• Djokovic takes on Dolgopolov in U.S. Open fourth round

    9/5/11 7:16 AM | Ricky Dimon
    Djokovic takes on Dolgopolov in U.S. Open fourth round Novak Djokovic looks to win his 61st match of the season and earn a spot in the U.S. Open quarterfinals on Monday. Up next for the world No. 1 is Alexandr Dolgopolov.

    Novak Djokovic is being relegated to Louis Armstrong Stadium on Monday afternoon. If Djokovic is mad about it, Alexandr Dolgopolov will be hoping the world No. 1 does not take his anger out on him.

    After all, Djokovic is already beating people bad enough heading into this U.S. Open fourth-round encounter that will be played on the tournament's second biggest court. The top seed got a retirement after 44 minutes from Conor Niland, lost two games in three sets to Carlos Berlocq, then trounced Nikolay Davydenko 6-3, 6-4, 6-2 on Saturday night.

    With the three victories, Djokovic is now an incredible 60-2 for his 2011 campaign. Although he retired in the Cincinnati final to Andy Murray last moth, the Serb is clearly back in fine form with no apparent shoulder issues.

    Dolgopolov has emerged with a bang at 22 years old. The Ukrainian cooled off slightly following a torrid start to the year, but he could be ready to produce the same early-season tennis. After dismissing Frederico Gil and Flavio Cipolla, Dolgopolov took down an in-form Ivo Karlovic in four sets.

    If nothing else, the points and shot-making in this one should be electric. Regardless, Djokovic in three sets is the obvious choince.

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If Novak continues to dispatch his opponents as early as in first matches, he might play next in Court #17 to teach him a lesson not to finish so early... US Open organizers are considerate: they put Fed on Arthur Ashe Stadium in the evening to spare him from heat (organizers are afraid that Swiss complains if otherwise, as usual, and besides he is close to retirement) and they make test of Nole's heat endurance on Luis Armstrong Stadium during warmest period of day (match starts not before 1 pm) hoping that he gets angry for that. Fortunately, organizers will never learn what drive INAT for Serbian represents...

vjakov , 9/5/11 9:51 AM

There are the rabid Fed fans
Girly fans who drool over Nadal,
and then there is vjakov.

nirv02 , 9/5/11 10:15 AM

Dokovic in three sets.... what else ?

zare , 9/5/11 10:52 AM

Novak should be upset for playing on Louis Armstrong stadium.

pro59 , 9/5/11 11:34 AM

Honestly, some fans are too picky concerning scheduling and which stadium the players have to play on. What's wrong with Djokovic playing at 1:00 pm on Armstrong, when he's had to play mostly night matches and on Ashe? There are other players who have not been as lucky and he's not the only No.1 that's had to play on Armstrong in the day. In other countries the homeboys are given the night matches and Center court. in Serbia, djokovic gets to play as he chooses. At least the USO does not show such favoritism coz Fish had to play during the day and so did roddick, Isner and the other players.

If Novak's as fit as he claims, then why shouldn't he be tested in the heat. After all, between the pod and the gluten-free diet, he's supposed to be the superman of tennis, so let him sweat for a bit, it won't harm him.

If there is quibbling it should be over Sharapova's hand-picked schedule, at Wimbledon, bumping up her ranking and always playing on Center court. Serena has not had such a great schedule as Sharapova. I suppose she needs to be on Center court where she can show off her beaded dresses.

scoretracker , 9/5/11 12:00 PM

I simply don't see the reason to be upset... he will be on Arthur and he will celebrate...
This can not touch him anymore..:)

zare , 9/5/11 1:12 PM

I think that Rafa's collapse during his presser wiped Nole's break dancing off the front pages.

nadline , 9/5/11 3:11 PM

nad, you are completely right...all the news only speak about Rafa's cramping and collapse, it seems more important than any match report...even Murray and Roddick were asked to comment on it during their pressers...

natashao , 9/5/11 4:11 PM

There are the rabid Fed fans
Girly fans who drool over Nadal,
and then there is vjakov.
nirv02, 9/5/11 10:15 AM

you forgot the arrogant fans...zare..jean..

zare, the arrogant one.

Fleur , 9/5/11 5:22 PM

Dokovic in three sets.... what else ?
zare, 9/5/11 10:52 AM

his appalling, arrogant break dancing.

He is regressing to 7 years old. Mr. Arrogant, look at me, I am so great. zare kiss my feet. It's repulsive. zare, they have break dancing in the hoff's new show. Novak should go join and break dance the night away with the kids.

Fleur , 9/5/11 5:31 PM

Again something stink here... is fleur again hallucinating ....
And he will dance again...hehe... he is not fake cyborg like your idol....

zare , 9/5/11 6:14 PM

Watching 7 years old kid make you horny ???

zare , 9/5/11 6:17 PM

Have to agree with scoretracker's take on Nole playing at 1 pm, don't see a problem with it at all. He's had two night matches. No one deserves prima donna treatment and that includes Nole. He will not have a problem in the heat though, and it will serve him in good stead for a potential day semifinal.

Not a fan of the breakdancing, but jeez guys give him a break. He's got his own brand of personality - and it fits into the whole entertainment package tennis has become.

samprallica , 9/5/11 7:30 PM

I was wondering how this thread had 12 comments already since most people here have nothing good to say about Djokovic. I wish some people would just keep their nastiness to themselves coz this ruins it for the real fans.

Coming back to tennis, I'm excited about this one, it's at a decent hour for me, plus I have never actually seen Dolgopolov play, so I'm quite looking forward to this.

mriiidula , 9/5/11 7:37 PM

^^ Notice how that has escalated since he became no.1?

Nole should beat Dolgopolov, but if the guy is at his best, it will be a test. He does know how to mix it up well and throw you off by playing the ball in unexpected areas.

samprallica , 9/5/11 7:44 PM

Yes, back to talking about the tennis and this interesting match. Dolgo can be either brilliant or dreadful and has trouble keeping his focus and concentration in a match. However, he has the kind of game to keep his opponent off balance. He can blast big serves and has some powerful groundstrokes. He just lacks the consistency to keep doing it throughout the match.

I don't see Dolgo having any chance to beat Nole here, but he could make it interesting if he just comes out and plays his game.

Nativenewyorker , 9/5/11 8:01 PM

Samprallica, haters will always be there. I just wish they'd hate quietly.

Ugh, Janko, finish already.

mriiidula , 9/5/11 8:24 PM

Yikes, Dolgo's on fire! This is shaping up to be pretty damn interesting.

mriiidula , 9/5/11 9:23 PM

Mary Camarillo just said that Rodick, Federer, Nadal and S.Williams never played outside of Arthur Ash. It just show that organizers are not showing respect for Djokovic and lot's of fans who wants to see him as he certainly deserves as the best tennis player on the planet!!!

pro59 , 9/5/11 9:38 PM

Well its nice that people on other courts get to see him too.

Broken back, thankfully. I was starting to worry.

mriiidula , 9/5/11 9:41 PM

This is a great match,
Dolgollovollop is full of little surprises isn't he?
Novies not into surprises that much, likes it smooth and rhythmic,
Still looks like girl however,
Dolgo that is...

Sosueme , 9/5/11 9:55 PM

ohhhhhhhhh dear.

mriiidula , 9/5/11 10:06 PM


mriiidula , 9/5/11 10:26 PM

Unbelievable. Dolgopolov has a fan in me. So refreshing to see tennis played like this.

samprallica , 9/5/11 10:26 PM


cherylmurray , 9/5/11 10:30 PM

First set Nole. Alex slicing Nole to death.

cherylmurray , 9/5/11 10:32 PM

First set Nole. FINALLY. I have so much respect for Nole's mental strength, saving so many set points and coming back from 4-0 down in the tiebreak. Cracking stuff.

That said, I'm officially a Dolgopolov fan too. He's brilliant so far, I cant believe he isnt ranked higher.

mriiidula , 9/5/11 10:33 PM

Man, Dolgopolov could go far if he tightens the basics of his game a bit more. He was thoroughly outplaying Nole there and deserved the set. The last point, however was an illustration of what Nole should be doing.

samprallica , 9/5/11 10:33 PM

Phuuuuuaaah.... well done Nole....
...and this Dolgo is fantastic.... lucky spectators !!!!

zare , 9/5/11 10:34 PM

Love those slices, forehand chips and all. hes not solid enough though, tennis needs to be less flashy at times and more basic.

samprallica , 9/5/11 10:36 PM

yep, as can be seen. just gave the game away didnt he.

mriiidula , 9/5/11 10:38 PM

whats up?
I cant listen story about this or that...

SIMPLE THE BEST.. na na na na

Misel , 9/5/11 10:38 PM

Well done Novie B
And look at you Mr dolgo
variety is the spice of life as they say & he has it in spades!
Folks, that set was SENSATIONAL!
Dolgollopolloovvoop is coming of age before our eyes as a new star,
He'll be having his periods soon!

Sosueme , 9/5/11 10:39 PM

He obviously realizes that he's not going to get near Nole playing with pace. Smart move on Alex's part.

We'll see if he can find his way back the way he did so often in Melbourne.

cherylmurray , 9/5/11 10:39 PM

Nole's playing some pretty good volleys. Encouraging.

samprallica , 9/5/11 10:40 PM

They only way to play Novie B is to throw in surprises, particularly of pace,
Or you can forget it!
Which is what Puss n Boots has had to do all year....

Sosueme , 9/5/11 10:44 PM

Good aggressive tennis. Seems like the first set could be a flash in the pan. I do wish Dolgo would tighten up his game though, he has such natural feel for underspin - so uncommon these days.

samprallica , 9/5/11 10:45 PM

That said, I'm officially a Dolgopolov fan too. He's brilliant so far, I cant believe he isnt ranked higher.
mriiidula, 9/5/11 10:33 PM

Now everyone who have some chance to take a set against Nole should be ranked higher/

Ha Ha HA Ha


Misel , 9/5/11 10:46 PM

Samprallica @7.44pm, Dolgopolov certainly did that in the first set, wow!
Nadine, have a great holiday and a fantastic birthday when they come round!

mojo , 9/5/11 10:47 PM

Tomic, Murray, Federer, Dolgo - certainly confirms what Sosueme just said.

samprallica , 9/5/11 10:48 PM

Dolgo can be great player... he needs more play and experience...
Already doble break dawn... he is trying to much, to early... obviously frustrated with loss of first set...
He has some health issue... "Gilbert syndrome"... and even with that illness he can play this good ( 1. set I mean)
Nole got super mental power... I really thought the first set was gone but he delivered again...

zare , 9/5/11 10:49 PM

Gotta wake up for work so I'm off to bed. Looking forward to seeing some good news in the morning, hopefully straight sets. Ajde Nole!

mriiidula , 9/5/11 10:49 PM

he's back playing awesome :) gotta love how Nole feels like he can swivel instinctively on the second serve return but then discovers the ball has no pace.

samprallica , 9/5/11 10:56 PM

a very beautiful game Dolgo has , always been a fan of this.

nirv02 , 9/5/11 10:56 PM

This is the kind of players who has chances against djokovic , a big mix up game with variety. Fed , Tsonga , Tomic , Murray . Baseliners have no chance against Djokovic.

nirv02 , 9/5/11 10:59 PM

Am I the only one who find Dolgo game ugly? Not a fan of his style at all... I think most of his shots are "hit or miss" and even he is not sure where they will end... His return looks awful...

There are flashes of good, tempered shots but I think this style of play traps him as well as don't think he is able to master it and control it.

Definitely his game is causing Novak trouble as it is hard to outhit him, but not sure where all those Anti Novak tactics will end. Do we need another Chang and his tricks? :)

atg , 9/5/11 11:08 PM

Novie B is the new KING of the baseline,
Your precision shall not match his,
Your Intensity shall not match his,
Your rhythm shall not match his.
But your dexterity & imagination?
Well, it could move a mountain,
If you can keep it up that is.....

Sosueme , 9/5/11 11:09 PM

Sosueme.... kind of poetic inspiration ??

zare , 9/5/11 11:14 PM

2 Sets To The King,
ATG if your really into Novaks games style,
It's understandable that Dolgos doesn't appeal,
But he does need to get a handle on things and be a little bit more graceful,
So I see where your coming from..

Sosueme , 9/5/11 11:16 PM

...and Nole got his break... just break...don't worry fleur...breakdance will come shortly HEHEHE....

zare , 9/5/11 11:16 PM

atg, you probably find his game erratic, like I do, but I'm a huge fan of a guy who can use underspin to such great effect.

Anyway, 2 sets to 0 and a break, its almost 3 am - im off. I hope theres no shock in store for me.

samprallica , 9/5/11 11:17 PM

Not intentionally, but it did rhyme didn't it!
Wow Sampra you're in Asia somewhere...

Sosueme , 9/5/11 11:21 PM

Hilarious discussion of Novak with serbian crowd.... he looks irritated and asked them to get racquet and come to play instead :)

Not sure what Dolgo said afterward

atg , 9/5/11 11:23 PM

Shrilanca... if I am not wrong :)
...and Nole is cruising now...

zare , 9/5/11 11:24 PM

"I've got it, I've got it" :) not sure is it time to exhibition level of play

atg , 9/5/11 11:28 PM

ATG, I agree with your views of Dolgopolov style - that "slice, and nothing but a slice", play, with sudden "hit or miss" tries, shows how poor skill arsenal is on Dolgo's disposal.

vjakov , 9/5/11 11:31 PM

wooops....Sri Lanka... my bad, sorry

zare , 9/5/11 11:31 PM

Not just slices, flashes of real inspiration and imagination,
Loved the drop shot at the net on the tie break first set,
Zare isn't Sri Lanka 5 and a half ahead?

Sosueme , 9/5/11 11:37 PM

No idea m8... but I think sampra said it once...
OK....Nole and Janko....AJDEEEEEEEE!!!!

zare , 9/5/11 11:46 PM

Congrats to Novie and his fans at TT,
Hes still looking like the favourite....

Sosueme , 9/5/11 11:59 PM

This is the guy who does not attracts tennis fans to stadiums according to some!

From Nole?s presser:
Q. Were you made aware that the crowd for Louis Armstrong today almost snaked out of the grounds right across the other side of the courtyard? It was almost half a mile long to get into your court.


Q. Did anyone tell you that?

NOVAK DJOKOVIC: I think it was probably because of the tiebreak in the first set.

Q. Before the match had even started.

NOVAK DJOKOVIC: I didn?t know. I didn?t know. I didn?t know about that.

Q. Apart from the Wimbledon queue, I don?t think anyone has seen anything like it.

NOVAK DJOKOVIC: That?s fantastic. I was happy to be there. I was happy to experience the Armstrong court again, as I said, after a while. Sometimes it?s really nice, you know, to be on the smaller court where the crowd is closer to the court where you can feel them. When you?re taking a towel, you can feel them so close to you. I think those kind of matches off the center court are very exciting.

pro59 , 9/6/11 3:45 AM

NEW YORK?It?s noon and the line of people waiting to get into Louis Armstrong Stadium snakes out of the building, all the way along the vast food court, across the plaza in the middle of the National Tennis Center, and ends somewhere out in front of Arthur Ashe Stadium. It?s hard to tell where it trails off, exactly, but it?s safe to say that if you?re at the end of it, you?re going to be hard-pressed to make it inside in the next six hours.

The PA announcer, in a voice shiny and phony enough to be lampooned on the Simpsons, informs the crowd that there are no more seats available in Armstrong, but it doesn?t do any good. These people have come for the rare chance to see the world?s No. 1 player, Novak Djokovic, from up close, and they?re willing to stand in line all day, through a marathon match between Juan Carlos Ferrero and Janko Tipsarevic, to get it.

I think you get my point!

pro59 , 9/6/11 3:57 AM

Here is FULL article by

pro59 , 9/6/11 4:30 AM

Mary Camarillo just said that Rodick, Federer, Nadal and S.Williams never played outside of Arthur Ash

Just shows how snooty the USO is. Well Vjakov I think INAT just might get him through. Here's hoping he gets really mad.

pennster , 9/6/11 4:36 AM

The crowd had to wait on line to be seated coz they aren't allowed to be seated while the match is being played. From what I heard one commentator stated that 40% are from out of town, another 10% are here on holiday from other countries, and the 50% is from the New York area. The reporter is putting a different spin on things, but it's all good, if it makes Novak happy..

scoretracker , 9/6/11 6:10 AM

Every country schedules their players to play on Center court, so why is it wrong for USO to do that for the American players.The Americans can't win. They're criticized for the scheduling, TV broadcasting and anything in between. If the americans were to say what Djokovic said about Belgrade, that the trophy is where it rightfully should be, in Belgrade, then we would see big headlinesin every foreign newspaper and the internet as well.

scoretracker , 9/6/11 6:15 AM

Yes, Sri Lanka is home for me, and I'm back on holiday. Doesn't work for the US Open though, a lot easier back in the UK where it would be 11.30 pm instead of 3 am.

Good win for Nole, he was tested hard just as I expected but came through in flying colours.

samprallica , 9/6/11 7:51 AM

Arthur Ashe was half empty. Organizers would rather see both courts full, which would happen if Serena and Novak switched courts. I guess nobody had balls to temper with spoiled Serena, putting her anywhere else than center court.

Anyway I don't see problems putting home players on center court, favoring schedule, adjusting to broadcasters etc... It isn't anything new, happens all the time...

atg , 9/6/11 1:16 PM

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5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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