and what about Fed's nagging injuries...jet lags... rest at home...
...and then he is in plane for Manchester... :))

zare , 9/28/11 8:03 PM

zare, nagging injuries (small injuries) and goes watch a football match, now that's really physically demanding.
Djokovic cries his eyes out, horrible back injurie, muscle partial tear and plays a football match.
Can't you see the huge difference between the two situations?

bleck , 9/28/11 8:30 PM

thank you bleck. The exposure of the Djoker is complete. Never there has been an Atp #1 who deliberately lost the match whilest faking injury. They really did not deserve this after all the support they gave him.
Djoker does not attracked any new fans because he is like this even in his homecountry they are starting to loose interest.

Sienna , 9/28/11 8:42 PM

zare, never has fed retired from match in whole career. A nagging injury is nothing compared to novak's (broken? bad? injuured back?), nadal's (broken? factured foot?). Lies. How many times they retire from matches with supposed-injuuries? How many finals has fed reached when, you zare, sa?d he wouldn't? yolk on face.

Clear your mind, realise that federer is so way up in the millen?um heights, novak and nadal Mr. x N, don?t come close.

Fleur , 9/28/11 9:03 PM

Fleur, when did Rafa retire with an injured foot. He injured his foot during the Wimby match with Delpo which Rafa went on to win. What are you talking about?

nadline , 9/28/11 9:40 PM

Does Fleur really need to go into that. Rafa retires all the time. How in the heck is someone supposed to keep track of all those retirements.

Sienna , 9/28/11 10:00 PM

@bleck, 9/28/11 8:30 PM, thanks for showing the difference in the two situations. One, which is Roger's, all he's doing is sitting in a plane. The other, Djokovic, is actually playing soccer, a very strenuous sport, as it's not only legs, but other body parts that are in use, and it's not possible to do that with the type of injury he has been claiming, which lead to his retirement. Let's not forget he was out partying just after DC retirement. He's just a faker, and one who's totally without any credibility. What a poor representative as a No.1. I got a huge reprimand for saying I don't think his injury was real, and there was other drama, where ed, who agreed with me, was requested to rethink her position. I wonder how the dramatist feels now that Mr. Djokovic is out playing ball and is scheduled to play Shanghai and whatever else he chooses to play.

I'll say this much, if he were my countryman, and baled out on DC, I'd forget about him. He's done it twice. I doubt his allegiance to his country as he only wants DC to be part of his resume, that's all. Now that he has that, goodbye DC.

On the website I read about the soccer match, his fans were defending him with tons of justification. Those same fans are the ones who love to pull down other players, and run them off the site. It's unbelievable how some people would corrupt themselves for someone, a player they've never met.

scoretracker , 9/28/11 10:03 PM

Does Fleur really need to go into that. Rafa retires all the time. How in the heck is someone supposed to keep track of all those retirements.

Sienna , 9/28/11 10:00 PM

If Fleur can't keep track of the facts she should refrain from making categorical statements and misrepresenting the facts.

nadline , 9/28/11 10:21 PM

The facts are that Rafa retires at bundles. He retires and redraws from slams like no ATP #1 has done!?!
Wait I am sorry he is a good second after Djokovic.

Sienna , 9/28/11 11:09 PM

He said the main Novak fan on that site was a huge critic of Roger's, a few years ago, and sits on that site all day long talking about books and film and whatnot. Now that Rog is losing, she's the epitome of love for him, how phoney. lol.
scoretracker , 9/28/11 10:16 PM

Just like Nadaline! How many lives does that woman have to be a Novak fan on that other site?

Thanks for the link anywayz it is good to keep up with the injuries or so called.

Sienna , 9/28/11 11:19 PM

I suppose I should demand an apology for the sermon I received coz I happenend to not believe the drama queen's back injury.

On the site I saw this article one of his fans wanted more moderation coz of the posters who were simply stating that they felt he's a faker. It's somewhat similar to stuff that goes on here when some don't like what they see, they call for the moderators. Some people should grow up.

scoretracker, 9/28/11 6:51 PM

I got a huge reprimand for saying I don't think his injury was real, and there was other drama, where ed, who agreed with me, was requested to rethink her position. I wonder how the dramatist feels now that Mr. Djokovic is out playing ball and is scheduled to play Shanghai and whatever else he chooses to play.

scoretracker, 9/28/11 10:03 PM

Thank you for proving my point about you! You didn't even have the guts and decency to refer to me by name, did you? I distinctly remember you instructing me in your self-appointed capacity as pseudo-moderator of this site, about calling you out and not referring to you by name! Pot, meet kettle! It's interesting how I am always being accused of what scoretracker does all too often on this site.

So now we know who cannot let go, who will keep on inciting and inflaming even after weeks have passed! Now scoretracker wants an apology! Why? Because I dared to have a different opinion. In scoretracker's world, there is no room for anyone to have a different point of view, no tolerance for disagreement.

The nice thing about my discussion with ed, is that we were both able to be civil and respectful of each other. When I asked ed to reconsider her opinion and gave my reasons as to why I thought that Nole suffered an acute back spasm, I also said that people of good faith and belief can interpret what happened both ways. We wer able to agree to disagree in a reasonable way. That is a concept that is foreign to someone like scoretracker.

I have no reason to apologize and do not ever intend to do so, especially after those epic essays in which I was attacked in the most personal terms.

What I wanted to illustrate and emphasize for all to see, is that scoretracker is incapable of letting go of the past. I have been posting here with no mention or even veiled reference to scoretracker. So now I am the "dramatist"? Look who's talking!

I don't know why scoretracker is on this crusade against Nole. What has this young man ever done that would deserve all of these attacks without end?

I just wanted to post these comments again, to illustrate to everyone what scoretracker's intentions are in coming here and dredging this up one more time.

Nativenewyorker , 9/29/11 1:34 AM

Oohh, someone does not like generalisms when it's done to her. Too bad, suck it up babe, or choke on it, whichever one suits you. I don't give one fig what you think of me and my intentions, I suppose the shoe fit, and it does show you're guilty of what you did with your nonsensical ranting on the fake injuries. It was all done for you to get some kudos and now it's backfired in your face big time. I have nothing more to say to you, so talk all the mumbo-jumbo you want, I'll just ignore you.

FYI, I'm not into demanding apologies, that was sarcasm that I used. You on your uppity high horse would never apologize to anyone for anything. All you'll do, is exactly what you're doing now, hide behind a smoke screen of useless verbiage.

BTW, I notice you've been picking at the Fed fans as usual. Did you have fun inserting yourself into everything that didn't concern you and appointing yourself moderator as usual?

Don't expect me to answer anything else, coz you're just one hot air balloon. Now fly away in your crazy hot air baloon.

scoretracker , 9/29/11 3:08 AM

"So now we know who cannot let go, who will keep on inciting and inflaming even after weeks have passed! "

The above proves my point of the dramatist you are. How many weeks are we taking about? It's less than a week, but it's just like you to exaggerate to blow everything out of proportion. Keep busy by picking on the Fed fans and driving them away. it's what you do best.I guess you've been itiching to write a long mumbo-jumbo comment, well, I'm so very happy I obliged. Don't stop now, you're in great form, just take olff like secretariat at belmont and there will never be another to match. lol

scoretracker , 9/29/11 3:17 AM

Tsk, tsk! Excuses and name calling! Nope, not going to cut it this time. You put your foot in your mouth and are stuck with it. Going back to the usual nasty attacks is not going to divert attention from the fact that you are guilty of doing exactly what you attacked me for doing. Your own words are there for everyone to see.

You just couldn't let it go! You just had to bring it up again. You will never stop replying, because you need to have the last word.

Choke on it? Is that wishful thinking? You have called out on your own words. You said it, you started it up again. So own up to it and stop using personal attacks on me to try and get out of it. There are no scapegoats this time. You did it yourself!

Cheers and have a nice night! And thank you for showing your true colors! :)

Nativenewyorker , 9/29/11 3:23 AM

NNY: In the light of the subsequent developments since his retirement, do you still think my scepticism was misplaced?

ed251137 , 9/29/11 8:22 AM


Thank you for asking a fair question. I don't know if you remember my original comments, but I did put in a few comments to the effect that being the number one player carries responsibilities and Nole would not want to be known for retiring with injuries when he is losing a match. I also reserved the right to revise my opinion in the future if events warranted it.

I think your skepticism was not misplaced at all. Again in my original comments, I said that people of good faith and belief could come to either conclusion. My belief was based on what I know about acute back spasms and how agonizing and debilitating they can be.

I know that Nole went out the next night and there was a story about some soccer charity match. I did think that the injury itself was not serious and tests seemed to indicate this to be true. So I don't know that Nole's activities necessarily mean that he never had an injury, but I can understand having doubts.

Soon enough, we will know for sure. If this happens again in a match when Nole is losing, then I will not give him the benefit of the doubt. He has a history of doing this in the past and I am well aware of that fact. I try to give players the benefit of the doubt and that may not always be deserved.

I have had many conflicting thoughts about this back injury, but I can't know for sure. I never doubted the sincerity and reason for your feelings. I don't feel that your scepticism came from an intense bias or dislike for Nole. I know that you don't think that way.

You and others may well turn out to have been right all along. If that is the case, I can accept being wrong. I have been wrong before and will be again. That is okay with me. :)

Nativenewyorker , 9/29/11 10:37 AM

Ahem, when did Rafa always retire from slams?? As far as I know, he only retire at AO2010 against Murray in the QF. He did not enter the AO in 2006 due to his foot injury at end of 2005; and withdrew only once from a slam, ie Wimbledon 2009, due to injury. Even with injuries, he carried on with his matches in the slams and did not retire, at USO 2007(knee tendinitis); USO 2009(abdominal muscle tear) and AO 2011 (thigh injury).

How many retirements in his career? I doubt it's as many as some people here claimed. Fed did not retire from matches because he withdrew from tournaments and matches once he knew he can't carry on playing. He withdrew from Dubai 2009, Davis Cup 2009 first round, supposed to play at Stockholm 2008 but withdrew; withdrew from Shanghai 2009 and now 2011; withdrew from playing the QF match against Blake at Paris 2008, quite a few withdrawals I must say.

View it this way, either Fed is smart for not entering some tournaments if he think he can't go far in them, or he doesn't even have a heart to go out there to try. I think how we see it depends on whether we're his supporters or not.

luckystar , 9/29/11 11:16 AM

It would definitely have been better to enter those tournaments hand pick up injuries a la nadal!!???
How do you think federer reached 10 straight GS finals, 23 straight GS semifinals and 30 straight GS quaterfinals (and counting)?! Smart scheduling (besides his enormous talent and dedication).
How many has nadal achieved consecutively? Finals - 3 I guess, semis and quarters - you do the math if you want.

bleck , 9/29/11 3:01 PM

typo- "hand" should read "and". lol

bleck , 9/29/11 3:32 PM

So bleck, why then Fed fans boast that Fed rarely get injured because of his play style? It's more because he withdrew from tournaments more frequently than others, preferring to withdraw than to retire; ie not even want to try at all, at the expense of the organisers of course. Remember the tournament organiser of this year's Halle tournament?

He played fewer tournaments than most players in 2005, 15 in total; 17 in 2006 and 16 in 2007. In those times, there wasn't this strict eight mandatory Masters events and four 500 events and two 250 events rule, so players won't be severely penalized when they skipped Masters events. In that sense, Fed was fortunate, as during 2004-2007 he was in his peak period and so since he won most of what he played to ensure his no.1 ranking, he can skip some tournaments.

Right now, both Rafa and Nole can't skip any mandatory event even if they have locked up the no.1 ranking, unless they're sick or injured. The only events they can skip are those where they'll get zero pointers. Rafa had since 2009 reduced his workload to around 17 tournaments a year. I don't foresee him withdrawing or retiring from tournaments these days, at least he didn't do that this year so far, even when he was I'll or injured during tournaments.

luckystar , 9/29/11 4:17 PM

If we needed any more proof that Federer is not a sportsman but a dancer we have it. Sportsmen get injured, dancers don't.

nadline , 9/29/11 4:57 PM

luckystar, federer get's less injured because of his playstyle and because of smart scheduling. If he has some problem he is smart and doesn't play even though he could win some matches becuase he doesn't want to agravate his injuries. He only does this outside GS and WTF. In 2008 he played the WTF injured (and still what a match that was against murray) and he played wimbeldon 2010 with a thigh problem.
Federer gets injured but is injuries are less severe because of his playstyle and because he tries not to agravate them.

Don't be so woried about the organisers federer has been allowing them to win more money than they could wish for.

During 2004 to 2006 the masters finals and WTF were best of 5 as well as some other tournaments (i recall basel for example).
Federer was fortunate during 2004-2007 because he is the GOAT and during his peak he was far ahead of the field and because he won 11,11,12 and 8 titles during those years he was able to be number 1.

Federer has got some 0 pointers before. That hasn't stopped him from not playing some tournaments. It's a question of priority and federer puts his body before ranking and tournament wins. Else he would play more 250 and 500 tournaments with lesser fields just to win titles but he chooses not to.
Nadal wasn't forced to play monte carlo, barcelona, rome and madrid (hamburg) and RG ina short period of time. He overdoes it because he puts the wins on clay tournaments before his body. It's his choice, a poor one in my opinion.

bleck , 9/29/11 4:57 PM

bleck, you really know/understand tenn?s. I njoy read?ng wat you say.

View it this way, either Fed is smart for not entering some tournaments if he think he can't go far in them, or he doesn't even have a heart to go out there to try. I think how we see it depends on whether we're his supporters or not.
luckystar, 9/29/11 11:16 AM

No luckystar, we won't view it that way. It?s the most ridiculous ever talk.

If he th?nks he can't go far enough? - wat? wat? are you say?ng. This isn?t rogies mental game. The reason why he has w?thdrawn (few times), is because he has gone so far in previous tournaments, reach?ing finals/semis/ MORE than other players/ ever have, over a 13 yr career. Rogie has heart to w?n everything. All time.

It doesn?t surpr?se any rogie fans you would be so wicked to pull cover over people?s heads. You don?t have clear mind when it comes to Rogie.

The proof you need nadl?ne is you post more on rogie's screen than any other. There?s your proof.

We want rogie to play as long as ever, if that means he plays fewest tournaments but gets better rest and able to give his best next time, we are happy with that.

He doesn?t retire, he doesn?t lie about his injur?es, he doesn?t pretend he has a broken foot in interv?ews to put other players off the?r game. He is a great athelete. Honorable and loved.

Nadal is a pretender with injuries, so is novak. How can you play football with a broken back?, how can you play match with broken foot?

Complaining and lies all the time. It?s sick.

Fleur , 9/29/11 5:36 PM

Best to ignore what Fleur wrote.

Bleck, Fed was concerned about winning slams and the no.1 ranking, and that's why in 2008 when he had mono, he played more tournaments than in 2007, hoping to get back his no.1 ranking from Rafa. Prior to 2007, the masters finals were best of five sets
no doubt, but do note that Fed had skipped and was allowed to skip some masters events then, and so after he had secureed his no.1 rankings, he did skip some. In 2005 he played only five masters, in 2006 he played only seven.

It's unfortunate for Rafa that he had a home clay court event Barcelona squeezed in the already compressed clay court season. Noticed that no matter how many clay events he played prior to the FO, he could win a maximum of only three events each year before the FO. Going forward, as he gets older, I foresee him alternating between Barcelona and Madrid from year to year, as next year onwards, he can skip one masters event.

With his knee tendinitis under control, and he's playing fewer events these days, if he takes proper breaks between events and keeps his chronic foot injury under control, I don't think Rafa would have to retire or withdraw from tournaments or suffer any major injuries going forward. This year, despite being ill and having some minor injuries, he didn't retire from any matches. Minor injuries are unavoidable, Fed also had his back problems and pains here and there and had to withdraw from tournaments too.

luckystar , 9/29/11 6:03 PM

best to ignore wat luckystar says. Truth hurts, eh?

Fleur , 9/29/11 7:01 PM


Thank you for clearing up the issue of Rafa's so-called retirements. He has played through injuries this year, as you pointed out. At least you have the facts at hand to bolster your arguments.

I was thinking the same thing about Fed, regarding his tendency to withdraw from tournaments when he isn't feeling his best. I think that has a good deal to do with him never retiring. He can afford the luxury, given that he can skip Masters events without penalty at this point in his career. I remember what happened when he withdrew from Halle at the last minute and left them high and dry.

I also agree with you about Rafa's scheduling for the clay season going forward. I think your idea of Rafa alternating between Barcelona and Madrid, is a reasonable one. He can't play more than three events before the FO. His body won't be able to take it anymore. I hope he uses the privilege of skipping one Masters event wisely and conserves his energy.

Rafa loves playing in Barcelona because it's his home tournament. However, I do foresee him having to make some tough choices for the sake of his body.

Oh and for the record, I never ignore what you say and keep on saying it!

Nativenewyorker , 9/29/11 9:26 PM

Retirement records:
Davydenko. 15
Delpo. 12
Roddick. 11
Coria. 9
Djokovic. 9
Nadal. 6
Safin. 5

Do we need to say Fed has zero retirements?

Oh yes Fed has a tendency to withdraw from tournements?
lets see what the stats say?
Most consecutive Majors played (Men)Men
1. Wayne Ferreira 56
2. Stefan Edberg 53
3. Roger Federer 48*
4. Fabrice Santoro 46
5. Dominik Hrbaty 44
6. Tommy Robredo 41
7. Jonas Bjorkman 37
Mark Woodforde 37
9. Ivan Ljubicic 36
Guillaume Raoux 36

That is consecutive slams/ he is 30 years old and has 48 consecutive slams!!!that is 12 full years. Where the .... do you get the idea he withdraws from tournements! of course he will play (cross fingers to be fit) WTC and he will have played the last 10 years at that event. There are only 5 major trofee's to be won in tennis and Fed is taking part in everyone.

Sienna , 9/29/11 9:58 PM

Thanks fleur. I appreciate it.

NNY and luckystar maybe I didn't make myself clear. Federer skips tournaments (other than GS and WTF) because he wants to be at his best physically for the big tournaments aka GS and because he wants to prevent an existing injury from getting worse. Federer doesn't care about the penalties, as I said he has received 0 pointers for not playing the mandatory number of 500 tournaments before. Federer puts his health first.
I as a fan prefer federer's approach.

Wouldn't you prefer nadal to skip some tournaments in 2009 clay season to be well rested for FO? Wouldn't you prefer for him to not play when injured so he doesn't agravate an existing injury?

I also don't understand the pity party NNY and luckystar are throwing for the tournament organisers. Federer and the top players have given them wnough money, no need to feel sorry for them.
What would Halle have been in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2010 had federer not played there?!

And that theory of nadal alternating between barcelona and madrid it's not going to happen imo. He plays all those tournaments because he know those are his best shot of winning.

bleck , 9/29/11 10:38 PM

The fFderer hate-fest continues. A question was posed as to why I dislike Novak so much. The truth is I don't dislike him, I don't know him personally. I dislike his work ethics, his histrionics on and off court, and his distortion of the facts. However, sadly, for those who are ignorant of those facts and are deficient in discerment of those facts, ie., they can't see the the difference, they conclude that I hate him, which is pitiful because they are so lacking in those important facts. What has Novak done with respect to improving his image for many in the tennis world to like him? He's continued to retire from important matches, the last being DC, whereby his country was relying on him to win that all important single in order to to advance. I'm not singular in my dislike for Novak's work ethics, because there are millions who share my feelings, but it makes some feel self-righteous in their efforts to discredit me in this manner. The Yahoo board was awash with distasteful comments when he played that charity exho. It's ridiculous that I'm even dignifying that stupid statement of "what has this young man done" to me to make me dislike him so much, to make it look like I have a personal vendetta against him, which I don't,. However, one cannot argfue or reason with another who thinks they have all the answers, albeit those answers stem from their own mind-set, but would seize upon anything to gain favor on an internet website. Novak can't hold a candle to Roger's achievements. For one to dislike another, there is an underlying emotion of jealousy, and considering Roger is leaps and bounds over Novak, what is there to be jealous of Novak and for me to personally hate him? However, some will grasp at straws in an effort to make themselves appear big-hearted and magnanimous, when indeed, they themselves dislike Novak for beating their fave several times this year and have stated such openly. They've gone so far as to try to justify that Novak would gladly give up his 4 MS titles to win the FO. I laugh at the feeble attempts used to try to make me appear as the hateful one.

I posted the information on Novak's exho match to back up my reasons for not trusting anything he says, but as usual it's taken out of context, as me trying to rehash an old problem. The problem is still on-going so I don't understand the logic and accusations behind those ridiculous statements and lies. It's easy to see how detrimental exaggerations are to a topic.

I now ask the same question, what has Roger Federer done to NNY, and the majority of the rabid Rafafans here on this forum for them to hate him so much, and for NNY to pick on his fans without restraint, dictating and telling other Fed posters what they can and cannot write? Not to mention asking the moderators to put sienna and Fleur, whom they dub as "pathetic" out of their misery? The answer is simple, Roger has records their fave can only dream of breaking. So, inasmuch as I'm being made to look as though I hate Novak, albeit the answer is clear, I dislike his histrionics and lies, the writing is on the wall as to why NNY and the rabid rafafans hate Roger, he's too good, and their fave will only come in as a close second. When all is said and done, Roger Federer rules.

On the flip side, how some people cannot accept that Federer is a better player with respect to his work ethics than the other top players is mind boggling. The guy is a genius at scheduling. Some may want to find ridiculous reasons for his non-retirements, but the fact is, he's rarely injured, and that's due to his style of play. While nadal and Novak are grinders, roger is not. his footwork and strokes are fluid, while the other two look as though they are in a cattle stampede. Novak always appear to be off kilter and lopsided, which makes it hard to like his tennis.

scoretracker , 9/30/11 12:14 AM

what has Roger Federer done to NNY, and the majority of the rabid Rafafans here on this forum for them to hate him so much scoretracker, 9/30/11 12:14 AM

Three reasons :

1. He's considered the GOAT

2. He has the GS record (16 plus 5 TMC/WTF)

3. He's by far the most popular and richest tennis player

numero , 9/30/11 2:03 AM

Bleck, whether Rafa will alternate between Barcelona and Madrid, well your guess is as good as mine. Nothing is written in stone so we shall see going forward. Do remember that Rafa did consider not playing at Madrid in 2009 and he was complaining about that tournament, however it was the first year it was played on clay and it's his home tournament and so he obliged them and played there. Of course on hindsight, we know now he shouldn't have played there.

Rafa, like Fed, has skipped some smaller events nowadays. He played 17 tournaments last year, missing two required 500 events. This year he'll miss one 500 event, so he's also not overplaying his schedule and like I said he has not retired or withdrew from tournaments due to injuries. With or without injuries, he still gets his ten slams and I foresee him getting more slams in the future.

luckystar , 9/30/11 2:30 AM

I'm sorry to say that Fed does get injured, it's a matter of how serious that was. Like what bleck mentioned, Fed was smart to have skipped some smaller tournaments each year, and I did mention that Fed was fortunate that during his peak from 2004-2007, the ATP did not have such strict rules regarding mandatory events, and so Fed played only five masters instead of nine in 2005 for example. He's fortunate that during 2005-2007 no one really could threaten his no.1 position as both Rafa and Nole were still learning their trade and players like Safin and Nalby were not living up to their full potential. Just imagine that Fed's prime was from 2008-2011, could he afford to skip many tournaments, including masters, and still end up being no.1?

Fed did withdraw from tournaments giving reasons that he was injured, like in 2009, withdrawal from Dubai and Davis Cup due to back pain; like Shanghai in the same year stating that he had pains here and there; and now from Shanghai again stating he had minor injuries. Fed's main problem is his back, and it was quite serious that he had to withdraw from the QF match in the 2008 Paris Masters, and was battling with back problem during his TMC RR match against Murray in 2008. He's smart enough though that he skipped tournaments to rest his body so that he would not aggravate his back problem.

I've no problem with Fed being the wealthiest tennis player or being the holder of the most slams, nothing for me, a Rafa fan, to worry about. My focus is always on Rafa, and then my other favorites too.

luckystar , 9/30/11 2:52 AM

I'm sorry to say that Fed does get injured, it's a matter of how serious that was.
luckystar, 9/30/11 2:52 AM

your not sorry at all luckystar. At all.

Sienna, great post. bleckl, you are really welcome. I think you are fantast?c.

Fleur , 9/30/11 6:27 AM

'I'm sorry to say' means 'i'm sorry to tell you...'

luckystar , 9/30/11 6:48 AM

3. He's by far the most popular and richest tennis player

numero , 9/30/11 2:03 AM

How popular is Roger when only 30k can be bothered to follow him on twitter as opposed to 624k following Rafa, and Rafa's followers are growing about 10k by the day.

Don't tell me they are all gay men.

nadline , 9/30/11 9:33 AM

How popular is Roger when only 30k can be bothered to follow him on twitter as opposed to 624k following Rafa, and Rafa's followers are growing about 10k by the day.
nadline, 9/30/11 9:33 AM Fans' Favourite for the last 8 years is Roger Federer.
Need I say anything more?

bleck , 9/30/11 10:08 AM

^^^Rigged poll. Just like all the others.

If Roger is so popular, why can't these people who 'vote' for him in the polls be bothered to follow him on twitter. This is concrete evidence that these polls are rigged.

nadline , 9/30/11 10:24 AM

Why am I experiencing deja vu when I read bleck's comments?

ed251137 , 9/30/11 10:29 AM

I think the fairest way to determine who is the most popular is to use twitter. The answer will be:


nadline , 9/30/11 10:31 AM

Of course the poll is rigged. It is rigged because federer won. Had nadal won it it wouldn?t be rigged. I guess that?s the criteria you follow when judging polls, right nadline?
How blind can you get?!

In my opinion a person that votes for his/her favorite player is more of a fan and follows tennis more closely than someone who follows someone on twitter.

bleck , 9/30/11 11:06 AM

Nadline, Djokovic and Murray are DEFINITELY not more popular than Federer. I've been to more than a dozen tournaments in the US and Europe. Fed is a superstar.

cherylmurray , 9/30/11 4:01 PM

bleck, of course people don't vote for the other three in the popularity poll because they are never on the list. The one time they had to put Rafa on the list he won it.

Cheryl, I know Federer is very popular, you have to be in denial not to acknowledge it, but his fans need a reality check every now and again.

nadline , 9/30/11 4:49 PM

nadline, you are confusing the sportsmanship award with the fan favourite award which I mentioned in my post above.
The sportsmanship award is voted by the fellow players the fan favourite is voted by fans, in this discussion is the latter that is relevant.
Federer has 8 fan favourite awards from 2003-2010. Nadal has 0, Djokovic has 0, Murray has 0.

bleck , 9/30/11 4:55 PM

^^^^Still a fix.

nadline , 9/30/11 5:05 PM

bleck...sportsmanship award has turned in to popularity competition long time ago... person who throws bottles all around, breaking racquet, dropping S an F word on court, arguing with umpire...person who never in his life gave a credit to opponent... ect, ect can not be sportsman...
One more time... one of the greatest of all times... but as character... pure zero!

zare , 9/30/11 5:37 PM

ha hey! cheryl caught nadline out. do you see how she cowers later?


cheryl, please do something about nadl?nes continual posts of federer. She posts everywhere negative.

you are the one who needs the real?ty check champers nadl?ne.

Rafa doesn?t come anyware near to fed. He triple m?les away, over the rainborw.

zare, about novak, swearing in serbian, smashing his rackets (second to rodd?ck and gonzales), how about novak who ret?res, and lies, how about novak as a no.1 setting role model for children playing with gun?, you call that ok? for no. 1? you joke bout someth?ng like so? bout comedy value of no.1 making impersonat?ons of fellow players? that?s funny?

Fed shuld be nighted for wat he done for ten?s. novak shud be in pr?son for play?ng with gun and allow?ng children to watch h?m.

Unforg?veable foolish behavior. So what?s the excuse?

character?....pure zero! double zero! triple zero!
One more time, novak is a joke.

Rogie fed is superstar, best, most honorable ever, greatest ever, greatest.

Fleur , 9/30/11 7:40 PM

If tennistalk had a rule that said that anyone who complains about players gets banned, we'd have nobody left. Nadline is as free to call Federer boring and over-rated, as you are to call Nadal an underwear-picking boor. Or whatever the latest complaints are.

Carry on.

cherylmurray , 9/30/11 7:51 PM

I think fed is not on twitter his account is not authenticated there ..isn't it the case??

best way is facebook ..both players account are official so...!!

mani4Tennis , 9/30/11 11:35 PM

Rafa still not have the privileges to skip 1 master as per ATP rule from the beginning of next season he can skip 1 masters in an year.

Fed can skip 2 masters next year and from 2013 he can skip anything

mani4Tennis , 9/30/11 11:43 PM

Current ATP-rankings

1. Djokovic 12 500 pts
2. Murray 8 750 pts
3. Federer 8 670 pts
4. Ferrer 6 970 pts
5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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