• Confident Federer happy to play under Centre court roof

    6/19/11 8:21 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Confident Federer happy to play under Centre court roof Roger Federer enters Wimbledon with supreme confidence in his game as he starts the bid for a possible seventh singles crown at the All England club.

    Leveling with the all-time best of Pete Sampras would be nice, but that's not where the focus of the Swiss lies.

    He still recalls his five-set battle last year in the first round to get past Colombian Alejandro Falla, And he's making sure that nothing of the kind happens when he takes on Mikhail Kukushkin of Kazakhstan.

    "I‘m happy about my game, and I am happy it showed in Paris," said the French Open finalist who ended the 41-match 2011 win streak of Novak Djokovic with that victory. "I played a wonderful match against Novak, and also all the other matches before that were good.

    "Obviously I come into this tournament very confident."

    Federer knows that he's likely to get a few matches under the Centre court moveable roof with early-week weather reports gloomy and wet. "It will be interesting to see, I honestly thought it was going to be a bit of a rainy Wimbledon this year. The spring was just too nice all over Europe it seems.

    "We‘ll find out the next couple weeks how it‘s going to be."

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I know this is a site where the Nadafanatics do not like it whenever Fed is being supported, but I have never seen him more determined then this.
Physically he looks the best I have ever seen. His confidence is sky high. Just scary. The strongest era is about to get crushed by the weakest era.

Sienna , 6/19/11 11:27 PM

I think i have to agree with u there sienna ...fed is going to be a force to be reckoned with in wimby ...its gona be interesting . Right now im gona boil him winning this championship or not down to his serving ....if that is on ...the rest will just fall into place

breakpoint , 6/20/11 5:33 AM

This is a thread for commoner Fed, why is King Rafa's fans are being called-out? :-)

phoenix , 6/20/11 6:07 AM

C'mon Rog, make the King bow to the commoner, and get No. 17..

@Sienna, I have to agree with you on the support issue. We are not allowed to support our guy at all. Everything's one-sided.

scoretracker , 6/20/11 6:16 AM

you are not allowed to support?
So, someone is stopping you from writting whatever it is that you want to write? do Rafans have more privileged access rights to TT?
(.... I mean....?)

Shireling , 6/20/11 8:51 AM

, 6/20/11 8:51 AM

Don't mind them shireling. It's called self-pity, usually brought on by continued lack of success, real or perceived, and manifests itself in acute paranoia..........


rafaisthebest , 6/20/11 9:12 AM

"Wimbledon is about winning title, not beating Rafael Nadal" (Roger Federer) ut-winning-title-not-beating-rafael-nadal

That's about as sensible a statement as I have ever heard Fed say.

Let the games begin...........

rafaisthebest , 6/20/11 9:42 AM

..and if you read this artile you will find out that's not exactly what he said and certainly not meant in the way you have put it here..

really low standard..

bjawad , 6/20/11 10:02 AM

, 6/20/11 10:02 AM

The following is a direct quote from the article:

A dream scenario for Federer would surely be to beat Rafael Nadal, his successor as world No.1 and current holder of three slams ? including Wimbledon.

?Not at all,? he claims. ?It?s not about who I beat, it?s all about the seventh title. I?ve beaten Rafa twice in Wimbledon finals and I just have to concentrate on my game.

Read more: inning-title-not-beating-rafael-nadal#ixzz1PnnGvdc7

Sorry, what part are you not happy about? Sounds fair to me.........

rafaisthebest , 6/20/11 10:19 AM

C'mon Rog, make the King bow to the commoner, and get No. 17..
scoretracker , 6/20/11 6:16 AM

Roger has already got 17 (lashes) from Rafa.

King and commoner indeed. I seem to recall that it was Rafael Nadal, the King of Clay, who ran over Roger Federer, the commoner at RG for the 5th time last week. In fact, every time they've played at RG.

According to Lindhal, Roger is supremely confident; just goes to show that even a supremely confident Roger is no match for Rafa.

nadline , 6/20/11 10:52 AM

C'mon Rog, make the King bow to the commoner, and get No. 17..
scoretracker , 6/20/11 6:16 AM

Roger has already got 17 (lashes) from Rafa.
nadline , 6/20/11 10:52 AM

hahahaha, I like the way you say it nadline, thanks for the big laugh.

Raindrops , 6/20/11 12:37 PM

Rooting for Roger! Would be exciting to see him play Nadal again on Grass! (and win) (Colorado USA)

Vitality , 6/20/11 3:44 PM

Yes, I'm also hoping Roger and Rafa will meet in the final, but Roger winning is a big ask.

nadline , 6/20/11 4:21 PM

Ha ha, Roger is always supremely confident. But from 2008 it did not prevent him from losing every GS in which he met Rafa!
Strongest /weakest era is not represented by a single player or determined by a single match! Only delusional Fed fans can make ridiculous statements like that!

holdserve , 6/20/11 4:34 PM

holdserve youre comments are getting weaker and weaker. Do not try to explaine my comments because they are with some sarcasm certainly thatshould not be noticed by you because you are a litlle narcistic. You are the one with ridicolous statements and please try and give a posting without mentione Fed or his great achievements. You should act more like youre username and focus on youre fave. if you haveone.

Sienna , 6/20/11 7:07 PM

Yes lets get it on Federer, but what about the joker in your half of the draw ??

sals3 , 6/20/11 7:25 PM

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