• Federer included in IMG gambling lawsuit

    10/14/10 4:53 AM | Cheryl Murray
    Federer included in IMG gambling lawsuit ATP superstar Roger Federer has been named in an October 13 lawsuit involving illegal gambling activity by IMG owner Theodore Forstmann.

    Website TMZ reported today that a lawsuit was filed L.A. County Superior Court naming IMG owner Theodore Forstmann. The suit was brought by Agate Printing, who claimed that it served as a gambling go-between for Forstmann, who allegedly made millions off the transactions.

    Also named in the lawsuit is Roger Federer, who was accused of giving Forstmann inside information about at least one match in which the Swiss man participated. Forstmann allegedly raised a bet from $10,000 to $40,000 on one of Federer’s tips. The match in question is thought to be the 2006 French Open final, which he lost to Rafael Nadal.

    TMZ also reports that a similar suit against Forstmann was brought in 2008, but was dismissed. The Federer camp was not available for comment.

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Federer throwing a Grand Slam final doesn't make financial sense. What would the odds on the bet have to be on $40,000 for both men to profit, i.e. make more than the 2006 French Open finalists purse? Even by the 2006 FO final Rafa already had a few wins over Federer under his belt, no bookmaker would give odds that big against either man.

It sounds to me like someone took a poor Federer performance and decided to make more of it than there is to make.

Federer, the man criticised for putting less into the rest of the tour and concentrating on the slams threw away the Career Grand Slam, and what would've been a Calendar Grand Slam for money, which he was making hand over fist from WINNING tennis matches. Riiiiiiight.

freedomsstain , 10/14/10 9:34 AM

This is a load of media poo!!!!! Federer will never do such thing!!!!!! I am amazed at today's journalism!?

arailic , 10/14/10 1:15 PM

yes, no chance Federer would do such shit

atul1985 , 10/14/10 2:08 PM

freedomsstain - actually, the TMZ article seems to imply that Federer told the IMG guy to bet on him and made him lose. LOL.

I simply can't see Federer telling anyone to bet against him -- it would be out of character.

cherylmurray , 10/14/10 2:11 PM


Monalysa , 10/14/10 2:55 PM

Mona, they aren't accusing Federer of betting. They're accusing him of giving insider tips to a friend. That's a VERY different thing.

cherylmurray , 10/14/10 3:46 PM

Well, as you know IMG is the media/sponsorship agent for many athletes, including both Roger and Rafa. This is a huge corporation managing media rights worth billions. A lot of power there, so if Roger did tip Forstmann it may have had nothing to do with the money. Who knows what kind of relationship there is between those two. Forstman has denied any wrongdoing, of course.

grafight , 10/14/10 5:09 PM


and its not VERY different

RickyDimon , 10/14/10 5:50 PM

It is so. Placing a bet on a match in which you are participating is a different thing altogether from calling a friend and saying, "Man, my ankle hurts today."

VERY different.

cherylmurray , 10/14/10 6:55 PM

problem is Federer didnt say "man, my ankle hurts today"

if he had, then that would be pretty different.

RickyDimon , 10/14/10 7:53 PM

I'm not sure we KNOW what Federer said. It just says he gave insider tips. Saying "My ankle hurts" is considered insider information.

cherylmurray , 10/14/10 8:35 PM

@ cherylmurray,

I understand that Federer may not have actually participated in a bet himself, but if he did give ANY information knowing full well what Forstman was up to..............................sorry, i dont care, but it IS betting!!!

However, I dont believe Federer gave any info intentionally to facilitate betting.............thats what i meant to say initially!!!

Monalysa , 10/14/10 8:54 PM

Tiger's Manager Sued Over Alleged Shady Betting

10/13/2010 3:20 PM PDT by TMZ Staff

A blockbuster lawsuit was just filed against the company that manages Roger Federer and Tiger Woods, alleging the owner of the company bet millions of dollars on sporting events, used inside information to wager on a Federer match and bet against his own client, Tiger Woods.

IMG -- one of the biggest sports management companies in the world -- is being sued by a printing company, which allegedly served as a gambling go-between and even provided escorts for the owner of IMG, Theodore Forstmann.

According to the suit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court and obtained by TMZ, Agate Printing, Inc. claims it made millions of dollars in bets on Forstmann's behalf, and that Forstmann covered some of his losses on IMG accounts.

The suit claims Forstmann actually bet against some of his own clients -- in particular Tiger Woods. In one case Forstmann allegedly bet against Tiger when he was competing against Vijay Singh, a "so-called close personal friend" of Forstmann and client of IMG at the time.

The suit alleges Forstmann loathed Tiger, often referring to him and other African Americans as "schwartzas" -- and allegedly making other derogatory comments about "blacks, Jewish people, and other minorities." The suit alleges Forstmann also criticized Woods' lifestyle decisions.

And the suit goes on, alleging tennis star Roger Federer gave Forstmann inside information about a tennis match in which Federer competed. The suit claims in one case Forstmann raised his bet from $10,000 to $40,000 after receiving the inside info from Federer. We're told the match in question was the 2006 French Open final. Ironically, Federer lost to Rafael Nadal.

The reason Agate filed suit -- because Forstmann allegedly breached an agreement to give his company printing business. Agate also claims Forstmann left his company holding the bag on tax liabilities for the gambling losses.

Forstmann's rep, Michael Sitrick, tells TMZ, "The allegations in James Agate's complaint are beyond false, they are preposterous." Sitrick also says in an April, 2009 letter, Agate admitted concocting lies and spreading false information about Forstmann.

Sitrick says Agate filed a similar lawsuit against Forstmann in 2008 which was dismissed. And Sitrick says, "Unfortunately, people like Agate look at people like Forstmann as the lottery."

No immediate comment from Federer's rep.

nadline , 10/14/10 9:41 PM

Unless they have evidence of Federer saying something to indicate he wouldn't win that match, I don't think this story has legs. They need to have proof.

nadline , 10/14/10 9:59 PM

Kevin Mitchell Shangahi, Thursday 14 October 2010 19.51 BST Article history

Federer said: "[I am] pretty relaxed about this because I'm for complete honesty for the sport, [to] leave the game better off than when I arrived ? even though it was already a great platform I had. The last thing I would do is harm the sport and create a negative light on our sport.

"So it's disappointing that someone's throwing my name around. I would never do such a thing. My fans know that, the people who know me. Yeah, I have nothing to hide. I'm sorry for those who think there is something to the story. But there's nothing."

nadline , 10/14/10 10:09 PM

Carrie - from the limited information that we have so far, it would seem that Agate Printing is implying that Federer told Forstmann to bet on HIM, not Nadal. I don't think the implication was that Federer threw the match.

That being said, giving inside information to somebody for the use of betting is still against ATP rules. I hope it's not true.

cherylmurray , 10/14/10 10:30 PM

And besides..............Federer could not thorugh a match against Rafa (on clay) if he tried!!!!!....because that's imply that he had such a great chance to win!!

Monalysa , 10/14/10 11:09 PM

I doubt Agate would want to be dismissed TWICE. If the suit has been filed, it means the lawyers think it has enough merit to get involved.

grafight , 10/15/10 2:50 AM

What happens if its true? :D

samprallica , 10/15/10 6:40 AM

One good thing about this whole affair is that Federer now realises that baseless allegations can be made against any player; he has been known in the past to sit on the fence when other players are in the fray.

nadline , 10/15/10 9:46 AM

That being said, giving inside information to somebody for the use of betting is still against ATP rules. I hope it's not true.

cherylmurray , 10/14/10 10:30 PM

The thing is, will they have evidence. It doesn't sound as if Federer was being set up, so that secret cameras would have been in place to record it, it will just be one man's word against another, from what I can see.

nadline , 10/15/10 10:09 AM


vamosrafa , 10/15/10 12:56 PM

Re: vamosrafa

Yes, just like the rigged cupcake draw conspiracy crap.

bjawad , 10/15/10 1:18 PM

Carrie - I'm fairly certain that there will be no evidence. Why would there by? Unless somebody, as you say, recorded the conversation, how can they prove it?

And even if it WAS proven, I have difficulty imagining the ATP suspending their biggest star. It would cost them a literal FORTUNE.

cherylmurray , 10/15/10 3:36 PM

cheryl, if it was proven, they will have to take action, but I absolutely don't believe that Federer would do such a thing.

nadline , 10/15/10 3:57 PM

If Roger emailed, twitted, or sent any kind of message via internet, that could be a problem. For a personal conversation, you would need either a confession from both parties (very unlikely, since both now are saying the whole thing is rubbish) or a third-party witness. For now it's a private suit between IGM and Agate. The ATP would not get involved unless it is clearly proven during the litigation that Roger or his Agent violated ATP rules.

grafight , 10/15/10 4:03 PM

vamosrafa @ 12.56 : "This is crap of the highest order." Why, I thought u were referring to Sod's tennis ;) Whatever the maestro has, or hasn't, been up to, he gave a sweet display this afternoon.

deuce , 10/15/10 4:33 PM

lol. stupid news. poor Roger..

tennisnba , 10/16/10 10:29 PM

classy Roger. love you Roger

tennisnba , 10/16/10 10:30 PM

Roger should be sentenced and put to jail. Strip all his titles because he makes himself involved illigal/tanking matches. :-] ]

Raindrops , 10/17/10 1:55 PM

lol. Raindrops. shame on you.

tennisnba , 10/17/10 2:55 PM

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