• Nadal finally gets on court, makes short work of Muller

    9/8/11 8:06 PM | Cheryl Murray
    Nadal finally gets on court, makes short work of Muller Defending champion Rafael Nadal came out on court after a 2-day rain layoff and made an emphatic statement.

    On Wednesday, US Open tournament referee Brian Earley sent the bottom half of the men’s draw out on court with mist still in the air and the courts slick. Nadal went down quickly 0-3 and had terse words for Earley after harder rain sent the players back into the locker room.

    After all the distractions though, Nadal came out on Thursday afternoon and put on a tennis masters class.

    Opponent Gilles Muller was left without an answer to the Spaniard’s game after play resumed. Nadal got a bead on Muller’s serve and got the break back. But the real momentum turned in Nadal’s direction during the tiebreaker.

    Nadal played a near-perfect breaker, allowing Muller just 1 point as he took the one set lead, after which Muller lost the plot completely.

    Nadal played clean and aggressive tennis in the second and third sets. The Spaniard finished with 33 winners and just 11 unforced errors. The Spaniard awaits the winner of David Ferrer and Andy Roddick in the quarterfinals.

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And emphatic it was. Reminded me a bit of the Soderling match at the French Open. Like a light-switch, and all of a sudden Nadal is all brilliant and stuff.

cherylmurray , 9/9/11 2:43 PM

So good to see Rafa get to grips with Muller's serve. When Pam Shriver asked Rafa about being 0-3 down to Muller he just shrugged his shoulders and said it's a best of 5 sets. After watching their mtch at Wimbledon, I realized taht Rafa was just tight because of his loss to Muller there some time age, but once he relaxed Muller ws lost so I wasn't too bothered about the match yesterday.

nadline , 9/9/11 4:07 PM

You eat your words nadline when you said Mullers was a threat.

You knew he wouldn't be along with rafy fans. You make things up. It wasnt a brilliant match.

It rained.

Fleur , 9/9/11 4:37 PM

No, I haven't eaten my words, Imeant it at the time I said it, but after watching a recordingof their match at Wimbledon this year on Monday I realized that there was nothing to be worried about so long as Rafa was relaxed.

So what have I made up? Cheryl thinks it was a master class by Rafa, and that's good enough for me. You wouldn't know a great match if it hit you in the face.

nadline , 9/9/11 5:14 PM

Of course Muller was a big threat. If Fed had met him, Fed would be now flying to Australia to practise for Davis Cup.
Rafa played brilliantly.
US Open officials should stop blatantly favoring Federer both in draws and scheduling.

holdserve , 9/9/11 5:25 PM


Well, hello stranger!
Nice to see you back....

Sosueme , 9/9/11 5:41 PM

If Muller had played Fed, Fed would have beaten Muller, 60, 60, 60.

Rafa made hard work of someone who was past his best years ago.
nadline should admit she overreacted.

US Open officials don't favour Federer. They favour Novak. He is the world no. 1 who is starting to complain more often, through his arrogance, getting ready to make his wedding speech.

If it hadn't ve been for Federer, the final wouldn't have been moved to Monday. He solidified the players' councils decision because he is a fair and just man.

Fleur , 9/9/11 5:55 PM

Stinky Plain Flour, could you please give me directions to where you are. It's always been a dream of mine to live on a different planet!

jean , 9/9/11 6:01 PM

I don't think Federers draw has been easy though, Cilic in third round? Tsonga in the quarters? Nadals first difficult player is Roddick in the quarters and hes hardly been playing well recently. Djokovic has had a pretty easy draw (Tipsarevic in the quarters?) as has Murray, I think the draws in terms of difficulty are fairly random, scheduling wise I don't know enough to comment.
I also think even though at first I thought Muller was a threat but he really shouldn't be, he has a good serve but Rafa is a far superior player and all of the top four should be able to comfortably handle him.

rbennett , 9/9/11 6:50 PM

US Open officials should stop blatantly favoring Federer both in draws and scheduling.
holdserve, 9/9/11 5:25 PM

Look who's back. Know you couldn't stay away rafaelite.

It seems like Nole has quite the nice schedule/draw as well. Oh and has Rafa played anybody in the top 20 yet? Hmmmm...............

numero , 9/9/11 6:52 PM

no.68 is the only player nadal has played!

It's a fix!

The schedule is fixed to give rafa a smooth path, like always. Hmmmmmm.......

No seeded player and more excuses.

Fleur , 9/9/11 7:52 PM

Nadal can reach semie without playing a top[ 20 ranked guy? OMG he should enter in the ladys draw they would be sure he is in the final,!

Sienna , 9/9/11 8:55 PM

Serena would win.

numero , 9/9/11 10:06 PM

Yes, I see what you mean. Serena v Nadal? ? She always says she is stronger than any of the male players.

Fleur , 9/9/11 10:20 PM

numero, who is rafaelite?
I have been away.

holdserve , 9/10/11 1:10 AM

Why your other ID of course! The one that got banned for accusing Roger and Nole of doping remember?

numero , 9/10/11 2:18 AM

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