• Doha - Federer battles fellow Swiss, Nadal takes on Lacko

    1/5/11 4:31 AM | Cheryl Murray
    Doha - Federer battles fellow Swiss, Nadal takes on Lacko Both Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal advanced in Doha in straight sets on Tuesday, with their second-round matches scheduled for Wednesday.

    Roger Federer vs. Marco Chiudinelli

    Davis Cup teammates Roger Federer and Marco Chiudinelli will meet for only the second time in Doha on Wednesday. Their only other meeting came in 2009 at their home tournament in Basel; Federer predictably won in straight sets.

    Federer worked for his first round win over Thomas Schoorel, a Dutch qualifier, but while Federer had a few hiccups in the first set, by the second he was in firm control of the match. Chiudinelli is ranked 117 in the world, and he had a tough end of the season in 2010, winning just two matches since August. Federer should have little difficulty getting past his countryman.

    Rafael Nadal vs. Lukas Lacko

    World No. 1 Rafael Nadal’s second round opponent is Slovakia’s Lukas Lacko. The two men have met on one other occasion, last year at the Australian Open. Nadal won in easy straight sets 6-2, 6-2, 6-2.

    Nadal had a promising start in Doha. The Spaniard took out Lacko’s countryman Karol Beck 6-3, 6-0 in his first round match. The Spaniard’s form, while not perfect, was strong especially for his first competitive match of the year.

    Lacko defeated Spain’s Pere Riba in his opening round match. The win was promising for the Slovak, who hasn’t won a match since September in Metz, but Nadal is in a different tennis league than Pere Riba. Prediction – Nadal in straight sets.

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i would not call Federer and Chiudinelli "Davis Cup teammates." That's painting way too nice a picture of the Swiss Davis Cup situation.

Boyhood friends, yes.

RickyDimon , 1/5/11 5:31 AM

Enjoy the battle, Rafa!

Augustina08 , 1/5/11 9:34 AM

this is the first time I log in in 2011 so, 'happy new year everbody'.
Just watched the highlights, don't know who was commentating but some of their comments were such as 'nowhere near as good as Roger's' (in his 'between the legs shot'), 'Rafa just did enough in the 2nd set' (yeah, I guess 6-0 can be called just doing enough), what the hell is wrong with some people?

Shireling , 1/5/11 3:51 PM

for a moment Chiudinelli was leading towards the end of the tiebreaker... now that he is starting the second set after a massage timeout the match is probably over... Federer is working out the kinks in these early matches.

chlorostoma , 1/5/11 4:16 PM

not so fast after all... Chiudinelli is still fighting hard...

chlorostoma , 1/5/11 4:20 PM

The match is turning our to be a top 10 match, Chiudinelli is hitting big and Fed is also playing well.

bolbol , 1/5/11 4:27 PM

I'm very impressed by Chiudinelli... and now in the second set he survived a breakpoint right after the time out and has just broken Roger... I would not be surprised if Roger breaks back ... but indeed it is a top 10 quality match.

chlorostoma , 1/5/11 4:34 PM

Federer needs to be more agressive today.

bolbol , 1/5/11 4:38 PM

Great rally from both guys ended with a nice shot.

bolbol , 1/5/11 4:45 PM

crazy shot recovering running backwards from Chiudinelli... and it was in!

chlorostoma , 1/5/11 4:53 PM

lol, I think he didn't read it well from the beginning, but it wasn't that hard.

bolbol , 1/5/11 4:57 PM

lacko has improved...

rafa looks a little less energetic...after effects of the fever maybe

vrael , 1/5/11 6:03 PM

what fever?

chlorostoma , 1/5/11 6:10 PM

@chlorostoma...he had a cold or fever(not sure what) day before it wasnt anything big i guess...otherwise he wouldnt have played yesterday and today

vrael , 1/5/11 6:21 PM

woah...a 27 shot rally that rafa wins...he is ahead 4-0 in the breaker

vrael , 1/5/11 6:24 PM

first set to the king....xisca looks relieved as well...VAAAAMOS!!!

vrael , 1/5/11 6:29 PM

ouch...broken again...wake up rafael!!!

vrael , 1/5/11 6:41 PM

Is Lacko going to bagel Nadal ???????

smr , 1/5/11 6:53 PM

oh crap!

martine75 , 1/5/11 6:53 PM


smr , 1/5/11 6:55 PM

great stuff by lacko

saxenanalin , 1/5/11 6:59 PM

Whats is going on with Rafa here?........could someone please tell me!!!!!!!!!!

Monalysa , 1/5/11 7:00 PM

is lacko going to beat rafa today?

saxenanalin , 1/5/11 7:02 PM

fist pumps from Rafa after starting the third set with a break...

chlorostoma , 1/5/11 7:02 PM

Better score now 3-0 ... think Rafa is still a bit feverish. Wonder if he'll play doubles?

smr , 1/5/11 7:12 PM

Yeah, that must be it...............he better skip doubles and rest. I suspect he developed that fever after the 'wet' court match he played Fed before the start of the tourny!.........Rafa no illness and no injuries..........please!!!!

Monalysa , 1/5/11 7:17 PM

If Rafa is still a bit feverish, why take to the court and makes things worse for himself? He should pull out from the tournament and get some rest and let his body recovers. It's unbelieveable that he's been bagelled by Lacko when not even Fed or Nole or Murray could bagel him recently.

luckystar , 1/5/11 7:19 PM

if he's wise he won't play doubles :-)
he looks like he's suffering

chlorostoma , 1/5/11 7:24 PM

I am pretty sure nadal will win.

But if he does lose, please remember that he is not well!

If he wins, please appreciate the fighting spirit he has shown!

russel , 1/5/11 7:31 PM!!!!

Monalysa , 1/5/11 7:36 PM

Gulbis tomorrow!

smr , 1/5/11 7:38 PM

i was not joking monalysa... the guy is incapable of losing in his head. that is why he is still on that court!!

russel , 1/5/11 7:38 PM

I'm not sure that he'll win. If he wins, I think he should still pull out from the tournament and rest. If he loses, please pull out from the doubles as well.

luckystar , 1/5/11 7:39 PM

Lacko is certainly not lacking...
C'mon Rafa.. Vamos!

martine75 , 1/5/11 7:43 PM

oh he will win alright, he has too much at stake to let his invincible tag be doubted before AO. He will dig deep and win. As long as he doesn't meet fed when he is ill, the tournament is as good as his! He will take this as another challenge.

He will no way pull out of doubles, that would be letting down his partner, and i dont think nadal would ever do that, gentleman that he is.

russel , 1/5/11 7:43 PM

and Rafa is really soaked.
I too think he should just leave the tournament now. Though I doubt he will.

chlorostoma , 1/5/11 7:46 PM

Rafa has ever pulled out from doubles before. This won't be the first time should he do so.

luckystar , 1/5/11 7:46 PM

Rafa (who has had fever lately,) sweated today so much that he should be all right tomorrow.

Lacko played very well !

Augustina08 , 1/5/11 8:07 PM

This match brought those bad memories of Rafa's final vs. Davy last year: at the moment I would feel relieved and happy and soon after another moment would come as major frustration...I am happy that Rafa won after all, but it was so painful to watch him suffer this way... then again, in his interview afterwards, there was no sign of complaints for his illness or so...he only praised Lacko's game and wished him a good season...and he smiled (which is so reassuring!) and his body language was telling us how he seems determined to go typical for Rafa: he never makes excuses for his bad game even when he is not feeling well...I really hope he is healthy as I find it hard to believe that he and his team would make such stupid mistake to force him to continue to play at such condition...I saw Rafa coughing during this match and it is clearly a sign of illness but I assume it is nothing serious except that it takes energy from him...please Rafa rest and save your energy...please...

natashao , 1/5/11 8:10 PM


It's the next event that really counts, so it's up to My Guy to decide what to do in this tournament. I don't think any of us have high expectations when it seems clear something is up. But given Rafa's easy win yesterday, I wonder if it isn't something that flared up overnight, rather than a relapse into whatever it is he had a few days back?

gorafago , 1/5/11 8:23 PM

@natashao , 1/5/11 8:10 PM
---hard to believe that he and his team would make such stupid mistake to force him to continue to play---
Rafa's TEAM never forces Rafa to play! Rafa is the boss of his team!

Augustina08 , 1/5/11 8:24 PM

ya.. a flu is the last thing he wants to carry into the most historic tournament of his life. i wonder why he even let people see it? He didnt show any signs in the first set.

russel , 1/5/11 8:29 PM

augustina, I said HE and his it means that he makes decisions in consultation with his least I would think so...whatever...please don't start with ridiculous stuff now, I am not in the mood for that...

natashao , 1/5/11 8:35 PM

The double team of Rafa& Marc won the first set.

Augustina08 , 1/5/11 8:35 PM

No way! rafa is the boss, team helps him in what he wants!
Rafa is not like other guys on tour like murray etc who let their team boss them completely!
Even toni nadal i am sure knows his place in spite of common impression being otherwise! The fact is that rafa is a champion now and his team knows they are there to follow and compliment him and not to tell him what to do! This is not ridiculous stuff! By saying his team makes decisions, you are relegating nadal to a meagre puppet/schoolboy at their hands (like a lot of players on tour actually are).

russel , 1/5/11 8:47 PM

Whatever is his decision, he has to bear the consequences. We can't do anything about it, so we have to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Of course the worst case scenario is he not winning the AO, in which case then too bad!

I'll give up worrying about him and his results, let him take care of them.

luckystar , 1/5/11 8:48 PM

The doubles team of Rafa& Marc won the match. It seems that it wasn't a difficult match, it lasted less than an hour.

Augustina08 , 1/5/11 8:52 PM

The doubles match lasted 36 minutes.

Augustina08 , 1/5/11 9:16 PM

russel, it was not my intention at all to say that Rafa is being ordered to do anything, I know he is old enough to make his own decisions...but if someone is ILL, he naturally MUST consult someone for his health, and whoever that person may be can be considered a member of his, it is so stupid and ridiculous to discuss here if and who is being ordered what when we all went through agony watching Rafa suffering a bagle in the match against someone who is no pair to, my mind is still focused on that and how it would be so unfortunate if Rafa got sick before the AO and please forgive the silly me for not expressing myself clearly for those of you who are more worried if Rafa is the one and only boss in his team or not...By the way, if you think Toni is irrelevant in this whole picture than you know nothing at all...

natashao , 1/5/11 9:18 PM

he will pick it back up against Gulbis

RickyDimon , 1/5/11 9:35 PM

@natashao , 1/5/11 9:18 PM
---is so stupid and ridiculous to discuss here if and who is being ordered what---
Then stop to discuss!

Augustina08 , 1/5/11 9:52 PM

thank you, Augustina...I sure is encouraging to hear those words from you of all...feel free to go find out what Rafa had for dinner, we all are so curious to know...

natashao , 1/5/11 10:03 PM

"He will pick ikt up agains tGulbis"

Thats if he can, he is clearly not well and if Gulbis is aware of this which I suspect he will be it could be bye bye Rafa... well at least he gets rest no? alot of points dropped though.

afrodite7 , 1/5/11 10:16 PM

I just saw the first set, I noticed the Rafa coughing but I didn't know he was ill.
I hope he gets well soon and hit top form again. I thought also Lacko played really some good tennis, he really has quality but of course Rafa came on top as expected.
Let's wait and see Rafa's condition tomorrow before we say he should leave the tournament. I hope it's sth temporary for a day or so.

bolbol , 1/5/11 10:18 PM

Congratulations on two victories today, Rafa ! Vamos!

Get well soon !

Augustina08 , 1/5/11 10:33 PM

Rafa can be stubborn sometimes. But, I take heart from what he did at Queen's when he suspected an injury. He did not try to win the singles and withdrew from the doubles. Then, of course, after giving us some anxious moments he won the Wimbledon.
We do not really know Rafa or the dynamics of power in his team. So, as luckystar said, let us not worry about him. We expect, or at least hope, Rafa and his team will make good decisions.

vij , 1/5/11 11:04 PM

With all due respect, I think it's unfortunate when we have to start attacking each other because Rafa is playing with some kind of virus or illness.

None of us knows what is going on behind the scenes with Rafa and his team. We know that he has people there to look after him and have his best interest at heart. I think it's natural to be upset seeing Rafa struggle in this match and to have concern for his well-being. We all want what's best for Rafa.

I am putting my faith in Rafa and his team to do what is best as far as tomorrow's match. I am sure that Rafa will not want to do anything that could possibly jeopardize his chances at the AO.

Sometimes you just have to let it go and trust that things will work out for the best. That's how I am going to try to look at it.

Nativenewyorker , 1/6/11 5:10 AM

it looks like Davy's single match will last less than Rafa's doubles...

natashao , 1/6/11 8:52 PM

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