• Djokovic headlines field at Rogers Cup

    8/7/11 11:51 PM | Kelli DeMario
    Djokovic headlines field at Rogers Cup World No. 1 Novak Djokovic is set to return to hard-court action for the second week of August, as he tops a 56-player draw at the Rogers Cup in Montreal, Canada.

    World No. 1 Novak Djokovic makes his return to the ATP World Tour this week, after winning his second Grand Slam of the year at Wimbledon. The 24-year-old is 48-1 in 2011, behind eight championship titles.

    Djokovic has been placed in a competitive quarter of the draw that includes: (5) Gael Monfils, (12) Viktor Troicki and (16) Juan Martin Del Potro. Other players in the same section are Nikolay Davydenko, Andreas Seppi, Marin Cilic, Jarkko Nieminen, Marcos Baghdatis, John Isner and Adrian Mannarino.

    After an opening-round bye, Djokovic is slated to begin his run against either former World No. 3 Davydenko or qualifier Flavio Cipolla. The closest seed to the Serbian is Del Potro, who looms as a probable round of 16 opponent. Successful movement through the draw may set a quarterfinal clash with Monfils.

    Should the seeds hold through the tournament, Djokovic looks to a likely semifinal meeting with World No. 4 Andy Murray.

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huh Fed is in his half, or did they change something? Anywayz his Quarter is absurd.

Sienna , 8/8/11 10:39 AM

Djokovic can't play Murray in semis - that is clear. But three quarters are tough, except for Nadal's - as always...

ystd , 8/8/11 10:52 AM

kelli, Murray is in Rafa's half of the draw. As far as Nole having a tough draw goes, you can take Troicki, Seppi, Cilic, Nieminen, Baghdatis and Mannarino off the list, so we are left with Delpo, Davy and Isner who are just marginally tough.

nadline , 8/8/11 11:13 AM

yup, quite a competitive quarter imo. hopefully he makes it to the semis without too much of an issue, del potro's the main threat in the early rounds.

mriiidula , 8/8/11 11:39 AM

I think most posters on this site know that for a top player to reach the semis they will have to face three opponents, but Davy, DelP, Isner on HC is a real venture.
It looks tougher then Chela, Tsonga, Gasguet or Anderson, Wawa, Fish.
Certainly less daunting is Dodig, Verdasco, Berdych. If Berdych was to reach the Q then it means he is on form and the draw is somewhat similar to all top 4.

Sienna , 8/8/11 1:14 PM gers-cup/

Whats again up with Rafa? I thought he had said he had practised very hard in summer break..what does this article say about foot injury testing and not practsed as much as he may wanted?

I mean I am a huge Rafa fan but I mean hs comments exasperate me no end.. dont know if its his communication issue or the fact that he talks and reveals too much or tries to underplay himself..

I mean how can one go from saying trained very hard, lookng forward to American summer court swing to need to test foot, not practised enuff within 2 days? Unless the article itself is made up and fabricated..

sanju , 8/8/11 6:10 PM

@sanju , 8/8/11 6:10 PM

Please tell me this is a joke, Rafa is supposed to play in the doubles tomorrow.

nadline , 8/8/11 6:46 PM

This is the same "just in case I lose I need an excuse ahead of time" propaganda from Rafa. Nothing new here.

numero , 8/8/11 7:30 PM

Rafa is still to play in the doubles later on today so we'll see what happens.

nadline , 8/8/11 7:39 PM

nadline, pleased to meet you. The poster called numero thinks I am you. Don't know why.
Did you ever post under the name I am using?
It is obvious I am a Rafa fan and this numero poster probably thinks there can't be more than one Rafa fan in the world. Ergo, all Rafa fans are nadline.

rafaelite , 8/8/11 8:26 PM

I dont know nadline if its true or false. I posted the link

I am not sure if article is fabricated or real

I am just surprised how can 2 diametrically different statements come withn 2 days.. Just 2 days back we were like commenting on his positivity and now again negative talk..I hope article is fabricated ..

sanju , 8/8/11 8:38 PM

Re: excuse from Rafa, I do believe our guy was injured before the French Open. I remember in some match, he took off lots of bandages to play unhindered. We were told it was a blister. With the benefit of hindsight, I think it was this foot problem. He is obviously not telling us everything. Except against Djokovic, the hobbled Rafa is good enough to beat the rest so I guess he wants to play and should Djoko have an off day, Rafa may even win the USO.
Anyway, our Rafa takes incredible chances with his fitness. I envy the Fed fans. Their hero always seems fit.
We have to constantly agonize over our man's knees, shoulders and now foot. I think this foot problem is the most serious of the lot. It almost ended his career in the early years. We know what happened to Serena. The foot carries the whole weight of the body. So any tendon, bone or, whatever, problem there, can have serious repercussions on the training and match performance.
Let us await further developments. Hope the foot worry still continues story is fabricated.

rafaelite , 8/8/11 8:44 PM

sanju, I have read the article again and it seems like they are not quoting Rafa but just trying to be alarmist, because the article says: 'He will try 100 percent to recover soon from foot injury and will hold up at the Rogers Cup event this week says Nadal. He added he will arrive at Montreal without perfect preparation on hard court. But, he wants to play hard to win the first hard court event title on American soil in this season.'

I have read other interviews where Rafa says he is fit and ready to play and will play DC if selected, and Rafa appears relaxed in pictures and videos taken since he arrived in Montreal.

rafaelite, I have never posted under a name remotely sounding like your pen-name, but numero probably thinks we are both on the same wave length which is not surprising since we both support the same player.

nadline , 8/8/11 8:45 PM

The same news appears in Weird!

rafaelite , 8/8/11 8:58 PM

This is what Rafa said according to

"I have to see when I put 100 percent power in my foot. We?ll see," said Nadal, who just began to practice last week. "I?m arriving here with not perfect preparation."

But in
MADRID (AP)?Rafael Nadal says he is available to play for Spain in the Davis Cup semifinals against France.

The French Open champion says if captain Albert Costa calls on him for the Sept. 16-18 series ?I?ll be there.?

Nadal says he is fit and feeling well ?or I wouldn?t be on my way to Montreal? where he will play a Masters event.

Unless I actually see his say he is not fit I will take it with a pinch of salt. If he wasn't, why would he play doubles as well?

nadline , 8/8/11 9:26 PM

Although this thread belongs to Djokovic, I need to say that I am as well surprised with recent news on Rafa's is really discouraging to hear Rafa is again talking about injuries...well, that is the evil we have to cope with when Rafa is is just so unusual those conflicting and completely opposite statements Rafa and his camp were issuing to the press...Since Rafa lost his doubles match already, I wonder what is going on with him again...I was so happy to see him back in action and his earlier statements gave us, I simply do not know what to feel...and to be honest, I am already disappointed and the tournament has not even began properly....

And since this space belongs to Nole I need to make a comment on his performance...he won doubles and seems on track to do well in Montreal...lucky Nole's fans...these are the happy times for them...

natashao , 8/9/11 10:42 AM

As I said before, I'm not expecting much from Rafa for the rest of this season. Rafa has been plagued with foot, ankle, knee and thigh injuries throughout his career. As he grows older, it may get worse with his body not getting any younger. The way forward is for him to play more attacking tennis with an all court game, cut down on the baseline rallies and shorten the points. Also, reducing the tournaments played per season may help too. I feel that he has played too many matches so far his year, seven more than last year same time. I like the way he played at Barcelona this year but maybe doing three masters plus one 500 event within one and a half months is simply too much for him. He's no longer 19, 20 or 22 yo, he's 25 now; maybe next year onwards, he should skip one clay masters if he wants to play in Barcelona, or skip Barcelona if he wants to play all three clay masters. Well, I read that Chris Evert had predicted that Rafa won't win Wimbledon this year as she observed that Rafa looked tired during the clay season. She mentioned that doing the channel slam year after year is definitely very demanding, and that may explain why after Borg, we have to wait for 28 years to see another channel slam. Also that goes to show how amazing Borg was when he had accomplished three channel slams. I do hope Rafa has another chance at that next year.

luckystar , 8/9/11 12:37 PM

lucky, I know what you mean and I do agree with you to some extent...but, the way you speak about Rafa it seems to me that you consider him an "old man" whereas if you happen to watch other sports the years Rafa is in and even a couple of years beyond are considered the best years for I refuse to consider Rafa being old for tennis...he may be tired as he played too much this year, but it has nothing to do with his have athletes breaking records in other demanding individual sport disciplines such as athletics, swimming at much older age...Rafa is injury prone and that is something we can not deny...but, if it's mental and he does not feel like playing tennis he should take some rest and then come back...I just do not understand the statements like "I can't wait for US swing to start" and stating being fit and ready for Davis Cup and then revealing an injury anxiety...and I can never say I do not expect much from Rafa for the rest of the season as I always believe he can do well if he is healthy...and there was no indication of the injury until just makes me sad...

natashao , 8/9/11 2:03 PM

I'm not saying that Rafa is old, but comparing to in the past, he's getting older, so we can't expect him to be doing the same things always, just like we can't expect Fed to be TMF always. After Rafa's 2009 injury, he has to take care of his body even more now, so if he still wants to win slams, then I think he has to cut down on the tournaments he has to play, or at least space them out nicely to maximize recovery period after each tournament. We can't assume that he's still the same Rafa now that he's 25 instead of 20, playing seven tournaments within two and a half months means not having proper rest or recovery time.

Rafa did have foot tendinitis after Wimbledon and was recovering during that five weeks break. He mentioned that he feels fine but does not know whether it's fine enough for him to last through the competition. He has to compete in three tournaments within five weeks and that's why I'm not expecting too much from him.

luckystar , 8/9/11 3:28 PM

I am responding on the Nadal thread.

nadline , 8/9/11 3:34 PM


i wouldnt trust that article as there were no direct quotes and it only talked about the previous injury and a lil about his prep for the hard courts. just stick to his fb and tweeter, you will never go wrong ;)

raghav , 8/9/11 7:11 PM

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