• Sampras fears Murray Wimbledon chances fading

    3/15/11 12:34 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Sampras fears Murray Wimbledon chances fading Andy Murray not only copped a blow with his opening-round exit at the weekend at the Indian Wells Masters. Now the Scot has had his confidence potentially shaken after remarks by former great Pete Sampras.

    Murray has taken losses in the last two Australian Open finals and looks to be paying the price in mental strife and self-doubt on the singles court as a result for the second year in succession. Now Sampras says the dream of a Brit winning Wimbledon after three-quarters of a century could also be passing Murray by.

    "I think Murray can win Wimbledon but I'm not sure he will," said Sampras, playing at a seniors event in Zurich. "He's really got to get more aggressive in the big matches and actually go for it for a little bit more.

    "He cannot just hang back, stay behind the baseline and rally. He's beaten all the other top guys handily so obviously he has the game but I watched the Australian Open final and didn't see him going for it."

    Murray is playing doubles at Indian Wells with elder brother Jamie but has been keeping a low profile in post-match media for British press as he digests his letdown after the Melbourne title defeat at the hands of Novak Djokovic, now 13-0 on the season and suddenly the man to beat.

    Murray lost to 143rd-ranked American Donald Young at Indian Wells. "I've got to use this defeat as some motivation," said Murray. "I don't really enjoy playing like that and I don't want to lose matches like that. My mentality was kind of the same on the court as it was last year, just not finding a way of really being 110 percent focused on getting myself back into the match."

    Murray said he didn't want a repeat of his long road back after Australia a year ago. "I need find a way - not only with myself, but with the guys I work with - to get it back as soon as possible and hopefully I'll do that in Miami."

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This is exactly what I meant about the world and his wife endlessly commenting on poor Andy and putting him in a negative light. Saying this kind of thing is sooo helpful- not! Grrr :( Have a go at someone else for a change, I can give u a list: Gasquet, Nalbandian, Lopez, Llodra, Ferrer, Cilic etc. etc.
And people I have NOTHING against any of these, just making a point.

deuce , 3/15/11 2:31 PM

What is the point of asking every Tom, Dick and Harry if Murray will win a GS or not, no one has the answer, Sampras is in no better position to give a definitive response that the lady at the check point at Tesco. How would Sampras know? If I was in a postiton to be asked, my response would be - Your guess is as good as mine.

Sampras didn't think Rafa would ever win Wimbledon............

nadline , 3/15/11 2:51 PM

I feel bad for Andy. So much talent, so much promise, but facing one formidable obstacle... himself.
People will get on his case more so than Cilic, Gasquet or Ferrer simply because Andy is more talented and more is expected of him than any of those. He is a perfect example of how important mental toughness is at top level. It can make the difference between having 16 major titles, or 9, or even 2, and having zero.

grafight , 3/15/11 3:42 PM

I agree with grafight... bigger hopes... bigger disappointments!
Just let him bee...

zare , 3/15/11 4:27 PM

This is not Sampras's fault. The British press is constantly asking other players about Murray. I mean, Pete doesn't even have anything to DO with Murray. It certainly isn't going to do Andy any good to hear Pete say "his strategy stinks".

He's got enough problems on his own without the press adding to the stress.

cherylmurray , 3/15/11 6:59 PM

I kind of feel about this the way I did about Rod Laver weighing in on Rafa's chances to win his fourth slam in a way at this year's AO. However, I defended him because I felt that the media was pestering him for his opinion so much that he felt obligated to give his point of view.

I still would have preferred that Sampras had said nothing, because at this point Murray needs some peace from all of the questions and badgering. What I am hoping is that he can find a way to turn around his thinking and realize that by making the final at the AO this year, he at least gave himself a chance to win a slam again. So he was still in the game. If you try to find something positive to take out of a loss, then you can learn from it and move on. I hope he can get to a better frame of mind about himself and then good things should happen.

Nativenewyorker , 3/15/11 7:26 PM

NNY - I would agree, except the question that was asked of Laver is what he thought about Rafa having the chance to win 4 in a row. He CHOSE to expound on the rest.

I have a feeling Sampras was directly asked what he thought of Murray's chances at Wimbledon.

cherylmurray , 3/15/11 7:35 PM


Fair enough. You make a good point. :)

Nativenewyorker , 3/15/11 7:44 PM

And, as we seem to be talking about wasted talent, how about a few articles piling the pressure on Gulbis. Grrr =[

deuce , 3/15/11 7:46 PM

Yes ... Richy Gulby has that kind a attitude...
"Who gives the damn, my dady's gonna buy me Wimby..."

zare , 3/15/11 8:14 PM

I can't see him win Wimbledon either. He is way overrated, probably because he is British :).

BigL , 3/15/11 8:48 PM

murray is not overrated, except in britain. he is really good, and has even bigger potential.

croc , 3/15/11 8:54 PM

The British media blag Andy up and then love kicking him when he's down. This is what they do to anybody and everybody in the public eye. They stink. But the Great British Public is generally indifferent or hostile to Andy. Tennis is not especially popular here and the majority of UK tennis fans prefer Roger and Rafa.

deuce , 3/15/11 11:14 PM

Couldnt agree with you more Deuce. One of the less attractive traits of the GBP is their delight in putting in the boot - and the press pander to it. What gets up my nose is that for two weeks of the year every Tom, Dick and Harry suddenly become experts on tennis even when they dont know the difference between a tennis ball and a rugby ball.

ed251137 , 3/16/11 7:42 AM

ed :)

deuce , 3/16/11 8:10 AM

deuce: albeit I love Pete, I think he should opt for taking the 5th, as he only seems to stick his foot in his mouth more times than not. Roddick has had to deal with this kind of negative press from Pete and other US GS champs. I think it's got to do with the name *Andy*. LOL

Von , 3/16/11 8:12 AM

ah Von, a change of name as a diversionary tactic? That's a nice, new strategy ;)

deuce , 3/16/11 8:30 AM

The British media's purpose in life is to build people up and knock them down. All top British tennis players have been through what Andy is going through now. I remember the papers making a laughing stock of Virginia Wade everytime Wimbledon was approaching even though she had already won the USO and the AO, but not Wimbledon, they would suggest that she should retire because she should accept that she couldn't play tennis, they only let up when she won Wimbledon in 1977. Jo Durie the other British Ladies' No 1 was the but of jokes, like - a call came through for Jo and the caller was told she was on court, to which the caller replied I'll wait. Henman was treated badly too.

The British press have a sort of schizophrenic approach to sportsmen/women. In the run up to any competition, they make them out to be the best things since sliced bread, if they fail to bring home the bacon, they pounce on them with venom. I think for a long time Andy tried not to get carried away by the hype, he should ignore them and just get on with his career. They also think that the more people they get to say Andy will win a GS the better his chances will be.

If Fred Perry was still playing he would be treated exactly the same.

nadline , 3/16/11 8:59 AM

Jo Durie the other British Ladies' No 1 was the BUTT of jokes,

nadline , 3/16/11 9:05 AM

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