• Roddick faces tough competition in Llodra

    6/23/10 2:58 AM | Cheryl Murray
    Roddick faces tough competition in Llodra Andy Roddick will take on tough grass courter Michael Llodra as the top half moves into round 2.

    American Andy Roddick could not have gotten a more difficult second round opponent. France’s Michael Llodra is ranked 37 in the world, just 5 spots from being seeded at the All England Club – and his lack of seeding meant that he had a fairly good chance of meeting a top seed early. Enter Roddick.

    Llodra is at his very best on grass courts. The big-serving Frenchman won the tournament in tune-up tournament in Eastbourne. The courts at Wimbledon are slower and the Slazenger balls heavier than he would prefer, but he is still a threat on the lawns.

    Roddick played better in his first round match than Llodra did. The American breezed past countryman Rajeev Ram in easy straight sets, while Llodra took a more difficult 4-set route against Jesse Witten.

    Roddick has a better all-court game and should squeeze past Llodra, though he may drop a set in the process. For Llodra to have any chance at all against the American, he’ll have to keep the points short and defeat Roddick at the net.

    The American in 4 sets.

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Oi. Roddick.

cherylmurray , 6/23/10 2:49 PM

Cheryl: You picked Roddick in 4. So for you to be right, Llodra took the lst set!

ed251137 , 6/23/10 3:00 PM

if roddick exits,this whole section will be thrown wide open.

tj600 , 6/23/10 3:08 PM

I know, Ed. I knew this match would be tough for Roddick.

The "oi" was more because of his haphazard way of coming in on anything. It's HORRIBLE to watch.

cherylmurray , 6/23/10 3:10 PM

this match is a throwback to the 90s. Both men serving big,coming into the net quite often and there are few baseline exchanges.

tj600 , 6/23/10 3:20 PM

Roddick is definitely rattled today but I still think he will outlast Llodra.

ed251137 , 6/23/10 3:31 PM

i was expecting a really tough match ...i also expect roddick to squeez this one out and i agree with TJ600 that we dontn get to see such type of play nowadays and is a throwback to the 90s.

vamosrafa , 6/23/10 3:34 PM

I always love Llodra's S & v game and I mentioned before that I'm looking forward to this second round match. In fact it is Llodra who has so much in his game instead of Roddick. Llodra controls the first and second sets until that last game of the second set. Roddick was made to work so hard to hold serve and stay with Llodra. Llodra definitely has a better net game than Roddick. His footwork is simply beautiful.

If the match goes the distance, Llodra will be at a disadvantage, as he had played and won the Eastbourne tournament last week and won't be as fresh as Roddick. Roddick will outlast him if Roddick can hang in tough. If Roddick wins this match, his rust should be all gone!

luckystar , 6/23/10 3:49 PM

Llodra looking more and more dispirited.

ed251137 , 6/23/10 3:49 PM

Yes ed, the win last week at Eastbourne has taken its toll. Roddick should be able to close this in four sets.

luckystar , 6/23/10 3:59 PM

what a thing to happen - play in a warm up tourny to prepare for the slam but get worn out in the slam because of the warm up tourny!

homos , 6/23/10 4:08 PM

Homos, that's Verdasco's signature. LOL.

cherylmurray , 6/23/10 4:13 PM

oh well roddick does well..
at another place a marathon is going on..

clayking , 6/23/10 4:46 PM

homos, you see, Llodra has played one too many warm up tournament. He played at Queen's, reached the QF I think, and then went to Eastbourne and won the tournament there. That's the problem with Llodra, playing into his third consecutive week and facing an opponent like Roddick in the second round.

Likewise for Verdasco, after the Madrid masters, he continued to play at Nice, reached the final and lost to Gasquet, and then was ousted early at RG, and now ousted in the first round of Wimbledon. I really don't understand Verdasco's mentality.

luckystar , 6/23/10 4:46 PM

Yes clayking, that Mahut/Isner match is going on forever. I really hope Mahut can come through, now that Llodra is gone, because Mahut is another S & V player. Mahut also came through a ridiculous tie breaker at 24-22 over a British guy at the qualifying round.

On another note, the escape artist Melzer survived another five set match, after being two sets down. I think he may be meeting another lefty, Lopez, in his third round match; should be interesting, that one.

luckystar , 6/23/10 4:59 PM

isner is doing a roddick-al aynaoui aussie open 2003

homos , 6/23/10 5:04 PM

Im glad Roddick won...............geting closer to my prediction of a Rafa/Roddick final !!!


Monalysa , 6/23/10 5:06 PM

make that "El Aynaoui"

homos , 6/23/10 5:06 PM

to infinity and beyond!!!!!!

lol...this match will never end!!!

vrael , 6/23/10 5:06 PM

how the heck do u pronounce 'Aynaoui' lol

vamosrafa , 6/23/10 5:10 PM

dont pronounce it at all.....just call him EL...y complicate things vamosrafa??? :D

vrael , 6/23/10 5:12 PM

ur prediction is wrong
dis tym there will be fed-rafa final

saxenanalin , 6/23/10 5:17 PM

the stats related to this match is in th bolg wimbledon draw analysis..
i'm loving this match!!

clayking , 6/23/10 5:21 PM

OMMGGG isner-mahut match tied at 21-21 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

vamosrafa , 6/23/10 5:25 PM idea :P

vamosrafa , 6/23/10 5:30 PM

homos: I think that match Roddick played vs. Younes El Ananoyoui, the rocking Moroccan, was the longest in the history of the AO. Roddick also had another similar match at the FO. Now, it seems that Isner is taking up where roddick lost.

Isner has to play doubles later today, and at Wimbles doubles is 5 sets. OUCH

Von , 6/23/10 5:32 PM

My sentence should read: now it seems that Isner is taking up where Roddick left off.

Von , 6/23/10 5:34 PM

wats the world record in the 5th set?

saxenanalin , 6/23/10 5:42 PM

wats the world record in the 5th set?

saxenanalin , 6/23/10 5:48 PM

heck,its 24-24!!

tj600 , 6/23/10 5:55 PM

whats the world record??? its 25-25 !!!!!!!!!!

vamosrafa , 6/23/10 6:02 PM

the hilarious thing is,that as there are so many aces and service winners,these two guys aren't going to be that tired as you would expect. LOL

tj600 , 6/23/10 6:08 PM


Monalysa , 6/23/10 6:10 PM

Two things I didn't know about Mahut. (1)That he was a human blackboard and (2) capable of serving aces for 6 hours plus at a time.

ed251137 , 6/23/10 6:17 PM

mahut played 3 hrs+ today!!
the match was suspended yesterday!!

clayking , 6/23/10 6:30 PM

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