• Djokovic battles through Baghdatis

    6/25/11 9:19 PM | Kelli DeMario
    Djokovic battles through Baghdatis World No. 2 Novak Djokovic advanced to the final 16, after taking out 32nd seed Marcos Baghdatis late Saturday. The second seed survived a 10-minute final game to seal the victory in four sets.

    World No. 2 Novak Djokovic is through to the fourth round, following his 6-4, 4-6, 6-3, 6-4 victory over Marcos Baghdatis on Saturday. After splitting the first two sets, the 24-year-old came back to lead 3-1 in the third and 3-2 in the fourth.

    Djokovic missed two match points in the final game, then closed on his third. He completed the match with 38 winners, 10 aces and three service breaks through three hours and 15 minutes of play.

    The World No. 2 will take on 19th seed Michael Llodra for a place in the quarterfinal. The veteran Frenchman defeated Yen-Hsun Lu in the third round, 6-3, 6-3, 6-1.

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Djokovic must feel very good about getting through this match.Baghdatis was unusually reliable on his groundstrokes.

stratocast51 , 6/25/11 9:45 PM

This was nice warning for Nole... second week... he will have to raise his lvl of game... but he knows that better than me :)...
So there will be a lot of talk with Wajda...

zare , 6/25/11 10:38 PM

novak has not shown much improvement on grass from last year. He still has those petty issues on grass, they are visible. The great season he has had ,however, enables him to play the big points with conviction and good focus. I am not convinced he is good enough to win wimby this year, i do feel he'l win it some day but not this year at least. Rafa and Roger are once again proving to be a level above all in grand slams, esp wimbledon and RG

vamosrafa , 6/26/11 1:47 AM

Baghdatis first serve was the huge difference for him in this match. It was unreliable. Had his first serve been clicking, he would have won. He also showed signs of a player who's not been very active on the tour and is still rusty. Novak was showing signs of wear and tear and I saw some of the old Novak in that match. he will need to raise his level in his next match and certainly if he is to face Roger in the SF.

scoretracker , 6/26/11 2:21 AM

Before he mets Federer, he has to face Tomic, new kid in the block that deuce was raving about...this i got to see.

phoenix , 6/26/11 5:51 AM

i wouldn't draw any conclusions yet, it is his 3rd match on grass this year. although i can understand wishful thinking ....

rfzr , 6/26/11 5:59 AM

phoenix, Atomic faces Malisse, I think M will win, he's a wily competitor, and while he doesn't have Sod's power, he is, IMHO, a much better all round player. But certainly Atomic has a chance.
Nole plays Youzny, I think, now where did he suddenly come from??? But Nole should win that.
As for the whole thing, no don't think Nole can. What was so staggering about his play in hard court/clay season was that not only was he a brick wall, but he just painted the far corners of the court with unbelievable accuracy, creating astonishing angles. Watching him against Baggy, he didn't seem able to do that, the ball was going into the middle of the court more often than not. Don't think he's adapted to grass quite yet and, however much we go on and on about grass being so slow these days, nonetheless it IS a different surface.

deuce , 6/26/11 7:17 AM

deuce, Nole will play against Llodra next, a true S&V player. I think Llodra will test Nole on grass with his S&V game. Grass is a quicker surface than clay and hard court. Remember how Llodra troubled and beat Nole at the Paris Masters last year? It depends which Llodra turns up to play of course, the one at Eastbourne last year will give Nole plenty of trouble, I believe. To me, Nole's improved game seems to work better on slower courts, like the slow hard courts of AO, IW & Miami, and the clay courts. He seems to be playing like the 'old' Rafa, more on defence, combined with turning defence into offence at every chance possible. I'm interested to see how his game will play out on grass and on the fast hard courts. (I don't count last year's USO as I believe then we hadn't seen the new Nole yet).

luckystar , 6/26/11 8:13 AM

I thought that Nole's groundstrokes weren't penetrating nearly as much as on hard and clay courts. Maybe he just isn't comfortable yet on the grass. He did take some time off and didn't play in any warmup grass tournament, so it may take him a few games to get his game going. I thought Baggy played some great tennis and pushed Nole to raise his level of play. Nole did start hitting some great ROS's later in the match which made a difference.

I know that Llodra is a s&v player, so the grass should play to his strengths. It should be an interesting match.

Nativenewyorker , 6/26/11 9:06 AM

To me, Nole's improved game seems to work better on slower courts, like the slow hard courts of AO, IW & Miami, and the clay courts. He seems to be playing like the 'old' Rafa, more on defence, combined with turning defence into offence at every chance possible.

luckystar , 6/26/11 8:13 AM

Hahahahaha, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - Nole's improved game is more suited to clay and slow courts and it comes complete with a bandage below the knee and fist pumps.

ROFL So by the time he caught up with Rafa, Rafa had moved on.

nadline , 6/26/11 9:10 AM


Ha Ha Ha Ha!

He,s beaten Rafa in there last 4 Meetings Remember!

Matty95382 , 6/26/11 12:53 PM

Nadline, he,s beaten Nadal in there last 4 meetings! Novak has allways had a solid defence, He had a spell when he had a Good Offence , but poor defence, now the two have come together . Still needs to play better to win it!

Matty95382 , 6/26/11 12:59 PM

Matty, why laugh. Beating Rafa in the last four times they met does not equate to beating Rafa forever when they meet in the future. Just look at Delpo, Rafa is beginning to get the better of Delpo now, just like what Rafa did to the likes of Youzhny, Berdych, Gonzo and even Nalby, who in the past, had all troubled Rafa on the hard courts. I won't be surprised that Rafa will get the better of Nole the very next time they meet. Look at Nole now and see how he plays on grass and at the FO, he had come back to earth after his incredible run. He even had problem fighting off a still rusty Baggy, who couldn't serve big but yet created so much problem for Nole. Let's wait patiently for a Rafa/Nole meeting in future to see who can get the better of who before sounding too arrogant.

luckystar , 6/26/11 1:13 PM

Rafa has beaen Nole 5 times in a row before, go and look at their h2h.

nadline , 6/26/11 1:22 PM

Matty, one thing to add. Saying that Nole playing like the 'old' Rafa, to me, is a compliment to Nole, not an insult, because Rafa had so much success playing that way in the past, winning six slams along the way. It's only after Rafa's serious injury in 2009, that Rafa stopped playing too much defence but concentrates on improving his net play and be more aggressive, so that he can shorten the points and save his knees. His more aggressive play has earned him another three or four slams since, though I won't want to classify his FO 2011 win as aggressive play.

luckystar , 6/26/11 2:00 PM

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